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American Dissident Voices broadcast
March 8, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom. On today's program, instead of a single topic I'm going to be bringing you several items of important news and comment. We'll have an update on the Ernst Zundel situation, some words on staying active and staying legal in these dangerous times, an update on and information on two new National Alliance radio programs that you'll want to hear.

* * * ZUNDEL UPDATE * * *

Ernst Zundel, the revisionist writer and free-speech activist illegally arrested and spirited out of the United States for his political beliefs, is now languishing in a Canadian jail awaiting the outcome of the government's attempt to have him deported to Germany. In Germany, Zundel would undoubtedly be imprisoned for his publications expressing doubt about the extent of Jewish losses in World War II: in Germany (and Austria and Switzerland and other European countries) it is actually unlawful to doubt Jewish atrocity claims.
Mr. Zundel, who is 64 and recently married to an American citizen with whom he has lived in rural Tennessee since the year 2000, understandably fears a loss of his freedom should he be sent to Germany, where he would be severely punished merely for writing and speaking what he believes to be the truth. He understandably fears that he may spend the rest of his life in prison. He understandably fears that he may never see his wife and family again. So he has applied for political asylum in Canada, where he lived for 42 years prior to moving to Tennessee. No claim of refugee status ever had firmer justification.
But Canada's powerful Jewish lobby has geared up a heavy campaign to make sure that Ernst Zundel never gets a fair hearing, with smears in the media and pressure on lapdog politicians like Immigration Minister Denis Coderre. Coderre was asked by the press how he could possibly stop Mr. Zundel from at least beginning the application process to obtain refugee status, a process which can last for years. Unable to come up with a printable answer, Coderre uttered an ominous "Just watch me."
To prosecute Zundel, they have retained a prominent attorney previously involved in Canada's deportation of alleged "Nazi war criminals," Donald MacIntosh. This is extremely unusual for either a free-speech case or a matter of a missed hearing, which was the original pretext for arresting Mr. Zundel in Tennessee.
The media campaign is vicious -- so vicious that it seems to be disgusting a large number of Canadians who do believe in freedom of speech. The St. Catherine's Standard recently ran an editorial which openly advocated the imprisonment of Zundel for what he has written, saying how good it will be when "we'll no longer have to deal with his crazy diatribes." [St. Catherine's Standard, March 5, 2003 ]
The popular Web site ran a poll on Mr. Zundel recently, and when the results began to turn in his favor, the poll was unceremoniously pulled off their site, never to be mentioned again. You can see a screen shot of the poll shortly before it was pulled by logging on to my personal Web site, .
Although he is still denied his freedom while in Canada, Zundel did win one concession in a recent hearing: the Crown prosecutors agreed that all future hearings in the case would be public. This has set the Jewish establishment, in the person of Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress, screaming that giving the case publicity would "play into Zundel's hands." [St. Catherine's Standard March 1, 2003

This is one time that Bernie Farber is right. Giving the case publicity will expose the fact of the outrageous persecution of this peaceful writer and thinker. Giving the case publicity will
show that it is Jewish supremacists that are behind the imprisonment of Ernst Zundel and many other innocents whose only crime was to doubt what Jewish supremacists told them.
Giving this case publicity will expose phony or compromised "human rights" groups like Amnesty International which, shamefully, not only refuse to help Mr. Zundel, but actually support the so-called Hate Speech laws that criminalize speech that Jewish groups disapprove of (while Jews in Israel practice "hate" and ethnic cleansing on an almost unimaginable scale with hardly a chance of extradition or imprisonment).
Alex Neve, the Secretary-General of Amnesty International Canada, has come out strongly in favor of prosecuting and punishing Ernst Zundel, a true prisoner of conscience if there ever was one. Neve stated "The Canadian Human Rights Commission has already ruled that he has spread hate through the Internet, and he has been convicted by German courts. Strong hate-crimes laws, vigorously enforced, are a crucial human-rights tool." [Toronto Globe and Mail, February 22, 2003

Yes, publicity is what this case needs -- and donations for Mr. Zundel's legal defense. Visit or or for updates on this case, or write to Mrs. Zundel's postal address: Ingrid Zundel, 3152 Parkway #13, PMB109, Pigeon Forge, TN, 37863, USA.
There is also a petition drive for Mr. Zundel at Just type "Zundel" into the search box to find the "Free Ernst Zundel" petition.


