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Perversion of the Sacred

Lord Leighton's painting Acme and Septimus symbolizes healthy sexuality. The modern perversion of our sexual instincts threatens our race's survival; and neither prudery nor libertinism is the answer. We need a code of sexual behavior based on a sure consciousness of the essential unity of sex, love, family, and race.

American Dissident Voices broadcast
October 18, 2003
by Kevin Alfred Strom


It's in a traditional neo-Gothic building of dark and ancient-looking stone. Visions of stern headmasters and the fine academic traditions of Old Scotland dance in your head when you see it. But all is not as it appears at Edinburgh's Leith Walk Primary School.

There a group called "Lesbian Mothers Scotland" is planning, with taxpayer funding, to give children lesbian "Persona Dolls" to "help them unlearn discriminatory attitudes and behaviour."

But what is really shocking is the Tory party's response to the outrage. Conservative party education spokeswoman Kate MacKenzie did not attack the lesbian dolls program as harmful to the normal sexual development of Scottish children -- oh, no! Her complaint was that the dolls were "divisive" and might cause children to think the evil thought that perverts aren't exactly the same as the rest of us:

"A lesbian woman or gay man looks exactly the same as a heterosexual," MacKenzie said. "I feel the only way we're going to get an inclusive society is if we treat people as individuals regardless of whether they're black, disabled, homosexual or lesbian. By drawing people's attention to it, you're saying, 'these people are different.' But we're all minorities in our own way." Now remember -- Miss MacKenzie is supposedly a conservative spokeswoman. She is supposedly speaking for a party which stands for the traditional values of Scotland and Britain and Western civilization. And the only reason she can muster for opposition to teaching lesbianism to schoolchildren is that it might lead to the children thinking that homosexuals are somehow different from the rest of us? That is so willfully blind, so short-sighted, so irresponsible that it is deserving of the same punishment that the vendors of the lesbian dolls deserve.

The Liberal-Democratic party opined through its spokesman Jim Lowrie that "I think it probably has a place in schools but I think it should be more for older children in P6 or P7." What weasel words -- to oppose without really opposing -- reassuring parents that their grade school children will be spared lesbian dolls, but that they're just fine and dandy for middle school children. (Actually, horrible as they are, they may be less harmful for the grade schoolers, since a certain percentage of them just won't 'get it' at all, whereas that's unlikely for children in middle school.)

Now, ladies and gentlemen, are you finally ready to believe us when we tell you that the conservatives and liberals are both controlled by the same puppet masters -- and that the only solution is through a genuine movement of White people for freedom and self-determination?


Teaching those little children that homosexual behavior is acceptable or normal or just another way of getting love or pleasure or both is the same as killing them. That's because the entire view of human sexuality which has been promulgated since the advent of easy contraception and the Jewish-media-promoted sexual revolution has been wrong and, frankly, intended to destroy us as a race.

That view is that sex is strictly a matter of pleasure and fun, and anything which interferes with your fun is bad; and that there are so many ways to get fun, from interracial sex to intercourse with members of the same sex, to innumerable perversions, and anything which interferes with our 'experimentation' to find out what kind of 'fun' is best for us or gives us the most pleasure is to be rejected.

The view of human sexuality common in earlier times was seriously wanting, too. It based its rejection of such libertinism on supernatural stories that have turned out to be historically or scientifically untenable. Its basic idea is that one mustn't do certain sexual things or Jesus or Jehovah will be most displeased and might punish you. When belief in the supernatural falls away, as it often does as a person matures, individuals who have accepted such a view of sex are apt to swing over to an extreme version of sexual libertinism, which is exactly what we see in some 'liberal' types who have 'fallen away' from the church. After all, if the myths aren't true, then 'anything goes' -- right?

What is needed is an understanding of ourselves -- based on scientific observation and investigation, and true to the instincts which Nature has given us -- which can guide us in the matter of our sexuality. Dr. Pierce said it well, as I recall, in his speech "Human Dignity: A Racial Ethic" [] -- I paraphrase and expand on his ideas: Our sexual natures and our bodies are sacred in that they are the embodiment of the continuation of our race and of our consciousness into eternity. They are the means of that continuation. That is what gives them a partaking of the divine -- not some ancient religious writings. We need a code of sexual behavior based on a sure consciousness of this divine nature of sex -- and the essential unity of sex, love, family, and race. Such an understanding can protect us -- and protect our children and our race's future -- far better than the dogma-based 'conservative' approach, which many of our best minds cannot take seriously, and which often involves hypocrisy and pretending. The conservative approach also has as its basis ancient Judaic scriptures. That, I think, is the origin of the modern schizophrenic attitude towards sex -- that it is simultaneously fun and dirty, wonderful yet wrong. The crude pornography of the modern age and the prudery of the reaction to it are the two sides of this Jewish coin. We need to escape from that neurotic vision and come to our own, truer understanding.

