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World War IV

American Dissident Voices broadcast
April 12, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom. Next week we'll continue our series The War Against Us, but today I want to take a closer look at some of the serious mistakes the Jewish supremacists are making in their ever-growing Mideast war.
Now that Iraq has been conquered, hog-tied, and castrated to make the world safe for Israel -- never mind a few little problems like the young girl who got her head blown off -- or the 12-year-old boy who lost his family and both arms -- or the journalists killed by the so-called coalition -- there's a lot of speculation on the street about who's next. Will the "glorious allies" march into Syria? Or Iran? Or somewhere else?
The other day Tony Blair solemnly assured us that he didn't intend to attack Iran or Syria. And, in direct contradiction to his saber-rattling against Syria the other day at a Zionist conference attended by about half of the U.S. Senate (which has itself called for "regime change" in Iran), Colin Powell also intoned recently that the gang in D.C. has no intention of invading Iran or Syria. Maybe he means they have no intention of invading them today. Well, as they say on the soap operas, tomorrow is another day.
Whenever functionaries like Blair and Powell start assuring me over and over again that something isn't going to happen, I start to worry that it will happen, and soon, too. I do this because, 1) people like Powell and Blair (and Bush, too) are reading from a Zionist script these days, and the Zionist credo, as former Mossad operative Victor Ostrovsky admitted, is "by way of deception thou shalt do war"; and 2) Powell and Blair and Bush and company have little real authority, beholden as they are to the Jewish media for their political survival, so even if they sincerely believe that their territorial ambitions end with Iraq, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what they believe. With the possible exception of Powell, who has shown a minor streak of independence that would have caused him to be canned if he weren't the successful mulatto poster boy for the Republicans, the heads of our so-called leaders are near-vacuums which the Jews fill with bogus "moral" reasons for invading, killing, or imprisoning their enemies. So I predict a march to Damascus and Teheran will commence once Iraq is fully subdued and a puppet government installed. That's what the Jewish dictatorship apparently wants.
The Jewish dictatorship may be the most powerful in human history, but they are vulnerable in exactly the same way that previous Jewish power structures have been vulnerable. They are far from invincible. As any student of history knows, the Jews have come to great financial and political power -- even dominance -- in many countries over the centuries, from Babylon and Persia to Olde England, the Spanish Empire, and 20th-century Germany. And many cases, they overextended themselves, became arrogant, and eventually they were expelled or compelled to leave by the angry reaction of the people they had oppressed. Their hubris and their millennial dreams of world power are their downfall.
An interesting situation is developing in France in this regard.
] In France, one would think that the Jews are riding high. They dominate much of the financial and media worlds there, and they have such influence over the state that it is actually illegal there to criticize them as a group or to doubt their WWII atrocity stories. French taxpayers have to cough up $500 million every year just to "preserve the memory" of the "Holocaust." But the Jewish dictatorship, in its arrogance, has gone so far that the true French people are gradually becoming aware of how they've been enslaved. The push for war on Iraq was the last straw for many Frenchmen, who didn't see how sacrificing their blood and enraging many nearby Arab states in order to protect Israel was good for France. They also didn't like it when Jewish groups called for a boycott of French products because the French people opposed this war. So the people there are becoming increasingly Jew-wise. And a recent poll of Jews in France  (I try not to call them "French Jews" by the way -- that's like saying a mouse in a stable is a kind of horse) by a Jewish group called The Israel Project shows a large percentage are considering leaving the country for the United States or Israel. A leading Jew there, Roger Cukierman, doubts they'll leave in large numbers anytime soon, but admits that emigration is a subject of discussion among Jews there. He quotes many Jews as saying when French nationalist leader Jean-Marie  "Le Pen got 5 percent, they'd leave. Then they said, 'When he gets 10 percent.' Well, now he's got 20 percent, and they're still here." But the subject is being seriously discussed among France's 500,000 or so admitted Jews. The poll showed that 26 per cent. of France's Jews are considering leaving because of French attitudes toward Jews, and that 13 per cent. are "seriously" looking into finding a new home. According to Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, a founder of The Israel Project, the mood among the Jews there is one of "severe depression."
[ ]
Of course, the Jews of France blame all this terrible "anti-Semitism" on anything and everything except themselves. They blame it on the French branch of the evil White race, which apparently just has hate for Jews in its bones. They blame it on the Arab immigrants to France, whom the Jews themselves brought to France in an effort to race-mix the White French out of existence and who now tragically constitute 10 per cent. of the population there. They even blame it on harsh Israeli policies against Palestinians. But none are willing to lay the blame on the perennial Jewish way of life, that of infiltrating and dominating a host society. The hubris of the Jews has long been their weak point, and one which they usually fail to recognize.
