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Destructive Immigration

by Kevin Alfred Strom
American Dissident Voices
November 13, 1993

Thank you, Richard Cotten. A few days ago an extremely important article was published in the patriotic magazine, Liberty Bell, PO Box 21, Reedy WV 25270, $45 per year. [America First Books editor's note: Liberty Bell ceased publication in the late 1990's shortly before its publisher, George Dietz, passed away]. The article was written by Dr. Richard C. Bentinck, MD. It is a warning to us, a warning which American patriots will ignore at their peril. It deals with the most pressing problem that our country faces today: destruction by the invasion of America which is now taking place, an invasion which is often referred to by soft euphemisms, but which is an invasion nonetheless. Today's program is based on that article, entitled "Destructive Immigration." Listen carefully, for you are about to hear truths that no other radio program on the air today would dare to tell you, so strong is the censorship in our country today.

Polls show that the vast majority of Americans want legal immigration reduced and illegal immigration stopped. I wonder why our government has taken no action to stem the flow of third- world minorities, a flow that is now so great that it literally transforming our nation in a way that ordinary Americans find frightening and disturbing.

In fact, why does the U.S. Congress actually promote immigration, legal and illegal, against all reason? Our nation, already mired in debt, cannot productively employ our existing population and must create non-productive taxpayer-supported "service" jobs to absorb the surplus labor we now have.

With rare exception, the immigrant, legal or illegal, from a third world area is fleeing, not political persecution, but economic deprivation as a direct result of indiscriminate breeding and its consequence, over-population, in quasi-feudalistic societies steeped in ignorance and authoritarian religious dogma. Decades of experience has shown that many of these immigrants and their numerous offspring end up as drains on one or more of the myriad Liberal-sponsored county, state, and federal give-away programs. Not satisfied with our bounty, they have leisure to turn to violence and jam our law enforcement, judicial, and prison systems. All of this is paid for by confiscatory taxing of a diminishing number of mostly White, legitimate U.S. citizens productively employed in the private sector.

Why do Congress and federal bureaucrats ignore, when considering the illegal immigrant, our statutes that require a legal immigrant to be conversant with our history and our institutions, guarantee that he will not require support from any federal or state program for a minimum of five years, be in good health, and have a working knowledge of English? Why this special status for the illegal - and now, even the legal immigrant as long as he is a member of a so-called minority? (This word "minority" is wildly inappropriate, you know, when you consider that persons of European descent constitute only about 12% of the world's population!)

And why, when a foreign woman gives birth in the U.S., is she not sent back to Mexico - or wherever she may belong - with her infant? Born in the U.S., the infant is by a quirk of the law a U.S. citizen. His mother is not. The courts have held that simply having received hospital delivery care in the United States at U.S. taxpayer expense, does not bestow upon the mother a right to U.S. citizenship. She must return to wherever she belongs and, since a minor child should not be separated from its mother, the court has held that the infant must go with her. When the child has reached his majority at the age of 21 years, only then may he return legally. But this deliberately hidden aspect of the law is not enforced.

By the way, the word "Hispanic" to designate these illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America is really a misnomer. "Hispanic" literally means "from Spain," and only a very few of these illegal immigrants are of European Spanish descent. Most of them are mestizos, meaning part European and part Indian. Their special-interest organization is even called La Raza, which means "the race," expressing their racial solidarity as mestizos.

For decades, it has been no secret that a mestizo Mexican female will cross the border surreptitiously or on a tourist visa, ostensibly for a day of "shopping," when she knows delivery of her pregnancy is imminent. Within hours, she is in a U.S. hospital giving birth to her little U.S. citizen, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. Almost certainly, the mother, often a child herself, has had no prenatal care and her pregnancy is at high risk. If there should be problems, there is no shortage of hungry lawyers waiting to pounce on the delivering physician and hospital with law suits regardless of merit. Such an infant is more likely to require care in an Intensive Care Nursery where costs routinely are measured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In California, Los Angeles County alone spends millions of dollars for the care of illegal aliens.

