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To American Youth
on the Eve of War

American Dissident Voices broadcast
January 11, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom

Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom.
Today's program is for you, the sons and brothers and young fathers of America. It is a message to the young men being asked to die for their country in the upcoming war on Iraq being planned by our enemies. America's sons -- and I have two sons who will be of "military age" in the next decade, so I have a personal stake in this -- are being manipulated into becoming cannon fodder for Israel in the most sickening display of hypocritical moralizing cant that I have ever witnessed in my life. Today's program is for you, my sons. I don't want you to die. And I don't want you to be hired killers.
The politicos, like Boy George Bush, who speak of "patriotism" and "defending America's freedom" are all either knowing cynical liars or psychopaths who can program themselves on some level to actually believe their own Jewish speechwriters.
A few days ago president Bush spoke to 4,000 young soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas. He broadly hinted that the second report from the weapons inspectors in Iraq, due on the 27th of this month, will signal an American invasion. His advance knowledge of the contents of a report that hasn't yet been written is even more amazing than his instant analysis of the inspectors' earlier 12,000-page report which he declared contained "proof" of Iraqi violations of UN decrees almost the instant it was issued. One can be sure that Bush and his overseers have decided in advance that there will be some pretext for war, whether the inspectors actually find anything or not. Bush's handlers are now floating the idea of Bush's declaring this new crusade during his State of the Union speech, to be delivered the day after the inspectors' report is due to be released. An unnamed "senior administration official" was quoted by the Washington Post last week as saying that Saddam Hussein's "time will have run out" on that very day. U.S. ambassadors have just been instructed to request help from their host countries during the planned occupation of Iraq. No presidential travel at all has been scheduled for February. [Washington Post, January 4th, 2003]
And American troops are massing in the Persian Gulf region. 60,000 are now acknowledged to be there, a number that is expected to double in the next few weeks. Unless something happens to upset the Jewish war plans, the number that will return will certainly be a smaller one. Not only will Americans be killed in the war, but many more will become victims of terrorism at home as outrage against the American invasion and occupation -- and American support of Israeli genocide -- and American support of puppet governments -- boils over in the increasingly Third World and increasingly Moslem population of our homeland. Not only will Americans be killed in the war, but as we become more and more of a garrison state in response to terrorism and perpetual war for perpetually elusive peace -- as we become more and more like our masters, the Israelis -- we will also kill the freedom that made America worth defending and life here worth living and which our race needs for its healthy development. I don't want America to become another Israel. I don't want my sons to die needlessly. I don't want the murder and enslavement of whole populations on my conscience, and I don't want to pay for them with my taxes. I don't want this war. My sons, you are being lied to by your leaders. You are being tricked into betraying America under the guise of "patriotism."
I have absolutely no attachment to Saddam Hussein or Iraq (in fact I think we of the White West need to be ever vigilant against incursions from the Arab/Moslem world), but the media hoopla and politicians' double-talk which designates Hussein as some kind of threat to America or exemplar of "evil" is ridiculous. His regime has surrendered and bowed down to U.S. and U.S.-engineered U.N. demands for over a decade. How many other countries agree to limit their weapons development to what a hostile foreign state decides is allowable? How many other countries agree that foreign states may decide where their planes may and may not fly over their own sovereign territory? How many other countries have peacefully accepted an embargo that even their enemies concede has resulted in the deaths of about half a million of their children? How many other countries have been willing to let enemy agents talk publicly with their top weapons scientists? Iraq's submission after its defeat and the mass incineration of its retreating troops in 1991 has been almost total. Yet it is slated for destruction, occupation, and the installation of a puppet regime. Why?
1. By Middle Eastern standards, Iraq is a large, advanced, and powerful country. It is located near Israel. This in itself makes it a potential threat to Israeli domination of that region.
2. Even though Iraq is a secular state and the government there generally dislikes, distrusts, and disapproves of Islamic fundamentalism, it is naturally sympathetic to the plight of the oppressed Palestinians, to whom it is tied by blood and religion. This also makes it a potential threat in Israeli eyes.
3. The attacks of September 11th, 2001 provide a pretext for war against all of Israel's enemies. The Jews want to use 9/11 for all it's worth and make war against those they see as even potential future threats as soon as possible, while American dislike of Moslems is high and the memory of the World Trade Center attack is still fresh. There's a lot of evidence that Israeli intelligence knew of 9/11 in advance and did nothing, or possibly even influenced events to make it happen, knowing of the tremendous propaganda victory it would be in getting Americans pepped up to kill Arabs.
