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The Killing of Whites Continues:
South Africa

American Dissident Voices broadcast
September 28, 2002
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Last week I told you about the state-sanctioned ethnic cleansing of Whites that is going on in Zimbabwe, and the farm invasions and the murders of White men and women who refuse to leave their farms there. The slaughter of Whites and the theft of their land in Zimbabwe is horrifying, and the fact that the Jewish media says almost nothing about it is quite telling. Today I am going to tell you about another country where Whites are being slaughtered at an even higher rate: Zimbabwe's southern neighbor, South Africa.
South Africa has three times the population of Zimbabwe, and 13 times the White population: almost 6 million Whites live there. As with Zimbabwe, the media silence about the murder of Whites there is almost total; and in South Africa's case, even human rights groups are largely silent, perhaps because the Black takeover there was so recent and so many "liberals" have an emotional investment in the ANC/Communist regime they helped to power. Whatever the reason for the blackout, I'm here to break it.
In 1994, after decades of propaganda in the media and sentimental whimpering from the churches, South African Whites were finally persuaded to hand power over to Black Communists, who, with the decisive help of the Jews, installed an ANC ("African National Congress")/Communist government that, for some strange reason, failed to follow Marxist ideology when it came to expropriating the business interests of the Jewish Oppenheimer family, who dominate South Africa's economy. They did succeed, however, in making South Africa into a multiracial sewer with one of the highest violent crime, murder, rape, and AIDS infection rates in the world. The media made a saint of Nelson Mandela, a convicted terrorist who had been imprisoned by the White government there, and when the Whites capitulated he was made President.
After the media's announcement that their long campaign of sanctions, boycotts, and intimidation had finally succeeded in bringing "equality" and "democracy" to what had previously been one of the few outposts of White civilization on the African continent, the media coverage of that country almost ceased, and one seldom hears about South Africa today in the mass media. The reason is that South Africa, exactly as predicted by the National Alliance and other horrible bigots and "racists," is rapidly descending into crime, disease, filth, and savagery.
Since the Black takeover in 1994, 1,368 White farmers have been murdered in farm invasions and attacks that number in the multiple thousands. More than half of the White farmers have given up and left their farms permanently, contributing to the region's looming famine. And yet this is not an issue in the Jewish media. South African farmers now suffer the highest murder rate in the world -- 274 per 100,000. And yet this is not an issue in the Jewish media. In a study commissioned by a leading South African bank, Nedbank, it was revealed that the Black attackers are
"'deliberately targeting specific homesteads to kill the [White] Afrikaner victims': robbery was not the prime motivation, in fact in 85% of last year's farm attacks, nothing had been 'robbed.'"
In other words, killing the White man, raping and killing the White woman, raping and killing the White child are the real motivations. And yet this is not an issue in the Jewish media.
Let me give you a few examples:
On June 15th of this year, sugar farmer Robert Dent and his wife Allison, both 59, were killed in front of their twelve-year-old son Nicholas Dent. A Black invader entered the Dent home between two and three AM that Saturday morning, armed with a military-style rifle. He bludgeoned the unarmed couple, who were surprised in their sleep, and then, in the presence of their son, shot them to death at point-blank range in the farmhouse bathroom. The terrified Nicholas was then forced to drive the killer in his parents' car about three miles away, where both killer and child escaped.
I have the figures in front of me for just this month, September 2002, and though the month isn't over, nine farmers have been killed, including four children and an elderly farm couple, George and Albertina Lewis, whose dog was also killed. The police report on the Lewis's murder says "no motive."
In August, a farmer's wife was attacked in a firebombing, and Johan Viljoen, a Zevenfontein cheese farmer, was torched to death along with one of his workers. Christo Olivier and Jan Kempdorp of Vryburg were tortured to death and then buried in a shallow grave. The two Blacks who were arrested for this crime were granted bail. On the 7th, the headless torso of what police reports call an "ethnic-European male" was found on Mpumalanga farm. And Johannes Maree, 62, of Randfontein, was found bludgeoned to death on August 1st.
In June and July, Johan Steyn, 65, was shot dead in the Cullinan area; smallholder Roy Murley was tortured to death; Johannes Lake and Johnny Scheepers were shot to death; dairy farmer George Siemens, 62, was killed; and Cheryl van Houten, 51, was hacked to death.
In April and May, Ben Vorster, 67, was murdered by an armed Black gang; Andre Pienaar, 56, was shot dead; Mona Sawyer, 78, served food to a Black caller at her home in Magaliesberg and was then stabbed to death; Rita Mans, a 31-year-old farmer's wife was shot to death in Ottosdal; 70-year-old Iris du Preez was murdered on her small farm; Dickson Pillay, 36, and his brother Sandy Pillay of Glendale Farm homestead were burned to death when Blacks torched their farm.
