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Jewish Power: We Resist It

American Dissident Voices broadcast
August 16, 2003
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Here's a perspective on the same enemy faced by White people today -- but written in A.D. 109, describing Titus Caesar's cleansing of Jerusalem in A.D. 70:
"...all their other customs, which are at once perverse and disgusting, owe their strength to their very badness. The most degraded out of other races, scorning their national beliefs, brought to them their contributions and presents. This augmented the wealth of the Jews, as also did the fact, that among themselves they are inflexibly honest and ever ready to show compassion, though they regard the rest of mankind with all the hatred of enemies. They sit apart at meals, they sleep apart, and though, as a nation, they are singularly prone to lust, they abstain from intercourse with foreign women; among themselves nothing is unlawful."
That's from the Roman historian Tacitus, from his Histories, Book V. The language may be a little stilted, but the meaning is clear. The Jews, even then, had set themselves apart as a wealthy overclass in the lands they dominated, even when under the nominal rule of Rome. They engaged in "perverse and disgusting" behavior, which we see today in the prominent Jewish role in pornography and promotion of perversion and the degradation and sexual slavery of White women, which we've documented on this program before. Tacitus also notices the Jews' dual code of morality -- one morality for their fellow Jews, and another for the rest of the world. And Tacitus sees the strength in the Jews having this dual code, though he betrays a certain naiveté when he calls it simply "badness."
[ ]
Tacitus was not alone in his observations. About four centuries earlier, the Greek historian writing under the name Hecataeus of Abdera in Thrace wrote of the Jews:
"[T]heir way of living . . . was devoted to seclusion from human kind and hatred of non-Jews." (cited in Michael Grant, The Jews in the Roman World (Dorset Press, 1984), p. 24.)
Noting the consensus of opinion about the Jews, Jewish writer Peter Schäfer, in Judeophobia: Attitudes toward the Jews in the Ancient World (Cambridge, MA: Harvard U. Press, 1998) pp. 32-33 concludes:
"And finally, like most of his predecessors, Tacitus connects with the motif of impiety that of 'misanthropia': the Jews are loyal only to their fellow countrymen but express 'hostile odium' toward all other people (adversus omnes). This is reminiscent of Hecataeus, Manetho, Apollonius Molon, Diodorus Siculus, Pompeius Trogus, and above all, Lysimachus, according to whom the Jews should not show good will to any man and should always offer the worst possible advice."
It sounds like Lysimachus was familiar with Talmudic injunctions! I continue the quotation from Schäfer:
"Altogether, Tacitus' account of the Exodus, in adopting both the impiety and the "misanthropia" motifs and in accommodating them to his own times and experience after 70 C.E., is a summary not just of the Alexandrian version but of the mainstream Greco-Egyptian tradition starting with Hecataeus. Through him it became common property of the Western 'civilization.'"
I notice here that Jewish writer Schäfer's quotations may be an attempt at mockery of Western Civilization -- especially considering that he, very oddly, places the word civilization within quotation marks. Apparently one cannot be civilized if one has a bad opinion of Jews -- even if one's name is Tacitus or Caesar!
It is interesting to note the etymology of the terms "misanthropy" (Gk. apanthropos, later, misanthropia) and "xenophobia" (Gk. misoxenos bios). It appears that some of the first attributions of these characteristics may have been to the Jews.
Even the Roman Emperor Claudius, who was friendly to the Jews throughout most of his career, wrote in A.D. 41 that their machinations, scheming, and illegal immigration to the city of Alexandria were intolerable, and that, if the Jews did not stop these acts:
"I will by all means take vengeance on them as being the fomenters of what is a universal plague throughout the civilized world." [Quoted in The Jewish Strategy, Revilo P. Oliver, available from National Vanguard Books, ]
Indeed -- and that is what White people face, though too few of us are aware of it: A Jew-created universal plague. White Americans, in particular, are less aware of the Jewish plague than other nations and races, but with this radio program and the daily outreach of National Alliance members, we're working to increase that awareness. The Arabs and Moslems are painfully aware of Jewish power and Jewish ambitions to rule them, since they are on the front lines of an open Jewish war which has been literally killing them for decades. We at the National Alliance have been warning you for years that, by allowing ourselves to be cannon fodder in and funders of that Jewish war, we will bring that war to our own shores. And even the often-clueless Blacks in America are seeing -- and questioning -- Jewish power over them in increasing numbers. One thinks of Jesse's "Hymietown" and allegedly "anti-Semitic" rap lyrics and Black Wellesley Professor Tony Martin's exposes of the Jewish dominance in the Black slave trade.
But we don't have to read Tony Martin or the ancients to hear the fundamental truth about the Jewish establishment. One of Judaism's supposedly "holy" works, the Talmud, provides plenty of evidence by itself.
In that book, Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai states without equivocation: "Kill the best of the Gentiles." (b Sof., 15). Why, I wonder, is the Talmud not attacked and execrated as a book of hate?
That quotation from the Talmud, "Kill the best Gentiles," is not the product of a fevered Jew-hater's brain. It is most emphatically not a forgery. In fact, Jewish scholars admit that the passage is there, and spend buckets of ink in trying to justify it or explain it away. They claim that the good Rabbi only meant that the best of us should be killed in "time of war," or that the statement was an "agonized cry" of a Jew persecuted by the "Nazis of his day," the Romans, and that the pronouncement "never had the force of law," but those are pretty weak arguments when compared with the bald fact that the call for murder is there, written by a Rabbi and has been a part of their most "sacred" tradition for centuries and remains standing in their "holy" book to this day. If you'd like to confirm what I say, just read what Jewish author Hyam Maccoby had to say in the book
[ Judaism on Trial: Jewish-Christian Disputations in the Middle Ages, ed. & trans. Hyam Maccoby (London: The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, 1982). Part 1 The Three Disputations: General Considerations; Chapter 1: The Paris Disputation, 1240, pp. 30-31. Also see some relevant quotations at ]
"Kill the best Gentiles." It doesn't get any more obvious than that.

