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The Labor Day Massacre

American Dissident Voices broadcast
October 11, 2003
by Kevin Alfred Strom


How many of you have heard of the Labor Day Massacre that happened last month? Even if you've never heard of it under that name, have you heard about the two White women and one White man who were killed by two Black murderers, execution-style, at the Outback restaurant in Texarkana over the Labor Day Weekend? Unless you read the article I wrote about it [ ] on our news site, I'd wager you probably have not. The Labor Day Massacre received some local and regional news coverage, but the national coverage from the Jewish-controlled media was almost nothing -- a quick paragraph or two and then forgotten under a blizzard of Middle East coverage and the latest on Britney and J. Lo.
And that's understandable. Getting the public excited about the Labor Day Massacre would not serve the Jewish racemixing agenda. It would highlight the hatred that non-Whites feel for Whites in our multiracial society. It would show us the often deadly consequences of multiracialism. And it would illustrate the failure of our justice system to deal with out-of-control non-White crime. Today I will tell you about the Labor Day Massacre and read you a letter we received for publication from a friend of the victims after our news story on the Massacre was published, all on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

In stark contrast to the near-hysterical national coverage given to the dragging death of a Black ex-convict in Jasper, Texas in 1998, the brutal execution-style slaying of three young Whites by Black assailants on Labor Day in Texarkana, Texas has been given only local and regional coverage in the controlled media. The average American TV-watcher has probably never heard of the Labor Day Massacre and doesn't even know the names of the White victims: Rebecca Shifflett, Chrystal Willis, and Matthew Hines.
The commercial slogan "No Rules, Just Right" on the brightly-colored sign looks out of place these days at the Outback Steakhouse in Texarkana, Texas. According to police, in the early morning of Labor Day, 2003, it was there that three employees of the restaurant were slain in cold blood by two Black killers for whom "robbery may have been a partial motive." The murderers escaped with an estimated $1,100.
Rebecca Shifflett, 24, Chrystal Willis, 23, and Matthew Hines, 31, were killed by gunshot wounds to the backs of their heads. Rebecca Shifflett was six months pregnant at the time of her death. A recently-passed Texas law making it a capital offense to kill a pregnant woman will not apply in this case, authorities say. The law went into effect only three hours before the bodies of the pregnant manager and two others were found inside the restaurant, meaning that the murders may have taken place before the law was operative.
"Crissy" Willis was a noted choir singer. Matthew Hines was a family man noted for his sense of humor and friendly rapport with his employees, and who loved to praise his "beautiful wife." Rebecca Shifflett, who was a member of the National Honor Society in high school, was looking forward to being a mother with all her heart.
In a strange note of irony, Chrystal Willis grew up in Jasper, Texas, where she graduated from high school in 1998, the very year the dragging death of the Black ex-con in that same town became a media cause celebre. Will the Jews who own the media make the murder of choir singer Willis a cause celebre? Don't hold your breath. White victims plus Black killers equals no publicity.
The three employees were doing inventory when the early-morning Labor Day killing took place. Two Blacks, Richard Markeil "Lucky" Henson, 20, and Stephen Lavelle Walter, 24, were arrested for the crime on the following Thursday. Both are former employees of that very same Outback Steakhouse restaurant. Alleged killer Walter was fired several weeks ago. Victim Hines was the proprietor and general manager. Rebecca Shifflett was a manager. Chrystal Willis was described as a "key employee." Only $1,100 was taken. The killers were Black, the victims all White. Can you figure out the dynamics of the situation, White man?
Bowie County District Attorney Bobby Lockhart has faced these defendants in court before: Walter has three felony theft convictions among many others; Henson had numerous convictions also, and once was ordered to serve 270 days for assault with bodily injury, but was released early. Many White citizens are wondering why habitual Black criminals like these savages were on the streets, free to brutally end the lives of our young people. Henson was released early on June 24th. If he had served his full term, he would have STILL BEEN IN JAIL when the murders took place, until November 11th
Texas Roadhouse server Angie Byram organized a candlelight vigil for the slain Whites at the Outback Steakhouse which took place on Sunday night. A fund has been set up for the families of the victims of the Labor Day Massacre at Domino Federal Credit Union on Kennedy Lane in Texarkana, Texas. The account number, needed to make donations, is 69580. Contact information for the Credit Union is 2208 Kennedy Ln., Texarkana, TX 75503, telephone 903-792-8651.
Never forget the endless roll call of the unsung, unheralded victims of Black-on-White crime. Remember the Wichita Massacre. And remember the young lives ended in the Labor Day Massacre in Texarkana, Texas. Remember the Jewish media bosses who never make Black-on-White crime the focus of their synthetic outrage as they do in the very rare cases of White-on-Black crime. Never forget what the media bosses are doing to your people. Then do something about it: Join and support the National Alliance.

