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White Community,
Part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast
November 2, 2002
by Kevin Alfred Strom


We hear a lot these days about the Black community, the "Hispanic" community, the immigrant community - but one thing we almost never hear about is the White community. And the reason we seldom hear about the White community is that it no longer exists.
I'm 46 years old. Although that's not particularly aged, I am old enough to remember the virtually all-White America that existed prior to 1965. I can remember when doors were left unlocked; when honesty, decency and respect for others were the norm. The Jews and the traitors in Washington were doing their best even then to intimidate White Americans into silence, and to promote their insane and suicidal substitute for "morality" that defines any act that protects our race as "evil" and any act that mixes or degrades our race as "good."
But the rot hadn't gone as far then. The mayors and police chiefs and community leaders and almost all the voters were White then. Whites could have easily retaken all the beachheads of power that the Jews and other non-Whites were occupying. Why didn't they? Why did that generation abdicate and leave us with a much harder job against a much stronger and more well-entrenched foe? What was missing in White Americans in 1965 is the same thing that is missing today: a sense of community, a sense of belonging to an extended racial and national family defined by kinship.
Without a sense of community, we feel weak -- and sometimes hopeless and paralyzed. Without a real community of families -- and leaders who care about those families -- we are "led" by opportunists and aliens who will always give us the short end of the stick for personal advancement or to please the better-organized non-Whites who do have a sense of community.
A striking example of the latter, and a lesson for all of us about losing control of our cities and towns, was the recent case of the Washington, DC Snipers, John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo.
The sniper task force was led by Montgomery County, Maryland Police Chief Charles Moose, a Black who was specifically recruited by the traitorous politicians in that county because he was Black and because he was acceptable to the NAACP and Jewish groups who were looking to use the issue of so-called "racial profiling" to make the police more "diverse" and more "sensitive" on racial issues. Charles Moose was not only Black, but he had made a name for himself as a vocal opponent of "racial profiling," a disparaging term used to describe police who have their eyes open and are perceptive enough to notice that Blacks and Mestizos are more violent and commit more crimes than Whites.
We now know that the sniper suspects, John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo, are both Blacks: at least one a Black Muslim and the other an illegal immigrant from Jamaica. But while Malvo and Muhammad were lying in wait for their victims and killing at will, and while men, women, and children were dying or living in fear, Charles Moose was determined to avoid targeting Blacks or other non-Whites at all costs. As the leader of the task force, Charles Moose led us to believe that the killers were White.
Charles Moose had access to the telephone messages left by the snipers, and he surely must have known that the caller was Black. But Charles Moose did not reveal that fact to the public until the arrests, when the race of the suspects was an inescapable fact known to all.
Former FBI "profilers" were brought in who stated outright that the killer was likely a "cold, calculating White man with a score to settle." And Moose's task force even noisily announced that it was seeking a White man "affiliated with militia and White supremacist groups."
The sniper suspects' Chevrolet Caprice was seen twice in suspicious circumstances. On October 3, after a fatal nighttime shooting in Washington, DC, a Caprice was seen leaving the scene with its lights off. In the early morning of October 8th, the day after a 13-year-old was wounded in Bowie, Maryland, police approached the blue Caprice near an on-ramp to Interstate 83 and found Muhammad sleeping. Muhammad was not held.
A police source told the Washington Post "Everyone was looking for a white car with white people." When asked about the Caprice two weeks before the arrests, Charles Moose re-emphasized the "white vans," saying he wasn't making "a big push for public feedback about" the Caprice. Naturally he wasn't: the Caprice was being driven by a Black man.
What frightens you more: the two killers, or the fact that a man like Moose, who put his race above our safety, is the head of the task force meant to capture them? It should be the latter which frightens you the most. When the officials - when the judges and the juries and the mayors and the legislators - consist of people hostile or at best indifferent to us and to our traditions and our heritage, do you think we are going to be safe from criminals and killers on the streets? Do you think you are going to be safe from corrupt police who will plant evidence and abuse you if you "cross" the wrong special interest group in town? Do you think you will get a fair trial from a jury containing racially-conscious non-Whites if you are accused of ever having had a kind word to say about White people or the survival of our race? When we gave up control of our communities because the Jews told us we were being "fair" by doing so, we also gave up our right to life. And the ultimate end of that road of misery for ourselves and our children will be death and extinction.
A fellow National Alliance member, Ken Lagret of Connecticut recently wrote on this subject:
Our Country is no longer a nation and our towns are no longer communities. Over the years our society has devolved as people have given up their sense of community, replacing it with individualism -- and locked doors.
