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Raising White Children
in a Multicultural Society:
A Speech by
Jan Cartwright

American Dissident Voices broadcast
November 16, 2002
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Today I'm going to take you inside a recent National Alliance leadership conference to hear an important speech by one of our members, Mrs. Jan Cartwright.
Her speech is mostly extemporaneous and unscripted, and it exemplifies the community values I spoke about last week: the essential unity of sex, love, family, children, nation, and race -- a unity which the Jewish establishment tries to fracture and destroy at every opportunity. Mrs. Cartwright will tell us from the heart how she brings that unity to bear in her own life and the lives of her husband and children. She is an intelligent and inspiring woman. Her talk is entitled Raising White Children in a Multicultural Society and she is introduced by the Chairman of the National Alliance, Mr. Erich Gliebe.
So let's join that National Alliance meeting now.

* * *

Erich Gliebe: Our next speaker has been a member since 1976; her husband has been a member even longer, I believe since '75. She's the mother of four beautiful children. All of them were born at home. All of them are home schooled. Right now let's have a nice warm welcome for Mrs. Jan Cartwright.
(audience applause)
Jan Cartwright: Like Erich said, I've been a member since 1976 when I turned 18. I was lucky: I met my husband when I was very young, and he showed me why society was collapsing.
I was asked to speak because I raise White children in a multicultural society. Perhaps that's because I have more than your average White American family: We're told that we shouldn't have too many children, there are too many in the world to care for. Perhaps some people are impressed by how my children behave. I've taught them not to embarrass me in public. I can take them anywhere and expect them to act like civilized human beings instead of some animals.
I believe in quality and quantity. My goal when I first got married was to have at least eleven children. Unfortunately, fertility problems kind of skewed that a little bit. But I haven't given up yet. I'm 43 and I refuse to give up until the last egg drops.
Our children are the future. Children, if raised properly, will know that they are the future and that they have to carry on when we're gone.
The very first thing, though, that you need to do to accomplish that goal is to have a mate who's kind of cooperative about that kind of thing. Some of you don't have mates. I expect you all to have mates or at least semi-mates before next year….
(audience laughter)
That's my pet peeve.
My husband and I were lucky enough to find each other and have like minds. We knew that the race was crumbling, that we were our last hope. But if you're not fortunate enough to have someone of like mind, at least find someone who is racially conscious -- conscious of what race they are. I mean, Madeline Albright didn't even know she was Jewish!
You need to have your mate supportive of your basic principles. You can't have them going "malling" every day, and "hip-hopping" down the road; it's not going to work. Your children will be muddled and confused about what their role is and what they're expected to do.
I'm sure that a lot of you think that I'm crazy, bringing children into such a strange world. It's very obvious that the world is in a bad situation. But if we don't procreate, we're gone. That's one of my other pet peeves. The jungle will overrun our fields, our beautiful fields of flowers. You can liken our children to flowers. They will be overrun by the jungle.
We've educated our children in their racial heritage and how important it is that we achieve our goals for the future. They know what's to come. They are schooled in race, and why the social powers-that-be want to destroy our kind. They know the enemy has control of every aspect of the media, and they know how to read between the lines. Our children have ready access to scores of books that tell them the truth about
history and politics.
Children should know the world is not like Sesame Street. It's not like Barney. It's not like MTV. Some of the books we read to our children are about strife and triumph over unimaginable odds. For instance, we just read them The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz. They were very impressed by the fact that they could survive with an axe-head and a cup and cross the Gobi Desert, and lose only a very few. Soon after that we read In Deadly Combat, a book written by Gottlob Herbert Bidermann. He was a soldier in the Second World War. He fought against the Russians in Crimea. It was amazing the overwhelming odds that he fought against: they had one weapon and fought against a whole group of tanks. And my children were impressed by the fact that our spirit did not give up. Our men did not give in.
We have read to our children from many different older writings as well. We read from the Elder Eddas, and from mythology. That is the soul of our people, of our race. We can't trust the schools to do that.
Like Erich said, I home school. I have a 14-year-old, a 12-year-old, an 11-year-old, and a seven-year-old. And they have not made one step inside of a public school since they were born. We can't trust them. With the multicultural crap that's shoved down their throats from the beginning of preschool, we cannot trust them. If you send your children to public school, that's the worst thing you can do. But private schools, Christian schools -- they're all the same. They all teach the same "let's all get along" "Pepsi generation" multiculturalism.
I don't want to sound like an alarmist or a paranoid person, but as soon as you send your children into school (and remember the schoolyard and the experiences they have there), whatever you've tried to do to teach your child the truth, as soon as they collide with the vigorous force of all of this multicultural garbage, it's hard for them to hold up. Imagine being three years old, and how frightened you are of adults. They are the authority figures. When you're at home, they are your authority figures. When you go out in public, they're the authority figures. And remember the teacher has the power of the Almighty Grade. If you want a little star for citizenship, you'd better be able to parrot back those cute little answers that they have about "we're all one race," "we're all the same"…. It doesn't work.