In the light of the unconstitutional powers being asserted by the Bush administration under the so-called Patriot Act, and the persecution of patriots like David Duke and others that I've detailed on this program over the last several weeks, I'd like to emphasize a point that needs to be made again and again: stay active and stay legal.
On the one hand, doing nothing about the plight of White people -- and the plight of all victims of Jewish supremacism worldwide -- plays right into the hands of those who are oppressing us. They want an atmosphere of fear in which people are afraid to criticize them and expose their crimes. These practitioners and supporters of Israeli ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and of forced multiracialism and genocide in the U.S. and Europe want to give the impression that standing up for free speech and White survival is somehow "racism" and that racism is somehow "illegal."
Don't let these slimy hypocrites win. Put on that anti-war bumper sticker. Put out those "No War for Israel" flyers. Speak out for peace and racial self-determination among your family, friends, and acquaintances every day. Don't let your associates fall for the lie that standing up for your race is somehow "evil" or that opposing the genocidal agenda of the Jewish supremacists is somehow "hate." Smile -- and lovingly, carefully show them that the opposite is true.
With the Jewish media and the Bush regime pushing harder and more stridently than ever for the killing to begin, arresting dissidents on the flimsiest pretexts, and erecting a new "national security" police state just as bad as the one they accuse the "Nazis" of creating, more and more sensible people are seeing the Jewish power structure for what it really is.
Millions on the right, horrified by the War Party's trashing of our rights and lying, have distanced themselves from the Jewish-led "neoconservatives" who rule the administration at the moment.
Millions on the left can now see the alliance of the Jewish supremacists with the Bush warmongers and are beginning to get an education -- if not an epiphany -- on the Jewish question. There's a convergence of forces that is very favorable to us at the moment, and we need to take advantage of it. That means being more active than ever, and supporting those who give their whole lives to education and activism.
I firmly believe that the Jewish power structure has made the mistake it always makes in its host nations: it has overreached itself and exposed itself for what it really is. The Jewish supremacists are trying to literally remake the map of the world to suit themselves -- by genociding the peoples of Europe through mass immigration and racial mixing, and by creating a de facto Jewish Imperium in the Middle East built upon oceans of Moslem and American blood. At the pinnacle of their power, they are misusing that power. And events are moving ever more rapidly to a point where the main conflict in the world will be between Jewish supremacists and their janissaries on the one hand -- and everyone else in the world on the other. We need to stay active in this struggle for the survival of our people. It's a struggle we can win, but only if we keep up our efforts. Don't hide.
One man I admire for his courage under fire is David Duke. On the 22d of last month, I attended a speech he gave in Richmond, Virginia. After the local Jewish lobby admitted they had engaged in threats to close his meeting down, a hall was finally secured. (Someday these censors will pay the legal penalty for ethnic threats and intimidation like that.) Mr. Duke spoke on the history of Israeli deception and terror, the Jewish drive to start the next war, and the Jewish state's prior knowledge of the events of 9/11.
Now Mr. Duke, as regular listeners to this program know, is scheduled for sentencing in a few weeks after being forced to plead guilty to trumped-up charges set up by our enemies. Mr. Duke, it might be fair to say, is in a vulnerable position. He's going to do federal prison time. His hearing is coming up soon. Yet he had the courage to publicly speak out on these vital issues -- exactly the kind of free speech that the Jewish supremacists want to stifle. And he hardly mentioned his own plight: his focus was on threats to our nation and people.
We should take heart from that. We should be encouraged. If we can show just a little bit of that pluck and optimism, each of us can shake a few dozen or hundred people off of the fence and encourage them to speak out, too. Our goal should be to make ourselves unstoppable. Let's try. Like I said, don't hide.
One product of frustration and a feeling of powerlessness is the urge to act violently. That's an urge that no one on our side should give in to. I urge each and every one of you to stay legal and peaceful at all times. We need you and your free speech and your activism and your financial support to make the National Alliance and the movement for White self-determination unstoppable. You can't help us much from jail. It's pure insanity for us to lash out violently. When we have our own state-within-state, and ultimately our own country again, we will be able to deal fairly and legally with those who would harm us. We will write the laws then. We need to intelligently work so that day can come to pass.
When you do something illegal, you harm not only yourself and your family, but you harm all members of patriotic and pro-White groups with which you have even the slightest association. Your wrongful acts will give pretexts for persecuting them or seizing their property.
Yes, I know that the so-called Patriot Act and Michael Chertoff's "Joint Terrorism Task Force" have acted with gross illegality themselves, and that innocents who have committed no crime at all except doubting Jewish fairy tales have been arrested and falsely charged. I know that Andrew J. O'Conner of Santa Fe, New Mexico was arrested by the Secret Service on February 13th for the "crime" of saying that he thought Bush was "out of control" in an Internet chat room. Some innocents are going to be persecuted. But that is no excuse for handing the bastards your head on a silver platter. Don't give them even the slightest excuse. Stay absolutely and perfectly legal in every way. And stay active. There's no excuse for any other course.

