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What the Government
and the Media
Don't Want You to Know

by Kevin Alfred Strom
American Dissident Voices
July 10, 1993

WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY will shock you. It will disturb your sleep. It will make you worry for your loved ones. It will give you nightmares of disaster, plague, and horrible death. It will make you rethink the priorities of your life. It will change the way you look at yourself and the world. There is a killer loose in the land. This killer cuts down all whom he touches. If he touches you, you will die. If he touches your child, your child will die. His victims die a slow, horrible death. They waste away. They drown in their own body fluids. They lose control of their bowels. They lose their memories. They become demented. They die in agony. There is nothing that can be done to save them.

The killer's name is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV for short. When he starts to kill you, it is said that you have AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This killer emerged into our world over a decade ago, rising like an angel of death out of the oozing rivers of body fluids that spilled like fetid waterfalls into the streets of America from the sick and sleazy pleasure houses of the "liberated" homosexuals.

When a killer like HIV is stalking the landscape, one would assume that the guardians of the public health would be galvanized into action, taking any and all measures to protect the uninfected from coming into contact with this killer.

But the medical establishment and the public health authorities are not taking such action. In fact, most of their efforts are directed toward protecting the so-called "confidentiality" of the infected rather than toward isolating and preventing the further transmission of the virus. They withhold vital information about AIDS which could save millions of lives. By their acts of omission and commission they have become, in effect, the protectors and guardians of this killer virus. And as such, they may well become your murderers. Or your child's murderers.

Why are we being betrayed and lied to by those who are paid with our tax money to protect us? It has been well-documented, on this program and elsewhere, that the tremendous power of organized homosexuals (which reaches even into the White House, as President Clinton's appointments and policies make clear) holds most of our craven and criminal politicians in thrall. And it should be obvious to Americans still capable of thinking for themselves that the homosexuals have been greatly aided by the controlled media. In the eyes of the powerful minority which controls the U.S. media, homosexuals are one among the many "oppressed minorities," criticism of which is forbidden, on pain of losing one's job or character assassination. (Look what happened to Andy Rooney when he mildly criticized perverts, or what happened to Jimmy the Greek when he speculated on the reasons for Black athletic success.)

Yes, the power of organized perversion is a factor in the suppression of the truth about AIDS. And it is certainly a fact that the darling deviants are a part of the media's push to destroy America. But there's more to it than that. If the uncensored truth about AIDS were released to the American public, it would have the potential of permanently derailing the plan to submerge America into a multicultural New World Order. It would have the potential of waking up the sleeping American people -- and our masters in Washington, New York and Tel Aviv cannot allow that to happen.

AIDS is Transmissible via All Body Fluids

Listening to the establishment media one could easily get the impression that about the only ways that one can get infected with the AIDS virus are to share IV needles with, or have unprotected sex with someone who is already infected. Those who believe that lie are at risk of becoming tomorrow's AIDS statistics.

First, there is no such thing as "safe sex" with a person who is HIV-positive. The condoms available in your local pharmacy or handed to twelve-year-olds at public schools offer little protection from the virus. Dr. C. M. Roland, Editor of Rubber Chemistry and Technology for the Naval Research Laboratory, states: "The 12 per cent failure rate of condoms in the prevention of pregnancy alone argues against their use for AIDS prevention. However, because the AIDS virus is orders of magnitude smaller than sperm, the situation is actually worse." Dr. Roland goes on to point out that the AIDS virus is 0.1 micron in size, while typical holes in condoms, invisible to the naked eye, are 50 to 500 times larger, easily allowing passage of the virus. And according to Surgical Practice News of August, 1988, even surgical gloves, which are manufactured to a higher standard than condoms, may have holes nearly ten microns in diameter, or 100 times larger than the virus.

Thousands have died because they, or doctors they trusted, believed the government's and the media's lies about AIDS. A startling example of this is the criminal negligence regarding AIDS-tainted blood in the blood banks.

