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Kevin McGuire and Free Speech

American Dissident Voices broadcast
May 24, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


On today's program we'll be telling you about an art auction to benefit the legal defense fund for political prisoner Chester Doles, and we have some breaking news on the persecution of Ernst Zundel. We'll also have Mr. Kevin McGuire on the line from Santa Rosa, California. He's a student and National Alliance member who successfully published an editorial in his student newspaper exposing the danger that Jewish power poses to our country, a man who handled the resulting backlash and attempts at censorship by the Jews by not backing down,  In fact, he used the publicity to get his editorial reprinted in two other California papers. Stay tuned.

* * *

If you're a subscriber to National Vanguard magazine -- and, if you like this radio program, you ought to subscribe -- you'll remember the beautiful full-page portrait painting of Dr. William Pierce which graced page three of issue 119. It was painted specifically to illustrate the article honoring Dr. Pierce in that issue.
The artist, our contributing editor Steve Casper, has donated this painting to the Chester Doles defense fund. Until June 1st, 2003, bids are being accepted for the painting, and the high bidder will own a beautiful work of art and will also know that he or she helped make legal history by fighting the unjust imprisonment of a patriot.
The oil and acrylic painting shows Dr. Pierce standing on a wooded summit overlooking the offices of the National Alliance in the mountains of West Virginia. This high peak was Dr. Pierce's favorite place in all the world, a place where he had hoped to build a home someday, -- and, as it turned out, it is there where his remains were laid to rest. In this beautiful work of art, the clouds are symbolically tinged with the red of dawn, the new dawn for our race for which Dr. Pierce worked. And beside him stands another symbol -- a sturdy sapling which signifies the growth of the National Alliance which was Dr. Pierce's legacy to his people.
Bids for this painting will be accepted until June 1st -- for most of my listeners, that's less than a week -- so send your bids right away for the painting of Dr. Pierce to Chester Doles Defense Fund, PO Box 1532, Dahlonega GA 30533. That's Chester Doles Defense Fund, PO Box 1532, Dahlonega GA 30533.
Mr. Doles now has an excellent opportunity to win his case, since Bob Barr and his associates, top-notch attorneys and a former US Attorney, have shown their willingness to fight the bogus charges the Jews have laid against Mr. Doles. By contributing to his cause NOW, you'll be striking a blow for freedom and against Jewish tyranny. The Doles family needs us. The Doles family needs $50,000 to make this happen. Make a bid on this painting. Above and beyond any bids, make a donation to the Doles Defense Fund. I know that someone out there -- maybe you -- can make that 50,000 dollar donation on his own; or half of it. It's time to sell that parcel of land that's not being used; it's time to sell that SUV you don't really need. An innocent man is on trial. Freedom of speech is on trial here. The Second Amendment is on trial here. The future of America is on trial here. Chester Doles Defense Fund, PO Box 1532, Dahlonega GA 30533. Do what's right.

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We've received word from Dr. Ingrid Rimland -- Mrs. Ernst Zundel -- that her husband, who is now a political prisoner in Canada for publishing his opinions on World War II history, has been transferred to a new prison which is commonly described as a "Third World hell hole." Dr. Rimland reports that her husband was able to contact her, very briefly, after the transfer and, although he was watched by his keepers during the telephone call, was able to communicate to her by certain signs that he was being mistreated.
A report on the facility where he is now being held states:
"All prisoners at the MTWDC are double and triple-bunked in single person cells, further adding to an already tense situation where people have zero personal space or privacy. In a setting where health care is virtually non-existent, this makes people extremely vulnerable to illness and disease."
Mrs. Zundel is justifiably alarmed by the signs of maltreatment that her husband was able to communicate to her during the monitored telephone call. She also reports that an "accident" occurred in the prison where he is being held, in which many of Mr. Zundel's original legal documents were destroyed. [ ] She states that the people who are persecuting Ernst Zundel have a track record of hatred and revenge against anyone who exposes their lies, and she does not believe they would have any moral scruples about abusing her husband or even causing his death.
Mrs. Zundel urges all of us to contact Amnesty International and demand that Ernst Zundel be released, since the only pretext for his being held is his political opinions.
Here is the Amnesty International contact information for Canada:
Telephone + 1 613 744 76 67
Fax number + 1 613 746 24 11

Amnesty International
312 Laurier Avenue East
Ottawa, Ontario  K1N 1H9

In the US, the contact information is:
Telephone +1 212 807 8400
Fax numbers +1 212 463 9193 & 1 212 627 1451

