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The Killing of Whites Has Begun

American Dissident Voices broadcast
September 21, 2002
by Kevin Alfred Strom


On March 18th, 2002, a White farmer named Terry Ford was at his farm, cleaning up the farmhouse because he expected his son to arrive from New Zealand the next day. Ford was a tall 55-year-old cancer survivor who had spent much of his life caring for an aged aunt who had lived with him at his place, called Gowrie Farm, until her recent death. His neighbors respected him and had given him the nickname "the gentle giant." Terry Ford was a White farmer, with a White family and White values. He was one of us. But Terry Ford lived in Zimbabwe. March 18th was going to be the last day of Terry Ford's life. In Zimbabwe, the killing of Whites has begun.
In recent weeks Terry had had to take a job in town because Black gangs of so-called "war veterans," supported and encouraged by Zimbabwe's Black president-for-life Robert Mugabe, had harassed him and squatted on his land, making planting impossible. But today was a special day. His son was coming to see him tomorrow. And so, accompanied by his faithful old Jack Russell terrier named Squeak, Terry Ford drove out to Gowrie Farm for the last time. Little Squeak had been Terry's constant companion for fourteen years.
A large mob of Blacks, so-called "war veterans," arrived at the farm about 10 pm. Terry was alone, and he locked himself and his dog in an upstairs bedroom. He could hear drawers and closets being opened downstairs as his home was ransacked by the Blacks, who have been encouraged to seize White farms by the Mugabe regime. Terry telephoned a neighbor, warning him to be on the alert. He called the police -- which are also Black-run in Zimbabwe -- several times, each time asking them to come as the looting continued. The police refused, giving as their only excuse the fact that their duty driver was "asleep." Eventually the sounds of the mayhem ceased, and Terry thought he was safe. He made a final call to his neighbor at around 2 am, telling him that he thought the Blacks had left, but to be wary at his place. He sounded optimistic, his neighbor said. That was the last time anyone heard from Terry Ford.
Terry Ford's body was found at 7 am by an arriving cook, with Squeak still faithfully by his side, guarding his lifeless, battered corpse.
The facts of his death have been reconstructed from the physical evidence, and they are these:
After Terry phoned his neighbor, he heard his truck being started outside. He ran downstairs in his shorts, followed by Squeak. He was vastly outnumbered by the Black mob, but he did have a gun. He tried to stop the "vets" from taking his truck by grabbing the steering wheel. But as it was raining, he slipped in the mud and fell to the ground. He got up and again tried to prevent the group from taking his truck. The driver of the truck then rammed Terry against the fence with the vehicle, and it is believed he dropped his weapon at this point. Wounded and helpless by this time, Terry Ford was then held against the fence and rammed repeatedly by the truck until he collapsed. He was then dragged over to a tree and tied to the tree with ropes. There were signs of torture. Terry Ford was then shot through the head with his own gun, and the "war veterans" fled. The police, who refused to answer Terry Ford's repeated calls for help, did arrive to pick up his body.
Terry Ford's case is not unique. All over that country, Whites are being driven off their farms, and those who resist are often killed, their girls and women raped, their bodies horribly mutilated. In Zimbabwe, the killing of Whites has begun. [letter from Bernice Robertson Dyer, Chairman of the Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, published in the North Shore Animal League newsletter, July 2002]
Who are these "war veterans," and what gave them the power to occupy Gowrie Farm?
Terry Ford first encountered them in November 2000, after the announcement by the Black Marxist president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, that White farms were to be seized and awarded to Black militiamen loyal to Mugabe. Mugabe had been installed in 1980 by Western governments which, in accordance with Jewish wishes, had opposed the civilized White government of Ian Smith with sanctions and boycotts and isolation. Western nations, and of course you and I because we are taxpayers, also supported Mugabe's communist insurgents with copious supplies of money running into the millions. When Mugabe took over, the country's name was changed from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, and all the wonderful "democracy" spread around by the "hero" Mugabe made the journalists wear out their typewriter ribbons with praise. Zimbabwe's main income and only means of feeding its people has been the White farmers, whose homes and productive fields were coveted by the savages whose only skills were murder and mayhem. Hero Mugabe announced that his guerrillas and militiamen, called "war veterans" even today though many of them weren't even alive in 1980, would be rewarded by confiscating White farms and giving them to Blacks. Initially, one third of the farms were to be seized. But when the squatters and thugs proved to be no more adept at farming than they are at mathematics or table manners, and the seized farms lay in ruin, devastating the economy and creating a famine, Mugabe knew that he had to do something before his own gunmen decided they needed a new maximum leader. He raised the percentage of White farms to be seized to 100 per cent.
