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Have DU Will Travel

February 28, 2006 7:39 PM

.‘There ain’t no buck stopping anywhere.’

An Interview With Major Doug Rokke

By W. Leon Smith

ICONOCLAST: We’re doing a story about the release that’s coming out March 1 . . .

ROKKE: Chris Busby’s work.

ICONOCLAST: Right. What’s your take on it.

Doug Rokke. Ph.D., is a Vietnam and Gulf War veteran and an expert on ‘depleted uranium.’ He headed the US Army’s DU Project after the Gulf War, and is a victim of DU contamination. He appears in the recently released DVD “Beyond Treason” that was produced by Power Hour Productions, an 89-minute film that presents comprehensive documentation from United States Government archives of a massive cover-up, including military and civilian experimentation, dating back over 60 years.

ROKKE: Brian Spratt’s comment in The London Times — he’s from the Royal Academy of Sciences — he said if anything it was the stir-up of the natural uranium from the shock and awe. That’s crazy. If there was that much there to begin with, it got there because we dumped it there.
. . .Some other British Ministry of Defense people said that this was released from the nuclear power plants. Some other British Ministry of Defense people said that this was released from the nuclear power plants.
. . .As you’re totally aware, nuclear power plants don’t have that stuff to release. It is totally encased in the power rods. That’s also absolutely nuts.
. . .When you look at it, it is extremely important to note that the use of uranium munitions is absolutely confirmed. It is thoroughly confirmed that they’re absolutely refusing to comply with the Army regulations to clean it up. They’re simply refusing to comply with the orders and mandates that regulate medical care, not only for the U.S. troops, but for all the coalition forces, and up and beyond that by the Geneva Convention, all the Iraqis and all the civilians. That’s not just Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanastan, or the Balkans, but here in the United States.
. . .I think what was so funny is that the story broke from Chris Busby’s work, where they’re measuring the high concentrations. Now, if they’re measuring the concentrations there in England, there’s no doubt that it is all the way across the continent, which is extremely important. That goes back to even more emphasis on cleaning up the contanimation as is required by the regulation. And the same thing, even more important, for the medical care.
. . .When you read the story in The London Times, and Brian Spratt says from shock and awe they stirred up all this stuff, natural uranium is at parts per million. That’s like one grain of pepper in a salt shaker. With the DU, we’ve used thousands of tons over there and its scattered all over the place. On-site measurements verify that. Still photography verifies it. Live video verifies it. All you have to do is watch this stuff on the evening news when they’re hitting anything because the DU signature is absolutely distinctive. There is nothing like it. You can see from the Bunker Busters and everything else and all that’s fired from the tanks, it’s just absolutely crazy.
. . .Now, what was really interesting yesterday, the Army just ordered $38 million worth of DU munitions from Allied Tech up in Minneapolis. That’s 120 mm round, 829. This stuff is awesome. I’ve used the 829 round, it’s absolutely awesome.

ICONOCLAST: In what regard?

ROKKE: It’s a DU round. It just literally destroys everything. It’s a 120 mm round, over 4,700 grams, incredible velocities. It just destroys everything. Now, there are no targets left in Iraq. We haven’t had any armored targets in Iraq. We haven’t had any, so why would they be ordering millions and millions of dollars worth of munitions, except to invade Iran. That’s the only reason they’d be doing that stuff. We’ve absolutely verified that they’ve shot up apartment buildings, they’ve shot cars and trucks, they’re shooting anything they can. If it moves, shoot it. If it doesn’t move, shoot it, too, and use DU because it’s a weapon of choice. It is that good.

ICONOCLAST: Are they at the point now that cleanup would be impossible?

ROKKE: It was from the beginning. They never cleaned up the highway of death that’s all around Basra. They just didn’t do it and they didn’t do the medical care. All the orders for medical care have absolutely just been totally ignored. The VA, and it should be coming out with a new publication, but the VA publishes a thing called “Gulf War Review.” Volume 13, No. 1, on page 12 was published last spring so it’s a year or so old. They acknowledged that in 14 years they had only tested 270 people. I had over 400 names submitted personally.
. . .Now you look at Chris Busby’s work. He is an incredible scientist. He is absolutely sound, solid.

