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White Men in Suits

American Dissident Voices broadcast
September 14, 2002
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Financial scandals, corporate fraud, the looting of billions in pension funds, and the collapse of the stock market bubble are much in the news these days. And, again and again, the controlled media manage to put a spin on these things to the detriment of White people. The Jewish-controlled mass media can't resist putting another knife in the corpse of White America by portraying the financial criminals as "White
men in suits," the last vestige of the old White establishment, insufficiently diverse, exploitative, and not in tune with the "caring" multiracial world the media masters have planned for us.
It really takes what the Jews call "Chutzpah" to audaciously lie like that. To characterize the current state of capitalism in America as anything but Jewish in spirit and practice, and increasingly in personnel, is totally off the mark. And the list of financial criminals who also "happen" to be Jews is a long one, though the Jewish connection is de-emphasized in the media even more than the "White men in suits" image is stressed.
Let's take a look at some of these swindlers:
Marc Rich
Marc Rich, whom President Clinton pardoned in the last hours of his presidency, was one of the richest and most prominent commodities traders in the world, and was involved in one of the biggest cases of tax fraud in American history. Rich conspired to defraud the U.S. Government of $48 million in taxes. In 1983 he fled the country with his partner, one Pincus Green. What did our dearest "friend" Israel do? -- they granted him citizenship after turning down an extradition request from our government. Once out of the country, Rich then brokered the sale of North Korean arms to Iran and did several deals involving gold, grain, nickel and tin with the "Russian Mafia," which is actually largely Jewish and is one of the largest and most notorious criminal enterprises in the world.
To get Clinton to pardon this paragon of virtue, Jewish officials in
the U.S. and Israel lobbied the White House in a mostly underground campaign on Rich's behalf. The list of his supporters reads like a who's who in Israel's political, cultural, and social hierarchy. None other than then prime minister Ehud Barak requested a Presidential pardon for Rich, as did the former head of the Mossad. No wonder: In keeping with the racial loyalty which most Jews have, Israel seems to have been Rich's favorite country. He once said: "I am a Jew, and Jews are
important to me. I always thought the state of Israel was very important to Jews and to the whole world in general." [Los Angeles Times, Feb. 18, 2001]
In America, the head of the "United States Holocaust Memorial Museum," a person actually named Yitz Greenberg, wrote to Clinton on museum stationery imploring him to perform "one of the most Godlike actions that anyone ever can do" -- pardon Rich. And of course Abe Foxman, director of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, sent a letter to Clinton in support of clemency, saying that Rich was "a profoundly generous man who despite his misfortunes has worked tirelessly for the good of
others." [Washington Jewish Week, February 22, 2001]
Martin Frankel
Remember Martin Frankel? He was that paragon of probity who
masterminded the largest insurance fraud in American history. He, too, fled the country. When finally captured in Germany he portrayed himself as a victim, saying he had been brought low by his charitable nature and his tendency to trust others too much! From inside a Hamburg jail he said, "Probably the main reason that I'm here is that I love people too much." [New York Times, May 12, 2000, C1]
Love people too much! Now that is "chutzpah"! When Frankel disappeared in 1999, he left behind his three million dollar Connecticut mansion, ransacked and nearly empty except for piles of documents still smoldering in the fireplaces. Among those smoking documents were a to-do list including the instruction "launder money," and a receipt from a Los Angeles diamond broker for $10 million. He left behind his victims, who were really the ones who trusted too much, who had been defrauded of literally hundreds of millions of dollars, and he left behind the body of a 22-year-old woman who was found hanged in an adjacent home, the $15,000 monthly rent for which was paid by Frankel.
Frankel used front men in an attempt to make his criminal enterprises look legitimate -- and also to make them look non-Jewish. His schemes involved the illegal use of insurance companies in the Southern "Bible Belt," where Frankel no doubt thought he could find a rich lode of Gentile suckers. He also hired two corrupt priests to front for a con game Frankel called the "St. Francis of Assisi Foundation," which few people would initially suspect of being a Jewish swindle. Frankel even used the name of establishment news hack Walter Cronkite without permission in order to lend credibility to one of his "charity" rip-offs. Mississippi's Insurance Commissioner, George Dale, recalls a phone call from a man using one of Frankel's many aliases, asking that Mississippi insurance regulations be waived so that large sums could be transferred to Frankel's charity to "help the poor." Dale, his suspicions aroused, met with two of Frankel's front men who, he said, started talking to each other "in a language no one recognized." When Dale gave them a week to account for the money, the moving vans started arriving at Frankel's mansion within days.
