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By Rev. Ted Pike
8 Nov 2006

My article “Israel: On the Way to Empire in the Mideast” documents from Scripture an astonishing fact: Israel today is the symbolic “Mother of harlots” described in Revelation 17 and 18. Ancient Israel was first to be spiritually “married” to God and first to prostitute that unique relationship. Her forehead was branded “mother of harlots,” an epithet which has never been removed.
Today, Israel lives up to her name as an international hub of prostitution and white slavery in the Mideast.
Amnesty International, in its 2005 Report on Discrimination Against Women in Israel says:

Trafficking of women for forced prostitution has occurred over a number of years but appears to have been compounded in the past 15 years by several factors, including increased links between traffickers in Israel and former Soviet republics, in the wake of the large wave of immigration of citizens of these countries to Israel…

…Many women are lured to work in Israel under false pretense and are then forced into the sex industry. While many are reportedly aware that they will be working as sex workers, they are not aware they will be subject to violent and exploitative environments, working seven days a week and up to 18 hours a day for extremely low salaries or no salaries at all. Many are subjected to other serious human rights violations, including rape, deprivation of their liberty, and debt-bondage. Women forced to work as sex workers are reportedly also frequently subjected to threats of abuse and even murder. Half the women interviewed by the Hotline for Migrant Workers were effectively incarcerated by their “pimps” and, according to a 2003 survey, almost half of all women “sold” to pimps reported that policemen were among their clients.

According to a report by the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on the Trafficking in Women (Summary Report) issued in early 2005, some 3,000 to 5,000 women are brought annually into Israel and forced to work as sex workers and some 10,000 were estimated to be currently in the country…

Most of the women known to have been trafficked into Israel are from Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Russia, and are brought into Israel through the Egyptian-Israeli border. In the course of their journey, many are reportedly raped before traffickers sell them for $8,000-$10,000… 1

Jewish Michael Specter, in his article, “Slave Traders Lure Slavic Women,” confirms Amnesty’s report:

[In Israel] police officials estimate that there are 25,000 paid sexual transactions everyday. Brothels are ubiquitous…Once they [the women] cross the border [into Israel] their passports will be confiscated [by pimps], their freedoms curtailed, and what little money they have taken from them…The Tropicana in Tel Aviv’s bustling business district, is one of the busiest bordellos. The women who work there, like nearly all prostitutes in Israel today, are Russian. Their bosses, however, are not. ‘Israelis love Russian girls,’ said Jacob Golan, who owns this and two other clubs, ‘….They are blond and good-looking and different than us…And they are desperate. They are ready to do anything for money.’ 2

Israel: Slow to Correct Problem

Prostitution and white slavery constitute a billion-dollar-a-year industry in Israel that expands virtually unrestrained.
About two to three thousand women from FSU (Former Soviet Union) countries annually enter Israel’s brothels. The US State Department, in its 2001 Trafficking in Persons Report, described Israel as among the very worst international offenders in allowing white slavery. They classed Israel in Tier 3, a group described as “not making significant efforts to bring themselves into compliance with the standards of the Dictums of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000.” Israel was grouped with Albania, Gabon, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, and Pakistan, who also received an “F” for failing to protect human rights.
After this scathing 2000 report, Knesset finally passed a law criminalizing white slavery. 3 Enforcement programs and lesser statutes have been enacted, with increased police attention to the problem. In 2004, the courts actually handed down 28 convictions to white slavers. Such efforts caused the US State Department to elevate Israel’s offender status to Tier 2. 4
However, recent reports by Amnesty and the state department are full of criticisms of Israel: While laws against sex slavery are now on the books, Israel shamelessly neglects to protect and encourage ex-prostitutes in their attempts to testify against their oppressors. Victims are largely denied full legal education, rights, services, and protection against vengeful pimps. Without victims’ testimony, laws against white slavery can’t be enforced.
Amnesty says,

The authorities—and in particular the police—still overwhelmingly considered trafficked sex workers simply as “criminals” who violated the Entry into Israel law, rather than victims of grave human rights violations who should enjoy the effective protection and assistance from state institutions. Consequently, the authorities have focused their activities on deporting trafficked women instead of protecting their rights and addressing their needs.

In addition, the Israeli authorities do not carry out any risk assessment of the possible dangers which trafficked women who have testified against their traffickers face after being deported back to their countries, leaving them and their families vulnerable to further human rights violations, including reprisals and retrafficking. 5

If a woman files a complaint against her Jewish slave master, as an illegal alien she will be imprisoned. As a result, an infinitesimal number of ex-prostitutes testify against their pimps. Consequently, very few slavers are convicted.
As a result of Israel’s anemic response to the problem of white slavery, most slavers are able to mock anti-prostitution laws and white slavery continues to expand.
The government of Israel claims great difficulty in combating this problem. But Knesset hasn’t even made organized prostitution a crime. The sex trade enriches Israel yearly by perhaps hundreds of millions of tax dollars. This may be part of the reason the government seems in no great hurry to clean up the industry.