This is also evident in the Jewish supremacists' plans for Iraq.
First they claimed to the world that they were going to invade and to kill because Saddam had "weapons of mass destruction" which, they said, might be used on us or on "his own people," but which they really worried might be used on Israel. But as the war progressed it became increasingly evident that Saddam had really disarmed and that no such weapons existed. Almost all of the Iraqi resistance to the invasion has been small arms fire, much of it from citizen's militias -- private citizens armed to defend their homes and fields and families. Again and again the spinmeisters claimed they had found "suspicious" materials -- and again and again the claims were shown to have no substance. The highly-armed cannon fodder, the world's great super-power, bombed and invaded a poor, starving, and largely disarmed country which nevertheless fought back against the overwhelming might of White technology and White soldiers that were shamefully being used as Zionist pawns.
Last Saturday, even the British Home Secretary David Blunkett admitted that no chemical, biological, or nuclear "weapons of mass destruction" had been found or were likely to be found in Iraq, thus confirming what the U.N. weapons inspectors had been saying all along, and also confirming that the public hand-wringing about these weapons (that many other countries have anyway) was just a ruse to garner support for this Zionist war. If Saddam Hussein had such weapons, why didn't he use them against the invaders when they were still distant from Iraqi centers of population? The actions of the U.S. military commanders, who have to be practical men, speak volumes: they have ordered that their men need no longer wear protective gear against chemical and biological agents: the masks and suits have come off.
The media Jews believe that the public has a short memory and will not notice that one major prop for this war has just fallen. They also think that we all stay glued to Faux News and the other Jewish channels and can't find information on the Internet, such as the fact that the U.S. forces have used cluster bombs, depleted uranium shells, and are planning to use chemical agents like tear gas -- all in violation of international agreements and conventions. But among the best-informed and more intelligent segment of the population, their lies have not gone unnoticed. And it is this stratum of the population which matters most. Jews underestimate our intelligence at their peril. Their hubris is their downfall.
The Zionists who are running this war also have mapped out a post-war strategy for Iraq which is breathtaking in its arrogance and ignorance. First, they want the U.N. and other international agencies to have no part in setting up a new Iraqi government, though they are generous enough to suggest that the U.N. might be allowed to hand out some bread and water to the starving Iraqis from time to time. Instead, it will be a military occupation government, headed by Jews and employees of Jews. I am sure that the Iraqis, even those who had no love for Saddam Hussein, will be very happy that their sworn enemies and those who used cluster bombs against them and their children will be the new rulers. I am sure that they will feel happy to be so "liberated." I am sure they will feel confident in a "democracy" in which Perle and Wolfowitz and Frum and Kristol decide who is a "legitimate" candidate and who must rot in jail.
On Sunday, the Jewish supremacists flew an odd man named Ahmed Chalabi into Iraq to integrate him into the Jewish-led forces there, under the comic-book name of "First Battalion of Free Iraqi Forces." Chalabi has been groomed by the Zionists as a leader in post-war Iraq. He leads something called the "Iraqi National Congress," a cobbled-together coalition of mutually antagonistic factions that could be guaranteed never to coalesce in a united front against Zionist front-man Chalabi or the paymasters that keep the group alive. Chalabi, who hasn't lived for any significant period of  time in Iraq since he left as a child in the 1950s, may be being positioned as the man to officially "surrender" to U.S. forces and thereby take the mantle of front-man for the Jews there. Chalabi, who favors Savile Row suits and spends most of his time in London, is wanted on an outstanding warrant for embezzlement of several hundreds of millions of dollars of depositors' money from a bank in Jordan. He was convicted in 1989 of multiple counts of embezzlement and was sentenced to 22 years in prison, but escaped, reportedly in the trunk of a car, and ended up in London posing as the paid savior of the Iraqis and Kurds and whoever else he is told he should be the savior of. Chalabi is widely hated in Iraq, as a CIA report released last week indicated. According to United Press International, a former U.S. intelligence official familiar with the report said, "They basically say that every time you mention Chalabi's name to an Iraqi, they want to puke."