Amnesty International

322 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10001 USA

* * *

KAS: Welcome to American Dissident Voices. Our guest today is a college student and National Alliance member from northern California named Kevin McGuire, who has been in the news recently because of an editorial he had published in his college's newspaper. We're glad to have you on the program, Kevin. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? You're a student at Santa Rosa Junior College, is that right?
Kevin McGuire: Yes, I attend Santa Rosa Junior College as a full-time student.
KAS: And what are you studying?
KM: Well, currently I'm studying civil engineering, but I think I would prefer a career in which I am actively helping our cause and working for the long-term survival of our White race, so I'm considering switching my major to law so I can defend the rights and interests of White people -- and bring Jews and Jewish organizations to justice when they grossly violate our laws and Constitution, which they so often do.
KAS: It seems you've had a little education in that exact sort of thing lately. You started a real firestorm of publicity when you wrote an op-ed piece in which you dared to notice a few "Facts That Cannot Be Noticed." What exactly did you do?
KM: Well, I submitted my article to The Oak Leaf and got it published...
KAS: What's The Oak Leaf?
KM: That's the newspaper of Santa Rosa Junior College.
KM: From there, the firestorm erupted as a result of the reaction of the Jewish faculty members. Their explosion of hate and anger was what really got the article noticed. If it wasn't for their reaction I doubt if anybody would have noticed my article or would have had such a negative reaction to it.
KAS: The title of your article seems very reasonable: It was, if I remember correctly, "Is Anti-Semitism Ever The Result of Jewish Behavior?" -- is that right?
KM: That's right.
KAS: Can you sketch out for us in a minute or two what you said in your editorial?
KM: Sure. First, I used the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an example of the violence and extreme brutality that results when a nation is under the complete control of the Jews. I explained how the Jewish war of genocide currently taking place is very heavily funded by American tax dollars. Then I pointed out the Jewish control over our government, and the violence that that has already caused for us, including the September 11th attacks.
KAS: It does seem, then, that there are some vestiges of free speech left in America -- and in academia. After all, you did get such an editorial published. What inspired you to write the editorial?
KM: I wrote this article because I wanted to wake people up to the very real threat of Zionism. My purpose in writing was to wake up Americans, to alarm them and get them to think critically about our relationship with our "gallant little ally" Israel. I wanted to expose the Jewish control over our government and the serious damage it is causing. Most importantly, I wanted to plant a seed of thought in the minds of my fellow classmates -- and get them thinking.
KAS: What sort of process did you have to go through to get the piece published?
KM: Well, first I contacted The Oak Leaf and told the faculty advisor, Rich Mellott, that I was interested in becoming a writer. He offered me an interview and I went in. We talked about what kind of writing I was going to do. I told him I wanted to write an opinion piece about Israeli genocide and the American taxpayer funding behind it. He said "OK" so I wrote my article and submitted it to him, and it was published in the next edition.
KAS: So you went through all the proper channels, apparently.
KM: Yes.
KAS: So the piece was published. What happened after that?
KM: After my article was published, the Jewish faculty members began submitting emails to a campus-wide distribution system which forwards their letters to every faculty member in the entire college.
KAS: And what did they say?
KM: They wrote letters that were extremely hateful against me. They explained how "racist" and "anti-Semitic" my article was, and how it was a personal attack against them because they were Jewish. After the email system was completely swamped, the college set up an Internet bulletin board to house the discussion of this. That collected about a hundred messages. Then I posted the bulletin board's address to the Resistance message board...
KAS: That's the forum, right?
KM: Yes.
KAS: And after you posted that address on the Resistance forum, what happened?
KM: Then we began to get a pro-White voice on the board, and immediately -- the next day -- the entire board was shut down.
KAS: So the hateful messages against you were A-OK -- but a few messages of a pro-White nature, or defending your right to freedom of speech, could not be tolerated.
KM: That's true.
KAS: I heard that there was even an organized effort to destroy copies of the paper before they could be read. Is that true?
KM: Yes. They never caught the people involved, but somebody was supposedly seen taking large quantities of the newspapers and throwing them in the garbage.
KAS: I also heard that the Jewish power structure there had an "Anti-Hate Week" -- or something similar to that -- right around the same time that your truth-telling essay was published. Is that correct?
KM: Yes, we have a thing called the "Hate-Free College Task Force" which is basically a group of faculty members who are largely Jewish. And they were organizing a week called "Hate-Free College Awareness Week," and my article was published during that time.
KAS: I see. Well, it is a shame that you spoiled all of their hard work. Have there been any reprisals against you personally for writing this editorial?
