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Terror in Chicago

American Dissident Voices broadcast
January 18, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


Last week Americans felt the sting of the new police state. Last week the "USA Patriot Act" found a victim. Last week Michael Chertoff struck again. Chertoff is the Jew in the Bush administration whose job it is to silence those who oppose the upcoming war on Iraq, and to silence those who speak out against the ongoing genocide of Whites in America. Chertoff's title is "Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division," but his function is epitomized by his efforts to put David Duke in jail and smear his name in the press, efforts which we exposed on this program two weeks ago. Chertoff also works closely with the FBI's heavily-Jewish "Special Investigation Division" and its "Joint Terrorism Task Force." Chertoff was described by Time magazine as usually "found at Attorney General John Ashcroft's elbow." Chertoff also is the person personally responsible for protecting the 200 Israeli spies arrested -- and then released on Chertoff's orders -- in the wake of the terror attacks on 9/11/01, spies who apparently had advance knowledge of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon but did nothing to warn Americans. He is a very curious man indeed to have in charge of a "terrorism task force" that may be more aptly named than you think.
A few days ago, that "Joint Terrorism Task Force" invaded a federal court building in Chicago and arrested a young attorney named Matt Hale from East Peoria who was on his way to a hearing on a trademark case involving his church. In addition to being the only attorney in history denied the right to practice law because of his pro-White views, Hale is a concert violinist, radio personality, and head of a pro-White church called the World Church of the Creator. His church was fighting a decision by a Federal appeals court which declared that another church legally owned the name "Church of the Creator" and that all of the church's bibles and other literature must be "delivered up for destruction." Hale, who was described by his neighbors, who don't agree with his political views, as an unusually peaceful man even in the face of provocation, was accused of plotting to murder the judge sitting on the trademark case. Ignoring for the moment the fact that Hale would have to be insane to plan or solicit a murder just for the sake of a trademark case, especially when his Church's Web site and literature has already changed its name from the disputed "Church of the Creator" to "The Creativity Movement," the really telling fact about Hale's arrest for a crime he is very unlikely to have committed is that the arrest was not made through normal channels. Remember, as I said, the arrest was made by -- you guessed it -- the Chertoff-linked "Joint Terrorism Task Force," in this case engaging in a little terrorism of its own.
This is the same "task force" that was praised by the organized-crime-linked Jewish spy and dirty-tricks agency called the "Anti-Defamation League" (or ADL). The ADL praised the "Joint Terrorism Task Force" for their involvement in the recent arrest of Christine Greenwood. Greenwood, you will remember from my show of January 4th, was the young White woman who operated a charity for poor White families from her home in Southern California and who was just charged by Chertoff's "task force" for possessing "bomb making materials" because police noticed gasoline and nails in her home three years ago. The ADL says it applauds the "task force" for its ignoble deeds against Greenwood. [ADL Web site:]
The story that climaxed a few days ago in Chicago begins in 1973 when an inventor and Florida state legislator named Ben Klassen founded a religion which he called Creativity and which he organized under the name the World Church of the Creator. The Church of the Creator was described by Revilo P. Oliver, Professor of the Classics at the University of Illinois and one of the 20th century's greatest writers on religion, as perhaps the first attempt in this century to found an entirely new race-based religion for White people. The "creator" in the church's name referred to the creative intelligence of the European race, not to any supernatural deity, in which Mr. Klassen did not believe. After Ben Klassen's death in 1993, the church declined and nearly became moribund until Matt Hale's ascent to its leadership in recent years.
