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White Community,
Part 2

American Dissident Voices broadcast
November 9, 2002
by Kevin Alfred Strom


On last week's program, I talked to you a bit about one thing we need to be doing -- building White community. While that program was airing last Saturday, I was attending a meeting which exemplified the kind of community-building that the National Alliance is doing around the country. I was in Dahlonega, Georgia, in the southern reaches of the Appalachian mountains, at the home of Alliance Georgia Regional Coordinator Chester Doles. Mr. Doles, who leads a very busy life and whose eleventh child was born just four days before our meeting, has built an impressive meeting hall on his property. After the meeting a delicious feast was served, donated by members, and refreshments, conversation, and cameraderie were shared while members and guests prepared National Alliance literature for a national distribution which is planned for Veteran's Day.
On today's program, I'll continue my comments on White community by broadcasting the speech I gave at that meeting.

* * *

Mr. Doles, Mrs. Doles, fellow members of the National Alliance, ladies and gentlemen: I thank you for the honor of being with you here today. As my wife and I were driving through the countryside of north Georgia on our way to see you, the hills were a riot of Autumn leaves. And it occurred to me that nations are like leaves: they change color before they die. That's what's happening to our nation.
Of course, "color" is the way in which many people think about racial questions, but those of us here today know that color is not too important in itself. It is a mark. It is a symbol. The American eagle is not the kind of creature he is because he has white feathers on his noble head. He has his snowy feathers because of the kind of creature he is, because of his genetic inheritance. And it is that genetic inheritance that also gives him his all-encompassing eye, his ability to soar above the clouds and strike like lightning, his loyalty to his mate and their offspring, and everything else that makes an eagle an eagle. The White head of the American eagle is just one expression of the infinitely complex gene-pattern that defines and makes that creature. It is one mark by which we know him. We know that when we see another mark, such as that of the brown-headed cowbird, that we are dealing with a very different kind of creature, with different behaviors, different abilities, different survival strategies, and a separate destiny.
So it is with our color, our Whiteness. It is just one mark of who we are. When I say our nations are changing color, I mean that the people who founded those nations are dying off; I mean that the entire gene-pattern which made our civilization possible is being destroyed -- destroyed by sterility and childlessness, by planned invasion of our ancient homelands, and by racial mixing -- which is a form of genocide every bit as effective as the inhalation of hydrocyanic gas.
What are we, besides White? By our own standards, we are beautiful and noble. There is an indefinable something -- almost a divinity -- in Aryan faces, as if we were seeing a glimpse of the future as we look into each other's eyes and into the eyes of our precious children. That "look" has been captured again and again by the great artists of our race, and it is also, sadly, exploited by cynical media Jews who use the "look" of noble White men and women in their advertisements to sell us junk or in their films to sell us death.
We are also creatively intelligent, in ways that standard IQ tests cannot yet adequately measure. The verdict of those tests indicates that Jews and Asians should have contributed to science and civilization at least as much as Whites, but history does not bear that out. The questing spirit of Western man, from the ancient Greeks to us, has propelled us to explore and discover the farthest reaches of our planet, seek outward to the most distant galaxies, seek inward to understand the double helix of our DNA, seek within the building blocks of matter to understand the nature of reality, and to search beyond the bounds of time itself to understand the beginning of existence and the possible future of the cosmos. No race can match us.
But despite our intelligence and creativity, despite the shared sense of beauty which should bond us together, despite the great flowering of technology and civilization which our race alone made possible, we are losing. We are almost to the wall. Why?
I think, as I said last week on this radio program, that one of the main reasons for our acquiesence in our own destruction is a loss of a sense of community among Whites. When I see this meeting hall, when I see the sacrifices made by Mr. Doles and his family, and when I see the great-hearted efforts of the Alliance members who helped him make this Unit possible, I am given a sense of hope. I see a growing sense of community. There are millions of White people in Georgia, and hundreds of millions of White people in North America, so we may be tempted to see this Unit and even the Alliance itself as very small and insignificant. But I remind you that both Rome and Greece were founded by numerically small tribes which grew to dominate and change the face of the Earth. And that is what we intend to do also. Our Alliance is like the first sprout from a tiny seed. That small plant will grow, if we tend it and protect it and nurture it and weed the land around it, into a giant redwood under whose protecting branches generations of our children and our children's children will prosper and conquer and expand, perhaps even beyond this planet.
