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May 9, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


On a bright Spring morning just a few days ago, three patriotic Americans were distributing free pamphlets to their neighbors in the state of Massachusetts. Taking a cue from the distributors of free community newspapers across the country, the men carefully rolled the pamphlets, wrapped them in waterproof plastic bags to protect them from the weather, and tossed them on driveways, right next to where newspapers are distributed in exactly the same way, as they slowly drove through the neighborhood.
It's a scene that is repeated every week, hundreds of times every year, across the United States and Canada; a scene in which young patriots volunteer their time, funds, and effort to bring a message of hope to White Americans, a message that they are not alone. National Alliance volunteers, many of them young people, distribute hundreds of thousands of such pamphlets every year -- the total for 2002 topped half a million -- and as the National Alliance community gets bigger, so will the amount of free literature we distribute.
White people need a message of hope. According to polls on race, and according to personal choices in marriage and neighborhood selection, it is clear that many millions of Americans believe in racial integrity and naturally cleave to their own kind. A poll on the Web site of Zionist lackey Bill O'Reilly, who poses as a conservative, even shows that the vast majority approve of the famous all-White prom recently held in Georgia. Pro-White sentiment is so strong that the Jewish establishment has set up false-flag operations like David Horowitz's to misdirect White Americans and lead them to the slaughterhouse via the back entrance. These millions of White Americans and Canadians know that the media lie. They know that Whites aren't treated fairly. And, as they whisper about their racial concerns and look over their shoulders, worrying about losing their jobs or having a smear job done on them in the local Jewish media, they know that they have a lost a good deal of their freedom. And more and more of them are coming to understand the Jewish factor in the equation of their dispossession. These White men and women need to know that they are not alone. They need the hope, the help, and the guidance of the National Alliance. That's what our radio programs, our book publishing, our community meetings and cultural festivals, and our literature drives are all about. About renewal and hope and education.
Of course, distributing free literature is not only a National Alliance tradition, it is also an American tradition, going back to the early printing presses of the American Revolution. Our right to reach our neighbors in this way is even enshrined in the United States Constitution under freedom of the press and freedom of speech. If Fox News' owner Rupert Murdoch, who isn't even an American -- and if Murray Rothstein, the Jewish owner of MTV and other networks -- can pump their glitzy Zionist swill and racemixing lies into American homes 24/7, then these National Alliance volunteers have an absolutely unassailable right to speak to their neighbors through free pamphlets.
But that isn't what happened a few days ago in Bellingham, Massachusetts. The three volunteers were arrested for exercising their free speech rights. For doing exactly what community newspaper distributors do, they were falsely charged with "defacing property, littering from a motor vehicle, being disorderly and disturbing the peace" and they face trial on these charges, with their next hearing being on July 19th. One of the men was even charged with "carrying a dangerous weapon" because he had a pocket knife in his pocket. Well, I suppose if it is illegal to put literature where literature is normally put, then it must also be illegal to put a pocket knife in your pocket. It sounds insane. It sounds like a story right out of the backwards logic of Kafka or Lewis Carroll. But it's real, and these young men, who, like Chester Doles, have done absolutely nothing wrong, are now facing a trial in which they may lose their freedom and in which they certainly will strain their finances defending themselves against these bogus charges, which clearly are unconstitutional and are aimed at not only restricting the free speech rights of National Alliance members, but at intimidating all Whites into thinking that speaking out for their interests is dangerous or illegal. It's another brazen attempt by the Jewish elite to shut up its critics.
In the last year or so, the Jewish establishment has become alarmed at the truth-telling literature the National Alliance has distributed. They don't like the fact that we inform our readers that one particular ethnic group owns or controls a hugely disproportionate amount of the U.S. news and entertainment media. They don't like the fact that we expose the anti-White agenda of those media. They don't like the fact that our ever-growing community has inspired our members to distribute half a million copies of our fliers and pamphlets last year alone. To put it bluntly, they don't like the fact that we shine a bright light on their activities, which flourish mainly in the dark of ignorance.
The Jewish establishment has been building up to this current illegal arrest for some time now. Their media stories about our billboards, like the one we erected in Florida recently, and our perfectly legal educational literature drives and peace rallies, have become far more strident in recent months. The stories often imply that giving away pamphlets is somehow a crime -- or, if it isn't, it ought to be. They claim that the FBI is interested in a simple pamphlet giveaway -- and, with the Michael Chertoff-led Jewish rogue element installed in the Bush Justice Department, they might have a point there. They call in Jewish "experts" to explain to us how "hateful" it is to believe that Whites have a right to survive.
