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The War Against Us,
Part 2, Living in the Real World

American Dissident Voices broadcast
April 19, 2003
Hadding Scott and Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. Today we'll be continuing our series by ADV researcher Hadding Scott, and yours truly, Kevin Alfred Strom, entitled The War Against Us. Today we present part 2: Living in the Real World.
I am not going to spend much time this week proving again that
Zionist Jews are the prime movers of this war and this series of
wars. That fact seems to be pretty widely understood at this point. If it wasn't clear enough before, it is clearer now because of the threats and pressure being exerted against Syria on the grounds that Syria might be harboring some exiled leaders of Iraq, who from any reasonable person's viewpoint ought to deserve refuge, since the legal accusation against them -- that they conspired to maintain weapons of mass destruction specifically prohibited to their country -- has turned out to be false. The Syrians also make a good point when they show us that Israel is the big possessor and developer of weapons of mass destruction in that region, so that any accusation like that against Syria is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, given that the United States of America subsidizes the State of Israel and possesses such weapons itself.
It is abundantly clear that the real complaint against Syria is on behalf of the Jewish State and this in turn has clarified the true motive in Iraq for people whose vision has been too dim until now. The Jewishness of the whole business has become so clear that even mainstream talk shows are discussing it in a cowardly, roundabout way.
Therefore instead of talking this week about who is responsible, I am going to be examining the ways in which we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated. Ultimately, in order to deal with our Jewish problem, we have to immunize ourselves against the insanity that they inflict, the insanity that makes people do things like obsess over and ultimately destroy countries on the other side of the world that have done no harm to us. In this case immunization is a matter of exercising mental-self-discipline and intelligence.
Retired Army Col. W. Patrick Lang, described as a "special forces officer and long time Middle East intelligence analyst," said something recently on PBS' News Hour that really caught my attention. Commenting on the presentations of the Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Colonel Lang made the following generalization about the mentality of middle-eastern peoples:
"One of the striking things about the information minister's briefing today was the complete lack of connection to reality in his descriptions of the American situation. And I think [Colonel] Dale [Davis] would agree with me that this is characteristic, in many ways, of the culture of this part of the world under stress - is that people tend to create a world of ideas and illusions and their desires of how things should be and then they go and live in that world. And when really placed under a lot of pressure, they have a very hard time coming out from that to make contact with what is really going on." [PBS News Hour, April 4, 2003
Colonel Lang's observation was striking to me for a couple of reasons: first, because the Iraqi Information Minister's daily reports were really no more far out than what we were getting from our own government. In fact, his claims usually had a semblance of truth, although he did exaggerate, claiming for example that the Iraqi forces had retaken the Saddam International Airport when in fact they had only partially succeeded in so doing and were still fighting for it. When the Information Minister claimed that the U.S. forces held no place in Iraq, that was also an exaggeration, but no more inaccurate than what our own government and media were leading us to believe.
The second reason was because Colonel Lang's observation about the mentality of Middle Eastern peoples was also applicable to the Jews, who claim to have their origin in the same part of the world as the Iraqis.
We have seen that the Zionists have recently been subjects of worldwide condemnations, and are in danger of losing their Jewish State through demographic shifts. This is a realistic fear that augments the usual Jewish persecution complex that the Jews work to maintain. The solution to this Jewish predicament was provided by the Israeli generals' buddy Paul Wolfowitz, the Jew who tells Donald Rumsfeld what to think and say. We have seen that Paul Wolfowitz's projection of an easy conquest of a grateful Iraq was either delusional or a particularly egregious case of Jewish salesmanship. Wolfowitz is like the Iraqi Information Minister, in that he too has constructed a fantasy-world of rosy scenarios that he wants us to believe in, so that his cause can be served. His cause of course is Zionism, support for the Jewish State, even at the expense of America.
During this short conventional war in Iraq, we as well as the Iraqis have been targets of psychological warfare -- a fancy way of saying that our government and media keep lying about what is really going on. They have told one lie after another intended to make us feel that the cause was just, that it was moral, that it was certain to succeed, and that the world would love us for doing it. I have listed and categorized some of the lies that we have been told in this Iraqi war. It's useful to look at these lies carefully and with benefit of hindsight, because it appears that we are being pushed into another and yet another war, where the same kinds of lies are likely to crop up again.
The most prominent theme of U.S. propaganda that I noticed was that victory will be easy because the regime is crumbling. We were told:
1. That Tariq Aziz was shot in the back while trying to run away from Iraq into Turkey.
2. That Saddam Hussein had died in the missile-attack of March 19 with which George W. Bush began the war. And, in order to keep that claim alive, we were supposed to believe that Saddam Hussein actually anticipated his own death, that he knew when he was going to die and what would be happening at the time of his death, and had used this prescience to make videotapes of himself that would fool the world into thinking that he was still alive when he was really dead.
