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Current or recent threats to freedom of
speech demanding constant citizen attention

[Editor's Note: Please visit in case I have not updated this web page with the very latest alerts. Please also visit,, and the police state and media archives of for other important latest update perspectives.]

2010-08-18   The right's latest weapon: 'Zionist editing' on Wikipedia 'Idea is
    not to make Wikipedia rightist but for it to include our point of view,' Naftali Bennett, director of the Yesha Council says." by Nir Hasson,
"For years now, Wikipedia has been a fierce battleground between the Israeli right and left. One key battle was over the entry for Bil'in and whether the weekly struggle at that village near the security fence should be described as violent.
Another battle was over the description of the Ariel University Center. Was it "the largest public college in Israel"? Or should an institution in Ariel not be considered as being in Israel? So a compromise was reached: "the largest Israeli public college."
Now the Yesha Council of settlements and another right-wing group, Israel Sheli, are embarking on a Wikipedia battle: Zionist editing on the Web-based encyclopedia. The first course was held yesterday in Jerusalem.
"The idea is not to make Wikipedia rightist but for it to include our point of view," said Naftali Bennett, the director of the Yesha Council..."
[Editor's Note: This Orwellian mentality is so typical of Jews. Everything can be manipulated. Truth itself is a twistable, disposable, controllable commodity. Life is a continuous ideological battleground. What gentiles are allowed to see and hear and think must always be "handled."
One joke I learned while living in NYC is whenever two Jews get into an argument, you get three opinions.
Whatever happened to the idea of having an online encyclopedia where contributors try to provide facts and engage in objective analysis? Please also see United Against Knowledge by Gilad Atzmon, and Dr. James Fetzer's article "Wikipedia as a 9/11 Disinformation Cop."]
2010-07-28   Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring
    By Noah Shachtman, Wired. "The investment arms of the CIA and Google are both backing a company that monitors the web in real time — and says it uses that information to predict the future."
2010-07-16   73,000 Wordpress blogs shut down by U.S. Government by
    John Brownlee "This is alarming. Torrent news site TorrentFreak is now reporting that Wordpress host Blogetery has been shut down by United States authorities… along with all 73,000 Blogetery-hosted blogs."
2010-07-15   Lieberman’s Model For America: Purging The Internet of Dissent by
    Paul Joseph Watson,
2010-06-25   Obama Can Shut Down Internet For 4 Months Under New
    Emergency Powers by Paul Joseph Watson,
2010-06-24   Cops Resort To Planet of the Apes Style Policing To Let The
    Scum Public Know Who Their Bosses Are by Paul Joseph Watson
2010-06-01   Don't Ask, Don't Think by Rev Ted Pike
2010-05-21   Dr. Cass Sunstein wants to turn off the Jerry Mazza "Paul
    Joseph Watson, a writer at Prison Planet whom I greatly respect, gave us a reminder Monday May 17th that Obama Czar Wants Mandatory Government Propaganda On Political Websites. The Big Brother Czar is also a Harvard Professor currently dishing up the pabulum for Obama’s White House that “conspiracy theories” should be banned from the Internet; so much for Harvard, Czar-Dr. Cass Sunstein and intellectual freedom."
2010-05-21   Gender Activism Sweeps America by Harmony Grant Daws
2010-05-17   Wrath of Right Slows ENDA by Rev. Pike
2010-05-10   Hijacking the Constitution and the Bill of Rights by Jason
    Hornberger, Campaign for Liberty
2010-05-10   We're Backing Down ENDA! by Rev Pike
2010-05-02   ENDA Protest Floods Judiciary by Rev. Pike
2010-04-26   Emergency Alert! Frank's Office: ENDA Vote Soon by Rev Pike
2010-03-18   Sodomite Adoption Disastrous For Kids by Harmony Grant
2010-03-15   `Sodomite Adoption Rights' In Congress by Harmony Grant Daws
2010-03-08   Dissenters To Be Detained As “Enemy Belligerents”? by Paul
    Joseph Watson, "The `Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010,' introduced by Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman on Thursday with little fanfare, `sets out a comprehensive policy for the detention, interrogation and trial of suspected enemy belligerents who are believed to have engaged in hostilities against the United States by requiring these individuals to be held in military custody, interrogated for their intelligence value and not provided with a Miranda warning,' writes the Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder."
2010-03-01   Is It Time For Revolution? by Rev. Ted Pike
2010-01-26   ENDA Tramples Christian Conscience by Rev. Ted Pike
2010-01-18   How God and the Tea Party Can Save America by Rev. Pike
2009-11-12   Holder Pledges Hate Crimes Cooperation With ADL
2009-11-09   Republican Senators Skip ENDA Hearing
2009-11-03   ADL Applauds Itself for Hate Bill Victory by Rev Pike
2009-10-31   ENDA Moves Forward in Senate by Rev Ted Pike
2009-10-27   Obama Will Sign Hate Crimes Bill Wednesday by Rev Pike
2009-10-26   Obama Didn't Promise to Sign Defense/Hate Bill
2009-10-26   Emergency Alert!!! Obama Will Consider Hate Bill Wednesday
2009-10-23   Emergency Alert!!! Still Time to Kill the Hate Bill;
    President May Not Sign `Until Next Week'
2009-10-22   Emergency Alert!!! Obama Could Sign the Hate Bill Tonight!
2009-10-22   U.S. Hate Law Encourages International Enforcement
2009-10-18   New Democrat Amendment Could Slow Hate Bill Signing
2009-10-16   Only Prayer, Emails Can Save Free Speech Now by Rev. Pike
2009-10-15   Another Week to Kill the Hate Bill?
2009-10-14   Gays Criticize Obama's Hate Crime Record
2009-10-12   Thousands of Gays Demand Obama Sign Hate Bill
2009-10-11   ADL Campaigns to Train Hate Prosecutors by Rev. Pike
2009-10-08   Emergency Alert!!! Email Obama to Veto Hate Bill!
2009-10-08   Hate Bill May Soon Go to Obama by Rev Ted Pike
2009-10-06   Congress Defies Obama on F-35 Engines! Rift Could
    Lead to Veto of Hate Bill by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-10-04   Let's Put An End to ENDA!
2009-10-03   Media Mocks Cyberbullying Bill
2009-10-01   Cyberbullying Hearing Goes Badly for Liberals by Rev Pike
2009-09-29   Hate Bills: Protest Calls Flood House Judiciary!
2009-09-28   `Net Neutrality' Will End Freedom by Rev Ted Pike
2009-09-26   Emergency Alert! More Hate Bill Hearings This Week
2009-09-24   Jewish Groups: "Churches Must Hire Homosexuals!"
2009-09-21   Emergency Alert! Five Hate Bills Surge Forward in
    Congress by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-09-17   How ENDA Ends Workplace Freedom: Part Two
2009-09-15   How ENDA Ends Workplace Freedom: Part One
2009-09-09   Democrats Under Attack: Perfect Time to Block Hate Bills!
2009-09-07   Canadian Victory Inspires U.S. Hate Law Resistance
2009-09-01   Tidal Wave of Anger Could Still Kill Hate Bill! by Rev Ted Pike
2009-08-31   Ted Kennedy: Pedophile-Protector of the Senate by Rev Pike
2009-08-28   Bill would give President emergency control of Internet by
  Declan McCullagh "Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet. They're not much happier about a revised version that aides to Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, have spent months drafting behind closed doors..."
2009-08-25   Jesus Christ "Hate Criminal?" by Rev Ted Pike
2009-08-19   Obama: New Threats to Veto Defense/Hate Bill
2009-08-17   F-35 Squabble Could Kill Hate Bill by Rev Ted Pike
2009-08-13   Blast Hate Bill at Town Hall Meetings! by Rev Ted Pike
2009-08-10   Alert! Back Down Obama From Signing Hate Bill!
    New Strategy, New Video and Flyer! by Rev Ted Pike
2009-08-03   Sen. Reid: Hate Law Will Favor Muslims
2009-07-27   Resistance Can Help Make Hate Law Unenforceable
2009-07-20   Unite against Hate Law Tyranny!
2009-07-16   Senate Passes Hate Bill! Yet Democrats Compromise
2009-07-08   Holder Video Floods Senate!
2009-07-06   Hate Bill Will Ride on Defense Bill!
2009-07-05   Conservatives Go After Holder!
2009-07-03   Hate Bill/Holder Protest Swamps Senate!
2009-07-02   Duke University Pedophile Would Benefit From Hate Bill
2009-07-01   Saturate the Senate With Holder's Bungling!
2009-06-29   New Video: Holder Admits No Equality Under Hate Bill
2009-06-26   Leahy's Hate Bill Hearing A Sham by Rev Ted Pike
2009-06-24   Hate Bill Protest Overwhelms Senate! Yet Homosexuals
    Calling, Too! by Rev Ted Pike
2009-06-23   New ADL Hate Bills Attack America by Rev Ted Pike
2009-06-23   Foul! Hate Bill Hearing Rigged! by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-06-19   Half-Hearted Republicans Could Bungle Hate Bill Hearings!
  Rev Ted Pike

Please see the Threat Archive for more articles that document the long history of crooked hate crime campaigns orchestrated by the ADL and other subversive organizations in America.

The ability of the ADL to cleverly "mainstream" itself before Congress, the FBI, and local law enforcement makes it particularly dangerous


Why hate crime law advocates typically support totalitarian,
monopolistic, hypocritical, cruel, perverse and unjust interests

2010-05-25   ENDA's Real Intention by Rev. Ted Pike
2010-05-21   Gender Activism Sweeps America by Harmony Grant Daws
2010-04-27   Israeli Cyber-Warriors "Crash" Internet by Rev Pike
2010-04-22   No Civil Liberty for Servicemen? by Rev. Pike and Harmony Daws
2010-04-20   Is Israel Wiretapping America? by Rev Pike and Aaron and
    Harmony Daws
2010-04-05   Political Cynicism Breeds Violence, Inaction by Rev. Ted Pike
2010-03-18   Sodomite Adoption Disastrous For Kids by Harmony Grant
2010-03-08   Jewish Attack Groups Threaten Tea Party by Rev. Pike
2010-01-12   Censorship at News with Views by Rev. Ted Pike
2010-01-05   Judaism: Our National Religion? by Harmony Grant Davis
2009-12-30   Israel's Increasing Anti-Christianity by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-12-22   Israel Vilifies Its `Strong' Critics by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-09-10   America Tolerates Anti-Christian Double Standard, Harmony Grant
2009-08-06   Pedophiles the Hate Bill Protects, Part Two by Grant and Daws
2009-07-09   Pedophiles the Hate Bill Protects, Part One by Harmony Grant
2009-06-15   Hate Laws: Out to Get Pro-Lifers by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-06-02   Hate Law Case Study: Colorado by Harmony Grant
2009-05-26   Attention to Hate Laws, At Last! Harmony Grant explains why Jewish
    civil liberties defender Nat Hentoff views hate crime as "really dangerous stuff" that violates the Constitution's First Amendment (free speech), Fourteenth Amendment (equal protection of all), and double jeopardy.
2009-05-05   PUNISHING THOUGHT: Banned by U.K., Savage hits back
    Radio talk star blocked from visits, along with terrorists, neo-Nazis "In an interview with the BBC, [Home Secretary Jacqui] Smith said [Michael] Savage, the No. 3-rated radio host in the U.S., is "someone who has fallen into the category of fomenting hatred, of such extreme views and expressing them in such a way that it is actually likely to cause inter-community tension or even violence if that person were allowed into the country." It gets better --Michael Savage is Jewish. Talk about blow-back!
2009-03-26   New Video: `Hate Law Jihad!' by Rev Ted Pike. "Today, the hate
    laws the Anti-Defamation League established in Jewish self-interest are being exploited by Muslims. Hate laws are part of ADL's self-protective agenda of discouraging criticism of Jewish matters and Israel. ADL is also intent on restraining the advancement of Christian values, evangelism, and political activism. But now, Islamic zealots are increasingly ready to use hate laws for their own ends, pouncing on any pastor, talk show host, politician, or outspoken citizen who `defames' Islam...."
2009-03-11   Hate Laws Hurt Liberals, Too by Harmony Grant
2009-02-26   Closing the Borders to Free Speech by Harmony Grant
2009-02-17   Pro-Lifers at Greater Risk From Hate Laws by Harmony Grant
2009-02-11   Hate Laws: Rope Around Our Throats by Harmony Grant
2008-12-30   Americans Suspicious of Big Media, ADL Disturbed
2008-12-29   Take Freedom Viral by Harmony Grant
2008-11-25   The Disease of Hate Crimes Legislation by Harmony Grant
2008-11-18   Obama: High Priest of the Religious Left by Harmony Grant
2008-11-13   Hate Laws: Putting Beliefs Behind Bars by Harmony Grant
2008-11-10   Should Ahmadinejad Have Free Speech? by Rev Ted Pike
2008-10-14   Freedom: Lost by One, Lost by All by Harmony Grant
2008-10-14   What Toben and `Holocaust Deniers' Really Believe by Rev Pike
2008-10-06   Toben Grabbed: International Hate Laws Bite Down by Rev Pike
2008-09-22   FBI: Rising Hate Crime Gestapo? by Harmony Grant
2008-08-11   Catching on to Hate Laws Threat by Harmony Grant

Fit the Punishment to the `Thought' Crime by Harmony Grant.

