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Cannon Fodder, Part 3:
War Without End

American Dissident Voices broadcast
February 15, 2003
by Hadding Scott and
Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. Today's program, entitled Cannon Fodder, part 3: War Without End, was written by Hadding Scott and prepared for broadcast by yours truly, Kevin Alfred Strom.
The last Israeli soldiers inside Lebanon, the very end of an occupation that has cost up to 20,000 lives and lasted for 22 years in violation of U.N. Security Council Resolutions, were hiding inside their artillery battery in the old Crusader keep at Beaufort Castle last night, awaiting a helicopter evacuation under the cover of darkness. Hizbollah mortar shells continued to fall around the castle, whose ruins stand high above the Litani river gorge. The Israelis' final retreat will mark the defeat by a rag-tag guerrilla army of one of the world's most powerful fighting forces.
That was how British journalist Robert Fisk described the military humiliation of Israel at the hands of the Shi'ite militia known as Hizbollah, the Party of God.
The Jews of course want revenge for this. Hizbollah is backed by Iran, and you can bet that Iran was included on George W. Bush's Axis-of-Evil itinerary for that reason.
The military defeat of the State of Israel by Hizbollah in the year 2000 is only the most dramatic of the setbacks that the Jewish State has suffered since the Gulf War in 1991. Despite the defeat of its enemy, Iraq, in 1991 by their American cannon fodder, the situation for the Jewish State has been getting worse and worse. The Intifada, the national resistance, and the many Palestinian suicide-bombings are in the news almost daily. These bombings, a desperate reaction by a powerless people, have in turn provoked a reaction of even more violence, murder, and oppression by the Jews.
The Palestinians, however, constitute a threat to the existence of the Jewish State even without suicide bombings. According to figures published by the Presbyterian Church USA there were 5.1 million Jews and 4.1 million non-Jews in the combined territories of Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel proper in the year 2001. With the non-Jews exhibiting a population-increase of about 4% per annum, compared to roughly 1% for the Jews, it will be less than a decade before the non-Jews outnumber the Jews.
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The security measures that the State of Israel has effected in reaction to this have made the State of Israel both an expensive and an unpleasant place to live. Jews are said to be leaving, while the Palestinians continue to increase their numbers. Demographics alone suggest that the days of the State of Israel are numbered.
The Jews' brutal treatment of the Palestinians gave rise to a condemnation of the State of Israel at the United Nations World Conference Against Racism in early September 2001, where the Secretary General of the United Nations showed that the Jews' magic charm -- the Holohoax -- had lost its luster. Although Kofi Annan did not question the veracity of the Jews' favorite persecution-fantasy, he did say:
We cannot expect Palestinians to accept this (the Holocaust) as a reason why the wrongs done to them -- displacement, occupation, blockade, and now extra-judicial killings -- should be ignored, whatever label one uses to describe them.
The Wall Street Journal reported from the conference:
Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and three allied groups ... refused to back down from charges that Israel has committed racially motivated war crimes and human-rights violations against Palestinians. [WSJ, Sep 4, 2001, A-17]
Being a tiny parasitic minority spread throughout the world, the Jews rely very heavily on sympathy to allow them to get their way. It became very clear at that conference in Durban that the Jews had exhausted most of the world's willingness to indulge them. The Jewish State had made itself into a worldwide pariah.
The future of the State of Israel did not look bright that September of 2001. The Zionists could see the destruction of the Jewish State on the horizon, and their passions were aroused. Then as now, they were going to preserve Israel no matter what it took, even if they had to immolate half the world to do it.
Maybe it was only a stroke of luck -- maybe it was something more -- that caused the most traumatic act of terrorism in history to occur just then, putting America in Israel's corner in a so-called "War on Terror" which has no end in sight.
Immediately after 9-11 Zionist Jews saw the "War on Terror" as an opportunity to finish off their hated nemesis, Iraq. Among these were Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, chairman of the Defense Policy Board. Both of these Jews immediately began invoking a variety of invalid reasons why the United States should overthrow the ruler of Iraq, and they have not stopped.
Hugo Young of Britain's Guardian Unlimited (December 3, 2002) writes of Wolfowitz:
In Washington, as well as Europe, Paul Wolfowitz, deputy secretary at the Pentagon, is regarded as the most awesome of hawks in his appetite for a war to overthrow Saddam Hussein. A Republican senator I interviewed on a recent visit saw him as a weirdo whose views were so dogmatic as to put him outside the realms of normal debate. In Bob Woodward's new book, Bush at War, an essential revelatory text, Wolfowitz is reported as arguing from the start that the right response to 9/11 would be an attack on Iraq...
