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Lovell Wheeler Update:
A New Interview with Elizabeth Wheeler

American Dissident Voices broadcast
August 23, 2003
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Several weeks ago on this program we detailed the story of Artie Wheeler and his devoted wife Elizabeth for you. Mr. Wheeler, a gun enthusiast and patriot, was arrested at his place of employment in Baltimore and charged with three misdemeanor counts based on alleged improper storage of gunpowder which he used in his ammo reloading hobby. Normally, such an offense would have the accused out on bail of at most $10,000 while awaiting trial. But in this case, Mr. Wheeler's bail was originally set at $2,000,000 -- twenty times the bail of even admitted terrorists! -- and, at a recent hearing, even that bail has been revoked and Mr. Wheeler, 61, is now being held without bail of any kind, a truly unprecedented move for anyone charged only with a misdemeanor.
The real reason for this treatment is Mr. Wheeler's political views. He is a defender of the right of White Americans to survive. He is a racial patriot. And, in the upside-down world of Jewish morality and Jewish law, that makes him a second class citizen. It was his political views that led the prosecutors to ask for -- and receive -- a no-knock warrant to invade his home with 60 heavily armed and masked men and terrorize his 72-year-old wife Elizabeth, chaining her painfully to the bed while they ransacked their home and carried off all her money, her identification, and her papers and computer equipment.
The Wheeler's 1st amendment rights have been violated -- because this is a blatantly political arrest. Their 2d Amendment rights have been violated -- as Mr. Wheeler's perfectly innocent reloading hobby -- practiced by hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans -- was in no way illegal. Their 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure has been blatantly violated, since the warrant makes utterly false allegations that Mrs. Wheeler's association with the perfectly legal National Alliance -- an organization standing up for the interests and culture of White people -- somehow makes Mr. Wheeler a "terrorist threat." And their 8th Amendment rights have been totally taken away from them, since that amendment guarantees that excessive bail shall not be imposed.
There have been some developments in this case. So we are once again honored to have Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler as our guest on American Dissident Voices. Welcome, Mrs. Wheeler.
Elizabeth Wheeler: Thank you, Mr. Strom. Thank you for having me.
KAS: Mrs. Wheeler, your husband was torn away from your side some seven weeks ago. How is it going for the two of you now?
EW: Not good. Not good at all. Each day brings new things that I have to face and deal with. And I'm finding it more and more difficult to go to sleep at night. And I discovered last Friday that for the first time in my life I have high blood pressure. I think it is all due to the stress and the unknown that I'm having to face right now.
KAS: I can certainly understand that. I understand that you're developing some symptoms of possible injuries that were the result of your maltreatment when the goons invaded your house. Is that correct?
EW: Yes, sir. I've been suffering with my right wrist now ever since the first of July. I thought it would possibly get better on its own. But it didn't. It got worse. So last Friday I went to see my doctor. And it is still quite swollen. He gave me some medicine to take which tones down the pain somewhat, but does not get rid of the swelling nor the redness in my wrist. When they broke the door down and came in my house that Tuesday, July 1st, they pushed me back and took hold of my arms and put these extremely uncomfortable wrist restraints on my hands and arms and around my wrists very tightly -- and I told them at the time that they were too tight. But they didn't pay any attention to me at all. And I sat there for, I guess, about five and a half hours...
KAS: All the while these restraints are still on extremely tightly?
EW: Exactly. And after that five and a half hours, I finally had enough of it and I told them again, I said "These things are too tight on my wrists -- and they hurt!" Well, one of the fellows came over and loosened them slightly. But not enough really to give me any relief.
KAS: Now, there were some 60 armed men in your home -- is that correct?
EW: Men and women. There were about three different women that came in the house along with the rest of the men.
KAS: But still some 60 people, heavily armed: What possible reason would they have to restrain you in such a manner? A 72-year-old grandmother against 60 armed agents.
EW: Intimidation.
KAS: Unbelievable.
EW: They're trying to intimidate me.
KAS. Unbelievable. Sickening. Now I also understand that your husband has been injured while in the hands of these people. Can you tell me the story of that?
