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Persecution and Renewal:
Christine Greenwood and David Duke

American Dissident Voices broadcast
January 4, 2003
Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom.
It's the beginning of the new year, 2003. After the passage of the winter solstice, which literally means the Sun's standing still, our ancient ancestors would celebrate the return of the Unconquerable Sun, called Sol Invictus in Latin. The days got longer, and, even though much of Winter still lay ahead, the increasing hours of sunlight promised and foreshadowed the Spring to come and the renewal of Life. So this time is traditionally a time of hope.
And I believe that, on the whole, my broadcasts recently have been harbingers of hope for our European race. I've brought a number of important problems and dangers to your attention, but on the whole I do feel hopeful. I do believe that we are moving forward in our great task of building a permanent White community.
But there are people who are in despair this New Year. There are good White people whose lives have been shattered because of the persecution they have received at the hands of corrupt politicians and the Jewish establishment. There are White men and women imprisoned and taken away from their families and loved ones because they have dared to say "no" to the genocide and extinction of their people. There are so many of these people that even listing their names would take a substantial portion of my broadcast time, and I am sorry that I can't give every such case the attention it deserves. If the National Alliance controlled the broadcast media in the West, instead of the Jews, you'd hear about these cases day and night until the pressure on the establishment would be so great that they'd be forced to see that justice was done, and White patriots imprisoned for political "crimes" would be released.

Today I am just going to mention two of these victims, whose names have been in the news recently.
Christine Greenwood is a young White woman, 28 years old, who operated a small charity out of her apartment in Anaheim, California, called the Aryan Baby Drive. Linking up via email and postal mail with other concerned Whites, some of them National Alliance members, she unselfishly acted as a clearinghouse for used baby clothes, toys, and children's books, which were distributed free of charge to poor White families. She was friends with a few other racial activists who had had some minor brushes with the law. During one of those brushes with the law, police searched Miss Greenwood's home, which she was sharing with her boyfriend, another activist who was the subject of the investigation. The search took place almost three years ago, and no action was taken until a few days ago: now a can of gasoline and a few nails found at that time are being referred to as "bomb making materials" and Miss Greenwood and two others are suddenly facing felony charges of which they are obviously innocent. The prosecutor and his spokesmen openly state that they are prosecuting this "case" in hopes that it will have a "chilling effect" on pro-White activism and that the investigation was begun as a result of perfectly legal flier distribution that local Jews found "anti-Semitic." West coast members of the National Alliance have organized a boycott of the main media voice cheering the prosecution of this young White woman, the Orange County Register. Let me quote from the boycott letter, which has been distributed widely in the area:
Help the boycott of the OC Register which is underway. It's easy. Please call the following phone numbers and tell them that they must immediately pull all advertising from the OC Register or they will be picketed.
Why? Because their advertising pays for the OC Register. The OC Register quotes criminal organizations like the ADL as sources. (The ADL gives awards to mobsters, stole police files in San Francisco, spies on American citizens, petitioned the President to aid criminal financier Marc Rich.) The OC Register calls pro-White organizations "Hate Groups". The OC Register allowed Christine Greenwood to be arrested, and did not inform the public that it was in revenge for legally distributing pro-White flyers.
We will not stand still while law abiding White patriots are arrested for their views, and slandered by the OC Register.
Tell them to advertise in the OC Weekly, but not the Register.
There are pickets planned.
WE NEED YOUR HELP. It will only take a few minutes of your time. Be professional and non-threatening. Email them as well, but at least call. Make their phones ring off the hook. Do you hate media bias? Who do you think is paying for it? The advertisers!
