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The Oldest Story

by Kevin Alfred Strom
Free Speech,
February 1995
Volume I, Number 2

The other day I had an interesting conversation with a Jewish man named David, who expressed with what I believe to be perfect sincerity his belief that my recent criticisms of Jewish influence in America were unjustified. Not all Jews are leftists and enemies of America, he insisted, it's just that many of the leading Jewish groups have been taken over by the left. It is strictly a political problem, he said, and he too viewed with alarm the increasing Third World influx and lowering of standards in the name of integration and equality. He even said that he considered himself both White and Jewish, and he resented being lumped in together with those Jews who promote unlimited immigration and destruction of Western culture.

David represents a real factor in that complex amalgam called the Jewish people. There are Jews who are inoffensive and who do not participate in the destructive activities of the Jewish establishment, Jews like David. I suspect that they constitute a sizable portion of the Jewish population, but so long as they do not put up an effective fight against the Jewish leadership and their anti-American agenda, I am afraid that they do not really count.

The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL), the American Jewish Committee, the myriad other Jewish organizations who do claim to speak for the Jewish people, and the Jewish kingpins of international finance who control the major news media in the United States are the ones who count. And they speak with one voice. They are telling us we must bring unlimited numbers of non-White immigrants into our country. They are telling us that any speech or action which tends to preserve our unique genetic and cultural heritage is "racism" and must be outlawed. They are telling us that interracial sex and homosexuality, perversions which our ancestors have condemned and punished as crimes for millennia, are just "personal lifestyle choices" and must be tolerated and even promoted. They are telling us that we must give up our hard-won national independence and freedom and become part of a global tyranny which they call the New World Order. They are telling us that we must give up our right to own effective firearms, and leave their BATF, their FBI, their UN armies and their pets in the ghettoes as the only ones with guns. They have the gall to come to our country as strangers, strangers who were given the high privilege of living in our society in a status of near equality with us, and then tell us that we must abandon our traditions, our laws, and our beliefs of many-centuries standing, and remake our society in their image. With full acknowledgment of Jews like David who don't go along with these things, and with full acknowledgment of those few courageous Jews, like Benjamin Freedman, who have exposed the machinations of their leaders, we must still ask ourselves the questions: Why are they attacking us, and why are we letting them literally get away with murder?

For the answer to the first question, we must go back thousands of years to the origin of the Jewish people. At their origin, the Jews were merely one of many Middle Eastern tribes, racially Semitic, like their neighbors and racial cousins who are today called Arabs. When they first appear in history, and in their own writings, they had already established the essential pattern of Jewish life which persists to this day -- that is, they had established themselves as a united, prosperous, and influential minority in someone else's country, in this specific case Egypt. Dr. William Pierce writes in his article "The Essence of Judaism" (Reprinted in The Best of Attack and National Vanguard Tabloid, available as item number 353 for $16.95 plus $1.50 postage and handling from National Vanguard Books.):

'There the former slave Joseph had parlayed his talents for necromancy and grain-speculation into a virtual dictatorship at the side of the Pharaoh. [The Jewish Torah tells us in Genesis] "As for the people, he reduced them to serfdom from one end of the land to the other." Then Joseph threw open Egypt to his Jewish brethren [saying] "You shall feed on the fat of the land" and "the best that the land of Egypt offers is yours."

'When a more national-minded Pharaoh turned the tables on the Jews they were forced to flee, but not before relieving the Egyptians of their gold and silver. And so the pattern of Jewish history was set: from outcasts to fellow-citizens, then trusted advisers, and finally, ruthless masters. Then follow the persecutions, pogroms, and expulsions which have won for the Jews such undeserved sympathy."