EW: It occurred last Tuesday when we went to the courthouse downtown to listen to his bail hearing. And, as they were getting him out of the van to go into the courthouse, he slipped and fell on his spine. And of course he was trussed up with those chains and the handcuffs in front of him and he couldn't stop his fall. And he fell on his spine. And he's been suffering with it ever since. I understand that there are some films from one of the television channels who took pictures of him falling and limping into the courthouse.
KAS: Did he simply fall by accident or was it due to the actions of his guards that he fell?
EW: They had one of those milk crates that you put milk bottles in, turned upside down, at the entrance to the van. And he slipped on that, and fell back into the van, and fell on his spine. Now whether it was an accident, or whether it was the action or lack of action of the guards I do not know.
KAS: I did see a brief film clip on Baltimore television of your husband, and it looked to me like he was being fairly heavily manhandled by the two Black guards that I saw in the clip -- however, that was not at the time of his injury I believe. Some news reports state that your husband is in solitary confinement. Is that true?
EW: Yes, sir, that's right.
KAS: Why have they placed him in solitary?
EW: Because he's a "danger to the jail population," Mr. Strom.
KAS: Well, surely you don't believe that.
EW: I think it's funny; don't you? A 61-year-old man who's overweight... And, by the way, I should bring this out: He's been in jail 49 days today, and he has lost 73 pounds.
KAS: That sounds like something that should certainly be investigated by your attorney. Now I know that the thugs who invaded your home...
EW: The hooligans...
KAS: Yes, the thugs and hooligans who invaded your home took all of your own identification away from you...
EW: Yes.
KAS: ...making it impossible for you to legally prove your identity, and thus making it impossible for you to see your husband. Have any of your ID documents been returned to you?
EW: There was such a hue and cry from the television and the radio stations about them taking my identification that they decided they'd give it back. And they gave it back to me on the eighth of August.
KAS: So it was over a month that you were not able to see your husband because they would not accept your declaration that you were his wife...
EW: I wouldn't have been able to see him anyway because I didn't have a picture ID. I couldn't get a picture ID until I had all that paperwork, all those identification pieces.
KAS: So have you been able to arrange things so you can see your husband now?
EW: I went out to the MVA [Motor Vehicle Administration] last Friday and got a picture ID.
KAS: Have you actually seen him yet?
EW: The only time I have seen him was at the courthouse. Would you believe they told me that he has to be in jail 60 days before he is eligible for visitors?
KAS: That is hard to believe. What was it like to see him in the courtroom?
EW: I thought he looked very pale, and his eyes were puffy.
KAS: Did he see you?
EW: Oh, yes.
KAS: What did that feel like?
EW: Sad. Very sad. Mr. Strom, our marriage is not like most marriages. We are almost like one person. And I feel like half of myself is gone. And I know that he feels that way, too. And to see him the way that he is there breaks my heart.
KAS: I can believe that.
EW: It breaks my heart.
KAS: Have you been able to speak with him at all?
EW: I do talk with him every morning on the telephone. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't.
KAS: Well, thank goodness you are able to do that. I don't want you to betray your legal strategy or any private confidences, of course, but can you tell us how he's feeling right now?
EW: Sweetheart is a very strong person. He's not swayed by the things that turn most people aside from how they feel and the things that they know to be true. He has a great deal of confidence in his ability to withstand things. He does not complain. He doesn't say anything against the people there in the jail. He knows how to be careful -- with himself, and for me. He's just the most unusual man I have ever, ever met. And to be able to have lived with a man who has that type of personality is something that no one can imagine.
KAS: And no one can ever take that away from you, whatever comes.
EW: That's right. That's exactly right.
KAS: In the course of your telephone conversations, which I am very glad you've been able to have, has Mr. Wheeler mentioned anything that he would like people on the outside -- our listeners perhaps -- to know?
EW: Oh, yes. Most definitely. I told him this morning that I was going to do the interview with you this evening. He wants people to be aware that this is being done by those "special people" who are directing things in this country. They direct the media. They direct the government. They direct everything. They are strong and powerful and they have the money behind them.
KAS: Now, Mrs. Wheeler, I also know that all of your cash was kept in your home, and that the government goons took that too, making your very existence that much more difficult. Have you managed to get your savings back?