The Church of the Creator had a style that, to some degree, mimicked both the Catholic church and the German National Socialists. The leader of the church was called the "Pontifex maximus," Latin for high priest or pope; it had an elite bodyguard unit called the White Berets who wore armbands and military-style uniforms, and many church members used the Roman salute when greeting each other or at official functions. Like many churches, the Church of the Creator had a comprehensive and dogmatic world-view that answered almost all of life's questions for its members. Its beliefs were set out in a book by Mr. Klassen titled The White Man's Bible. It advocated, though it did not enforce, fruitarianism as a diet and Latin as a revived universal language for Whites. Like other churches, it had its factions and splits, but the group headed by Mr. Hale was clearly the largest and most active. The members of the church call themselves "Creators."
I do admire the energy and courage of Reverend Hale and many of his church's members. I appreciate their racial loyalty, a quality often lacking in White members of mainstream churches. When a court was trying, a couple of years ago, to falsely claim that the Church of the Creator was not a bona fide religion because they held pro-White views, I submitted copies of Dr. Oliver's scholarly analysis of the religion to them for possible use in the case. When my work as an archivist for the Oliver estate turned up photographs of Mr. Klassen, I sent copies of them to the church for their historical archive.
Now, I don't agree with every tenet of the Church of the Creator, and I have never been a member of it. I don't think that their approach is the best one for awakening European-descended people to their plight. But in our society we are supposed to have freedom of religion and freedom of speech. I completely disagreed, for example, with the doctrines of the Branch Davidians, but I was one of the first to condemn their murder at the hands of Janet Reno and the Clinton Administration. Churches, no matter what their beliefs, should not be invaded by armed goon squads, church members should not be gassed and burned alive by military death squads, and church leaders should not be framed on false charges and thrown into jail for their beliefs.
Another interesting and highly unusual fact in the allegations against Reverend Hale is that at no time have his accusers stated the name of the person who Hale supposedly solicited to murder the judge in his trademark case. That person, if he even exists at all, has not even been described in a general way. Another fact seldom mentioned in mainstream news accounts of the charges against Hale is that the judge whom he allegedly sought to have killed, Joan Lefkow, had actually ruled in favor of Hale and his Church of the Creator and that the decision against Hale was made by another judge on appeal, who overruled Lefkow and reversed her decision. Lefkow was left with the task of enforcing the higher court's decree, and Hale was suing Lefkow for that enforcement which actually called for the destruction of the church's bibles, but was this situation sufficient motive for murder? The Hale arrest and indictment stink to high heaven, and I don't believe a word of the accusations.
Christine Greenwood. Matt Hale. David Duke. All railroaded on false charges. Every case linked to Michael Chertoff and the Jewish state-within-a-state that controls the Bush administration.
I'm going to show solidarity with Matt Hale because he is a White man incarcerated for standing up for his beliefs, even though I am not a member of his church and I've disagreed with him in the past. His defense fund can be reached at

