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A Decent Burial:
Republican Treason

American Dissident Voices broadcast
December 28, 2003
by Hadding Scott
broadcast by Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. Today's program, entitled "A Decent Burial: Republican Treason," was written by National Alliance member Hadding Scott and prepared for broadcast by yours truly, Kevin Alfred Strom.
Why are whining cowards like Trent Lott the best representation that White people can get in American politics today? Because the anti-White Republican Party does not allow anything more than that. With Lott being forced out, it appears that even his brand of apologetic occasional sympathy for the dying White race will not be allowed any longer by the Republican party. This is a real change, and it opens up a universe of possibilities.
Some commentators, like syndicated radio talk show host Neil Boortz, are suggesting that Lott's resignation was a good thing, because, if he had stayed on as an embattled Majority Leader, the accusations that he is "racist" would have forced him to compensate by being overly indulgent of Black antics. There's a faint glimmer of truth in that argument, but it is very faint. That argument fails to take into account the reality that the Republican party itself and the entire status quo in this country have been overly indulgent of the antics of Blacks and other racial minorities for about 40 years! Overindulgence of racial minorities is what White people are expected to do to 'get along.' Ideally, according to the current paradigm, one should really worship the Blacks, as the 'wiggers' do, exemplifying the most advanced stage of this disease with backward baseball caps, pants that dangle, and a pathetic aping of the 'gangsta rap' style. On Jewish-owned [Sumner Redstone's] Black Entertainment Television, Lott's attitude toward the Black host was properly worshipful and submissive. Lott is simply getting in step with the sheep. And the sheep are all herded along in the same direction, just at slightly different rates, within the two flocks of sheep that are called political parties. Being a member of these flocks means, above all, not showing any inclination to go in a direction other than where the herdsmen want you to go. If you start talking like a White patriot, and start telling the other sheep that there is a better path that the whole flock should have taken back in 1948, that is not going to make the herdsmen happy. They want all the sheep to think that there are no other choices other than that of heading for the slaughterhouse at a trot -- or heading for the slaughterhouse at a gallop.
On the Monday after his remarks at Strom Thurmond's birthday party, Trent Lott described his tribute to Thurmond as just part of a "lighthearted celebration." Then, as criticism mounted, he apologized to anyone who had been offended and said he had not intended to "embrace discarded policies of the past." On Wednesday, Lott again apologized and described his remarks as "terrible ... poorly chosen and insensitive" and "a mistake of the head, not the heart," borrowing a phrase once used by the Rev. Jesse Jackson to apologize for an "anti-Semitic" comment.
Let me tell you something, Trent Lott: There is nothing disreputable about wanting to preserve the future of our race. But when politicians like you try to do it furtively, and then deny it when they are caught, this has the unfortunate effect of making our collective drive for survival seem disreputable.
The dishonest contortions that our public figures go through so as not to appear to be standing up for White people are powerful evidence that we need our own, all-White society.
The Republican leadership is eager to root out patriotic White people from its ranks. They are so eager that they may well lose control of the Senate now that they have forced Trent Lott's resignation. When I say that that the Republicans are eager to root out White patriots, I do not mean among voters. If the United States electoral system were one of proportional representation, where each party is represented in proportion to its votes received, the party led by Strom Thurmond could have prospered and grown to become a major force in American politics. Instead, the Dixiecrats drifted over to the Republican Party. The Republican party would not be where it is today without the shift toward its side of the many, many, White voters in North and South alike, who do not wish to see their children mate with Blacks. No, the Republican Party establishment does not want to lose the "racist" voters upon whom it depends. But it does take them for granted, assuming they have nowhere else to go, and it does treat them with contempt, and it is hell-bent on denying them any real representation.
Trent Lott's statement about the Dixiecrats was a statement of political opinion, to which we are all entitled, and to which Senator Lott did not surrender his entitlement upon taking public office. But President Bush condemned him for his mild statement that America could have avoided a lot of problems if the Dixiecrats had won the presidency. Indeed, George W. Bush has gone even beyond that, denying that an elected representative of some racially conscious White people has the right to allude -- even indirectly -- to what our people believe and feel. Bush jumped on the bandwagon, saying "Any suggestion that the segregated past was acceptable or positive is offensive and it is wrong. . . ."