Furthermore, we were expected to believe that Saddam Hussein chose to have himself videotaped looking disheveled and wearing spectacles in the video to be shown the day after his own death
], and speaking before a makeshift backdrop of white cloth in the latter, in both cases anticipating before his own death events that would occur after. What a fiendishly clever devil that Saddam Hussein is (or was)!
You really needed a wild imagination to believe that, but many Americans swallowed it. An alternate theory about the two speeches given by Saddam Hussein after his death, was that the figure in them was actually one of his legendary "body doubles." I recall that some years ago we were told that Saddam Hussein had fifty such body doubles, so that he could be in many places at the same time. More recently the more popular figure has been six, but these six were surgically altered, it was said, so that only a careful, expert examination of their images could tell them apart. Now, finally, Martin Sieff, writing for UPI, says in effect that there were no body doubles, strictly speaking:
"His security and intelligence services never showed any expertise in deception or make-up sufficient to convincingly display body doubles to him who could not be obviously distinguished as such at close range."
[ ]
Therefore it seems that the attempts to explain away Saddam Hussein's persistent appearances by reference to body doubles was misguided. The Saddam-is-dead rumor was kept up until Saddam Hussein himself finally made two appearances the same day, on April 4, and even then there were some attempts to deny that it really was Saddam Hussein making the speech, and to suggest that the videotape of Saddam Hussein walking around in Baghdad might be old footage, even though one could see smoke billowing in the background.
After another attempted assassination-by- missile that was combined with tanks entering Baghdad and disrupting all communications, the claim that Saddam is dead has been revived, and so far there is no way to know if it is true or false.
3. Along with the persistent drumbeat of "Saddam is dead," was the constant insinuation that his government was crumbling, either around his ears or because of his absence, and that Republican Guard leaders were unable to communicate with Saddam Hussein. This legend of the crumbling government commenced immediately after the missile attack of March 19. The next day, one of CNN's announcers inquired anxiously to Peter Arnett in Baghdad if he could see any signs of this alleged chaos, and Arnett said that it was absurd, that everything was going on normally in Baghdad and that the idea of someone in Baghdad being unable to communicate with Republican Guard commanders just outside of Baghdad was ridiculous, because messages could be sent by taxi if nothing else.
4. An actual hoax that was perpetrated very early in the war was the surrender of Iraq's 51st Mechanized Infantry Division, of which only a subordinate officer had surrendered. The Iraqi Information Minister was correct in denying this, and the U.S. news media were wrong.
5. U.S. television broadcasts made from an aircraft over Iraq claimed that an ayatollah was urging Iraqi Shiites not to oppose the U.S. invasion, and the claim continued to be made, for example by a colonel who was a guest on the Fox News program Hannity and Colmes, that this ayatollah was urging the Shiites in Iraq not to oppose the coalition troops, although the office of that ayatollah had issued a statement that this was not his position at all.

* * *

The second theme that I noticed in our war propaganda was that the enemy was "evil." This theme can be subdivided into tales of war atrocities, which are designed to convince the listener that, if the Iraqis had not wronged us before, by God they have wronged us now, and into tales of cruelty to innocents. Both of these kinds of atrocity stories have a visceral effect on people so that they often have a hard time thinking about whether the story makes any sense or not.
There were a number of atrocity reports during the war that did not pan out. Regular listeners to American Dissident Voices already know that the greatest atrocity attributed to the Hussein government, the gassed-Kurds story, is false, and that the hundred or so Kurds who died at al-Halabja in 1988 were killed by cyanide gas that came from advancing Iranian forces.
Given the general demonization of Saddam Hussein's government by the U.S. and British governments, which has gone so far as to nickname General Ali Hassan al-Majid as "Chemical Ali," because of a gas-attack against Kurdish civilians that never even happened, it is not too surprising that many reporters and others under the influence of this propaganda interpreted everything that they saw in Iraq in the worst way possible.
Perhaps you remember the inspiring story of the British commando whose tattered helmet had saved him from several Iraqi bullets. On April 15 CNN revealed the following about this case:
"A British serviceman fooled the media when he was portrayed as having had a miracle escape after his helmet was hit by four gunshots, it has been revealed. Commando Eric Walderman, 28, was nowhere near his helmet when it was shot by members of his own unit, serving in Iraq.... The helmet had been placed on Walderman's pack before the Marines began firing at a nearby unexploded anti-tank weapon. Newspapers around the world ran with the picture and story of the 'miracle' escape. The incident happened ahead of the battle for Umm Qasr in the south of Iraq in the early stages of the war. Walderman did not give an interview but he did not stop reporters assuming he had been wearing the Kevlar helmet when the bullets ripped into it."
That was a humorous example of a tendency that we see at work even in much sadder cases, which also have a greater impact on our psyches.
Following the capture of the Army maintenance crew that took a wrong turn into al-Nasiriyah early in the war, when members of that crew were shown on al-Jazeera, some alive and some dead, it was alleged that the five dead soldiers shown on al-Jazeera had actually been executed, and the evidence for this, aside from the presumed evil of Saddam Hussein's forces, was that one of the dead soldiers seemed to have suffered a head wound.
