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Pizza Racism and Other Servings

by Kevin Alfred Strom
Free Speech,
September 1996
Volume II, Number 9

When the enemies of our people first began to promote racial integration and non-White immigration three decades and more ago they told us that what they were proposing was just "fairness" and "equal opportunity." They insisted that our society would not change substantially, that we would just be "sharing" it with a few long-suffering, disadvantaged victims of discrimination.

When patriots protested that the real purpose of the "integration" program was not fairness but racemixing and the genetic destruction of the White race we were viciously attacked as "haters" and "extremists." While in private the enemies of our people approved of and desired nothing more than "integration" at the DNA level, in public they pooh-poohed the possibility that "civil rights" laws or Third World immigration would have such an effect.

Now it is painfully evident that the "racist extremists" were absolutely right. Now racial mixing is being actively and disgustingly promoted in every avenue possible. It is being promoted by the Jews and the corporate billionaires on the electromagnetic waves of television and radio. It is being printed onto millions of miles of photographic emulsions. It is being engraved in the ones and zeroes of digital disks and diskettes. It is being printed on forest upon forest's worth of newsprint and magazine paper.

It is also abundantly clear that the "racist extremists" were absolutely right when they said our society would be profoundly changed by Third World immigration and by the "integration" program. Our great cities should have progressed triumphantly into the 21st century: Instead they are now regressing to the level of the jungle.

A recent wire service article from Britain shows that America is not alone in suffering the slow suicide of multiracialism. Let me share with you some excerpts from this report, entitled "Portraits of a Love with No Colour Bar"

BRITAIN - Four out of ten young black men who are married or in steady relationships live with white women, according to Government figures.

The first full national census study of ethnic minorities in Britain also shows that 40 per cent of black children are in single parent families.

This is a striking contrast to the 15 per cent of white children and ten percent of Asian youngsters in the same situation. The single-parent family is so much a part of Caribbean tradition, says the report, that more than a quarter of Britain's black population lives in one.

The figures -- which come from detailed analysis of the 1991 census, in which race was a question for the first time show a widening of the ethnic mix, with increasing numbers of white women taking black husbands or lovers.

The women, many middle-class and well educated, are giving birth to a new generation of mixed-race children.

Researchers estimate that by the early 1990s out of a total ethnic population of 350,000 children aged under four, 70,000 were of mixed race. The 40 per cent of men of Caribbean origin who have chosen white partners are aged 16 to 34. Around 20 per cent of black Caribbean women in the same age group are married or in steady relationships with white men.

. . . In the Caribbean, there is a tradition of couples having children without being legally married. According to the report, they either live together or are joined in a regular sexual partnership known as a 'visiting union.' There is an emphasis on the mother-child bond and a lack of emphasis on the conjugal one.

Of course the "Caribbean tradition" the writer talks about is really nothing of the kind. It's an African tradition. It's so persistent, this absent-father syndrome, among those of African ancestry that it exists to some degree wherever Blacks are found.

The absent-father syndrome is a problem for the Africans. It should not be a problem for us. It has become a problem because we are stupid enough to subsidize it and because the behavior of Whites is negatively affected by social integration with Blacks. The real problem, however, in every White country, not just Britain, is the nuclear warfare taking place. I'm not talking about the fission or fusion of hydrogen atoms. I'm talking about something far more deadly -- far more dangerous. I'm talking about the death of our race by warfare taking place at the level of the cellular nucleus. I'm talking about the warfare against our race by the union of our genetic material with those of other races, a process which can never be undone and which means death for us far more surely than does warfare by hydrogen bomb.

* * *

After the recent bombing in Atlanta, Georgia, the controlled media were very quick to air footage of bomb-making plans supposedly available on the Internet. I think I can be forgiven for suspecting that they had the tapes already cued up and ready to roll. They are champing at the bit in their zeal to scare the boobs into supporting censorship of the 'Net. They show us bomb plans on the 'Net but do not show us bomb plans available in thousands of libraries and from the Government Printing Office.

Our opponents have also created a false link between so-called "racism" and pornography by constantly pairing them in their shrill calls for governmental controls on electronic speech.