* * *

What's one of the ways that the Jewish establishment is 'killing the best Gentiles,' killing off their hated White competitors? By encouraging racial mixing.
Well, instead of sitting in front of a computer terminal and complaining, Colorado members of the National Alliance have been raising the public's consciousness of the dangers of sexual intercourse with Blacks. They've been distributing educational materials -- flyers and stickers given out free to residents and distributed like free newspapers in mostly-White neighborhoods -- which expose these dangers.
The flyers, "Don't Have Sex With Blacks," detail the scientific and medical facts which the Jewish media don't want us to know about -- namely, that Blacks are far more likely than Whites to be infected with the AIDS virus, and are also infected with other serious venereal diseases at far higher rates than Whites, and that Whites who foolishly imagine the races to be equal and who think that sexual intercourse with Blacks is acceptable are placing their lives and the lives of their loved ones in deadly danger. Heterosexual Black males are 14 times more likely than heterosexual White males to carry HIV, for example.
What were the results of this literature distribution?
For one thing, our Colorado leaders picked a most auspicious time for their educational drive. Black-on-White sex abuse is a popular topic of conversation in that state, as Black basketball player Kobe Bryant has been much in the news after being indicted for rape of a White woman in Colorado. So the largely Jewish-controlled media, both in the Rocky Mountain state and nationally, have characteristically overplayed their hand in attacking our literature drive and in the process have helped us make the issue more than just the simple question of did the Negro ballplayer rape the White girl -- now the issue has been broadened to one of interracial sex in general and the deadly potential of such sex in particular: exactly the issues that White people must think about rationally in order to secure their own future, and also the issues which most clearly expose the lying and self-serving nature of those Jewish media.
Let's sample some of this coverage. From the Rocky Mountain News for August 13th, we read [ ]:
"Racist fliers began showing up on doorsteps and in at least one post office box Tuesday in Eagle County, where basketball star Kobe Bryant is charged with one count of sexual assault. The fliers quickly rankled local residents, and added to the debate over whether Bryant can get a fair trial in the county. Bryant is black, and Eagle County is overwhelmingly white.
"The words across the top of the flier read, 'Don't Have Sex With Blacks. Avoid AIDS!' The fliers were identified as being the work of the West Virginia-based National Alliance, a white supremacist group. National Alliance spokesman Erich Gliebe said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press that the Bryant case was 'absolutely' the motivation for the fliers. 'We're concerned about areas such as Eagle County, where they have a relatively small number of blacks,' he said. Denver defense attorney David Lane, who once settled a racial profiling case against the county, said the fliers could prompt a trial elsewhere, but not specifically because of their racial nature. 'The more fuel that gets dumped on the fire, the more likely a change of venue is, because the media covers it, and people make up their minds,' he said."
People make up their minds. To get them to make up their minds, they first must have the bare facts about race which the Jewish establishment tries to hide. And they must be induced to think about their predicament.
Well, that article was slanted and biased, and it falsely portrayed us as "White supremacists" (those Whites who want to dominate a multiracial society) instead of what we really are, White separatists (Whites who want to have their own self-determination and freedom), but I venture that it did bring quite a few people -- even those who didn't receive any of our thousands of flyers -- to seek us out. And I am sure that it has raised the interracial sex debate in Colorado to a whole new level -- a level where the issue is at least out in the open.
And the Rocky Mountain News isn't the only media outlet carrying our story and our Chairman's words. In just one day, the following papers and broadcast stations and news services expressed alarm about our simple truth-telling public service:
1. The Associated Press, which was at least a partial source for most of the others,
2. The Wyoming News
3. Alabama's Birmingham News
4. The San Francisco Chronicle
5. Colorado's KUSA
6. The Biloxi Sun-Herald
7. Pennsylvania's Centre Daily Times
8. The Akron Beacon-Journal
9. The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel
10. The Duluth News Tribune
11. Florida's The Ledger
12. Belleville, Illinois' News-Democrat
13. The Wilkes-Barre Weekender
14. The Wichita Eagle
15. North Dakota's Grand Forks Herald
16. South Dakota's Aberdeen American News
17. Britain's The Guardian
18. Alabama's Tuscaloosa News
19. The Macon Telegraph
20. Alabama's Times Daily
21. Georgia's Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
22. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
23. The Dayton Daily News
25. Fox News
26. The Sporting News
27. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune
28. California's Monterey County Herald
29. South Carolina's Columbia State
30. Canada's sports paper Covers
31. The Myrtle Beach Sun-News
32. Michigan's ABC12 television
33. ESPN
34. The San Jose Mercury News
35. The Rocky Mount Telegram
36. The Seattle Times
37. The San Luis Obispo Tribune
38. CBS Sportsline
39. California's Porterville Recorder
40. The Kansas City Star
41. The Modesto Bee
42. The Charleston Gazette
43. New York's WSTM-TV
44. Michigan's WLUC-TV
45. Iowa's WOI
46. Michigan's WOOD
47. Mississippi's WLOX
48. California's KRON-4 TV
49. Iowa's WHO TV
50. Iowa's KCAU
51. Texas' KVIA
52. Alabama's WAFF
53. Georgia's WALB-TV
54. Texas' KAMC
55. Virginia's WRIC TV
56. South Carolina's Fox21 TV
57. Indiana's WISH
58. Indiana's WANE
59. Maryland's WHAG-TV
60. Arkansas' KAIT TV
61. Kentucky's WKYT
62. Illinois' WHBF
63. Oklahoma's KFOR-TV
64. Illinois' WQAD
65. The Wilmington Morning Star
66. Vermont's WCAX
67. Wisconsin's WBAY
68. Ohio's WKBN
69. Tennessee's WMC-TV
70. Virginia's WAVY-TV
Ladies and gentlemen, that's 70 major news stories in a single day -- actually in part of a single day, since at least twenty more reports of major news coverage of our literature distribution have come in as I have been compiling them, and more are arriving by the minute. Congratulations to Western States National Alliance Coordinator and American Dissident Voices collaborator Roger Williams and the stalwart Colorado members of the Alliance who took to the streets of their neighborhoods and brought the truth that much closer to victory. Let us always remember their lesson of real-world bravery, truth-telling, and intelligent timing in all our future efforts. These members have taken a stand against Jewish lies and against the sickness of racial mixing which threatens to kill us.
If one single White man or woman makes a decision to mate only within his or her own race because of this effort, and if the ranks of our White community grow by just a little, the effort and risks will have been worth it, and our lives and our striving will not have been in vain.
We continue moving forward, whatever the obstacles placed in our path.

