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Round Two

American Dissident Voices broadcast
June 21, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


Anyone who listens to this program regularly knows about the tragic Chester Doles situation. Chester Doles, Jr. is a political prisoner languishing in a Federal cell, separated from his wife, separated from his eleven children, one of them an infant, all because he dared to speak out on behalf of White people in America and for the racial principles of America's founding fathers. Chester Doles is a patriot. Chester Doles is innocent of any crime. The firearms charges under color of which he was arrested are bogus and illegal. And Chester Doles and his family need our help. We've been urging all our members and all our listeners to contribute to the Chester Doles Defense Fund, but today I want all of you to take advantage of a very generous matching offer that's been made by a National Alliance member and VNN humorist who calls himself, on the Internet, "Jimmy Teuton, Goy Genius."
There is no better time to give to Chester Doles' defense than now -- for two reasons. Reason number one is that the major law firm that has been lined up to defend him -- and defeat the Jewish rogue element that has imprisoned him -- has a lead attorney who has never lost a case. That firm was convinced by a prominent National Alliance member with the right connections to cut its fee by around 75 per cent., because they were convinced that the case is winnable, and that the case involves such important principles that the tyrants can't be allowed to win it -- they need to be slapped down and slapped down hard. The lead attorney thinks we can win this one. This is something we need to do -- for freedom for Chester Doles and for freedom in America. The time is now. The second reason the time is now to contribute is what Mr. Teuton calls the Goy Genius Challenge.
Until July 4th, 2003, Mr. Teuton will double -- that's right, I said DOUBLE -- your contribution to the Chester Doles Defense Fund up to a total of $25,000. That means that if $10,000 is collected in the Challenge, Mr. Teuton adds another $10,000. If $25,000 is collected in the Challenge, which is what we should be aiming for, then Jimmy Teuton promises to add his $25,000, making a total of $50,000 -- enough to pay the attorney's fees for the Barr law firm we told you about. You need to contribute before July 4th to make the Challenge deadline.
What I said a few weeks ago on this program is now doubly true -- thanks to Mr. Teuton, literally doubly true. It's time to do what's right. If you've given already, give again. Now your contribution means more than ever. If you haven't given, give twice as much as you thought you were going to give. You won't miss it a year from now, and with the Goy Genius Challenge, that will mean four times the money going into the Doles Defense Fund than you thought you could swing before. Triple your intended donation and Chester Doles will get six times the support. Now's the time -- get out that checkbook and do what you can, right now. Several Alliance members have even gone to church groups and civil liberties groups, warning Americans of the dire implications if the Doles case is not won. Get everyone who will listen to contribute whatever he or she can. We can win if we stand together.
The Goy Genius Challenge is being coordinated by VNN's [] Alex Linder, and donations should be sent to:

Alex Linder
P. O. Box 101
Kirksville, MO 63501

Make your check or money order payable to the Chester Doles Defense Fund and send to the address above. Make sure you get your donation in by the Challenge deadline, July 4th. Do it today.