In the first three months of this year, more than 30 farm murders occurred, including the killing of classical musician Felicity Gale, 58, of Port Jackson -- her husband, Rodney, 67, survived the attack; Marius and Lillian Delport, 50 and 54, of a smallholding near De Deur were shot and nothing was stolen; Rudi Schmidt, 51, of a farm near Pontdrift was stabbed to death; 21-year-old Catherine Watkins of Potchefstroom was found with her windpipe torn out; Estelle Burger, 27, a farmers wife, was kidnapped and then shot; John de Lange, 66, a smallholder in Mount Pleasant was shot to death, his wife, Evelin de Lange, 60, was raped and garroted; and Arthur Smith, 63, and his wife Isobel, were found with their throats slit and their bodies severely beaten on their farm in Sundra.
I'm just giving you the highlights here, by the way, and just from the last few months. The grisly details and the horrifying numbers can be found in the reports of Crimebusters South Africa and the excellent data assembled by Adriana Stuijt and her "Journalism During Apartheid" site. These farm massacres are occurring at a reported rate of about one every other day. The horror on these White farms has been steadily climbing since 1994. And yet this is not an issue in the Jewish media.
Unlike Zimbabwe, the government in South Africa does not have an officially-announced policy of supporting these farm invasions and massacres. But they do have a policy of looking the other way and doing next to nothing about it, a policy which encourages Black violence against Whites. Their attitude is perhaps best expressed by Peter Mokaba, until recently South Africa's Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, who whined recently that "The high crime rate is seriously affecting tourism and an alternative image of South Africa needed to be promoted. We want to encourage people to come here and see that crime does not dominate." Really? What Mr. Mokaba did not tell you was that he himself is famous for the slogans he invented and uttered again and again when he was a leader in the ANC/Communist war against the White government of South Africa: "Kill the Boer! Kill the farmer!" and "One settler, one bullet."
Kill the Boer, kill the farmer. And it is to such a government that White farmers must appeal for protection.
Even that government admits that, under Black rule, crime and murder are out of control. The South African Police Service report entitled Attacks on Farms and Smallholdings 1/99 stated: "Violence seems to have become an endemic feature of South African life. According to the comparative crime statistics for 1996 released by Interpol, the country tops the list internationally as far as the incidence of murder and rape is concerned. …the fact that attacks on the residents of farms and smallholdings are escalating at a rate out of proportion to the general increase in crime figures observed in South Africa is indeed cause for serious concern."
Such, I suppose, are the wonderful benefits of "multiracial democracy." Such are the results of succumbing to Jewish propaganda, of giving up your rights as White men and women to control your own territory in a delusional attempt to be "fair" and "nice" to Blacks. All I can say is don't fall for these Jewish tricks, this Jewish moral blackmail any more. Don't let what happened to South Africa happen to Europe or Australasia or America. Work every day of your life for a White future. Join the National Alliance.
The murders I've been describing here are just the farm murders. The murder rate in the cities is even higher, for Johannesburg alone it is 500 per month. Many of the victims are White, and the attackers Black and racially motivated, though the Jewish media, which sobbed about Nelson Mandela's imprisonment for three decades, never mention them.
And South Africa is also the rape capital of the world. A woman is reported raped every 23 seconds in South Africa. A small child is reported raped every thirty minutes. And remember, these are the reported and admitted rapes. This dismal record is partly due to the Congoids' innate savagery when released from the control of civilized men, and partly due to the Black folk belief that raping a virgin will cure AIDS, which is rampant in that country. [Jackie Loffell, Johannesburg Child Welfare Society, 13th International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect in Durban.]
On May 24, 2000, the beaten, battered and nearly frozen body of a young Polish woman was found, clad only in a soaked t-shirt, along the road to South Africa's Sterkfontein Dam. Her body was so cold it was actually blue. Her hair was wet and she was covered with bruises, open wounds, deep scratches, and mud. She was curled in a fetal position. She was still alive. To students of rape in South Africa she was another digit in the statistics. To Americans and Europeans who get their news from the major media, she didn't even exist.
She was a 27-year-old newlywed on her honeymoon, a honeymoon that ended when three Blacks murdered her husband in front of her eyes and then brutally raped her, beat her, attempted to kill her and left her for dead. The bruise marks around her neck indicated that her rapists had tried to strangle her. At the treatment center she was immediately given AZT by Polish Consulate authorities (treatment refused her by the South African government) in the hope that it would prevent the transfer of HIV, since two of her three attackers tested positive for the virus.
She testified that after her attackers murdered her husband, they forced her in the trunk of their car, and went to a secluded spot where each of the Blacks raped her in turn. They then attempted to drown her by stamping their feet on her head in an attempt to keep her head underwater. The woman has returned to her native Poland and refuses to set foot in South Africa again, even to testify.
As reported by investigator Jack Galt, on November 17th of the same year, a 14-year-old White girl was cruelly raped by a gang of five blacks in her home in Pretoria. According to her counselors, she has been traumatized for the rest of her life. Spokesmen for the White Afrikaner community, who you will not hear on CBS, NBC, or Fox News, state that this attack was a deliberate attempt to terrorize Whites.
Five heavily-armed Blacks invaded the home, and proceeded to tie up the girl's mother, father, six-year-old sister and ten-year-old brother with barbed wire in the living room.
They then grabbed the 14-year-old girl and took her to the bathroom, where they brutally gang-raped her, each of the five Blacks in turn, with the family listening nearby, helpless. Then the Blacks returned to the living room where they beat and kicked the White father in the face while he was still tied up, ransacked the home, and fled in the family's car.
