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Separation Now!
Separation Is the Best Way to Minimize Conflict
Between Different Races

by Kevin Alfred Strom
Free Speech,
November 1996
Volume II, Number 11

Here in the United States we sometimes think about Europe in romantic terms. We imagine that the racial problems and the rule by aliens which prevail on this side of the Atlantic are somehow absent there. We see Europe as a land of thatched cottages, cathedrals, yeoman farmers, and milkmaids. Just around the corner are the great universities and delightful White cities of our schoolbooks. A nice dream, but just as unrealistic as imagining that the America of today is like a Norman Rockwell painting.

I hope the previous article dealing with the African takeover of neighborhoods in France disabused you to some extent of these dreams. Here's another wake-up call, this time from England:

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND -- Three black teenagers punched, kicked, and stamped a man into a coma as they chanted "white bastard" at him.

Their victim, 24 year-old Gareth Wilshaw, will never recover fully. He suffered severe brain injuries and remains in hospital after the beating last Christmas. He is still unable to walk and his speech is badly impaired.

The three blacks, Danau Drummond, Marlon Howell, and Gary Hutchinson, all 18, were "a pack of animals," brutal, cold-blooded, and callous, Judge Dudley Bennett said at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday. "You showed no mercy," he told them. "You have ruined his life. No sentence I pass on you can ever compensate for that."

Danau Drummond was looking to vent his anger after losing a ring when thrown out of a Nottingham nightclub on Dec 23 last year, the court was told. The gang was responsible for three other attacks that night. They might have got away with the attack but for Philip Ellis, a Nottingham man who saw them and helped police to pick them out in a burger bar.

Ellis told the court: "It was disgusting. It wasn't just kicking - it was stamping on his head. I could hear them shouting ‘white bastard.’ It was the longest minute I have known. My natural instinct was to go and help, but my sense told me not to, otherwise I would probably have been with him now."

A security guard heard one of the youths boast: "Did you see the way I did him?" as he mimed a kicking motion.

Danau Drummond was sentenced to ten years in a juvenile institution after admitting causing grievous bodily harm with intent. He was given another thirty months to run consecutively after admitting wounding a man in an earlier attack, leaving him needing thirty-four stitches.

The court heard that Drummond subjected the man and his girlfriend to "a torrent of abuse," calling his victim a "white honky."

The other two Blacks denied causing grievous bodily harm with intent, but were convicted last month. They were each given eleven years in a juvenile institution.

"We could not recognize our own son," Gareth Wilshaw’s parents said. Outside the court they said they considered the sentences imposed on Drummond, Howell, and Hutchinson to be "satisfactory," but they felt nothing could undo the suffering caused to their son and themselves.

Ronald Wilshaw, 63, said: "They are going to come back to their own lives -- but what has Gareth got? How many years is it going to take him to get back to a normal life?"

He recalled the night just before last Christmas, when he and his wife Yvonne, 61, were called to Nottingham City Hospital where his son was on a life support machine. The beating had been so severe they were unable to recognize him. His head was massively swollen with the imprint of a shoe still visible over one eye.

When Gareth defied doctors’ predictions and opened his eyes after three months, he simply stared vacantly into space. It was one day in the spring, when the family's Labrador, Kelly, licked Gareth's face, that he showed the first flicker of life.

Mrs. Wilshaw said yesterday, "At least he is alive and can talk to us." The first thing Gareth asked when he awoke from his coma was "Why me?" He remembers going into the city but nothing at all about the attack.

Passing sentence, Judge Bennett said: "You three participated in an entirely, absolutely, completely unprovoked, vicious, and sustained attack upon a young white youth who simply had been going out and enjoying a pre-Christmas drink. There is the plainest evidence that the attack was at least in part racially motivated, particularly so that you, Drummond, could take revenge because you had lost a ring when you were thrown out of a nightclub on account of your disgraceful behavior.

"You stamped mercilessly on that boy's head with sickening violence for the best part of a whole minute, while your victim was unconscious and helpless on the ground. While this was going on, you other two joined in the attack like a pack of animals attacking their prey.

"There are far too many gangs and groups of youths prowling through the streets in the late hours causing this kind of trouble, and it is going to stop."

I am sorry, Judge Bennett, but I think you are wrong. It is not going to stop until White people retake control of their destiny and write and execute a bill of divorcement from the non-European peoples who are now living with, and feeding off, us.

A few years in a bed-and-breakfast for underage savages and, if the Brits are as liberal as the stupid Yanks, then parole. The genetically inherited character of Danau Drummond and the millions like him will not change. And women likely to give birth to more such "youths" now fill the maternity wards of Europe and America.

A related question is this: How would a jury composed mostly of non-Whites -- like the O.J. Simpson jury -- have judged this case? By accepting multiracialism we have lost our justice system.

Drummond's crimes and the liberals' crimes are disgusting, but I do not counsel revenge. All our energies must go into procuring that bill of divorcement. We must have racial separation -- or we will die.

* * *

Here's another story from Britain, which shows that the White nationalist British National Party practices what it preaches:
LONDON -- Bermudan Negro Archie O'Brien has a dream: to live in Africa, which he describes as the promised land of all black people.