What follows is a list of advertisers in the Orange County Register, which time does not permit me to read in full. But I will leave the complete list in the text version of this broadcast, so that those of you reading this online or in our magazine Free Speech will be able to participate in the boycott. If you're listening to this broadcast on the radio, you can go to our Web sites or for the full text version, or you can write for the copy of Free Speech magazine which contains this broadcast script. The following are the businesses who should be politely contacted and asked to reconsider their support of the anti-White and unjust policies of the Orange County Register:
Paul's TV
500 North Harbor Blvd
La Habra, CA 90631-4022
UCI Medical Center
101 The City Drive
Orange, CA 92868-3201
Fry's Electronics
3370 East la Palma
Anaheim, CA
714 688 3000
Home Loan Center, Inc
18191 Von Karman Ave Suite 300
Irvine, CA 92612
Simpson Buick, Pontiac, GMC
6600 Manchester
Buena Park, CA 90621-2927
Cerritos Dodge
18827 Studebaker Road
Cerritos, CA 90703-5332
Tar Bell Realtors Corporate Headquarters
1403 N. Tustin Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705
800 827 2355
Hardin Honda
1381 Auto Center Drive
Anaheim, CA 92806-5612
Elmore Toyota
15300 Beach Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683-6202
Anaheim Chevrolet
215 S. Euclid
Anaheim, CA 92802-1013
Irvine Mazda
11 Auto Center Dr.
Irvine, CA 92618-2803
Daniel J. Phillips Mazda
24888 Alicia Pkwy
Laguna Hills, CA 92653-4621
Connell Chevrolet
2828 Harbor Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92844-2800
Theodore Robins Ford
2060 Harbor Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92627-2673
Tustin Mazda
5 Auto Center Drive
Tustin, CA 92782-8402
Tall Mouse Arts and Crafts
Tilly's Corporate Office
2502 Barranca Pkwy
Irvine, CA 92606
LA Mattress
That's not the end of the list, but let me break in to say that this boycott of the Orange County Register is your opportunity to make a difference for justice. The next four advertisers are major national firms, so even listeners who are not in California have a legitimate complaint with them for their support of the Register and its lies about Christine Greenwood. The national advertisers which I want every single one of you who hears my voice to call or write are as follows:
Big 5 Corporation (a major sporting goods firm)
2525 East El Segundo Blvd
El Segundo, CA 90245
Kragen Auto Parts
Cingular Wireless
P.O. Box 8215
Mason, OH 45040
Let's not let this opportunity pass us by. Let's make Macy's telephone, and Cingular Wireless's telephone, and Partsamerica's telephone, and Big 5 Sporting Goods' telephone ring off the hook. Let's stop paying for our own dispossession.
Also in the news recently is long-time pro-White activist David Duke. Mr. Duke was targeted for political elimination -- and who knows what else -- by a highly-placed Jew in the Bush administration, Michael Chertoff. Chertoff's title is "Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division," but his real function is the same as a KGB Commissar: destroy anyone who threatens the power of the Jews.
Chertoff is an accomplice of Eli M. Rosenbaum of the notorious "Office of Special Investigations" whose purpose it is to destroy the lives of elderly immigrants whose only crime is that they served some minor function on the side of Europe during World War II. Chertoff, according to Time magazine of April 1, 2002, "can usually be found at Attorney General John Ashcroft's elbow" and is the Justice Department's "top counterterrorism tactician." The Washington Post quoted "insiders" last month who opined that Bush might name Chertoff to the U.S. Court of Appeals. Chertoff recently went on a hush-hush jaunt to European capitals in an effort to convince those countries to allow U.S. prosecutors to set up shop within their borders to "expedite" the kidnapping and extradition to the U.S. of alleged terrorists who, just coincidentally I'm sure, also happen to be Israel's enemies or critics. Chertoff is the man behind the administration's move to suspend the constitution and strip all legal and constitutional rights from anyone declared to be a "enemy combatant," even if such a person is an American citizen. It was Chertoff who prevented the Federal prosecution of the 200 Israeli spies who were caught in the months before and after the 9/11 attacks, the spies who apparently had advance knowledge of Mohammed Atta and his fellow hijackers. It was Chertoff who made sure that all charges against them were dropped, that the investigation was called off, and that they were all quietly sent back to Israel.