* * * NO WAR FOR ISRAEL * * *

One of the signs of the growing awareness of the problem of Jewish supremacism is the cooperation across political lines which is happening right now. As you may know, is being developed as a resource in part to raise that awareness, and we've recently been invited to take part in an anti-war Web consortium, . Here's an excerpt from a recent press release:


RICHMOND, Virginia -- No War For Israel, an International Coalition of  individuals and groups opposed to the War on Iraq, announced today  that they will sponsor an international public awareness campaign  starting on Saturday, March 8, 2003. was started two weeks ago and traffic to the site  has increased to over 30,000 unique visitors a day. has recently joined the No War For Israel Coalition and has created a, "Guide to the War on Iraq."  The Guide  is an information resource for those seeking more information about  the War on Iraq.  Two entertaining Flash animations, "Behind the  Scenes of World War 3" and "Terror-Free Tots," Johnny Dixon's anti- war song, "I don't understand" and leaflets to distribute are located  on the site. 
Alternative Country Music Star Johnny Dixon added his voice to No War  For Israel this past Wednesday.  Johnny Dixon states, on the Web site, "I felt, and feel, horrible as an  American citizen that we are bullying tiny nations that only want to  be left alone; nations that could never pose a threat to America.
"We are citizens in a democratic country. Every innocent person killed in this senseless war is a reflection upon us.
"We must begin to recognize and understand why these things are happening and stop supporting the war for Greater Israel."
Johnny Dixon recorded an anti-Iraq War song, "I don't understand,"  and is distributing it through the Web site....
On the first day of the No War For Israel International Public Awareness Campaign announcement, over 12000 leaflets were pledged by  individuals in four countries and 10 states.  Daily updates of the  pledges leading up to the March 8th, literature drive can be  found on the front page of
It's amazing to see the worldwide support and participation in these efforts. One thing we're discovering is that nationalists of other races generally are not hostile to White nationalists and are more than willing to cooperate and share information with us in an effort against the globalizing, warmongering, and genocidal efforts of our common enemies. -end-

* * * NEW RADIO SHOWS * * *

There are two new radio programs you ought to know about. The National Alliance Radio Hour with the Alliance's Western States Regional Coordinator Shaun Walker and Membership Coordinator David Pringle is on Thursday nights at 11:00pm Eastern Time, 8:00pm Pacific. This is a live call-in program to help listeners become better informed by having their questions directly answered by Alliance representatives live on the air.  The show is on the Internet only at this time, and the network can be found at The number to call to be on the air every Thursday night is 1-800-TALK 419.
Also on the Hal Turner network, we are presenting a ten-hour series of the revolutionary novel The Turner Diaries read by the author, Dr. William Pierce. The series is on for an hour every Wednesday night at 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific. If you like the exciting story, you can also purchase the complete ten-hour series on cassette or CD from the National Vanguard Book catalogue at or by writing to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA.
And don't forget to subscribe to our unique magazine for White people, National Vanguard, by writing to the same address. A U.S. subscription is $18 for six issues, and National Alliance members may subscribe for half price. Issue number 119 is now available.
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to stay active -- stay legal -- and keep on thinking free.


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