But getting to Africa with his wife and two children from North London is proving economically impossible.

And when all else failed him, Mr. O'Brien, a chef who has been unemployed for two years, sought help from the unlikeliest of sources: the British National Party (BNP).

The BNP has campaigned for the repatriation from Britain of all black people. Mr. O'Brien took the party at its word, and found them "more helpful than most black people."

Mr. O'Brien's dream is to set up a development center in Africa, probably in Ghana, and teach "Africans at home and abroad about their cultural heritage."

He appealed first to the British Labor Party and several black organizations, only to be told that no help would be forthcoming.

Britain, in fact, operates a repatriation policy -- but only for those born outside Britain. Mr. O'Brien found that he was not entitled to funds under the scheme, since Bermuda is a British colony.

The BNP, said Mr. O'Brien, "have been very supportive. They have listened to me and said they would write letters to the Government and other organizations."

Of the unlikely liaison between a black Rastafarian and an organization, one of whose goals is to rid Britain of black people, Mr. O'Brien says: "I have realized that we are on the same track."

This is the multiracialists' worst nightmare. This is the New World Order's worst nightmare. This is the Jewish establishment’s worst nightmare: Blacks and Whites refusing to play the multiracial balance-of-power, divide-and-conquer game and cooperating to achieve the only possible solution to the racial problem -- separation.

* * *

Here is a news item that it is probably best to issue without comment. It is from the London Sunday Times.
The emergence in Liberia of a warlord known as "General Butt Naked" has fueled calls for an end to American aid to the country. According to a secret memo by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the general’s nom de guerre "probably comes from his propensity for fighting naked. He probably believes that fighting in this manner terrorizes the enemy and brings good luck." The Senate Foreign Relations committee sent a copy of the DIA's memo to the State Department last week, asking pointedly if further aid to Liberia was appropriate. Perhaps clothes parcels would be more fitting.

* * *

The August 5 issue of Business Week carried a story about a little tribe of stock-exchange raiders calling itself the "Scattered Corporation." Scattered Corporation is headed by a Leon A. Greenblatt and, if photographs are still evidence in this digital age, both Greenblatt and his principal lieutenant appear to be members of the Shrewd Minority.

Listeners may be familiar with the stock-market technique called "selling short," which means to sell stock that you are "short of," in other words, selling stock that you do not have. This is perfectly legal, and essentially constitutes a bet that the shares of the company you have "sold short" will fall in value, at which time you will replace the shares that were borrowed when you sold them. The difference between your short sale proceeds and the price at which you replace them is your profit for being so smart.

Short selling is a risky business, since share prices go up more often than they go down, and since there is no limit to how far they may rise, though they can obviously fall no more than one hundred per cent.

These risks don’t bother Greenblatt and company too much, though. They have special dispensation from the courts. Greenblatt’s company specializes in a special kind of raid called "bankruptcy arbitrage," the exact details of which Greenblatt and his henchmen regard as a proprietary invention. According to Business Week, Greenblatt "makes a fetish of secrecy" and won’t reveal how the strategy works. In schematic form, though, it basically consists of selling short the shares of a company about to emerge from bankruptcy proceedings, and then replacing the shares with cheap warrants issued by the reorganized company.

Greenblatt is known for playing fast and loose with the law. Business Week calls it "creative interpretation of the rules." He routinely ignores the securities regulation requiring short sellers to deposit funds backing their sales within three days. He claims that what he is doing is acting as a "market maker," and so he is exempt from that rule. But that’s no more valid than claiming that you are an employee of the sanitation department if you pick up a gum wrapper on a street corner. And Greenblatt gets away with it, betting millions with other people's money, and then cashing out without a dime of his own being risked. If you and I tried that, it would be called "free riding" and could land us in jail. But, of course, our name isn't Greenblatt.

And that's not all.

In 1993 Greenblatt and his fellow vultures at Scattered Corporation had descended upon the wounded body of LTV Incorporated, a troubled steel maker involved in bankruptcy. Grabbing for the main chance, Greenblatt sold short 180 million shares of LTV. The trouble was, there were only 122 million shares in existence -- and not all of them were available for borrowing. Greenblatt had sold 58 million more shares of LTV than existed. In the process, he pocketed $27 million in 22 days of "work."

Now, the shareholders of LTV weren't too happy about this, nor was the Chicago Stock Exchange. Greenblatt was fined $6 million, leaving him only a paltry $21 million on the deal. But our hero wasn't about to let an injustice like that stand. Like his Pharisee forebears, he had the qualities of audaciousness and persistence. He finally found his prince in Appellate Judge Richard A. Posner (who may have shared some of Greenblatt's forebears) who overturned the fine in a Talmudically tortuous legal decision.

Posner stated that while Greenblatt and his raiders may be "reckless gamblers, sharpies, wise guys, exploiters of loopholes, even violators of the letter or spirit of the rules," they nevertheless play a valuable role in the marketplace and can keep their ill-gotten gains and do it again if they feel like it.

Oy vey, what a country is this place America! Orwell, you were right. Some animals are more equal than others!


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