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In Our Own Hands

American Dissident Voices broadcast
November 23, 2002
by Kevin Alfred Strom


The system offers only false hopes. Like our ancestors before us, who built a great civilization in a savage wilderness, we must take our future in our own hands and act. That's the purpose of the National Alliance.
In South Africa, many Whites trusted the system, they trusted the "democratic process" and now they are dead and dying, their civilization in ruins and their children condemned to live in horror. In 1994, they believed the blandishments of the Jewish media there and they voted for a new constitution giving control of their society to Blacks. With the Jews orchestrating international pressure on the former White government there, virtually the same thing happened in nearby Zimbabwe.
Now South African Whites live in daily fear of death, White farmers are brutally murdered with impunity by roving gangs of Blacks, all kinds of crimes are totally out of control, the AIDS infection rate is skyrocketing, and recently that sad country earned the dubious distinction of being the "child rape capital of the world."
A few weeks ago I detailed for you just a few of the horrible murders of White farmers taking place in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Just last weekend a 29-year-old British woman visiting South Africa was abducted by four Blacks at a scenic overlook, she and her companion were bound, and she was viciously gang-raped -- several times by each of the four Blacks -- for more than 14 hours before a chance accident released them. Her companion was stabbed and a passing motorist who stopped to help was shot dead. [South African Broadcasting Corporation, November 18, 2002] That young White woman is very lucky to be alive. Many are not so lucky.
Such as, for example, the children who are victims of the increasingly common practice of child rape in South Africa. As HIV infection spirals out of control in that unhappy land, the already savage nature of the Blacks there is augmented by the superstition that sexual intercourse with a virgin can prevent or cure the disease -- and children of increasingly tender age become the victims of forced sex on a mass scale. In just one trauma center in a rural area of the northern Limpopo province of South Africa, no fewer than 289 children were reported to have been raped in one year -- almost one a day. And I emphasize that these are just the cases that are reported, and of the ones that are reported these are just the cases that are so severe that the children require treatment in a trauma center. [South African Sunday Times, November 17, 2002] Some of these rapes are so brutal as to be almost unbelievable to Whites. One two-year-old girl died after being sodomized so viciously that the doctors could literally look into her body and see her internal organs through the gaping wounds. And what about the actions of the new "democratic" South African government in the case -- and the competence of the officials to whom the case was reported? Listen to this:
"Her attacker was never brought to justice after a policeman examined her corpse and allegedly decided that 'nothing was wrong'…
"Her anus and rectum were so severely injured and stretched that medical staff could literally see inside her body. Her buttocks were going septic." That is, they were literally rotting off her body.
The newspaper report continues: "Twelve days ago an inquest… found that the death was not the result of an offence by any person." [Iafrica News, November 17, 2002] The police reported that "nothing was wrong"! The inquest concluded that the death was "not the result of an offence by any person"! Unbelievable.
There is literally an orgy of child rape in Black South Africa, yet this is not an issue in the Jewish-controlled media. When Whites ruled South Africa, this kind of savage behavior was not permitted, yet the same media screamed bloody murder for decades merely because South Africa was run by civilized White men. That was an outrage that had to be stopped.
And so the Whites in Southern Africa -- and the Whites in other countries which put pressure on South Africa -- decided to trust in the system, to trust in the "democratic process" which guarantees that we Whites will no longer have control of our own future. And look at the results.
The system offers only false hopes. Like our ancestors before us, who built a great civilization in a savage wilderness, we must take our future in our own hands and act. That's the purpose of the National Alliance.
In Lewiston, Maine, the system has decided that the residents of that clean White town should "welcome" and feed and support and "love" an influx of thousands of Africans from Somalia, a group whose immigration numbers and high birthrate guarantee that soon they will hold a decisive voting bloc. Then no politician will be able to be elected there without the approval of the Somalis, and yet another White community will lose control of its own future.
When the nearly all-White state of Maine can be invaded and its people disenfranchised by the faster-growing biomass of alien peoples, the time has come to realize that White people can no longer run. The suburbs, like the darkening suburbs of Washington DC and New York, are no longer White havens. The system sends thousands upon thousands of Mexicans to little towns in rural Georgia and Iowa, and Somalis to Rochester, Minnesota and Lewiston, Maine. There is no more frontier. There is no more Old White America still alive out there, like a preserved Norman Rockwell painting, on the fringes of America. Even that is gone. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no place where you can pretend it isn't happening. Soon America -- the America you are bequeathing to your children -- will be a pit of savagery and death like South Africa and Zimbabwe are today.