History of Oppression

Four hundred years ago, Jewish slave traders dominated the lucrative business of shipment and sale of African slaves to the new world. 6 For at least the last 125 years, Jews have also overwhelmingly controlled organized prostitution and white slavery in Europe, the United States, and South America.
Jewish historian Edward Bristow, in his book Prostitution and Prejudice: the Jewish Fight against White Slavery, 7 says:

Rooted largely in Eastern and Central Europe where they "dominated the international traffic out of the area," (p. 2) Jews were involved in prostitution rings that networked, wrote Arthur Mora (of London’s Jewish Association for the Protection of Girls and Women) in 1903, “to almost all parts of North and South Africa, to India, China, Japan, Philippine Islands, North and South America, and also to many of the countries of Europe.” (p. 1)

Jewish criminals trafficked women under their control virtually anywhere, also including the major cities of Bulgaria, Bosnia, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Ceylon, Manchuria, South Africa, Rhodesia, and Mozambique. (p.181)

“By 1900,” says Bristow, “Jewish commercial vice was largely incorporated in underworld elements and many of its participants were predators of the poor. (p. 89)

Jewish pimps, procurers, and traffickers, preyed mostly on non-Jewish women but even large numbers of Jewish women were a part of their stables. In 1872, for example, Jewish prostitutes in Warsaw numbered 17 percent of the known prostitution population, in Krakow, 27 percent, and in Vilna, 47 percent. (p. 23)

Within the Jewish community itself, it was not uncommon for recruiters to marry innocent Jewish young women and “deposit them in foreign brothels.”(p. 25)

Many of the Jewish criminal underworld figures apparently saw no gap between their day-to-day activities and their religious lives, often maintaining their religious obligations. A Warsaw thug, Shilem Letzsky, organized a small synagogue for “Jewish prostitutes, madams, pimps, and thieves.” This criminal community even had a rabbinical court “to settle disputes between pimps.” (p. 60)

.Other authorities say:

In Constantinople, prostitutes contributed money to “have their pimps called to Torah on holidays.” 8

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Jewish pimp organization, called the Varsovia Society, “…ostensibly functioned as a neutral aid society…In fact, the Varsovi, consisted of pimps who wanted to maintain their businesses and still live a religious life…Varsovia associates established their own synagogues on Guemes Street in the midst of the traditional bordello district.”9

Tradition of Prostitution Continues

In Israel today, the sale of human flesh continues. Jewish pimps and brothel-owners bring FSU girls to Israel to turn tricks in the thriving bordellos of Haifa and Tel Aviv.
Many of these women, though fair-haired, are undoubtedly Jewish “Ashkenazim.” They may well have taken advantage of airlifts of Jews out of the FSU, such as Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's Wings of Eagles ministry, funded by idealistic evangelical Christians.
Most, however, are Gentiles. They may also have hitched a free ride to Israel on Wings of Eagles. The US State Department says: “In a new trend, traffickers in Ukraine reportedly have begun exploiting an Israeli law that allows all Jews to immigrate to Israel by providing victims with false identity documents.” 10
Specter's article says "elderly Jewish women in the Ukraine" were responsible for forging passports for Gentile prostitutes going to Israel. Presumably, these Jewish women received kickbacks from Jewish slavers in Haifa and Tel Aviv. With an FSU prostitute bringing in up to $100 thousand dollars annually, one suspects many of the "Jews" who are "ransomed" by gullible evangelical Christians are actually headed for white slavery in Israel.
The majority of FSU women who do not have the advantage of being labeled Jewish arrive in Israel through Cyprus and Egypt. Israeli customs police allow them to travel unhindered to slave auctions. Many are raped by pimps (testing the goods) and bought for $6 to $20 thousand dollars. In about 250 Israeli brothels, mostly in major cities, they satisfy the lust of Jewish businessmen, soldiers, tourists, etc. Servicing an average of 15 customers per girl per day, even a small brothel can make more than $8 thousand dollars per month from each woman. 11
Now virtual slaves to their Jewish pimps, these women pocket only a tiny percentage of their proceeds, most of which often go to support their families back in eastern Europe or Eurasia.

