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American Dissident Voices broadcast
August 9, 2003
by Kevin Alfred Strom


You're probably tired of hearing me repeat that the Jews have inverted our morality. But it's really a crucial point, and one that our people need to understand. By inverting the moral values that kept us alive and progressing as a race for many thousands of years, and by striking at our weaknesses, the Jews have managed to create a "morality," unthinkingly accepted by many Whites, that defines anti-White acts as "moral" and pro-White acts as "immoral." No species, thus programmed against itself, can long survive on Earth.
Life is by definition a struggle for survival, a struggle to make sure that the genes of your kind are perpetuated into the future, a future that the individual organism can never see. Other races (in this way more intelligent than many Whites) realize that, on this planet of limited space and resources, this struggle requires racial cohesiveness and solidarity. The other races rationally (or perhaps instinctively) recognize that they are in competition with other races for living space, food, and power. And they act accordingly.
It's been said that "liberalism" is a disease which is virtually limited to White people. Only our race is stupid enough to think it is acting "morally" when opening its living space and its wallets to criminal Somalians, Hmong gangs, or AIDS-infected Haitians. This is in part the fault of the Jews, who have, as I said last week, transplanted themselves into leading positions in our media and government. But it is also a sign of one of our weak points: our moral confusion and our almost unbelievable naïveté and gullibility. We need to clarify our moral stance, and cold-bloodedly and rationally appraise every "moral" claim and every proposed act or policy in the hard light of reason, guided by one overriding value: Is this good for the survival and progress of our race?
Although I do believe that our race is the most advanced race of beings we know of in the universe, and although I also sincerely believe the future of Life itself depends upon what we do now, I also recognize that we have a serious weakness in the morality department.
The dictionary defines morality as a system relating to principles of right and wrong behavior. "Right" is what you should do, "wrong" is what you shouldn't do. No society can exist without a system of accepted morality. The problem is: How do we decide what is right and what is wrong? After all, even a moment's reflection will show you that "right" and "wrong," like "good" and "evil," are nowhere to be found in the universe. They have no material existence whatsoever, except as concepts in our minds, as electrical activity in our brains. You can't find them, weigh them, or see them. They cannot and will not be detected by the most sensitive scientific instruments. Because they aren't there. They are nothing but ideas. As such, they can be manipulated. And, by failing to think clearly about morality, by basing our morality largely on sentiment -- on feelings and symbols -- we have left ourselves wide open for deception and manipulation by a race which has a far more practical view of such matters, the Jews.
We share with other animals certain moral instincts, though we differ in the details. But we do defend our mates and our children when they are threatened. If necessary, we'll even lay down our lives for them. And no society can exist for long without its young men being willing to die in war to ensure the continuation of that society. Do we rationally consider such things before we act on them? Not really. These moral tendencies operate at a subrational level, like instincts. But we do rationalize them. We give reasons for them.
Some of us say that these basic moral principles were revealed to us by God, and that God is to be found in ancient religious writings. It's claimed that without the ancient Hebrew scribes, we wouldn't know that we shouldn't steal from our brothers and kill our fathers. Without the ancient Jews, we wouldn't know enough to stand and fight when our nation is invaded or attacked, and we wouldn't know that we should stop the bastards who want to rape our children and put them in a place where they'll never see another child again. Now that claim is patently absurd. Our people had moral values -- values which allowed them to survive in a very hostile environment and which had an important role in making us what we are today -- long before there were any Hebrew scribes, and for that matter long before our own people had developed their own indigenous religions.
Before the age of mass media, our moral leaders were largely men of the cloth, writers, or warriors who had proved themselves. While they were sometimes short-sighted and self-serving and mendacious, and while they failed to erect a moral system capable of securing our existence under modern conditions, they were at least members of our own race who, with a few exceptions, had no interest in terminating our racial existence or undermining the society that gave them sustenance. So the natural instinct to cleave to our own kind and preserve our own kind was allowed to continue and sometimes even flourish. In the United States, our healthy racial and moral instincts found expression in segregation laws, in laws against homosexual practices and other sexual perversions, and in the immigration laws which were explicitly designed to keep our nation White.
Enter the Jews. Once they gained a foothold in our society, they used their media soapbox well, and pointed out some of the logical lapses in our system of morality. They showed us how we were hypocrites by talking of universal moral principles while favoring our own race. And the Jews were right -- that was hypocritical. The idea of universal moral principles is a suicidal absurdity, and it should have been jettisoned long ago. But the Jews got us to keep the universalism and dump the racial solidarity. They got us to keep the dirty bathwater and throw the baby -- our future, our children -- into the garbage.
The Jews showed us how, in so many ways, we were ignoring the "important" parts of the ancient Hebrew scriptures -- the parts which denied the importance of race and the parts which assigned special rights and privileges and "holy" status to the Jews. They knew that their ancient writings could be interpreted in many ways, but that they -- the master Talmudic quibblers and legalists -- would prevail in any arguments over what they said their own ancestors had written.
They promoted themselves, through racial nepotism, into positions of influence in our universities, and they used that power to suppress racial science and to impose the dogma of racial equality as a kind of non-religious "morality" there.
But more than anything else, they tugged at our heartstrings and manipulated our emotions. With their early control of Hollywood and radio and television, and their gradual domination of newspapers and book publishing, the Jews were in an ideal position to move us emotionally. If we wanted an adventure story, the Jews would provide one. If we wanted a romance or a comedy, they could give us the best of those genres, too. If we wanted the news, they were there with a long list of correspondents in every capital on their payroll. And always, sometimes in the foreground and sometimes in the background, was a Jewish "moral lesson" -- a bit of moral poison really -- wrapped in a treacly coating of emotion.