    How Elie Wiesel is trying to get his pound of flesh off a 22-year old.
2008-07-09   Free Speech Win In Canada by Harmony Grant
2008-06-26   Examine Islam Only! by Harmony Grant
2008-06-17   U.S. Government Condemns `Unintentional' Anti-Semitism by
    Rev Ted Pike
2008-06-11   Hate Crimes Hypocrisy in D.C. by Harmony Grant
2008-06-03   Stealth Campaigns Against Freedom by Harmony Grant
2008-05-27   Israel: A History of Hate Crimes by Rev. Ted Pike
2008-05-07   Illinois Pursues Hate Crimes Charges Against Teen by Rev. Ted Pike
2008-04-17   U.S. Government, Talmud Mock New Testament by Rev Ted Pike
2008-04-14   Northern Gag Rule: Hate Laws in Canada by Harmony Grant
2008-04-09   Bible is Hate, Says U.S. Government by Rev Ted Pike
2008-04-08   Hate Laws' Real Agenda by Harmony Grant
2008-03-04   Bitter Fruits of Hate Crime Laws by Harmony Grant
2008-02-27   States Skirmish Over `Anti-Hate' Laws by Harmony Grant
2008-02-13   America's Greatest Threat by Rev Ted Pike
2008-01-23   Civil Rights Act: Tilted Foundation by Rev Ted Pike
2008-01-15   Hate Laws Should Still Top Headlines by Harmony Grant
2007-12-18   Your Indifference, Their Muzzle by Harmony Grant
2007-12-05   Hate Laws Flog Another Christian by Harmony Grant
2007-11-26   Hate Law Follies by Harmony Grant
2007-11-14   Hate Laws: Melting the Sword of the Law by Harmony Grant
2007-11-07   Hate Laws: Braid Your Own Noose by Harmony Grant
2007-09-19   Liberty To Be Uncivil by Harmony Grant
2007-08-29   Torture In Israeli Prisons by Rev Ted Pike
2007-08-30   Israel's most Dangerous Christian by Harmony Grant
2007-07-24   Hagee: Ashamed of Jesus' Name by Rev Ted Pike
2007-07-12   America's Biggest Threat by Harmony Grant
2007-07-10   Why We Should Fear Zionism More Than Islam by Rev. Ted Pike
2007-06-19   Christian Zionists: Holding the Killers' Cloaks by Harmony Grant
2007-06-11   Jewish Activists Created Communism by Rev Ted Pike
2007-05-29   Coming Utopia Ruled by Noahide Laws by Rev Ted Pike
2007-05-22   Zionism: American Idol by Rev Ted Pike
2007-05-17   Modern Rabbis, Ancient Hatred by Harmony Grant
2007-05-08   More Reasons To Oppose Hate Crime Laws by Harmony Grant
2007-05-01   Big Brother Is Crossing the Atlantic by Harmony Grant
2007-04-18   Free Speech? It's Up To You Now by Harmony Grant
2007-04-02   Thought Police Keel Haul A Navy Catholic by Harmony Grant
2007-03-29   Speak While You Still Have Something to Lose by
    Harmony Grant
2007-03-13   Canada's Damning Evidence Against Hate Laws by
    Harmony Grant
2007-03-07   Defame Jesus? Win Awards! Criticize Jews? Go to Jail!
    by Harmony Grant
2007-02-27   Free Speech, A Fight For the Right by Harmony Grant
2007-02-08   Jewish Anti-Christianity Intensifies As Christians Ignore It
  by Harmony Grant
2007-01-31   `Philly 11' Still Victims of Hate Law Injustice by Rev. Ted Pike
    The arrest of eleven Christians in Philadelphia on thought crime charges should leave no doubt about the ultimate evil intent of who we are up against.
2007-02-01   Freedom Of Speech: Use It Or Lose It by Harmony Grant
2007-01-25   Congress: New Knesset for Zionism? by Harmony Grant
2007-01-04   Top 11 Reasons You Should Fight Hate Laws, by Harmony Grant
2006-12-28   What Is Anti-Semitism? by Rev Ted Pike
2006-10-11   Cyberspace Stays Free, ADL Mourns, by Harmony Grant
2006-09-07   Christians in Israel: An Endangered Species, Part II by Rev
    Ted Pike
2006-09-07   Christians in Israel: An Endangered Species, Part I by Rev
    Ted Pike
2006-07-12   Threats to a Free Internet, by Rev Ted Pike
2006-06-28   Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish, by Rev Ted Pike
2006-02-21   David Irving, Like Galileo, Victim of "Thought Crimes"
    Inquisition, by Rev Ted Pike
2005-11-21   Crackdown on Holocaust Reductionists: Omen of Coming
    Persecution of Christians by Rev Ted Pike
2005-09-20   Global Hate Crimes Gestapo Being Created, by Rev Ted Pike
2005-03-15   Philadelphia D. A. Lynne Abraham `Hate Criminal' by Rev
    Ted Pike
2005   Anti-Hate Laws Will Make You A Criminal, by Rev Ted Pike
2004-12-15   Philadelphia Pursues "Hate Crimes" Charges Against Christians
    by Rev Ted Pike
2004-11-04   Eleven Christians Jailed for Criticizing Homosexuality by
    Rev Pike


Comment from the David Irving web site (probably made around 2005): "The Anti-Defamation League has a new motif, The Snake and the Star, illustrated [above]. We kid you not."

The true character of the primary "hate crime" promoter
--the Jewish ADL

2010-06-03   ADL Rewrites New Testament by Harmony Grant Daws
2010-04-15   ADL: Prosecute Tea Party "Hate Speech!" by Rev. Ted Pike
2010-03-16   ADL's Foxman Under Attack by Rev. Ted Pike
2010-02-22   ADL's New Public School Hate Bill by Rev. Ted Pike
2010-02-16   Defamation Skewers ADL by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-12-16   ADL: The World Is Awash With Anti-Semitism by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-12-15   ADL Twists Hate Crime Statistics by Aaron and Harmony Daws
2009-12-09   Evangelical Leaders Sass ADL! by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-12-07   No ADL, No Hate Law Enforcement by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-12-03   Ex-ADL Leader Blasts ADL/Foxman by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-12-01   California's Anti-ADL Rabbi by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-11-30   ADL Criticized For Attack On `Paranoid' Right
2009-11-23   ADL Blasts `Paranoid' Right: Are Millions of Anti-Obama Protestors
    `Conspirators?' by Rev Ted Pike
2009-11-12   Holder Pledges Hate Crimes Cooperation With ADL
2009-11-04   UN and ADL Want Global Hate Crimes by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-06-17   Evangelical Silence Empowers ADL "Bullying" by Harmony Grant
    and Rev Ted Pike
2009-06-08   Classroom Thugs: ADL's Anti-Bullying Laws by Harmony Grant
2009-06-03   Bias Motivates "Anti-Bias" Laws by Rev Ted Pike
2009-06-01   ADL Director declares war on freedom of speech by Robert Stark, "The Anti-Defamation League Director for the Plains States Alan Potash, has just declared war against our First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Potash made the following statement, which was published in the May 26 edition of The Omaha World Herald: `“Dangers of hate,” was right to point out that freedom of speech does not extend to racist groups, nor give their supporters the right to threaten and intimidate others or commit acts of violence.'"
2009-05-26   Kill the Hate Bill by Criticizing the ADL! by Rev Ted Pike
2009-05-11   Who's Behind the `Pedophile Protection Act?' Rev Ted Pike
2008-12-16   Can ADL End `Cyber-Hate' On YouTube? by Rev Ted Pike
2008-12-16   Let Freedom Reign on YouTube by Harmony Grant
2008-12-10   ADL's `December Dilemma' by Rev Ted Pike
2008-10-02   The Parable of Evil Abe by Rev Ted Pike
2008-09-16   ADL Says Christianity Is Hate by Harmony Grant
2009-09-07   Alliance With Islam Means Disaster by Rev Ted Pike
2008-08-28   ADL's Empire of Synagogue and State by Harmony Grant
2008-08-25   Anti-Zionist Conference Gives Ammo to ADL by Rev Ted Pike
2008-08-20   Hate Laws' Noose Tightens Around Colleges by Harmony Grant
2008-08-12   ADL Expands Pro-Gay Education For Teachers by Rev Ted Pike
2008-07-28   ADL Elephant in Evangelical Parlor by Rev Ted Pike
2008-07-21   ADL Settles For `Piecemeal Conquest' by Rev Ted Pike
2008-07-08   `Hate Criminals' --With No Law Broken! by Rev Ted Pike
2008-06-29   Police State In Champaign, Illinois by Rev Ted Pike
2008-05-20   When Thought Is A Crime by Harmony Grant
2008-05-19   Did ADL Influence California "Gay Marriage" Ruling by Rev Pike
2007-12-03   ADL's December Dilemma by Rev Ted Pike
2007-11-28   ADL Battles Internet Free Speech by Rev Ted Pike
2007-11-13   ADL's War Games With Coulter by Rev Ted Pike
2007-11-12   Free Speech & the ADL by Michael Collins Piper
2007-11-05   In Search of `Homegrown Terrorists' by Rev Ted Pike. The ADL's
    definition of "homegrown terrorists" is so vague that it could potentially include any political dissidents. Welcome to Soviet America.
2007-10-30   How the Bible Became Hate Speech in California by Rev Ted Pike
2007-10-18   ADL Says Christianity, Coulter Anti-Semitic by Rev Ted Pike
2007-10-10   My Response to ADL's Attack by Rev. Ted Pike
2007-09-18   ADL Can't Destroy Mearsheimer and Walt by Rev Ted Pike
2007-07-26   Christian Evangelism: Threat To Jewish Survival? by Harmony Grant
2007-04-02   ADL Spiked Sept. 11th Blockbuster: Foxman & Crew Pressured Media
    To Suppress Israeli 9-11 Connection by Mark Glenn
2007-03-17   For ADL, another mission; Group will combat anti-immigrant
    bias by Yvonne Abraham, Boston Globe Staff, March 17, 2007. Ever since it stealthily engineered the immigration reform act of the mid-1960's, the ADL has been openly promoting a "human Katrina" of massive, out-of-control Third World immigration that is literally swamping America. According to this article, "[ADL regional director Tarsy] said that minority groups gain power when they unite and that it is in the Jewish community's interest to reach out to Hispanics, the fastest-growing minority group in the state, and one with increasing clout nationally. The regional ADL's emphasis follows a similar push by the 94-year-old national organization. `Jews have long understood, and the Boston ADL understands better than almost anybody, that, as a small minority in America, their clout totally depends on their ability to build coalitions,' he said." Meanwhile, in the last few decades 30 million white Americans have been literally replaced by nonwhites, and the below ZPG rate of whites promises to completely genocide whites off the planet within two hundred years if current trends continue. But what does the ADL care about anti-white genocide as long as it can secure short term tactical political advantages for its fellow Jewish supremacists?
2007-01-18   Open Season On Every Religion But One by Harmony Grant
2006-10-26   France Honors Foxman, and the Devil Does Too, by Harmony Grant
2006-04-07   Is Abe Foxman A Hate Criminal? by Rev Ted Pike
2006   Foreword . . .The Strange World of the Judas Goats, the Enemy
    Within from The Judas Goats by Michael Collins Piper (copyright Sept 2006, carried by America First Books). "There are many Americans who have spent more than a few sleepless nights wondering if that nice man who always attends the meetings of the local `patriot' group is actually an informant for the ADL or the FBI or even the CIA. As we shall see, such fears have solid foundation." See also "Intro to Part One" ". . .although, for example, the FBI’s notorious COINTELPRO infiltration operations were actually officially instituted in the early 1960s, the historical record shows that going back to the years preceding World War II, groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith were already manipulating the FBI in a terror campaign against American nationalists."
2005-12-22   Are ADL/B'nai B'rith Masonic, Not Jewish? by Rev Ted Pike
2005-11-21   ADL/JDL Bedfellows in Terror, by Rev Ted Pike
2005-08-07   Talk Show Hosts: Its A Perfect Time To Save Your Occupation! by
    Rev. Ted Pike
2005-06-23   A Year of Blunders By ADL by Rev Ted Pike
2005-03-03   Are You On the ADL's `Hit List'? by Rev Ted Pike
2005   ADL's Attack on Southern Baptists Repeats History by Rev Ted Pike
2005   The ADL's Criminal Campaign of Smear, Corruption, and
    Harassment: f rom the David Irving web site. Outstanding list of links to articles about ADL subversion and dirty tricks.
2004   New York Press lists ADL Director Abe Foxman as No. 37 on its list
    of the 50 most loathsome New Yorkers. "Foxman's ADL has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and civil suits for various abuses over the years -- like spying on the African National Congress --and yet continues to enjoy the endorsement of law enforcement officials and a cowed media. The superhumanly self-righteous gasbag [Foxman] makes $450,000 as Likud's point man at the highest echelons of U.S. thought crime enforcement, where he smears critics of Israel with allegations of anti-Semitism and honors the memory of the Holocaust by allying with oven-chasing lawyers and those who would downplay the Roma genocide to bolster the case for Jewish exceptionalism. Even fellow Sharon-shill Bill Safire wanted him to resign after his role in the Marc Rich pardon. For the book on Foxman, see Norman Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry (Verso), written by the child of two survivors. Foxman helped block the publication of one of Finkelstein's earlier books in 1998. Just another day at the ADL office."
2004   Hate Laws: Brainchild of ADL, by Rev Ted Pike
2004   ADL: `The World's Most Powerful Gestapo' by Rev Ted Pike
2004   "The Other Side of the Jigsaw Puzzle" A Foreword by the Author . . .
    from Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy by Michael Collins Piper (from Sixth edition copyright Jan 2004, carried by America First Books). Describes how in 1997 the ADL used intimidation tactics to shut down a JFK seminar scheduled to be held at a community college in Southern California once it learned that Mike Piper would be a speaker -- and the ways in which the ADL's tactics backfired.
2004   Introduction: Semites & Anti-Semites — The Conflict of the Ages
    from The New Jerusalem by Michael Collins Piper. (copyright 2004, carried by America First Books). "History shows that a wide-ranging array of individuals have been accused by the ADL — or by like-minded “hater hunters” such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center — of either being “anti-Semitic” and/or insufficiently supportive of the demands of the Jewish people and, in more modern times, of the state of Israel. And we’re not talking about Adolf Hitler here! Instead, the list of those standing accused of “anti-Semitism” is impressive indeed, virtually a catalogue of some of the most respected personages of their respective eras. While the list is by no means complete, it is representative." (The list includes names ranging from Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter to Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton!)
2002   Foreword: ADL Links to Terrorism, from The Viper's Venom by Col
    Donn De Grand Pre (copyright 2002, carried by America First Books). "First, we must get a better public glimpse of a gestapo-like organization that has spread its tentacles throughout every state, city, county and crossroads hamlet in this great Republic. The military intelligence services have long known in private how this `KGB of the United States' the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has operated ever since its inception in 1913."
199602   The ADL Targets Shortwave Radio Stations by Nelson Rosit, Free
    Speech Feb 1996
199509   The FCC's Selective Persecution of Dissident Radio by Kevin Strom,
    Free Speech Sept 1995
1992   The Ugly Truth About the ADL. A PDF version of the 142 page booklet
    published by the Executive Intelligence Review.