Chertoff's latest coup is a series of trumped-up charges against pro-White activist David Duke. The charges stem from a long-discredited claim that Mr. Duke failed to report income when he allowed a Louisiana gubernatorial candidate, Mike Foster to send a mailing to his supporters. An error was discovered, for which Mr. Duke's accountant took full responsibility. Amended returns were filed, and all taxes and penalties due were paid. But the "investigations" continued, and every possible pretense for a claimed violation of the regulations was pursued. The real goal of the so-called "investigations" -- at one time seven were taking place simultaneously -- were to find as many technicalities as possible -- and the tax laws and federal elections laws are extremely technical indeed -- with which to hang Mr. Duke. Since the very purpose of these complexities and technicalities is to trip up the unwary and to be used whenever needed to harass or imprison the political enemies of those in power, spurious charges were multiplied almost without end. Every time a fund raising letter was mailed, it became a separate "count" of the phony indictment.
Claims were made that Mr. Duke spent his contributors' money on gambling and personal entertainment, in a not-so-subtle attempt to tarnish his name among his supporters and potential supporters.
And then he was charged with these bogus allegations in Federal Court in New Orleans, Louisiana, where half the judges are Jews and where the jury pool is overwhelmingly Black and where stringent rules prevent a White man from getting a change of venue or from striking jurors from his jury on racial grounds. The law -- if you can call it a law -- basically says that White men must be tried by Africans, virtually guaranteeing that a man known for his pro-White views, a man whom the media has given the unique first name "Former Klansman," could never get a fair trial. Despite the absurd nature of the charges, David Duke would certainly be convicted in a racially-charged trial in which a good many of the jurors would see the trial as a way to punish him for his "racism." And such a trial could easily have resulted in a 30-year
So David Duke plead guilty, and will probably have to serve an 18-month sentence starting this Spring. He really had no better choice.
One of the saddest things I have seen during this episode was the behavior of some ostensibly pro-White people who lost no time in believing the allegations made by Chertoff and his gang. It was almost like a feeding frenzy in my email in-box, though almost all of the bile could be traced to two or three sources. One disgusting excuse for a White man even bragged that he had helped federal prosecutors by detailing all of his personal contacts with, and complaints about, Duke.
People who give their efforts to our racial cause, especially those with a lot to give and a lot to lose, are more precious to us than diamonds and gold. We should support them and help them. Tomorrow we may need them to support us.
Even if all the harmful allegations in the anti-Duke rumor campaign were true, which they are not, Mr. Duke has been the means of racial awakening for hundreds of thousands of White people worldwide. Very few of us can match that record. Did people who contributed to David Duke's efforts get value for their contributions? Yes -- in spades. Did David Duke always spend his own personal money the way we think he should have? That is none of our business.
Although I haven't always agreed with David on everything; and although I would, if anyone would, be justified in regarding Mr. Duke as a "competitor"; and although it might be seen as "business as usual" in the so-called "right wing" if I were to "steer" his supporters away from him, I will state for the record: I believe David Duke to be totally sincere and dedicated to the cause of White survival and to breaking the Jewish stranglehold on the West. He is not guilty of the trumped-up charges made by the corrupt gang which is attempting to bring him down, and I regard him as a political prisoner.
I believe David Duke will survive this persecution and emerge from the system's prison walls a stronger and better man. And I'll be happy and proud to shake his hand and welcome him back when he does.
And let me give notice to the Michael Chertoffs of this world. It is not "business as usual" in the "right wing" anymore. The right wing is dead. A new racial consciousness has been born, not tied to the old forms or the old failures. A new generation of White men and women has come to the fore, educated and led by the best of the old guard, who imbued us with a new ideal, not tarnished by money, not corruptible; a generation that will not capitulate and will not compromise with you. We are serious about building a new White community and a new White nation. We want what Ezra Pound wanted in 1958: a new civilization.
We will not let you railroad David Duke, and we will not fall for your transparent ploy to make inter-organizational rivalry a means for destroying a good man. We will not let you destroy the young life of Christine Greenwood or her friends and supporters. We are going to resist you and your kind, Michael Chertoff. And we will raise a whole new generation to live by our ideals and by the values of the new community we are beginning with this century. And I promise you that you will rue the day that you began treating White Americans like Palestinians.


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