Even if you warn them about these horrors before they get into school, they're still bombarded with it. And the peer pressure is phenomenal.
Many people think that private or parochial schools would be better. Unfortunately, because most of those children come from well-to-do families, the children seem to have more time and money on their hands than they should. They get involved with moral pirates who prey on them in schoolyards. They have the money, they have the wealth; they can just throw it around. The parents are not around to guide their offspring. They have their careers to attend to.
Mommy can go back to work as soon as the baby's six weeks old. She can send him into the nursery. And the baby is raised by who knows who. We can send little Johnny or Susie to nursery school, and they even have 24-hour day care where I live. You can actually send your child to day care all day and all night -- why don't you just get a puppy? If you can't take care of the baby, why don't you just get a puppy? 24-hour daycare; they can just be bombarded from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed.
Our children have been in my husband's or my care, except for two very short instances -- when I was in labor we couldn't handle a toddler running around and getting into things. That was pretty much it. We have taken them everywhere; we don't live in a bubble; they have had experiences that most of you probably have not had. They know what's out there. They know what they're up against.
I've watched my friends bemoan the fact that their children turned out the way they did: "Why did little Johnny turn out like that?" I look at how they raise their children, how they can't wait until school starts -- just can't wait 'til school starts to send them back to school. I said "Do you know what they're being taught? Are you aware of the filth and the lies?"
I could easily go back to my field of nursing. I have an RN degree. I could go to work, making forty to fifty dollars an hour, no problem. I can go anywhere in the country and work for that. But then I would probably have to trust the raising of my children to somebody else. That wouldn't do for me. They would be thrown to the wolves for the most part -- morally poverty-stricken people who don't know right from wrong. They learn their morals from MTV and Madonna and so forth.
We have kept them under our protective wing. But that does not mean that they have not experienced the world. They have seen the demon unmasked. They have time to play; we don't demand that they work 24 hours a day, seven days a week on tasks and activities that we're involved in. But they're expected to know something. They are not watching television every day. They don't even like Sesame Street or Barney: when they've seen them, they say "What's this garbage?" Which reminds me of a wonderful cartoon; I love to show it to people. It has a picture of a television set, just sitting on the table. And underneath is the title: TRUE EDUCATION. And the damn thing is unplugged.
(audience laughter)
My children do not watch television. Upon occasion we do view the news, but that's about it. We discuss what we've seen, and they know to read between the lines. We can't even trust the educational channels. I don't know if you folks have actually seen any of those lately, but they're pretty amazing. Children are too young to split apart the truth from the "glitz and glimmer" that's on television, to read between the lines and look behind everything. If they're just sat in front of that Almighty Television -- they're lost. They're totally confused. Because you're telling them one thing, and Madonna with her glimmery outfit is telling them another thing.
Some of the people here said they were sociology majors. I've read in many studies that if you are the sole source of moral and ethical standards for at least the first seven to eight years of a child's life, you have a fighting chance of having them learn something of value. That's one of the reasons the public schools want your children so soon. Now, every school has pre-kindergarten. "You can send them to pre-kindergarten and they'll be fine. We'll teach them everything they need to know." They want them as soon as they're out of diapers. So they can pollute your mind from the beginning.
The teachers sometimes act like "gods" -- I mean, little kids look up to adults. And so, when they teach them all these games and songs, they think, "Oh, this person's so great. They know games and songs. Mommy and Daddy don't sing songs, they don't play games. They come home from work and they collapse on the couch." Because they're working for this almighty dollar. They have to get things. They have to have things. Things don't make you a morally just person. The parents will pale in comparison to the teachers. It's very typical for a child to be able to distinguish between hard work and just plain rubbish.
Schools are the programming center for the New World Order. I don't know if you've ever read the books that they have for the children to read for school, but they're taught many lies from the moment they walk in the door, the latest being the new-found "patriotism" -- or, to coin a term, flagotism -- which is just another mindless step toward the edge of the cliff.
As home schoolers, we expect our children to think, not just parrot back nonsense. Children's books are found at schools and public libraries that blather on about other cultures, "superior" compared to ours. Are you aware that the British actually lost at Roarke's Drift to the Zulus? We found that in a schoolbook. We sent the author a lovely letter. Plus the publisher. The Jew that wrote the book wrote so nicely about the Zulus and how honorable they were. He said nothing about how great our civilization is. They live in huts. They don't ever build anything above a one storey building. But we know how well the Jews can be trusted with the truth.
Our children know that so-called "holocaust" Jews collect millions of dollars in "restitution" money in just about every country in the world. They know about the mainstream Christian dogma that the Jews are "God's Chosen People." At our home, we pretty much believe like the chorus of one of the skinhead songs that my son really loves to listen to, and that is that "our race is our religion." At home we follow an older religion than Christianity. As part of all our ceremonies, there is one point that my children feel very deeply about, and that is: "May the power of the gods aid us in our war against those who seek to bring gray slavery to our people." My children know the true path our race must take.
