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Jews Hate:
The Strange Case of Michael Friedman,
Part 2

American Dissident Voices broadcast
July 19, 2003
by Roger Williams and
Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. Today's program is the second in our series Jews Hate. This segment is entitled "The Strange Case of Michel Friedman" and was written by National Alliance Western States Regional Coordinator Roger Williams, and was prepared for broadcast by yours truly, Kevin Alfred Strom.
A "distinguished public figure." A "moral exemplar" involved in drugs and prostitution and White slavery. While the story has been politely and lightly covered in Germany, there has been virtually no media coverage of the Michel Friedman case here in the United States -- despite the fact that the case has all the requisite ingredients for high-ratings media hoopla. Any other public figure found to be even remotely connected to this sort of sordid affair would be swallowed alive in a vicious media feeding frenzy. But not this particular celebrity hero; Michel Friedman is a member of The Tribe and therefore almost exempt from severe criticism. Because he and his kind get a free pass from the establishment -- and for many other reasons -- we should all be especially aware of Jews like Michel Friedman, their activities, their agenda, and their crimes.
Many people in the United States may not even recognize his name. Nevertheless, Michel Friedman is one of the best known, highly celebrated, and most respected Jews in Germany. He is the type of Jew who always wins the praise from the media, his fellow Jews, and the general public alike. Born in Paris in 1956, Friedman is the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants who were supposedly saved from Auschwitz and the "Holocaust" thanks to the help of Oskar Schindler, the hero character in Steven Spielberg's fantasy film "Schindler's List." In addition to the accolades and admiration automatically bestowed on him as a son of "Holocaust survivors," he has quite an impressive resume.
Friedman was awarded the German Federal Service Cross, which is the highest honor a civilian can receive in Germany. In 1994, he became the first Jew to be elected as an executive in the CDU or Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands (Christian Democratic Union of Germany), the largest conservative party in that country. Friedman is also a prominent lawyer, the vice-president of Germany's Central Council of Jews, the vice-president of the European Jewish Congress, and a popular and controversial television talk show host.
Michel Friedman is often called upon by the media in Europe and the United States as an authority figure, a "human rights advocate," a "moral authority," and as a spokesperson for various Jewish causes. He was recently interviewed on one of the most highly rated news programs in the United States. In early June, Friedman appeared on the CBS News program, 60 Minutes, during a segment entitled "Shadow of Shame" in which he spouted the typical Jewish line about the supposed shame and guilt of the German people. He's been repeatedly quoted in CNN articles, and is heavily promoted as one of the most revered Jews in Germany. At least he was. Things have changed recently for this great role model and instructor of moral virtue. His true nature has been exposed. Now, like the rest of his kind, he is just another dirty Jew.
On June 11, 2003, German authorities raided both the Frankfurt home and law office of  Michel Friedman. While there, drug-sniffing dogs found three different packets of cocaine. During the search, authorities obtained samples of Friedman's hair for chemical analysis. According to a June 23 article from the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (German Press Agency), Germany's leading news service, analysis of the hair sample showed that Friedman had been a "cocaine user over the past six months." Drug use and corruption are nothing new to this pillar of the Jewish community. According to the June 17th issue of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), Friedman had been investigated before for solicitation of cocaine in Frankfurt, though that fact was not generally known until now.
When a civic leader and spokesman for an entire community gets caught using drugs, it is something the public should be told about. This is especially true if this leader is being held up by the media as a role model and authority figure. But when the drug user is a Jew, the so-called American media don't make much of an issue of it, even when only a few days before he was posturing as our instructor in morality on a flagship show like 60 Minutes. Drug use is pretty common these days, especially among celebrities, but when a "great humanitarian" is caught possessing and using illegal drugs, it ought to be newsworthy.
If drug possession and usage by a celebrated civic leader were not enough to warrant a little U.S. media attention, it gets even better. This entire ordeal started because Friedman was being investigated by the Berlin state prosecutor's office due to his involvement with a so-called "Ukrainian prostitution racket." According to a June 15th despatch of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the search of Friedman's home and office were prompted as the result of "an ongoing investigation of a Ukrainian crime ring involving slavery, prostitution, and the smuggling of drugs and weapons into Germany."
Of course this purported "Ukrainian prostitution racket" isn't really Ukrainian. Ukrainian women are its victims and Jews are its owners. It refers to the thriving White slave trade, a huge and growing industry that has always been dominated by Jews and is a thriving business in Israel, where many of the enslaved White women are shipped. Ukrainian authorities estimate that around 40,000 Ukrainian women are taken from Ukraine each year and forced into sexual slavery. The December 15, 1998 issue of the Jerusalem Post admitted that as many as 2,000 White Eastern European women are brought to Israel every year and "forced by pimps to work as prostitutes." Others are shipped wherever the gangsters find a demand for the flesh of White women and girls. This is nothing new, of course, but when a well-known, illustrious Jew gets caught right in the middle of it, it is newsworthy.
According to a German Press Agency article of June 23, in the course of their investigations of one such gang, German police discovered that 30 to 40 telephone extensions were used to procure of the services of the enslaved women and girls, and that tracing the calls led directly to the German Federal Parliament. Now we know one way in which the legislators who serve Jewish interests are paid.