But when those who support multiculturalism talk violently or wave weapons and bomb-making books around the controlled media keep their silence and smile approvingly. Consider this report we received from the Aryan News Agency:

The music group Rage Against The Machine has a new album out called Evil Empire, which is number one on the music charts. There was recently a report about them on MTV. They interviewed two members of the band who appear to be mulattos. To let the audience know the "political ideals" of the band one had a baseball cap with the word "commie" on the front.

They have extreme ...[leftist] political messages in their music. I noticed the album cover for Evil Empire has a young, blue-eyed White boy on it in a super-hero-like costume [showing the audience they are aiming for]. Inside the album they have a list of "suggested reading," which, according to MTV, includes books about the Black Panthers, Mumia Abu-Jamal, guerrilla warfare, and [an infamous bomb-making manual] called The Anarchist Cookbook.

They said they hope to attract people to their political beliefs with their music.

Where are the media and critics who call for the banning of White Power groups and albums due to their content? Do we see any calls for boycotts of record stores that sell this album? No! Instead, this group is promoted on television and radio and they are considered thought-provoking young intellectuals. The double-standard that exists in our society is overwhelmingly against anything White and will promote anything that is anti-White.

Indeed. And I must mention another gross instance of media hypocrisy.

When Nichols and McVeigh were arrested for allegedly setting off the bomb at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City it was almost supernatural how the media spin doctors went into action blaming the bombing on "racists," despite the fact that one of the suspected pair was married to a non-White and must be presumed to be an anti-racist. They made much of the fact that Timothy McVeigh, like hundreds of thousands of other people around the world, had read the novel The Turner Diaries. But did these same controlled media tell you that the suspected Unabomber read, studied, underlined sections of, and made copious notes in the margins of another book? Did these same controlled media tell you that this other book was found among the few possessions in the suspect eco-terrorist's remote cabin hideout? Was this book on their list of the other books which were found there? Did they call for suppression of this book and others like it in print or on the Internet? No, of course not. What was this "inspiring" work, so influential in Theodore Kaczynski's thinking? It is entitled Earth in the Balance, and it was written by a man named Al Gore, Jr., who just happens to be vice president of the United States.

* * *

Let us look, for a moment, at terrorism from a different perspective. A very large percentage of the terrorism in the United States is not the result of domestic issues. For years the FBI listed the Jewish Defense League and its allies as the greatest domestic terrorists, though the Jewish-dominated media never told you that. And no one could possibly be unaware of the terrorist threat from radical Arab groups outraged at America's support for Israeli murder and conquest.

My question is this: Why are we allowing these Middle Easterners, these non-Americans and non-Whites, to bring their quarrels and wars and killings and bombings over here? While I understand the anger felt by Arabs at the Jewish theft of their land and slaughtering of their people, and while I say that all American support for the Israeli state should be ended immediately, I think we should insist that these Middle Easterners fight their wars on their own turf. The multiracialists brought them here, and they are responsible for the deaths of innocent American men, women, and children. If they are so fond of "diversity" and the death it brings, let them go too.

But we have foolishly allowed aliens to rule over us, to own our media and dominate our government. I often point out the destructive effects of Jewish power in the United States, but letting any alien group have power over our people is a sin that cannot be forgiven.

Recently a group in Congress led by Republican Senator Alan Simpson managed to shift the balance of power just enough so that it looked as though a cut in legal immigration quotas might pass. As Simpson put it:

Polls clearly show that some 70 per cent. of Americans favor reductions in both illegal and legal immigration. Two-thirds of our immigration is legal, so trying to reduce illegal immigration alone is not sufficient.
The Knight-Ridder News service reports that:
Currently, the U.S. issues an unlimited [!] number of visas for the foreign-born spouses, parents and minor children of its citizens, about 250,000 a year.

An additional 226,000 visas are available for the adult children, brothers and sisters of citizens, and for the spouses and minor children of legal permanent residents who do not yet have citizen status.

In addition, 140,000 visas are available to employers who seek to hire foreign workers, and 55,000 visas are available through a lottery.