* * *

Just a few days ago, a letter was submitted to by a friend of two of the victims of the Labor Day Massacre. Her name is Whitney Brunin. She is not politically motivated. She does not mention race in her letter. But she wrote to us from the heart about her outrage at a "justice" system which allowed these murderous savages to go free again and again, and even let one of them out early, when requiring him to serve his sentence fully would have seen him in prison, instead of at the Outback restaurant shooting these young White people in the backs of their heads. Here is Whitney Brunin's letter:
To whomever this concerns:
I am so angry about the deaths at the Outback in Texarkana. The more I read about how the killers had so many convictions, the angrier I get. Because our justice system failed I had to bury two of my closest friends in the same week. The boys that killed my friends should have never been out in the first place. It has been a little over a month since the death of Chrissy, Matt Hines, Rebecca Shifflett, and Lili Renee (Rebecca's baby), and I still can't shake the fact that they are dead. The pain that it has left all of us is unrepairable.
In no disrespect to Chrissy I am going to talk about Matt and Rebecca because these were the two I knew and loved very much. Matt and Rebecca worked at the Outback in Longview for years before they transferred. These two people were awesome. They weren't criminals, they weren't into drugs, they weren't thugs. They were two young, wholehearted humans trying to make a living.
These killers have it made. They just sit behind bars eating good meals, getting rest, and not having to worry about it while we on the other end of the killings have to live with all the missing pieces that these killers have left us.
I myself have to see the pain of Matt's wife, his child, mother, father, and sister because they took away something that meant so much to them.
I have to go to work and see all the pain that my friends are suffering because we will never see Matt or Rebecca's smile again.
I have to see the pain of Rebecca's mother and sisters because they will never see Rebecca or see their grandchild or niece grow up.
They took away a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a daughter, a mother, a sister, a girlfriend, a niece, a granddaughter, a friend.
Matt and Rebecca didn't come from wealth; they didn't get things handed down to them on a silver platter; they worked hard to get where they were. And why? So they could be murdered for worthless amounts of dollars.
I don't want to hear any psychobabble about these two killers had it hard, they were poor, or they needed money. They went to KILL. I just hope that in this case justice won't fail us again and these killers will never be set free.
Signed, Whitney Brunin.
[ ]
A Black-coddling and criminality-excusing justice system just killed four of our young people. It's time for a change. It's time to join the National Alliance and work for that change.
In recent news on the Labor Day Massacre, you may be interested to know that the Black murder suspects were allowed bail of a million dollars per count of murder against them -- an amount which has recently been reduced to $750,000 per count, and the Blacks' attorney is vowing to appeal even that reduced bail to a higher court. Compare this treatment -- bail for murderers; bail then reduced even further by the judge -- to the treatment that White nationalist Chester Doles has received for a minor technicality firearms violation of very questionable validity: bail refused absolutely. And compare it to the treatment that White nationalist Artie Wheeler has received for a simple charge of storing his perfectly legal gunpowder improperly: bail refused absolutely, solitary confinement. In a story on the bail hearing for the Black suspects in the massacre, it was pointed out that the bail set for them was the highest ever set in that county -- and that bail has never been refused even for murder suspects before. And yet bail IS refused for patriotic Whites charged with minuscule and trumped-up offenses. What a disgusting injustice. What a betrayal of our people. What treason to everything the United States of America is supposed to stand for.
[ ]