Perle, in an interview shortly after the September 11 attack, said:

I very much favor going after Saddam Hussein's regime and Saddam Hussein.... It has nothing to do with whether he's involved with September 11 or with al Qaeda. What's relevant here is that he hates the United States. He has weapons of mass destruction. He has used them against his own people and he will use them against us. [The American Spectator, Nov/Dec 2001: 40]

Of course, we showed in part one of this series that the claim that Saddam Hussein gassed his own people is a lie, and Perle is in a position to know that, but he uses the story consistently in all of his presentations. In late 2002 Perle, who pretends to be focused on weapons of mass destruction, scandalized the British House of Commons by telling them that even if Hans Blix's weapons inspection team found nothing he would still favor a war, as long as there was just one person who claimed that Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass-destruction.
Former British defense minister Peter Kilfoyle was appalled: "America is duping the world into believing it supports these inspections. President Bush intends to go to war even if inspectors find nothing. This makes a mockery of the whole process and exposes America's real determination to bomb Iraq." ["War, Whatever--Bush Aide: Inspections Or Not, We'll Attack Iraq," Paul Gilfeather, Daily Mirror UK, i0 Nov 22, 2002]
You may have heard some commentators say that the war is being promoted by "neoconservatives." When you hear the word "neoconservatives," you should understand it to be a euphemism for Zionist Jews and their slavish camp followers.
The neoconservatives began as a group of Zionist Jews in the Democratic Party, who moved over to the Republican Party in the late 1970s because the Democrats' increasing humanitarian and pacifist posture was becoming more and more incompatible with support for Israel. Just as a virus takes over cells in a body, those Jews have effectively taken over the Republican Party and are using it for their own purposes.
It appears that the Jewishness of the drive for war against Iraq is as clear to the better informed people today as it was to Pat Buchanan when he referred to the Israel Lobby and its amen corner back at the time of the first Gulf War. Maureen Dowd, who won a Pulitzer prize in 1999 for her writing about the scandals of Bill Clinton, names the warmongers around George W. Bush as "Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and Bill Kristol," and says that they are "Giving a new definition of chutzpah." Dowd's use of the Yiddish word chutzpah in this context is clearly meant to signal the importance of the fact that these three leading warmongers are Jews.
Time [Sep 2 2002:26-28] characterizes Richard Perle as "perhaps the key pro-war agitator," and Maureen Dowd really displays the Jew Perle as a thug issuing veiled threats when commenting about what George W. Bush's course of action should be:
"The failure to take on Saddam after what the president said," Mr. Perle said, "would produce such a collapse of confidence in the president that it would set back the War on Terrorism." Or: Nice little administration you have here; pity if something should happen to it. ["Who's Your Daddy?", New York Times, S 4, 02: A21]
This of course is an allusion to the damage that Perle and the other Jews could do if they began to attack the Administration with their media, as Perle has in effect threatened to do if he doesn't get his war. It is not an idle threat. Witness the misfortune of Trent Lott, who had the temerity last September 3rd to be one of a few Republicans to suggest that a coherent case for attacking Iraq hadn't really been made [New York Times Sep 4, 2002 A-1].
Thereafter, William Kristol, one of the Jewish troika of warmongers named by Maureen Dowd, led the media frenzy last December that built a mountain out of a molehill to deny Trent Lott the position of Senate Majority Leader. Kristol, you will note, is not even a member of the government, but exerts pressure through his neoconservative rag, The Weekly Standard.
While Zionist Jews, called neoconservatives, are the prime movers of the current drive for war, Christian Zionists are their minions. The Christian Zionists are smitten with the idea that the Jews are the "Chosen People of God," who should be given whatever they want and allowed to do whatever they want to do. These defective individuals of our own race enable Zionist Jews to lead our whole society astray. I am not sure that Defense Secretary Rumsfeld is a Christian, but he was commended by the Christian Coalition (August 7, 2002) for his "defense of Israel," which is defined as scrupulous adherence to the Zionist Jews' positions and even terminology.
About President Bush, Senator Chuck Hagel noted that he "came into office not knowing much about foreign policy, seeing the world in pretty simple terms." [Time Sep 2 2002:26-28] This naiveté, in addition to his reputed worship of Ariel Sharon, appears to have made Bush into putty in Jewish hands.