Most peoples of the Earth are more than mere nomadic tribes in that they have established their nations within more or less fixed geographic borders, which are defended against invaders and within which the people make use of the resources of their land. Most peoples have a spiritual and emotional bond with their land which, when combined with a love for their blood kindred, we call by the name of patriotism. This bond to our blood and soil can be very strong, and some of us are moved to tears by a good rendition of our national anthem. But for virtually all of their history the Jews have not lived in such a manner. Nor have they lived in the manner of other nomadic peoples like the Huns who swept across their more civilized neighbors in a swath of pillage and conquest. No, almost unique among the peoples of the Earth, the Jews have lived primarily by planting their colonies among other nations, living always as a small cohesive minority in the lands of what they call the goyim, which is an opprobrious term for all non-Jews who, according to Jewish religious writings, are equivalent to cattle.

Although Jewish organizations preach integration and racial equality for White Americans, they themselves are among the most racially exclusive peoples on Earth. They have their own special schools for their children where non-Jews are not permitted; they have their own media of newspapers and magazines -- intended for Jewish consumption only -- in which they rail against the evils of intermarriage with non-Jews and promote the idea that they are a special chosen race, decreed by God to be holier than all others and therefore deserving of special treatment from the rest of us. Why this seeming contradiction? Why is it integration and conquest by Third World immigration for us, and racial exclusiveness and superiority for them?

The answer can be found in the Jews' special mode of life. Living as they always have as a tiny minority among other peoples, allowing general intermarriage would quickly have resulted in the disappearance of the Jews as a distinct people. Their genes containing those qualities that mark them as distinctly Jewish would have been completely swamped by mixture with the genes of their more numerous host peoples. If they were to survive, they needed a religion and a moral code which discouraged mixture with non-Jews. They needed a theology which exalted them above other peoples. They created exactly that in their myth of the "Chosen People." And it has served them well. The nations and empires which they have colonized and lived in over the centuries have largely turned back into sand, but the Jews have survived and prospered and are still very much with us today.

But, you might object, there has been intermarriage. Yes, indeed there has, and to such an extent that many Jews today whose ancestors have spent countless generations among the peoples of Europe look, at least to an untrained eye, as White as any European. And Jewish families residing in China look to us quite Oriental, though I am told that to Eastern eyes they are still distinct. But nevertheless, despite and in some ways because of this intermixture, the Chosen People myth has been and still is a powerful force which has preserved the essence of Jewish uniqueness. To understand how this seeming contradiction can be, you have to understand the basic scientific fact that behavioral tendencies, character, and personality are largely genetic, and are passed on from generation to generation with mathematical precision according to the characteristics of the parents, and their parents, and so on back into the mists of time.

The essence of Jewishness is not in their distinctive appearance, which some Jews have largely lost over the centuries, nor in their peculiar modes of dress or diet or expression; which many non-religious Jews have abandoned anyway without in any way relinquishing their Jewishness. No, the essence of Jewishness is the special "us versus them" mentality which is formalized in their Chosen People myth and which was necessary for their survival as a tiny group among the teeming masses of Egypt, Babylon, Rome, and America. For thousands of years, the Jews were subjected to a rigorous process of genetic selection. Those Jews in whom this "us versus them" mentality, this intense ethnocentrism or racism, was weak or absent were the most likely to intermarry and the least likely to raise their offspring as Jews or induce their spouses to undergo the difficult and officially discouraged conversion process. Thus the genetic material of these less "racist" Jews was lost to Jewry. Thus, over the centuries, those Jews who remained in the fold were those who possessed these special mental qualities in the highest degree. These qualities became intensified over the years since only those who possessed them most intensely were the progenitors of the following generations of the people who called themselves Jews.