The shocking moral depravity, hypocrisy, and fake righteousness of paranoid, self-anointed, self-serving Jewish leaders who seek to destroy freedom of speech

2010-06-02   The Violent Radicalization of Israel by Rev. Ted Pike
2010-05-30   Israel Will Stop "Violent" Aid Flotilla by Rev. Ted Pike
2010-03-29   `Babylon the Great' Is Israel by Rev. Ted Pike
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2009-08-25   Jesus Christ "Hate Criminal?" by Rev Ted Pike
2008-12-15   Jewish Newsweek Says Bible is Pro-Gay by Rev Ted Pike
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    and Rev Ted Pike
2008-09-25   Winston Churchill Warns America by Rev Ted Pike
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2008-09-02   Palestinians: Their History From Beginning to End by Rev. Ted Pike
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2008-01-07   Where's Christ in Christian Zionism? by Harmony Grant
2008-01-08   Bible Authority Agrees With Pike by Rev Ted Pike
2007-12-31   Christmas 2007: Quiet on the Jewish Front by Rev Ted Pike. About
    as "quiet" as "All Quiet on the Western Front," of course.
2007-12-19   Israel's Gift to America by Rev Ted Pike
2007-10-22   Israel: What We Don't Want to Know by Harmony Grant
2007-10-16   Whores in the Holy City by Harmony Grant
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2007-06-04   Ted Pike Debates Zionists on Christian Radio by Rev Ted Pike
2007-05-31   Evangelical Broadcasting Features Ted Pike by Rev Ted Pike. No
    real Christian can help being troubled by the anti-Christian policies now enforced in Israel.
2007-04-03   Is Israel a `Holy' Land? by Rev. Ted Pike
2006-12-12   Child Sex in the Holy City by Harmony Grant
2006-11-08   Israel: Whorehouse of the Middle East by Rev Ted Pike
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2006-01-13   The Talmud: Scalpel That Bleeds The Mid-East by Rev Ted Pike
2006-01-02-9   Israel Without Her Mascara On by Michael Collins Piper. A Review of
    No Beauty In The Beast. . .Israel Without Her Mascara by Mark Glenn
2005   Pedophilia: The Talmud's Dirty Secret, by Rev. Ted Pike

Libertarian views and threats to a free Internet

2009-08-28   Bill would give President emergency control of Internet by Declan
    McCullagh "Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet. They're not much happier about a revised version that aides to Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, have spent months drafting behind closed doors..."
2008-09-15   Storm Troopin' by William Norman Grigg. The recently concluded
    Republican National Convention in St. Paul served as the grand coming-out party for the Homeland Security State.
2008-07-20   Death of Free Internet is Imminent Canada Will Become Test Case
    by Kevin Parkinson. More on the impact of the sinister pay-per-site ploy. Normally this would probably flunk a free market test, except Canada has monopolistic telecom companies. America's ISP's have also been consolidating. The globalist enemies of free thought just never quit. For more articles on the misleadingly misnamed "Net Neutrality" controversy, see web site: Hands Off the Internet.
2008-06-26   Canadian ISPs Plan Net Censorship: A net-neutrality activist group
    has uncovered plans for the demise of the free Internet by 2010 in Canada. By 2012, the group says, the trend will be global.
2008-02-23   InfraGard: An Unhealthy Government Alliance by Gary D. Barnett.
    "This is an organization created by the FBI, sanctioning individuals from the private business sector to provide information, sensitive and private information, to government agencies for special concessions."
2008-02-02   The New Crime of Thinking by Gary D. Barnett. Now thought police
    are trying to go after certain forms of intellectual "radicalization."
2008-02-02   Pentagon: The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy
    "weapons system". "One problem with the current internet is the potential for the dissemination of ideas and information not consistent with US government themes and messages, commonly known as free speech. Naturally, since the plan was to completely dominate the `infosphere,' the internet would have to be adjusted or replaced with an upgraded and even more Pentagon friendly successor."
2008-01-28   Terrorism and Speech by Joanne Mariner. "Since 2001, there
    has been a clear trend toward prohibiting speech perceived as supporting terrorism, and toward barring the dissemination of materials--including books, videos, and other forms of written and graphic communication--that are believed to be of use for terrorist activity." The ultimate endgame of all this is that "terrorist incitement" becomes anything the government or Jewish special interests do not want to hear. Criticizing official government accounts of terrorism --to include likely false flag operations-- can be seen as aiding and abetting terrorism. All political dissidents become suspected terrorists.
2007-12-27   We Are All Prisoners Now by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
2007-12-07   Bill of Rights Under Bush: A Timeline by Phil Leggiere
2007-04-30   Blueprint for Dictatorship: Recent Legislation Sets Us Up for
    Tyranny by Justin Raimondo
2007-04-28   Living Under the Guillotine's Blade by Arthur Silbur. "There is no
    question that the Military Commissions Act, given the language it now contains, grants – in principle – full dictatorial powers to the executive. As I explained in the earlier essay, the executive and certain entities it controls can designate anyone, including any American citizen, as an `unlawful enemy combatant.' That person can then be imprisoned for the rest of his life, with no recourse whatsoever. Period."
2006-10-26   Now Europe Targets Bloggers As Terrorists by Paul Joseph Watson
    "The development of `Internet 2' is also designed to create an online caste system whereby the old Internet hubs would be allowed to break down and die, forcing people to use the new taxable, censored and regulated world wide web. If you're struggling to comprehend exactly what the Internet will look like in five years unless we resist this, just look at China and their latest efforts to completely eliminate dissent and anonymity on the web."
2006-08-18   The Case Against Hate Crime Laws by Dr. Michael S. Rozeff,
    18 Aug 2006. Once one does some hard thinking about the real implications and consequences of hate crime laws, one discovers that they only create vastly more injustices and legal nightmares.
2006-01-09   Perspective: Create an e-annoyance, go to jail President Bush signed
    into law a prohibition on posting annoying Web messages or sending annoying e-mail messages without disclosing your true identity...There are perfectly legitimate reasons to set up a Web site or write something incendiary without telling everyone exactly who you are. Think about it: A woman fired by a manager who demanded sexual favors wants to blog about it without divulging her full name. An aspiring pundit hopes to set up the next A frustrated citizen wants to send e-mail describing corruption in local government without worrying about reprisals. In each of those three cases, someone's probably going to be annoyed. That's enough to make the action a crime..."
2003-11-15   Hate Crimes Bill is Itself a Hate Crime by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
2003 (est.)   Bush & Lincoln by Dr. Adrian H. Krieg. Includes analysis of tyrannical
    Patriot Act II
2003   The Patriot Act by Dr. Adrian H. Krieg

Miscellaneous Libertarian Archives

2002-present   James Bovard at
1999-200607   Nat Hentoff, a lead writer for The Village Voice, also archived at
1999-03-present   Justin Raimondo at
2001-10-present   Dr. Paul Craig Roberts at
1999-04-present   Lew Rockwell at

Who are the real "haters"?

