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War Against Whites,
War Against Freedom:
Interview with Elizabeth Wheeler

American Dissident Voices broadcast
July 26, 2003
by Kevin Alfred Strom


To begin today's program, let me read you an excerpt from a news item on the National Alliance Web site,
On the afternoon of July 1, 2003, Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler's Baltimore, Maryland home was invaded by about 60 heavily armed men. These men handcuffed Mrs. Wheeler, 72, a mother of six, grandmother of seven and great-grandmother of three to her bed. The thugs held her captive for almost seven hours while they ransacked her home.
Who are these men and what did they want with Mrs. Wheeler? It turns out the men, who used an axe to chop Mrs. Wheeler's door to pieces, were members of the Baltimore, Maryland Police Department's SWAT Team. No one knows exactly what these men were looking for because the search warrant has been sealed by the issuing judge. What we do know is that the Baltimore Police were looking for Mrs. Wheeler's 61-year-old husband Lovell "Artie" Wheeler, a machinist and vocal anti-war activist and immigration opponent, and, it should be noted, a lawful gun owner.
It is also a fact that they knew that Artie was working at the time of the raid and that Mrs. Wheeler would be alone. They counted on their intimidation tactics to frighten this senior lady into saying something that might incriminate her partner. But in this they made a serious misjudgment -- because the fact is that there is nothing to tell. Did Artie have gunpowder and firearms stored in the couple's home? Yes he did, but they were all legal. In the days following the arrest and seizure of the couple's assets, including the cash that Mrs. Wheeler depends upon to buy food and pay her basic bills, law enforcement was left struggling to come up with charges appropriate to the aggressiveness of their actions.
Did Artie or Mrs. Wheeler kill someone? Hell no. Did their actions even hurt anybody? Again, hell no; but bail was set at two million dollars. No charges apart from three misdemeanors, yet bail was set higher than for most violent criminals. What is going on here? Based on the facts, one can only draw the conclusion that "they" don't like his politics.
You might be wondering at this point, as I am, what has happened to the First Amendment right of free speech, not to mention the Second Amendment right to bear arms? Judging by the treatment Artie and his wife have received at the hands of police, the right to express one's opinion and own guns has gone the way of the Dodo bird -- extinct. Is this case a direct result of the "Patriot Act?" It sure seems that way.
We're going to talk to Mrs. Wheeler, right after this, on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

