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The White Man's Disease

by William Scott, Jr.
and Kevin Alfred Strom
Free Speech,
August 1996
Volume II, Number 8

Imagine for a moment that you are a physician and you have come across a patient who has some very strange symptoms. Although at first he seems healthy, upon closer examination you can see that he is suffering from a dangerous and possibly deadly illness. There are many bizarre characteristics associated with his condition. For example, although the patient feels certain that something is wrong, he is uninterested in taking even the most minimal steps to restore his health. Upon further investigation you discover that this person's body has been invaded by various types of foreign bodies, pathogens and parasites, which are causing a great deal of damage. Also, from a look at the patient's medical history we discover that the main infection occurred several decades ago. Until recently this main infection had remained hidden, but now the major symptoms are too obvious to ignore. Presently the victim is so badly weakened that other invaders that had previously been unable to enter the body are also on the attack.

One of the most amazing features of this strange ailment is that the patient is under the delusion that he cannot recover from this illness since he thinks that to resist the attack would be "unfair" and "mean" to the invading bodies. Incredibly, he actually displays remorse for having resisted the infection in the past. As unbelievable as it sounds, the patient at times lapses into hallucination and claims to "identify" with the infecting entities and sympathize with their plight of trying to find a host body in which to exist. He strangely believes that he can co-exist with the pathogens and create a situation that would be beneficial to all. At times dwelling on his illness becomes overwhelming and the patient simply chooses to ignore the symptoms and his deteriorating condition. Obviously this person is suffering from severe delusions, which you strongly suspect to be a result of the main infection itself. This psychosis even goes so far as to cause the patient to react violently toward anyone who tries to carry out a cure, as evidenced by the vicious attack he made some years ago against his neighbors and family when they attempted to help. Now as a consequence the condition has spread and his neighbors are now also suffering with the same ailment.

The prognosis is uncertain. Although the patient appears to have the potential to expel the invading organisms, he lacks the will to do what needs to be done. Apparently the crux of the problem is his psychological disorder, a form of dementia. If this can be successfully dealt with, then recovery looks favorable. It should be noted that this man has prevailed against similar invasions in the past and perhaps with that medical history he can rally to defeat this infection. However, it should be noted that the longer the ailment progresses, the more radical will be the regimen needed to effect a cure.

The sick man is America, and his neighbors with the same malady are the other nations of the Western World. The recent invading organisms are the millions of alien race and culture who have streamed across our open borders in recent decades, though they are not the main infection which has paralyzed our immune system and our will to resist. We are like the patient described above, suffering from a threatening illness that we are pretending doesn't exist or which we are actually helping in many ways to destroy us.

It is sometimes useful to think of a nation as a living body, an organic, biological entity; for concepts that apply to the natural world also apply to nations. The present situation in our country is very much like a biological invasion of the human body. Our nation has for years been undergoing a silent invasion. It is an invasion that has been unseen or ignored. Unfortunately, most of us were too busy making a living for ourselves and our families to pay much attention. We assumed our political leaders were taking care of such things. When the reality became too intense we retreated to the suburbs, we retreated behind the walls of our homes, and we retreated into the fantasy world of television or other entertainment not realizing that we were sucking on a teat literally filled with sugar-coated alien poison. Often we simply pretended the danger didn't exist, or rationalized that it was occurring in places where gladly we didn't live. Or we adjusted our values and accepted the new and horrible reality as "good."

Well now the chickens are coming home to roost, and we are reaping the harvest of our ignorance and apathy. It is becoming increasingly difficult to insulate ourselves from the world we only saw through the TV a few years ago. All the things we wanted to avoid are now arriving in our own neighborhoods. So instead of seeing the dark, menacing faces of third-world immigrants and minority gangs members only in TV news reports on poverty and crime, we see these people with our own eyes in our own towns.

An inoffensive few non-Whites at first appear, but as their numbers grow we notice that once clean and safe areas of our towns are turned into places we want to avoid. We find our children are no longer safe in the schools, but are now menaced and harassed by the invaders. In the face of all this we remain like the person suffering from the mysterious disease who will not accept treatment. And exactly like that person, we aid the invaders at our expense in the form of free medical care, welfare hand-outs, multilingual education for their offspring, and a host of other advantages that we don't give to our children. Think about it, we are actually depriving our own children so that the invaders, the majority of whom are here in violation of even our current lax immigration laws, can get ahead in education, jobs, loans, housing, and a dozen other areas. The great writer Wilmot Robertson had it right when he referred to traditional White Americans as the Dispossessed Majority.

