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Real Homeland Security

American Dissident Voices broadcast
September 7, 2002
by Kevin Alfred Strom


When I went to a major metropolitan airport a few weeks ago, I was impressed by the security measures that had been put in place since the September 11th terror attacks last year. I was impressed not by the increase in security precautions, which were mildly in evidence, but mainly by the fact that very little had changed. The security personnel were as blasé as ever, as scruffy, poorly uniformed and apparently as poorly-paid as ever, and as Third World as ever.
The crowd of passengers that was going through security that day was a fairly White crowd, with a few prosperous Blacks and Asian tourists thrown in; but the vast majority having their luggage and shoes electronically scanned looked like White Americans and Europeans, with familiar, friendly faces, hardly the sort that you'd expect to brandish box cutters and fly a plane into the side of a skyscraper.
You couldn't say the same for the security personnel -- only a small minority of them were White Americans or any kind of White anything. Quite a few looked like they could be Mohammed Atta's cousins. You've probably read in the press that the security systems at our airports would be federalized and staffed by highly-trained, highly-paid experts. Perhaps a vision of guys looking like senior Secret Service men or Marine Corps officers flashed into your head. Think again. All those promises meant was that the same people who failed before would take some extra courses and get bigger paychecks signed by someone else. Let me tell you something: training can't turn foreigners into loyal, dedicated White Americans.
With people like this guarding the portals to the 747s, it's not surprising that airport security is far less effective than the government promised it would be. A recent investigation performed by the government itself showed that our airport security measures are failing miserably. The Inspector General of the U. S. Transportation Department conducted a number of tests in which undercover agents attempted to smuggle knives, weapons, and simulated explosives through security at 32 separate airports and found that 30 percent of the guns, 70 percent of the knives, and 60 percent of the bombs made it onto the planes without any trouble at all. And if you think that these screeners even know who is getting on your flight, you're wrong about that too. Back in February, a reporter for CBS bought a fake driver's license for $150 and made it through security at every airport she tried. The fake license was looked at over 20 times, she said, and never once questioned.
In fact, the government is so wedded to the idea of racial "equality" that it even refuses to give additional scrutiny to young Middle Eastern males traveling on our nation's airlines. That, you see, would be "racial profiling," and we all know that even noticing that someone is of a different race, even if individuals of that race are known to be criminals at a much higher rate than Whites -- or to be nationals of countries that for all practical purposes are at war with us, is "racism," and we should be willing to cut off all our limbs and let our children and brothers and sisters and parents die in terror attacks before we would ever do anything that smacks of "racism." So "racial profiling" is out and White grandmothers from Iowa, and blond-haired Boy Scouts, and freckle-faced moms flying with their children will be selected for so-called "random checks," while Jews, Arabs, and other Middle Easterners flying on the same flight will be spared. If ever there was a sign that the belief in racial equality is insane, this is it.
Never mind that that all of the terrorists implicated in the September 11th attacks were Middle Easterners, in this case Arabs striking at what they saw as a center of Jewish power in the U.S. Never mind that all of those involved in the 1998 bombings of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were Middle Easterners, too. Never mind that all of those arrested in December for planning the bombings of a Mosque and the office of a U.S. Congressman in California were of Middle Eastern descent, in this case Jews planning to kill other Middle Easterners in this country. Never mind that all of those implicated in the bombing at the World Trade Center in 1993 were Middle Easterners, in this case Moslems who some say may have had contacts with Israeli intelligence. Never mind that Robert Goldstein, the man charged in August with plotting to bomb dozens of schools and houses of worship in Florida was of Middle Eastern descent, in this case a Jew plotting to kill other Middle Easterners, Arabs and other Moslems living in the U.S.
Does anyone notice a pattern here? Does anyone notice that there's a war between two groups of aliens, two groups of Middle Easterners, Jews and Arabs, and that they've brought their war to our shores and thereby caused the deaths of thousands of Americans? Does anyone seriously think that it's unreasonable to look with greater scrutiny on Middle Easterners when it comes to security, when it comes to protecting our lives and the lives of American women and children?
But the ideology of multiracialism is not reasonable. It is the epitome of unreason. So naturally, we're all supposed to believe that checking the bags of Middle Eastern Moslems with extra care would be "racism" and therefore evil, and any extra scrutiny of Israelis or other Jews would be "anti-Semitism" and therefore "morally wrong."