With Iraq hobbled by near-disarmament and military encirclement, why are the Jews pushing for a full-scale invasion? What motives do they have besides military domination of the Middle East? Kenneth Adelman is an important Jew with political connections, a former U.N. ambassador, arms-control negotiator, and longtime crony of Donald Rumsfeld. He appears frequently on both CNN and the Fox News Channel. The Fox News Web site carries a very revealing article by Adelman dated April 3, 2002, titled, "Enlarging the Problem." Adelman attributes to Rumsfeld the peculiar dictum, "When a particular problem is intractable, enlarge it."
But what problem does Adelman want to enlarge? "[T]he Israel-Palestinian War," he says, "which has clearly become intractable." Adelman's idea is to enlarge the "Israel-Palestinian War" by getting the United States into a conflict with the entire Arab World. Stop being friendly to the Saudis and the Egyptians. Knock over the government of Iraq, then Iran, and other governments in the region will fall like dominoes, he says. This Zionist Jew and Rumsfeld crony is explicitly proposing that the United States spill its own blood and Arab blood to accomplish a reconstruction of the entire Middle East. Why? So that Israel can solve its Palestinian problem.
Essentially the same idea was put forth by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak in a New York Times op-ed piece late last year. After conjuring the bogus bogeyman of a long non-existent Iraqi nuclear program, Barak urges a U.S. attack. He also reveals another motive, reminiscing about 1991 when "Mr. Hussein's supporter, Yasser Arafat, found himself beaten and isolated." ["Taking Apart Iraq's Nuclear Threat", New York Times, Sept 4, 2002; A-21]
Adelman is cryptic about how exactly a reconstruction of the entire Middle East would solve Israel's Palestinian problem, but clearly, with all regional supporters of Palestinian rights swept out of power, the Palestinians would be in a much more helpless position than they are now. In all likelihood, expulsion of the Palestinians is what the Jews have in mind.
Britain's Daily Telegraph of April 28, 2002 reported:
Sharon's plan is to drive Palestinians across the Jordan -- The leading Israeli historian Martin van Creveld predicts that a U.S. attack on Iraq or a terrorist strike at home could trigger a massive mobilisation to clear the occupied territories of their two million Arabs. Two years ago, less than eight per cent of those who took part in a Gallup poll among Jewish Israelis said they were in favour of what is euphemistically called "transfer" -- that is, the expulsion of perhaps two million Palestinians across the River Jordan. This month that figure reached 44 per cent. [
So now you know. The spilling of rivers of blood to be done by us and to us, is, according to Adelman and his ilk, to remake the Middle East into a more Jew-friendly mosaic of puppet governments, and to solve Israel's Palestinian problem.
Now, I'm all for racial separation. Separating Jews and non-Jews is, in itself, a good thing, just as is separating Whites and non-Whites. What I am against is spilling our blood to help our enemies the Jews conquer their enemies while these very same people, the Jews, are preventing us, White Americans, from defending the racial identity of our own country. We White Americans have no quarrel whatsoever with the Palestinians, the Iraqis, the Iranians, nor with any Arabs or Muslims so long as they are not invaders in our land.
Since the Jews are invaders in the Palestinians' land, let the Jews spill their own blood and spend their own money to solve their own racial problem if they can. Thanks in part to the Jews, we have our own very serious demographic perils in the United States. We have a Mexican problem that becomes more pressing every day, and we have had a Black problem that has been demanding resolution since time immemorial, but above all right now we have a Jewish problem that requires attention at the earliest possible date.
A Probable Disaster, if not sooner then later.
Jews have taken over the important lever-pulling positions in our society, and they are using this power to send our soldiers off to kill off and subdue a substantial portion of the world so that they can hang onto their Jewish State. By casting its lot with the State of Israel, the United States will end up in some measure sharing the Jews' fate.
Just as the State of Israel has lost most of the undeserved sympathy that has secured its existence, so too has the Government of the United States destroyed the worldwide sympathy that it enjoyed immediately following the World Trade Center attack. Like the State of Israel, the United States Government, acting under the directives of Perle and Wolfowitz and their ilk, has displayed such obvious bad faith in its dealings with Iraq and the U.N. that we have no credibility left.
Colin Powell presented to the United Nations some alleged evidence against Iraq that has turned out to be laughable, a good part of it cribbed, complete with typographical errors, from a decade-old student dissertation. The United States Government has now been caught bearing false witness for the purpose of starting a war. It is the first time in history, as far as I know, that a casus belli alleged by the United States has met with immediate skepticism followed by ridicule.