If all this were not enough we allow, by our inaction or at times our active collaboration, the Politically Correct suppression of our own natural defense against this invasion. If any public figure makes a statement favorable to White Americans or critical in even the slightest degree of minorities, he is immediately labeled by our enemies as a "hater, racist, bigot," or an "anti-Semite." In the rare cases when such a person is not immediately forced to find a new line of work or brought up on Orwellian "hate crime" charges he is at least forced to grovel before the Semitic nabobs of our newspapers and television networks. Andy Rooney, Jimmy the Greek, and Dolly Parton come immediately to mind. Poor Dolly Parton made the mistake of saying out loud what everybody knows but is not supposed to say: Hollywood is dominated by Jewish interests. While majority men and women have to walk on pins and needles, always being careful that they never violate the unwritten rules of Political Correctness, minority spokesmen can make the most derogatory and hateful remarks about us and nothing is said and nothing is done. It is simply incredible. It's as incredible as a sick person helping the agents of his illness to thrive, while at the same time taking action to suppress his own body's natural, defensive immune system.

We must realize, however, that when a human being contracts a disease there is no similar sentimentality on the part of the invading organisms or parasites. These biological entities are simply utilizing the abilities and strategies with which nature endowed them and are carrying out their normal behavioral strategies, which have proved to be valuable survival tools. They will grow and strengthen to the exact extent that the host's resistance allows. These biological entities are simply going about life in the way that has proved to be the most benefit to them, and they intend to thrive by whatever means are necessary.

For example, when termites attack the timbers of a house there need be no malevolence on the part of the insects. It is only their instincts and behavior as termites which cause them to destroy a house's structure. If we detail, categorize, and chronicle the termites' behavior it might certainly appear that the termites are carrying out a grand conspiracy to destroy our homes. But objectively we can see that it is the natural survival behavior of the termites that happens to be at odds with our desire to have sound structures in which to live. It's of no concern to them what humans want. It's meaningless to them that a useful building is destroyed by their behavior. If we expel them, they will only be forced to find another place to feed. And we must face the fact that it would be suicidal for the termites to suddenly become concerned about humans that lived in wooden houses and consequently refrained from their destructive activities. It would be thoroughly unnatural and unthinkable for someone to believe that termites could be induced to stop eating wood.

Human behavior is similar in many respects. Groups subjectively pursue their own goals. That's one of the main reasons why multiracial societies have never worked: Look through the pages of history, the result has always been the same. We see many civilizations that have declined in direct relationship to the degree of multiracialism and multiculturalism they practiced. Egypt, India, ancient Greece and Rome: the list goes on and on.

Collections of diverse and incompatible peoples do not make for stable, progressive, and prosperous societies, but instead this combination leads always to conflict, decline, and finally disintegration. Instead of an urge for progress and improvement, as in a homogeneous society, we see decay, degeneration, and a loss of identity as a people becomes either a deracinated mass or a conglomerate of warring social groups. The final stage brings societal collapse. The same process is happening in America today.

It's only natural for a group of human beings to work for their common good, and this usually follows along biological lines. For example, despite all the difficulties and shortcomings of the Black community in this country, there are daily examples of leading Blacks crossing religious and economic lines to further the Black cause as a whole. Recently Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, went on a speaking tour and delivered speeches at several Black Christian churches. He was enthusiastically embraced by the Black preachers. Now anyone who would take the time to compare the doctrinal beliefs of the Nation of Islam with Christian doctrine could find very little common ground, and actually the two are largely incompatible. However, on the most important level the two groups have race in common.

