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Next Stop: Oblivion

by Kevin Alfred Strom
American Dissident Voices
December 25, 1993

Thank you, Richard Cotten.

On December seventh, 1993, a Black man, a Jamaican immigrant named Colin Ferguson boarded the third car on the Long Island Railroad 5:33 from Pennsylvania Station to Hicksville, Long Island. According to police reports:

Ferguson boarded the ...train in Queens [in New York City].
He sat without incident as the train crossed into Long Island, but as it left the New Hyde Park station just before Merillon Avenue, he stood at the rear of the third car of the 12-car train and began walking forward. He pivoted, then began shooting, first left and then right, as he walked backwards. Every time he saw a White man or woman in his sights, he fired. He also shot and killed an Asian. He turned around, walking toward the door to the second car, but then turned around again and resumed shooting. Ferguson, police and witnesses said, walked silently up and down the third car of the train, shooting people in the head, the neck, the arms, the buttocks. One passenger quoted him as saying, "You're going to get it, you're going to get it" as he took the lives of the innocent people in that train car. There were more White people than there were bullets in his magazine, however, and twice he was able to pause, reload his weapon, and begin shooting again.

As he paused to reload for a third time in a car filled with bloodied, screaming passengers, three men jumped him from behind and wrestled him down.

"He was just firing away at random," said Robert Giugliano, a passenger shot in the chest. "I was jumping on top of people. People were screaming. Next thing I know, the train stopped, and the door wouldn't open. I got off under my own power and collapsed on the grass. My chest was out to here. . . . I thank God I was one of the fortunate ones."

Adding to the confusion was the fact that when the train stopped, the doors of the front two cars - where many of the passengers had run to get away from the gunman - would not open. Long Island Rail Road officials said this was standard practice because the Merillon Avenue station is not large enough to accommodate a rush-hour train. In the frenzy and panic, passengers clawed at the doors until a conductor opened them manually.

Many of the victims "didn't have a chance," according to Nassau County Deputy Chief of Detectives Mal Keeny. One passenger was shot five times, another three. Four died on the train, and the fifth and sixth died in the hospital. Twenty more were injured.

The dead were identified as Mikyoung Kim, 27; James Gorycki, 51; Dennis McCarthy, 52, whose son, also a victim, is in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head; Theresa Westbury, 30; Richard Nettleton, 24; and Amy Federici, a 27-year-old widow.

According to Keeney, Ferguson showed no remorse after he was arrested, no sign of feeling for those he had injured or for the families of those whose lives he had cut short. In his pocket were four pages of notes titled "Reasons for This" in which he detailed his grievances, mostly against what he saw as racist Whites and "Uncle Tom" Blacks, an expression meaning Blacks who go along with the supposed White Establishment. If those notes hadn't been there, this savage racial attack might have been only reported as yet another example of violence in our major metropolitan areas, with the race of the attacker and victims as usual not mentioned. But Colin Ferguson did have those notes in his pockets, notes which not only set out in detail his anger at supposed "racism," but which also stated explicitly that he was going to kill Whites on their own home turf, in the suburbs. That's why he waited until the train had crossed over to Long Island to begin his attack. In his notes he even states a desire not to embarrass the recent Black mayor of New York City, David Dinkins, by having the killings take place in the city itself. According to the Reuters News Agency;

Out of respect for the first black to lead the nation's largest city he waited for the train to cross the city limits before embarking on his bloody rampage. Ferguson, a black man born in Kingston, Jamaica, "chose not to commit this in New York City," said Nassau County Police Commissioner Donald Kane, quoting from rambling notes written by the gunman. The writings also made disparaging remarks about "Uncle Tom blacks," a reference to a black literary figure in the 1800s who tried to curry favour with whites.

Police said Ferguson had... no known history of mental illness or drug use.

The Wednesday after the attack, New York City police revealed a prior arrest of Ferguson in 1992. In that incident, Ferguson was seized by a passerby and three Transit Police after allegedly attacking a white woman on a city subway train.

Ferguson claimed in a Dec. 3, 1992, letter to Mayor David Dinkins and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly that he was the target of racism by the woman and police.

Also revealed that Wednesday by Nassau County District Attorney Denis Dillon were the contents of the notes allegedly carried by Ferguson during the terror-filled shooting spree.

In sometimes fractured English, the notes said, "New York City was spared because of my respect for Mayor David Dinkins and Comm (Commissioner) Raymond Kelly while official still in office. Nassau County is the Venue."

"He was a respectful guy," said Merritt Grant, 32, a paramedic and neighbor. "You didn't hear him out there cursing and drinking. There was no indication that he had any violent nature."

Neighbor Carlos Mingot called Ferguson "a quiet man" who "never acted like he was crazy."

Under the heading "Reasons for This," he listed New York City police and New York Transit Authority police in an apparent reference, they said, to a fight he had with a white woman over a seat on a subway. Elsewhere, under "additional reasons for this," he referred explicitly to the incident, writing, "the false allegations against me by the filthy caucasian racist female on the 1 line."

