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June 14, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


My program last week, in which I discussed White identity as the necessary basis for everything we do, generated quite a bit of mail from readers. Although most mail was favorable, several writers did express concern about my discussion of religion.
Because I said that we must think of ourselves as White people, and that we should put race -- what we actually are -- higher in our scale of values than religion -- what we believe -- some writers took me to task for being non-Christian and some took me to task for being anti-Christian, and accused me of wanting to eradicate Christianity from a future White society.
I can't really reassure those who worry that I am a non-Christian, though I appreciate their concern for my soul. I believe that we live in a world of matter and energy, and that there is no other world outside the world of reality, and that the divine-- the true and therefore supremely good -- lies not in ancient religious writings, which are often mistaken, nor on another 'plane' of existence, which doesn't exist, but within the reality of the past, present, and especially the future, and is discoverable by the scientific method applied by the minds of the best of our evolving race.
Most importantly, I believe that the divine path is also the path of the upward development of our race. And I also believe that the current limitations on our knowledge are not limits or faults of the scientific method, but are instead the current limits of the human condition and the human brain, which even among our best minds is but a millimeter above the primordial swamp on a journey to the stars. And I further believe that the best, most racially-conscious Christians agree with me on these last two and most important points. They may couch it in religious terms -- a journey to God instead of a journey to the stars; respect for God's will versus respect for Nature's laws -- but both they and I understand that our uniquely beautiful and creative race must survive and progress if our lives are to have any meaning at all.
As for those who think that the future White state envisioned by the National Alliance would persecute Christians, nothing could be further from the truth. The National Alliance does not dictate the religious beliefs of its members, though none may be Jewish in genes or beliefs. There are National Alliance members who profess Christianity. They are Christians who put their race first, and set aside differences in religion for the sake of racial survival. The National Alliance unites into one community those who want to restore the traditional racial basis of society. We also want to go beyond the vision of racial preservation of our forefathers. Based on what we have learned about race in the modern era, we believe we can and should enter an era of racial progress.
The National Alliance, like its founder Dr. William Pierce, recognizes that one of the great needs of our race is for freedom -- freedom to inquire, to study, to question, to know through one's own independent quest for truth. We want to build a society fit for White men and women to live in, one that is in full accord with all our needs. And that must be a society that, to the maximum extent possible compatible with racial survival, grants freedom of conscience and freedom of inquiry to its citizens. Freedom of conscience includes freedom of religion.
Would we use -- or allow -- the power of the state to be used to suppress religion? No, for the reasons of freedom of conscience outlined above, we would never do that. And further, the history of the 20th century gives us such horrifying and recent examples of the results of such anti-religious fanaticism that they can never be forgotten. We remember the destruction and looting of the churches, and the wanton butchery of clerics, nuns, and worshippers which occurred in the Soviet Union and in so-called Republican Spain, in which an anti-religious mania was inflamed by the Communists as a cover for the Jewish destruction of the existing White society, the killing of thousands of White Russians and Spaniards, and the replacement of a native ruling class with an alien one.
Would we shut down the charlatans and hucksters of the TV evangelism racket, who prey on the innocent and trusting less-educated members of our race? Yes we would, and so would any decent White Christians if they or we controlled the television and radio airwaves as the Jews do today.
Any racialist would know that Jerry Falwell and his ilk, who purposely and maliciously foster a loyalty among their White followers to Israel and the Jews, are undisguised traitors to their people; and their treason and deception, in a sane country that intended to survive, would not be tolerated for even one second.
Just listen to Falwell in an interview he gave to CBS
[ ]:
"It is my belief that the Bible Belt in America is Israel's only safety belt right now... There are 70 million of us. And if there's one thing that brings us together quickly it's whenever we begin to detect our government becoming a little anti-Israel."
In April 2002, even that faithful servant of the Jews, President Bush, expressed his opinion that it would be good if Israel withdrew its tanks, and stopped using them to kill Palestinians in their own towns on the West Bank. What did Falwell do? He sent an outraged letter to the White House which was followed by a rallying of his flock, who immediately flooded the President with 100,000 emails protesting this shocking infringement of the Jews' right to keep and bear arms and kill the Gentile dogs with impunity. Bush decided the tank question wasn't so important after all.
Falwell continued to expand on his favorite theme and First Commandment: "There's nothing that would bring the wrath of the Christian public in this country down on this government like abandoning or opposing Israel in a critical matter... I really believe when the chips are down Ariel Sharon can trust George Bush to do the right thing every time."
According to Christian Zionist John McAteer in the same article, "God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people. ...Every grain of sand between the Dead Sea, the Jordan River, and the Mediterranean Sea belongs to the Jews." Not a word about any land -- anywhere -- belonging by right to White people or any other people, including Christian people. These liars have deceived our people so that they and their wealth and their work and the blood of their sons and daughters are totally in the service of the Middle Eastern parasite. As I said, no people could tolerate such deception and destruction, and no racially conscious White person, Christian or non-Christian, should have to tolerate it for an instant. Suppressing treason and suppressing religion are two totally different things.
Would we allow any religion to have state power? No, the history of the West since the Christian era has included many massacres of White people by White people in the name of religion -- even more than the massacres of Whites by Jewish Communists, even though the latter were larger in scale. One thinks of the Thirty Years' War, the Crusaders versus the Greek Christians, and many others. Allowing one sect political power over all the others and over non-believers is a formula for repression, resentment, and possibly, if the wrong sect comes to power, the ultimate stifling of the greatest hope for the future of our kind in the universe, the free inquiry of science and the application of its discoveries to ensure our racial survival and progress.
A sincere racialist Christian, whose work I genuinely admire and who I consider to be a man of high integrity and a long-time friend, told me recently that his vision of a future White state would be a Christian state in which the Bible would be the only law and in which no non-Christian philosophy could be promoted -- on pain of death. I think his zeal has (temporarily, I hope) blinded him to reason.
First, I would point out to him that his brand of racialist Christianity, though it is undoubtedly truer to White Western traditions than are most churches today, is a tiny and despised sect among Christians as a whole, and would be vigorously opposed in any future Christian state. The beliefs of most Christians about the "only law" would be diametrically opposed to his. His fellow racialist Christians might find themselves among the first to undergo the "pain of death" for wrong beliefs if such state power was given to anyone in the name of religion. And I would further point out that the genie of free inquiry has been released in our society since the Renaissance, and its benefits are so enormous, both practically and spiritually, that very few people, religious or non-religious, are willing to give them up. Any attempt to suppress freedom of religion and freedom of thought will instantly have as its implacable and passionate enemies millions of the best White minds, many of them men and women with their hands on the levers of power through their positions as educators, technicians, and scientists. Imposing rigid religious dogma -- or rigid anti-religious dogma -- is a complete political and practical non-starter in the West, and all efforts to do so on the part of well- or ill-intentioned Whites are utterly wasted efforts. We do not have time for wasted efforts, and we strongly oppose any attempts to impose religious uniformity on our people.
How would a future religion-based state prevent its 'elders' from having a new 'revelation' and completely changing the principles on which the state was founded? That's what happened to the Mormon Church a few years ago. Their doctrines had long favored White people almost exclusively. Some of their religious writings discussed this explicitly. With minuscule exceptions, only Whites were proselytized and only Whites could be leaders of the Church. But one day a 'new revelation' occurred and the leaders of the church magically discovered that the old interpretation of sacred scripture was wrong and they declared that, overnight, their racial policy was to be reversed. Thereafter non-Whites could become church leaders and non-White countries were to become the focus of missionary efforts.