Let me give you another example: America is presently involved in Haiti. Why? The internal politics of Haiti should be of little interest to us. Haiti's political history is characterized by an endless succession of despots, military takeovers, Presidents-for-life, and mentally unbalanced dictators. What difference should it make to us now whether Haiti is governed by a Prozac-dependent communist like Aristide or a traditional military dictator? This involvement makes no sense, of course, unless we realize that the Congressional Black Caucus demands that its favorite man be maintained in power in Haiti and is using its political power to manipulate US foreign policy, much as the myriad of Jewish organizations ceaselessly manipulate our government for the best interests of Israel. Not only are the Black political leaders involved in the foreign policy aspects, but they are also one of the primary forces behind the effort to allow Haitian refugees into America. The Blacks, aided by Jewish lawyers and organizations who have their own reasons for their collaboration, are presently active in the court system trying to force the government to override the wishes of the vast majority of the American people and allow a huge influx of illiterate and disease-ridden Haitians into the United States. Though it is called a "democracy," America is really ruled by naked power politics, and those groups which organize and use their economic and political muscle get what they want. The sleeping majority needs to wake up to this reality. We can learn a lot from the organized minorities, and in some ways we must become more like them.

Again and again we find a strong sense of racial loyalty among other racial groups. Group survival is the goal toward which their activities are directed. In this regard the Jewish minority is perhaps the most accomplished. Their religion not only teaches the Jews that they are superior to the rest of humanity, it also tells them that they have been chosen by God to ultimately rule over the world. I point this out not to criticize Jews, but to point out that they, like any ethnic group which intends to survive, make the continuance of their kind on this planet their highest value. And most other racial and ethnic groups understand this. These instincts are natural and have been absolutely essential to human survival since the beginning of our existence. Any society that attempts to base social stability upon the suppression of this vital instinct is not healthy and cannot succeed.

We have been focusing primarily on the inevitable conflict that occurs when diverse races are brought together in one society. We should also recognize that there are persons who acknowledge this conflict and recommend racial mixing as the best solution. The idea that genetically mixing divergent peoples into a mongrelized mass will solve the race problem is wrong. It will only worsen the situation. The results of racial mixing which began many centuries ago can be seen in modern India: poverty, filth, social conflict, and political malaise. India is not unique in this respect. A more recent example is Brazil. Here the results are nearly the same. It is important to note that in these racially-mixed societies the races have not merged into a cohesive mixed breed. Rather we have a stratification of society into many racial and cultural grouplets, many of whom are constantly at each other's throats. India has already spun off three separate nations, and may soon spin off another one or two with much blood and violence. In Brazil a White elite virtually runs the country, often using iron-fisted techniques to keep the teeming non-White masses of the great cities and the Indian tribes of the interior in check.

Societal decline brought on by racial mixing is a common thread in many fallen civilizations. It has occurred many other times in the past with the same tragic results. And it is happening here, right now.

Studying history should save us from having to repeat the mistakes of the past. We can look back at a succession of failed attempts at multiculturalism. It's really nothing new. Recently we have also greatly increased our knowledge in the fields of biology, genetics, and human behavior. From our accumulated knowledge it becomes clear that many of the mistakes of the past were due to ignorance -- ignorance of knowledge we possess today.

Perhaps one of the most important things we must understand is that we have no one, I repeat no one, looking out for us except ourselves.

Do we not, as rational men, owe it to both our heritage and posterity to take advantage of the accumulated knowledge we possess? I think we do. Each of us should reflect upon all the past sacrifices and accomplishments of our people, the millions who struggled and died in order that we could exist, and we should understand our responsibility in the light of those accomplishments. Consider the great progress we of European descent have achieved in science, medicine, mathematics, philosophy, music, art, and dozens of other fields. These advances are not the norm in the world. In many other societies people accepted blatant superstition for science, pure hokum and magic for medicine, monotone chanting and jungle drum beats for music, and lethargic passivity in lieu of discovery and inquiry.

Certainly the record of the European peoples is not spotless, but neither is that of any other race, so that is not the issue. The problem is that our enemies keep us focused on our faults, real and imaginary, by twisting the history, sociology, and anthropology disseminated in our mass media and in our children's textbooks. They prevent us from recognizing the vast and incomparable achievements, contributions, and discoveries that are the product of our culture, of our best men, of our mentality, and of our unique genetic inheritance. If we fail to understand the situation we now face and continue to behave as our imaginary patient who refuses to come to terms with his condition and prefers to live in the fantasy world of rationalization and hallucination, then we will not survive, and, true to natural law, we won't deserve to survive.

Imagine, if you will, what the world would be like if the European people had never existed. Imagine life without the thousands of inventions and discoveries that we take for granted every day that are the products of the best minds of our race. Imagine a completely non-White world with all its terrible implications, and you will know what the future will hold if we allow ourselves to be destroyed.


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