Aside from tragic events, such as 9/11, there is no national pride in the USA anymore.
Lines drawn on a map do not define a Nation or a community. Community involves intangible components, and requires the idea of selflessness. People of a community relate to the others in their community not based on locality, but on shared beliefs and interests, shared languages and cultures, and a sense of brotherhood and friendship. These qualities have rapidly diminished in the USA.
People have forgotten the time when they knew all of their neighbors; an age when people took a sincere interest in the lives of the others in their community; a time when our policemen were guardians, not enforcers; a time when wealth was not the measure of success, only a consequence of it.
Can we point our finger at a single cause of the moral and cultural decay of our country? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Concepts such as `Diversity', `Tolerance', `Forced Integration', `Materialism', and many others, have contributed. Brotherhood, kinship, honor, integrity, pride, and accountability have all but vanished. We live in a state of constant fear -- and constant scrutiny. We have come to live with fear as we have been surrounded by alien people and their cultures. We have learned to mind our own business rather than to speak our mind.
We watch "minority group" after "minority group" constantly assert their heritage. We fear the fact that our society deems people with beliefs such as ours more dangerous than base criminals -- when our only crime is a desire to reclaim the sense of community we once shared.
If there is a breaking point amongst men, it has yet to occur. We have not, yet, been pushed to our limits as a race. We may never be, as we fail to draw a line, in an illogical spiral of self- destruction. What is your limit? When will you stand up and be counted, not as a bigot or a hater, but as a person of integrity, a person that can see the damage this disease called "diversity" has wrought on us?
Some of you may remember a time when your Mom would send you next door to borrow a cup of sugar, when we knocked on doors out of respect and courtesy, even though we knew they were unlocked; a time when you knew everyone that lived on your street and you were welcome at any time; a time when we didn't need security guards or metal detectors in our schools; a time when we could choose with whom we associated and interacted. These are the memories I have.
Our children and our people should not have to live in fear and we should not have to acquiesce to the demands of so-called "minorities," when we know they will only grow in the coming years. They will not be satisfied until they have broken our spirit completely, until the very idea of community is no more than a pipe dream of a dying generation. We have a duty to each other to prevent this from happening. We have a duty to rebuild our communities and to return to a nation of integrity and pride. While it may be too late, while we may be too few, we must make every effort possible. For the somber reality is, if we do not fight, we will all be kneeling down naked in a cold football field waiting to be shot.
Signed, Ken Lagret,
Connecticut, United States of America.
Efforts are being made to reawaken the sense of White community - and to help White communities threatened by immigrant invasion and Jewish corruption of their leadership. One such town is nearly-all-White Lewiston, Maine, recently selected by our would-be masters for the establishment of a large colony of thousands of Black Moslem invaders from Somalia. The sudden influx has put such a strain on the town that even its mayor has asked the Somali community to somehow slow the tide. The National Alliance has been meeting with citizens on the streets of Lewiston, and we are spearheading an educational effort to help the White people there understand why this is happening to them. National Alliance members in New England recently published an Open Letter to the White men and women of Lewiston, and I'll share that with you now:
Dear fellow White people:
Did you know that there is a deliberate campaign to corrupt and pollute the Whitest areas of America as quickly as possible? What's happening in your state is an excellent example of this. One of the Whitest states in the country, Maine is looked upon with undisguised hatred by the multicultural planners and diversity-mongers of New York and Washington. From their point of view, Maine, with less than four per cent minorities, is far too White. Something really has to be done about Maine. And so they're doing it, with the help of corrupt, anti-White elements in the statehouse, in the Christian churches, in big business, and in the media.
Yes, a campaign has been launched to bring even more non-Whites into Maine and other areas of New England. Recruiting teams have been sent to Africa to persuade Blacks to move here. Non-Whites are even being recruited in Mexico and Vietnam, and they too will be brought here as government-approved immigrants. To gear up for the new arrivals state, local, and federal agencies are pumping money into a number of special programs designed to facilitate the process of multiculturalization.
One such program provides extensive training on how to take full advantage of every possible government handout; at the federal, state, and local levels. Another program teaches the new arrivals how to play the "race card" to full advantage. This involves crying "hate crime" at the drop of a hat. The people in charge of teaching the non-Whites how to milk our system, and how to keep us on the defensive, have been feeding off of their "Goyim" hosts for centuries. This particular ethnic group has been living as a minority in another people's countries for so many generations that it has altered their genes, transforming them into nature's most sophisticated parasites. These "super parasites" are unable to stop themselves: it's in the blood.