4. The Jewish media and the lapdog politicians tested the ignorance and gullibility of Americans with the war in Afghanistan. First, they transferred the blame for the attacks from Osama Bin Laden to the government of Afghanistan, which had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, on the pretext that that's where Osama, a Saudi, was living at the time. When Afghanistan refused to waive all of its laws when American Jews commanded them to do so, Afghanistan was attacked, invaded, and a puppet government friendly to Jewish interests and well-oiled by American dollars was installed. Now that they have seen how easily the American public can be buffaloed into thinking that any "camel jockey" (as long as he lives outside the U.S.) is an enemy of Mom and Apple Pie and is somehow to blame for the recent terror attacks on American soil, why not take the even more absurd step of claiming that destroying one of Israel's biggest worries is somehow part of a "fight against terrorism." Never mind that there is not a molecule of evidence that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11. Never mind that the current Iraqi government loathes Islamic fundamentalism, which it regards as its adversary for political power in the Moslem world. Never mind that Iraq had and has no use for Bin Laden or the Taliban. All that is irrelevant. "Camel jockeys" knocked down our buildings. That's all that matters. The media spinmeisters do the rest. If there is still some steam in the misled and misdirected American "patriots" after the body bags start arriving, you may be sure that Iraq will not be the last victim of this 9/11 sting operation. The leaders of Iran and Saudi Arabia better be making some serious contingency plans.
Ladies and gentlemen, this alleged "war on terror" of which the war on Iraq is a part promises to be a war without a clearly definable goal, a war without end. It promises to be a world war. It promises power to the Jews who, they believe, will crush their enemies and steal their oil billions, with a few billion crumbs for their gentile collaborators like the Bush dynasty. But it also promises years if not decades of unprecedented death and destruction, and huge costs in blood and money to my people, the White working people of the West, who will gain absolutely nothing by it. (Even establishment think tanks admit that the direct costs of war may top $200 billion, and the total economic costs may be five times that -- one thousand billion dollars. [Washington Post, December 1st, 2002]) This is, perhaps, the most unjust of all wars and we must not support it.
The propaganda leaflets are already falling on Iraq. The bombs have been falling on Iraq for many months now, with the repeated justification that Iraqis have somehow violated the "no fly" zone or that they had the temerity to turn on their radar when foreign warplanes were surging across their skies. In reality, the war on Iraq has already started. It is the actual invasion that is about to begin.
I recently drove across about half of this continent, and as I did so, I got to listen to a lot of commercial broadcast radio. All over the dial are so-called "conservatives" frothing at the mouth for this war, a war that will kill innocents and harm America. A war that will benefit only the Jews. A war that will instill a hatred of America in the hearts of many future generations in the Moslem and Arab world, a hatred that could be healed if we stop this madness now. And all over the radio dial, at a far higher density than a few months ago, were announcements urging teenage boys to register for the Selective Service. That reminded me of you, my sons. Thinking of you inspired me to speak out.
Recently, a group of actors of various political persuasions called Artists United to Win Without War issued an interesting statement. They stated that they are under pressure now to make war movies, and they resent that pressure.[The Washington Times, December 14th, 2002] Cable and satellite movie channels have been engaging in a riot of recycled war movies, many of them dusty propaganda pieces from World War II. I was astounded one day as I reviewed the schedule of Turner Classic Movies over the holiday season and found that, instead of the seasonal classics you'd expect to see at that time of year, the majority of the films that day were war movies and war propaganda short subjects. And other channels, owned or controlled by the same ethnic interests, are marching in lockstep.
Country music artists have issued songs celebrating war, and even proudly flaunting the ignorance of the singer who, he says, can't tell the difference "between Iraq and Iran," but clearly implying that he'll kill anyone Bush -- and by extension Bush's Jewish owners -- tells him to kill.
My sons, that is an ignorant mentality. I do not want you to be ignorant. I do want you to see the hypocrisy of those who claim to be champions of human rights and freedom engaging in a slaughter of people who have never harmed the United States of America. And I want you to notice that none except one of the Congressmen who voted to give Bush his "war powers" has a son in the enlisted ranks of the military. Most of all, I want you to look at the behavior of those who are the cause of all this war and conflict -- Israel and the Jewish world power behind Israel.
Is it Saddam Hussein's government that brazenly shoots reporters who dare to report stories the government doesn't like? No, it's Israel: according to the Foreign Press Association, no fewer than twenty reporters have been fired on by Israeli soldiers while doing their jobs and reporting on the Israeli response to the Palestinian uprising. A group of journalists called Reporters Without Boundaries stated that Israeli Defense Forces had shot forty reporters over a three-year period. Amazing -- and telling -- isn't it? And doubly amazing that the media don't choose to highlight this story when their own employees are being attacked. [Ha'aretz, May 25th, 2001; Reporters Without Boundaries, May 15th, 2001]
What country in the Middle East uses Christian schoolchildren as human shields? Iraq? No -- again, it's Israel. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune of August 31st, 2001, Israeli troops invaded a Lutheran school in the Palestinian village of Beit Jallah, using the roof of the school -- with the children inside -- as a base for weapons fire and military operations against the people of the town. The Lutheran World Federation protested, the pastor of the church and his bishop protested. But did you hear about it? Was it on the nightly news? Was it on page one? Were the talk hosts telling you about this outrage? Were the Christian radio preachers telling their flocks about this outrage against Christian children by the Jews? You can be sure that if this was Iraqi soldiers doing this, it would have been page one material, and another warrant for war. But no -- the Jews are always innocent, and their crimes are not to be emphasized or highlighted in any way. It's sinful to criticize them.
