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Jews Hate, Part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast
July 12, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


The controlled media -- by which I mean the Jewish-controlled media -- would have us believe that they are ever-so-concerned that someone, somewhere, might be harboring a scintilla of hate in his heart. They like to define "hate" as any word or any act by a White person who wants his or her children to marry someone of the same race and the opposite sex. They wring their hands every time someone distributes a National Alliance flyer or pamphlet in his community -- which means that they've been wringing their hands about half a million times recently.
Now hate is an emotion. It's absurd to demonize an emotion, though one may rightly condemn the actions flowing from an emotion if those actions are harmful to yourself, your family, your people, or to Life itself. Like all the other emotions, hate served and serves an evolutionary purpose. All successful organisms reject what is harmful to them and accept and seek out what is beneficial to them -- whatever is most likely to ensure that they have descendants, to ensure that their gene-patterns will survive into the future when the individual organism is no more. Even one-celled creatures discriminate between what is allowed within the cell wall and what is rejected. That's one reason there is a cell wall. In the higher animals, the emotions serve as our highly-developed neural system's means of dealing with situations that may benefit or harm the individual, group, or tribe. We love our children, who are our genetic future. We love our mates, who make that genetic future possible and without whom our lives would be incomplete. We love our own kind, our own race, the genetic community of which we are a part, and which we naturally recognize in the familiar faces of our folk. When we see them, we know that "he is one of us" or "she is one of us" -- one of our kind. Even after many decades of Jewish cultural distortion pushing racial mixture on us, we still marry about 90 per cent. within our natural and instantly-recognizable White genetic community. Without the intense propaganda from the distinctly-unnatural Tel-aviv-vision, that natural love for our own kind would be even more evident -- and celebrated, as it once was -- in our societies.
All of us naturally hate anyone who would kill or abuse our family members, our children, or our racial kinsmen. That's natural, normal, good, and moral in the true sense of the word. Having said that, though, I will take the risk of being controversial by saying that I don't think White people naturally hate non-Whites. If the world were ordered rightly, with our people having its freedom and self-determination and living space; and the other races having their own living space, without invading or infiltrating or controlling White society in any way; I don't think we'd be too concerned about them, and any natural wariness toward -- or consciousness of the alien natures of -- other races would not rise to the level of anything resembling hate. The grey fox and the red fox avoid each other in the wild, and seldom are in conflict. But crowd them together unnaturally, force them to share the same territory, and I think you'd have severe problems.
That's what's being done to us today. And the Jewish media monopolies -- who are in the forefront of pushing for unlimited immigration and subsidies for the breeding of more non-Whites in our societies -- love to take every instance of the conflict that they themselves have caused and use it as an example of 'hate' from 'evil White racists.' They do this even though Whites are victims of interracial crimes ten times as often as non-Whites. They then use this distorted reportage to justify even more multiracialism, and even more oppression and persecution and inundation of White people.
Crowded together, Blacks and Whites and Semites and Asians and Mestizos will inevitably come into racial conflict, and hate -- for the exploiter, for the rapist, for the infidel, for the killer, for the parasite -- is the sure result. The release of this emotion is not a sign that we must mentally castrate ourselves and pretend that everything is all right, and cheerfully accept the rape and murder of our girls in the multiracial hellholes of Detroit and Newark. The release of the emotion of hate is a warning sign that something is seriously wrong. It is like the pain you would feel if a knife was plunged into your chest. It is a healthy function of the body to let you know that you damn well better do something soon if you want to keep on living.
But there is a certain kind of hate -- a pervasive and invasive and increasingly visible, increasingly obvious kind of hate -- that the controlled media don't tell us about. It's a hate that has resulted in abuse of innocent White women on a scale never before seen in history. It's a hate that has repeatedly ended in murder and genocide. It's a hate that has lasted for more than 2,000 years and is still going strong. It's a hate born, not of a people being forced to live among aliens and threatened with genocide thereby, as Whites truly are -- but of a people who have made a science of hate, whose very way of life is to live in racial conflict, to inflict themselves on other people's societies and live as aliens, demanding special privileges and undermining the unity of every society they live in. It's a hate that they carefully nurture among their own people, whose very way of life demands persecution of themselves as a way of cementing their own racial unity. It's a hate that fosters an unremitting consciousness of their own danger as aliens in the lands of The Other. In short, it is Jewish hate. It is the very real hatred of those who scream 'hater' the loudest every time a White man dares to say that our race is an endangered species.