When some of the prostituted girls were located and interviewed by police, they testified that they had seen Friedman, in between bouts of intercourse with the White women, snorting cocaine -- and that was how Friedman was brought up on drug charges.
So why is all of this important? It is important because it is a prime example not only of the double standard applied to Jews by the controlled media but also because it exposes one of the most despicable Jews to be the degenerate creature that he is.
For many deluded souls, it pretty much goes without saying that Jews are exempt from criticism. The media tell us that. And so do many churches, with their pious belief in the 'chosen people' hoax. This immunity from criticism actually extends well beyond media coverage and the pulpits and pews, and is the intended result of decades of conditioning. After hundreds of Jewish propaganda films and mandatory teachings in most of our public schools about the so-called "Holocaust," the Jews enjoy an almost untouchable status. Anyone even coming close to criticizing a Jew is instantly labeled either an 'anti-Semite' or a 'racist.' In this day and age, there is nothing more wicked, nothing more evil than being a 'racist.' The salient point about this phenomenon is that it is a deliberate deception. The Jews are exempt from criticism by design. Through their long-standing manipulation and control of the media of news and entertainment, the Jews have created this immunity. They've created for themselves premier 'victim status' -- and they successfully use this status to shield them from scrutiny even when the scrutiny comes as the result of abhorrent social behavior.
As I stated earlier, although this story is being reported, delicately, by the German media and to some extent the European media, there has been almost no coverage of it in the United States. Just imagine what would happen in the U.S. media if a non-Jewish celebrity or governmental leader was linked to such a scandalous tale of drugs and prostitution. Imagine Jerry Falwell being caught snorting cocaine in between bouts with sex slaves purchased for the occasion. Imagine Dick Cheney mainlining heroin while girls in chains are forced to perform sex acts on him. It would lead to a media free-for-all. Regardless of whether it involved an American citizen or not, as long as it had all the same ingredients that the Friedman case has, the U.S. media would not only be exposing the celebrity or governmental leader, it would be doing so aggressively. In a healthy society, the news media would also be reporting on the White slave trade between Israel and Eastern Europe -- but we don't live in a healthy society. We live in a Jewish society.
Beyond understanding the double standard and exemption from criticism that Jews enjoy in the media, we need to understand that Jews are not always the innocent, inoffensive humanitarians as we have been programmed to believe. Our people have been conditioned to view Jews as the always-innocent victims who must never be subject to denunciation or even the slightest bit of ridicule. Jews are always held up to the world as moral exemplars, as role models. We are force-fed the idea, through countless Hollywood films, that, in addition to being the always-innocent victims, Jews are invariably the skilful scientists and dedicated teachers, the talented violinists, the great humanitarians. But in reality, Jews are overwhelmingly overrepresented in those filthy, degenerate behaviors which our people have always found detestable. From child pornography to the distribution of drugs like "ecstasy," to the White slave trade, there is an undeniable Jewish presence and even redominance.
Michel Friedman is an excellent example of this point. This obnoxious Jew is put up on a pedestal, and allowed to preach to our people about the supposed evils of the German people. He is allowed lecture us about the evils of 'White racism.' He is elected and appointed to prominent positions in government and society. He is regarded as a teacher, a revered citizen, a man worthy of being called the conscience of the nation. But he is not! When one of these false Jewish heroes falls from prominence and when his corruption is exposed, we need to be aware of it. It is newsworthy! We need to make sure that our people are not influenced by these lying, despicable, two-faced Jews who use the appearance of doing good to commit unspeakable evils upon us.
It is not surprising that German authorities refused to solidly commit on this case. For a rich powerful Jew like  Michel Friedman, with the assistance of his fellow tribesmen, pressuring law enforcement authorities into withholding incriminating facts from the public is easy. Threats to the future careers of lawmakers and others from the Jewish power structure would be very believable and very intimidating. Making sure that news coverage of the story is either completely blacked-out or very limited, is not a problem for a powerful, well-connected Jew.
Just a few days ago, the strange case of Michel Friedman came to a head. He was allowed to plead no contest to the drug possession charges, and will pay only a minimal fine. He gave an apparently emotional press conference, in which he admitted to using drugs, but had the 'chutzpah' to omit all reference to the sex slaves in whose presence he ingested the cocaine and by whose testimony he was indicted. No apology was forthcoming for what was probably his repeated abuse of young White women, or for his personal involvement in their slavery -- and the procurement of young White women for the Jewish-owned German legislators has been completely airbrushed out of the picture. The German television network ARD is even talking about bringing Friedman back on the air after a few months.
[ ]
There is one good thing about all of this. The Friedman case has allowed the German media an opportunity to criticize one of the country's own Jewish leaders. Ever since the Second World War, the German media have been reluctant to criticize Jews for anything. The special status afforded to Jews in the United States is grotesquely magnified in Germany. At least the Friedman case has slightly changed this. While the story is making front page news in Germany, the storyline is definitely reserved. It is not as vicious as it would be if the case involved a non-Jew. Any other celebrity or governmental figure would be dealt with much more severely. Nevertheless, this dirty Jew has performed one good deed: He has given some German reporters an opportunity to slip by one or two inches out of the Jewish noose that is around their necks -- and the necks of all Germans.

* * *

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