And the so-called "First Battalion of Free Iraqi Forces" was so small that it had to flesh out its ranks with forces from the discredited "Badr Brigade," an Iranian-backed Shiite group -- and I am sure that an Iranian-backed force in Iraq will be wildly popular with the Iraqi people. Even with Iranian supplements, the "Battalion" consists of only 700 men. This is what they want to impose on Iraq in the name of "democracy." It should make every decent human being want to puke.
The Wolfowitz nominee for co-dictator of occupied Iraq is retired General Jay Garner, also a close associate of the Zionist clique that now runs American foreign policy. Garner was Israel's guest in 2000 as a delegate of the shadowy U.S.-based group, the "Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs." He also follows the Likud party line and has made public statements condemning Palestinians who resist the Israeli occupation. This is surely a fellow who is going to inspire worldwide confidence in his fairness and objectivity toward the Arabs, isn't he? And I am sure you'll agree with me when I say that his appointment to an occupation government in Iraq will surely dispel those nasty rumors that the Jews are behind this war. Sure it will.
But Garner is nothing compared with the other Jewish neoconservative nominee for co-dictator in unhappy Iraq, former CIA honcho James Woolsey, a protégé of Richard Perle. Woolsey is a foaming-at-the-mouth Zionist warmonger who openly advocates what I've been telling you for months are the real war aims of the Jews. Woolsey was the one who floated the absurd lie that there was a link between Saddam Hussein, al-Qaeda, and the 9-11 terror attacks. Woolsey has been loudly advocating regime change in Saudi Arabia. Woolsey serves on the board of the previously-mentioned "Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs." Woolsey is a prominent member of several other neoconservative and Zionist fronts, and is associated with and a strong promoter of the Iraqi National Congress. And James Woolsey stated openly last week at a speech at UCLA that the war on Iraq is the opening of a much-to-be-desired "Fourth World War" and that the governments of Iran and Syria are "America's enemies" in this war. "World War IV" is a term popularized by Zionist Jew Norman Podhoretz, who counts the Cold War as "World War III" and who has been screaming for the blood of independent-minded Arabs and Moslems for decades. At UCLA a few days ago, Woolsey stated that "We are fighting "World War IV, a war that will last longer than World Wars I or II. As we move toward a new Middle East," Woolsey said, "we will make a lot of people very nervous," including Egypt and Saudi Arabia. "We want you nervous," said Woolsey to countries who mistakenly believed until recently that the U.S. was their ally. "We want you to realize that now, for the fourth time in 100 years, this country and its allies are on the march and that we are on the side of those whom you - the Mubaraks, the Saudi Royal family - most fear. We're on the side of your own people." Except for the last statement, which was a lie because Woolsey and the befuddled masses of White Americans are really fighting for the Jews, the copy reads like the writing of Kevin Alfred Strom as I predicted over the last few months what was being planned behind the closed doors of the Jewish supremacist establishment.
Well, it isn't behind closed doors any longer. Woolsey has put it right up front, where it ought to be. The plan is to conquer the Middle East, install carefully-controlled puppet regimes under the false name of "democracy," and, of course, begin the construction of media networks there under the control of the same folks who control MTV and Faux News. And soon, degenerate art, sick comedy mocking the history and traditions of those peoples, and false news will glut the airwaves there, and the parasitic minority believes that yet another recalcitrant people will become acclimated to rule by their betters, rule by the self-chosen people who think that they're God.
But I think that the Jewish supremacists have overreached themselves again. I think their plan to rule Iraq with figureheads who are sure to be repugnant to every Iraqi who isn't a criminal or a traitor to his own people is an insane plan even when looked at from the Jewish point of view. I think their plan to "pacify" the peoples of the Middle East and turn them into placid domestic animals for the "Chosen" is going to fail. I think that what they are doing now, as they did in Germany in the 1920s and in the Spain of Ferdinand and Isabella, is more than anything else giving the intelligent and informed people of the world a graduate education in Jewish hubris, Jewish racism, Jewish supremacism, and the Jewish megalomaniac desire to rule the world. And out of that awareness a broad anti-Jewish front will arise. It's our job to make sure that there is a substantial White American, White Canadian, White European, White Australasian, and White South African participation in that inevitable broad front against Jewish supremacism, and that the end result is the self-determination and assured survival of our race upon this planet.
Please write to us today, and ask what you can do to make a strong White community a reality. Send $5 and receive a copy of our print magazine, National Vanguard, and get a copy of the book catalog that the Jewish supremacists don't want you to read. Send $5 today to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946.
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom asking you, whenever you look at the night sky, to remember ORION: Our Race Is Our Nation.


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