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Milestones forMoguls

American Dissident Voices broadcast
August 30, 2003
by Kevin Alfred Strom


I am indebted to a friend of mine for the title of today's program and for the inspiration to write it. Both he and I have been researching the Jewish connection to the sexual slavery, debauchery, and rape of White women by non-Whites and, I'm telling you, the connection is there. Jews are so dominant and influential in debasing and deceiving White women and girls on such a massive scale that, to any decent White person, no forgiveness is possible. Today I am going to explain, in part, why I feel that way.
What the Jews are doing to our little children -- teen and preteen White children -- to normalize perverse and degenerate sexual behavior for them, to normalize homosexuality, to prematurely sexualize them, and to make interracial sex fashionable to them -- can never be forgiven, can never be explained away. The media moguls who are doing this to our children deserve to be tried and punished for conspiracy, rape, gang rape, murder, and attempted murder. The sheriffs should be kicking in their doors instead of Elizabeth Wheeler's and Chester Doles' doors. And the guilty ones, in keeping with the Middle Eastern tradition from which they come, should be punished by dropping them into the ocean with heavy millstones hung round their necks. My only objection to that punishment is that I don't like water pollution.
This program has documented the dominance of Jews in the international sex slave rings centered in Israel -- literally hundreds of thousands of our women are trapped in that Hell right now. But forced prostitution is far from the only sex crime committed by the Jewish establishment. Far more common is perversion and debauchery induced by the Jewish media.
One example of the guilt of the media Jews is the new movie put out by the Jew Peter Chernin's Fox Group, entitled Thirteen. Thirteen is rated 'R' but if you think that's going to limit its viewership to adults, you've got another think coming; especially when the tape and DVD are released in a few months; the film is just starting out raking in the shekels in New York and L.A. theatres now. Think about that title, "thirteen" -- just as Seventeen magazine appeals to girls who are just seventeen or, even more so, wish they were, Thirteen is designed to appeal to girls just on the verge of adolescence, who wish they were thirteen, who wonder what it's like to be thirteen. It's designed to appeal to little girls between nine or so through twelve, what the media are now calling "tweenies," apparently a reference to their "in-between" status in the eyes of the culture distorters. They are ripe for manipulation and preparation for mental and physical rape and exploitation, and racial suicide. And manipulation is what Chernin gives them in Thirteen.
It's the story of a normal thirteen-year-old White girl, who is befriended by the "hottest girl" in her school and ends up getting seduced into a world of cheap, sick sex, drugs, and self-mutilation.
While the film overtly disapproves of the thrill-sex that saturates the teens' lives in the story, the always-present undercurrent is that such behavior is thrilling, fun, mature, and, well... 'cool' and 'hot,' if you know what I mean. I assure you that the twelve-year-olds will. The 'moral lesson' that adults may extract from the shock value of the young characters' lives will be lost on the 'tweenies.' To them, the message will be 'this is the way things are.' 'This is what the cool girls do.' 'This is what growing up is all about.' 'If you want to rebel, here is what you do.' 'Parents don't care.' Sadly, the last message is all too often true.
The double message, meaning different things to different people, reminds me a bit of the 'anti-racist' movie American History X. White racialists, eager to hear some of their own ideas expressed forcefully on the flickering screen, embrace the film for the thrills it gives them when the protagonist attacks non-Whites and exposes Jewish lies, and at the same time they absorb some of the dysfunctional behavior of the 'racist haters' in it as representations of the side of righteousness -- while mainstream audiences are just horrified by the 'racist' characters portrayed, and 'get' the central 'anti-racist' message. Both racialists and anti-racialists absorb the real intended message of hopelessness and corruption of racial nationalism (shown in the disgusting punishment-sodomy engaged in by 'Aryan brotherhood'-type characters in a prison gang) that is the one message intended for both sides.
Thirteen was produced by Fox. Not only is Peter Chernin, President and CEO at News Corporation/Fox a Jew, but Fox's Chairman, Rupert Murdoch, who has hidden his racial background for years, now appears according to some recent evidence to be the son of a Jewish mother himself, according to Richard Curtiss, editor of the usually reliable Washington Report on Middle East Affairs:
"Press lord Rupert Murdoch was born in Melbourne, Australia, on March 11, 1931. His grandfather was a Protestant minister who immigrated to Australia from Britain. Rupert's father, Sir Keith Murdoch, was a newspaper publisher, and his mother an Orthodox Jew, although Murdoch never offers that information in his biographies."
