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False Choices, Real Consequences

American Dissident Voices broadcast
July 5, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


Things have come a long way since the days of Lenin and Trotsky. Those who would take away our freedom and exterminate us as a people have discovered that there are more effective ways to enslave us, take away our land and our wealth, and eventually eliminate us than openly arriving with Uzis and killing anyone who won't submit to open Jewish rule.
Of course, the Jews don't have to wax nostalgic for the days of the NKVD and the purposeful starvation of the Ukrainian and Russian farmers in the 20s and 30s, or the killing of millions of Germans in the 40s and 50s (which they've essentially suppressed from public view) since the "Justice Department's Michael Chertoff does publicly sate his blood lust by persecuting, imprisoning, and torturing stalwart White patriots from time to time, and our Jewish satraps really had some fun blowing the arms and heads off innocent Iraqi children recently (all the while laughing at the idiot Americans who believed their whoppers about "Weapons of Mass Destruction"), and the killing and torturing of Palestinians never stops over in the American-funded charnel house called Israel.
But the Soviet-Bolshevik experiment in ruling and enslaving White people was much inferior to the American-Democratic experiment in ruling and enslaving White people, so they've abandoned the former and used the latter as the model on which to base their plans for global domination. The hallmark of the American-Democratic approach is to give the slaves the impression that they are not slaves and to give them what appear to be choices, such as the choices we are given in political candidates or brands of beer or cola. As long as all the 'choices' on issues that really matter have already passed Jewish inspection and have received the Kosher seal of approval, it's pretty harmless to allow the livestock to troop into voting booths and soothe their egos by pulling a lever for Bush or Lieberman or Hilary. Actually, it's better than harmless -- it's positively beneficial to have the slaves righteously believe that they're free. Not only does it make them work harder, but it means that you can more easily get them to hate anyone who points out the truth of their enslavement, and you can get them to bomb and kill for you when you want to install the same kind of Jewish "freedom" elsewhere in the world.
So what kinds of political choices are we given? Egoistic dimbulbs like George Bush on the 'right' and real Jews like Lieberman and quasi-Jews like Kucinich on the 'left.'
One always thought that the Bushes were fairly bright folks who didn't roll on the floor and speak in tongues or anything like that, but Boy George Jr. seems to be reverting to a more primitive type. Perhaps it was an atavistic strain coming to the fore, or being dropped on the head as a baby, or some toxic fumes floating into Texas from Mexico, but the man is unquestionably certifiable - as evidenced by his latest admission that he seriously believes he is obeying the voice of God when he follows the orders of his Jewish handlers. In a report from the Moscow Times and Haaretz, Bush was quoted as stating to Mahmoud Abbas "God told me to strike at al-Qaida and I struck them, and then He instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East." Gee, George, I only know of one major problem in the Middle East and I would be delighted if you and God and Mahmoud would solve it -- but somehow I don't think Perle and Wolfowitz and Kristol and Eisner would approve, and the election of 2004 might not be allowed to go exactly as you'd like. They'd find some little problem of yours, you see, and it would be all over Faux News and the Times and the Post, and well, you know how those things go. Replace the battery in that thingie in your ear and listen carefully to the voice of God again, Georgie, and never mind the Yiddish accent.
[ ]
[ ]
Well, the Jews openly boasted that they led Woodrow Wilson around "like a poodle on a string." And we all know what they led Bill Clinton around with. But I tell you -- there's hardly anything more embarrassing, watching our current El Presidente led around with all this religious 'Holy Land' hocus-pocus, than having to admit that Bush is White.
So there's Choice One, the Shrub, paraded around to us as the choice for all those who believe in 'traditional values.'
What about those of us who prefer that the environment not be raped, and who think that there are more important things than dividends and return on investment, and those of us who (gasp!) thought that slaughtering Middle Eastern Gentiles who never did us any harm was a bad idea? Well, the superplusgood Democracy has a choice (or two) for us, too!
The latest 'choice' they are dangling before us is one Representative Dennis Kucinich, who, while identifying himself as being of Croatian descent and a Catholic, is actually practicing the Jewish religion. Kucinich is presented as a darling of the anti-war left -- and to be sure there is a lot of unreported anger among millions of Americans about these endless foreign wars and therefore a lot of votes to be gotten or neutralized -- but Kucinich is very careful to phrase his opposition to the current Middle Eastern adventures in terms of "No Blood for Oil," with nary a mention of the huge and obvious Zionist push for war on behalf of Israel there. You can be sure that, with a Kucinich at the helm, any reaction to the killing sprees of the Neoconservative Jews would be channeled into directions harmless to Jews in general.