According to an article in the Washington Post:

The shootings escalated the national debate over gun control. President Clinton said he hoped the tragedy would help lead to tougher restrictions on guns. Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, countered that if New York's gun laws weren't so strict, another passenger might have been armed and able to stop the gunman.

Ferguson, a Jamaican native who became a permanent legal U.S. resident in 1986, bought the Ruger model P89 pistol at a California sporting goods store for $300 this spring. He showed a valid California driver's license to prove residency and got the gun after a 15-day waiting period for the state to conduct a background check, according to federal agents and store officials.

He apparently had no criminal record or history of mental problems in California. The address on the driver's license was of a Long Beach motel where he stayed for three weeks, the motel's manager said.

A few days after the attack, President Clinton met with the three men who wrestled Ferguson to the ground, quite properly calling them heroes, but also quite cynically using these unselfish men as props in a staged media event in which he called for passage of his so-called "crime bill," which is just another Liberal gun-grabbing measure in disguise. One has to wonder what would have been Clinton's reaction if these men had been armed, and if they had subdued Ferguson by shooting him as soon as he got off his first shot. They quite likely would have prevented all the deaths and most of the injuries, and a lot of families would now be hugging their wives and husbands and children, instead of burying them. But if they had been armed, and had stopped the bloody rampage by using their weapons, would Clinton be meeting with them and lauding them at the White House? I doubt it. In fact, those heroes might today be facing criminal prosecutions themselves along with accusations of committing so-called "hate crimes," here in this crazy world turned upside down that we live in today. Look at what happened to Nassau County Executive Thomas Gulotta. After he referred publicly to the killer as "an animal," a rather mild description in my view, he was attacked by Jesse Jackson for using racist and inflammatory rhetoric. If the American people cannot see a lesson in this - if they cannot see that there can be no agreement as to what constitutes justice between us and creatures like Jackson who defend animals like Ferguson - if they cannot see that we must separate ourselves and cleanse our society of them now and forever more - then we deserve to lose America. And we are losing America. We retreated from the Third World hellholes that our center cities have become. Now, as these horrible killings symbolize so well, even the suburban dream is becoming a nightmare. The worst elements of our cities are, aided by equal housing laws and by sheer increase in biomass, filtering into the affluent neighborhoods surrounding our cities. White Flight is in high gear once again. Refugees from California and the Eastern Megalopolis are streaming into small-town America and mountain passes from the Rockies to the Appalachians. Even though they might never admit it to you, these people are segregating themselves, they are fleeing to places where Liberal social engineering has yet to make much of an impact, where they can live and raise their children in a place that still resembles the real America.

What if, instead of running, the American people had put up an effective resistance to the social planners who have remade America over the last few decades?

For one thing, if the American people had spoken up loudly and clearly against the opening of our borders in 1965, there would be no Third World immigration, no Jamaican immigration, and no Colin Fergusons in New York City. New York City might now be a relatively pleasant and livable place, more like the New York our older listeners there might remember, or our younger listeners might get a glimpse of from old films like "Meet John Doe" or "Miracle on 34th Street." Who even among the Liberals can deny that an America without Third World immigration would be a better and safer America?

If the American people - and especially the people on the Long Island Railroad on that fateful day - had the good sense to arm themselves when they travel through dangerous neighborhoods, and the good sense to throw out of office any politician who even hinted at taking away the American people's right to keep and bear arms; then not only would Colin Ferguson have been dropped after his first attempted murder, but it seems quite likely to me that he and others like him would be a lot less inclined to attempt the crimes of violence that scar our cities every day. We have foolishly allowed minority gangs to run rampant in our cities. They would be much more likely to leave the decent folk alone if they knew that the decent folk were armed. Unless you are willing, and I for one am not, to live in a police state with armed officers on every street corner and in every train compartment, there is no substitute for a well-armed populace.

It is clear that the goal of the anti-gun Liberals is not stopping crime. If they really cared about stopping the criminals, they'd throw unrepentant animals like the attackers of Reginald Denny in jail and throw away the key, instead of letting most of them go free and slapping one on the wrist.

As our founding fathers explicitly stated on many occasions, a well-armed populace is also the best defense against tyranny in government. That is the real reason why the traitors and subverters who now rule us from Washington want to take our guns. Our rulers' policies are making America more and more chaotic and ungovernable, and they well know that the American people may wake up to see the noose of tyranny being slipped over their heads. Many of those Americans have guns, and our rulers want to get those guns, particularly the more effective types of guns, out of the hands of decent Americans before too many of them wake up to their patriotic duty.

Americans who supinely allow themselves to be disarmed, who believe the lies that somehow the government will protect them, are probably stupid enough to believe that "calling the police" would protect them from Colin Ferguson if they had been passengers in that train car on December 7th. People who are so stupid probably don't deserve this great country that they are rapidly losing. But they have been kicked in the head by Colin Ferguson, and a kick in the head is exactly what the American people need to wake them up.