The family is the basis of racial and national survival. Sexual love and sexual loyalty are the bedrock of the family. They are a natural part of our instinctual behavior patterns, they are a necessary part of our societies, they are an essential part of our souls. Once you grasp the truth of biological race, once you understand the necessity of our race's survival, you will also be able to see sex and sexual behavior in the proper perspective.

The sexual behavior of every species and every race is absolutely crucial to its survival. The writer and naturalist Loren Eiseley once described a moving portrait of sexual loyalty in his book The Immense Journey. Let me quote from him now:


I suppose their little bones have years ago been lost among the stones and winds of those high glacial pastures. I suppose their feathers blew eventually into the piles of tumbleweed beneath the straggling cattle fences and rotted there in the mountain snows...

...Birds are intense, fast-living creatures - reptiles, I suppose one might say, that have escaped out of the heavy sleep of time, transformed fairy creatures dancing over sunlit meadows. It is a youthful fancy, no doubt, but because of something that happened up there among the escarpments of that range, it remains with me a lifelong impression. I can never bear to see a bird imprisoned.

...The cabin had not been occupied for years. We intended to clean it out and live in it, but there were holes in the roof and the birds had come in and were roosting in the rafters. You could depend on it in a place like this where everything blew away, and even a bird needed some place out of the weather and away from coyotes.

...Sometimes of late years I find myself thinking the most beautiful sight in the world might be the birds taking over New York after the last man has run away to the hills. I will never live to see it, of course, but I know just how it will sound because I've lived up high and I know the sort of watch birds keep on us.

...I got the door open softly and I had the spotlight all ready to turn on and blind whatever birds there were so they couldn't see to get out through the roof. I had a short piece of ladder to put against the far wall where there was a shelf on which I expected to make the biggest haul. I had all the information I needed just like any skilled assassin.

...I snapped on the flash and sure enough there was a great beating and feathers flying, but instead of my having them, they, or rather he, had me. He had my hand, that is, and for a small hawk not much bigger than my fist he was doing all right.

...In the struggle I knocked the lamp over on the shelf, and his mate got her sight back and whisked neatly through the hole in the roof and off among the stars outside.

...He chewed my thumb up pretty effectively and lacerated my hand with his claws, but in the end I got him, having two hands to work with.

He was a sparrow hawk and a fine young male in the prime of life. I was sorry not to catch the pair of them, but as I dripped blood and folded his wings carefully, holding him by the back so that he couldn't strike again, I had to admit the two of them might have been more than I could have handled under the circumstances. The little fellow had saved his mate by diverting me, and that was that. He was born to it, and made no outcry now...

... I put the bird in a box too small to allow him to injure himself by struggle and walked out to welcome the arriving trucks. ...In the morning that bird would be just another episode. He would go back with the bones in the truck to a small cage in a city where he would spend the rest of his life.

...In the morning ...I looked up and all around and at the hole in the cabin roof out of which the other little hawk had fled. There was no sign of her anywhere that I could see.

"Probably in the next county by now," I thought cynically, but before beginning work I decided I'd have a look at my last night's capture.

Secretively, I looked again all around the camp and up and down and opened the box. I got him right out in my hand with his wings folded properly and I was careful not to startle him. He lay limp in my grasp and I could feel his heart pound under the feathers but he only looked beyond me and up.

I saw him look that last look away beyond me into a sky so full of light that I could not follow his gaze. The little breeze flowed over me again, and nearby a mountain aspen shook all its tiny leaves. I suppose I must have had an idea then of what I was going to do, but I never let it come up into consciousness. I just reached over and laid the hawk on the grass.

He lay there a long minute without hope, unmoving, his eyes still fixed on that blue vault above him. It must have been that he was already so far away in heart that he never felt the release from my hand. He never even stood. He just lay with his breast against the grass.

In the next second after that long minute he was gone. ...He was gone straight into that towering emptiness of light... For another long moment there was silence. I could not see him. The light was too intense. Then from far up somewhere a cry came ringing down.

I was young then and had seen little of the world, but when I heard that cry my heart turned over. It was not the cry of the hawk I had captured; for, by shifting my position against the sun, I was now seeing further up. Straight out of the sun's eye, where she must have been soaring restlessly above us for untold hours, hurtled his mate. And from far up, ringing from peak to peak of the summits over us, came a cry of such unutterable and ecstatic joy that it sounds down across the years and tingles among the cups on my quiet breakfast table.