Simpson proposed to cut each of these categories and to cap family reunification visas at 480,000, a proposal that would have reduced legal immigration by a third over the next three years....

Mr. Simpson's proposal is a very modest proposal indeed, and hardly sufficient to solve our out-of-control immigration problem. But another Republican, Senator Spencer Abraham of Michigan, was determined that immigration quotas not be reduced. With procedural nods from Republican nabobs like Bob Dole, he initiated moves that killed the quota reductions. Leftist pro-immigration groups were ecstatic, and the controlled media began to heap praise on Abraham for his "compassion," for his support, for what he himself called "open borders and ethnic diversity." Abraham further stated:
I felt it was important for the party to be out front on this side of the issue rather than to be seen as a nativist party that was hostile to people who came from diverse ethnic backgrounds.
The libertarian Cato Institute, another supporter of unlimited Third World immigration, also gave credit where credit was due. Their spokesman Stuart Anderson said:
If Spencer Abraham hadn't been elected to the U.S. Senate, we would have seen cuts to legal immigration this year. . .
Frank Sharry, the executive director of the pro-immigration "National Immigration Forum," stated:
For some of us, it was the first time we'd ever met with a Republican senator. And I remember thinking I didn't know what to expect. It was like 'This guy's speaking to me.' It's affected my entire view of the Republican Party.
Isn't it wonderful, friends? Now the multiracialists will have two parties to choose from, while White Americans have none. It seems terrible from a conservative point of view -- there is no representation for traditional White Americans at all in the current establishment. But for those who know that the current establishment is an utterly rotten occupation regime, it is actually a positive development. It bodes well for the awakening of our people and their ultimate abandonment of the sellout political gangs called Democrats and Republicans.

I almost forgot to mention that the "heroic" Spencer Abraham is an Arab of Lebanese descent, and he has just given us an object lesson in what happens when you are stupid enough to think that the race of your leaders does not matter.

* * *

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ -- The Lawrenceville School Board declared last month that henceforth a new holiday would be added to their schedule. It was to be called "Million Man March Day," but disappointed school board members canceled it when they discovered that the march was not an annual event, according to school board president Lincoln Green. Had the march been annual as they had hoped, the holiday would have taken the place of Veteran's Day, which had been eliminated from the schedule.

* * *

Have you heard of the latest burning issue in San Francisco's Black community? It's "Pizza Racism."

The following is from an ANA wire report:

SAN FRANCISCO -- Domino's "30 minutes or it's free policy" could grow you a beard in San Francisco's urban housing projects.

Plagued by robberies and even murders, pizza shops and other delivery businesses from FedEx to florists stay out of the projects. Willie Kennedy, San Francisco's former city supervisor, who lives in the tough Bayview/Hunter's Point district, calls it "racism." She was quoted as saying that the reason for no pizza delivery in the projects 'can only be because we are black people.'

Apparently trying to stay alive is now racism.

Kennedy stated, 'This neighborhood has been ostracized. They think every African-American is a criminal.' Before retiring in May, Kennedy pushed through an ordinance requiring businesses that make deliveries to make deliveries to all neighborhoods. Businesses responded by stopping delivery services altogether.

Dorothy Erlich, executive director of the ACLU of Northern California, calls the law an important 'commitment to civil rights.'

The California Restaurant Association protested the law, saying it violates federal occupational health and safety laws, which make it illegal to force workers into hazardous situations. The restaurateurs also warn that workers' compensation premiums would increase drastically.

Supporters countered by saying that the fines imposed were a fair way to stop racism and that Blacks needed the law to allow them to sue recalcitrant businesses. They also stated that the law is a model for localities everywhere.

The Board of Supervisors has now softened the measure by allowing delivery services to refuse to go to certain homes if they have a 'good faith' belief that so doing would be 'an unreasonable risk of harm.'

In Kennedy's absence, the addendum passed unanimously.

Just imagine a multi-million dollar lawsuit for failure to deliver a pizza to a Negro in the projects! It's coming. Stranger things will happened. America, you have truly gone insane.


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