On that day in November 2000, Terry Ford was surprised by the arrival of a large Mercedes sedan followed by a seven ton truck carrying about forty Blacks, all singing and dancing as they disembarked and proceeded to occupy his farm. Out of the elegant German car emerged none other than Sabina Mugabe, sister of the great hero of the revolution against Whites, whom Terry knew because she use to sell second-hand clothes in the area before her brother's rise to power. The "sistah" announced imperiously that she and her "war veteran" accomplices would be taking over the farm soon under her brother's "fast track land reform" program, and she wanted to have a look around before taking over. She warned Terry not to remove any furniture when he left, and then drove off.
One of the "war vets" who calls himself "Wamba," continued to press the claim for Gowrie Farm after Terry Ford refused to give up. Arriving with a small army of what the papers describe as "unemployed youths," Wamba ordered Ford to stop planting his crops, corn and wheat, or his farm machinery and tractors would be burned. Later the Blacks forcibly occupied the house formerly used by Ford's late aunt, and the harassment became so intense that farming became impossible and Terry Ford was forced to find employment in the capital city of Harare, some 25 miles away. A few weeks later his life was ended. "Wamba" is nowhere to be found. No one lives at Gowrie Farm now. And in the shops of what was once Rhodesia, the breadbasket of Africa, corn and bread cannot be found. In Zimbabwe, the killing of Whites has begun. [Sydney Morning Herald, March 23, 2002]
Zimbabwe, formerly the highly civilized land of Rhodesia when it was built and ruled by Whites, is now a pest-hole of death, disease, and horror for almost all its citizens. The "enlightened" media masters promised us bright glories of freedom and prosperity once the "racist" White regime was overthrown, and only vile "nazis" predicted a return to savagery and terror after the civilizing hand of the White man was removed from control. In a monumental irony, Robert Mugabe is proving every day that the media Jews are liars and the so-called "racists" were telling the truth all along.
The Mugabe government, in a land where millions are near starvation, openly uses scarce food as a political weapon. Those with membership cards from Mugabe's political party get food, much of it paid for involuntarily by you and me, and those without the right credentials get sent to the back of the line or end up dead.
Robert Mugabe's "militias" routinely take young girls from families accused of being opponents of the regime, gang-rape them, and then use them as travelling sex slaves as they rampage and murder over the countryside. London's Daily Telegraph for August 25th reports that rape is being used as a weapon of "systematic political cleansing" of the population. "War veterans" and "youth militias," with the support and approval of anti-racist hero Mugabe, rape the young girls, beat them and others suspected of opposition tendencies almost to death, burn their genitals with iron rods, and then, in a land haunted by famine, urinate on their meager food supplies. [Daily Telegraph, August 25, 2002, "Mugabe men 'use rape as revenge'"]
And, of course, the taxpaying sheep of America are also Mugabe's slaves in the sense that we have to work for him. According to the U.S. Agency for International Development, Mugabe got $9.3 million from the United States in 1999, $12.6 million in 2000, and $13.7 million in 2001. Killing Whites pays fairly well, doesn't it? It's easy to see how supporting Mugabe and his bands of killers advances the interests of the American people, too. After all, what's the life of a White man or woman or child, when compared to all the wonderful "democracy" and "equality" that's being promoted in Zimbabwe? All kidding aside, a future like that is awaiting us right here in America if we don't straighten out our thinking and change the path we're on.
Last month, a sneering Jew calling himself Noel Ignatiev, who has managed to install himself at once-respected Harvard University, called openly for the "abolition" of the White race. Ignatiev would undoubtedly smile and approve of Mugabe's terror and murder of Whites, and I'm sure he concurs with the statement of Zimbabwe's Vice President, a creature who calls himself Msika, who said in August that "Whites are not human beings." Mugabe himself recently stated that he "positively shudders" in the presence of White people. Members of Ignatiev's tribe certainly aren't giving much publicity to those statements or to the plight of Whites in Zimbabwe, even though they were the main cheerleaders for bringing Mugabe to power.