What Middle Eastern country murders children who violate curfew laws? Is it Iraq and its wicked dictator Saddam Hussein? No. It's Israel. The Jerusalem Post admitted on last October 16th that in only four months fifteen Palestinians were summarily killed for mere curfew violations -- and that twelve of the fifteen, 80 per cent., were children.
Who recently openly endorsed torture as a political weapon, on "60 Minutes" no less? Was it Moslem extremists, or Saddam Hussein and his minions, exposed for what they really are on national TV? No, it was Jewish attorney and militant Zionist Alan Dershowitz, who once defended O. J. Simpson. Dershowitz has the gall to claim to be a defender of human rights while not only endorsing the admitted Israeli policy of torturing prisoners who are captured without charge or trial or hope of a trial, but who also wants to bring such blatantly unconstitutional practices to the United States of America. Dershowitz wants judges to be able to issue "torture warrants" and authorize the insertion of metal needles under the fingernails and similar practices which cause "excruciating pain" to people who have never even been convicted of a crime. Creatures like Dershowitz have no right to call themselves Americans or live under the protection of our laws and our fighting men. Most emphatically they do not deserve to have a single drop of American blood shed to protect them. [CBS News, January 17th, 2002; Jewish World Review, January 30th, 2002]
What religious denomination has within its ranks prominent advocates of the extermination of other racial and religious groups? Is it the Moslem clerics in Iraq, or unrepentant chaplains of the former Taliban? Is it the most wacko of the Christian fundamentalists on an anti-Semitic spree? No -- it's a Jewish rabbi in (surprise, surprise) Israel. According to the Palestine Chronicle of November 16th:
"A prominent Israeli rabbi with thousands of followers said during a Sabbath homily in the settlement in Kiryat Arba'a Saturday that halacha, or Jewish religious law, 'essentially supported the annihilation of non-Jews in Israel.' The rabbi, Rav Leor, said most rabbinic authorities 'of the past and the present accepted the opinion that the lives of non-Jews don't' enjoy the same sanctity as the lives of Jews.' 'Hashmadat goyem' (the extermination of non-Jews), he said was an established principle in Jewish theology. The rabbi is affiliated with the messianic Jewish movement known as Gush Emunim which is represented in the Israeli Knesset by seven Knesset members. The movement is represented in the Israeli government by Minister without portfolio Ed Eifam of the National Religious Party."
That should give you the measure of this people, the Jews, who ask you to lay down your lives to destroy their enemies. It should also give you the measure of the mass media in America who do not report or grossly underplay the outrages of Israel and of the Jewish establishment which largely controls these media.
I could go on for a hundred programs about the hypocrisy and genocidal agenda of the Jewish establishment. I could detail for you the Israeli advocacy of summary state murder of the innocent family members of accused terrorists. I could document Israel's admitted policy of assassinating political leaders they don't like. I could show you that Israel has violated far more U.N. resolutions than Iraq. I could show you that Israel has the greatest cache of illegal weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, and that they are openly producing nuclear weapons in violation of agreements with the United States, and that, by law, all U.S. aid to Israel should be cut off because of this nuclear weapons production. I could recount hundreds of grisly massacres of innocent women and children by Israeli soldiers. I could show you how Israel killed American sailors and tried to blame it on the Arabs in the USS Liberty incident. I could tell you about Israel's brutal invasion and occupation of Lebanon, which lasted for twenty years and contrast our reaction to that to our reaction to Iraq's annexation of Kuwait.
My sons, I hope I have told you enough to spur you on to find out more for yourselves. The information is there for those who would seek it. It is in libraries, it is on the Internet which still remains free in 2003, and it can be found on the growing number of radio programs like this one which dare to break away from Jewish media censorship. I hope you will be careful, but I also hope that you will exercise your rights to the fullest legal extent to protect yourselves and the next generation of our people from participating in or helping in any way this obscene war that they are trying to start against Iraq. I hope you will not only oppose this war, but use whatever position of trust and responsibility you may hold to educate our people to oppose and confound the plans of the warmongers. I urge you to make friendly contact with White nationalists and urge them to join us in the National Alliance, and make plans to continue your contacts even if, in the future, the Internet is shut down or censored. I urge you to reach understandings with nationalists of other nations and even races so that the Jewish establishment's agenda of war and race-mixing and genocide may one day be defeated and a brighter day will dawn on planet Earth.


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