Editor's Commentary:
It is all very sinister for at least nine major reasons

by William B. Fox
Last updated 16 May 2007

The whole "hate crime" concept serves at least nine sinister purposes:
1) It encourages the use of "legal terrorism," where laws are used as snares to wage legal harassment campaigns. Deep-pocketed entities wear out and bankrupt their political adversaries by dragging them through nuisance litigation. Employers become scared to hire or retain politically conscious straight white males for fear that they could become targets of nuisance "civil rights" and "hate crime"-related suits or backdoor whisper campaigns or negative national media spin that could hurt their businesses.
2) "Hate crime" laws support political "victimhood" for "minorities." In fact, they work so well to promote artificially inflated white guilt that we see numerous cases of "hate crime" hoaxes staged by minorities, such as the Tawana Brawley affair.
3) The "hate crime" concept creates a "guilt by association" climate regarding certain topics, thereby helping to inhibit certain types of thought and analysis. This has been particularly true regarding topics involving racial differences or criminal behavior by Jews. The big danger is that once certain types of "thought" is tainted with a "criminal association," and the focus of "criminality" is taken off certain actions, then any thing that the people in power do not like can be tainted with "criminality." For starters, any ideas or attitudes that they find "subversive" for any reason can become criminalized as "seditious" ("sedition" implies arousing some form of "hatred" or "dislike" for the state). This is how Stalin was able to liquidate members of the Bolshevik old guard he did not like during the 1930's show trials. "Disloyalty" was defined as anything the self-styled "infallible leader" of the Communist Party happened to say is "disloyal" for the moment. Conditioning the general public to accept the concept of "hate crime" is an important step towards this kind of total police state tyranny. After all, if the government today can triple penalties when someone commits a violent act against a minority member while voicing a racial epithet, just wait until they can catch you doing some little illegal thing that involves the government and then find a way to link this to something you have said that is critical of the government (immediately construed as "hateful" of course) so that they can then multiply the penalties three, five, ten, or however many times they like. So for example if a cop catches you going three mph over the speed limit on a Federal road like an Interstate, they will know that you deliberately went over the speed limit because you happened to once say something critical of the government a few years back and therefore must have a "bad" (or "hateful") attitude. Therefore you deserve perhaps a one hundred times multiplied penalty such as ten years in a penitentiary as just desserts. If this sounds totally absurd, just reflect on how once upon a time people got shot in the old Soviet Union for very simple things like owning a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. See how it works?
4) "Hate crime" laws deflect attention away from the fact that the white population in America is being slowly genocided, and that it has its own moral right to exist. As Thomas W. Chittum observes in Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America, the white population in America has been steadily declining by about 1-1.5% of the total population a year for many, many years. An American Renaissance article observed that in recent decades, 30 million white Americans have been replaced by 30 million Mexicans. European history shows that once a dominant ethno-racial group drops below 75% of the total population within a country, it tends to become increasingly unstable. Chronic instability in turn tends to lead to things like secessionism, civil war, or police state repression designed to keep things unified at all costs.

"Hate crime" laws deflect attention away from the fact that under certain circumstances the emotion of "hate" is both healthy and desirable. People instinctively feel hatred towards those things which threaten to destroy them. It motivates them to take defensive action for their own preservation. If you believe in the right of self-defense, you must believe that the trait of hatred has survived as an instinct through evolution because it is vitally necessary for basic survival.
6) "Hate crime" laws tend to give the Federal government additional leverage points to control local state police. Give the massive resources of the Federal government, local state police then feel more intimidated to do whatever master puppeteer bureaucrats back in Washington, D.C. want them to do, no matter how arbitrary, ridiculous, or self-serving these things might be.
7) The piling on of more and more "hate crime" laws deflects attention away from the fact that in healthy societies, relatively few laws are needed for people to get along. The ancient Roman writer Tacitus once noted that "Where the state is most corrupt, then the laws are most multiplied." The late libertarian writer Harry Browne noted how the Anglo-Saxon Common Law is generally based on a few very simple, common sense principles.
8) "Hate crime" laws have been a disaster in Canada, Britain, and other supposedly "Western" countries, full of draconian "unintended consequences." People have been thrown in jail for making relatively mild criticisms regarding such topics as homosexuality, Holocaust claims, and pro-nonwhite racial policies. Significantly, the greatest promoter of "hate laws," the ADL, also blindly supports corrupt police state practices in the exclusively Jewish State of Israel. Please see my analysis of breathtaking examples of Jewish supremacist tyranny, criminality, psychopathology, arrogance, and hypocrisy in my mutualism vs. parasitism discussion. Not all Jews are bad, but for reasons that I explain in this article, they seem to have problems preventing sociopaths from rising to the top.
9) The ultimate goal of "hate crime" laws is to strangle any freedom of speech that supports awareness of Jewish criminal conduct, Jewish usurpation of our Constitution, and the overall Jewish contribution towards the destruction of America. They do not want us to know about how millions of Jews occupy our power centers in our biggest cities. They do not want us to think too hard about the implications of their incredible ethnic solidarity, control of major national media, control of major wealth and businesses, and control of the privately owned central banking cartel called the Federal Reserve. They do not want us to know about Jewish orchestration of Bolshevik mass murder in Russia, the Lavon Affair, the murder of JFK, their spy nests, their domination of organized crime, their creation of wide-open borders to the Third World, their deliberate assault on the U.S.S. Liberty, their ethnic cleansing of Palestine, their probable central involvement in executing the 9-11 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center buildings, and hosts of other crimes documented in books such as Final Judgment, The New Jerusalem, The High Priests of War, and The Viper's Venom. They want us to trust the "New World Order" elite totally and completely forsake popular sovereignty, the Constitution, and other traditions of freedom and self-determination related to our European ancestry and cultural heritage.
The Internet took them by surprise, so now they require more "hate crime" laws. They need to restore the curtain of darkness and the wall of illusion. They need to continue their campaigns to mainstream homosexuality, promote "life-style" abortions, and legitimize their Kosher brand of high treason against America. Despite scholarly evidence that much of the Old Testament may be based upon fabricated stories (see my discussion of religion at the end of this web page), or polls that show that most American Jews are atheists, they still need to posture as a self-anointed, specially favored people of God.
At a time when America is on the ropes economically with skyrocketing debt and loss of industry -- at a time when America desperately needs to protect its own borders and to rebuild its internal industry, savings, and economic viability -- they unmercifully use us up as their continuing cannon fodder for global interventionism. They could care less if they suck us so dry that they set the stage for a Civil War Two disaster in North America.
Yes, my fellow Americans, ask not why America should continue serving as a willing stooge of Big Oil and Zionism in the Middle East. Ask not why America should willingly crucify itself for the benefit of the exclusively Jewish state of Israel. Ask not why you as a white person or as a member of a white community or even as a member of the white race even have a right to survive. (The same type of basic survival question also applies to non-Jewish nonwhites). They only want us to think in "approved" areas suggested by hate crime laws regardless of the utterly destructive consequences to ourselves.

All of this having been said, I would like to revisit some of the aforementioned points with some additional commentary.
As mentioned, "Legal Terrorism" involves entities with deep pockets who maliciously apply laws to drag their less well-financed adversaries through lengthy and costly legal proceedings in order to intimidate, bankrupt or otherwise neutralize them as the first objective, regardless of the merits of the cases involved. As four examples, in "Don't Practice Legal Terrorism," (Forbes, 09.04.06), Paul Johnson charges that overzealous, deep-pocketed government regulators threaten to kill entrepreneurial risk-taking with interventionist legal actions. In the book Legal Terrorism: The Truth About the Christic Institute, Dr. Susan Huck charged that a liberal institute misapplied Federal racketeering laws to drag out proceedings and potentially bankrupt former CIA officers, who were later awarded $1 million by a court for defendant's legal expenses. In the book The ACLU Vs. America: Exposing the Agenda to Redefine Moral Values, authors Alan Sears and Craig Osten claim that the ACLU has misused its deep pockets to wage a campaign of "legal terrorism" in support of its radical leftist agenda against poorly financed conservative adversaries. Lastly, the book Trial on Trial: The Great Sedition Trial of 1944 by Lawrence Dennis describes how FDR deliberately dragged prominent American rightists through lengthy court proceedings on spurious charges in the early 1940's with the intent of impoverishing them, wasting their time, and intimidating would-be activists. Please see the Nov-Dec 1999 The Barnes Review online article "A Mockery of Justice: The Great Sedition Trial of 1944 " by Michael Collins Piper and Ken Hoop about this sad affair.
. . . In other words, proposed "hate crime" laws are really about creating additional minefields of legal snares that dramatically increase legal defense costs, liability risks, and administrative costs for "little guys" who dare to express dissident views. They are the ones who ultimately get driven under the table before plutocrats, well-endowed institutions, and deep-pocketed corporations. "Hate crime" laws are ultimately about big money boys who feel their power slipping away before a free Internet. They are desperately trying to preserve their special privileges, hide their corruption, and remain empowered to abuse others.
. . .Hate crime laws have virtually nothing to do with reducing or managing real "hate." In the final analysis, they have nothing to do with protecting gays, minorities, and other groups who are already adequately protected by the Constitution, tort law, and a vast menu of civil rights laws. However, as Rev Pike explains in his article "The Funeral of Free Speech," they have everything to do with putting state police under centralized federal command and creating a separate thought crime tribunal system (similar to what already exists in Canada) which is a major step towards a perfect police state. In fact, by suppressing civil liberties, the passage of "hate crime" laws actually increase overall hatred, alienation, and resentment in society. If they are passed, they may even help spark revolutionary rebellions. This is one reason why ADL Jewish supremacists and their Establishment collaborators talk about eliminating all private gun ownership, installing "total surveillance," and quietly going about building more FEMA detention camps.
If there is any "good" behind "hate crime laws," it is the fact that their absurdity helps thinking Americans understand the recklessly selfish, crooked, and irresponsible behavior of various members of America's alien ruling elite who continue to poison and trash up this once truly great country. Expressed in another way, once the extremely dangerous nature of the "hate crime" legislative initiatives finally sinks in, it should make responsible Americans really wonder about the malevolent and crooked character of the people who keep relentlessly pushing it.


(Please see "Crackdown on Holocaust Reductionists")

"Hate Crime" ploys as part of much broader war against American civil rights and any form of white nationalism/white self-determination

"Dictatorship" archives at
This supplies a lot of good additional material not covered on this web page, to include the persecution of free thinkers who might doubt any aspects of Jewish and/or government versions of "The Holocaust."