Racial profiling is exactly what we need. But far more important than the question of allowing rational racial profiling at our airport security checkpoints is this question: Why are these Middle Easterners allowed to immigrate to our country at all? Why are they allowed to man our security checkpoints and have access to our military and commercial secrets? Why are they allowed to come here and bring their ancient hatreds and wars with them, putting the American people at risk? Why is the most obnoxious tribe from the Middle East, the Jews, allowed to come here and buy out American businesses, own or control almost all of our major media corporations, and use their money and media ownership to control our politicians and guide both the Democrats and the Republicans, the Left and the Right into "Israel First" policies and programs?
It's natural that all of these aliens would work to keep our borders open, so that they have access to American money, American secrets, and, in the case of the most dangerous of these alien groups, the Jews, the ability to control our media and hence keep the flow of American arms, money, and blood flowing to Israel and Israel's endless wars. In the case of the Moslems who are the primary victims of these wars, they'd agree with the Jews on keeping our borders open since that makes it easier for them to strike back at the Jews' janissaries (that's us) and at the Jewish power structure in America, killing thousands (or perhaps in the future, millions) of Americans in the process.
Of these aliens, the Moslems have little influence over American foreign policy. Jewish media control and Jewish money make sure that almost all American politicians fear the Jews and take the Israeli side, even to the point of sacrificing American lives. It's Jews who pushed for war against Iraq in 1991, strikes against Libya and Sudan, war against Afghanistan this year, and war against Iraq or even Saudi Arabia tomorrow. It's Jews who take over $10 million every day from American taxpayers for their war against the Palestinians.
The Jewish establishment does not care that these wars create hatred for America among the endless millions in the Moslem world who have lost a father or a sister or a brother or a child in these wars. They don't care that every new offensive raises up yet another generation of millions dedicated to our death and our destruction. As they prepare the "hate Iraq" propaganda designed to make the average White working man hate Iraq and think that killing people in a country he couldn't locate on a map a few months ago is a necessity, the Jewish-controlled press are routinely referring to those young men that they intend to use as cannon fodder in the most contemptuous terms.
A watchdog group called has documented case after case of these self-chosen elitists referring to rural White Americans -- the same young people they plan to ask to sacrifice their lives in Iraq -- as "hillbillies," "toothless poor white trash," from the "hookworm belt," "rednecks," "hicks," "bubbas," and worse. How much more evidence do you need to prove to you that Jews aren't White, that those in this country don't consider themselves to be White Americans, and that their real agenda revolves around putting their race -- and their state in the Middle East -- first, and what happens to America be damned?
Stepping back from the situation a bit, consider what our policies are regarding the people and issues that put America at risk from terrorism.
Domestically, we have an "open borders" policy which actually favors the immigration of non-Whites, including non-White Middle Easterners who hate us and each other, a policy which makes it relatively easy for them to come here and do what they do.
Internationally, we have a foreign policy which is virtually dictated to us by Israel, and under which we fund Israel's murder of Palestinians and occupation of Arab lands, and under which we ourselves make war on the Moslems who never did America any harm -- the ones who stayed at home and left us alone.
We let millions of Middle Easterners in. And we aggressively bomb and kill their brothers overseas. In other words, we have a government policy which is precisely the reverse of what it should be. We have a policy which encourages and facilitates terrorism against America.
To make America safe and secure against terrorism we need to return to a sane immigration policy, similar to the one we had for all of American history prior to 1965, when the Jews opened the floodgates of non-White immigration. We need an immigration policy that would have stopped Mohammed Atta at the border and said "America is a White country. You cannot live here. You cannot attend our flight schools. Go back where you came from." And we need an immigration policy that would have stopped the ancestors of the William Kristols and Jacob Schiffs and Michael Eisners and Ari Fleischers and told them "America is a White country. You cannot live here. You cannot buy our broadcast networks or film studios or newspapers. Go back where you came from."  Without the racial agenda of the Jews bringing America into these wars, and without colonies of the belligerents themselves within our borders, America would be a much safer place.
Involving ourselves in the Jews' endless wars of conquest and domination in the Middle East is certainly not in the best interests of the United States. Our repeated insane crusades to attack Moslem nations which have never threatened America just increases the hatred of those nations for us, and solidifies the determination of Moslem peoples to avenge the deaths of their brothers and sisters by fighting against America. There is no rational reason for us to be in conflict with the nations of the Middle East, as long as they stay in their corner of the world and don't threaten us or our kindred in Europe.