[ ]
Some of the results of Jewish sexploitation films of White teens (and their saturation of all children's media with sexual and interracial images) can be seen in the program "The Lost Children of Rockdale County" on PBS, which revealed just how far away from a normal childhood and normal love relationships the Jews have taken our children. [ ] In this largely-White Georgia suburb, Claire Sterk, a professor at Emory University's School of Public Health was investigating a severe syphilis outbreak among teenage White girls. Miss Sterk has a talent for interviewing these young people, gaining their trust, and getting the real stories of their lives in order to help them. Their stories are often shocking. These are not girls from poor or dysfunctional backgrounds. These are smart girls from good families, with security and good prospects for the future. These are also, though, girls with workaholic or self-absorbed parents -- parents who allow the electronic media to baby-sit their offspring and keep them occupied. So the nexus in their children's lives is often 90 per cent. media and equally media-soaked friends, with hardly any parental input at all, and with the parents in many cases having weak or absent values themselves.
Listen to Miss Sterk describe the interracial "sex parties" that these teenagers regarded as just normal Saturday night social activities:
"The sexual activity basically ranged from having oral sex to having vaginal sex. Initially, it seemed that they would try to provide some privacy for the people who were engaging in sex but in most times since it all took place in one room there was very little room for privacy. So people would be sexually active while others would watch. This would then result in some of the young men asking one or more women to engage in sex with each other when they would watch. And even situations where people were engaging in sex but you would have probably the most extreme situation: a scenario where one girl and three boys were having sex all at the same time altogether....
"The girls ranged in age probably from 13 to 16....
"It was not uncommon when all the young people would get together to engage in group sex. ... There was group sex going on in terms of one of the guys and one of the women having sex with each other and then multiple couples at the same time. There might be switching of partners that took place. There was group sex going on in terms of one guy having sex with one of the girls and then the next guy having sex with the same girl. There was group sex going on in terms of one girl having sex with multiple male partners at the same time. Multiple females having sex with each other at the same time. I would say the only type of group sex that I did not hear about in this overall context was group sex between just guys.
"What is a 'sandwich'?
".. In some ways the sandwich was the point of escalation. It was the point when a number of them became really, really scared. What I understand sandwich to be is one girl having oral sex with one of the men. Having vaginal sex with another man and having anal sex with a third man. So she literally is smushed in between three guys and the only way that I've heard it described by some of the teens is a sandwich.
"There was some level of lesbian activity going on and one of the things that I think is really interesting and in many ways shows that the girls were trying to be mature about this, is that some of the young women decided that one way to regain control over what was happening sexually was to have sex with another woman. Because if they had sex with another woman, they together had total control over what was taking place. What kind of sex acts they would engage in. How long to perform. What exactly they were going to do with whom. ... So engaging in lesbian sex in some ways became a protective strategy against forced sexual activity with some of the other young men ...
"Now as you've described it, the 15 girls, many of them were involved with the Black older boys...
"...Here we're talking about white adolescents. So in many ways what was happening here was that the girls not only were challenging community norms by being sexually active, but were challenging those even further by engaging,
at least part of the time, in sexual activity with African American males."
Now, I appreciate Miss Sterk's investigation into the causes of this syphilis outbreak, though I think her explanation of why these White girls were inviting groups of older Black males to these so-called parties is woefully inadequate. I lay the blame on White parents, who are so involved in themselves and in produce-and-consume economic activity that they've abandoned their children to the television moguls and their 'values.' And I lay some blame on White parents who know all of this is wrong but who lack the courage to fight back -- or even say anything about it. And I lay the blame on the media Jews themselves -- they know exactly what they are doing.
One Jewish media group -- the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA, then headed by Jewess Hilary Rosen, now headed by Jew Mitch Bainwol -- issued a disgustingly condescending statement when forced by outraged parents to address the sickening sexually degenerate 'music' produced by Jewish media companies. [ ]
After having the audacity to invoke the First Amendment as justification for issuing music by apes openly calling for rape of young White girls and for music which encourages interracial sex and glorifies homosexuality, the RIAA Jews reassure us:
"As you get older, it may be harder to be hip. . ." -- i.e., back-off, you old-fashioned, middle-aged, authoritarian parents -- we Jews are in control of your children's minds now, whether you like it or not; and if you try to stop us from purveying our filth, we'll scream "censorship."