2008-09-27   An Israeli Trojan Horse How Israeli Backdoor Technology Penetrated the
    U.S. Government's Telecom System and Compromised National Security by Christopher Ketcham
2008-09-04   The Great Firewall of Net Neutrality by Tim Swanson
2008-09-03   Bush pushes for more police power by Nat Hentoff.
2008-01-13   The Noxious Fruits of Hate Speech laws, by Glenn Greenwald, This is
    a interesting example of "blow back," where a Jew gets hauled before the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission for publishing cartoons offensive to certain Muslims. This is "blow back" because Jewish groups were a primary force behind the installation of the Canadian hate speech laws in the first place. However, even the worst blowback hurts Jews far less than gentiles, because they generally have much deeper pockets and vastly better political and legal connections to deflect any hate crime charges brought against them.
2008-01-12   U.S. Issues National ID Standards, Setting Stage for a Showdown. "In
    Washinton and elsewhere, state lawmakers have complained that the requirements add up to a national identification card, that it is too costly, puts privacy at risk and poses severe technical challenges."
2007-08-16   Feds Train Preachers to "Quell Dissent" During Martial Law, Prison Planet
    August, 16 2007. "The scope of the program is so secretive that even Homeland Security Committee member and Congressman Peter DeFazio was denied access to view the classified portion of the documents." The Feds are even telling ministers how to interpret Scripture, such as passages from the book of Romans.
2007-08-15   "Internet is `the new Afghanistan': NY police commissioner." Back in the 16th
    century, authoritarian meatheads considered all those new-fangled printing presses as their version of "heretic-stan" on their way to burning books and witches, so what else is new?
2007-08-06   Analysis: New Law Gives Government Six Months to Turn Internet and
    Phone Systems into Permanent Spying Architecture. "A new law expanding the government's spying powers gives the Bush Administration a six-month window to install possibly permanent back doors in the nation's communication networks. The legislation was passed hurriedly by Congress over the weekend and signed into law Sunday by President Bush. The bill, known as the Protect America Act, removes the prohibition on warrantless spying on Americans abroad and gives the government wide powers to order communication service providers such as cell phone companies and ISPs to make their networks available to government eavesdroppers."
2007-07-17   Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten
    Stabilization Efforts in Iraq: According to the Antiwar Radio overview page: "...former Assistant Deputy Attorney General Bruce Fein, in describing a new `Orwellian' executive order granting the Treasury Department unprecedented power to seize Americans’ property, told Antiwar Radio that the language of the order is so broad that it would be `arguable' that the government could even site Senator Clinton’s requests to the Pentagon for information about withdrawal plans, recently denounced by the Defense Department, as proof of `a significant risk' that she could do something else which might undermine the Iraqi government – and hence lose all her property with no recourse. The rest of us too."
2007-07-13   Michael Chertoff: The Man and His Star-Crossed Past "Very few Americans,
    not directly affected by this man of many faces have no idea, of who really directs the duties of the 180,000 government employees in DHS: Duties that this man now holds in his stained and conflicted hands. It seems that the variety of controversies which have paralleled Michael Chertoff's meteoric rise in government have been allowed to languish in the shadows for far too long. If the public does not soon become familiar with who their Director of Homeland Security really is-then they may live to regret that oversight."
2007-06-06   Censorship 'changes face of net' BBC News, 6 June 2007, Amnesty International
    has warned that the Internet "could change beyond all recognition" unless action is taken against the erosion of online freedoms. See Amnesty Intl's web site that seeks to combat repression of the Internet.
2007-04-18   Federally Funded Researchers Plan to Close Down the Internet; Need
    further funding from Congress for “clean slate” and Internet 2. by Steve Watson Global Research; April 18, 2007 posted about a third the way down the 23 April 2007 news update web page at Editor's Note: They will not get away with this if citizen free speech activists stay active and publicly expose these researchers and thwart their anti-freedom of speech activities. Act now!!!
2007-02-13   "Hate Crimes?" --Or "Hoax Crimes?" by Peter Bradley Feb 13, 2007. During
    the Duke rape case hoax, there were many other "hate crime" hoaxes that took place around the country that were not reported by the controlled national media. This is part of sad, continuing, old, old story. See Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America published in the mid-1990's by Laird Wilcox.
2007-01-31   MidEast Policy—Immigration Policy: Is The Other Boot About To Drop?
    by Dr. Kevin P. McDonald
2006-11-07   Stunned and Amazed by Edgar J. Steele. "I have read the Military Commissions
    Act and a variety of others' analyses of its provisions. Here's how it can be utilized: Simply for disagreeing with our government, we now can be designated enemy combatants and seized without warrants, held indefinitely without charges, tortured, sent to other countries, tried without juries on evidence we are not allowed to see and with witnesses we cannot hear or, even, know about, then sentenced to death. All without our families and friends ever being told what has happened to us. Furthermore, this can all take place with absolutely no appeal possible to any court. Thus the time-honored protection of habeas corpus (which in Latin literally means "show the body"), whereby anybody in custody used to be able to invoke a court hearing, finally has been overridden. I wish I were kidding. I wish I were exaggerating. For those who may not know, I am a lawyer, well experienced in statutory interpretation and usage. The foregoing is my legal opinion. And not just mine. More than one judge has expressed much the same opinion, in writing, of the MCA."
2006-10-02   Are You An `Unlawful Combatant' by Justin Raimondo. The article quotes
    Bruce Ackerman, professor of law at Yale: "Buried in the complex Senate compromise on detainee treatment [in the Military Commissions Act that ultimately passed both Houses of Congress] is a real shocker, reaching far beyond the legal struggles about foreign terrorist suspects in the Guantanamo Bay fortress. The compromise legislation, which is racing toward the White House, authorizes the president to seize American citizens as enemy combatants, even if they have never left the United States. And once thrown into military prison, they cannot expect a trial by their peers or any other of the normal protections of the Bill of Rights." Unfortunately the definition of "enemy combatant" in the legislation was very broad.
2005-12-26   Thought Police Back in School by Michael Collins Piper
2005-10-07   The Police State Is Closer Than You Think by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
2005-09-15   America Has Fallen to a Jacobin Coup by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
2005-06-27   The War on Political Freedom: Feds Prepare to Wage All-Out War on
    Domestic Dissidents, So-Called Extremists; Former FBI Agent Claims Even ‘Grumpy Old Geezers’ Could Be Threat to America by Michael Collins Piper

Editor's commentary:
"Hate crime" intimidation and government terror:

. ..The book Total Resistance: Swiss Army Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and Underground Operations by Major H. Von Dach Bern, copyright 1965, reflects the author's brilliant analysis of the history of occupations as well as the methods used by successful resistance movements. This might be viewed as a "defensive" publication, since at various times the Swiss government has distributed this work to all of of its able-bodied citizens. The Swiss government has generally been the friend of its citizenry and not its enemy, therefore it has not been concerned about disseminating this information. However, I can see how an evil government intent upon oppressing its population would feel differently.
. . .It is very sobering to compare Major Von Dach Bern's commentary on the basic rules of occupation terror and behavioral changes by certain factions of the U.S. government in recent years. This includes the Orwellian-sounding "Department of Homeland Security" formed immediately after the 9-11 "inside (Zionist) job" and run by the American-Israeli dual loyalist Michael Chertoff. Major Berne wrote (page 94):

1. Basic Rules of Terror
. . .If you resist political indoctrination and the enemy realizes that he is failing in his attempts to "convert" you to his ideology, he will attempt to obtain obedience through fear. He will try to create the fear by terror. The enemy has developed terror techniques which have proven very effective. You therefore must be prepared. If you are acquainted with these techniques you can resist them more easily.
. . .These terror measures are:
. . .a). Surveillance of telephone and letters through censorship;
. . .b) Establishment of an agent and informer net;
. . .c) Arbitrary arrests;
. . .d) No public trials except "show trials";
. . .e). Arbitrary sentences; (please note the "Philly 11" Christians)
. . .f). Lengthy prison sentences out of proportion to the offense.

. . .The first purpose of terror is intimidation. You cannot let "the Establishment" intimidate you out of your Constitutional rights. You must get that much more active with consciousness-raising, grass roots organizing, and protests. At this stage the forces of government-sponsored "legal terrorism" are still feeling their way and are still trying to quietly get more nooses around all our necks. If we are passive, the forces of Jewish and Federal supremacist "legal terrorism" will only become that much more dangerous in the future. If we become aggressively active, we can defend our liberty and a free Internet.
. . .I have not listed Bern's work to promote a "military" or "militant" style, which frequently turns Americans off. They typically prefer a plain folks "populist" approach that emphasizes exhausting all peaceful, legal means. As a libertarian, I do not wish to promote regimentation outside a military base. However, at times we may need to quietly muster within ourselves whatever level of courage it takes to preserve freedom. We may also need to resist agents provocateurs who need to create domestic "terrorists" to help justify their super pork-sized departmental budgets focused upon finding terrorist suspects hiding behind every bush.
. . .We are faced with a very complex and sick situation! All the more reason to get to work now as activists. Given America's deteriorating economic and political situation (please see my Publisher's Preface to Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and also my Critical Issues article for America First Books), the necessary process of educating fellow citizens will only get that much harder the longer you wait. Our enemies can watch us, but for right now we can move a lot faster than they can. And we have to move very fast to expose them, very soon.

The un-American, Naive, Zombie World of Christian Zionism

Challenging Christian Zionism
An excellent web site that provides a good menu of articles and links to other sites for those who wish to explore Christian Zionism from a religious perspective.
Christian Zionism: A Contradiction in Terms
This web page maintained by Christopher Jon Bjerknes spells out to Christians how they are being duped by wolves in sheep's clothing.
"Dual Covenant' Christians Christian Zionists and the strangest alliance in history"
by Jon Basil Utley, August 2, 2006. According to this article: "Hardly any leader of the Christian Right [Rev Ted Pike being a happy exception] publicly opposes the torture of prisoners of war (with the notable exception of Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship). Perhaps predictably, many fundamentalists are passionate supporters of John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, noted for symbolizing all that the rest of the world dislikes about America. Just war, rule of law, the Geneva Convention, charity to one's enemies – such concepts are all anathema to these Christians who long for the end of the world." Talk about brainwashed people!
"The Source of the Problem in the Mid East - Part II Why Judeo-Christians Support War" C. E. Carlson of We Hold These Truths ministries
(first posted 2 Feb 2007 by Vanguard News). This describes how the popular Scofield edition of the Bible was deliberately "spin-doctored" in the early 1900's to support Zionist goals. "World Zionist leaders initiated a program to change America and its religious orientation. One of the tools used to accomplish this goal was an obscure and malleable Civil War veteran named Cyrus I. Scofield A much larger tool was a venerable, world respected European book publisher--The Oxford University Press. The scheme was to alter the Christian view of Zionism by creating and promoting a pro-Zionist subculture within Christianity. Scofield's role was to re-write the King James Version of the Bible by inserting Zionist-friendly notes in the margins, between verses and chapters, and on the bottoms of the pages. The Oxford University Press used Scofield, a pastor by then, as the Editor, probably because it needed such as man for a front. The revised bible was called the Scofield Reference Bible, and with limitless advertising and promotion, it became a best-selling "bible" in America and has remained so for 90 years. The Scofield Reference Bible was not to be just another translation, subverting minor passages a little at a time. No, Scofield produced a revolutionary book that radically changed the context of the King James Version. It was designed to create a subculture around a new worship icon, the modern State of Israel, a state that did not yet exist, but which was already on the drawing boards of the committed, well-funded authors of World Zionism." [Rev Ted Pike discussed Scofield Bible subversion in a Daryl Bradford Smith interview].
"My Awakening - Chapter 17 - Race, Christianity and Judaism"
In this online chapter of his classic work My Awakening, Dr. David Duke comments on how Jewish leaders follow an irreconcilable alien agenda designed to dupe and destroy Christians rather than work together for mutual progress. "Christian Zionism" is an oxymoron.

