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by Kevin Alfred Strom
American Dissident Voices
October 2, 1993

Thank you Richard Cotten. Often one hears the cry from the controlled media that America is becoming increasingly "polarized," the implication being that we are losing our national unity and national will, and are increasingly becoming split up into feuding interest groups.

I hate to break it to the conventional commentators, but America lost its national unity and its national will a long time ago. When Americans had a clearly defined national culture and racial identity, both of them European by the way, then it could be said that we had national unity, and that we shared enough values in common for there to be such a thing as a national will. I agree that those are desirable things, and no one who is old enough to remember what it was like 30 years ago would disagree with me when I say that those were far happier times for America.

What anti-American forces have done to this country is break down our sense of ethnic and cultural identity, break down our race-based sense of national unity, and force upon us a spurious unity based on an enforced belief in an ethic of "diversity" and "multiculturalism." It is the breakdown of this spurious unity that Establishment Liberal and Conservative commentators decry when they wail about our increasingly "polarized" society.

Never mind that any halfway intelligent 9-year-old could have told you that trying to convert America into a multicultural, multilingual, multiracial stew wasn't going to work, that it would just result in the splitting of our society into dozens or hundreds of incompatible and squabbling interest groups. And never mind the fact that this gigantic Liberal Social Experiment was imposed upon us by both Republicans and Democrats and that American people were never given a choice in the matter. Never mind the fact that this social experiment is hurting everyone, including those racial minorities that it is supposed to benefit, by wiping out thousands of generations of racial and cultural heritage and replacing them with a throwaway Pepsi-Cola consumer culture that guarantees the genetic death of any race or group that adopts it. Never mind all that.

Let's just focus on this so-called "polarization." I say it's a good thing. Positions are being delineated, lines are being drawn, choices are being made. The false unity enforced by the Establishment is breaking down, in all areas of our society. In politics, the phony middle ground occupied by such faceless servants of the system as George Bush and Bill Clinton is shrinking, and voices that represent real alternatives are starting to be heard. All to the good, I say, when the forces that hate America and American values and traditions are forced to display their true colors. And all to the good when decent Americans stand up for all that is right in the most honest and forthright manner possible, instead of trying to be "reasonable" and "inoffensive." If homosexuality is evil, let's say so. If racial mixing goes against nature and against our most deeply held values, let's say so. And if the Bill Clinton team really thinks that sodomy is a moral right, and that world government should replace American freedom, then let them say so openly! The only alternative to such "polarization" is a continuation of the deception by which America's enemies have ruled us since 1933.

A listener recently sent me a copy of an article from the El Cajon Daily Californian by John Leo. It seems Mr. Leo attended the biennial art show at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. Polarization was dramatically evident there.

"When you pay your $6 to see the big ... art show at New York's Whitney Museum ... the fellow at the cash register gives you a little attendance pin to wear. Mine said: 'I can't imagine ever wanting to be white.' In a flash, you know you've stumbled into yet another politically correct art show meant to frighten the white folks (and, of course, the male folks and the straight folks).

"... 'Whiteness is a signifier of power,' the catalog explains, and wearing the button lets whites 'absolve themselves of some of the privileges of cultural imperialism.'"

In the women's section, one work of "art" is a piece of plastic imitation vomit, just like the ones sold in novelty stores except much larger. Another piece of "art" by Sue Williams consists of just the words "The art world can suck my proverbial -----." (If I told you what that blank stood for, this program couldn't be aired.) According to the catalog, this artistic statement "wrenches painting away from its white male domain." Another grotesque work shows casts of a disembodied larynx and tongue, made out of lipstick. We are informed that this represents "the silencing of women through specifically gendered material," whatever that means.

Donald Moffet's "Oh Baby, Sheet With ..." (Well, again I can't even read the last word of the title without getting thrown off the air) consists only of a sheet with a hole in it. This object was missing from the show when Leo attended, however, because someone had touched the nearby work "Chocolate Gnaw," a giant piece of brown lard by Janine Antoni, and had then wiped his or her hands on the "Oh, Baby..." sheet, apparently not realizing that it was a work of art. The giant piece of brown lard, in case you can't guess, "critiques a patriarchal community where eating is transgressive," according to the catalog. I am not making this up.

Leo concludes with his estimate of what the viewer of the show was supposed to have learned: "In two numbing hours at this organized shambles, I learned that the world is neatly divided into good and bad. [The Good are] women, non-whites, homosexuals, transvestites, gang members, glory holes, people with AIDS, [and] gays in the military. [The Bad are] America, straight white males, family, religion, hierarchies, lipstick, ... and penises not attached to gay men.

"This is one more grim, whining, monocultural show, with all the voices singing the same old song, 'Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Culture's Gotta Go,' (lyrics by Stanford University and Jesse Jackson). In a phrase used at all these shows, it's about replacing the center (mainstream America and its values) with the margin (the race and gender ideologues and their allies).

