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The Unraveling

American Dissident Voices broadcast
December 14, 2002
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Who said this? -- "I would like to go back to America -- when the Zionist dictatorship has been overthrown."
Was it a Moslem extremist, or a swastika-waving "neo-nazi"? No, it was American chess genius Bobby Fischer, in a recent interview he gave on an Icelandic television program. "…when the Zionist dictatorship has been overthrown." Mr. Fischer has figured it out. And millions more are figuring it out with each passing year.
Who said this? -- "The current troubles in the world are all because of that shitty little country, Israel. Why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people?" Was it an extreme anti-Semite ranting on the Internet, venting his hate for Jews? No, it was the French ambassador to Britain, Daniel Bernard. Mr. Bernard has figured it out. And millions more are figuring it out with each passing year.
Who said this? -- "I can't stand Jews and everything happening to them is their own fault." Was it Yasser Arafat or Saddam Hussein in a moment of candor? No, according to Jewish journalist Barbara Amiel it was the "doyenne" of Britain's salon society, later identified in the press as Lady Powell. She reportedly continued, when some of her guests expressed shock at her remark: "Oh, come on. You all feel like that." Now Lady Powell felt it necessary to deny it was she who made these remarks, but no one denies that they were made in the circumstances described: "I can't stand Jews and everything that happens to them is their own fault." The society hostess has figured it out. And millions more are figuring it out with each passing year.
And today, I'm going to help you figure it out.
Why are Jews disliked? In the media they own and control they are saintly figures: intelligent, wise, noble, philanthropic, persecuted, and good-looking. (Well, even inches-thick makeup and plastic surgery can't make us think that Barbara Walters and Ariel Sharon look like Aphrodite and Apollo. But many of the unthinking do accept a good part of the Jewish self-promoting vision of themselves.)
In the age of the Internet and instant communications, it's becoming more and more difficult for the Jews to maintain that image. In an age when Jews are at the zenith of their power, they have overplayed their hand so grossly that their hypocrisy is showing for all the world to see. The truth about the Jews is leaking out all over the place.
One of the most astounding instances of Jewish hypocrisy was uttered by a Jew named Isi Leibler, who is no less than the chairman of the governing board of the World Jewish Congress. Now Isi Leibler is well-known as a powerful Jew in Australia, where he was for years the official head of the Jewish community there. He now lives in Israel. In an interview with a Jerusalem newspaper, he stated about Israel "This is a country which was set up and created as a Jewish country for the Jews." In an essay he wrote for the World Jewish Congress, he decried intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews as a kind of racial suicide, and likened assimilation with non-Jews as a slow bleeding to death of the Jewish people. He emphasized that focus of Israeli policy should be to sharpen and intensify Jewish identity and that even giving up territory was acceptable if it meant getting rid of non-Jews and making Israel a more nearly all-Jewish state. Leibler argues that post-Zionists threaten Israel when they publish textbooks that de-emphasize Jewish racial interests and replace them with "universalist" history. In the interview mentioned, Leibler went so far as to say: "Multiculturalism has no place in Israel. Israel was created as a Jewish state for the Jews." That's the Jew Isi Leibler talking about his own people's country, talking about Israel. [Leibler, Isi: Is the Dream Ending? Post-Zionism and its Discontents - A Threat to the Jewish Future, Institute of the World Jewish Congress, Israel]
But what was Isi Leibler saying when he lived in Australia, a White country, a non-Jewish country? What was Isi Leibler saying when he was the head of Australia's powerful Jewish minority? Isi Leibler's advice to Israel is to protect its racial and cultural heritage. Isi Leibler's advice to Jews is to avoid intermarriage. Isi Leibler thinks it's just fine -- even necessary -- to separate non-Jews from Jews in Israel, to get non-Jews on the other side of a well-defended border, to throw them out of Israel. But to Australians Isi Leibler played quite a different tune. When Australian politician Pauline Hanson was galvanizing White Australians in 1993 with her questioning of the wisdom of non-White immigration to that country, Leibler warned that "extremists" were threatening precious multiculturalism. He said: "There is a need to sit together and establish a way in which Australians can recapture that spirit of multiculturalism which I think we are all proud being part and parcel of, and which is really under threat…" [Australian Herald-Sun, September 27, 2000]
How much clearer does it have to be before you see it? Leibler and his fellow powerful Jews want racial nationalism for their own people, because racial nationalism makes them strong and ensures their survival. They want racial nationalism because they want their kind to survive and racial nationalism is the key to survival. They're not stupid. They want what is best for Jews.