* * *

How many of you have heard the word 'COINTELPRO'?
It's an acronym standing for "Counter Intelligence Program," and it was a real program begun in the 1960s by the FBI to attack and destabilize dissident political groups in the United States. COINTELPRO is infamous today because it was used by the government against groups occupying every position on the political spectrum -- but it is most well-known because COINTELPRO was illegal. COINTELPRO was a crime committed by the FBI.
Some in the "right wing" excuse the abuses of COINTELPRO because its targets included leftist and pro-integration movements as well as 'radical rightists,' and these people argue that it was necessary to protect America from socialism and Communism. But I disagree. The imposition of the Communist and racial mixing agendas was already illegal, and, if Americans had been sufficiently vigilant, there would have been no judge and no Congressman anywhere who would have been willing to impose the Jewish-inspired Immigration and 'Civil Rights' acts on the American people. Those who attempted to do so would have been stymied at every turn and prosecuted openly under existing law. But the rot had gone too deep in the American establishment, and dirty tricks were the order of the day against any who opposed that establishment, which had already decided in favor of multiracialism anyway.
What do I mean by dirty tricks? What did COINTELPRO do?
When open political prosecution failed to stop dissidents from engaging in Constitutionally-protected political activity and organizing -- and in fact, even inspired dissidents to increase their activism, COINTELPRO went into action, using covert fraud and force of the kind usually associated with CIA coups overseas. The agents often used their clout with local law enforcement to help them in their illegal acts. They went far beyond surveillance and actively infiltrated and disrupted political organizations.
Most importantly, though, from our perspective, the COINTELPRO program engaged in psychological warfare in an attempt to make dissident groups fight and suspect each other, and destroy their base of support in the community. They started their own 'dissident groups,' claiming to be allies, but then starting a series of coordinated attacks on the main and most successful activists. They created bogus publications that claimed to be "on our side," they forged letters and other correspondence laced with scandalous 'revelations,' they made anonymous telephone calls with similar goals in mind. These efforts were all coordinated with dirty tricks designed to cause activists to lose their jobs or homes by pressuring their employers or landlords behind the scenes, by arresting them on bogus charges, and by bankrupting the groups through subjecting them to endless expensive court battles and litigation.
The target groups were, when the COINTELPRO program started in 1956, mostly on the left, but when Lyndon Johnson came to power in 1964 after the Kennedy assassination, they specifically targeted pro-White organizations for COINTELPRO disruption and destruction.
COINTELPRO was exposed by a whistleblower in 1971, and the public outrage against this illegal program caused restrictions to be placed on the FBI, making it much more difficult for the government to interfere with the political activities of Americans. But those restrictions are being swept away by the Bush administration, which has as much regard for freedom and the Constitution as Charles and Diana did for their marriage vows. In December, under the guise of "Homeland Security," Attorney General John Ashcroft specifically announced plans to relax the restrictions placed on the FBI in the wake of the COINTELPRO revelations. And blinded by the false interpretation of 9/11 offered us by the Jew-controlled media, most Americans didn't even know they were saying goodbye to their freedoms -- thanks not to radical Islam, but to radical Zionism and its servants in high places.
The FBI secretly ordered its agents to "misdirect, discredit, disrupt and otherwise neutralize specific individuals and groups" under COINTELPRO. And that's exactly what is happening again today.
Since last December when Ashcroft spoke, a number of false flag and infiltrator operations have arisen in an attempt to divide, sow distrust, and destroy the White community that the National Alliance and other sincere pro-White activists have been building. As the largest and most successful pro-White group, the National Alliance has borne the brunt of these attacks.
When the Chester Doles arrest failed to stop our organizing and our growth, the dirty tricks and slander campaign began. They started with forged emails, some bearing my signature, which were circulated, sometimes innocently, by gossip-mongers and the unwary. False claims were circulated of financial mismanagement and false news stories were planted claiming that the National Alliance's land was being sold off to enrich certain members. Concocted 'articles' alleging sexual perversion by innocent activists were run by Johnny-come-lately publications that claim to "be on our side." When those frauds were ineffective and were exposed as frauds, a new and extremely disgusting tactic was begun. Currently the disinformation agents are trying to cynically use the Chester Doles tragedy to split our White community with the false claims that the Alliance 1) has a bankroll which would allow it to fund the Doles defense without contributions from members or shutting down our operations for months, and without due consideration of the fact that there may be two, three, or even five such legal defense funds needed next year or the year after that, and 2) has failed to support Mr. Doles and his family.
I'm outraged by these claims and by the Internet bickering they have started, which are exactly the sort of thing that one would expect from a COINTELPRO-type operation. These claims are utter balderdash. Let me quote from the National Alliance member, Jimmy Teuton, the man behind the Goy Genius Chester Doles Challenge:
"My Name Iz Jimmy And I'm NA. This divisive bickering haz got to stop. If everyone had spent the time they wasted writing these nasty emails back and forth about the NA, WORKING instead of sparring and then took the money they earned during that time and changed it into a money order made payable to the CHESTER DOLES DEFENSE FUND and then mailed it to ALEX LINDER PO BOX 101 KIRKSVILLE, MO 63501 there would be nothing to bitch about because you would have already tapped me out and Mrs. Doles would have a big old chunk of change to use in the defense of her husband Chester... Please folks- NA does an unusually difficult and arduous job in providing us with the resources and the motivation to awaken our racial kin to the threat we face. Attacking them for failing to be a bank iz counterproductive. This is OUR responsibility to see to it that we come to the aid of one of our own. NA has done an exemplary job in bringing the Chester Doles situation to light.... Erich Gliebe has held together an organization against all types of external threats after the devastating loss of Dr. Pierce and deserves our support and dedication, not the kind of attacks and innuendo that has been directed at him in recent weeks..."