For years the Republican party has tried to smooth over the differences within its coalition by deceiving the pro-White supporters of the party into thinking that their stake in the party is greater than it actually is. One especially clear example of how persons of pro-White sentiment are fooled is the Jewish ex-Marxist David Horowitz. Horowitz has written several books with titles like Hating Whitey, intended to be sold a White readership -- White people who of course are starved for recognition of some of their problems such as anti-White crime and anti-White discrimination. Any White person who cares about his race and reads Horowitz carefully, however -- which most people do not do -- will be disappointed to learn that Horowitz the Jew has no interest whatsoever in preserving the White race. On the contrary, he complains that the more blatant anti-White policies actually backfired and have increased racial separatism. That is the kind of thing that worries Horowitz; he is not interested in the survival of the White race at all. But this fact is missed by many readers, who seem to regard his books simply as collections of useful anecdotes for complaining about how "unfair" things are, a typical conservative playpen activity.
One of the greatest tools of the Republican Party is so-called 'right-wing' talk radio. The stock-in-trade for 'right-wing' talk radio for a long time has been to make provocative sounding statements in a vaguely patriotic or moral vein while scrupulously avoiding explicit "racism." The cynical hack Rush Limbaugh, lifting a term from 19th century Germany, has been fond of saying that there is a "culture war" going on in the U.S. today. Limbaugh is able to get away with something vaguely provocative like that, because, following instructions, he confines himself to side-issues and never says what the real conflict is all about. But when Trent Lott suggests that the so-called "culture war" is in some ways actually a race war, that is not tolerated.
The Republicans' idea of how to keep racially-conscious Whites voting for them seems to be this: making sure that their policy positions are always just a bit less anti-White than those of the Democrats. In the two-party system with which we are saddled, the Republicans believe that you, as a racially conscious White person, have nowhere else to go. The National Democratic Party leadership displayed a similar smugness in 1948 when it created a platform openly inimical to the well-being of Southern White people, who had up to that time always been wedded to the Democratic Party.
In the aftermath of 1948's betrayal, racially conscious White people left the Democratic Party in huge numbers. The same thing can happen now to the Republican Party. But this time the shift will not be from one political party to the other. Rather, our people will stop supporting this system altogether. This will happen without Trent Lott, who showed himself to be utterly spineless in succumbing to the pressures of our enemies, and who completely debased himself on Sumner Redstone's Black Entertainment Television, where he tried in vain to save his political career by renouncing the only real justification that his political career ever had.
I'd like to praise some of the stands that Trent Lott has taken in the past; I'd like to praise him for moving at least as far as having friendly relations with one of the milder pro-White groups. But Mr. Lott makes that very difficult -- impossible, really -- because he has now spinelessly renounced his good acts of the past.
If Trent Lott was representing his Mississippi constituents before, he is not representing them now. Trent Lott has displayed extreme cowardice. Trent Lott has sold out his people. And in the long term, Trent Lott will gain nothing for his sellout. He has sold out so quickly and so completely that he can only be despised. Only a fool would believe anything Trent Lott says now, and even the fools who do believe him will not respect a man who caves in so easily. And more importantly, Trent Lott has made these mad sacrifices so that he can stay on board a ship that is going down. He has sold his birthright for a mess of pottage.
We need leaders who will not feel obliged to treat money as God. We need leaders who will not only take a radical view of society in terms of what is good for our people, but who will also espouse an unashamedly radical and racially conscious view to our people. We need leaders who will do more than whine "unfair" when government policies hurt White people. We need leaders who will teach our people that these policies are wrong because they are policies pressed upon us by our racial enemies. We need to have our people understand that, contrary to the representations of William F. Buckley and his National Review, with all its Jewish pseudo-conservative scribblers, political disagreements today are not primarily due to misunderstandings. Contrary to the pretenses of Rush Limbaugh and his 10 million imitators, we do not all simply have different ideas about how to reach the same goal. No, we as White people do not have -- and ought not to have -- the same goal as other peoples. We as White people do not have the same destiny as other peoples. We as White people do have enemies who implacably advance their agendas at our expense and hope that we'll stay brainwashed so they can bleed us -- and ultimately put an end to us -- easily. What serves the agenda of our enemies hurts us. From the Jews' point of view, it was the sin of Trent Lott that he hinted at this conflict, which is a forbidden topic in American political life. From our point of view, Trent Lott's sin was that he only hinted at it, and then groveled so low he ate dirt in contrition.
Whites are locked in a trap, exploited by the Republicans but given no real representation at all.
Lott's statement would not have drawn so much fire 20 years ago. It would not have drawn any significant fire 40 years ago. Trent Lott was expressing a belief held by a large number of White people. The fact that this can no longer be said, shows that the dominant power in this country is not White. It shows that the dominant power in this country is in fact unremittingly hostile to Whites.
America did indeed take a whole series of wrong turns, to the detriment of our people, in 1948 and at many other crucial times during the last century. And therefore Trent Lott was hinting at an important truth.