 A similar thing happened to the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa. That church had long supported the freedom and independence of the Afrikaner people who made up its membership. It was a bulwark of White racial survival and the survival of White civilization on the dark continent. It fully supported the Apartheid or 'separate development' policy of the South African government, which was an absolute necessity for White survival there. Despite all the economic pressures of the Jews (who control the financial establishment of the West) to destroy White South Africa, as long as the Dutch Reformed Church stood firm, White South Africa survived. Despite the assassination of South Africa's great leader Dr. Verwoerd in 1966, as long as the Dutch Reformed Church stood firm White South Africa survived. Despite the institution of Jewish television programming in South Africa in 1975, as long as the Dutch Reformed Church stood firm White South Africa survived. Despite the fact that the Jewish Oppenheimer family was long the most powerful economic entity in South Africa, as long as the Dutch Reformed Church stood up for apartheid, White South Africa survived. Despite the screaming, spitting, and 24/7 vilification of South Africa for decades by the Jewish media in the West, and the resultant institution of crippling state sanctions on that country which went on for many years, as long as the Dutch Reformed Church supported White survival, South Africans did not bend and they maintained their freedom and independence. But as soon as the leaders of the Dutch Reformed Church had a 'new revelation,' and declared that the teachings of their church had been wrong for 400 years and that the races were equal after all, the South African people gave up their country voluntarily and voted for a new constitution which guaranteed them slavery, savagery, and murder on a scale that boggles the mind, and which also guarantees their extinction as a people unless a radical change in consciousness occurs there soon.
Now it really does not matter much if the 'new revelations' that occurred in the Mormon Church and the Dutch Reformed Church were the results of naive faith, creeping secularism, outside pressure, or bundles of Jewish cash. The fact is they occurred. And the only thing that could possibly have stopped them from occurring was if the leaders of those churches and of those societies had put race first, and made racial survival a non-negotiable principle that could never be changed.
Making religion the first principle of a society entails a great risk to the race, since the religions vying for state power in our age are all based on an interpretation of ancient writings which are, to put it mildly, subject to a wide range of interpretations.
But, to be fair to religion, making anything except race the highest value of your society is dangerous. Making economic principles -- whether of the egalitarian socialist or rapacious capitalist variety -- your highest value is a danger to the race. The state bureaucrats who thrive under international socialism love dependent people who always vote to give the bureaucrats more power -- and who is more dependent, and politically dependable, than the Black and Mestizo underclass? The rapacious capitalists love cheap labor and a dumbed-down consumer class which is very susceptible to mass marketing techniques. Who fits those profiles better than the same underclass beloved of the bureaucrats? Who ships factories to China's and Mexico's slave labor pens, and who brings non-Whites to work in their chicken-rendering plants and agribusinesses by the millions? Yes, basing your society on economic principles can be fatal to your people, too.
We must make racial survival and racial progress the two most important principles of the state. Our race's very nature requires freedom of conscience and therefore freedom of religion. And our racial progress depends on freedom of inquiry.
What we who care about the survival of our race should be doing is putting race first at all times, and making all of our efforts count in showing our fellow Whites the necessity of standing together. White Christians should not disparage the publication of explicitly non-Christian racialist books or articles, and non-Christian racialists should not attack racialist Christians who are sincerely raising the racial consciousness of their flocks. And we should all put our shoulders to the wheel and sacrifice until it hurts in the cause of building a White community which will some day gain the power to secure a free and independent state exclusively for the benefit and interests of White people. And such a state will of necessity be one that allows freedom of thought and conscience on matters of religion. Without such a state, we all die, and our children suffer and disappear into the enslaved and degraded masses of the Jewish global plantation.
We must begin where the founding fathers of the United States left off, and make the racial basis of our society even more explicit than they did. Racial preservation and racial progress must be made the first principles of our Constitution, and those principles must not ever be subject to amendment. No 'revelation,' no sentiment, nothing must ever be allowed to threaten the survival of our people.
Of course, a Constitution is just a piece of paper. It means nothing without a strong community dedicated to its principles, and willing to die rather than see it overthrown. We are building that community in the National Alliance. Please join us.