Governor King and your other politicians justify this plan to racially pollute Maine with the argument that the population isn't growing fast enough through natural increase. Without a faster growth in population, claim the multiculturalizers, the economy will be hurt. Thus the absurd pretense is made that there will be no one to do essential jobs. Be assured: The people pushing this scheme onto the gullible White public don't really care about the economy or the long-range harm this program will do to the people and culture of Maine and New England. For them the scheme is simply a trick to get as many non-Whites as possible mixed in with the White population as quickly as possible. They believe that once they have done that it will be too difficult -- too bloody -- a task for us to unmix what they have mixed.
Here in the Lewiston/Auburn area the sudden damage done to the community by the Somali invasion has shocked some White residents, including the mayor, into fighting back. The multiculturalists have responded by bringing their road show to town, proclaiming that Lewiston is a wonderful example of how a diverse group of people can live and work together, and denouncing the mayor, who doesn't want to go along with the continued destruction of Lewiston, as a "racist" and a "bigot." With some Christian clergy and the media noisily on their side and the big businessmen providing support from behind the scenes, the multiculturalists have been moderately successful at shouting down the dissidents.
We understand that this is just media spin, and that the Mayor is not alone. Many of you feel overwhelmed and powerless in this horrible situation. Your town has been stolen from you. Just a year ago everyone you met on the sidewalk or in the local convenience store was your neighbor, someone you had gone to school with, someone you shared values and traditions with. Now what you see are arrogant Muslim fundamentalists thumbing their noses at you and talking to each other in a strange language. Soon you will see Mexicans and Vietnamese lounging against your lampposts and jabbering at one another in other strange languages. And you'll see your schools, which used to be entirely White, swamped with dusky aliens. You'll have gangs and organized crime and all that that implies.
Why is this happening? Why are some people hell bent on destroying White areas like Lewiston? Why aren't they satisfied with what they have done to California and to the big cities of the East? Why do they want to make the whole country look like New Jersey and New York? Why do they deliberately try to destroy all-White communities such as Lewiston?
To help explain why, here are a few words written by Professor Earl Raab of Brandeis University's Institute for Jewish Advocacy:
"The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.
"We have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible...."
In plain language, Professor Raab is boasting that he and his fellow Jews have changed the immigration laws -- and prevented the government from enforcing what immigration laws we still have -- in order to make the American population more heterogeneous, or, to use the more familiar term, more diverse. When he says that a "Nazi-Aryan party" can never prevail, what he means is that a party that represents the interests of White people can never be elected in the new America that he and his fellow Jews have been creating.
Their goal is to make Whites a minority in their own country so that the Whites can never combine against the Jews and regain control of their own destiny. You can read more of Professor Raab's sinister scheming in a book called Alien Nation, by Peter Brimelow.
Professor Raab and his fellow Jews aim not only at eliminating the White majority in the country as a whole, but also at polluting and corrupting every White area inside the country, so there will be no one capable of organizing an effective opposition to the Jews. So that Jews will be the only racially conscious group still able to wield power.
What the Jews have done to Lewiston and are busy doing to the rest of Maine is just one step in their scheme for implementing a Final Solution to the White problem. This Final Solution is not being implemented with concentration camps and gas chambers, but with bought politicians, with corrupt preachers, and above all with television and other mass media. It is being implemented by flooding the country -- and every White area inside the country -- with non-Whites and by encouraging miscegenation. It is being implemented through programs aimed at increasing diversity. It is being implemented by deceiving and brainwashing White people to collaborate in their own dispossession and destruction.
The hour for our people is late indeed -- but it's still not too late. It's still not too late to fight back. The National Alliance has planted its flag in Lewiston. Join the fight. Contact us requesting membership information.
The New England Membership of the National Alliance
There is still a chance for us. Whites are still a majority in America, particularly a majority of brains and ability. If just a few hundred thousand of us can organize ourselves and believe in ourselves again, we can still prevail.
We at the National Alliance are already part of the way toward that goal. We at the National Alliance are building a new community which may well be the last chance for Whites that fate will give us. We are meeting - not just on the Internet but in real life. We are standing up in Washington and in towns like Lewiston, Maine where White people are threatened. We are speaking out on campus. We are bringing the facts of our dispossession to the attention of hundreds of thousands every week on the radio, in print, and through massive public literature distributions, the most recent of which reached over 130,000 in a few days. We are holding regular local meetings and social events in cities across the country. We care about each other and we help each other. We are legal; we are open about what we do; and we are right. Will you help us in this necessary task? I am asking you join us in this, the greatest adventure of our time and quite possibly of all time: the survival and advancement of our people. We will begin by building again what previous generations foolishly gave away: a racially conscious White community.
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you that that freedom is not free.


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