KAS: We are proud to have Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler as our guest today on American Dissident Voices. Welcome, Mrs. Wheeler.
Elizabeth Wheeler: Thank you, sir.
KAS: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your husband?
EW: Well, we are Southerners, born and bred. Sweetheart and I have been married for 24 years. We are almost like one person. I believe what he believes, and I try to live my life the way that he would want me to. He's a very strong man, with strong ideals. And he's very very knowledgeable about what's going on the world today -- and what people can do to change it. And that's the reason he is where he is today.
KAS: Now you and he are concerned about the racial situation in this country -- is that correct?
EW: Most definitely.
KAS: How did you first become concerned about racial matters?
EW: I think that Sweetheart has always been concerned about it. I am a full-time housewife and homemaker and I don't get out too much, but in 1994 we were living on Broadway in Baltimore. It was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I was attacked by a nigger with a broken beer bottle. He cut my neck and I bled quite profusely. I still have scars from it. Once you have been attacked by a Black it changes your entire outlook toward that race of people. Ever since then I have wanted to do something about it.
KAS: So you and your husband studied these matters.
EW: Yes, most definitely -- and we have read extensively on it.
KAS: How did you find out about the National Alliance?
EW: Sweetheart met Dr. Pierce a number of years ago. He had read about Robert Mathews and his tragic death, and about Ruby Ridge. It was his interest in it that brought me to have interest in it also. He is more of a National Alliance 'member' than I am, but he's not really a member. I am. Sweetheart was the one who always distributed the material but I was the one that ordered it. So that was what got us both interested in it.
KAS: So you're distributing educational material in your community. Clearly you're not doing anything secret.
EW: No. The material that we have -- the National Alliance material -- is in plain view on a bookshelf in our living room. And, when the police came in our home, they saw it immediately and asked me if I stood on the street corners to pass it out. I said "No, of course not." And I don't. I do make up packets of material, with a piece of each material in the brown envelope, and Sweetheart gives it out to people he thinks might be interested in promoting National Alliance views.
KAS: Now you have done more than just distribute literature. You yourself are a radio personality in your own right, aren't you?
EW: Thanks to Mr. Hal Turner, yes.
KAS: So you have a program on the Hal Turner network?
EW: Yes, sir; I do.
KAS: Can you tell us a little bit about that?
EW: Sweetheart and I both became friends with Hal Turner, by way of his network and the fact that he is pro-White. I asked Hal if I could have a slot on his network, and he said yes. He suggested that I let it be a reading hour for children. And so that's what I do. I have a reading hour for White children on Hal Turner's radio network. And from now on, starting tomorrow night, I'm going to be on every weeknight, Monday through Friday, from 7 to 8 PM.
KAS: And listeners can tune that in by going to on the Internet -- is that correct?
EW: Yes, sir.
KAS: And what is the name of your program?
EW: Grandmother Elizabeth's Reading Hour for White Children.
KAS: You have some of the most clear enunciation I have ever heard, so I think you are an excellent choice for that sort of show.
EW: How very kind of you to say that, Mr. Strom; thank you.
KAS: What, in your opinion, Mrs. Wheeler, was the reason for your husband's arrest?
EW: It's political, Mr. Strom. Pure and simple.
KAS: Was your husband violating laws of the land in any way, shape or form?
EW: Well, according to the 'powers that be' he was. Nothing is free in this country anymore, Mr. Strom. Nothing. This is no longer a free country. Our Constitution is dead. Our Bill of Rights is dead. Witness the excellent White men who have been put behind bars. Matthew Hale. Ernst Zundel.
KAS: Chester Doles.
EW: And Mr. Doles. And now Sweetheart. (near tears)
KAS: What exactly are the charges against your husband?
EW: 'Reckless endangerment.' 'Improper storage of gunpowder.' And there's supposed to be a third one but I never can remember what it is. They were not listed on the warrant. I only heard about it through the media.
KAS: Well, I have heard through the media that several of these charges are actually based on laws which have been repealed. Is that correct?
EW: I'm not sure about that, Mr. Strom. I don't have a television set, and I refuse to listen to the radio, so I don't get any news at all since they took my computer and all my disks, the floppy ones and the CDs. So I have no access to news at all.
KAS: Could you tell us, in your own words, what happened that day -- the day your home was invaded by these lawbreakers operating under color of law?
EW: It was about ten minutes after two in the afternoon, three weeks ago today. I was sitting at the computer, reading some information from the Web site "From the Wilderness," about the high price of natural gas and how high it was going to go this year, when all of a sudden someone starts beating down my door with axe! And they did not knock. And this man says "Police! Police! We're coming in! Coming in!" I jumped up from the computer and ran to the door and just as I got to the door, all of these men start bursting in and they had on this special gear. They had these plastic shields on in front of them, like they thought someone was going to shoot at them. I said "What do you think you are doing?" And one of the men grabbed me by the hands and sat me down and put these plastic shackles on my hands and arms. And I sat that way for almost seven hours.
KAS: Unbelievable.
EW: I watched them go through my house and take everything and anything they wanted. They took VCRs. They took books. They took papers. They took all of my identification. They took my birth certificate and my Social Security card and my marriage license. They went upstairs and went through my dresser drawers and took all the cash money that was in the house.
KAS: That is just sickening. For seven hours you had to sit there and watch them destroy your home.