In 1983, we were told that the blood supply was safe. We were told that there were no documented cases of transmission via blood transfusion. When some individuals at the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control suggested that blood bankers could eliminate 80% of the AIDS-infected blood by testing all donated blood for Hepatitis-B, with which 80% of homosexual males are infected due to their filthy practices, and rejecting all the blood that tested positive, the higher-ups at both agencies declined to make that a requirement. Tens of thousands were sentenced to death by that decision. Why? Because homosexuals don't want to be tested, they don't want to be identified, and they don't want their twisted sexual appetites restricted in even the slightest way. Homosexuals and powerful forces friendly to the homosexualization of America have successfully blocked this and many other common-sense proposals to protect the rest of us from AIDS.

Later we were told that the chances of infection from blood transfusions were about one in 1 million. A few years down the road, the official story was that the chances were less than one in 100,000.

Finally, in May 1985, a test became available that tested for the antibodies that the body produces in response to HIV infection. Just prior to that, the official story had changed again. Now supposedly the chances for HIV infection from a transfusion were one in 50,000 or less. When the blood supplies finally were able to be tested, albeit indirectly, for AIDS, the shocking truth became known.

An investigation into the voluntary donor blood bank in San Francisco revealed that the risk there prior to 1985 was not one in a million. It was not even one in 50,000. It was one in one hundred.

The same people who lied to you for years about the safety of the blood supply now tell you that the supply really is safe. Well, after the body count had become astronomical, public health officials were forced to adopt testing for the antibodies to HIV, and all blood which tests positive is supposed to be thrown out. So the blood supply certainly is safer than it was a few years ago. But there is a period of time after a person becomes infected with the AIDS virus, before his immune system responds by producing antibodies. This period of time is six weeks to six months in most people, but in some cases it can be as long as three years before antibodies are produced. During this time interval, the individual will be carrying the virus in his blood, but will test HIV-negative. This period of time is called the "negative window.

If an HIV-infected person donates blood during this six-week to three-year "negative window," his blood will not be screened out by the test presently in use. Anyone receiving a blood transfusion from blood bank inventory blood is therefore still at risk. Using your own blood, or that of a designated donor known to be HIV-free, is far safer. And you should also know that factions of radical homosexuals have publicly threatened to purposely donate infected blood if certain of their demands are not met. The "negative window" effect means that these threats should be taken seriously.

You should also reflect seriously on the fact that, despite the availability of an HIV antibody test (and even its mandatory use in some situations such as blood bank donations), contact tracing of an infected individual's sex partners is not being done in most instances. Infected individuals, even if they work as dentists or doctors or in other occupations where they could easily pass on the virus to others, are not required to notify anyone of their HIV-positive status. The AIDS virus is the only virus that has "civil rights." Innocents must die, so that the sick sex games of the pervert minority can continue. The normal public health measures that always have been applied to other infectious diseases are not being applied to AIDS. The imposition of universal testing and quarantine where appropriate would end the anal fun, you see, and we can't -- we simply can't have that. They -- the infected -- have all the rights. And we -- the uninfected -- have none. A complete inversion of what the public health system is supposed to be all about!

We are repeatedly told by the controlled media that the AIDS virus is fragile, and that it does not survive well outside the body. But that simply isn't true. The prestigious British medical journal, Lancet, for September 28, 1985, states that the virus can survive in dried body fluids for as long as seven days. It survives twice as long in a moist environment. The HIV virus easily survives freezing. It survives being placed under running alcohol for twenty minutes. It can pass through intact mucous membranes. It can pass through intact skin. It is present not only in blood, but in urine, feces, sweat, vaginal secretions, semen, tears, mother's milk, and saliva. It has been transmitted by kissing. It has been transmitted through contact sports. In short, wherever and whenever body fluids can be exchanged between individuals, the HIV virus can also be transmitted.

The government "experts" will tell you again and again that their studies "have not shown" transmission by these means. In many cases that merely means that studies have not been done. In some cases, studies have been stopped, apparently because they might have come to an "unapproved" conclusion if they were allowed to continue. Dr. Gus Sermos of the Centers for Disease Control was studying the possibility of mosquito transmission of the AIDS virus in semi-tropical Belle Glade, Florida, where an unusually high incidence of AIDS among low-risk individuals coincided with a large mosquito population. That study was stopped in its tracks, and there have been many other similar instances. The CDC stopped studying household transmission of AIDS after most such studies had been carried out for one year or less. They did this with full knowledge of the fact that it often takes six months and sometimes takes three years for an individual to develop antibodies to the virus. Now they point to these studies to claim that household transmission is insignificant.