ICONOCLAST: What do you think about the delay in getting the numbers because of the government not releasing those?

ROKKE: The government is not going to release that. They’re not going to acknowledge using this stuff. The government is not going to acknowlege the environmental effects. They have no intention of it. The fact that they just and went and bought 38 million more dollars of ammo just absolutely verifies and proves it. You know, Karen Parker has done work as far as illegal use of uranium munitions. In the stuff that we did it absolutely verifys it and Karen Parker’s work in the United Nations shows this stuff is illegal.
. . .When you go to the common task right now, it states point blank that it makes food and water unusable. Well, you can’t do that. You can’t clean it up.
. . .In 1995, we released a report we had started in 1992, back when we got the task, and in December of 1992, a guy named Walker, assistant Secretary of the Army, told us at that time to figure out ways that would reduce the toxicity and DU so it could be used. Obviously, you can’t do that. It’s impossible, but they don’t give a flying rat’s ass.You’ve got everything going around and around. The guy from your hometown down there knows perfectly well this stuff is dangerous. He knows what the orders and the regulations are. He is the commander-in-chief of the military. Yet he’s not enforcing the mandatory medical care. He’s not enforcing the mandatory environmental remediation. Now, you’ve got contamination measurements as far away as England. This means you have to have incredible contamination figures all over the place. This stuff is not like playing checkers, where you can hop, skip, and jump a space.

ICONOCLAST: Anywhere in between there and London and beyond?

ROKKE: In all directions. It has to be. We know that gross contanimation exists in Iraq. That’s a given. We’ve got the videos. We’ve got the on-site measurements. The military has acknowledged that and has not cleaned it up. The key thing is we now have additional evidence of confirmed contamination, which we already knew. But, the consequences of the refusal to comply with the environmental remediation and medical care have now resulted in contamination all over the place.
. . .That’s absolutely unacceptable.
. . .Now, with this big new purchase of DU ammo, it’s sort of like what is going on here? To me, and I have to look at it from a military point of view, for Gulf War II we started planning back in ‘95, was thoroughly ready to go, and they finally implemented it.
. . .They just had to have justification to scare the population and do it, okay?
. . .It had nothing to do with 9-11 or terrorism or anything else. It was just strickly, we’re gonna do it, you know, for oil shit. So you’ve got all of that stuff and then you’re using it where there are no real targets. They called for it and now we’ve got it all over.
. . .I’ve got video, I mean I’ve got entire apartment buildings that were totally destroyed with DU munitions, civilian apartment buildings. The Army officers on tape refusing to clean it up. Someone needs to ask the president if he intends to enforce the law.
. . .You’ve got to have some sort of accountability.
. . .We had gotten fed up the the Clinton administration and so we went over to the Bush side, hoping for improvement. It all fell apart completely. It just fell apart.

ICONOCLAST: Why do you think it fell apart?

ROKKE: Cheney.

ICONOCLAST: His influence?

ROKKE: Completely. When you look at this stuff, you’ve got everybody lying through their teeth. You’ve got everybody lying through their teeth and ignoring everything. Georgie Bush didn’t know what was going on. Cheney has always been there. Cheney was there when we did those no bid contracts with Haliburton per Madelyn Albright back in ‘92, -93. I’ve still got those things.
. . .If you look at everything with Haliburton and with KBR,, total misuse of funds. They’re billing for stuff that they’re not doing. They can’t account for anything.
. . .To me this is just symptomatic. Total carelessness. Total disregard for everything.
. . .Army regulations have the force of U.S. law.
. . .On the medical care order, Ron Peak ordered that medical care. Colonel Bobbing, according to the order, that supposed to make it happen.
. . .I was born back in the time when Harry Truman said the buck stops here. Well, there ain’t no buck stopping anywhere. The buck is getting blown all over the place.

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