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The Last Straw:
Jewish Death Squads in America

American Dissident Voices broadcast
January 25, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


They're the hardened elite of Israel's "Defense Forces." They're indoctrinated from day one in the superiority of the Jewish race. They're taught that the cause of Israel and the survival of Jews are "holy" causes which cannot be questioned. They are taught to believe that violence committed in the name of the Jews is fully justified. If anyone on this Earth is inured to blood and murder and mayhem, it is these Israeli soldiers. If anyone can kill with a smile on his face, it is they. So why are they in a "rehabilitation village" to save them from despair, depression, drugs, and suicide?
The village is called Izun. It's located near Caesarea, and it is host to over 100 veterans of the Israeli "Defense Forces," or IDF, who just can't take it anymore. And the demand for the services provided in the rehabilitation village outstrips its capabilities: More than 900 Israeli parents have inquired on behalf of their sons, who are unable to deal with the things they have done and the things they have been asked to do by the Jewish state.
One of the doctors in the village states: "The soldiers burst out crying and blame themselves for maltreatment, abuse, humiliation and derision of the Palestinians. Now, after being discharged, the vision of what they had done is playing itself in their minds like a non-stop film. When he comes back he realizes what he had done. He tries to escape from reality, to escape into drugs, and his life becomes a ruin." Many of these soldiers leave Israel and try to escape from their memories by wandering to India or other places in the East, where many kill themselves or become addicted to drugs. The problem is so common that a name has been coined for these escapees from the IDF and from Israel: they call them the "backpackers." A senior IDF officer said "It is not exactly shell shock. It is not a post-traumatic stress disorder either. It is simply severe mental crisis. This situation is a real time bomb." On November 5th alone, four new patients were admitted to Izun, all of them veterans of "Duvdevan," an Israeli special forces unit assigned to the task of carrying out assassinations while disguised as Arabs.
IDF reserve lieutenant-colonel Omri Frish said many of these soldiers return home "in a condition of total collapse, apathetic and with no grasp of reality." Despite the indoctrination they received that Jews are superior to all other races, despite the Jewish supremacism that permeates Israeli society, many of the deeds they were ordered to commit were so horrific that they will do anything to escape the memories. Frish states: "The soldiers say 'we were told that we are supermen,' and supermen don't ask for help. They are left with an enormous feeling of guilt, that they are worthless, and that these feelings will accompany them for the rest of their lives."
"We were told that we are supermen." What acts could they have committed that reduced these Jewish "supermen" into blubbering mental cases?
A former member of the Duvdevan relates: "We went into houses and confronted the Palestinians. We killed civilians, some of which were innocent. You carry out your task and you don't realize that it would hurt you in the future. We were told that that was our assignment full stop." Another IDF soldier says: "We went into houses. We saw children and old people crying…. At first you feel no pity, you just have a job to do and you do it. But later when you sit at home, you start realizing what you have done…." An Israeli officer connected with the village makes the amazing admission that he is dealing with "soldiers who confronted a civilian population, and when they were discharged realized that they were wrong."
There are documented cases of Jews harvesting the organs of Palestinian civilians whom they have just murdered. According to the Tehran Times:
"The Israeli Army on December 30 killed three Palestinian boys, aged 14-15 near Khan Younis in unclear circumstances. The army issued conflicting reports on the killing, while Palestinian sources charged that Israeli troops murdered the three unarmed boys in cold blood. The bodies of the three boys were handed over to the Palestinians for burial on 6 January. However, shortly before burial, Palestinian medical authorities examined the bodies and found out that the main vital organs were missing from the bodies. … The Israeli authorities normally detain the bodies of martyred Palestinians for a few days without any explanation. … Zionist Minister of Health Nessim Dahhan said in response to a question by Arab member of the Zionist Parliament 'Knesset', Ahmed Teibi, on Tuesday that he couldn't deny that organs of Palestinian youths and children killed by the Israeli forces were taken out for transplants or scientific research. 'I couldn't say for sure that something like that (taking out the organs) didn't happen.'" [Tehran Times, January 10th, 2002]
One whole group of IDF soldiers needing treatment at the Izun rehabilitation village are those who were assigned the task of assassinating Palestinian militant IIyad Batat in 2001. One of them stated that after they killed Batat, "At first we were happy and elated with our success. We posed for photographs over the remnants of his mangled body, some of us smiling and laughing while holding his torn-off organs. Suddenly, a few weeks later, the Operations Officer came over, reprimanded us and demanded that we hand over those photographs. He burnt them in front of us and warned us never to take such photos again. When we finally realized what we had done we felt very upset. A short time later, two of us went to party where they took a lot of Ecstasy pills. They came back to camp totally doped. We had to take away their guns and lock them up in a room, until the psychiatrists came to take them. One of them didn't recognize anybody, and was all the time shouting 'Muhammad, Muhammad, Muhammad.' He became totally crazy. The Intifada has finished him."