Racial Differences in AIDS Infection

So far, the hidden facts about this disease that I have pointed out are hidden at least partly at the behest of organized perversion, which is very powerful, and which has powerful friends in the controlled media and even in the White House. But I want you to realize that the liars of the media are lying not only to protect the so-called "human rights" of homosexuals. They are also lying to protect their one-world, multicultural agenda.

Now I'm going to let you in on the AIDS statistics that the media masters are the most desperate to keep from you. Most of you are not IV drug users, nor are you homosexuals, nor are you recipients of tainted blood. Most of you fall into the category of people whose greatest chance of contracting AIDS is via normal heterosexual sex. What are your risk factors? By what routes does this killer virus make its way into the bloodstreams of normal heterosexuals?

When looking at the data for heterosexuals with AIDS, the one fact that is the most striking is that Blacks are between 14 and 20 times more likely to be infected than are Whites. Fourteen to twenty times more likely! In fact, even though Blacks account for only about 12% of the US population, they account for fully 90% of all AIDS infections in this country which were acquired through heterosexual means.

Among straight White Americans who acquired an AIDS infection heterosexually, the risk category of the greatest relevance to most of us, and also the risk category that is never mentioned in the controlled media, the sources of infection estimates break down as follows (based on "Epidemiology and Evolution of Heterosexually Acquired AIDS -- US" Stockholm, 1988; and R.M. Selik, American J. of Public Health v.78, #12):

--- 3% of straight White Americans with AIDS got it by having sex with partners who had received tainted blood from a transfusion.

--- 13% of straight White Americans with AIDS, in this case all women, got it by having sex with bisexual men.

--- 42% of straight White Americans with AIDS got it by having sex with IV drug users.

-- And 42% of straight White Americans with AIDS got it by having sex with non-Whites.

In other countries the figures are even more startling. In a study entitled "Patterns of Heterosexual HIV Infection in Brussels," published by the Division of Infectious Diseases at St. Pierre University Hospital, 250 heterosexual AIDS patients were studied. Astoundingly, in the very White country of Belgium, fully 83% of these cases were Black African immigrants. Most of the White males with AIDS lived in or travelled regularly to Central Africa. 70% of these men with AIDS had had sex with Black women in Africa. Of the White women with AIDS, all lived exclusively in Belgium, but 83% of them had had sex with Africans or sex with men returning from Africa.

Our young people need to be informed of these facts. These are the real-life risks that they face in this sorry world that we have made for them. It is criminal, it is homicidal, to deny them these facts just because the conclusions one might draw from them are at variance with the multicultural, one-world agenda that the forces behind Liberalism are ramming down our throats. We must shout the truth about AIDS from the housetops.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

What can you do to save your family and your country from this deadly epidemic? There's a lot you can do.

Avoid all contact with known homosexuals. If there is a known homosexual district in your area, do not go there. Avoid the "trendy," "fashionable" part of town, whenever possible. This is often where the highest percentage of homosexuals are to be found. Particularly avoid using public rest rooms or eating in restaurants in such areas.

If you live in a rural area or small town that has preserved traditional American values, stay there. If you live in an area where such values have disappeared, where "Gay Pride" parades have replaced Independence Day parades and where the Third World invasion is in full swing, carefully consider your options. Moving into a racially, culturally, and medically healthier area should be considered.

Carefully choose who you socially and professionally associate with. Even if you must sacrifice status or money to do it, it is wise to avoid repeated close contact with those in high-risk groups, including Blacks, Third World immigrants, homosexuals, and drug users. Do not allow your children to associate with individuals in these groups when it can be avoided. Plan your travels to skirt around areas where such groups form a high percentage of the population, even if it takes extra time and gasoline to do so. Remember, any body fluid can transmit the virus, and it is impossible to predict the occurrence of auto accidents, altercations, the need to use unsanitary toilet facilities, or emergencies in which you may be placed in a hospital environment in a highly infected zone, possibly right next to a terminal AIDS patient.

Be aware that certain metropolitan areas, especially San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, have populations which are particularly heavily infected.

What you must do, above all, to stop the spread of this disease among our people is to participate as fully as you can in the educational effort represented by this radio program.

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