In the Bellingham case, the local Milford Daily News (May 6, 2003) implied that the literature distribution was illegal in the very title of its article, "Three face charges for disseminating anti-Semitic propaganda." When, last year, police refused Jewish demands to arrest an Alliance member for an identical literature distribution, the Milford Daily News characterized the refusal as follows:
"Another National Alliance member recently escaped criminal prosecution for his alleged involvement in dropping similar pamphlets in Franklin and Medway." "Escaped criminal prosecution," indeed! The implication is that there was a crime to prosecute, which there was not. And, in a final attempt at intimidation of the Bellingham Three and others who might wish to tell the truth to their neighbors, the paper published the home addresses of the patriots. I'm proud to report that these patriots are fighting back and have an excellent chance of beating these fake charges. Let's hope that the illegal acts of the authorities, and those who incited them to illegal acts, are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and made an example for all the world to see of the consequences of Jewish "favors" and illegal influence.
The most insidious thing and the most dishonest thing the Jewish media do is to "link" our peace rallies and literature drives with crimes that allegedly occurred in the same area.
The Daily Hampshire Gazette for May 6th [] carried a story (with a huge ad next to it for an 'educational' lecture at a local hospital on "Healthcare for Lesbians," by the way) touting a "community meeting," attended by the mayor of Northhampton, at a local synagogue. The whole purpose of the meeting was to denounce National Alliance literature. The newspaper states "In what some believe is a related incident, the synagogue had its sign vandalized over the weekend." Without a shred of evidence, the paper plants the idea in the mind of the reader: National Alliance fliers equal illegality, vandalism, and violence. The paper also writes "Police are referring a weekend literature drop of material laced with anti-Semitic and racist sentiments to the Northwestern District Attorney's office to determine if the leafleting meets the definition of a hate crime."
In Seattle, Washington, National Alliance members recently protested George Bush's war on behalf of Israel. The protest included members of many other groups, all of whom respected each other's right to free speech and assembly, and there were no conflicts with police or with each other. The Jewish establishment there didn't like the fact that the National Alliance was educating the public and other peace activists about the Jewish role in fomenting this war. They didn't like the fact that friendly contact was being made between those on the left and the right who are wise to Zionist machinations and control of the Bush administration. So what did they do?
In a story about the senseless killing of a homeless White man totally unrelated to the National Alliance or the peace rally, KOMO-TV in Washington inserted several paragraphs provided by the Jewish ADL or "Anti-Defamation League" which attempt to link the murder to anti-war protestors and to pro-White activists.
[] Listen to what they said:
"According to the ADL, skinheads are showing up at peace marches around Seattle, carrying signs protesting "no war for Israel" and blending in with and trying to masquerade as a mainstream group "It's very troubling," says Goldberg. "They feel this is a safe and secure place for them and a place where they can recruit allies and people who may support their cause." Goldberg says this is the first time in years neo-Nazi hate groups are actively recruiting in Western Washington. And he warns that acts of violence like Randy Townsend's murder may just be the beginning." In fact, the story wasn't even titled "Homeless man murdered" or "Randy Townsend killed" as one would think: the title was "Neo-Nazi Violence on the rise."
The intended effect is this: a man or woman who received a leaflet from the National Alliance at the peace rally will now believe that there is a connection between the Alliance and a disgusting murder, even though no such connection exists. That's how the ADL and the Jewish media work.
It's as if I used the following technique in reporting: "Jewish media magnate Michael Eisnerberg spoke in River City last Wednesday, two days before a White woman was raped and murdered by a Black assailant in the area. Hate crime experts are studying the link between Eisnerberg's speech and this and similar hate crimes which have occurred following other speeches by Jewish hate groups, often in the same cities. Two homes owned by Whites were vandalized the next day in River City, police officials said. The National Alliance and local churches conducted a candlelight vigil to rally the community against such expressions of hate and bigotry by Jews. 'We just want to let Eisnerberg and his kind know we're not going to put up with the violence that always follows his speeches,' said a community organizer. FBI officials acknowledged that several Jewish groups have been investigated and indicted in recent years, but would not comment specifically on the Eisnerberg case."