And Teresa Doles, Mrs. Chester Doles, who you heard on American Dissident Voices recently, was interviewed just last week on the National Alliance Radio Hour with David Pringle. When Mrs. Doles laid to rest these false stories about the Alliance, the disinformation agents went into overdrive, callously accusing Mrs. Doles of having been forced to appear on the program and that she was crying on the air because of this use of force. She issued a statement just a few days ago to counter the smear campaign:
"I'd like to set the record straight. I am in fact Teresa Doles... David Pringle did not force me to do his radio show. I was not crying at all! Even if I was, who in the hell could blame me! My life has been torn apart by the federal government, my children love and miss their daddy, I'm living in hell right now and all anyone is interested in is tearing each other apart. Are we all not White? Do we need another good White man in jail? I honestly don't give a damn who sends in the most money or who has their check book glued to their ass. I NEED HELP!!! That's the bottom line!! You can either waste your time worrying about he/she said BS or get off your butt and help our family! I refuse to waste my time playing head games. My husband's life is at stake here! Fighting for his freedom is my main goal in life right now! I want my husband home. If you all can see past who's going to make the next hateful move or say something low class and trashy about someone, I'd like your support! Please help me to help my husband!"
Mrs. Doles also published a statement from a National Alliance member on her official mailing list:
"Teresa, we in the NA are 100% behind you and Chester. People who are using this situation to sow disunity are simply doing the enemy's work. Let's just ignore them. We have enough to do as it is. Locally we put out hundreds of FREE CHESTER DOLES fliers this weekend and many of us with families are budgeting to help you and Chester financially. Last night two of us even went to a left-wing church that was discussing the post-9/11 railroading of rights in the US and educated them with Chester's situation, and we got an interested and sympathetic reception and spread awareness. (These people knew that if the gov't does this to Chester soon it will do it to anyone it wants to.) The struggle goes on in the real world, not on the internet. If the supposedly "concerned" people who like spreading division are seriously [concerned] with Chester we'll see their financial donations pour in and their solidarity work getting results. FREE CHESTER DOLES!"
These disinformation agents are sick people to use the Doles tragedy in an attempt to destroy the Cause that Chester Doles believes in.
The National Alliance is its members. The National Alliance has continuously, from the very beginning, in all our media, encouraged everyone to support the just struggle of this good man. The Goy Genius Challenge is the result of a National Alliance member putting himself on the line to encourage others to help the Doles family. Most of the support for the Chester Doles Legal Defense Fund has been from Alliance members or as a result of Alliance publicity or at Alliance Local Unit meetings. Obtaining the services of the Marger firm at more than $100,000 off the normal fee was the act of a leading Alliance member, an act that is making everything else possible. Don't let the disinformation agents fool you.
There may be a few of you who, because of you're still a student or have dropped out of the produce-and-consume system, simply don't have any money to contribute. You can still help Chester Doles. Go to and to and download the flyers, print out as many as you can, and distribute them in your neighborhood. Send them to civil liberties and gun rights groups, distribute them at churches and community events, and make sure that the name of Chester Doles goes down in history like Paul Revere's -- as a man who stood up to tyranny. And build support for his cause among all Americans who can still understand what freedom is.
The National Alliance is White Community in action. Our membership coordinator has just completed a 17,000-mile trip across North America, organizing and speaking to hundreds of National Alliance members and Units, and encouraging them to take part in supporting the Doles family and contributing to their cause.
Round One was the false arrest and imprisonment of White activists Christine Greenwood, Matt Hale, David Duke, and Chester Doles. Round Two is this internal disruption campaign. If we weather Round Two, Round Three will be White media and White Community getting too big to squash, and the powers that be will have to adjust themselves to our permanent presence.
Remember what the COINTELPRO agents -- really, they were criminals -- did in the 60s: They created bogus publications that claimed to be "on our side," they forged letters and other correspondence laced with scandalous 'revelations,' they made anonymous telephone calls to spread rumors. Well, in the Internet age, you can substitute Web pages and emails and forum postings for letters and phone calls. But the pattern is the same.
Before this is all over, ladies and gentlemen, you may be assured that there will be more false charges and bogus political arrests on technicalities or perjured testimony. The best thing we can do to protect ourselves is to grow. That means that the next legal defense fund can be twice as big, maybe ten times as big. And we have to realize that the disinformation campaigns will not stop here. Tomorrow or next week, there'll be another one. As the USA turns into the USSA, that's just the way it's going to be. I've hesitated even mentioning this situation, because I don't want the Alliance to be drawn into the fighting that our enemies want us all to be doing. They want us to be ripping each other to shreds instead of exposing and fighting our common enemies and building our White community. That's why they're doing this. But I think I've taken the right path today. I've mentioned the problem but I've named no names and made no attacks. I trust you good White folks to recognize each other and to see through the liars and forgers and agents of discord.
As I said, our most urgent need now is to grow. And to grow, our White community has to operate on the basis of trust and honor. We need to forgive those who, through ignorance, reprint or repeat some of these COINTELPRO-type lies. Welcome them back into our White community and show them by our actions that we are genuine. But we must also be very wary of those who spend a good deal of their time spreading rumors, gossip, or stories that are later shown to be false. Persistently bearing false witness cannot be the result of innocent error. We need to have long memories and no forgiveness for that kind of behavior.
If we can do that, then we will continue to grow right on through the COINTELPRO-type of disruption that is now being attempted. Join us. There's a lot of work to do.


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