Hospital Discharge Planning acquaints the new mother with all the taxpayer-supported programs ready to help her and her little one. More often than not, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has not been notified of her illegal status. Even if INS were notified, political pressures from leftist church groups, the previously mentioned La Raza group, and various mestizo activist groups would force the INS to keep a strictly hands-off position. Our new mother fades into the populace, untraced and untracable - just one more of a vast and ever-growing brown multitude.

Almost immediately, she has obtained a Social Security card for herself and for her new baby. Shortly thereafter, she is on welfare, living in government-subsidized housing, and receiving the benefits of Food Stamps, the WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Program, and Medicaid. She has sent for her four to six older children - or siblings - her "husband," and, having learned of the Supplemental Security Income Program (SSI), her "disabled" parents and grandparents. Smiling to themselves, they settle down to a life of ease and luxury such as they have never known. A little later, having come to realize the unbelievably stupid leniency of their new host nation, she and her extended family begin to complain loudly of the injustices of U.S. society. By now, they have learned that the open display of the contempt they have long felt for the "gringo" brings not anger and retribution, but obsequious groveling from their "caseworker."

In a classic example of split thinking, they clamor that their native language and cultural mores should be officially designated as national "alternatives," while they complain that they are not accepted by the dominant White culture.

Meanwhile, their older children have found their place in society, joined a gang, and become deeply involved in lucrative criminal activities they would not have dared attempt in their homeland. Their arrogant contempt grows for a system of law enforcement that, compared to the feared, often lethal, justice of their native country, is laughably lenient and totally ineffective in dealing with them. We Americans have yet to learn the lesson that the penalty must fit the criminal, not the crime.

You might call this an extreme example - but it is not at all uncommon in modern America as Congress and the federal and state bureaucracies dance to the tune of multiculturalism and the New World Order that is being imposed on an uninformed and unconsulted American people.

By what right does a judge, solely on his own, decide that a boatload of Haitians - or whomever - rescued from a watery grave by the brave men of the U.S. Coast Guard, should be considered for U.S. citizenship rather than repatriated or left to the mercies of the sea? Is not the act of rescue itself sufficient demonstration of our humane good will? Must we allow a single man who calls himself a judge to second-guess the majority of our citizens? What loopholes allow him and the racially-motivated Jewish and Liberal groups and their money-hungry lawyers to circumvent reason, logic, and our laws and determine that these obviously economically-motivated emigres are really political refugees? Why does Congress allow a judge to transgress the interests of those taxpayers who support him and allow him to flaunt the laws of this nation which he is supposed to uphold? When our nation was vibrant and forthright in support of the interests of its own, such behavior by a public servant would not have been tolerated. But a few years ago our imperial Congress flew in the face of the well-being of its constituents and passed an immigration amnesty act that forgave most illegal immigrants their crime and guaranteed that even greater numbers would cross our border illegally.

Now that Congress has demonstrated its abject lack of integrity by having granted amnesty to countless illegals who have verified their fitness to become US citizens by having avoided our law enforcement institutions for a few years, millions more are now emboldened to break our laws. They now know that there exists a foolishly generous nation where a criminal must spend only a short time as a fugitive to have his crime forgiven with no greater penalty for being caught before he qualifies for amnesty, than the necessity to begin over again. When he achieves this goal not only is his crime forgiven - even if suspected - but he is rewarded beyond his greatest dreams. He is instantly eligible for the multitude of federal, state, and local give-away programs that are denied to those here legally. His cornucopia is overflowing, particularly when he learns that, for a few dollars, he need not even exist as a fugitive. He can purchase illegally the papers necessary to qualify immediately, with little likelihood that he will be discovered. For all this, there is a small risk. He risks neither life nor incarceration: If he fails this time, he but needs to try again - and again - and again.