I asked Mr. Chester Doles, the coordinator of this Unit of the National Alliance, how long his unit had been in existence, and his answer was just two years. Two years ago he began holding meetings with only one other member present. Now his monthly meetings typically have between thirty and one hundred attendees, a growth of more than thirty times. Can you imagine the success of this unit once you recruit thirty times as many members as you see here today? Or even ten times as many? If we can partly emulate the success of Mr. Doles and build our National Alliance community to ten times its present size, imagine what we could do nationally. And that, my friends, is an attainable goal.
One thing we need to do to build a better sense of community is to stop hiding.
The Internet has been a great boon for us, in that it is, so far, mostly uncensored and it therefore allows us to bypass the controlled media and present our views and ideas as they really are, instead of through the distorted lens of the Jews. But the Internet allows anonymity, and anonymity is not an unmixed blessing. I don't want to discourage anyone from speaking out. And I also don't want you to get me wrong: many people who are anonymous on the Internet have written and contributed a great deal. I like and admire them, and I salute their activism. But so many White people appear on the 'Net sporting such monikers as "whitepower" or "vikingberserker" or whatnot that it gives the impression that we are a group of people who are ashamed of using our real names. It suggests that we are doing something "bad" or illegal or shameful, and that we therefore need to conceal our identities. Balderdash! We are open about what we do; we are legal; we are right.
All those who can use their real names should do so. It adds the same kind of weight to your words as did the signatures of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence. It encourages others to speak out and add their good names and reputations to our cause. Let me give you an example. Dr. Robert Griffin, the professor at the University of Vermont who wrote The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds, has agreed to write for National Vanguard magazine and will do so under his real name. As more and more people of good repute and accomplishments do so, eventually the power of the Jews to smear and fire and intimidate will weaken -- and that is exactly the kind of breakthrough we need. The time is right for this, since even those on the political Left are daring to speak out against the former sacred cows of Jews, Zionism, and Israel. The Jews have a many-fronted war going on, and we can use the division of their strength to build ours.
I know that some of you truly cannot use your real names, because your position within the gates of the establishment is too important, and the intelligence and influence and /or money you give us are too important to be risked. To those of you who must use a nom de guerre, I ask you to consider using one that sounds like an ordinary name. Thus you will not contribute to the impression that we are hiding, even if you must do so for the time being.
Showing the world that we are not hiding will also reduce the number of defective people who are attracted to our cause, those who actually like the Jew-induced image of the "nazi hater" who wants to machine-gun children and torture innocents. The fewer of those people we attract, the fewer troubles the rest of us will have with the law, and the fewer lurid news stories there will be to blacken our image among decent Whites.
There are some on the Internet whose main function seems to be to generate gossip and attack good men and women on our side with unsubstantiated rumors or outright lies. Some of the "free speech" forums on the 'Net, even those that have been largely supportive of the Alliance, have been guilty of repeating some of this nonsense, and I sincerely wish they would exercise more caution in this regard. I would ask all of you to be cautious, and when a claimed "racialist," no matter how talented a writer he seems to be, no matter how much he entertains you and skewers the Jews with his pen, devotes a large percentage of his output to attacking others on the racialist side -- I urge you to be aware that you may be dealing with a disinformation agent. As we become more successful, such disinformation agents will appear more often. It is probably impossible for us to tell if such persons are funded by the enemy or if they are merely rancorous and petty egotists by nature. It really doesn't matter. We shouldn't waste much time attacking them back, or sparring with them. But once they are exposed for what they are -- divisive forces fighting against our racially aware community -- they should be shunned.
Another trend (which is not confined to the Internet) which seriously impairs the growth of our community is misogyny, or an anti-woman attitude. The Jews often portray us this way and some of us seem to want to confirm it. The Jews, in effect, claim that we want to chain White women to the stove or the bed, depending on their talents.
Let me tell you something. A real community has roots. A real community has children which are raised up in the community's values. A real community has more than just leaders and warriors, though we surely need leaders and warriors. A real community, in a word, has WOMEN.
It is very frustrating being a racially aware man in the madhouse that America and the West have become today. What has been done to brainwash our women into feminism and miscegenation is a crime for which no punishment would be severe enough.