2010-04-12   Christian Zionism Will Kill Populist Revolt by Rev. Ted Pike
2009-12-21   History of the Jews Is A Love Story Scripted by Christ by Rev. Ted Pike.
    The good Reverend explains why he thinks a people often known to others as "that most criminal nation" (the words of first century Roman, Lucius Annaeus Seneca, in Die Superstitione), and who have the chutzpah to assign themselves the status of the Self-Chosen Master Race of God, deserve some kind of special consideration.
2009-06-01   Why I Will Break the Hate Laws Harmony Grant offers her Christian
    perspective on why so many Christianity evangelicals wimp out in the face of bad news Jews
2009-03-31   To Gaza, World More Merciful Than Church by Rev. Ted Pike. "We may
    conclude that Christian Zionism is not authentic Christianity,. Instead, being so contrary to both Old and New Testament ethical values, it one of the most dangerous and misguided cults of Christianity the church has ever known.
2008-12-18   Christian Jews Arrested, Persecuted in Israel by Rev Ted Pike
2008-12-03   Jewish Teens Wiser Than Evangelicals by Harmony Grant
2008-10-08   Why It's So Hard to Face Reality by Harmony Grant. Although this article
    is not explicitly about Christian Zionism, it should be.
2008-08-21   Hagee: No Arabs In Israel Until After 1948 (a total lie) by Rev. Pike
2008-08-18   How To Do The Impossible (ie. de-program Christian Zionists) by Rev Pike
2008-07-24   The Oldest Lie by Rev Pike. Genetics does matter to Christian Zionists,
  somehow marking the Jews as permanently favored by God despite their perpetual bad behavior.
2008-07-16   Pike Shares God's Love for Jews with David Duke. Interestingly enough,
    Rev Pike himself subscribes to a soft form of "Christian Zionism" to the extent that he believes that Old Yahweh's self-chosen predators are somehow divinely lovable to a Higher Being and do not reflect a criminal-parasitic, alien biological social phenomenon that shamelessly preys on human religious credulity.
2008-05-21   Israel Committed `Terrible Atrocities,' Says Bible Expert by Rev Ted Pike
2008-04-16   Judaizing the U.S. Church by Harmony Grant
2008-04-07   Almost Anyone Can Occupy Palestine by Rev Ted Pike
2008-04-02   John Hagee: False Prophet by Harmony Grant
2007-09-06   Evangelical Leaders `Bless' Israel In a New Way! by Rev Ted Pike
2007-09-05   Christians Divide Over Israel by Harmony Grant
2007-07-24   Hagee: Ashamed of Jesus' Name by Rev Ted Pike
2007-06-28   Should `Replacement Theology' Replace Christian Zionism? by Rev
  Ted Pike
2007-06-19   Christian Zionists: Holding the Killers' Cloaks by Harmony Grant
2005-06-11   Woman Evangelist Says She is More Loyal to the Israeli State than
    to America" by Dr. David Duke, 11 June 2005. Subtext: " Televangelist Kay Arthur betrays Christianity and America to Jewish supremacism — and to the despair of Zionist stooges lets the cat out of the bag!"



"Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel

    Tour "A fascinating documentary about "Christians United for Israel" Americans who wave Israeli flags, pray for a nuclear strike on Iran, and hope for an Armageddon-like "cleansing of the earth." No, they were not just let out of an asylum. Many of them hold very high offices and speak for tens of millions of the fellow misled and deluded. It is the Heaven's Gate/Hale-Bopp Comet Cult of Death magnified many milliion fold.

Racial nationalist and explicitly critical viewpoints:
. . .
Editor's overview: Please see my comments at the end of this section:

2005-08-10   New Homeland Security Nominee Tied to 911 Terrorist! by Dr. David
    Duke. Homeland Security Czar Michael Chertoff is not only a U.S.-Israeli dual citizen and dual-loyalist, but also has behind the scenes connections to terrorists. "Michael Chertoff freed the over 100 members of a huge Israeli spy ring apprehended in the wake of 911, including the Israeli agents who had tapped the telephones and shadowed 911 terrorist leader Mohammed Atta and many of his hijacker team for weeks before the attacks. Chertoff also freed five Mossad agents who had been arrested and detained for months by the FBI on the day of the 911 attacks. They had been caught in New Jersey filming and cheering the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center. Interestingly enough they were apprehended with large sums of cash, false passports, and box cutters (the same devices used in the hijackings)." . The real purpose of the "hate crime" and other trojan horse attacks on free speech is to prevent this kind of news that exposes massive government corruption and conflicts of interest from getting out to the public.
2004-01-09   Hate Speech: Anything Jews Hate to Hear by Edgar J. Steele, Esquire, Edgar
    Steele is a racial nationalist activist attorney based in Idaho, who describes how hate crime laws tend to shift the legal focus away from looking at actions and hard evidence towards subjective determinations that are ultimately arbitrarily decided by whoever has the most political and financial power.
2002-06-22   The Death of Free Speech and Individualism In the New World Order of
    America by Edgar J. Steele, Esquire. Text of speech given at annual conference of Council of Conservative Citizens in Atlanta, Georgia.
1997-08   The Campaign Against `Hate Crime' Who Are the Real Haters? by Dr.
    William Pierce, late chairman of the National Alliance, Free Speech

White nationalist overview pages on ADL malfeasance

Solar General Research Archive on the ADL at Numerous archived articles about the ADL maintained by Don Black, proprietor of Stormfront white nationalist community.
The ADL: America's Greatest Enemy, an American Dissident Voices broadcast transcript by Kevin Strom at
The Truth About the ADL, an eight part series by Dr. David Duke at
Overview of ADL at
Honest Media Today at "Everything you didn't want to know about the ADL because you were afraid to find out how truly diabolical and criminal the organization truly is...."

Editor's Overview regarding the nationalist viewpoint:

. . .I have included racial nationalist views to underscore the fact that in addition to religious and libertarian reasons for defending free speech, there are also strong ethno-racial reasons.
. . .In his writings and interviews, Rev Ted Pike describes himself as an anti-racist. He rejects genetic explanations of Jewish behavior. He feels a compassionate mission to save Jews as well as gentiles for Jesus Christ. He opposes anti-Semitism.
. . . In contrast, as part of my general policy of presenting diverse viewpoints, I wish to present a contrarian secular viewpoint that examines genetic factors.
. . .Relative to other peoples in history, ancient Nordic, Celtic, and other white societies have generally been more decentralized and have experienced greater individual liberty. Please see my centralization vs. decentralization, environmental vs. genetic, and mutualism vs. parasitism discussions where I cover all of this from many different perspectives.
. . .Strong ethno-racial community bonds, folk identity, and ancestral memory can play a critical role to help motivate, organize, finance, and even fight for the defense of liberty, especially when up against a dictatorial government, vicious Zionist mafia, or an occupation army. Even Scottish Highlanders, Irish rebels, and White Anglo-Saxon Protestant American Revolutionaries required a certain level of ethno-racial community support and cultural-genetic coherence to be effective.
. . .Theodore Roosevelt provided an interesting perspective in his four volume series, The Winning of the West, where he described the sociological evolution of a coherent, self-sufficient pioneer community and culture. He claimed that this was necessary to support American expansion across the Appalachian mountains into the Midwest. (see also: Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America by James Webb). I provide another perspective in my Environmental vs. Genetics discussion, where I describe how the Minutemen who stood up to the Redcoats at Lexington and Concord were very racially and ethnically homogeneous. Most of their ancestors had been in America for at least three generations and they had extended family ties scattered around the New England colonies. They were mostly descended from Puritans, who in turn came from the most Nordic part of eastern England. Quite a few of them had ancestors who had fought on the side of Cromwell and the Parliamentarians during the English Civil War, and they were still deeply influenced by Cromwellian-Protestant-republican ideology. The Minuteman units that vectored in on the British after the skirmish at Concord Bridge and drove them all the way back into Boston may be interpreted as a continuation of the New Model Army led by Oliver Cromwell (a solidly English middle class social phenomenon) as well as an adaptation to a frontier environment that faced hostile Indians. (cf. The Cousins' Wars by Kevin Philips and The End of Kings: A History of Republics and Republicans by William Everdell).
Of course ethnic or tribal cohesion was not just a "white" thing, but also a vital factor that enabled many Indian tribes to present a united front, put up a good fight against overwhelming odds, and otherwise adapt and improvise under often tragic circumstances. Famous examples include successful military operations of tribal leaders such as Little Turtle, Tecumseh, Geronimo, Crazy Horse, and Chief Joseph.
. . .Unfortunately most white Americans today have been atomized and completely stripped of their indigenous ethno-racial European identity by our government-run schools, Zionist-controlled national media, corrupt pro-affirmative action judicial system, and by highly functionalized and specialized work environments which encourage "sensitive" pro-nonwhite, metro-sexual male behavior. These factors help explain much of the all-too anemic response of Americans before aggressive enemies of free speech. It also helps explain their passivity before the New World Order agenda that promotes open borders and the literal replacement of tens of millions of white Americans with Mexicans.
. . .Among other things, the whole "hate crime" concept is totally alien to the Anglo-Saxon Common law traditions upon which America was founded. These principles focus on hard proof of actions but not on what people say and think. Judge Roy Moore has observed:

Our forefathers would have utterly rejected the concept of "hate crimes." As Thomas Jefferson succinctly explained in his Bill for Religious Freedom in 1779, "the rightful purposes of civil government" are to punish "overt acts against peace and good order." Jefferson went on to say that no "civil magistrate (judge) can intrude his powers into the field of opinions" because he would then make "his own opinion the rule of judgment and approve or condemn the sentiments of others only as they square with or differ from his own."