The billions that constitute the surplus population of Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia have been given the signal that America is a rich land ripe for conquest, that its citizens are prevented from stopping the invasion by their own government. And they are coming, by land and by sea and by air, they are coming.

These invaders are breaking our laws. They are committing a crime against the United States - against you and me. Under our truly ineffective Liberal laws, they are committing only a misdemeanor. In many other countries of the world, they would be shot the instant they trespassed. Those who aid them, whether by giving them work or sanctuary, are also criminals. They have committed a felony. But the long-term harm such felons do to the future of our nation far outweighs the penalties our laws could exact, were they enforced. Why do we let them get away with it?

One reason is psychological intimidation and Liberal brainwashing. We are always hearing the cry "we are all immigrants - and the statue of Liberty proclaims our open door to the world's poor and oppressed." Such claims ignore the fact that the Statue of Liberty was never intended to symbolize such a thing - it was entitled "Liberty Enlightening the World" and was a gift from one European people (France) to another. More importantly, such claims misapply the past to a very different present. The immigrants of the last century were nearly all Europeans and were assimilated to our culture and institutions quickly and they proved their mettle by hard work by which they built our Western Civilization across a nearly empty wilderness. The character of the immigrants has changed - and so has America. No longer able to absorb millions on a frontier, we are unable even to provide jobs and homes for even those that are already here.

Another argument made by both Liberals and Conservatives to excuse these crimes is that without illegal immigrants, crops would rot on the ground and garments would go unsewn. A more ridiculous argument cannot be imagined. With unemployment statistics in the multiple millions - and with many more Americans not listed in the figures because they have given up looking for work - and with factories closing down every day as more and more companies, encouraged by our internationalist rulers, move their production to the third world, it is absurd to suggest that we do not have enough American hands to do the work that must be done. What is not laughable, however, is the fact that so many disloyal businessmen would rather pay a Mexican peon slave wages to do the work than pay a living wage to an American, the law notwithstanding. When justice comes to America such businessmen will be given a fair trial.

It is also said that these illegal immigrants bring their cultures and add "richness" and "diversity" to our society. We might, however, question whether or not we really need what they bring of their "culture." Have we not enough of whatever "richness" they might provide now? Have the Liberals who push this "diversity" line of argument ever told us just how much "diversity" is needed or when we will finally have enough diversity, and when third world immigration can therefore stop? Have we not enough of ignorance, crime, filth, disease, hatred, and irresponsible breeding right now? It is a fact of chilling import that these illegals are not only flowing by the multiple millions across our southern border, but are now reproducing at a rate well in excess of nine times the rate of ordinary White Americans. And they are bringing a true "diversity" of diseases - diseases that had been virtually eliminated from America - with them. These are diseases which we often no longer have the familiarity or the means to diagnose and treat: measles, syphilis, gonorrhea resistant to treatment, chlamydia, all manner of parasites, and now AIDS and a terrible drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis. We must protect our children! And we must jealously guard and be proud of the civilization which we of European descent have built in America at the cost of so much labor, and so much blood. It has given the world the most freedom and the greatest discoveries the world has ever known. It must not be adulterated.

Already our standard of living has declined. This is a warning sign. Our fall to the status of a Third World nation is assured unless we take immediate steps to clean up the corruption in our government and close our borders.

I wonder what might be the reasons that our elected representatives have for being so signally unrepresentative of Americans. Could it be that they have a fear of either alienating or no longer enlarging certain "minority" voting blocs? Is it possible that our politicians rely upon an uninformed, easily manipulated, illiterate electorate of legal and illegal "minorities" to tip the voting balance in their favor? Is it possible that politicians would betray the principles upon which this nation was founded just so they can spend a few more years at the bountiful Federal feeding trough? Or are they merely well-rewarded puppets of the scheming internationalists who want to erode our national identity so they can erect their one-world government on America's corpse? Or all of the above? Perish the thought.

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Until next week at this same time and station, this is Kevin Alfred Strom saying do right - and fear no one.


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