But railing against the flaws of women which have made them easy marks for this brainwashing, and telling them that they are inferior, or fit only for the entertainment of warriors WILL NOT WIN THEM OVER. We are no believers in "equality." White men and White women are different. White men and White women are like the roots and the petals of a flower -- remove either one and the flower is dead. Both are essential. We cannot live without each other. We must not make propaganda which alienates women, especially since there is no need to do this. We need to make our outreach materials, our gatherings, and our community woman-and-child-and-family friendly. We need to eschew propaganda that shows women as cheap sex objects. We can promote art and literature which extols the beauty of our bodies in a dignified way and emphasizes the unity of love, sex, family, children, nation, and race. As a very wise woman told me -- bring in more women, and the men will flock to your cause. We need to think about this in everything we do.
We can draw inspiration from our ancestors. Just a few generations ago, in the years immediately after the first American revolution, the Appalachian mountains you see right outside this meeting hall represented the frontier, beyond which lay the lands of savages and hostile kings. The people of these mountains and river valleys lived lives of incredible hardship, in which the most rigorous self-discipline, self-sacrifice, and hard work imaginable were necessary just to survive. And added to that were the depredations of the Indians, who killed men and women and children alike, and made no distinction between combatants and civilians. Even after the victory of the Revolutionary War, the Indian Wars raged for decades, and the tribes were often encouraged and armed by hostile European powers. Settlements in Ohio, Western Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia lived under a state of war that lasted some people's entire lives. From those times of trial and terror, we can read the character of the people who gave us birth.
Even women and children did not exempt themselves from the fight. In the Scioto Gazette, a newspaper of the time, it was said:
"The people of the eastern states have very little realization of the hardships endured, or the many deeds of valor that have been performed by the noble women of our western frontier. Should the many incidents be gathered, in which our women and children suffered from the attacks of ruthless savages, they will fill volumes of history. Several of these have been published, in which a woman has wielded an axe, and split open the skull of a savage, with the intrepidity and the skill of a veteran knight in the days of feudalism."
During the Indian Wars, in 1782, Simon Girty, a renegade White who had allied himself with Indians, led a band of 500 savages against the settlement at Wheeling, west Virginia. The attack was sudden, but the families were able to reach the stockade in safety. But at length, their small provision of powder ran out and they all feared for their lives. There was a keg of powder in a house in the town, and a brave young girl named Elizabeth Zane volunteered to make the trip from the stockade to the house under Indian fire. She was only sixteen. Her stealth, her small size, and her courage served her and the townspeople well, for she returned unharmed with the powder, saving the lives of all the people of Wheeling. Many Americans living today might never have been born if not for her. We must believe, like Elizabeth Zane, that we can by our own actions determine our destiny, no matter how great the odds may seem. For if we give ourselves up to despair then and only then will there be no hope.
By building our racial community, the National Alliance, we will doing justice to both the past and future generations of our race. The famous Western writer Zane Grey was a descendant of Colonel Ebenezer Zane, Elizabeth Zane's brother. He expressed the same idea in his 1909 book, The Last Trail, when he said:
". . we should stop a moment to think of the heroes who have gone before . . . we who worked, fought, bled beside them, who saw them die for those they left behind, will render them all justice, honor and love. To them we give the victory. . . . They were true; then let us . . . likewise be true in memory of them. . . ."
Nations are like leaves: they change color before they fall. The leaves fall and die, but all through the long snows of winter, the tree still lives. And in the fullness of time comes another spring, the tree comes to life again and all is renewed, even greater and more beautiful than before. The nations that fall, like Rome before us, are the dying leaves. The tree which ever returns to life is our race itself. The spirit of renewal is in our sense of community, is within our own souls. William Pierce was a part of that renewal. You are a part of that renewal. Let's live our lives with that in mind, and teach our children to do the same. Thank you.

* * *

You've been listening to a speech I made last week, at the monthly meeting of the Lumpkin County, Georgia local unit of the National Alliance. As I said in part one of this series on White Community, we in the Alliance are building a community to assure White survival into future generations. We meet not only on the Internet, but in real life. We reach out to the public where White people are threatened, like Lewiston, Maine. And we've just published a new, high-quality magazine for White people, National Vanguard. If you enjoy these weekly broadcasts, you'll also enjoy the in-depth articles, news, commentary, reviews, and historical features that you find in National Vanguard magazine. It's now in full color and matches establishment magazines in technical quality, and outshines them all in intellectual content and fearless dedication to reason and truth. To break the enslavement of our people, we must break the monopoly control which the Jewish establishment now holds over the media. Subscribe to National Vanguard and help us do exactly that. Send $18 for a six-issue subscription if you live in the US, $26 if you live in Canada, and $36 if you live elsewhere. Write to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. That's National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA.
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.


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