"The Whitney catalog makes this clear [when they say] 'Marginality, in effect, has become the norm while the center is increasingly undefinable and perhaps irrelevant.' In other words, it's about a cultural war to destabilize and break the mainstream."

I agree, it is a cultural war. And the moneyed forces that are destroying this country are enlisting many, though not all, of our young artists and students into this war against us. Older Americans might find it hard to believe, but shows such as the one I just mentioned are the norm in the "art" world, and a similar Politically Correct dictatorship exists on virtually every high school and college campus as well. But I also say it is good for our enemies to be so open about their agenda. It just might startle a few White Americans into awakening from their TV-induced slumber.

Let me give you another example of polarization. This is an article sent in by a listener, from the Associated Press as printed in the New Orleans Times-Picayune of last September. The article is entitled "Forum on Crime, Genetics, on Hold After Criticism."

"[Dateline] Baltimore -- A conference exploring possible links between genetics and crime was postponed (indefinitely) ... because federal money was withheld amid sharp criticism from Black leaders.

"The decision by the National Institutes of Health to freeze $78,000 earmarked for the meeting at the University of Maryland College Park amounts to an assault on academic freedom, university officials said.

"'The crux of the conference was to look at research now being done that either attempts to link genetics to crime or is being construed as having that effect,' said organizer David Wasserman, a legal scholar at the university's Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy. 'The last thing in the world that the conference wants to do is promote that crime and genetics are linked.'

"Because some of this research is going on, it is appropriate to debate the implications, but we have to make clear that we are not saying that NIH validates the notion that there is a link between genetics and crime.' (he said)

"[But according to Jim Williams, director of public relations for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,] 'We know that from the calls we have received that there was quite a bit of concern about the direction of the conference and I think that concern was justified.'

"Research that was to have been discussed included the inheritability of behavioral characteristics, the neural biology of behavior, and genetic markers for various behavior, Wasserman said.

"'To sweep these issues under the rug because they offend people is an absolute tragedy that run counter to the concept of what a university is and does,' university spokesman Gary Stephenson said."

Let me ask this question: Just what are the NAACP afraid of? If there is no link between genetics and criminal behavior, then the research that was to be discussed at the conference would have confirmed that, and the NAACP's belief that "white racism" and other environmental factors are the real causes of high Black crime rates would be vindicated. Obviously, they are afraid that the research would show that there IS a link between genetics and crime, and they'd do anything to stop the truth from getting out. Now it is certainly regrettable that minority pressure groups have such a lockhold on our universities that they can squelch even the discussion of certain "forbidden" issues, but one must admit that the strong-arm tactics of the anti-American forces in preventing debate should show even the most deluded Liberal the real nature of the forces with which he has mistakenly allied himself. Actions like the cancelling of the University of Maryland conference on genetics and crime have a good aspect because they force people to take sides, many of them who might not ever have thought about the issue before. The subversive groups that have virtually ruled this country for decades are becoming drunk with their power, they imagine that they've got everyone fooled, and because of that they're starting to go too far.

Despite the fact that we are ruled by our enemies, America is still a rich country, and most of us are so comfortable that we can't be bothered with fighting to throw off our velvet chains. Our situation is going to have to get worse before it can get better, because only the experience of actual physical suffering and intense psychological anguish will spur large numbers of Americans to action. So the faster the Clintonistas accelerate their program of converting the USA to the USSA, the better the chances that Americans will still be a majority in this country when the day of reckoning comes.

There is an old fable that says, "If you want to cook a frog in boiling water, you can't just catch the frog and throw him into the pot of boiling water. He'll immediately know what's happening, jump out of the pot, and you'll have to catch him all over again. Far better to put a pot of cool water on the stove, put the frog in it, and ever-so-slowly bring the water to a boil. The process of change from cool to boiling water occurs so slowly that the frog doesn't know what's happening to him, and by the time the water is boiling, it's too late." That's what the enemies of this country have been doing to us for decades. Imagine what the reaction would have been if the conspirators had simply announced in 1945 that we were now living in a Soviet America and were to become a province of a one-world government. Their go-slow approach to subversion has been far more successful than that would have been. But their overconfidence has caused them to let their "New World Order" world government plans out of the bag, and the pace of so-called "social change" has been accelerating.

They've already made the third Monday in January a federal holiday for a Communist agitator. Let's hope they make DC a state and call it Mandelastan! Let's hope they make it a felony to marry someone of your own race and the opposite sex! Let's hope they screw up the economy so bad that all those stocks and bonds held by comfortable White people become worthless overnight! Let's hope that they tear down the Washington monument, and in its place erect a 500 foot high statue of Martin Luther King holding aloft a hammer and sickle! Let us hope that the enemies of America, drunk with their vast power to tax and to regulate us, will continue to disregard prudence and will go so far and so fast as they remake America in their twisted homosexual, multicultural, anti-American image -- so fast that they awaken us -- so fast that they make even the slowest among us finally exclaim -- "they're boiling us alive."