I saw them both now. He was rising fast to meet her. They met in a great soaring gyre that turned to a whirling circle and a dance of wings. Once more, just once, their two voices, joined in a harsh wild medley of question and response, struck and echoed against the pinnacles of the valley. Then they were gone forever somewhere into those upper regions beyond the eyes of men.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is sexual love and sexual loyalty. That kind of loyalty and dedication to our mates and lovers and husbands and wives -- expressed in a thousand different ways in our art and culture and traditions -- is the biological and spiritual inheritance of the European race even more than it is the inheritance of the sparrow hawk. That is love eternal and truth eternal. That is what makes us willing to die for our loved ones, for our children -- which is just another way of saying we are willing to die for the future of our race.

So, understanding that, let us ask ourselves: What is sexual perversion? It is the wrenching of the healthy sexual instincts away from that natural course which Nature gave to them. Our English word 'pervert' is derived from the Latin pervertere -- to overturn, to corrupt. But its real and deepest meaning can be found by going back even farther, to its Latin root words -- per, meaning thoroughly; and vertere, to turn. To take what is natural and to turn it thoroughly away from natural ends is to pervert.

So sexual perversion is to take our sexual natures and turn them -- turn them against Nature, against ourselves, and against our survival.

That is why the interracial sex-for-pay ring run by the Black cadet at the Air Force academy recently was a kind of perversion on several different levels, even though most of his 'customers' probably thought of themselves as sexually normal.

That is why the girl who dared to found the Caucasian Club at her school in California has also had her life blighted by what we must truthfully call perversion: We learned just the other day that not only was there no place for Whites to celebrate or affirm their identity, but that the atmosphere at the school is so sick that the club's founder, Lisa McClelland, felt she could defend herself by asserting that half of her "friends are gay." Whether she spoke the truth or not, that is sick -- that is truly perverted. []

I am not interested today in the argument that some perverts are born that way, that a genetic error attracts them to the wrong sex. That may be true, and, if so, these defective individuals are sad and unfortunate indeed. My concern is that sexual perversion is being induced by the Jewish media establishment -- and by the allied pervert lobbies -- on a scale so grand that it threatens the survival of our race.

And it is not only homosexual perversion that I am talking about. 'To take what is natural and to turn it from natural ends' -- in that sense interracial sex is just as perverted as homosexuality. Both militate against the continuation of our race. Pornography which degrades the sexual act into something less than the exalted and sacred thing that it is, is also perversion. Pornography which replaces the natural romantic attraction to a real member of the opposite sex and the same race is also perversion, as is prostitution when it serves the same ends. Language which takes a slang word for sexual intercourse and makes it into a word for hurting or cursing another person is also a kind of perversion -- in a very Jewish manner, it takes what ought to be purely beautiful and even sacred and turns it into something ugly and dirty. That is perversion of a particularly Jewish kind. Language which degrades our bodies by making our sexual parts into words of derision or insult, or which degrades or insults the opposite sex is also a kind of perversion.

Where does perversion lead? Perversion leads to disappointment and the missing or even total rejection of some of the most truly important and significant things in life. Perversion leads to a coarsening and a loss of appreciation for what is noble and beautiful, and this coarsening takes away much of what makes the European race unique. And perversion leads to a weakened or even destroyed family unit, without which our race cannot survive. And perversion leads to a disastrously falling birthrate, which also spells doom for us if not corrected soon. Sexual perversion leads to death. That is why the Jews promote it.

And that is why I placed, on the cover of National Vanguard magazine number 120, the image of the mother and child with the motto -- Normal, healthy sexuality: prerequisite for survival.

This week the new issue of National Vanguard magazine should just be shipping from the printers -- so let me give you a sneak preview of the articles we have for you this time:


  • For the first time in a periodical, we print the unabridged review of William Gayley Simpson's Which Way Western Man? by Revilo Oliver -- previously, only an abridged version had been published.


  • Paul Westman looks at the mysterious death of Jewish attorney Dov Eitan, who represented John Demjanjuk, who is still being persecuted by the Jewish OSI agency within the U.S. government.


  • Education journalist Anne Lawford shows us that 'affirmative action' is just the tip of the iceberg of the story of how White students are having their futures systematically stolen from them in her article "Educational Sabotage."


  • Biological scientist M. X. Rienzi looks at the promises and pitfalls of genetic testing for racial background in "Race and the Genetic Woodpile."


  • We feature important book reviews by Hugh Lincoln and contributing editor Ben Parker.


  • And Dr. Robert Griffin, author of Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds, looks at the life and racial principles of a man that modern history has forgotten: scientist, writer, naturalist, eugenicist, and university president David Starr Jordan.

This issue of National Vanguard our 121st, is bigger and has more feature articles than before.

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Until next time, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.


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