And then they issue this "tolerance and acceptance" propaganda for parents, pandering just enough to their concerns so that they'll believe their "labeling" solution is good enough and go back to their Fritos and ball games and so little Dolores can get back to her sleepover watching Thirteen and listening to rap "music":
"It is every generation's mission to defy, reject, and alienate the previous generation." According to whom? we should ask. Back to the article:  " a sense I understand the rebellion. The form it takes is often difficult to swallow. I don't mind the clothes so much (I can't believe polyester is back!), I balk at the body piercing, and yes, some of the music is so offensive I can't stand it. Nothing tests my free speech principles more than some of the lyrics I hear. Violent, misogynistic, exploitive junk. Yet, one person's junk is another person's jewel. So who's to decide what music is acceptable? . . . .  We're not ready to sacrifice our first amendment rights to protect our kids from the miniscule [sic] amount of offensive music available on the market." What a bunch of manipulative liars these Jews are!
Parents who accept the RIAA's rating system are just as stupid and irresponsible as those who accept the Jewish movie industry's rating system and brand labeling as ensuring a "safe" and "good" message for their sons and daughters.
"Gee, dear, it says it's rated 'G.' It must be OK to let Jill and Johnny watch it! So what if it has Black boys dating White girls and a rap star teaching moral values. It's rated 'G'!"
"Gosh, honey, it's a Disney picture. It must be a good teen film with solid moral values. Look, the wise Latino teacher shows how homophobia hurts us all. And this other Disney movie shows how different races can love and marry and that it's a part of the American tradition. I'm glad there are 'family values' movies for our kids from Disney!"
We need a whole new paradigm. We need our own media. We need our own community again. That's what the National Alliance is building against all the odds. With your help, we can succeed.
On the cover of the latest issue of National Vanguard magazine, the magazine of which I am the editor, there is a beautiful art work of a tastefully-done nude White woman holding a White baby in her arms. They are standing in a sunbeam shining down from the opening in the dome of the Pantheon in Rome. It's a beautiful work of art, and it symbolizes normal, healthy sexuality. It also symbolizes what National Vanguard and the National Alliance are all about. The woman stands in all her beauty, holding the sacred ultimate result of that beauty and the worship of that beauty by man: a White child, the continuation of our race, our future. Placing the figures under the Pantheon's dome symbolizes the sacredness of our bodies as the vessel not just of our souls but of the unique gene-pattern that makes both body and soul -- and White civilization -- possible. It also symbolizes the creative spark of White reason and genius which began its first great light in the Classical world which gave us the Pantheon -- and the essential racial continuity behind that light, which also shown brightly in Celtic and Germanic Europe and in the Western Civilization of our own day.
It is only when the sacredness of our race is understood that we can have the proper attitude toward our sexuality -- not Mideastern-derived religious prudery that stamps out the joy of life, or the twisted carnality that regards sex as a kind of "dirty fun" (that attitude is just the other side of the Mideastern-derived coin). No. Our lives and our souls and our bodies and our sexuality are all a part of something greater than ourselves. They are all good. They are also sacred in that they are a part of the actualization of the future of life in the universe. They are a part of the upward path of increased intelligence and wisdom and power, the end of which will be beyond anything we can imagine. Love -- sex -- family -- race -- are a part of an indivisible whole.
We at the National Alliance are part of a growing White community building a new consciousness of what we really are -- and of the great destiny we can achieve. And giving our children an understanding of that destiny, giving them self-respect, respect for their ancestors, respect for the future of their people, a deep respect for their own sexual nature, and respect for the members of the opposite sex who will be their mates and life companions, will give them a joy -- and a wisdom -- which is beyond price, beyond any momentary thrill that the Jewish media moguls can give them. We offer them life and the future and the universe. The Jewish moguls offer them death wrapped in cheap plastic.
As for those moguls, I eagerly await their trial and their punishment. As do the sharks of the North Atlantic.


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