They made us cry when the innocent Black man was falsely accused of rape. They made us exhilarated when true love overcame racism and the interracial couple 'triumphed over prejudice.' They made us weep again when the morally spotless Jews were persecuted 'merely for being of another religion.' They made us laugh at the empty arguments and mindless bigotry of those stupid White folks who actually noticed that the races were different or thought that maybe, just maybe, White folks had a right to survive. They showed us images of handsome, beautiful, successful White people -- people with whom we'd identify and who we'd want to emulate -- and, of course, these sympathetic characters would read their lines and be shown to embrace multiracialism and condemn racism in plot line after plot line. They showed us how even the mildest pro-White feelings lead directly to "hate" and genocide and tossing babies into gas ovens.
In short, the Jews realized that our society really had very little moral leadership. The Jews knew that our people based their morality on vague emotional feelings and on books which were open to a lot of differing interpretations, to put it mildly. So they set themselves up as interpreters and intermediaries and manipulators of our symbols, of our emotions, of our very souls. And, on the issues that really matter, they inverted our morality.
They didn't just get us to embrace multiracialism, though that's the most obvious of their ploys to destroy us.
They told us that our natural and traditional sexuality -- in which love, sex, and family were an indivisible trinity, and in which the role of women as bearers and inculturators of the next generation was sacred -- was "wrong." They told us that men and women were the same, that childbearing and rearing were burdens, and that sex with anyone and anything was just a bit of fun, and we could have plenty of it if we'd just "get over" our hang-ups. If we wished our children to marry someone of the same race and the opposite sex, that was just one of the "hang-ups" we had to get over.
The examples of Jewish "morality" hucksters are almost endless. It's just one of the 'things they do.' It seems to come naturally. Recently on this program we talked about a Jew named Michel Friedman who set himself up as a media pundit and moral exemplar in Germany, and we told you how his house of illusions began to fall apart when it was revealed that he was involved in hard drugs and a sex slave ring which sold or gave White women to members of Germany's federal parliament in return for favors which, naturally, haven't been disclosed by the Jewish media. Even though Friedman was promoted as a kind of moral leader by the Jewish media here in the U.S., his downfall is a virtual non-event on those same media.
One of our correspondents wrote in to tell us a little more about Friedman, who among other things was the President of the European Jewish Congress. Apparently, one of his favorite activities is book burning. He was instrumental in using Germany's judicial system to suppress and literally destroy books which Jews don't like. He was the official "complainant" when Carl-Friedrich Berg's works, Society of Wolves and In Re Germany were judicially suppressed and literally burned. If you read German, these works can be read at and This blatant suppression of freedom of speech even extended to police searches of the homes of persons who had bought single copies of one of the forbidden books! We already showed you how Friedman's crimes and hypocrisy have been covered up. Even more amazing is how virtually no one knows of this Jew's acts to suppress freedom of the press and freedom of thought. Why are anti-censorship groups not up in arms over Germany's repression? Why is this not a subject for investigative reporters and documentary filmmakers? Why indeed.
Another glowing example of Jewish morality is Michael Jackson's friend, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. Boteach, a great moral teacher, when asked about why the sexually and racially confused 44-year-old Negro likes to sleep with little White boys, explained that "Jacko" is a "luminous" figure who "genuinely cares" about children and who "has an innocence about him." According to Boteach, Jackson, who has paid off parents who were suing him to the tune of millions of dollars for what he did to their son, is a "special man" who is "easily the most misunderstood person in the world." [] Boteach is also friends with another Jewish Jackson supporter, long time con artist and pretended "psychic" Uri Geller, who has bilked the public for decades with his magic tricks. Geller explains to us that Jackson's sleeping with young boys is the most natural thing in the world because "Michael is a child at heart." [ ]
I really don't need to give many examples. We're awash in "Jewish morality." Just turn on your television or open your newspaper. Unnatural sexual relations equals good; opposing unnatural sexual relations equals bad. Interracial sex equals good; opposing interracial sex equals bad. Protecting Israel's borders equals good; protecting America's or Europe's borders equals bad. IDF forces or JTTF goons with guns equals good; White Americans with guns equals bad.
Meanwhile, in Israel, a very different sort of morality prevails. Preserving Jewish genes and a Jewish future is not "hate." It isn't something to feel guilty about. In fact, just a few days ago the Israeli parliament passed a law punishing any Israeli who marries a Palestinian with either expulsion from Israel or forcible separation of the couple. The Jewish state itself defines citizenship and eligibility for "return" in racial/ethnic terms. Everybody knows that Israel is a Jewish state -- the name itself says so and no one bothers to deny it. My questions are these: Where is the White state, where White people can live under their own values and their own government? Where is the land which is exclusively ours and a guarantee that our children and grandchildren will have a place to call their own? Where is the White parliament which passes laws to protect White genes and a White future? Where is it? Nowhere, you say?
Earlier today I mentioned how the Jews started to turn our morality on its head once they gained a foothold in our society. We Whites lost control of our society, but we now have a foothold again. That foothold is the National Alliance. We can return our people to a sound morality -- and we can go even farther: We can put our people's morality on a whole new basis, a bedrock so strong that no Jewish wordsmith or media manipulator can dislodge it from our people's minds and souls. Our morality must be based on the sanctity of our race and our belief that no value is higher than that of racial survival. There should be no personal or family value, no financial gain, no comfort, no compromise, that can ever trump the necessity for our people to survive and have a future. That's not something written on an ancient scroll. That's not something that we learn at school -- though it should be. That's not something we emote about while watching dramas and soap operas -- though it should be. That is something that our ancestors knew instinctively without fully understanding it or making it explicit. We members of the National Alliance do understand it. And we do make it explicit. And we are determined to restore our people to health and sanity and morality, whatever it takes.

* * *

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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to stay active -- stay legal -- and keep on thinking free.


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