If you're a National Alliance member you know the hysterical reaction of the news media to our perfectly legal and Constitutionally-protected flyer and pamphlet distributions. [] There are stories about them in the news media several times a month, sometimes several times a week, and well over 3,000 pages about them on the Web. [ and] In contrast, there are about only 29 pages about Avi Kostner, an exemplar of ethnic-based hate if there ever was one. [] The difference is that Avi Kostner is a Jew and therefore doesn't fit the profile of hate that the media would like us to accept.
Who is Avi Kostner? Avi Kostner is a Jew who plead guilty in 1997 to the murders of his two children, Ryan, age 10, and Geri Beth, age 12. [] Kostner, a part-time Hebrew teacher, drugged his son and daughter and then strangled them to death because he didn't want them to be converted to Christianity by his ex-wife. He openly admitted that he had done this. He justified it. He stated that Jewish law and Jewish interests demanded his children's death. Kostner said: "As thousands of my ancestors did before me, I chose death over conversion; mine and theirs!" [] The coverage of the Kostner murders was pretty muted. Few people heard of it at the time, and it has largely faded from public memory. As free-thinking Canadian columnist Joe Lockhart observed, [] just imagine what the Jewish media would have done with the Kostner story if Kostner had been a Christian who killed his children to prevent them from being converted to Judaism -- or, even more so, if he had been a racially conscious White man of any or no religious persuasion who killed his children to prevent them from being converted to Judaism! Such a story would have been front page and magazine feature and documentary material for many years, and would most assuredly not be forgotten today.
An interesting sidebar to the Kostner trial is the story of his defense attorney's successful efforts to spare Kostner the death penalty. It's typical of the sleazy and heavily-Jewish legal system we suffer under today, though I cannot confirm for certain that Kostner's attorney, Cathy L. Waldor, has Jewish connections. Maybe she will write to me; meanwhile I note that in Waldor's neighborhood, the Jewish Education Association has a Waldor Memorial Library and that there are well-known Jewish Waldors in New Jersey.
Waldor makes much of the claim that she despised Kostner from the beginning, but in court she had the gall to describe this murderer of his own children as merely "less than perfect," adding "His frame of reference is not the same one you and I have." The "less than perfect" statement was so bizarre that it actually made it to the pages of Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird. Waldor realized that her best bet was to make the jury think that her client was emotional and not responsible for his outbursts, so she manipulated him into making outbursts in the courtroom for that very purpose. Without telling her client ahead of time, she called a witness in who testified -- perhaps completely falsely -- that Kostner's father wasn't really his father, something that Kostner had never heard about, which called into doubt his own Jewish identity, a premeditated act which predictably caused Kostner to shout aloud in the presence of the jury, which was precisely Waldor's intention.
Waldor took advantage of the situation when she noticed that Kostner had become a little upset over some testimony and had started saying something to himself under his breath. She bent down and whispered in his ear -- to all the world and most importantly to the jury looking like she was consulting with her client on some important point -- when in reality she was inciting him to another outburst. She stated herself: "I leaned over, and kept saying, 'No one can hear you,' until finally, in fury, Kostner jumped to his feet and starting shouting out loud."
Waldor says that engineering these outbursts was a secret strategy -- secret from her client, secret even from her own co-counsel -- and, it goes without saying, secret from the befuddled jury which spared Kostner from the chair. What a show. What a pack of lies. What a Jew.
After three years in prison, Kostner died of cancer. But Jewish hatred lives on.