As a result of these wrong turns, politicians who genuinely represent the interests of their White constituents can only do so by dissimulating, by pretending they're doing what they're doing for some other reason. They can never say that they're representing Whites, or they'll get the Trent Lott treatment all over again. This circumstance has gotten worse over the years. What is especially disturbing is that the very political party to which many White people turn as the best hope for the race is itself intent upon dashing all hope.
Since 1948, the election year which Senator Lott identified as the occasion of a wrong turn in American politics, our country has diverged farther and farther from the healthy path. The longer we have been led down this road to racial oblivion, the more stringent the bonds of Jewish 'political correctness' have become.
Ready to put Trent Lott back into his box were various Jews who have insinuated themselves into American political life as so-called "conservatives." Among the "conservative" voices joining in the admonishment of Lott were the Jew William Kristol and his magazine The Weekly Standard. He denounced Lott's comments as "ludicrous", while pseudo-conservative homosexual writer Andrew Sullivan was even more blunt: "After his remarks at Strom Thurmond's 100th Birthday Party, it seems to me that my Republican party has a simple choice. Either they get rid of Lott as Majority Leader, or they should come out formally as a party that regrets (integration) and civil rights for African Americans." Lott's hint that a wrong turn was made in 1948 was supposedly so poisonous that even David Horowitz, the Jew whose job it is to act the part of an antagonist towards Blacks, denounced Lott, saying he should apologize or step down.
The interests of White people are not allowed to have any genuine representation in the United States today. Even the President of the United States, who could have, at the very least, chosen to remain silent on the issue, slapped hard against Lott's revelation that the history of the United States since 1948 has been detrimental to the interests of White people: ''Any suggestion that a segregated past was acceptable or positive is offensive and it is wrong,'' Bush said to loud and long applause in a speech to a mixed-race crowd that gave him a standing ovation. ''Recent comments by Senator Lott do not reflect the spirit of our country,'' said Bush. What was the President of the United States really saying? George W. Bush was saying that non-approved viewpoints, even if they are held by a substantial portion of the population, are not to be tolerated. Specifically, Bush was saying that observations about what is or is not in the interest of White people are not to be tolerated. Bush was essentially espousing an anti-White mobocracy, in which the mixed-race mob, under the influence of the Jewish-controlled media, suppresses even subtle expressions of racial consciousness by Whites.
When Lott first expressed regret over what he had said, the highly placed enemies of our race smelled blood and pressed for more and more humiliation. If he had not succumbed to the pressure to deny the obvious meaning of what he had said, he might have lost his worthless career as a politician in a hopelessly corrupt system, but at least he would have retained his honor. And he would have made a stand for something real. But he didn't have the courage to do that.
Closet-racist politicians like Trent Lott are almost worthless. The real power in this country is in the Jewish media. An elected politician who keeps his position by trying not to cross the Jewish media, by trying to sneak a few minor pro-White measures by, cannot accomplish much. One only needs to recall the statements about Jewish conspiracy and Jewish power by Richard Nixon in private, most famously his recorded conversation with Billy Graham, and compare his views with his policies to see that closet racialism is worthless. Nixon's policies were as anti-White as those of the most deranged true-believing 'liberal.' He knew what the Jews were up to, and he didn't like it, and he didn't like them. But he did nothing about it. He lacked an essential element needed in every real leader: courage.
Courage is the only answer to our plight. Not politeness. Not intellectual flair and cleverness with words. Not a charming face for the cameras. The only real answer is to be brave, to recognize that the mainstream is against us, and to seek moral support outside the mainstream in organizations like the National Alliance.
Political pundit Morton Kondracke has noted that there are really two parties within the Republican party, the Strom-Thurmond, Dixiecrat element on the one hand, and on the other hand the equal-rights-for-all element. If the Dixiecrat element -- the element with some racial consciousness -- within the Republican party is substantial enough to be called a party within a party, that is good news for us. No doubt the percentage of racially-conscious Whites among the supporters of the Republican party is much greater than the percentage of them who have actually made it through the gauntlet into public office. Those people are being sold down the river. Those people are being cynically exploited and led to the slaughterhouse by experts. Those people need to escape the two-party trap. Those people need us. They should join the National Alliance, or, if they are not quite that brave, they should at least be supporting the National Alliance in every way they can.
The Lott affair must be a shock to those White people. A shock that may well cause them to awaken soon enough to stay the executioner's hand which is poised on the rope of the guillotine. The White people who have been supporting the Republican party because they thought it was the lesser of two evils, or even somehow a secretly pro-White party, must, unless they are irremediably stupid, now know how wrong this view was. Finally, all doubt has been removed. All their efforts, all their contributions, all their sacrifices for the Republican party have been totally and undeniably futile. There has been a revolution, and they have lost. Their party -- and even their still-deluded friends and family members -- have been taken from them and are now in the hands of their ruthless and implacable enemies.


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