That path is not an easy path. We have tried to prepare them in mind and body for the struggle ahead. They are no strangers to pitching in and working hard to help the family and ultimately the race. When Harley was still in diapers, he was up on the roof pounding nails with the rest of us. If there's a project that needs to be done at our house, the children are expected to help to the best of their abilities. They learn valuable skills instead of how to win Nintendo games.
My husband and I are not monetarily rich, but our children have learned very early how to earn a buck. We're going on our fifth year for the children selling their own produce, which they're involved in from the time of planting, through tilling, to the process of selling their product at the end of the drive. We can't afford to give them the "latest" of much, so they've learned early that they need to work hard for what "extra" they want. But my theory is that what we work for is valued more than something that is just dropped in our laps.
And our neighbors seem to be impressed by that. I've had firemen in parades say, "Are you going to have tomatoes for sale again this year?" And they're impressed by how our children will go out and run. That's one of the reasons my family's not here with me today: They're competing in a race. They'll go out and run in six-degree weather. They're determined to do well. I've had people actually come up to tell us "Aren't you the children that run?" My older ones train year-round and occasionally take their abilities to races. Like I said, they're on a run right now. Hopefully, I'll have good news this evening about my son running his first five-mile race, and his success. My boys tend to put their hearts and souls into all their efforts, like our Aryan forefathers did.
And I've read many places that man strives for perfection. My children complain from time to time when I have them correct their schoolwork. They say, "But if we were in public school we wouldn't have to do that. Why do we have to do it?" My answer is that two plus two does not equal five even if that makes you feel good, like in public school. Often in public school, as I have said before, children are not corrected when they are in error -- because it might hurt their feelings. It might destroy their self-esteem. Excuses are made for why they fail. At home we expect results, not excuses. The old adage "If at first you don't succeed, try try again" has fallen out of fashion -- except at our house. The world is full of people who make excuses for their failures. That's one of the reasons we've gone from a race that put man on the moon to a bunch of soft, whiny babies.
I'm sure that the men and women in this room are bright enough to teach their own children. Society can't teach them anything of any value. So I recommend highly, if at all possible, that you home school your children. I have literature on how to home school your children, if you want it. We don't need "experts" to teach our children what we want them to know. We've all graduated from high school. I've just read recently about Amish ladies and Amish schools. The teachers in Amish schools are young girls, 18, 19, 20 years old. They've never gone to college to teach anybody anything. But they're expected by the eighth grade to know how to write and read in both English and German. They're expected to do it properly. Two plus two does not equal five in their schools.
One of the things that's another pet peeve of mine -- I know that this might upset a few people, might make people squirm a little bit; I know I made a lot of people squirm at the Cleveland meeting when I said something about it -- but we need to further our race, we need to make our race strong again, and that means going out and procreating. Hello, you in the back, you in the front.
(audience laughter)
If we don't, we are lost. My intentions are to make my own little "unit," my own little army -- as Mr. Lawrence said, my own little Viking crew. They're determined. They are strong. They are smart. And that's the kind of people we need. We need more of us -- to coin a phrase -- and less of them. Thank you.
-       - - -
You've been listening to a speech given by Mrs. Jan Cartwright at a recent meeting of the National Alliance. Let's review the important concepts presented in her talk.
1       -- We each need a mate, conscious of his or her race, who is in accord with our basic racial principles. I would add that no value, no belief, and no personal need or desire, can be placed higher than those racial principles.
2       -- We need our children to understand the social forces that would destroy them.
3       -- Our children should have daily contact with quality books on race and history, and they should be inspired by tales of White men and women prevailing over overwhelming odds.
4       -- You cannot trust the schools today to do right by our children; home-schooling is the best alternative.
5       -- Television, except for historical or news broadcasts, with family discussions afterwards to teach the children to "read between the lines," should not be part of their lives.
6       -- Our children need to be taught to think for themselves, and to be able to see the lies in mainstream books, mainstream films, and mainstream religion for what they are.
7       -- They need to learn to be wise to the alien nature and the
historical role of the Jews, and to be aware of their "holocaust" extortion racket and their pernicious "chosen people" myth.
8       -- Children need a religious basis, by which I mean not dogma based on ancient writings, but a faith in the maxim: "Our race is our religion." That value must have priority over all other values.
9       -- Children need to pitch in and contribute to all family projects and goals from a very young age. They are not here just to be entertained; we and they need to believe they are important and part of something greater than themselves. Understanding that they are an important part of the family leads to an understanding that the family is in turn part of the race.
10      -- Encourage your children to excel, to put their hearts and souls into all their endeavors.
11      -- We need to further our race by procreation -- and by teaching our infinitely precious children well.
I thank Jan Cartwright for her heart-felt speech at our National Alliance conference, and for her permission to use it on the air today. I thank her for being an exemplary mother to the next generation of our people, and I thank her for being our teacher as well.
I ask each and every one of you who hears these words to hearken to them, and to help our National Alliance community grow stronger with every passing day. Please write and tell us what you will do to help.
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.


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