KM: No. They've pretty much put me on the sidelines. I haven't been contacted in that way by anyone from the Santa Rosa Junior College faculty.
KAS: Has this affected your ability to write for student publications in the future?
KM: I think it has, because they said that I was not allowed to write a rebuttal. And it's also affected other people, because they're now being pressured not to write things that are "controversial" by the Jewish faculty people.
KAS: I see. So they published rebuttals to your article from a large number of faculty members and students who strongly disagreed with you, but you couldn't rebut their comments.
KM: That's true. We got 15 letters to the editor from Jewish faculty.
KAS: How exactly has this intimidated other writers?
KM: I think that the firestorm the Jews have created has made people afraid to speak out because they're afraid of being called a "racist" or a "nazi."
KAS: Were there any particular groups which were involved in the attacks on you?
KM: I wasn't allowed to attend any of the meetings they had, but I know that several agents from the ADL were present. And one of the main Jewish faculty members, Dianne Smith, is also the president of a local synagogue -- and I know she was heavily involved in this.
KAS: So there actually was a series of meetings over your editorial?
KM: Yes. And they were held in secret. The location wasn't even disclosed until half an hour before the meetings began. And I wasn't allowed to attend any of them.
KAS: What was the outcome of the meetings -- is that secret, too?
KM: I'm not sure what was discussed there.
KAS: So it was the ADL meeting with faculty, is that correct?
KM: Yes, they were meeting with faculty and also with other students who write for The Oak Leaf, and the editor of The Oak Leaf.
KAS: Has the pressure succeeded in establishing some sort of censorship procedure over future issues of The Oak Leaf?
KM: They had an Academic Senate meeting where they discussed censorship, but I think because of the open forum -- and because this article was so widely publicized -- that the Jews were not able to get formal censorship. But I think they created implied... intimidation. So that people will be afraid to write about this in the future.
KAS: Now your editor -- the editor who agreed to publish your piece -- I believe her name is Kristinae Toomians, is that right?
KM: Yes.
KAS: What happened to her?
KM: She began receiving a series of death threats through the mail slot in the Oak Leaf building -- threats that were very graphic in threatening her life. And then her car was vandalized, covered in swastikas. And somebody spray-painted "nazi supporter" on the side of her car.
KAS: How has she reacted to that?
KM: She filed a police report, because she was really scared, initially. But the police haven't really been able to do anything.
KAS: Have you found anyone to be supportive in this situation?
KM: Yes. I've gotten emails from several instructors at my college who say they agree with everything I've written. But they're afraid to take a public stand for fear of losing their jobs.
KAS: Excellent. What sort of lesson do you think the students and the public have learned from all of this?
KM: Well, I know that a lot of people have been upset by the amount of censorship these Jews have created. And I've had people read my article -- and they can't see why some are so angry about it, because everything in it is true. I think the biggest lesson they've learned is how Jews overreact. And I think they've also learned about Jewish media control, and how they have portrayed my article as so "vicious" and so "hateful," when in fact it's just a collection of facts that they'd rather not be known by the public.
KAS: Now this must have been quite an experience for you. How old are you, Kevin?
KM: I'm 21.
KAS: Have you ever had an experience like this before?
KM: No, I haven't.
KAS: What have you learned by going through this very public struggle?
KM: Well, I've learned that all the things you talk about on your program are true. These Jewish faculty members really are trying to censor me and take away my Constitutional right of freedom of speech. And they're trying to pass "hate speech" laws to stifle criticism of organized Jews.
KAS: Would you advise other patriots and other National Alliance members to do what you did, and get in print?
KM: Yes. I think this has been very helpful. My article was portrayed in a very hostile manner in all the Jewish-owned media, but some independent media people have republished my article. I've had my article, along with the url, in about 30,000 newspapers.
KAS: Oh, really? Can you tell me a little bit about that? Who has republished your article and talked about it in a favorable way?
KM: There's a man out of Sacramento named Walter Mueller who runs a newspaper called Community News, and he republished my article along with a commentary, from a good point of view, about all the stuff that's happened.
[ See and . The
article has also been reprinted here and
here and in several other places.]
KAS: Excellent. Any others?
KM: Another newspaper, the Anderson Valley Advertiser, [ ] also republished my article, along with an interview they conducted with me, and they also republished several other articles from other news sources.
KAS: Excellent. Well, it sounds like, overall, the censorship attempt has backfired on the Jewish establishment and that our point of view has gotten a very nice promotion there in northern California.
KM: I'd say so.
KAS: Well, Kevin McGuire, I want to thank you for your courage, for your earnest and honest efforts, and for your guts and backbone under fire. And I want to thank you for being on American Dissident Voices today.

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