Double Standards

How can such vice and human bondage exist in what Christians consider God’s “Holy Land?” How can Orthodox Judaism, the official position of the state of Israel, tolerate such egregious human rights violations?
In my latest e-alert, “Talmud: Wellspring of Jewish Pornography Industry,” I document how the Talmud, the highest religious authority for observant Jews, sanctions adultery with Gentile “bondmaids” or slave girls. The Talmud gives Jewish men the right to rape them if they are found sleeping, or while they are awake if the rape is performed in a perverted manner, or if withdrawal occurs before climax is finished.
Judaism’s loopholes for adultery are nothing new. Both Christ and St. Paul accused the Pharisees and their followers of claiming to uphold God’s laws against sexual sin, yet violating them at the same time. (Matt. 12:39, Romans 9:22)

Judaism and Islam: Darkened Religions

Does Judaism alone among the world’s great religions provide moral exceptions to God’s laws against sexual vice? Of course not. Islam gives similar license. Many Moslems believe they can be “married” for as short as a minute or as long as 99 years. The brothels of Tehran are daily filled with “righteous” Moslem men involved in 20-minute “marriages” and “divorces” with prostitutes! 12
But there’s a big difference between religiously excused sex trades in Iran and in Israel: Islam does not claim to be part of the hallowed “Judeo-Christian” moral tradition. Most evangelicals believe rabbinic Judaism shares Christianity’s essential ethics. Indeed, it is their confidence in shared moral values that prompts their unconditional support of Zionism.
.They have been massively deceived. Orthodox Judaism’s values could not be more distant from Christianity’s. In the streets of Israel’s major cities, sex slaves are brazenly flaunted and their pimps and slave masters go virtually unprosecuted. Why? The Talmudic ethics underlying the state of Israel endorse such degeneracy, especially with “goyim” women. The Talmud and Zohar regard Gentile women as chattel for Jewish men; they are “beasts of the earth,” not fully human. 13 (See, "Have You Read the Talmud Lately?")
Talmudic denial of the humanity of Gentile women causes many Orthodox men in Israel to take advantage of the Talmud’s rationalization that sex with the Gentile “shiksa” (whore, abomination) is morally neutral.
Moment magazine, the “Magazine of Jewish Culture and Opinion,” says paid sex with blond Russian girls is a “national institution.” Even rabbis, says Moment, visit these “shiksas” in whorehouses.

A good percentage of the customers or johns, in the lingo, are ultra-Orthodox Jews, pious men whose lives are guided by halaka (religious law), which tells them when they can or cannot have sex with their wives. So, on Thursday afternoons (boys’ night out in Israel), busloads of Orthodox Jews travel from Jerusalem, Haifa, and points beyond, to Tel Aviv, for a few precious moments of passion in a massage parlor, behind a sand-dune, or in an alleyway. Other customers are accountants, lawyers, policemen, and politicians. “The entire spectrum of Israeli society is keeping the hookers in business,” claims detective Shackar, a cynical veteran of the Tel Aviv vice detail… 14

Israel does not vigorously enforce its new law against white slavery for a simple reason: The Talmud repeatedly upholds the right of rabbis to sexually violate their “designated bondmaids” or sex slaves, free of punishment or moral guilt. The government of Israel can’t effectively enforce a law forbidding what the Talmud permits.
Without strong, vehement, righteous indignation against prostitution (such as true Christian activism provides) the government of Israel, from Supreme Court to local police, remains largely powerless to stop the burgeoning sex slave industry.

What’s Next?

I’ve described the past and present of the harlot Israel. What of her future?
.The book of Revelation tells us Israel, the great harlot, will continue her spiritual and physical whoredom, until, through Jewish control of world media, government, finance, and commerce, she dominates not only the Mideast but the world. Ultimately, she will enter a “covenant” of spiritual marriage with her false messiah, the one-world leader, anti-Christ (Daniel 9:2). The “beast” is a substitute husband for her true spouse, Jesus, whom she crucified 2,000 years ago.
The harlot will ruthlessly persecute Christianity, being “drunk with the blood of the saints of Jesus” (Rev. 17:6). The beast will continue such onslaught against the church, given power to “make war with the saints and to overcome them…” (Rev. 13:7).
Yet at the apex of Israel’s power, the beast will throw Jerusalem off his back, and with his confederation of world armies, kill at least two-thirds of world Jewry (See, “Bible Prophecy Made Simple”). A remnant, however, will survive until Christ’s coming in glory. Christ, from the heavens, will judge the nations who attempted to destroy the Jews. Realizing how Christ has saved them from extinction, a beleaguered, astonished remnant will at last understand the magnitude of their father’s apostasy. They will “look upon me (Christ) whom they have pierced” (Zech. 12:10). In national repentance and mourning, they will turn at last from their harlotry.
Thirty-five hundred years ago, Christ rescued Israel from the garbage heap of Egyptian bondage, choosing her as His bride and washing her of her blood and uncleanness. In the same way, someday, Christ will purify these repentant Jewish survivors. He will spiritually remarry Israel, joining her with His other spiritual bride, the Christian church. These Jews, at last giving Christ the obedience He demands, will finally be allowed to legitimately dwell in the land promised to the obedient descendents of Abraham. It will be a truly holy land.
At that time, He says, “You shall not play the harlot…but afterward the sons of Israel will return and seek the Lord their God, and David their king (Christ) and they will come trembling to the Lord and to His goodness in the last days” (Hosea 3:5).


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