But Leibler and his fellow powerful Jews don't want racial nationalism for White people. In Australia and Europe and South Africa and the United States -- wherever White people live -- Leibler and his kind in Jewish organizations and in the Jewish-controlled media do everything in their power to destroy racial nationalism for White people, everything in their power to keep us from having it, everything in their power to make it disreputable and impossible and illegal. Just the other day, Leibler said that one of the most important things in the world to him was Israel's "right to exist as a sovereign Jewish state." [Israel Insider, November 24, 2002] But Leibler and his co-racialists in the Jewish ADL and other groups devote their lives and their billions to preventing White people from claiming their right to sovereign White states. Keeping Britain British, or keeping America American, or keeping France French, is anathema to them -- it is the ultimate in evil and they never let us forget that.
And people of many races and of many political persuasions are beginning to see that Jewish hypocrisy. Liberals, even race-mixing liberals, are beginning to see that there's something wrong and deeply unethical about letting the intensely ethnocentric Jews be the leaders of their struggle for "equality." Advocates for human rights are beginning to see that something is rotten in Denmark when a group well-known for imprisonment of its enemies without trial, its torture of its political opponents, and its indiscriminate bombing and machine-gunning of innocent civilians is allowed to pose as "champions of human rights." They simply couldn't ignore it when the same Isi Leibler said in the July 29, 2002 issue of the Jerusalem Post that Jews should "stop apologizing" for lobbing missiles into Palestinian apartment buildings. Leibler's exact words were: "It is therefore high time that we stopped apologizing for civilians killed because they live in proximity to leading terrorists…" After all, it's not like they're anything special like Jews, is it? They're only Palestinians. Isi! -- and Hymie and Sol and Abe -- your hypocrisy is showing and everyone can see it. Even those you deluded in the past can see it. And the times they are a-changing.
The times they are a-changing partly because, as I said, the Jews have seriously overplayed their hand in the power game they are playing and a lot of us can see their game now, and their insincerity. They're also changing because the Jews' plan for "harmonious multiculturalism" in West is essentially an impossible plan, and they have inadvertently created a monster that is growing out of control of its masters. They have empowered and nurtured the nationalism of non-Whites in an effort to exterminate us, but now their clients are biting the hand that fed them, as they wake up and realize that the Jews would like to mongrelize and peonize and enslave them just as much as they want to do that to us.
I don't usually make predictions, because history has a way of taking all of us by surprise. But I'll go out on a limb today, because I can see certain patterns developing in the world, and I think they bode well for us and ill for the Jewish establishment, despite its fatness and its money. I think that the lines of conflict in the world are increasingly forming between the Jewish establishment on one side, and almost everyone else on the other side. Yes, it is true that Jews are a powerful presence in all White Western nations, and that they can almost write the laws themselves and use their media to punish anyone who gets out of line. But more and more of us are "getting out of line" every day, and increasingly the rebels are people within the establishment, within the power structure, people with a lot to lose. And the Jews can't deal with it all happening at once. If you read their own publications, they're seriously worried about the "new European anti-Semitism." Their extortion from Switzerland and Germany was successful, but their attempted boycott of France was a total flop. Only in Britain, where they have infiltrated the highest levels of society, and in the United States, where they have the unthinking support of the fundamentalist rubes, do they still have enough control to push their desired war with Iraq with any kind of unanimity. And even there they are slipping. I think that the only way they'll get their war will be to engineer some kind of fake incident, another 9/11 or Pearl Harbor, which they will use to whip the American peasantry into some kind of fury against Saddam Hussein.
But even if they succeed in getting that war and winning it, and redrawing the map of the Middle East so that it is ruled -- and its oil exploited -- by Jewish-controlled puppet regimes, I think the Jews will be the long term losers. Increasingly the Left and the Right will come to terms in deciding that real communitarianism -- real socialism, if you will, and real free enterprise -- works only when there is a kinship bond among the people of a nation. And Jewish internationalism and transnational capitalism, and the importation of cheap labor, will be seen as the dirty and evil things that they are. Racial nationalism will inspire peoples all over the world, who will begin to realize that wanting self-determination for their folk should make them allies -- not enemies -- of other peoples who also want self-determination for their own kind. The Palestinian nationalist and the British National Party member and the National Alliance member in America and the members of nationalist communities across the globe will increasingly see that their interests coincide and that their only real enemy is the Jewish world system of racemixing and cultural destruction and exploitation which is ruining us all.