217 Randolph Street
East Peoria, IL 61611

I'm going to show solidarity with Christine Greenwood and her co-defendants because she and they are honorable White people and deserve to beat the phony charges laid against them by Chertoff and his corrupt accomplices. Their defense fund can be reached at:

Defense Fund
POB 3634
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

I am going to show solidarity with David Duke, who was forced to plead guilty when Chertoff and his gang pressed false charges on him in a district where a nearly all-Black jury pool would never give him a fair trial. David Duke can be reached at

European-American Unity and Rights Organization
PO Box 188
Mandeville LA 70470

Let me tell you something. White Americans are among the most law-abiding people on Earth. White nationalists and the National Alliance in particular are upholders of the law and traditions as set down by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, who were racial separatists as are we. It is the Michael Chertoffs and his friends at the ADL who are the law violators. It is George Bush and his Jewish handlers who make a mockery of the Constitution and the rights of Americans. They break the laws. We do not. And we put you lawbreakers on notice: we are not afraid. We are right. Our actions are moral and our actions are lawful. We act in the best traditions of America and of Western Civilization. And we will not back down. And it is not White separatists who are the violent threat to the non-White races. It is the Jewish establishment which ordered the burning alive of 100,000 non-Whites who were peacefully retreating from Kuwait after their surrender in 1991. It is the Jewish power structure, not White separatists, which routinely pumps Palestinian children full of bullets, tortures them and keeps them behind barbed wire in what ought to be called concentration camps. It isn't White people who commit the drive-by shootings and drug murders on our streets, but the Jewish establishment which has supported the browning of America has a lot to answer for in that regard. And it isn't White people that have opened the floodgates of immigration in every country in Europe, either. It's the Jewish establishment that insists that no White nation on Earth can keep itself White. That's genocide. Palestinians and Whites are in the same boat; it's just that many Whites don't know it yet.
We're not afraid of you, Michael Chertoff. But we are concerned that if we do nothing, you and your kind will exterminate our children -- so we're going to do something. We're going to do what the previous generation of White people failed to do. We're going to have racial solidarity. We're going to build a new sense of community among our kind, even stronger than what our Founding Fathers had, and we now know that our kind does not include you. And we're going to do it honorably and legally and non-violently, so that everyone will be able to see that any charges you lay against us will be false. The Jewish establishment tried the false-charges game in 1988 in the Fort Smith Sedition Trial, and a jury saw through your lies and found every White separatist innocent. I predict that's going to happen again.
I predict that more and more White people are going to speak out. I predict that the courage of the pro-White pioneers who speak out now will embolden others to be equally brave in the near future. Let me give you an example of one man who isn't afraid.
Chester Doles is a regional coordinator for the National Alliance. He is 42, a father of eleven, a political science student at university and a professional carpenter. Mr. Doles has built a beautiful mountaintop meeting hall for the Georgia National Alliance near his home. I've spoken there myself. Mr. Doles is not afraid -- even though he was the subject of pseudo-legal intimidation just a few months ago.
A whistle-blower in a local sheriff's department revealed that Mr. Doles and other members were being targeted for harassment by that department, and the usual buzz-words of "neo-Nazi," "hater," and references to Mr. Dole's Alliance meeting hall as a "compound" were evident in the documents publicized by the patriotic whistle-blower. It was clear that the stage was being set for turning that department against Mr. Doles and his legal and honorable local Alliance unit, though no false charges had yet been filed. It is not known if any payoffs were actually made to corrupt officials in this case. What was Mr. Doles' response? After consulting with National Alliance leadership, he issued a bold answer in the form of a press release, from which I quote:
Offering absolutely no evidence to support its claims, the … Sheriff's Department recently issued an internal memo falsely accusing a local citizen of several offenses….
The Sheriff's Department memo called the National Alliance "a racially motivated hate group" and stated that it "has a compound in the north Lumpkin County area." The Regional Coordinator for the National Alliance, Mr. Chester J. Doles, Jr., responded to these accusations by saying:
"We are a group of law-abiding citizens who support the efforts of the police in controlling gangs and crime and wish them all success in their efforts. In fact, we wish the laws were enforced more vigorously."
He also said that the "compound" referred to was actually his own home and that:
"…our meeting hall and my house are not compounds any more than are the American Legion or the YMCA."
He continued:
"The National Alliance is not a secret group or a gang. Its members are upright concerned citizens, who use their real names and who have excellent reputations. Members are out in the open in everything they do, and remain completely legal at all times. The Lumpkin County Unit of the National Alliance is comprised of local people who are concerned with local issues that affect this area of Georgia -- not outsiders trying to cause trouble in the community. No one in the National Alliance is assigned to the job of causing -- or wants to cause -- confrontations with the police. The inference that this is true is a clear attempt to blacken … the Alliance in the eyes of law enforcement officers, and create an atmosphere of distrust in which misunderstandings and 'incidents' may occur…."
The result was a retraction of the false charges and a friendly meeting with the sheriff whose department was being manipulated by outside forces into a confrontation with the Alliance. And as I speak to you today Mr. Doles is continuing his activism full force.
What is terrorism? Webster's dictionary defines terrorism as "the act of terrorizing, or state of being terrorized; a mode of government by terror or intimidation." Terror is extreme fear or fright. The prosecutors in the Christine Greenwood case have already admitted to the press that she and her friends are being prosecuted to send a "chilling effect" through the White community. [Los Angeles Times, November 20th, 2002] That, by definition is terrorism, aided and abetted by the "Joint Terrorism Task Force." Pro-White groups operate by discussion, by persuasion, by printing magazines, by writing books, by producing videotapes and CDs and radio programs, by holding community events like speeches and discussion groups and dances. It is not we who engage in "a mode of government by terror or intimidation." It is not we who attempt to induce extreme fear or fright in anyone. It is not we who lay false charges against the innocent.
We stand guarded by our innocence. We stand firm for the truth. We will liberate our people from Jewish lies and domination. And we will win in the end.


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