. . .I might add that the "hate crime" concept is also alien to highly developed concepts of human rights, open parliamentary debate, and free inquiry that go back further in Western History than pre-Christian ancient Greece and Rome, particularly among various tribes of Northern Europe that always had in historical memory (to include folklore and sagas) a relatively large middle class of self-armed, self-sufficient free farmers, hunters, herdsmen, and fishermen. These societies always highly valued honesty, valor, patriotism and open, manly, chivalrous competition.
. . .The "hate crime" concept is not alien, however, to Darwinian selective factors experienced by Jews during their 1,700 year history in Babylonia and later as they spread out further in the Middle East and the ancient Asiatic and Mediterranean world. Here, the long term genetic survival of remnants of their migratory, international cabals depended heavily upon a capacity for high-level intrigue, sleazy commercial trickery, mafia-style covert operations, impersonal exploitation in urbanized environments, and the monopolization of scarce oasis resources in arid areas.
. . .The First century Roman philosopher Seneca commented in De Superstitione: "The customs of that most criminal nation have gained such strength that they have now been received in all lands. The conquered have given laws to the conquerors."
. . .Since ancient times, Jews have been closely associated with high-level organized crime and slavery. They have always been despised for their deceptive, under-handed practices. They never developed a free society or scientific method. They never distinguished themselves in engineering, the arts, or running principled government. Nowhere in Jewish writings is there a coherent theory of science, democracy, or republicanism, unlike the great achievements of the Greeks, Romans, and other gentiles.
. . .The great French philosopher Voltaire was less than impressed with their "religious" contribution when he commented "You have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables, in bad conduct, and in barbarism." In Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Jewish writer Israel Shahak commented “It should be recalled that Judaism, especially in its classical form, is totalitarian in nature.”
. . .What the Jews did perpetrate was a mean, dark, duplicitous, dogmatic, "fossil civilization" (a term coined by British historian Arnold Toynbee). Now Jewish fossil leaders in the ADL want to "fossilize" our capacity for free speech and free inquiry here in America.
. . .According to Dr. David Duke, on page 330 of Jewish Supremacism, "One researcher summed up the overall genetic differences [between Jews and gentiles] by saying that there was probably at least three times more genetic difference between an average Jew in France and his Gentile Frenchman neighbor than between an average French Jew and a Jew living in Russia or the Middle East."
. . .In the racial nationalist viewpoint, the enemies of free speech are ultimately motivated by a biological tropism towards intrigue and authoritarianism. They are street slick punks, gangsters, and wise guys who think it is a sign of intellectual superiority to trick people into swallowing lies. They associate honesty and openness with immaturity and stupidity. They feel that anything nasty they do to us is OK as long as they do not get caught.
. . .The war against free speech is also part of a broader anti-white underground racial war described in Wilmot Robertson's classic The Dispossessed Majority whose end result could mean complete dispossession of white Americans and the total conversion of America into a majority nonwhite, thoroughly Zionist-dominated Third World dictatorship. The ADL was the key player in the immigration law changes in the mid-1960's that opened up the floodgates of Third World immigration into America.
. . .In addition to their innate authoritarian, deceptive, and otherwise criminal tendencies, the Jewish supremacists also have valid reason to prevent Americans from learning about their breathtaking track record for high crimes and treason against America. As some major examples, the Rothschilds and other elite Jewish Mafioso in control of the Bank of England and other European central banks worked through Morgan and Rockefeller front men to create their privately owned central banking cartel called the Federal Reserve here in America in 1913. (The creation of a central bank was vehemently opposed by Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. Opposition to a central bank comprised a central plank of 19th century populism and Jacksonian Democracy). The Fed has debauched over 97% of the value of the dollar since inception. Please remember that the inflationary expansion of money and credit is a form of taxation without representation. The Fed has also been a major source of inside information and market manipulation for Jewish-dominated investment banks, who have in turn provided financial rocket fuel for the Jewish takeover of American media and other strategic bases of American society (eg. see The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, The International Jew by Henry Ford, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins, The New Jerusalem by Michael Collins Piper, and Viper's Venom by Col Donn de Grand Pre; also please watch online the video The Money Masters, Part 1 (2 hrs) and Part 2 (1 hr 35 min)).
. . .During the Woodrow Wilson administration, Wilson's coterie of close Jewish advisors engineered the Balfour Declaration to shanghai America into an extremely costly and unnecessary intervention in World War I. (American Jews agreed to bring America into the war on the side of Britain if the British in turn promised to conquer Palestine from the Ottomon Empire and deliver it into the hands of the Jews). Woodrow Wilson's Jewish buddies also promoted a "hands-off" policy towards the Jewish-dominated and largely Jewish-funded Bolshevik Revolution. Later on all of this in turn contributed heavily towards the world's disastrous plunge into World War II. As more recent examples of Jewish outrages against America and Western Civilization, we have the Kennedy assassinations (see Final Judgment, carried by America First Books), the deliberate Israeli sneak attack intended to completely wipe out the U.S.S. Liberty on the high seas in 1967, and the Jewish neo-con high jacking of America into Iraq and Afghanistan (see High Priests of War and various books and articles about the 9-11 "inside" job.).
. . .Why else, dear readers, might we distrust Jewish aliens to act as well-meaning freedom buddies? Just take a look at Israel, which has cost America over four trillion dollars (this includes both direct aid and indirect costs such as oil shocks fostered by resentful Arab nations). It is a corrupt police state run by the Mossad that routinely practices torture.
. . .They do envy our freedom (to use a particularly trite and hollow Bush administration phrase), but it is not Arab terrorists I am talking about here. This is one reason why they keep trying under different guises and in different subtle increments to take our freedom away from us, and that is why we must continually organize and continuously resist. Furthermore, the enemies of free speech cannot be appeased, because every time they become successful at chipping away at our ability to defend our rights, this only eggs them on, and then they become even more arrogant, ruthless, devious, and dangerous.
. . .If we did not have private gun ownership, combined with the potential to stage a popular uprising if they push too far, too fast, in all probability we would now be suffering a Gulag Archipelago in America that would rival Stalin's Soviet Union. (Or "`Uncle Joe's' Soviet Union," as Franklin D. Roosevelt and his gang of Orwellian, pro-Communist Jewish advisors used to put it). The enemies of free speech are vicious, sociopathic, sneaky people who in the final analysis only understand power and brute force. We can expect them to keep coming back at us again and again and again like the way swarms of mosquitoes in a swamp keep coming back every time they get waved off. When they cannot succeed in constricting our freedom under the guise of "hate crimes," they will come up with some other ruse under some other name that superficially might sound good to undermine us. It could be warring on "terrorism," opposing child porn, combating "bigotry and prejudice," protecting special minorities, supporting animal rights, fighting spouse abuse ...leave it to them to come up with some slick-sounding new "front" every time. One thing stays the same, and that is when you read the fine print from a First Amendment protection perspective, it puts a cold chill up your spine.
. . .White Americans have everything at stake in this ongoing battle, because their right to communicate is the most important right of all.
. . .Nonwhite gentiles also have every reason to ally themselves with whites in this battle, because as whites go down, everything else in America goes down as well.
Furthermore, although Jews in the ADL typically posture as the biggest anti-racists on the planet, in reality they are the exact opposite. They are planet earth's biggest liars, racial supremacists, and hypocrites. They would just as soon put blacks and hispanics in torture chambers as they would white people. They already have thousands of Palestinians in torture chambers in Israel, and there is strong evidence that they have encouraged Americans to use torture in Iraq and Afghanistan.
. . .On a spiritual level, I personally have more of a secular, naturalistic, tribal religious orientation than the good Reverend, but then again, I realize that people of a wide variety of faiths and creeds must make common cause with conservative Christians such as Rev Ted Pike, or else the First Amendment ship is going down fast for all of us.
. . .As noted in my Critical Issues section, America's vital signs involving exploding debt, declining manufacturing competence, below ZPG white demographics and other indicators already look pretty horrible. These problems have already been exacerbated by Zionist-controlled national media. As bad as things are now, if we allow the ADL and other enemies of free speech to destroy what is left of our ability to think and communicate, things will only get that much worse.
. . .I have gone into all this detail for an important reason. You have to understand that the ADL and Israeli leaders are desperate. This whole issue involves much more than an academic debate. It ultimately gets down to brass-knuckled competing interests. Jewish supremacists have played a major role in converting America from a productive society that once followed the old Protestant work ethic into a spendthrift casino society long on paper shuffling and short on industries that manufacture quality tradable goods. A huge economic crunch is in the process of overtaking us.
. . .These men that Rev. Pike refers to as "evil Jewish leaders" are so paranoid that many of them probably believe that they are faced with grim choice of either putting gentiles in concentration camps or winding up in concentration camps themselves. They are prepared to do anything, to include shutting down the Internet and putting all of America into lock down, if they think that is what it takes for them to stay on top of the heap. At a minimum, they are so self-serving and crooked that they keep trying to pile on ever more laws, regulations, and regulatory agencies even when they know perfectly well that America is already overloaded with these things.
. . .The truth is that there are profound cultural and racial differences between Jewish supremacists and gentiles. However, this does not mean that all Jews are bad or that throwing Jews into concentration camps is a desirable solution. Nevertheless, no matter how hard we try to live up to republican ideals and respect common citizenship rights that have been grabbed by Jews, the situation in America has deteriorated to the point that we are forced to take defensive measures for the preservation of our own vital freedoms and interests.
. . .This is why you have to start organizing hard at a grass roots level. Demand that your public officials not only oppose the "hate crime" subterfuges, but that they actively filibuster all efforts to undermine our First Amendment rights. Stay on them relentlessly, and demand that they work for "we the people" for a change. Make it clear to them that if they fail us, we will not hesitate to throw them out of office.
. . .It should be worth remembering that historically when people can no longer trust the ballot box, they start to think about reaching for the cartridge box. Anti-First Amendment legislative initiatives tread on non-negotiable territory. (However, I would advise some care regarding how one goes about communicating these ideas, since they can be misinterpreted outside of their traditional American conservative, Jeffersonian context).
In summary, we are faced with an extremely serious situation.

Fellow citizens of our republic, join in protest and exhaust all peaceful and legal means of action!!!

Rev Ted Pike Free Online Videos

Editor's note: Below is just a sampling of some past videos. Rev. Pike has produced some more recent videos such as "Stop the Pedophile-Protecting Hate Bill!" If you like Rev Ted Pike's work, please support him with donations or buy his DVD's. Please click through to his video page at You can also watch his videos online for free (please click through the hyperlinked titles or covers below). All online videos are full-length except for Shaking Campus Liberalism which is a seven minute long introduction to the full-length version.

Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians: (Part 1 USA, 52 minutes, Part 2 Canada 28 min.). Program description from Rev Ted Pike's video web page: "`Anti-hate,' hate crimes legislation now before Congress is touted as a sincere attempt to end violent crimes of prejudice. Yet nearly identical laws in Canada and some European countries have led to a virtual ban of public discussion on certain "taboo" topics. Also, public criticism of some "identifiable groups" can be a crime, subject to large fines and years of imprisonment. In this unprecedented expose, author and filmmaker Ted Pike rips the cover off this little-known conspiracy against freedom by the evil Jewish leadership of B'Nai B'Rith and its `Anti-Defamation League.' Now is the time to protest to your elected representatives in Congress - before it is too late." DVD $19.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling."
The Other Israel (60 minutes)."The Other Israel' is the television version of Ted Pike's book, Israel: Our Duty ... Our Dilemma. Compiled after 15 months' filming and editing, this fast-moving, professional video documentary will give you a unique education on the inner teachings of Judaism - teachings which have made the Jews a race apart - for millenniums. Through the television camera `The Other Israel' takes you where few Christian scholars have gone - to the semi-secret rabbinic sources that blaspheme Christ and vow eventual triumph over the nations. Yet, like Pike's book, this video never forgets that despite Judaism's present opposition to Christ, God will someday prove that He can make even the unbelieving Jews to praise His Son. Through stirring music, scripture, and scenes from Palestine, "The Other Israel" video dramatizes the eventual restoration of a Remnant at Christ's Second Coming." DVD $19.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling.
Why the Mid-East Bleeds (78 minutes) "It's all here...Ted Pike's monumental new video documents the whole story of conspiracy by Israel's false leaders in the Mid-East. From Israeli terrorists to Christian televangelists, this is the incredible account of how Zionist abuses and atrocities, plus evangelical Christian support, have worked together over the past century to incite international Arab terrorism. That terrorism erupted in fury on September 11, 2001. `Why the Mideast Bleeds' is the most effective tool ever produced to quickly wake up your friends, pastor, elected officials concerning the perils of unconditional support of Israel's false leadership." DVD $19.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling.
Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance : (94 minutes) "A century ago the Arabs were at peace with the West, allies in World War I. Then, in violation of God's Law that Jews must obey Jesus Christ in order to reoccupy His promised land, Zionist leaders set up a Jewish state in Palestine. From that moment, Mideast tensions mounted. Ultimately, after nearly a century of Zionist abuses, the Arab world has been driven to frenzy. This is not only against Israel, but against its arch supporter, Christian America. Why has Jewish presence in Palestine proven so abrasive to the Arab world? Why do most Evangelicals unblinkingly support Israel's false leaders? These are questions "Zionism and Christianity: UNHOLY ALLIANCE" plumbs as never before." DVD $19.95 plus $4.95 shipping.
Shaking Campus Liberalism (First 7 minutes available online, total length on DVD is 45 minutes) "During the 1999-2000 school year, a group of daring students used their college newspaper to promote Christian values on campus. How they outwitted the liberal editors and triumphed over the pro-gay faculty is a story every concerned family can learn from... and put into practice on their own campus this year. This documentary from Theodore Winston Pike is now available for $19.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling."

Editor's commentary
regarding Shaking Campus Liberalism,
the Christian perspective,
and related matters:

by Bill Fox
Last updated 2 July 2007

. . .The first seven minutes of this video deal with Harmony Grant advocating creationism and butting heads with evolutionists on a college campus. While I strongly side with the evolutionists on an academic level, I am also ten thousand percent in support her First Amendment right to express her views. I am also in general agreement with her articles about Zionism and First Amendment issues posted at this web site.
. . .And please let me emphasize once again that I greatly admire the very timely, critical, and heroic work of Reverend Ted Pike and his niece Harmony Grant in defense of our First Amendment rights.
. . .All this having been said, I would also like to note that while I think that Christians can be very rational, productive, and heroic in some areas, they can also suffer some serious ideological blind spots in other areas. (The same can be said for Jews, incidentally).
. . .A lot of secular people on the Right feel pretty burned about how so many Christians in America often support out of control Third World immigration as well as predatory, criminal strains of Zionism. They are also very unhappy with Christians in the Dutch Reform Church who sold out their fellow whites in South Africa to what should have been foreseen as the emergence of black majority-rule and an utterly corrupt and generally incompetent Marxist-socialist dictatorship.
. . . Over a million whites have already fled South Africa. Banditry against whites has gone through the roof and the country is steadily deteriorating in its general level of social efficiency. This is a very similar pattern compared to what happened more than two decades earlier in the former Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) following the commencement of black rule. The country is now a total economic, social and political basket case, and South Africa has been heading in the exact same direction.
. . .All of this was also predictable from prior experiences in Kenya, the Congo, and elsewhere in Africa once whites relinquished control of their own social and political destiny to blacks.
. . .A similar pattern has been seen in American cities such as Washington D.C. and Detroit that have been completely taken over by blacks. Something similar is also happening in Los Angeles, only here the city is gradually taking on all the Third World characteristics of Mexico as the emergent Mexican majority there and elsewhere in the American Southwest starts flexing its social and political muscle.
. . .Yet quite a few Christians in America today just never seem to learn --or at least not until it is too late.
. . Furthermore, elite Jews continue to use their extensive power and influence to champion blacks, Mexicans, and other nonwhites over whites and to continually push, push, push for open borders, globalization, and the total racial integration of every one, every where, except for themselves, in which case they remain one of the most fiercely tribalistic and racist peoples on the planet. (cf. Dr. William Pierce's Aug 2000 article "The Nature of the Beast" and Kevin Alfred Strom's work "An Old, Old Story").
. . It is all like having to watch a bad horror movie over and over and over and over again.