Kucinich also, representing a part of Ohio where the Jews have managed to paint themselves into a corner by importing large numbers of Arabs, occasionally takes a stand for a more even-handed Middle Eastern policy, as even some Jews do, Jews who see the excesses of the Ariel Sharon types as inimical to their interests. But one need never worry that Kucinich will ever serve the interests of White people or even serve as a real counterweight to Jewish power, since, as I said, he's been brought quite closely into the Kosher orbit on a very personal level.
According to the Jewish Forward, and the Capitol Hill paper The Hill, Kucinich actually celebrates Jewish religious ceremonies in his home with a Jewish woman he calls his "best friend," labor lawyer Yelena Boxer. Boxer is a Jewess who lived in Israel before coming to the United States at age 5. Boxer states of Kucinich, "We have shared most of our holidays, including Passover... He probably knows most of the Haggadah by heart.... He can recite the blessings over the wine and bread." [] Boxer also says that she and her Dennis also follow Kosher dietary laws together. How sweet.
Anita Gray of the Cleveland Jewish Federation says that Kucinich "is not anti-Israel by any means. He feels an affinity for Israel." I'll bet he does.
Rabbi Alan Lettofsky of Cleveland's 'Beth Israel-The West Temple' states that Kucinich has attended Jewish 'High Holy Day' services "several times in recent years." Kucinich is known to have been seeing Boxer for eight years. According to Boxer herself, Kucinich 1) attended 'Passover Seder' with her at the home of a local rabbi, 2) "likes to light Chanukah candles, 3) "knows all the kashrut laws" [ ], and 4) 'keeps Kosher' with her, Boxer specifically stating "He changed his diet to mine...."
[ ]
And Kucinich's eight years with Boxer have been more than just Yiddish bedroom bliss and religious mumbo-jumbo: in many ways Boxer is central to Kucinich's politics. According to The Hill, Boxer "volunteers as legal counsel to Kucinich's presidential campaign and stays busy behind the scenes keeping him focused, informed and properly nourished..." [ ] Sounds more like a keeper or handler to me than a lover, but we remember the story of Esther, don't we?
[ ]
Of course, no one knows if Kucinich will be nominated, so let's look at the other choices offered to us slaves who don't like Bush. According to the Jewish Forward, of the eight current Democratic candidates, "no fewer than four have first-degree ties to the tribe of Abraham." If elected, Senator John Kerry would be "the first president with a Jewish father." If elected, both Kucinich and Vermont Governor Howard Dean would be celebrating Jewish rituals in the White house because they married or slept their way into a Jewish "extended family." And "unannounced candidate," bomber of the Balkans Wesley Clark, allegedly had, like Madeline Albright, a late-in-life "revelation" of his Jewish family roots which he admits was an inspiration to him in his military adventures.
[ ]
So the Jews themselves admit that choices one, two, three, four, five, and six are all solidly in the Jewish camp and are guaranteed to put the interests of the Holy Race of Ordained Masters first in all things, and the candidates that don't have a blood or family connection to Jews aren't being attacked in their media, so it's virtually certain that they, like all the bought, kept, and kosher-vetted smiling liars we call our "representatives," are also firmly in hand. So we have to admit that choices seven, eight, nine, and ten also put Jewish interests ahead of White interests, so it looks like we're locked out of any real representation once again. As Coleridge said of an ocean of salt water, "Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink." So we have choices, choices, everywhere -- but all of them have been preselected for us for us by people who hate our race's very existence, by the self-chosen people who think they're God. [ ]
I contrasted the American-Democratic method of Jewish rule with the Bolshevik one of overt Communist dictatorship, gulags, torture chambers, and killing fields. And I said that the American-Democratic way of deception was now preferred since it left the slaves with the impression that they were still free and that their traditional institutions were still intact when they had actually been hijacked by the parasites. I probably left you with the impression that gulags, torture chambers, and killing fields were going to be avoided in the American province of the Jews' global plantation -- but that would be a false impression. Yes, I think that the killing fields and the rest of it will not be seen on a large scale immediately, and I even think that some of the more deluded among the Jews' rulers-for-hire sincerely wish them to be avoided indefinitely, but I do believe that they are only delaying the inevitable.
The Jews' primary imperative in the last 100 years in America and Europe and the rest of the White world has been to dismantle or reorient all overtly White institutions, tear down or take over all White centers of power, use divide-and-conquer techniques to foment hostility between sectors of White society (men versus women, young versus old, rich versus poor, cognitive elite versus Joe Sixpack, et cetera) thereby destroying the old sense of White community, and to use religion and the neo-religion of 'equality' to undermine the moral legitimacy of any kind of White identity.
