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Terrorists Strike Again

American Dissident Voices broadcast
March 15, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


Last week I spoke to you on the necessity for all of us who know the truth about race and the truth about the Jewish drive for war and genocide to remain active, and to avoid all illegal acts -- acts which can only play into the hands of those who have seized control of the American establishment.
I received a few letters from listeners who said, in effect, "Mr. Strom -- it does not matter if we stay legal or not. Even if we break no law, charges can and will be trumped up against us by the same kind of lying and legal trickery that put Ernst Zundel in jail." Well, I acknowledged that when I said last week:
"Yes, I know that the so-called Patriot Act and Michael Chertoff's 'Joint Terrorism Task Force' have acted with gross illegality themselves, and that innocents who have committed no crime at all except doubting Jewish fairy tales have been arrested and falsely charged. I know that Andrew J. O'Conner of Santa Fe, New Mexico was arrested by the Secret Service on February 13th for the "crime" of saying that he thought Bush was "out of control" in an Internet chat room. Some innocents are going to be persecuted. But that is no excuse for handing the bastards your head on a silver platter. Don't give them even the slightest excuse. Stay absolutely and perfectly legal in every way. And stay active. There's no excuse for any other course."
But note well that while I acknowledged the great danger of the takeover of the American government by fanatical anti-White Jews, and I acknowledged the great danger in giving up our traditional rights through such illegal travesties as the misnamed "Patriot Act" (which ought to be called the "Imprison Patriots Act"), and I acknowledged that innocents would be persecuted, I urged everyone to remain scrupulously legal because to do otherwise is to make it much easier for the new secret police to harm you, your family, and your fellow patriots. I reiterate that advice now.
Yes, we have now reached the stage where Michael Chertoff and the U.S. Justice Department are acting with almost the same abandon as the Soviet KGB or NKVD. Under the hypocritically false flag of "American Security" and a "War on Terror," foreigners who put the interests of their people and their terrorist racial state Israel above the interests of Americans have gotten their greasy hands on the levers of power in Washington. That's a horrible situation, and just this week we've seen another example of the Jewish establishment in action.
Last Friday, a SWAT team of some 70 federal agents, armed to the teeth, including members of the so-called Joint Terrorism Task Force, descended on the idyllic mountaintop home of Chester Doles, Jr. and his family in the mountains near Dahlonega, Georgia, and arrested him on completely bogus firearms charges. His arraignment hearing is taking place as I speak.
Chester Doles, Jr. is a family man, a father of 11 children, a professional carpenter, a university student of political science, and a long-time supporter of the right of White self-determination. I've spoken about his courageous -- and completely legal -- protests against illegal immigration and against the fraudulent "Martin Luther King" holiday on this program before.
Ten years ago Mr. Doles went to jail in Maryland over an assault. It was a misdemeanor offense -- not a felony. But because Mr. Doles sentence was for over 24 months, the Chertoff gang in the Justice Department is claiming that an obscure provision in the law which prevents felons from owning firearms also prevents anyone sentenced -- even for a misdemeanor -- to 24 months or more from owning any gun.
It doesn't matter to Michael Chertoff and the Bush "Justice Department" that the guns didn't belong to Chester Doles. It doesn't matter to Michael Chertoff and the Bush "Justice Department" that not only did Mr. Doles, his wife and their eleven children live in the home, but that numbers of extended family members were often present, all of whom were perfectly within their rights to own and carry firearms there. It doesn't matter to Michael Chertoff and the Bush "Justice Department" that every single one of the seven weapons they claimed they found were the same kind of weapons -- handguns, shotguns, and rifles -- that can be found in almost every household in the north Georgia mountains and in the homes of most sportsmen across the nation. It doesn't matter to Michael Chertoff and the Bush "Justice Department" that Mrs. Doles and the other family members there have a right to defend themselves and their property just as anyone else does.
It also apparently doesn't matter that, according to witnesses, Mr. Doles was specifically informed by the state of Maryland when his jail term was up that his right to own firearms had been reinstated.
The FBI claimed publicly through their spokesman Joe Parris that this wasn't a political arrest: "He's a felon in possession of a firearm who happens to have an affiliation. The FBI is not going to draw any conclusions from that."