If White people controlled the American media, we'd never hear the end of this story. The grisly photographs of the White dead in Zimbabwe would be on the front pages of the newspapers and in the lead stories of the network newscasts for months on end. The pressure on the politicians wouldn't end until a total boycott of the Mugabe regime was instituted and the White people of a New Rhodesia were free and independent again, even if that meant armed intervention to depose the Marxist animal and send his "war veterans" and rapist "militia" scurrying back to the jungle from whence they came. Our people's interests would come first.
But White people do not control the media in this country. Our media are controlled by a very different people, the Jews. And the Jews agitated for years -- decades -- to end White rule in Rhodesia, and to end White rule in South Africa. They exaggerated the sufferings of the Blacks under "colonialism" and "apartheid," and they made it fashionable for nitwits and indispensable for politicians to demand that Whites hand over power to Blacks in Africa. They never let us forget how horrible were the Whites who actually wanted a government of their own and who were so wicked that they brought sanitation, medical care, education, literacy, science, scholarship, modern agriculture and all the rest of European civilization to Africa. They made films and published novels showing us the saint-like nobility of Marxist Black terrorists like Mandela and Mugabe. Southern Africa and its "evil" White rulers were shoved in our faces many times every week by the Jewish media. Jews pushed for the imposition of sanctions and boycotts to topple the White governments.
And they succeeded. Now that their promised paradise has turned into a Hell on Earth, even for the hapless Blacks who were supposed to somehow "benefit" from the destruction of the only civilized rulers they had ever had, where are the Jewish media now?
Now, the Jews' media aren't focusing on Southern Africa anymore, because they have other enemies to destroy, like Iraq and Saudi Arabia and White Americans who would prefer not to be supervised by Jews. Their errand boys Mugabe and Mandela did exactly what the Jews knew that they would do, and their task is more or less completed. The racially-conscious White governments were destroyed, lots of White people were rendered powerless, tortured, and killed; and that was what really mattered to the Jews. They don't care about the White farmers being slaughtered in Zimbabwe, and they don't care about the White women being raped and mutilated there, and they don't care about starving White children there any more than they care about the human rights of the Palestinians they slaughter daily.
To them, naturally, the interests of the Jews come first. They see themselves as a distinct and separate group from Whites, and that is really all you need to know. They see Whites as a competing group, and they do all that they can to undermine our solidarity and power and even consciousness of our identity as White people. Allowing Jews to run our media and control our government has led directly to the murder and rape spree now taking place in Zimbabwe against our kinsmen.
Allowing Jewish media control to continue will bring savagery and death and murder here, too. Allowing Jewish media control to continue will ensure that non-Whites will enter America and Europe in ever-greater numbers. Allowing Jewish media control to continue will ensure a future of violence and death and destruction of everything we know as great and beautiful. Savagery is already starting to take over our land. You can see it in the music and in the gang-bang lifestyle and fashions that are being promoted to our young people. You can see it in the Third World invasion and birth rate that increases every day, every hour. You can see it in the criminals that increasingly prey on our innocents and elderly people. Allowing Jewish media control to continue will ensure that America and Europe will become more and more like South Africa and Zimbabwe. Allowing Jewish media control to continue will ensure that your children's lives will be Hell on Earth and that your sons and daughters will curse you for having given them life as you gave away the land and freedom that once was yours.
But it doesn't have to be like that. The men and women of the National Alliance are building new media -- our media -- so that the facts are available to our people before it is too late to fight back. And we are building a professional and serious organization, the National Alliance, to reclaim our freedom and our children's future. We will not compromise and we must not fail. I hope that you will join with us today in this great undertaking.
Before I say goodbye today, let me give you an example of the new media we are creating. This is another excerpt from a song, soon to be released on Resistance Records, by the pro-White rock band Dresden. The album is entitled Call of the Blood and the song is "Blood and Soil."
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.


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