The time has come for a serious resistance to the genocide of Whites. The time has come for the National Alliance.
Our Alliance is growing, but we must grow even faster to succeed in our mission, and we are concentrating our efforts on reaching our fellow Whites and building new communities of mutual trust, understanding, and solidarity. We are building a new consciousness of our common identity and our common plight. And we are, as they say today, "networking" our skills and resources and helping each other. Take a look at to see just one of our efforts to reach out to our people.
One of the greatest dangers for our race, though, has nothing to do with the obvious savagery and criminality of the lower races. The terrible danger is that we will succumb to one of the cleverest and most dangerous strategies of the enemy -- that of holding out false hopes for us.
That is what the Jewish media did in Zimbabwe and South Africa. They held out the hope that if the Whites just supported the more "moderate" and "reasonable" political parties, they could preserve their heritage while at the same time being "fair" to Blacks -- "fair" being defined as one-human/one-vote "democracy" and an end to any exclusive communities or workplaces or schools for White people. In South Africa, the ruling White party, the National Party, was co-opted and used primarily as a vehicle for moving the White voters along the garden path of giving up control of their own future, by holding out false hope after false hope -- and the majority of Whites fell for it, and for all practical purposes handed the savages and Jews their bound and gagged children on
a silver platter.
In America, the Jews who have engineered our genocide know that some Whites are waking up. They know that some Whites are frightened by the increasingly Africanized culture and brutal behavior that are becoming the norms in America today. The Jews know that many White Americans are outraged by the anti-White discrimination that is rampant in the government and educational and business worlds today. And the Jews don't want that awakening giant -- the 140 million or so Whites in this country -- to do anything to harm Jews. And they know that a growing percentage of White men and women are not fooled by their media lies about racial "equality" -- and will not ever be fooled by those lies. And the Jews, more than anybody else, even more than White Nationalists, know that it has been Jews who have been behind the push for a darkening, multiracial America. They don't want the awakening giant to hold them responsible for their crime of genocide against White Americans.
So, since the lies of "equality" won't work, they have only one choice: Offer part of the truth to us, co-opt and misdirect White dissent against the system, and create Jew-safe outlets -- and even institutions -- for angry Whites. In short, their answer to the unanswerable is to offer us false hopes. And they will make those false hopes look very bright and promising indeed in an attempt to woo us away from the real White resistance -- the National Alliance -- and sidetrack us into impressive-sounding but futile dead-ends, complaining clubs for Whites which will never go anywhere because the people at the top designed them specifically to go nowhere.
In fact, some of these false hopes go so far as to continue programming White Americans for death even while they pretend to be fighting for White interests.
Let's look at the very interesting case of David Horowitz. David Horowitz is the prolific author of the books Destructive Generation, Radical Son, and Hating Whitey, and he is the principal force behind Front Page Magazine. David Horowitz is a clever writer. David Horowitz is media- and Internet-savvy. David Horowitz is a former leftist radical turned "conservative leader." David Horowitz is a Jew. Most importantly of all, David Horowitz is a heavily-promoted false hope for Whites.
David Horowitz says many of the things that White Americans are longing to hear. He exposes the anti-White agenda of the radical left. He actually got a book called "Hating Whitey" distributed in major national chain bookstores. He amassed quite a bit of alarming evidence of anti-White hate among Blacks, Mexicans, and others -- and he published it. He decries the anti-White racial favoritism in the academy and the bureaucracy today. And David Horowitz gets major "face time" on television news networks, while leaders of the real White resistance do not. He is held out as a beacon of hope for fed-up White Americans, who, once they contact him, are urged to buy his books, read his daily bulletins and articles, and support his campaigns. "Finally," the exasperated White man or woman exclaims, "there's somebody fighting the anti-White power structure in America! Hallelujah!"
But look again. What is David Horowitz's solution to the problems facing Whites today? (Of course, it goes without saying that Horowitz fails to name the Jew when even describing the problem.) David Horowitz says that what we really need to do is follow the advice of his hero Martin Luther King and construct a 'truly color-blind society," and only then can we have True Democracy, which will be Fair To Everyone, including, presumably, even Whites. We must abandon what he calls "identity politics" because people identifying with their own race and caring about their own people is the cause of all this hatred, don't you see?