According to investigators, Frankel would sometimes travel down South to wow an especially wealthy "Bible Belt" mark by embellishing his tales of being an "investment genius" with claims that he had a "genealogy dating back to King David." [USA Today, June 28, 1999] Wow! He just loved people too much, don't you see?
Gary Winnick
And then there is Gary Winnick. Winnick was a well-trained protege of fellow Jewish criminal and junk-bond king Michael Milken, and he was the chairman of Global Crossing. Winnick forced thousands of employees and shareholders into financial ruin while he shuttled hundreds of millions of dollars out of the company before it filed for bankruptcy. The New York Observer, while not noting the Jewish connection, states: "As an example of callous, cold-blooded greed, Gary Winnick is hard to match. He misled employees and shareholders while he stuffed his own pockets, not caring whose lives he destroyed as he enriched himself in a sickening display of gluttony and venal avarice." He ruined the retirement portfolios of 9,000 middle-class mostly White folks who were struggling to keep up the mortgage payments and orthodontics bills. Promised severance payments were never made. Promised insurance benefits were not forthcoming. The "investments" Winnick had made with their retirement money were worthless. What Winnick did was worse than what burglars and muggers do: After all, the mugger doesn't pretend he's your friend and claim he is actually helping you, nor does he ask you to invest years of your life in his operations. All told, Winnick's crimes are among the worst -- possibly the worst -- in corporate history.
Jack Grubman
Also in the financial news recently is another Jew, Jack Grubman. Back in the 1990s he was one of the most influential and highest-paid stock analysts -- being paid $20 million dollars a year while hyping the soon-to-be-worthless stock of his Jewish friend Gary Winnick, among others.
Grubman recommended the overpriced stock of Global Crossing and other telecommunications firms to clueless investors who didn't know that Grubman's firm was also paid to "handle things" -- like keeping the stock price inflated and investors hyped and in the dark about their real financial standing -- for those same firms. Always knowing that it pays to have politicians on your side, since the politicians influence regulators and investigators and make the laws they must live by, the day Grubman was summoned to testify before a Congressional committee he wrote a check for $100,000 to the Democratic Party. Grubman is currently being investigated. [Associated Press, August 8, 2002]
Sam Waksal
Another Jewish culprit is Sam Waksal. Sam and his brother dumped $100 million of ImClone stock on unsuspecting investors after receiving insider information that his firm's cancer drug would not receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Waksal also informed a small circle of friends and urged them to sell before the news broke. When the bubble burst, Waksal was secure with his pile of ill-gotten cash, while investors had lost some $4 billion. Waksal is accused of shredding critical phone records relating to the sale of the stock, as well as bank fraud and forgery. He is accused of forging his attorney's signature to secure a bank loan of $44 million. All of this carries a possible prison sentence of 30 years. Waksal likes to court the friendship -- and naturally, secure the assistance -- of other influential Jews. At a huge Christmas party that he threw last year, in attendance were Mort Zuckerman, the Daily News owner, Abe Rosenthal, former New York Times executive editor, and others. Of course, influential Gentiles are useful, too: He invited Clinton and Gore to that party, but they couldn't make it. Waksal is friends with Denise Rich, the ex-wife of Marc Rich, and two years ago managed to get an invitation to the White House with her. He was also friends with the recently deceased Harvard biologist and major player in selling the false idea of "racial equality" to laymen, Stephen Jay Gould; and is a tennis buddy with another virtuous financier, corporate raider Carl Icahn who is now being sued for conspiracy, violations of federal law and denial of constitutional rights by employees cheated out of the pensions they were promised. [Class Action Lawsuit filed May 15, 2002 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia] Needless to say, Waksal has been sued for fraud and other financial crimes; and, needful to say, he is also a big supporter of Israel. As in the case of Marc Rich, though, any vocal support of the United States or even respect for its laws from him has been notably absent. Waksal and friends even hosted an intimate dinner party for former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Barak then directly interceded with Clinton for Rich's pardon, as did a former head of the Mossad, the Israel intelligence and assassination agency. "Sam aspires to be a big Jew," said a friend who declined to be identified. [New York Observer, April 22, 2002]
Waksal could receive a prison sentence of 30 years. Perhaps he will use the Holocaust Defense, since his parents were, you guessed it, "Holocaust survivors." His daughter ran unsuccessfully for New York City Council, and once mentioned 3 times in a 10-minute interview that she was the granddaughter of "Holocaust survivors." By the way, her husband's grandfather was Victor Posner, the corporate raider who was involved in the scams that sent Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky to jail. As a result he and Posner's father were barred from ever trading securities again. It does make you wonder if all of these guys are genetically predisposed to commit financial crime.