Here are some questions that I'd like to ask Mr. Parris: Is it customary to have the "Joint Terrorism Task Force" and some 70 KGB-style agents storm a peaceful couple's home for a simple case of possession of ordinary guns? Is it normal for the FBI to pay an informant to befriend the Doles family and visit their home regularly for two years in a case based on a tiny technicality in the law like this? Is it normal to have a team of highly-paid agents follow the family around literally for years, obtaining records of every place they travel and everything they buy in a case like this? Even the first words out of Parris's mouth -- "he's a felon in possession of a firearm" -- are lies, since Chester Doles has never been convicted of a felony. Clearly, this is a case of following a political dissident around until they found some pretext for silencing him.
So one may legitimately ask the FBI: Why are all these resources being devoted to a highly questionable and extremely minor case like this? Why is the Bureau taking the chance of embarrassment for claiming that a non-felon is a felon? Why take such risks just because a north Georgia family has the kinds of guns that most north Georgia families have? Again, clearly this is a case of targeting a man because of his political beliefs, following him, and sending paid spies to entrap and/or falsely testify against him. It calls out to high heaven for free speech advocates like the ACLU and others, if they really are sincere, to hit hard at this blatant Stalinist attack on freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. I suggest that every listener contact the ACLU and other free speech groups and spokesmen and let them know about this travesty of justice.
Jewish Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff, the man behind an ever-increasing number of KGB-style political arrests like this one, and the person behind the so-called Joint Terrorism Task Force which engages in open terrorism itself, has a very strange definition of "possession" of a firearm. The Chertoff definition of "possession" is not the ordinary definition of that word. It's an Alice-in-Wonderland definition in which you can "possess" a firearm without owning it -- in fact, without even touching it or seeing it. Apparently you can "possess" a firearm by just talking about it. You can, it seems, "possess" a firearm by just being on the same property where it is located. Does this mean that I "possess" an arsenal of firearms when I walk into the local police station because large numbers of firearms are there? Does this mean that I "possess" one million dollars when I walk into the lobby of the Bank of America or that I "possess" Faith Hill if I go to one of her concerts? Absurd. If fifty people go to a home where a gun is under the mattress in the bedroom, do all fifty of them "possess" the gun?
This utterly bogus case against Chester Doles cries out to high heaven for the involvement of the NRA and other Second Amendment groups, because the precedents that the gun-grabbers could establish here are ominous indeed. Every listener who is a member or supporter of gun rights groups should contact his organization and get them onto this case immediately.
The arrest of Chester Doles is a political arrest, pure and simple. Through the malice of Jewish supremacists masquerading as 'liberals' and through the stupidity of 'conservatives' who gave the government and our rights away to those same Jewish supremacists in the name of "national security," we are now at the same stage as the Soviet Union was in the early days of the NKVD, the largely-Jewish secret police later known as the KGB. We are enmeshed in a tangle of laws -- on firearms, finance, and many other things -- a tangle of laws so thick that anyone who is watched long enough can be caught or framed for violating one of them. This is exactly the situation that tyrants love: laws so complex and so many that no one understands or even knows them all, laws so all-encompassing that anyone whom the tyrant deems an "enemy" can be charged with something. It is a situation where almost everyone is intimidated because everyone fears the midnight knock on the door from the secret police. Just do what "they" want and maybe you'll be safe. That's where inaction and inactivity brought you. That's where hiding brought you. That's where insufficient support for patriots brought you.