European resistance to the Jewish war plans is at an all-time high. European opposition to Israeli tyranny and genocide is large and growing -- much higher than in the United States. Awareness that Jews are an alien group with their own agenda is almost universal there. When I saw the interview with chess master Bobby Fischer on Icelandic television a few days ago, and heard him denounce the Jewish establishment in terms that might have made William Pierce blush, did the Icelandic television interviewers frown and denounce Fischer's "anti-Semitism" or insist that he change the subject? Did they edit the interview so that the anti-Jewish sections ended up on the cutting-room floor? Not at all. The interviewers smiled and bade Fischer to continue. He spoke for half an hour. Though they did ask him to limit his use of four-letter words, they were entirely friendly and sympathetic as Fischer recounted the persecution he has received at the hands of the Jews and detailed the crimes they have committed. And similar interviews with Fischer in other countries have been much the same, even when the stations openly feared the "anti-hate" laws the Jews have imposed on them. Only in the controlled United States media is Fischer barred and censored.
Recently,, a pro-White Web site, gave an interview to a spokesman from the Chicano nationalist group La Voz de Aztlan. Now, if there are two racial nationalist groups who have conflicting interests and reasons to dislike and mistrust each other, it's the folks at Resistance, who are with the National Alliance and are Whites mainly from America, and the Aztlan people, who openly wish to slice off a chunk of the United States and transfer it to Mexican control. But, you know, although those conflicts were mentioned in the interview, the main focus of the talk was the common interest of both groups in defeating the Jewish power structure and establishing freedom and independence for their own respective peoples once the Jewish establishment was dealt with. Here's an excerpt from that interview:
Resistance News: "Your web site contains an article "Wotan vs. Tezcatlipoca The Spiritual War for California and the Southwest" by Stephen A. McNallen, whom I presume is a White nationalist. What is the opinion of Hispanic nationalists towards other racial nationalist organizations such as the Nation of Islam and the National Alliance?"
Ernesto Cienfuegos: "A person could write a whole book on this topic. In order to be as brief as possible, I am going to answer from my own personal perspective as a nationalist. I have always been guided on this issue by a very wise quotation said by Benito Juarez, the Mexican president credited for defeating the occupying French troops in the Battle of Puebla. He said, 'As among nations as with men, the respect for the rights of others, leads to peace.' I personally have great respect for the Black Muslims ever since I met Richard X while a student at the university. I remember buying a Final Call newspaper from him and having a conversation. I was a member of the …[Chicano student movement] (MEChA) at the time but the mutual respect we showed each other led to a very positive understanding of each other's political positions. I have to confess, however, that I have not had the opportunity to have a similar conversation with a White Nationalist and do not know if it is even possible. This is one of the reasons that I have agreed to do this interview. I personally believe that all three groups are fighting for the same things and that mutually beneficial arrangements can be found. I really believe that all three groups are ultimately fighting the same enemy. I do not believe that the enemy is each other. Much of the 'hate' demonstrated by some within each group against the other groups is mostly programmed by the real enemy in order to divide and rule. There is much that can be accomplished through respectful dialogue. This will help us to defeat our common enemy."
That's significant. You wouldn't have seen that ten years ago or even two years ago. Ten years ago, you wouldn't have seen such understanding between Arab nationalists and White nationalists as you see today. You wouldn't have seen Palestinian flags at White nationalist rallies. Does that mean that we Whites are willing to mix with Mestizos or Semites? Hardly. That's not true at all. But we can see the new lines of conflict that are forming in the world today. The internationalist Jews, whether they call themselves capitalist or communist, are the enemies of all nations and all peoples. It's similar to what I said on this program ten years ago, and have been saying ever since. "Every people that thinks of itself as a people should, to the maximum extent possible, live under its own government." The only serious disagreements with that maxim come from traitorous money-men who've sold out their peoples for profit, and from Jews. The disputes between most of the peoples of the world, and even the peoples who have been tragically and unnaturally thrown together in North America and more recently in Europe, can probably be solved over a negotiating table before the battlefield has to be resorted to. The only ones who won't be willing to negotiate at all are those whose unique mode of existence makes them need to live among other peoples as parasites and hidden controllers. They have set themselves up as the enemies of mankind and they are going to have to pay the price for that.
The Jews have one egregious fault: they go too far, they overplay their hand. Their arrogance and their egotism and their "chutzpah" often combine to make them blunder. And when they blunder, their sanctimonious moralizing is revealed for the phony and ugly thing that it really is. The Jews aren't holding five diamonds. They're holding four diamonds and the deuce of clubs. They're four-flushers and they know it. And increasingly the rest of us know it, too.
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to love your race.


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