The "Holocaust defense" has been used often in the past to justify Jewish crimes, both their con-games and hoaxes, and their murderous violence. For example, in 1995 retired Israeli brigadier general Arieh Biro spoke of Egyptian prisoners taken by his unit in 1956. "We did not know what to do with them. There was no choice but to kill them. This is not such a big deal if you take into consideration that I slept well after having escaped the crematories of Auschwitz." [New York Times, August 21, 1995, A5]
The pattern that emerges from all of this is not the "White men in suits" image of financial criminals that the controlled media have carefully crafted for us. With a little investigation, one can see quite another picture: the Jewish financier who makes huge quantities of money, more in one hour than the average White man would earn in twenty lifetimes, in all kinds of shady business deals, the Jewish financier who tries to circumvent the laws of the land and then attempts desperately to escape the long arm of that law.
For eight years Jews such as Rich funded and supported the Clinton Administration, and Jews are if anything even more closely tied to the Bush White House. Jewish officials in the United States, Israel and Europe lobbied the White House relentlessly in a mostly underground campaign on Rich's behalf -- and it wasn't only Rich they were pimping for: 25% of the convicted criminals whose sentences Clinton commuted were Jews! That's fifty times what one would expect, since Jews constitute just one half of one percent of the prison population. [Washington Jewish Week, Feb. 22, 2001, p. 21] For many of these Jews, tax evasion and financial chicanery are scarcely outside the norm -- even financial fraud and thievery seem to be OK.
All of this sheds light on the nature of the moral values of these powerful Jews. What kind of people are the Jews when leading Israelis such as Ehud Barak become lobbyists for a person who grossly sidestepped our laws. And, if you listen to the major media, also under Jewish control, we are told again and again that Israel is our best friend! We are even asked to die for them, and finance their invasion and oppression of other peoples' lands.
And Israel seems to be running an open-door asylum for financial criminals. We already mentioned that Israel would not extradite Marc Rich when he was wanted in the United States. An Israeli newspaper said that "In Israel, tax evasion is scarcely outside the norm -- even financial fraud and thievery can be smoothed away, as long as the culprit can get off without going to jail." [Ha'aretz, Feb. 21, 2001] These people clearly come from a very different culture and have a very different mentality from Europeans who value forthright talk, square dealing, and honesty.
As they never tire of telling us, Jews are used to hatred from Gentile society. Throughout their history in the West, they were known for engaging in practices which caused them to be resented, such as money lending and tax collecting. Disliked for millennia, they developed a thick skin and an allegiance to their own personal and racial survival as their highest values, caring little about the survival of the society in which they lived. They pay loud lip service at times to the countries in which they plant their colonies, but their real loyalty is to their own nation within. They have a deceitful, alien mentality. Even when they live in a society that welcomes them with open arms, many Jews hate the majority culture: Witness their endless "deconstructions" of the "socially constructed White race" and their endless satires and critiques of the old "whitebread" America and the evil "racism" and "oppression" of the times when the White race, the Washingtons and Jeffersons, ran America instead of the Zuckermans and the Perles. Honestly, I think the Jews hate the Old America even more than they hate Germany, and I think they care less about American laws or American lives than they do their discarded fingernail clippings.
Ariel Sharon, that mass murderer whom President Bush recently called a "man of peace," not long ago referred to a national instinct in Israel to skirt rules and regulations. He talked of Israelis who smirk at what they see as the American gentiles' obsession with being "square" and doing things by the book. Sharon said they see these citizens as suckers. [New York Times, May 31, 2001] That seems to be the way the Grubmans and Riches and the Waksals view us. And, you know, they really do have a point. As long as we put up with their depredations and impostures, we are suckers and we will continue to get what's coming to us.
White Americans, like our European-descended cousins overseas, are naïve and trusting. That seems to go with our honesty. It takes a lot of convincing to make us see another people as inherently treacherous and dangerous. But the Jewish establishment, both here and in Israel, is doing all it can to provide us with unmistakable proof of exactly that. And, since the advent of the Internet, the Jews aren't able to completely censor the news as they were able to do in the last century. The proof is piling up, and even those who normally avert their eyes are beginning to notice it. Their "White men in suits" image of the bad guy is wearing thin. And their time is running short.
And White Americans are slow to anger. But when they realize how they have been lied to -- how their sons have died for ignoble causes -- how their birthright has been stolen -- and how their hidden enemy has planned their eventual extermination -- their anger will sweep over the Earth like an unstoppable tidal wave.
This is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you that freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.


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