* * *

When you go to a restaurant, you can choose to move if the patrons at a nearby table are offensive to you. You can ask that you be served by a different waitress if you so choose. It's even still legal to choose your neighbors or servers in the restaurant on the basis of race. You can choose the place where you live on the basis of its racial composition, though Jewish-instigated laws prevent you from keeping your White neighborhood White, unfortunately. It's a truism that some social spots and events are for certain races, and that kind of choice (at least for non-Whites) is still A-OK and allowed.
And matchmaker businesses and online dating sites acknowledge (though with some resistance and reluctance on the part of Jewish-owned sites) that people have definite racial preferences when it comes to dating and marriage, and participants are free to choose what race they prefer.
And so, even in this age of Political Correctness, it seemed reasonable to supervisors at Pennsylvania's Abingdon Memorial Hospital last month to accommodate the request made by a couple that no Black employees be present during the birth of the couple's child. After all, having a child is one of the most personal and private and intense experiences in a wife's or husband's life. They should have the right to choose who will be present, and, if the presence of non-White doctors or staff members is offensive to them, they should have that choice. And the hospital supervisors agreed. It's conceivable that members of other races might feel the same way, and no reasonable person should have any objection to that.
The child was born and the parents and the baby went home. That should have been the end of the story -- but it wasn't. It's not clear who started raising a stink about it first, but when the Jewish media discovered that a parent had specifically asked for White doctors and nurses, the propaganda machine went into action.
[ ]
The NAACP has demanded that the supervisors at the hospital be punished. The president of the hospital, Richard L. Jones, was silent until the media barrage began. Then he hurriedly stated that the decision by his own supervisors was "morally reprehensible." Meetings were held and it was declared that respecting the family's decision was somehow a "breach of policy." On September 16th, the hospital sent out a mass mailing to all its employees and volunteers arguing that steps must be taken to prevent such "unconscionable" acts in the future. The hospital also promises its masters that it will form a probably permanent "Diversity Task Force," the expenses of which will probably be largely borne by White taxpayers and patients. And, as one might expect, a Barry Morrison of the Jewish ADL declared that allowing parents to choose their caregivers was an "inexcusable" act, despite the fact that Jews choose Jewish doctors in exactly the same manner that this couple tried to choose White doctors.
Here's what Barry Morrison somehow failed to mention: Not only are there specifically Jewish hospitals and not only do Jews routinely choose Jewish doctors for their medical needs including childbirth, but orthodox Jews even require Jewish doctors for some procedures and there is even a startup Web site -- it doesn't have any listings yet -- devoted exclusively to helping Jews find Jewish physicians.
and ]
What was that word you used, Barry? Inexcusable?
Barry Morrison and the Jewish ADL think it's fine for Jews to be treated by other Jews, but he wants to forbid you, through a maze of laws and regulations, and by sheer intimidation, from having the same choice. Barry Morrison and his fellow Jews believe that you must allow a Black or a Mestizo to touch the most intimate areas of your pregnant wife's body, and handle your newborn child -- and you have no choice, no choice at all in the matter. That's the kind of 'freedom' Jews have brought to America with the insane equality religion they have created. That's what stupid White people who believe in the equality religion are letting them do. And that's what Whites who know better but who do and say nothing are letting them do. And that's what you're letting them do as long as you haven't joined with us in fighting this tyranny.

* * *

This week the new issue of National Vanguard magazine is at the printers -- let me give you a sneak preview of the articles we have for you this time:
-- For the first time in a periodical, we print the unabridged review of William Gayley Simpson's Which Way Western Man? by Revilo Oliver -- previously, only an abridged version had been published.
-- Paul Westman looks at the mysterious death of Jewish attorney Dov Eitan, who represented John Demjanjuk, who is still being persecuted by the Jewish OSI agency within the U.S. government.
-- Education journalist Anne Lawford shows us that 'affirmative action' is just the tip of the iceberg of the story of how White students are having their futures systematically stolen from them in her article "Educational Sabotage."
-- Biological scientist M. X. Rienzi looks at the promises and pitfalls of genetic testing for racial background in "Race and the Genetic Woodpile."
-- We feature important book reviews by Hugh Lincoln and contributing editor Ben Parker.
-- And Dr. Robert Griffin, author of Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds, looks at the life and racial principles of a man that modern history has forgotten: scientist, writer, naturalist, eugenicist, and university president David Starr Jordan.
This issue of National Vanguard, our 121st, is bigger and has more feature articles than before.
To subscribe to National Vanguard magazine, you can visit either or and click on the subscribe button -- or you can send $18 for a six-issue subscription in the U.S., $26 in Canada, and $36 elsewhere, to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA.
Until next time, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.



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