EW: No, I have not. I am mainly existing on the generosity of people who have sent in donations. Which has been wonderful.
KAS: We want to repeat the address to which donations may be sent. Could you please give us that address right now, Mrs. Wheeler?
EW: Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler, 512 South East Ave., Baltimore, MD 21224
KAS: Thank you. I'll repeat that address later in the program for those who missed it the first time. On what possible basis could these criminals justify stealing your ID and your money? How could those things even be connected with "improper storage of gunpowder" or "reckless endangerment" -- the only things with which your husband is charged?
EW: Mr. Strom, these people don't need reasons. They do what they do. And they don't need any justification for it.
KAS: There was recently another bail hearing, at which I hear that Mr. Wheeler's $2,000,000 -- absurdly high -- bail was completely BANNED. Now he's held completely without bail.
EW: That's right.
KAS: What was the argument at that hearing for holding him without bail -- which, as far as I can see, is illegal?
EW: He's a "danger to society."
KAS: You told me how your husband is holding up physically. How is he holding up spiritually -- how does he view his persecution and your persecution?
EW: Well, he resents what they have done to me. Very very much. But he knew the risk that he was taking in professing the views that he has. So it was not a surprise to him. And he accepts it. he seems pretty well convinced that they are not going to let him go. And it won't matter what kind of an attorney he has. They are determined to keep him right where he is.
KAS: Because of his political views.
EW: That's right, sir.
KAS: Not because he stored gunpowder in unapproved containers.
EW: Right. It has nothing to do with guns, Mr. Strom. Nothing.
KAS: What is his view of how you have been treated?
EW: Mr. Strom, it's as though Sweetheart and I are one person. And I believe the way he believes. I believe what he believes. And if he is going to be persecuted for what he believes in, then I don't mind being persecuted for what we believe in.
KAS: You're a brave woman. And an honorable woman.
EW: I feel so strange being told that. Because I don't feel brave at all. I don't know how a brave person feels.
KAS: I think the fact that you have continued speaking out -- you have continued with your radio broadcasts, the Reading Hour for White Children -- you've appeared on this program -- and you've certainly not backed down or asked for mercy from the criminals. All of those are brave acts. And I would say that a brave woman feels the way you feel, right now.
EW: Thank you, sir. I appreciate that more than I can say.
KAS: Looking back on what has happened, is there anything that your husband or you would have done differently, if you could somehow go back in time with the knowledge you have now?
EW: Not one single thing.
KAS: You've already said that you could use donations of money to help you get through this, Mrs. Wheeler. Is there any other way that my listeners, and my fellow National Alliance members around the country and the world, can help you?
EW: Sweetheart needs to hear from people. We need to give out his address where he is now, so that people can write to him and let him know that they are interested in him and what is happening to him and give him some strength behind him -- so that he won't have to do it all himself.
KAS: Would you please give his mailing address for our listeners right now?
EW: Yes, sir, I will. It is Lovell A. Wheeler, #935446 5N 35B, 300 East Madison Street, Baltimore MD 21202.
KAS: I'll repeat that address for our listeners later in the program, and I'll make sure that it's printed on our Web site as well.
EW: Thank you.
KAS: Thank you, Mrs. Wheeler, from the bottom of my heart for you and your husband's stalwart courage in the face of naked oppression -- you are an example to us all; to every White man, to every White woman who hears our words.
EW: Mr. Strom.
KAS: Yes?
EW: Sweetheart wants White patriots to realize that this could happen to any of us. Any of us at all. And it is going to increase. So be careful what you do, what you say, and where you keep your firearms.
KAS: I would also add to that that I would hope that we would continue to grow in numbers, and continue to awaken our fellow Americans. Because there is strength in numbers.
EW: That's true.
KAS: I would also like to add that Chairman Gliebe sends you his very highest regards.
EW: Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.
KAS: And thank you for being a guest on our program, Mrs. Wheeler.

* * *

The address for donations to the Wheelers is

Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler
512 South East Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21224

If you'd like to write a letter of support to Artie Wheeler, send
your mail to

Lovell A. Wheeler
#935446 5N 35B
300 East Madison Street
Baltimore MD 21202


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