* * *

The philosopher Savitri Devi called it 'enthralling.' Dr. William Pierce called it "a survival manual for the White race." Revilo Oliver of the University of Illinois, one of the leading classicists of the last century, called it "unique... a veritable encyclopedia of everything that is directly pertinent to our race's position in the world today."
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He read the great philosophers, particularly Nietzsche, and from the 1920s to 1980 kept a written record of his quest for truth and for the meaning of life, which he found in the never-ending quest to increase human excellence and quality. Which Way Western Man? is the result of that quest, and it is one of the most important books of the last 100 years.
Published in 1980, the first edition sold out within a few years and was not reprinted, as the author was working, throughout the 80s and until his death in the 1990s, on a series of revisions and additions which reflected new knowledge and the mature final insights of the author. At last, the monumental job of revision has been completed and the second edition of Which Way Western Man? is now available.
Which Way Western Man? is more than just a work of history, philosophy, and science, although it is all of that -- it is also the story of a life, the life of an unusually sensitive and compassionate man, a man who could understand the mission of St. Francis as well as that of Nietzsche -- a man who could see our position in the universe and relate it to the ordinary reader in a way that no other writer has ever done. I recommend Which Way Western Man? with my highest commendation. It is a life-changing
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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: "Freedom is not free; free men are not equal, and equal men are not free."


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