And note carefully how the ADL's Goldberg bemoans the fact that pro-White folks feel "safe and secure" in Seattle. After Goldberg all but directly accuses innocent men and women of murder; and since we know about the ADL's ties to organized crime figures like Moe Dalitz and the so-called Jewish Defense League and the violent "Anti-Racist Action" street gang; I ask you this: Is Mr. Goldberg of the ADL making a terroristic threat and implying that we ought not to feel safe in Seattle? I think he is.
By falsely linking our peaceful and lawful public outreach with violence, murder, and hate, the Jews hope to trick Americans into accepting restrictions on freedom of speech. They hope to soften us up to accept their "model statutes" criminalizing literature that Jews don't like.
In some areas, the Jews might get the laws they want passed. And some innocent White Americans will probably be hurt by these blatantly unconstitutional 'laws' and by the illegal acts of the Jewish supremacists.
But the National Alliance volunteers are on the right side. We are on the American side. We are on the side of freedom. We are on the side of self-determination for our people. And we are getting stronger every day.
The Jewish supremacists' rhetoric that White self-determination is "hate" and "racism" is wearing pretty thin with everyone these days, even liberals and leftists and non-Whites, as the Jews kill with abandon and almost with impunity in the Middle East, and as their supremacist agenda and arrogant power become ever more evident to educated Americans and Europeans.
Anyone who has access to an Internet search engine -- or a newsstand rack, for that matter -- can confirm that the Jews have an overwhelming control of Hollywood and the news media. He can also easily confirm that the same Jews who decry all efforts by Whites to preserve our race from extinction and genocide by mixing are also the ones wailing about the danger to the Jewish race posed by assimilation and intermarriage. A simple search at for news stories or for Web articles using the terms 'assimilation' and 'intermarriage' in the search will show you that the preponderance of the articles on that subject are about the danger to Jews posed by those threats. Just add '-Jews' and '-Jewish' to the search and see how few articles on assimilation and intermarriage are not based on Jewish concerns. Try it. It's a 60-second education in Jewish hypocrisy.
] and
People are 'getting wise' and the Jews are desperate to shut up the truth-tellers. But their police-state actions will just end up making them a whole new group of enemies, as free speech activists and anti-censorship groups get an education in Jewish supremacism close up and first hand.

* * *

The philosopher Savitri Devi called it 'enthralling.' Dr. William Pierce called it "a survival manual for the White race." Revilo Oliver of the University of Illinois, one of the leading classicists of the last century, called it "unique... a veritable encyclopaedia of everything that is directly pertinent to our race's position in the world today."
The book is William Gayley Simpson's Which Way Western Man?, which was unavailable for years and which has just been republished in a new edition by National Vanguard Books.
William Simpson began his career as a graduate, summa cum laude, of a major theological seminary, and became a Franciscan brother working among the poor and disenfranchised in an attempt to make a better world. Simpson saw the magnitude of the problems he and his comrades were trying to solve, and realized that the ameliorative work in which they were engaged would never solve the problems they were tackling, and could at best only slow down the steady decline of our civilization and of human quality generally.
He read the great philosophers, particularly Nietzsche, and from the 1920s to 1980 kept a written record of his quest for truth and for the meaning of life, which he found in the never-ending quest to increase human excellence and quality. Which Way Western Man? is the result of that quest, and it is one of the most important books of the last 100 years.
Published in 1980, the first edition sold out within a few years and was not reprinted, as the author was working, throughout the 80s and until his death in the 1990s, on a series of revisions and additions which reflected new knowledge and the mature final insights of the author. At last, the monumental job of revision has been completed and the second edition of Which Way Western Man? is now available.
Which Way Western Man? is more than just a work of history, philosophy, and science, although it is all of that -- it is also the story of a life, the life of an unusually sensitive and compassionate man, a man who could understand the mission of St. Francis as well as that of Nietzsche -- a man who could see our position in the universe and relate it to the ordinary reader in a way that no other writer has ever done. I recommend Which Way Western Man? with my highest commendation. It is a life-changing book.
Which Way Western Man? is available as item number 407 from National Vanguard Books. This huge, encyclopedic work of 1070 pages is $39.95 plus $3 shipping and handling in the U.S., $5 elsewhere in the world. That's item 407 for $39.95 plus $3 in the U.S., $5 world, to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. Or you can order online by clicking on the book image at
Until next week this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Free men are not equal, and equal men are not free.


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