The arrest of Mr. Doles is educational in another way, too. When Mr. Doles had scheduled one of his protests against illegal immigration a few months ago, some activists posted the information on his event to the and Web sites, alternative news sites on the Internet. A few radical leftists denounced the march as "racist" and made the usual claims that the "racists" were just shills for the "racist establishment" which they, the noble leftists, were fighting in the name of freedom for all people. With the false arrest and persecution of Mr. Doles, any claims that he was part of the establishment are disproved beyond any doubt. Yes, my friends on the left -- and I know that thousands of you listen to this broadcast -- there is a "racist" establishment. But it is not a "White racist" establishment. It is a Jewish supremacist establishment, the same establishment which is pushing for the war that both you and I oppose. It is a Jewish supremacist establishment which denies the Palestinian people the right of self-determination, which denies the Palestinian people the right to a Palestinian state and a Palestinian government. What you need to understand that the same Jewish supremacist establishment which denies Palestinians the right to have a truly Palestinian state also denies Frenchman the right to have a truly French state, denies Germans the right to have a truly German state, and denies Americans the right to have a truly American state. The Jewish supremacists, of course, vociferously demand the right to their own ethnic/racial state, the same right they deny to the rest of us. Why should the Left and the Right kill each other over relatively trivial matters like economics? -- Why should nationalists of different races kill each other over debatable boundary lines? -- We all are being denied our right of self-determination, our very right to exist as a people, by the single greatest oppressor in the world today: the Jewish supremacist establishment.
One of the few writers who have dared to name those who oppressed the Russian people under Communism is Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Solzhenitsyn writes in his book Gulag Archipelago about the 1930s version of the Bush Justice Department's Michael Chertoff -- Genrikh Yagoda, Jewish head of the NKVD or Communist secret police. He says that during 1934 and 1935, Yagoda's men went out every night in St. Petersburg, arresting anyone that Yagoda and his thugs declared to be a "class enemy." I suppose they'd use the words 'racist" or "terrorist" now instead of "class enemy" to justify their terrorism. It's estimated that a quarter of the population of that city was taken by Yagoda's "authorities," and most were never heard from again. Solzhenitsyn laments the fact that the ordinary, non-Jewish Russians, who were still the majority, didn't stand together and stop these raids. Solzhenitsyn says that, armed only with knives and pickaxes and hammers -- or even just spikes for the tires of the vans -- the Russians could have stopped the Jewish-led murderers and torturers. And he's right. But the Russians didn't do that, so it took many millions of dead and almost sixty more years for the rotten system to collapse of its own weight and internal contradictions.
I'm not asking you to do what Solzhenitsyn wanted the Russians to do. Too many Americans are somnolent TV-watchers for that strategy to be a success now anyway. But I am asking each of you to be brave enough to give your all for the liberation of our people. Most of you can join the National Alliance, and give it your unqualified and open support, give it your names and reputations, and give a tithe to its efforts. Some of you will want to join under a nom de guerre, which is perfectly permissible, because your position in society is too valuable to our race to sacrifice, and we fully understand that. Some of you have legal problems hanging over your heads, and you should not join us because the Jewish establishment is running very scared these days, and will use any pretext to remove the perceived "threat" of Jew-savvy patriots. Clean up your problems, and be strictly and absolutely legal. If you cannot join us or must leave us for everyone's good, you can still support us. Anyone can buy books from us and even opponents of our ideas subscribe to our magazine, National Vanguard, so there's no reason you can't do those things as well. Sending of cash or money orders anonymously is perfectly legal and easy to do. We need an in-depth community of intelligent and committed people, and that's just the kind of community we're building.
Support those of us who are on the real front lines, and make your voice heard in your circles. Use the Internet. Go to local community events and meetings. Speak out. We're going to keep expanding National Vanguard magazine and, we're going to keep holding conferences and European Cultural Festivals like Euro-Fest 2003, we're going to keep putting out new books and videos and radio programs, and we're going to distribute another half million pieces of National Alliance literature as we did in 2002. I'll do what I can, and each of you do the same. Let's be there for each other. Let's help each other. And let's win with flags flying.
Speaking of being there for each other, Chester Doles, Jr. needs our help right now. His legal defense is going to be expensive. He's facing a possible ten years or more in prison. He is an innocent victim of government terror. The next victim may be the peace activist next door. The next victim may be the man who defends his family from a killer with a firearm. The next victim may be you. Support Chester Doles by sending as much as you can spare to:
Doles Defense Fund, P.O. Box 1532, Dahlonega, GA 30533
Make all money orders out to David Trainor, Mr. Doles' attorney. You may also send cash.
Please help Mr. Doles in his hour of need. His wife needs him. His eleven children, the youngest only four months old, need him. And his community needs him. Write and help today.
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to stay active -- stay legal -- and keep on thinking free.


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