Two of their weapons in this effort against us have been: the idea of mass non-racial democracy -- "one anthropoid, one vote" as some kind of moral law -- on the one hand; and mass immigration of racial aliens on the other. Since the successful Jewish efforts to change our pro-European immigration laws in 1965, so many non-Whites have flooded the United States, and their birth rates are so high that even if all non-White immigration was halted tomorrow and never resumed, the transformation of the United States into a non-White nation would still be certain. And the "one man, one vote" insanity guarantees that, absent a new racial consciousness among Whites, eventually this country will be ruled by other races and most particularly ruled by those with a talent for -- and millennia of experience in -- manipulating the lower races in multiracial societies. In other words, America is headed for a savage future, a Zimbabwean future. It will be a future in which the profits of the Jewish natural resource exploitation and consumer-junk corporations will be secure, but violence and horror will be the fate of working class and average Whites not able to afford the gated communities which protect the economic elite.
Zimbabwe itself is a wonderful illustrative example. Within my lifetime, and the lifetime of many of my listeners, it was called Rhodesia, at first a British colonial possession in Africa and later an independent nation under White rule. It was the breadbasket of Africa and an advanced Western society, excelling in agriculture, technology, culture, medical care, education, and science. But the Jewish intellectuals of the Frankfurt School and their Jewish friends and family members in the media knew that White Rule Was Wrong. "One man, one vote" without reference to race was The Only Moral Way. So Communist guerillas were funded by the "Democracies," diplomatic and economic pressure was applied over two decades, and independent Rhodesia was eventually toppled and replaced by Black-ruled Zimbabwe. A similar tragic process occurred in South Africa. And just as the White lemmings supported the slaughter in Iraq this year, so they were led by the media Jews to support the toppling of White civilization in Rhodesia and South Africa. We were tricked into having our own labor, our own tax money, used to kill and dispossess our kinsmen overseas.
On earlier American Dissident Voices programs, I've already detailed the horrors of life in South Africa and Zimbabwe for Whites. And I suggest that even if we were to accept the suicidal premise that only the interests of non-Whites matter, the Blacks in Zimbabwe and in South Africa have surely not benefited from the dispossession and liquidation of the White ruling and producing classes there. In the long run, only the Jews have benefited when Whites give up power.
And the establishment is belatedly recognizing what can no longer be hidden: Black Zimbabwe is a disaster, a land of starvation, rape, murder, disease, and hopelessness. It is the precise opposite of the multiracial democratic paradise that the liemeisters promised us. And we are headed for a Zimbabwean future if we don't get off the Jewish equality train very soon. The tracks lead straight to Hell.
The BBC has reported on the confessions of Zimbabwean murder squad members who, even though they were on the Black government's payroll, have fled the hellhole they formerly called home and sought refuge in South Africa. [ ] South Africa is no less hellish, in fact the level of murder and violence against Whites there is even higher, but these particular savage murderers have reason to believe that their former employer will now dispose of them, and sheer starvation is now a reality in Zimbabwe. Now that the Whites have been thrown out for Moral Reasons, everything is returning to normal on the Dark Continent.
Now remember that these young Blacks were actually employees of the government of Zimbabwe. They now admit what their job was: "We went to the farms and broke everything. We took livestock, machines and burned the houses. The children were raped, the small children. We raped the girls. We targeted white farmers and opposition politicians." "They used to give us beer and drugs and told us we were going to destroy farms." And this is not an isolated case. This was a government program, a nationwide program of death squads set loose on Whites and on anyone who got in the way of the wonderful regime that the Jews imposed on Rhodesia. It's just a tiny facet of what has happened all over Southern Africa. This is the kind of future our children will face if we don't change the direction our society is headed, if we don't start thinking in racial terms about everything.
Clean, beautiful, advanced Rhodesia, with science research, advanced technology, symphony orchestras, fine schools and universities, law and order, and laughing White children playing in the parks, has been traded for a Third World Hell of AIDS and murder and rape and grossest superstition.
The blame for that result can be laid squarely on our grossest superstitions: the superstition that we are somehow linked to the 'Bible Lands' and the ancient Hebrews and that the Jews are "God's Chosen People," to be accepted and treated as equals or betters in our societies; the superstition that the human races are equal and interchangeable and that it is therefore of no consequence whatever if our race survives into the future; and the superstition that it is morally wrong to do -- or even to consider -- what is best for your race. Those are horrible, grotesque, self-destructive superstitions. And they are killing us.
Once those superstitions are overcome, we'll see Jewish power with blinders off, and we'll see the false choices offered up to us for what they are. We'll see the real and horrifying consequences of these false choices. And we'll start making our own choices once again.
If you want that day to come in your lifetime, if you want to secure a decent future for your children and the yet unborn of our kind around the world, join us. Join the National Alliance.


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