Yes, allowing this country to be guided by Zionists does have its price. The fact that the United States Government has disgraced and isolated itself in the world will make the coming wars very expensive both in dollars and in further isolation. And how durable will the morale of U.S. troops be when they are defending nothing dear to themselves, but fighting a trumped-up war against an enemy of the Jews? Do you really believe that the people of Iraq will welcome U.S. troops as liberators?
Saddam Hussein's son-in-law, Hussein Kemal, revealed in a 1995 interview that the Iraqi government was confident in 1991 that U.S. troops would not be proceeding to Baghdad because: "Firing missiles from a distance and aerial bombardment usually result in fewer casualties for the attackers. But the minute you enter a city, a schoolchild 12 years old becomes a fighter. Or even a 70-year-old." Furthermore, he said something that I hope all gun-rights supporters will note well; Hussein Kemal said: "All the Iraqi people are armed." [Time Sep 18 1995: 82]
Because those Jews who are goading President Bush into war never served in uniform, they are often called chicken-hawks. Senator Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam combat-veteran, commented: "It is interesting to me that so many of those who want to rush this country into war and think it would be so quick and easy don't know anything about war." [Time Sep 2 2002:26-28]
Military men, like retired Marine Corps General Anthony Zinni, are generally against this Jewish project: "All the generals see it the same way," he said.
When Bill Clinton's Jews, Madeleine Allbright, Samuel Berger, and William Cohen were urging an invasion of Iraq in 1998, military analyst John Hillen of the Council on Foreign Relations estimated that at least 1,000 American soldiers would die, at a cost of more than fifty billion dollars, with an occupation lasting at least five years. [ Time Nov 30 1998: 50]
I have heard some recent estimates that run much higher than that. I am not aware of any estimates about the costs of the subsequent war against the Shi'ite fanatics of Iran. A war against Iran will very likely follow, not only because Iran has humiliated Israel through its proxy, Hizbollah, but because Iran has a nuclear program, and has recently developed a long range missile that can reach Israel. And Ariel Sharon, George W. Bush's idol, wants a war against Iran. It was reported on November 5, 2002 that Sharon was urging the international community to apply pressure on Teheran immediately after action against Iraq ends because Iran is a "center of world terror."
[ 02/11/05/39149.html] And Iraq's majority Shi'ite Muslim population may in itself lead to Iran's involvement. Iran is a much larger country than Iraq, with many more people, some of whom are the kind who bring their burial shroud to the front and attack in human waves. I expect that Iran will make Iraq look like a cakewalk.
Fallout from the War
Most Americans seem to understand that an increase in anti-U.S. terrorism is inevitable if George W. Bush allows the Jews to push us into this war. Anybody who isn't wearing blinders can see for himself what we in fact have been explicitly told about the grievances of the terrorists of 1998 and 2001: support for Israel, presence of U.S. troops, treatment of Iraq. Since Iraq has not supported any terrorism against the United States, the potential for terrorism will not have been decreased one iota by the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, but all three grievances will have been amplified greatly. Recently in Britain some Muslims were discovered to be in possession of ricin. Ricin is easy to make, and a very small quantity can kill many, many people. A diffusion of ricin over Manhattan would kill many more than the 3000 who died in the World Trade Center. This is what is coming, and in this multiracial, open-border society that insists on making bitter enemies at the behest of the Jews, it has been made inevitable.
The United States government seems to be in a kind of death-spiral. It has adopted the attitude of the Zionists. Just like the State of Israel, the more problems it faces, the more unjust it becomes, and in turn, the more unjust it becomes, the more problems it will face because in this vicious cycle it increasingly isolates itself, alienating its friends and embittering its enemies. The Jews have a collective reckoning coming for all the harm that they have done. They have postponed that reckoning again and again by falling back on the United States, but over time, this has required the United States to become more and more deeply immersed in the same kinds of troubles. Because of Jewish influence the U.S. Government has been propping up Israel. But who will bail out the United States government when it is trusted by no one, when it is hated by all the world, when it can no longer pay its own bills, when it is under siege by terrorists? There will be nobody in a position to do for the United States what the Government of United States has done all these years for the Jews, and that will be the end of the State of Israel as well.
The obvious answer if we want to be free of terrorism is that we rid ourselves of Jewish domination. We should recognize the folly of a multiracial society with open borders and attend to our own affairs. This is a lot simpler and a lot more humane than going around the world killing everybody who might someday be able to attack us. The way of racial self-determination and progress is the way of the National Alliance, and it is diametrically opposed to the Jewish-led way of dishonesty, murder, oppression, and "remaking" whole regions of the world over rivers of human blood. If you are a White person with the sense to see which is the better way, we hope that you will join us and support our cause.


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