When we couple our bombings and our funding of the Jews' bombings of innocent Moslems with our acceptance of millions of them as they colonize large parts of the United States, you have a policy which is almost guaranteed to bring terror and death to America.
Do you put your faith in Bush's so-called "War On Terrorism"? If you do, you're very foolish. It's just a new name for the same old game of killing when the Jewish lobby says "kill." And where has American military intervention on behalf of the Jews, or their internationalist agenda, gotten us? I'm sure you've noticed that since we deposed Manuel Noriega in Panama that all those drugs have stopped flowing in from Central America. And since we imposed Jean-Bertrand Aristide on Haiti, that country is now a paradise, and Haitian immigration to the U.S. has stopped because no one wants to leave there now. Our shelling of the Lebanese and our sending of so-called "peace-keeping" forces there in the 1980s sure put those nasty Arabs in their places, didn't it? And Bush senior's war on Iraq in 1991 was very successful in bringing peace to the Middle East and preventing terrorism, wasn't it? If only we could repeat such marvelous successes until the last American dollar is spent and the last American soldier is dead, what a wonderful world it would be!
We need an American government again. We need a White government again. We need to remain neutral in the Middle East, we need to stop funding Israeli atrocities and supporting her wars. And we need America to become American again, and stop the influx of potential terrorists and bombers and alien media manipulators -- Jewish and Arab alike -- at our borders.
As I speak, the ominous anniversary of the September 11th attacks is near. The National Alliance, the strongest and most active patriotic organization in the United States, is organizing a mass anti-terrorism literature distribution for the month of September, and I'm asking everyone who can hear my voice to participate. We are sponsoring the Terror-Free Zone resolution, a resolution which you can easily reproduce on your printer or on a photocopy machine and distribute in your neighborhoods, which you can send to your friends and to newspaper editors and civic leaders, a resolution which will indicate to the world that we Americans do not support Israel's state-sponsored terrorism, nor the insane policies which have made America a target for terrorist acts.
Let me read the resolution to you:
WHEREAS the attack on September 11th came in response to our government's diplomatic, economic and military support for Israel in its wars against the Arabs and Moslems;
WHEREAS these wars and proposed wars in the Middle East are the result of pressure by the powerful Jewish lobby; and these wars and proposed wars are in direct conflict with America's best interests;
WHEREAS the vast majority of the population does not support these policies and wars; and therefore should not be targeted for reprisals;
THEREFORE, the citizens of OUR COMMUNITY are requesting that the federal government not use our tax money, troops, or diplomatic pressure to support Israel's depredations.
WE ASK that this resolution be given the widest possible circulation, and we ask specifically that it be forwarded internationally to all nations of the Middle East, belligerents and neutrals alike, with the request that because of the issuance of this statement, OUR COMMUNITY not be targeted for reprisals and that it be declared a Terror-Free Zone.
Help us save the lives of innocent American children. Help make your community a Terror-Free Zone. Stop the genocide. Stop the murder and hatred. Together, we can prevent our communities from becoming bomb magnets or targets for terrorists, one neighborhood at a time.
The resolution is available free of charge by downloading it from our or web sites. Just go to or and click on the "Print Your Own Leaflets" section on the lower left, and then select the "Make Your Neighborhood a Terror-Free Zone" flyer. Those without Internet access can request this item by sending $3 to National Vanguard Books, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA and specifically requesting a copy of the "Make Your Neighborhood a Terror-Free Zone" flyer.
The flyer is more than just the resolution itself -- it contains much of the explanatory material I've presented to you today. In honor of the victims of September 11th, and in honor of the founder of the National Alliance, the late Dr. William Pierce, the patriotic men and women of the Alliance are pledging to distribute tens of thousands of copies of our resolution in the next few days and throughout the month of September. As I speak these words, the number of pledges has risen to 72,000. With your help, we can make the number in the hundreds of thousands.
Ask your neighbors and civic leaders to sign the National Alliance resolution to make your community a Terror-Free Zone today. Get your friends and neighbors to sign it even if your community leaders are intimidated by the Jewish lobby into ignoring you. Distribute the resolution widely -- make as many copies as you can, and join us in our educational effort. Together, we can build a growing force that will gather like an advancing tidal wave. Together we can change the world.
This is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you that freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.


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