I recall a radio talk-show host in a major metropolitan area (Shannon Burke, WFLA) going on and on about this as if it were a certainty, seemingly doing everything in his power as a talk show host to stimulate rage in his listeners over this alleged execution of American POWs. I was reluctant to agree with that talk-show host in jumping to such a conclusion when it was based on so little evidence. I already was aware of the general proclivity for making false accusations about Iraqi atrocities, and in this particular case the accusation seemed very questionable to me, and should have seemed questionable to anyone who had a little knowledge and was doing a little thinking. I recalled that Saddam Hussein had offered substantial cash rewards to his soldiers, and that the cash reward was twice as great for a live POW as for a dead one. I also found it hard to understand why some of the captured soldiers in the maintenance unit would have been executed and some not, and no explanation of this was offered. Apparently, when atrocity stories are being peddled, no explanation is needed for people who want to believe such things.
Following the recent discovery of American POWs outside of Tikrit, it was revealed that in fact none of the dead Americans from that maintenance crew had been executed, that all were simply combat casualties.
The discovery of an abandoned morgue in southern Iraq was automatically assumed to represent an atrocity by the Iraqi government, and the detail that "many were shot in the head" was thrown in to give credence to this interpretation. As it turned out, these were the remains of Iranian soldiers from the war that ended in 1988, and they had been exhumed and placed in that building as part of an exchange of mortal remains between Iran and Iraq. When an atrocity story like this crops up and you hear an incriminating detail like, "many were shot in the head," you should grab onto whatever heavy object you can find to keep from being sucked into believing that story, because details like that are easy to make up.
Adnan Shaker is a Shiite who complains of having been tortured during Saddam Hussein's rule. The Washington Post, and subsequently MSNBC, and now Newsweek and, have presented Shaker as their witness to the brutality of the Baathist regime. I don't doubt that there are some victims of torture in Iraq since it seems to be standard practice in the region -- at least in the State of Israel it is -- and I don't want to justify or excuse the use of torture. I will leave that to Harvard's Jewish law-professor Allan Dershowitz. It is just interesting to me that this one alleged victim gets such a wide circulation. The Washington Post article is considerably more detailed than the MSNBC offering, however, maybe because MSNBC had more time to think about leaving certain things out. The Washington Post includes certain facts that tend to undermine Adnan Shaker's victim status. It mentions that Adnan Shaker participated in an attempt in 1999 to overthrow the government of Iraq and establish a Shiite theocracy. What is also mentioned, just in passing, is Shaker's admission to the Washington Post, "I killed seven people." [ Susan B. Glasser, "Bearing Wounds, Shiites Return to Torture Chamber," Washington Post, Apr 9, 03: A01 ] That piece of information is conveniently left out of the MSNBC and Newsweek pieces, so that all you get is a pure picture of unprovoked brutality by Saddam Hussein's police. Now, I have illustrated with the example of Eric Walderman and his shot-up helmet that the media are incredibly sloppy, but this goes beyond sloppiness. This is bias to the point of insanity. It is certainly deliberate by our media, when they minimize or omit the fact that a man claiming to deserve our sympathy is in fact a murdering religious maniac.
After Jessica Lynch was rescued from an unguarded Iraqi hospital in al-Nasiriyah where she was receiving medical treatment, it was initially reported that Jessica had suffered multiple gunshots and a stab wound, and, although her parents announced in a press conference following the rescue that none of this was true, the next day CNN's Wolf Blitzer was still saying that Private Lynch was "riddled with gunshot wounds." It was also claimed that Private Lynch was "tortured." The Shiite lawyer who allegedly pinpointed her location is cited in the Washington Post as saying that he caught a glimpse of a man slapping her twice in the hospital, but so far this is unconfirmed, and I suspect that this too will prove to be more imagination than fact. In this case we seem to have a mixture of sloppiness, on Blitzer's part, and probably malicious embellishment on the part of the Shiite lawyer.
I can see that I have run out of time for this broadcast, so next week we'll continue to update you on unfolding events in the Middle East war, and we'll continue our analysis of the lies we've been told by the media and the warmongers, including:
Was Saddam Hussein "another Hitler"? What about the justification for the war, the alleged chemical weapons? What about reports of imminent use of chemical weapons and the deployment of a perimeter of chemical weapons drums around Baghdad? What about the "joy" of the Iraqi people at their "liberation"? Was Saddam Hussein harboring terrorists? How are some Islamic terrorists used as pawns by Israeli intelligence? How many alleged terrorists were found and who were they? Did Saddam try to assassinate George Bush, Sr.? And why should we care if lies are told about a non-White strongman two oceans away from us, like Saddam Hussein?
Be sure and join me next week for the final installment of The War Against Us by Hadding Scott and yours truly, Kevin Alfred Strom.


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