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American Dissident Voices broadcast
May 3, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


Today I'll be taking you inside another National Alliance meeting, the Leadership Conference which we held two weekends ago at the Alliance's National Office in the rolling hills of West Virginia. A few months ago, I featured a speech from our previous Leadership Conference by Mrs. Jan Cartwright on raising White children. Today's broadcast will be based on the speech I gave at this conference, entitled Loyalty. While I was at the conference with nearly 100 Alliance families, I saw real community-building and real physical progress taking place. There were more women and children at the conference than ever before, and more young people. And we were all treated to the sight of the new William Luther Pierce Memorial Hall, which is almost completed. With a capacity of about 400, this two-story hall will have all the facilities needed for our even bigger conferences and conventions in the future.
The National Alliance is the largest, longest-lived, and most successful of any pro-White organization since World War II. In my speech, I talk about loyalty as the key to the Alliance's success over the years and its triumph in the future.

* * *

What is loyalty?
Loyalty is a natural quality, and it is a necessary quality.
Man is not a solitary creature. Though our race has a strong streak of independence and a need for space and freedom, we are still social beings, like it or not. The Jewish establishment knows that we have an individualist tendency, and, like our other tendencies and weaknesses, they exploit that: their promotion of radical individualism is one way to atomize us and make us weaker. Ironically, it is only by virtue of organized society that the individual is able to exist.
In simpler times the isolated individual was unlikely to survive even one severe winter or an attack by an enemy tribe. He would have no one to assist him when he was sick or injured or otherwise threatened. He would be unable to implement even the simplest kind of division of labor, so his life would not only be short but also brutish.
At a recent Alliance meeting in the Washington area, Martin Kerr spoke about concentric rings of loyalty that must be intact for us to live full lives and for us as a people to achieve our destiny. He inspired me to think on the concept.
The first ring of loyalty is loyalty to oneself. Without this, there is nothing to give.
The second ring is loyalty to one's family. Our families are the cells of our people's body. Without them, there is no future, no people, nothing. Even when our families do not understand the nature of our struggle, we mustn't give up on them. Be patient, be loving, be kind, be willing to do what it takes to show them by your words and by your actions and by your course through life that our Cause is a just cause, the thing that matters most.
The third ring of loyalty is loyalty to our people, our nation. To us, this doesn't mean the false patriotism of the wavers of plastic flags. This means loyalty, not to economic or political abstractions or to the criminals and aliens who now rule us, but to the people themselves, to the true descendants of those who pledged their lives to each other in the 18th and 19th centuries in a wild new land called America. We are their great-grandchildren; we are all that they left behind. We should stand together and do what is right for the next generation, and correct the serious mistakes committed by the preceding generation. As modern America has ceased being a nation, instead turning into a economic zone of the Jews' New World Order, a feeding and breeding ground for whatever cheap labor is needed at the moment, this loyalty assumes an ever-greater importance. We mustn't confuse non-descendants of our people with descendants, even though they reside in America and mistakenly call themselves Americans. The Founding Fathers explicitly said this land was for their "sacred posterity." Their posterity means their descendants; their children and their close kin's children. When a Nigerian athlete enters the Olympics on the American team and is competing against a Frenchman, which athlete represents "us"? Which one do we cheer for? When an all-White Russian team defeats a largely-Negro team of so-called Americans, have "we" been defeated? These are questions of loyalty.
The fourth ring of loyalty I see is loyalty to our race as a whole. This means that we recognize a greater loyalty than our narrow individual and family interests, greater even than our loyalty to the extended family of White Americans. It means we recognize our kinship with all the Whites of Europe from the Urals to Mediterranean to the North Sea, and with the Europeans who colonized South Africa, parts of South America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and other areas of the world where our people have settled. These men and women are our kin and their destiny is our destiny.
There is still yet another, outer ring of loyalty. The Alliance alone of all organizations recognizes this outermost ring, which goes beyond -- far beyond -- loyalty to the White race as it is presently incarnated. This loyalty can be expressed in several different ways. Dr. Pierce would have called it loyalty to the Life Force. The ecologically-minded might try to explain it to the layman as loyalty to the planet, or, more correctly, as loyalty to life itself. I call it loyalty to the future. This means that we recognize that our race is part of larger, evolving whole. And it means that we recognize that our race isn't just a biological entity taking up space on the planet and isn't it wonderful. We recognize that we exist not only in the dimensions of space but in the dimension of time as well, and that it is the future of our race -- what our race has the potential to become -- that holds promise beyond imagining. It means that we recognize that, led by the Jews, present-day society will kill the future of our race and lead us into the dead end of death and extinction via wars, catastrophes, and genetic decline. It means we recognize that the future of this planet -- and life itself -- depend on our victory and the radical transformation of society which the Alliance embodies. This is loyalty to Life, and loyalty to our race not so much as an end in itself but as an agent, the only possible agent, of the future.
Of these five concentric rings of loyalty, only the first two are even partially intact today.
One hundred years ago the third ring, the ring of national loyalty, was mainly secure, and the fourth, racial loyalty, was partially secure. The Jews were working hard even then at gaining control of our society, but the advocates of racial progress were putting up a fight, implementing eugenics laws in the United States well before those of Germany, and putting in place by the 1920s an immigration policy which explicitly sought to maintain and increase the nearly-all-White character of the United States -- a policy that was so successful that by the postwar period of 1945 to 1965, America was Whiter than she had ever been.