* * *

The Jews like to complain loud and long about what they falsely describe as "White supremacism," while they themselves are the true supremacists. They do indeed wish to dominate other peoples in a purposely-contrived multiracial and multicultural society. The supremacism that all peoples of the Earth, including White people, have to deal with is Jewish Supremacism.
Jewish Supremacism is also the title of a new and groundbreaking work by imprisoned writer and thinker David Duke. In this new work, Mr. Duke rips away the shroud of pretended morality from the ugly body of Jewish hate. He reveals the Jewish establishment for what it is: a maniacal racial cult based on hate, exploitation, and genocide of other peoples -- and a cult which is directing its considerable resources against the very survival of White European peoples.
When you read Jewish Supremacism you will be absolutely amazed at the objective evidence amassed by Mr. Duke. This evidence is drawn from unbiased and even Jewish sources, is easily verifiable, and is utterly convincing to even the most skeptical reader. Jewish Supremacism is one of the most powerful new tools we have for educating our people as to their real peril. I urge you to read this book and buy copies for your loved ones. No better gift could be given.
Jewish Supremacism by David Duke is available as our item 1075 for $24.95 plus $3 shipping and handling, a total of $27.95. This important work will change the lives of those who read it -- it will awaken your friends and family members to the plight of their people in a constructive, positive way. It will lead them away from the false paths of non-racial 'conservatism' or Jewish-approved racialism that does not name the architects of White genocide. Order Jewish Supremacism today for $27.95 postpaid as our item 1075 from National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA.
And please remember also to send $18 postpaid for a six-issue subscription to our full-color magazine, National Vanguard, which covers the issues we discuss here on our radio program from many different perspectives and in even greater depth. Just write to the same address given above or subscribe online at .
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to stay active -- stay legal -- and keep on thinking free.


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