Let me give you some quotes from this brilliant Hebrew avatar of White rights and his fellow Jewish helpers at
Horowitz was quoted recently on Vanguard News Network as saying "Our country can get along just fine 90% non-White." Yes, David, the Blacks and the Mexicans and the Moslems are going to absorb your "everybody's equal so let's be nice" fantasy just like Whites did, and Everytown, USA will be just the same as ever when Muhammad X is mayor and former Crips and Bloods run law enforcement.
Jamie Glazov, one of Horowitz's Jewish columnists for Front Page magazine, stated "…my own personal nightmare is to be stuck living in a homogeneous society…. Few things frighten me more than the thought of being stuck in a room consisting only of WASPs who talk in monotone voices about stocks and golf…." We feel your pain, Jamie.
He continues: "I couldn't imagine life without multiculturalism. …For instance, I have always been inspired and moved by inter-racial mating, and especially by the reality of the offspring that is produced by it. I have always enjoyed seeing a white woman with a black man, or a black woman with a white man. There is something beautiful about this reality to me. And aside from my personal bias in believing that Mulatto offspring are physically among the most beautiful looking people in the world, I see something inspiring to the human spirit when all different colors and races mix through interracial marriage and mating."
[ from
I rest my case. Horowitz and his "Front Page Mag" are a false hope, a dead end, a Pied Piper of death for Whites, just as much as the leftists they decry. Their solution is more racemixing, more genocide of Whites, more of the same. (Of course, it's no surprise that Horowitz leads his gullible White followers to support something he calls the "Defense of Israel Campaign.")
Another false hope is columnist Michelle Malkin, who has been getting a big buildup from the "conservative" establishment these days. Michelle Malkin jumped up and down and shouted "hypocrisy" when the Wichita Massacre was being covered up by the big networks, and when hate crime charges weren't filed against the savage Negro murderers. Michelle Malkin follows in the footsteps of Horowitz, and often exposes anti-White attitudes among the cultural and academic elite, and she says the same things that many Whites are too afraid of being called a 'racist' to say about immigration and anti-White discrimination. And she's a good writer. I've even seen her pieces quoted by White Nationalists on forums and discussion lists, mostly by people who don't know her background. She's often on the cutting edge of developing news stories when White interests are involved. Just who is this young woman who seems to have come out of nowhere to defend the West and stand up against anti-White politicians and pundits?
She's a Filapina, married to someone named Malkin, ethnicity unknown. Though you may see her column printed in many papers and other publications, she writes mainly for something called "Jewish World Review" with whom she also has a distribution deal for her best-selling book Invasion, which sets forth in eloquent detail the disastrous consequences of America's "open borders" immigration policy, from rampant crime to terror attacks. But could the answer to that disaster be a new racial consciousness among Whites, a rediscovery of the values of White community, and a return to sane immigration policies based on race? No -- of course not. Michelle Malkin's answer to anti-White attitudes and unassimable aliens is the same as Horowitz's: abandon "identity politics." And what would one expect from racemixing Filipina Malkin, getting the million-dollar career boost from "Jewish World Review." Sorry, folks, you've been taken to the cleaners again. Another false hope. You've been skewered by the Jews. When are you going to stop taking it and do something about it?
And if you still think that mainstream "conservatives" offer any hope for White America, you're delusional. "Justice" Clarence Thomas, conservative "hero," is a Black man married to a White woman. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is married to a Taiwanese. Texas Republican Senator Phil Gramm is married to a Korean woman. Jeb Bush, the Republican governor of Florida and the president's brother, is married to a Mestiza. George P. Bush, 24, the president's mixed-race nephew, publicly identifies as a Chicano, not a White, and stated recently, referring to La Raza, "we have to fight for our race." Imagine a White relative of the president saying such a thing to a White audience. National Review writer John Derbyshire is married to a Chinese. New York Post editor and Buchanan campaign staffer Scott McConnell has a Eurasian wife. Are these the people who can save White America? They have proved their disloyalty to our people and to the nation we created. They offer no hope, only death.
The system offers only false hopes. Like our ancestors before us, who built a great civilization in a savage wilderness, we must take our future in our own hands and act. That's the purpose of the National Alliance.
We've got to do it ourselves. Just like we had to clear the forests for our first farms in North America 400 years ago. Just like we had to secure an area free of Indian tribes so we could give our women and children a safe place to live and grow. No one is going to do that for us. No one presented as the "great White hope" by the Jewish media is going to succeed in saving us, because the purpose of those false hopes is to waste our energy and time -- and in the end, kill us. The National Alliance represents the real White resistance. Accept no substitutes.
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.


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