The story of the Israeli rehabilitation village is one of those stories that usually don't make it beyond the Jewish press -- I mean the press that is written for Jews. It's a story that was intended for Jewish eyes. It was originally published in the Hebrew newspaper Ma'ariv, but, unlike most such stories, it was picked up and translated by a group called The Other Israel and eventually published in English in Australia's Alternative News Network on November 22d, and also by the Holy Land Trust. [ and]
Another story which didn't get the press it deserved was the one placed on the United Press International wires last week by Richard Sales, UPI Intelligence Correspondent. The story was printed by a few newspapers, to their credit, including the Moonie-owned Washington Times, the Chicago Sun-Times, and Japan Today. But it hasn't been front page material or the cause of "outrage" or tearful wailing by the script-reading talking heads on Fox News or anywhere else in the Jewish media world. It deserves to be shouted from the housetops.
For what Mr. Sales revealed was the fact that Israel has openly announced that it will begin to murder its enemies on the streets of the United States. The terror, the killing, the murder, the blood is coming here, thanks to Israel, thanks to the Jewish lobby, thanks to the Jewish state-within-a-state that controls the Bush administration. ["Israel to kill in U.S., allied nations," UPI, January 15th, 2003,]
According to former Israeli intelligence officials, Israel will now commit what they call "targeted killings" on the soil of the U.S. and other friendly nations. Until now, the sources said, Ariel Sharon has at least claimed that he limited that practice to occupied Palestine, other Arab nations, and Israel itself. But those restrictions have "become irrelevant," since America is now so firmly under the control of the Jews. In the hands of the Jews, a CIA assassination team recently killed an alleged al-Qaeda leader and five other people riding in his car in a friendly country, Yemen. There was no arrest, no trial, no witnesses, nothing but instant death. It was assassination, pure and simple. The precedent has been set and the Jews in Israel now see no "down side" at all for them in beginning to kill whomever they want to kill in America and anywhere else. This is a measure of their desperation, of course, but it is also a measure of their assurance that the Jewish-controlled American media will say little about their murder squads, and in fact will rationalize and justify any killings in which they might be caught. It is a measure of their assurance that the Justice Department in the United States is so firmly under the heel of Jews like Michael Chertoff that they will blithely look the other way when Mossad hit teams kill Americans.
A former Israeli government official said that "diplomatic constraints have prevented the Mossad from carrying out 'preventive operations' (targeted killings) on the soil of friendly countries until now," but that Sharon is "reversing that policy, even if it risks complications to Israel's bilateral relations." UPI asked the Israeli official if this meant assassinations on the soil of allies. His answer: "It does."
Israel, which would be essentially bankrupt without aid from U.S. taxpayers, has recently made a $12 billion additional "aid" request to be tacked onto the approximately $6 billion tribute we already pay to the Jewish state. In the wake of 9/11 and the misnamed "War on Terror" and the Christian fundamentalists' intensified lunatic attachment to the Zionist cause, the Jews think the time is ripe to milk the American boobs for even more money. And this time, our tax money is going to be used to fund a huge increase in the budget of the Mossad, which is in charge of the death squads to be sent to the U.S.
UPI asked a Congressional staffer if the Congress would protest these Jewish death squads being sent to America. His answer: "I don't know on what basis we would be able to protest Israel's actions." He referred to the precedent already set by the CIA hit in Yemen. I ask: Was this hit accomplished in part just to establish such a precedent?