EW: At one point, one of the policemen came up to me and said "Isn't there a friend or a relative you can go stay with while we do this?" I looked him right in the eye and I said "I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to sit right here and watch you do everything that I can see you do."
KAS: What was his response to that?
EW: Nothing. What could he say?
KAS: Now your husband was arrested? When did that happen?
EW: At work. They went out to his place of employment and arrested him.
KAS: And he has not been allowed out on bail, has he?
EW: No! I've not seen him, except for a few minutes at the bail hearing on the third of July.
KAS: Have you been allowed to visit him?
EW: I can't visit him. I don't have any identification!
KAS: The identification which they stole from you, being gone, makes it impossible for you to even see your husband?
EW: That's right. I have to have a picture ID in order to be able to see him. And I cannot get a picture ID without a birth certificate and a Social Security card -- both of which they took.
KAS: I am just disgusted by this travesty of justice. After arresting him, they set bail at the impossible sum of two million dollars. Have you or your husband ever owned two million dollars in your lives?
EW: (laughter) Oh, that's funny, Mr. Strom. Of course not. Nowhere near it.
KAS: I'm outraged about this. Kobe Bryant, a Black sports star and multimillionaire to boot, who's being charged with the brutal rape of a 19-year-old White girl, a crime which could earn him a life sentence if he's convicted, had his bail set at only $25,000. And the financially well-off Kristi Goldstein, who admitted involvement in a Jewish plot to execute no less than 50 terror bombings, had her bail set at only $100,000. Yet Artie Wheeler gets two million? I'm just stunned.
EW: Well, when we went for the bail hearing, I could only stay for the first part of it. It lasted quite some time and I couldn't listen to the second part. But Sweetheart told me that he told the judge that he felt honored that they valued him so highly.
KAS: Does your husband have legal representation?
EW: A public defender.
KAS: How about you, Mrs. Wheeler? I assume that your husband is not able to earn an income now that he's been jailed on these fake charges. Are you able to make ends meet?
EW: I am managing to cope, Mr. Strom.
KAS: Are you going to try to get a better legal team than just a public defender?
EW: I don't see how we can. We can't afford it.
KAS: Is there anything that our listeners can do to help you, in this horrible situation?
EW: Well, there are people who have been sending in donations. Hal Turner put my name and address up on his Web site.
KAS: Where can people send donations to help you get through this very difficult time, and also to help you give your husband whatever help he may need?
EW: That's very gracious of you, Mr. Strom. I really do appreciate it. My name is Dorothy E. Wheeler, and my address is 512 South East Avenue Baltimore MD 21224-3913
KAS: Is there a lesson in all of this, Mrs. Wheeler, for our listeners and supporters out there?
EW: Sweetheart said that all White patriots will be targeted. And he said, "If you have firearms, put them away and hide them. Do not let them know you have them. And be careful. Because this is just the tip of the iceberg. More and more of these attacks against White patriots are going to occur. Because they hate us. And they do not like us because we know who they are.
KAS: How are you personally handling this situation, Mrs. Wheeler?
EW: I'm managing to cope.
KAS: It must be very hard.
EW: I'm having lots of help -- from friends I didn't even know I had, from people I don't even really know.
KAS: So the pro-White community is helping you.
EW: People are sending me donations, and thoughts and words of love and support that I never even realized would happen.
KAS: I am very very proud of the response that you have made and that your husband has made -- you are not backing down in your espousal of the truth. In fact, you personally are increasing your airtime on the radio. And I have to say that that is a very great contrast to some people who fold at the slightest bit of pressure.
EW: Mr. Strom, we're at war. We White people have to realize that we are soldiers. And Sweetheart and I just happen to be standing in the front lines.
KAS: I am proud to have you on our side in this battle to reclaim our nation and to reclaim the principles of racial integrity that America is supposed to stand for -- that the Founding Fathers did stand for. And I thank you.
EW: Thank you, Mr. Strom.
KAS: Is there anything you would like to add before we come to the end of our program?
EW: Sweetheart is convinced that they're going to keep him. That public defender as much as told him that if they let him go on his court date, that when he walks out the door, federal agents will pick him up and accuse him under the terrorist act. And Sweetheart says that's OK. He's willing to do that for his country and his people.
KAS: He's a brave man.
EW: Yes, I know. He's most unusual.
KAS: I can tell that.
EW: Sweetheart says that we may not make it. That the White race may end up as a people without a country. I hope that doesn't occur. But if it does, we must teach our children and our grandchildren and even our great-grandchildren if we can, to be strong and to realize that our strength comes from within -- not from without.
KAS: That's what I'm trying to do with our radio program. That's what the National Alliance is trying to do with our National Vanguard books for children,  and the other books that we sell, and I'm proud to have you by our side, Mrs. Wheeler. Please give my best to your husband when you are finally able to communicate with him, and urge all of our listeners to send support to you. And I will repeat your address at the end of the program.
EW: Thank you, Mr. Strom.

* * *

I'm in awe of the courage of Mr. and Mrs., Wheeler. Please support them in their plight. You may send your donations and letters of support to

Mrs. Dorothy Elizabeth Wheeler
512 South East Avenue
Baltimore MD 21224-3913

To write to Mr. Wheeler, write to

Mr. Lovell A. Wheeler
#935446 5N 35B
300 East Madison Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to stay active -- stay legal -- and keep on thinking free.


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