A New Outlet for ADV

We are sorry to have to say it, but it is a constant battle to secure my right to speak freely on the public airwaves. There are many threats to the continued airing of this program. One is the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" which is now making its way through Congress. It is very important for all of you to understand just what this so-called "Fairness Doctrine" is all about.

The Doctrine is promoted as a way to ensure that all points of view on controversial issues of public importance are presented on radio and television stations. Its actual effect, its intended effect is the exact opposite -- it will stifle the expression of all non-Establishment points of view.

Here's how it works: Under the Doctrine, if a station airs a program dealing with a controversial issue -- say this program, for example -- any individual or group with an opposing point of view on that issue would be able to force the station to air its opposing point of view free of charge. If the Communist Workers Party or the NAACP don't like what I say on the radio, they would be able to demand equal time without paying for it. This, of course, would create a legal and logistical nightmare for radio and television licensees, with the ultimate effect that they would be unwilling to air any controversial programs at all, just to avoid all the hassle. Another effect, also intended by the framers of the so-called "Fairness Doctrine," would be to put the final decision of what individuals and groups are given free time to air their views into the hands of the Federal courts. We much prefer the present situation, where honorable Americans are still free to purchase time on independent stations. If someone opposes our views, then, by God, let them purchase time just like we do! Today, by purchasing expensive airtime with funds donated by our listeners, we are at least able to add our ounce or two of truth to counterbalance the 10,000 tons of lies on the other side of the scale. But that is exactly the situation that the enemies of freedom want to put an end to. America's enemies already control 99.9% of what is broadcast on the AM, FM, and TV dials. They don't need to and don't want to purchase time to debate us. They want to use this law to intimidate stations into cancelling us. Americans need to say, "Thanks, but NO THANKS" to their Congressman, and urge them to reject the misnamed "Fairness Doctrine."

Another form of intimidation practiced by America's enemies is economic intimidation. It is often used to try to get American Dissident Voices thrown off the air. Here's how it usually works: agents of the criminal foreign spy agency, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith or ADL for short, either openly in their official capacity, or covertly, depending upon the strength and reputation of the ADL in the town where the station is located; approach the radio station or some of its major advertisers. Pressure is applied, by threats of advertising boycotts or cancellation of lucrative contracts, or unfavorable publicity is threatened, backed up with proof of ADL influence in the newsroom. Sometimes well-known politicians who are ADL properties are brought in if the initial pressure fails to produce the desired effect. Sometimes, economic intimidation comes from local leftist or minority activists, too. In either case, the result is a stifling of freedom of speech. Unfortunately, economic intimidation sometimes works, and it is with regret that I must announce that the two stations owned by the Positive Radio Group, with whom we have had an excellent relationship for over a year, have cancelled this program.

October 2nd will be the last day that American Dissident Voices will be carried on WKGM, Virginia Beach, Virginia; and on WNOW, Charlotte, North Carolina. Listeners to those two stations should get out paper and pencil and write the following information down. To replace WKGM and WNOW, we have signed on with 50,000-Watt station WLAC-1510 in Nashville, Tennessee. We'll start on WLAC on October 16th. WLAC covers the Charlotte and Virginia Beach areas as well as all of the Southeastern US, the Gulf Coast states, and the Midwest east of the Mississippi River. Beginning October 16th, and every Saturday thereafter, we'll be on WLAC, 1510 on your AM dial, at 11:30 p.m. Eastern Time, 10:30 p.m. Central Time. That's every Saturday, 11:30 p.m. Eastern Time, at 1510 on your AM dial. Drop us a line and let us know how it's coming in. We'll give you the address in a few moments.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no better way to educate yourself, or open the eyes of your friends and family, than with the brilliant speech by Professor Revilo P. Oliver entitled What We Owe Our Parasites. What We Owe Our Parasites is an amazing speech, quite possibly the finest patriotic speech ever committed to cassette tape. Dr. Oliver was for 32 years Professor of the Classics at the University of Illinois, and has been a patriotic leader since 1954. He is not only an outstanding scholar, but is also one of greatest living stylists in the English language. With brilliant wit and humor, and an inspiring sweep of history, Dr. Oliver will explain to you the subversion of our nation and what it is about us that has made us such willing dupes of our enemies. There is no speech which can remotely compare in sheer intellectual impact to Dr. Oliver's What We Owe Our Parasites. It is now available to every listener who contributes $12 or more to keep this program on the air as our Radio Offer Number 7. To receive this brilliant speech by a master of the orator's art, just send the largest gift you can afford today, a minimum of $12, to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA, and remember to ask for Radio Offer Number 7.

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom telling you to keep on thinking free.


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