The fifth ring of loyalty has always been the province of a small elite who understood the monumental implications of genetics and evolution.
And so I come to the National Alliance. With the widespread destruction of true loyalty to nation and race by our enemies, the men and women of the National Alliance do not stand idly by. We step into the breach. In this new Dark Age, the last three rings of loyalty appear to be gone. But, as the scribes of the old Dark Age preserved the writings of Classical times, so the third, fourth, and fifth rings of loyalty are kept alive for future generations by the Alliance.
Only the National Alliance is based on a full understanding of our position as a people and as a race; only the National Alliance promotes a full understanding of who we are and who is trying to destroy us; only the National Alliance embodies the future. That is why I gave my loyalty to William Pierce, and that is why I give my loyalty to the National Alliance.
There are isolated individuals who are fighting on roughly the same side as we. But isolated individuals cannot make the new community, the new society which will arise from the disintegration of the old. Isolated individuals must join together in a new ring of loyalty which embodies the old in an even stronger form: a new steel ring of loyalty to our race, to our race's future, to the National Alliance.
These are dark days for freedom. These are days of increasing repression. But these are also days of greatly increased opportunities for us. Hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people on all sides of the political spectrum are coming to an understanding of the Jewish question. Many of these, even leftists and members of other races, will eventually come to see the wisdom of granting each people -- including White people -- its due and necessary self-determination and freedom.
We're handling the repression just fine. We don't fear the modern-day Cheka: the fact that you are here listening to my words today proves that. But we need to do more, become more active, and give financially to the utmost of our abilities. Let's not blow the tremendous opportunities of the present by being niggardly with our financial support.
What do we face if we lose, or if we take the coward's path of imagined "safety" and do nothing to stop the destruction of our race. Let me read to you just one small example of what happens when a people must live under total Jewish rule:
In one small area alone, four people were killed including a child, 22 were wounded (among them eight children), three critically. Thirty-four people were seized and taken from their families; 29,000 square meters of homes and other buildings were destroyed, including 36 houses, 16 vehicles, among them two ambulances, six businesses, one school, five greenhouses, one police station, and three other public buildings. This one small area was shelled fourteen times and attacked by machine gun-wielding attackers 29 times.
And those, ladies and gentlemen, were the state terrorist attacks that occurred in this one small area in just one day. Most days are quite similar there.
[ ]
Where is this small area which is under such intense state terrorist fire every day? It's Palestine, ladies and gentlemen, Palestine. And the terrorist attackers? They're the U.S.-funded Israeli "Defense" Forces, whose behavior has become even more savage and brutal as the attention of the TV-watching public has been diverted to the slaughter in Iraq.
We warned you on this program on several occasions that whenever the eyes of the world were focused elsewhere, the Israeli government takes the opportunity to step up their killing and dispossession of the Palestinians.
Almost every Palestinian city, town, and village on the West Bank is now occupied by Israeli military forces. Palestinians can hardly walk from place to place without showing their "papers" to heavily-armed goons in uniform. When the Jewish terrorists attack, it is tanks and missiles against an almost-starving, nearly completely unarmed and defenseless population. Palestinians are prevented by curfews and "emergency" restrictions from even leaving their homes to go to work or to shop for extended periods of time. Even transportation of relief supplies and food has been made nearly impossible, and more than a million and a half hapless people face serious malnutrition.
This brutal military dictatorship and reign of terror over a brutalized subject population makes anything Saddam Hussein did to the Iraqis pale into insignificance. Yet the Jewish-controlled media say nary a word about it. Such is the fate of any people who allow the Jews to rule them. Such will be the fate of America and Europe if we do not throw off the Jewish yoke.
It will a Palestinian future for America if we fail in our task. Those are the stakes.
Do not let divisive egotists or disinformation agents who pretend to be on our side, and who spread anti-Alliance rumors disguised as news stories, divert you from our path. The National Alliance was here, fighting for our people and for the truth, when these people were still in diapers or at schul. We are progressing along the path of victory and nothing they say can change that. Be loyal. As Elbert Hubbard said, "An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness." The National Alliance abounds in both.
As National Alliance chairman Erich Gliebe said in a speech a few weeks ago, we also need to be persistent. This is a task for people who will stay the course for decades, not months. Those who jump from project to project, from organization to organization, will have little permanent impact.
It's easy to be discouraged. Our enemies have so much power. But remember the words of the Roman poet Ovid:
"What is there harder than stone? And what is softer than water? Yet hard stones are hollowed out by soft and flowing water. Only persist, and you will overcome...."
When I think of William Pierce's devotion, persistence, and loyalty to our Cause, and what he bequeathed to us who came after, I think of what John Wesley Crockett, the son of Davey Crockett, said after his father died at the Alamo:
"He is gone from among us, and is no more to be seen in the walks of men, but in his death... he slew more of his enemies than in all of life."
Let's make Dr. Pierce's revolution come true in the hearts and minds of our people. And then we will remake the State. It will a revolution of which Washington and Pierce would both be proud, a revolution worthy of the words of Francis Scott Key.
Stick to the task at hand, whatever comes. It is dark now, but the Jews cannot stop the sun from rising.

* * *

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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to stay active -- stay legal -- and keep on thinking free.



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