If the American people had spoken out years ago, when the leftist traitors and aliens were taking over our government and our media, and stopped the takeover, America would be a very different place today. For one thing, there would not now be the tremendous racial hatred incited in Blacks and other minorities against Whites. There would be no television entertainment and "news" programs telling such people that all their problems are caused by White people. There would be no rap music inciting murder and rape of Americans in the tortured minds of inner city denizens like Colin Ferguson. For decades, those who control Hollywood and the network studios in New York have shoveled their excrement and egregious lies into our living rooms and theatres, telling us that European Americans, traditional Americans, should feel guilty for our successes, should feel guilty for our greatness, should feel guilty for being real Americans. Thus they inflamed the hatred of and fed impossible ambitions among the minorities and disaffected or unthinking Whites. Like many others, Colin Ferguson bought into this Jewish Hollywood version of America the Racist, and it validated if not created his hatred, and justified his actions. If this takeover had been nipped in the bud, if Americans would have rallied to the cause of patriots like Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, and Senator Joseph McCarthy, America's government would not be what we see today: A hypocritical government that pretends to adhere to a color-blind standard, when in reality almost every decision made by our government, whether executive, legislative, or judicial, is done with the most careful consideration of race; a government which forces businesses to hire and promote on the basis of an employee's membership in a currently favored minority group; a government which inflames hatred and frustration when it promises an illusory "equality" which can never be achieved in the real world. But so long as we are still free to speak, so long as they have not yet disarmed us - we Americans will continue to get exactly the kind of government we deserve.

Yes, an America without Third World immigration would be a better America - both for real Americans and for Third Worlders themselves. In Jamaica, where he was well educated and had every advantage and had the comfort of living with and competing with only his own people, Colin Ferguson might not have been driven to his homicidal rage against Whites. And the thousand and one unreported crimes against Whites that occur through every day and night in our cities could ALL be stopped, if we would come to our senses and realize that the multicultural ideal can never be achieved, that the happiest and most successful societies are those which remain true to their roots. There is no racial strife and hatred in monoracial societies like Japan or Iceland. We can end it here only by following their example.

An America where the decent and law-abiding have the guns, and the criminal underclass have none would be a better America. But those wolves in sheep's clothing called Liberals are doing their masters' bidding in bringing into being through their so-called "gun control" laws, exactly the opposite situation: ordinary Americans are being disarmed while the criminal underclass obtains all the weapons it wants as it always has - on the black market. Only when patriotic Americans unite and sweep away all of these "gun control" laws as the illegal and unconstitutional trash that they are, and put murderers and criminals where they belong - out of this country, in jail, or six feet under - will we have that better America.

An America where the media and the government are owned and controlled by real Americans; instead of by aliens, or mouthpieces for the financial elite, or minority special interests; would be a better America. It would be a return to the real America of honesty, uprightness, moral courage and firmness, decency, respect for our sacred cultural and genetic heritage, and a bright and progressive future for our children.

We can have that real America again. But it will not be easy. We can't have our country back on a silver platter. No one is going to do it for us. We can't win back our nation while we watch football or TV sitcoms. We can't win back our nation while we allow our children to be brainwashed and turned against us in the public schools. We are going to have to educate ourselves as to the precise reasons why our nation has fallen to this low state. We are going to have to find out who is responsible. And we are going to have to put aside petty differences and unite to cleanse and restore our nation. I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that the controlled media are not going to help us in this necessary educational process. We're going to have to do it ourselves. But you are not alone. It is by the sacrificial donations of thousands of American patriots and friends of freedom around the world that we are able to keep this radio program on the air, that we are able to keep publishing books that the New York publishers have suppressed, that we are able to keep the flame of truth from being extinguished. To encourage you to help us spread our patriotic message, we are today offering one of the finest books in our catalog, a huge 217-page illustrated encyclopedic compendium of the best articles from our patriotic newspaper from over a twelve year period, entitled The Best of Attack and National Vanguard. This important book will be the keystone of your understanding of what has happened to America and what we can do about it. It is yours as our Radio Offer Number 4. Send us a donation of $25 or more to keep this program on the air, at National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. Send us whatever you think this program is worth for your future and your children's future. Everyone who sends at least $25 will receive this extraordinary book - a book which, at last, gives us the side of the story that the major media don't want you to hear - the American side. Our announcers will repeat that address in a moment.

In a sense, all of us are passengers on that Long Island Railroad Train, rolling toward our next stop, our destiny. Will we act, and assure that our next stop will be victory and freedom over the forces that are threatening to destroy us? Or will we continue to do nothing? If so, our next stop may be oblivion. Until next week at this same time and station, this is Kevin Alfred Strom urging you to keep on thinking free.


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