Former CIA counter-terrorism official Larry Johnson expressed serious concerns about the projected Jewish death squads: "Israel does not have a good record at doing this sort of thing…." He cited the 1997 case in which two Mossad agents were captured after they tried to murder a man in Jordan (a country that recognizes Israel) by injecting him with poison. The Jews involved in the attempted killing carried fraudulent Canadian passports, and Canada withdrew its ambassador in protest. In 1974 an Israeli hit squad murdered a Moroccan waiter in Lillehammer, Norway, a man who wasn't even their intended victim. The intended victim was a double agent working for the CIA, and the Jews eventually killed him with a car bomb in Lebanon. In 1990, a U.S. citizen, Gerald Bull, was found with five bullets in his head in Belgium. Bull had angered the Jews because he designed weapons for Iraq, which at that time had no conflict with the United States. The cold-blooded murder of Bull was never officially solved, but former CIA officials have said the Mossad is the most likely culprit.
The Enclyclopaedia of the Orient describes the Mossad as follows:
"Mossad has agents in all important countries around the world, as well as in Arab countries. It is alleged that the country where Mossad has the most agents, is in the USA, where they serve an important role in directing US Mid-East policy. Mossad activity is diverse, and varies from silent operations like monitoring individuals and organizations, to manipulating journalists, politicians and organizations, to the kidnapping and killing of individuals."
On Tuesday, Bush's most prominent handler and spinmeister, the Jew Ari Fleischer, was asked by reporter Russell Mokhiber of the Corporate Crime Reporter: "Ari, UPI reported last week that Prime Minister Sharon of Israel has given the green light to Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, to engage in targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries. The report says that Mossad has in the past engaged in assassinations in Belgium, Norway, and other European countries, but never in the United States. Is the administration aware of this new Israeli policy and has the administration agreed to it?"
Fleischer's response was less than enlightening: "That's the first I've heard of it, so I have no comment to offer on it." Can you believe that? This question was asked almost a week after the UPI story on the Jewish death squads was printed. Top intelligence experts in Washington and Tel Aviv were interviewed about it. It's a story that deeply and directly affects everyone concerned with Israeli-American relations, even if only for reasons of damage control. And yet, the top Jewish spokesman at the White House claims never to have heard of it. Come on, Ari, you can do better than that! [SF Indymedia, January 21st, 2003,]
The man who will run the worldwide Jewish death squads, including those in the United States, is new Mossad chief Meir Dagan, nicknamed by his fellow killers "da gun," who was described by a CIA agent as having a "real killer instinct."
Former Israeli intelligence officers told UPI that objections to Jewish death squads in friendly countries have now become "irrelevant." Does this mean that that these squads will get a free pass in the Justice Department of Michael Chertoff?
According to an FBI spokesmen, when asked about the Jewish death squads: "This is a policy matter. We only enforce federal laws." What about laws against murder? What about laws against political assassinations? What kind of an administration is this? The Bush government is the most heavily Jewish government in history outside of Israel. What kind of regime are we living under?
What kind of regime, indeed. We need to change that regime. And we can do it, legally. There isn't a decent American alive who wouldn't agree with us when presented with these facts. I'm asking all of you who are listening to my voice or reading my words to do something about these Jewish outrages against our people -- against all the peoples of the world. I'm asking you to awaken those in your families who love and respect you. I want you to ask your pastor or priest to stop supporting the real terrorists of this world, the Jewish state and the Jewish terror apparatus in this country. I want you call and write your representatives and show them that we are disgusted and outraged by our government's support to the terrorist state of Israel, and that we won't tolerate it anymore. I'm asking you to join the National Alliance and be a part of the renaissance of our people and civilization, of our liberation from Jewish tyranny. If you can't join us now, I am asking you to support us with your donations. Our cause is right. Israel has forfeited its place among civilized nations. The Jewish establishment which lords it over Europe and America needs to be removed from power and prevented from ever infecting our societies again. If they want a Jewish society, fine. Let them have it, and stay in it. But they must never again make us their instruments. They must never again be allowed to threaten our future. They need to be isolated and neutralized. We are still the majority in our homelands. Let us work together and stand together to regain our freedom.


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