Jewish hate is visible every day in occupied Palestine, and it came to the fore again just last month in occupied America. On June 19th, 2003 very respectable Florida Jewish podiatrist Robert J. Goldstein was sentenced for his plans to bomb and murder Muslims in America. He even made his intentions as clear as they could possibly be by writing them down in detail.
Goldstein wrote that he would carry a combat knife in the event he'd have to kill Muslims hand-to-hand. He had a Glock in his shoulder holster and a .38 caliber revolver strapped to his ankle. He wore a bulletproof vest. He had quantities of homemade explosive, C4, and napalm ready. The bomb would probably kill everyone inside Florida's Islamic Education Center, but he carried the extra weapons just in case he needed to finish off survivors. He even planned to arm the building's only exit with a trip wire and an additional bomb so that anyone trying to flee would be instantly killed. Goldstein wrote: "Kill all rags... ZERO residual presence." In the wake of 9/11, it was impossible to suppress coverage of the Goldstein arrest in August 2002, but even the Jewish Forward admits that the trial and sentencing have received little attention outside of Florida. [ ]
Goldstein had actually constructed fifteen bombs and had the makings for many more, along with enough other weapons and ammunition for a whole crew of commandoes to carry out his murderous mission, including automatic weapons, hand grenades, armor-piercing rockets, and even napalm. The detailed plans that Goldstein wrote out -- called "the template" -- included participation by Goldstein's then-wife and a local dentist, Michael Hardee. They were planning not only to raze the Moslem center, but to gun down anyone who tried to save lives or interfere in any way.
Now these Jews didn't just talk in a general way about how they hated Muslims and other non-Jews. They didn't just have a gun collection and extreme political views. They had built the bombs and they had a second-by-second plan for bombing the Muslim education center, and they had plans to destroy fifty additional targets. If anything in America can be called terrorism, then the actions of Goldstein and his partners in crime were terrorism.
But federal authorities -- authorities among whom there is a Jewish rogue element who are very quick to slander the scrupulously legal National Alliance as 'terrorists' -- had the unbelievable audacity to assert that Goldstein's actions did not constitute terrorism and that he was not a terrorist, and they then proceeded to make a deal with him which resulted in a guilty plea only to 'violating civil rights,' 'attempting to damage religious property,' and weapons violations. His lawyer, Myles Malman, begged for leniency based on the tried-and-true defense used by Jews when they're caught spray-painting swastikas on their own synagogues, "mental illness." Goldstein the 'deeply troubled' non-terrorist was sentenced to 12 and a half years at a facility where he's supposed to get understanding and good treatment for his 'mental health' problems, and it seems likely he'll be out in a lot less than that, by which time the now-unavoidable news coverage will have been scaled down to almost nothing. Contrast that with the ten years for a minor (and bogus) technicality violation with which the Chertoff gang in the Justice Department is threatening Chester Doles, a pro-White activist for the National Alliance. [ ]
And the accomplices in the openly admitted bombing and murder plot by Jews? What sentences did they receive? Kristi Lee Persinger, Goldstein's ex-wife, was sentenced to three years. And Michael Hardee was sentenced to three years and five months. [ ] That's similar to the sentences meted out to non-Jews for assault, possession of a controlled substance, embezzlement, or other crimes far less serious than planning mass murder and terrorism. When a non-Jew, Travis Wright, committed the crime of making up a false story about a nonexistent terror attack, he received the same sentence as the Goldstein plot accomplices -- three years. [] Hell, three years is the sentence meted out last year to another non-Jew, Joel Roberts, for abalone poaching. [] But then again, when your name is Goldstein, and all you wanted to do was kill Gentiles as the Torah commands, why should that be considered any more serious than a simple assault or a crank phone call or a pocketful of hemp or a boatload of poached fish? The goyim are lucky it's even considered a crime at all. God's pets are such very special creatures.

* * *

Jewish hate gets a pass in our society -- and White self-preservation is miscalled 'hate' -- because our society has allowed Jews into ominous positions of power and influence over us. On future programs, I'll continue this series, entitled "Jews Hate."
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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you once again to do right and fear no one.


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