The fact that there has been a definitely observable drift of White genetic material into the gene pool of European and American Jews does not substantially change the situation as I have illustrated it. When intermarriage occurred despite the opposition of the conservative and religious elements, and the offspring were raised as Jews, a similar selection process took place among them. Those to whom the Chosen People myth and the attitudes and practices that accompany it were incongenial or repugnant escaped into the wider Gentile world, and did not contribute their genes to the Jewish people. Those who had inherited the special mentality that characterizes the Jewish mode of life became part of the Jewish people, and the parents of Jewish children, even though they often brought with them such non-Jewish characteristics as straight fine hair, light coloration, and straight or upturned noses. Looking at this situation from a purely biological perspective, this acquisition of some of the physical characteristics of their host peoples might have been a survival advantage to the Jews, since it blurred the distinction between themselves and their hosts, at least to the hosts, and the Gentile's consciousness of their foreignness had always been a danger to them. In fact, it was and still remains their greatest fear. They call it anti-Semitism. The term is really a poor one, since it is never applied toward those who dislike Arabs, who are relatively pure Semites; but always to those who criticize Jews, who today are only partly Semitic and who have themselves probably killed more Semites than any other people.

This fear of our recognition of their foreignness is natural. To the nations which have expelled or fought them over the centuries -- and the list is a long one, including Egypt, Rome, Spain, England, France, Russia, Germany, and many others -- the reason was the resentment of the peoples of those lands when these peculiar foreigners became rich and powerful and had the ears of the political leaders, while the rightful owners of the land felt dispossessed of their birthright. This process has occurred many times throughout history and it is occurring again in the United States of America right now.

The Jews perceive any reaction against their presence in the host nations as persecution, and from their point of view perhaps it is persecution, since our reaction is against the only way of life they know: that of a parasite attached to a host. From a biological point of view, one cannot assign any moral fault to either party. But it must be acknowledged that their interests are irreconcilable.

To protect themselves from any reaction from the host population, the Jews promote the doctrine that there is no difference among the races, although among themselves they cherish the belief of not only the superiority but the actual divinity of their race.

To protect themselves from any reaction from the host population, they greatly desire to erase any feelings of racial identity among their hosts, and to that end they have done two things. On the one hand, they have used their money and their influence to change the composition of our society through the immigration of myriads of aliens of every race, culture, and description. A cosmopolitan society in which nearly every other person is an alien of some type is a society in which the differentness of the Jew is well obscured. In addition, they have used their money and their influence to change the moral climate in this country. Traditionally, America was "Eurocentric" exactly as the multiculturalists complain. Our traditions, our way of doing things, our values, our art and literature and architecture, and our genetic heritage which ultimately determines all of those things were all European. Interracial sex and homosexual sodomy were punishable crimes in most states of the union. But today, our politicians and our talking heads of the media preach exactly the opposite, and Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League are pushing for so-called "hate crime" laws to make it unlawful to recognize racial differences or to criticize in any way the conversion of America into a Third World country. Never forget that the pattern for such laws was set in Bolshevik Russia, where the punishment for "anti-Semitism" was death.

Additionally, the Jewish power structure is pushing with all its might for the full establishment of a one-world government which presently exists in partial form in the United Nations. They call this dream of world governance the New World Order. National governments, you see, no matter how well controlled and paid off their politicians are, have this nasty habit of falling in popular revolutions which are often of a dangerously nationalistic and ethnically-conscious nature.

How much better it would be for the Chosen Ones if they could unite the "community of nations" where they have influence, and especially unite and internationalize their military power. In this way, any nation that "gets out of line" will be isolated and a "police action" using "peace-keeping forces" can easily be arranged to "restore order and democracy." Do any of those phrases sound familiar to you? I am sure that they do, but I hope that today many of you listening to my voice will understand the real meaning behind them for the first time. The Jewish power structure does these things because they know that these things are in the interest of the ages-old nation/state/people/race/ and religion of the Jews. We deem these things fatally destructive and as an arrow aimed at America's heart. They deem them necessary. Between these positions no compromise is possible.

I have to say to my conservative Jewish acquaintance, David, that I am sorry that you do not understand these things. Most of my people do not understand them either. I accept your revulsion at what your leaders are doing as genuine. But you have so far refused to see that this overwhelming preponderance of Jews in anti-American and anti-White activities is a biological rather than a political phenomenon. I can only say that you will be doing a great service to the cause of Life itself if you expose and oppose them, which you have not yet done.


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