South African mother Ame Brown of Elliot in the Eastern Cape recently stated: "On the 8th of October, 1998 my two children and I were overpowered by four Black men. We were robbed of everything, and before leaving the men took turns raping me in front of my two boys aged 8 and 12. They forced my boys to watch. I have since then been tested for HIV of which my tests at five months showed positive. It has not been easy coping with being raped and having HIV. But I have a fantastic husband who has stood by me through all my depression and down days and all my sleepless nights. He has been my backbone and tower of strength."
The rape situation is so bad in South Africa -- the worst in the world -- that British and American doctors are now advising female travelers to carry anti-AIDS drugs in their bags because of the high risk of infection from HIV-carrying rapists there. The British security magazine Intersec reports "The high number of reported rapes in the country is already a deterrent for prospective visitors -- and the South African government's decision not to provide AZT to victims of rape means they are unlikely to get the drugs at local clinics." Dr. Andrew Jamieson, medical director of the British Airways Travel Clinic, said "the academic travel medicine community had discussed the issue for a number of years."
"About six months ago, it was decided that this would be a reasonable thing to do ... it's all about risk management. There is a real risk for travelers to this country and other countries in Africa. We do have a high HIV rate and a high incidence of rape so we cannot pretend it is not there," he said. Predictably, the South African government, which fails to protect White women from rapists, is furious at the doctors, fearing a further loss of tourism dollars.
White ingenuity and inventiveness have come up with an experimental deterrent to the Black rapist problem, however. Seventy-two-year-old Jaap Haumann, a retired anesthetist in the Free State, South Africa, has invented what he calls a "mutilator tampon" designed to lop off the end of a rapist's penis. Haumann says he designed the device after talking to rape victims, and he thinks that at least a million South African women will flock to buy it. "It became clear to me that rape has a devastating impact on the lives of women, physically and especially mentally. We all know that South Africa has the highest rape statistics in the world. With this device I believe would-be rapists would think twice before attacking any woman in this country." Unfortunately, Dr. Haumann's invention would not solve the problem of HIV transmission.
Cape Town, South Africa has become the world capital of what is called the "sex tourism" trade. Press reports have described it as the "sleaze capital of the world," and these days that's really saying something. Perverts from all over the world go there (bringing "needed tourist dollars" to be sure) to have sex with children, many of them White sex slaves, but others imported from brothels as far away as Thailand. "Sex with children," of course, is just a euphemism for rape of the innocent. "Child Sex Tours" are even sponsored by some "entrepreneurs" while the government looks the other way.
In the bad old days of White rule and apartheid, such things weren't tolerated. But in the new "rainbow" South Africa, where can the innocent victims look for protection? The mayor of Cape Town, a Black named William Bantom, was recently discovered to be enjoying his huge personal collection of child pornography in his office while on the job. And he wasn't ousted as mayor. Perhaps the Church will help them? Bantom is also a noted clergyman, known for his liberal views on "human rights," "democracy," and "equality."
A listener in New York has written this week to ask what he and others can do to help the embattled Whites of Southern Africa. He rightly points out that even though our first priority is to build the National Alliance into a powerhouse to secure the future of our people, these White farmers need help now in their local communities, in their own countries. I can't tell you how you should help, but I can put you in touch with those who are on the front lines in those countries, and they can tell you more.
Two of the best sources of news about Zimbabwe and South Africa on the Internet are Southern Cross Africa News,; and also the South African Exiles Site, If you weren't able to copy the URL's as you listened to the radio, don't worry; they'll be present in the text version of this broadcast at our and Web sites, and all subscribers to our monthly Free Speech newsletter will get them, too. There's also a publication from South Africa entitled The Boer, which is charting a path for eventual self-determination and national freedom for Whites in a White state. The publishers also operate a White history museum in South Africa, the Balmoral Genocide Museum, to preserve for future generations the true history of that land which the present Black government is trying to erase from our memories. They may be reached via the Southern Cross Africa site just mentioned, or you may write to them at their postal address of:
Balmoral Museum.
PO Box 30
Balmoral 1037
South Africa
Another effort to build a new homeland for South Africa's Whites is the Orania Project, .
When the Jewish media, or your church, tells you that "multiracial democracy" is good for you, I want you to remember South Africa. I want you to remember Nicholas Dent being forced to watch the murder of his parents. I want you to remember Ame Brown's children forced to watch her rape ordeal. I want you to remember the sex slaves of Cape Town. Then I want you to think about the changing complexion of this country, of how our open borders and high non-White birth rates are inevitably transforming our country into a larger version of South Africa. If you're tender-hearted, and that's a White characteristic, you might want to consider if turning over the government to non-Whites, as we are gradually doing, even benefits the non-Whites. I can't think of a better example than the rapid fall of South Africa since 1994. I want you to think about those things, and then I want you to do something about them. We Whites need to build an organization for ourselves alone. The churches and the government and the media are closed to us now. Any White who stands up for his own people is locked out. But by joining our efforts and our fortunes together, we can change history.
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.


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