. . .I recollect once reading a quote by Fidel Castro in a NY tabloid when Pope John Paul II visited Cuba in 1998 that on many levels communism is similar to Christianity. On a deep philosophical level, Castro is right. With its doctrines of universal salvation, human spiritual equality, and one-world evangelism for all peoples everywhere --even at the price of the eradication of native religions and indigenous folkways --the underlying philosophical structure of Christianity is basically leftist.
. . .One of the best sources to explain all of this is William Gayley Simpson, who started his career as a Christian minister. He later wrote Which Way Western Man? (see Dr. Revilo Oliver review) and the fascinating autobiographical series One Man's Striving that compares Christian theology with a Nietzschean/biological world view. Getting back to my mention of Fidel Castro, Simpson claimed in Which Way Western Man? that some communists told him back in the 1930's that they were simply trying to accomplish a secular application of the universalistic, sharing ethics of Jesus.
. . .This is one reason why at America First Books I include some secular and indigenous European religious viewpoints, such as from rightist free thinkers and leaders in the Asatru movement, on my Religious Crisis web page to help counterbalance the leftist universalism found among so many Christians in America.
. . . Among serious intellectual right wingers there is a very important issue here that has to be addressed. Can one ever have a truly deep and sustainable nationalist movement without resurrecting, adapting, and modernizing the indigenous tribal religion of ones ancestors in order to provide some spiritual backbone towards defending ones very own physical and cultural distinctness and existence? Expressed differently, if you cannot accept the way your ancient ancestors felt about something as fundamental as their religion, why would you like your own people enough to want to fight to preserve their independent existence in the face of alien takeover? The way that certain misguided Christians smear the pagan religion of our ancient ancestors as "the work of the Devil" may poison our esteem for the innate character of our own people.
Please see my discussion of the natural religion concept in my centralized vs. decentralized and my environmental vs. genetics discussion for further elaboration on this line of thinking.
The U.S. Declaration of Independence explicitly talks about "Nature's God." Many early American leaders such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Tom Paine, and George Washington regarded themselves as Deists, which to many people today would be considered more pagan or agnostic/atheist than Christian. I would classify their views as more in the "natural religion" camp than in the "dictated" or "revealed" (or "scriptural-authoritarian" or "messianic") religious arena. They felt that while a supreme entity may exist, if it did in fact exist, it only operated within the confines of natural law and did not engage in supernatural intervention. In fact to help make this point, Thomas Jefferson went through the four Gospels and deleted everything that involved supernatural events, creating what is known today as the Jefferson Bible.
In my centralization vs. decentralization discussion, I talk about "natural" (decentralized) vs. "dictated" (authoritarian) forms of politics, "natural" (laissez-faire) vs. "dictated" (or "fiat" or "centralized") forms of money and economic theory, and "natural" ("decentralized" or "folklorish" or " indigenous") vs. "dictated" (or "authoritarian" or "revealed" or "messianic") forms of religion. There is a common intellectual thread involving important decentralization vs. centralization themes that runs throughout all these areas. These areas interrelate with each other, so that political attitudes in one area often spill over regarding the way people treat issues in other areas. So much so, in fact, that it would be a major error of omission and completely intellectually dishonest not to point this out.
I might add that it is actually very common for nationalist movements to explore indigenous language, culture, and religion. For example, in the late 19th century Irish nationalists tried to revitalize Gaelic. Scandinavian nationalists developed a strong interest in the Old Norse language, customs, religion, sagas, and folklore. Jewish nationalists went out of their way to revitalize Hebrew. I would be derelict if I failed to cover this area, especially for someone who is trying to run a web site that is friendly to full metal jacket paleoconservative commentary.
These things are very intangible, to be sure, but in the long run they are absolutely vital to motivate the political, economic, and social elite to maintain a sense of caretakership and protectiveness towards the general population and to ultimately fight to preserve the sovereignty (capacity for self-determination) of your country and your own people.
. . .In Chapter 17 "Race, Christianity, and Judaism" of My Awakening, Dr. David Duke explains why he believes racial loyalty is consistent with his Christian beliefs and the Bible. In contrast, many adherents of the Asatru (or Odinist) religion and other natural religion movements do not want to feel constrained or otherwise pre-conditioned by any aspects of the so-called "Judeo-Christian" or "Semitic religion" intellectual framework. They prefer to "reboot" from the indigenous spiritual "operating system" of their own white ancestors rather than the questionable tribal lore of a racially alien people such as the Jews, who they often distrust.
. . .For one interpretation of an indigenous European "operating system," please see The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans by Dr. Hans Gunther. Getting back to William Simpson's study of Nietzsche, in his book The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, the famous American Old Right writer H. L. Mencken devoted considerable space in very clear English prose explaining how Nietzsche also explored the underlying philosophical structure of tribalistic early Indo-European religions.
Another interesting approach involves Dr. Raymond Catell's works A New Morality From Science: Beyondism and Beyondism: Religion From Science. His approach has philosophical similarities to the perspectives provided by Gunther, Simpson, and Nietzsche, except that it is more "modern" to the extent that Catell argues within the framework of contemporary sociobiological and evolutionary theory.
. . .Most white Americans are completely ignorant of this area. Generally when Americans become disillusioned with religion, they tend to drift into various forms of liberal atheism, secular humanism, mean-streak "me-first" get-rich-quick materialism, or some form of Deep Green, Tree-Hugging, New Age philosophy. These avenues are frequently promoted by our government-funded universities and our Zionist-controlled national media. All of it tends to be leftist or "modern liberal" in flavor, since it is usually always hostile towards any form of white identity, white separatism, or white survivalism.
. . .Increasing numbers of Americans are now waking up to the negative impact that modern liberalism has had on our country over the past few decades. In my analysis of opposing ideological viewpoints, I characterize modern liberalism as generally "environmental top down" as opposed to an indigenous Northern European religion such as Asatru which tends to be "genetic bottom up," similar to the 19th century classical liberal principles upon which America was founded.
. . .Incidentally, this is not just a "white" thing. A lot of indigenous peoples around the world have been waking up to the value of revitalizing their own religious heritage. One example involves efforts by Native American activists to revitalize aspects of their ancestral religions, such as Lakota (Sioux) revitalization of aspects of the Sun Dance ceremony. Another example involves the Japanese, who have retained their ethnic integrity and cohesive national strength in large part because they never gave up their Shinto religious heritage. The Shinto priests who regularly visit Iwo Jima, maintain the Yasukuni Shrine, and honor other war memorials - and the Japanese national leaders who support them - are very serious about preserving the integrity of their natural religion.

. . .Lastly, there is a pragmatic political issue involved here. One might argue that the 17th century (the age of Oliver Cromwell, Cotton Mather, and other Puritans) was the last one where the majority of the intelligentsia was on board with fundamentalist Christians. Ever since the Enlightenment began to gain force in the 18th century, the intelligentsia has been more attracted to a secular approach. This includes people like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Tom Paine who were Deists, which is close to agnosticism. Fundamentalist Christians who think they are going to save America by continually propagandizing this crowd of intellectual atheists are basically trying to push handfuls of sand through a pin hole. Worse yet, the two groups often work against each other for ideological reasons, although on a basic racial and emotional level they may be very similar. It may be more realistic to approach intellectuals with a tribal or sociobiologically-based viewpoint. At least this more believable to them, and can provide a superior alternative to "modern liberalism" and "secular humanism," both of which have generally led intellectuals astray as soft forms of Marxism.
May the debate continue.

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A Personal Note by the Editor
Regarding the "Natural" as opposed to
the "Revealed" Religious Approach

by William B. Fox
last updated 26 August 2007

I lived in New York City for ten years (1984-1994), and have been around Jewish people on and off for much of my life. In some cases I have counted Jews as friends, and in other cases as enemies. However, I have never been as openly and bluntly outspoken as I am now. Perhaps some former Jewish friends and acquaintances who see the blunt criticism of this web site might wonder "What is wrong with this man? Has he lost it?"
My answer is fairly simply. 9-11, more than anything else, has put me "over the top." I am convinced that Israel and the Mossad orchestrated the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center Towers (see my 9-11-related links in my Site Map and Audio Archive). Zionists also conducted the JFK assassination (see Final Judgment), dragged America into Iraq (see High Priests of War), and are ultimately responsible for major war crimes such as the depleted uranium poisoning of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians and our own troops. Now they fully intend to plunge America into a disastrous war against Iran. I believe that if enough people do not rise up to stop this madness, Zionists will completely destroy America as we know it today on all levels, ranging from the Bill of Rights to what is left of the dwindling white middle class and our economy. The lunatics will probably also wind up destroying Israel as well. Please check out "The Horrors of Nuking Iran" by William Wedin.
The situation has become so horrible and threatening that I cannot understand why any reasonably honest and patriotic person would not feel compelled to take a public stand. When you come out with the truth, there is at least some chance that problems can ultimately find some kind of sane resolution.
As another important disclosure item, although I support Rev Ted Pike and Harmony Grant, who are obviously Christians, I myself am not one. While I was born and raised in the Presbyterian Church, I later became an agnostic/atheist and a secular Unitarian. This was not necessarily because I wanted to paint the town red, but rather because my personal religious studies led me to reject literal interpretations of most of the Bible.
Before Christian readers hang up on me, let me repeat a point that I made in the last section of this web page (for those of you who are skim-reading and glossed over it), where I stated:

The U.S. Declaration of Independence explicitly talks about "Nature's God." Many early American leaders such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Tom Paine, and George Washington regarded themselves as Deists, which to many people today would be considered more pagan or agnostic/atheist than Christian. I would classify their views as more in the "natural religion" camp than in the "dictated" or "revealed" (or "scriptural-authoritarian" or "messianic") religious arena. They felt that while a supreme entity may exist, if it did in fact exist, it only operated within the confines of natural law and did not engage in supernatural intervention. In fact to help make this point, Thomas Jefferson went through the four Gospels and deleted everything that involved supernatural events, creating what is known today as the Jefferson Bible.
In my centralization vs. decentralization discussion, I talk about "natural" (decentralized) vs. "dictated" (authoritarian) forms of politics, "natural" (laissez-faire) vs. "dictated" (or "fiat" or "centralized") forms of money and economic theory, and "natural" ("decentralized" or "folklorish" or " indigenous") vs. "dictated" (or "authoritarian" or "revealed" or "messianic") forms of religion. There is a common intellectual thread involving important decentralization vs. centralization themes that runs throughout all these areas. These areas interrelate with each other, so that political attitudes in one area often spill over regarding the way people treat issues in other areas. So much so, in fact, that it would be a major error of omission and completely intellectually dishonest not to point this out.

If you are interested in some of the intellectual ground that I covered, please check out my religious crisis web page. I list sites such as (However, for what it is worth, while I share the theological skepticism expressed at this web site, I reject much of its leftist ideological leanings on various social issues). One source that does a particularly good job of covering most of the bases of Christian criticism is The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold by Acharya S. Among other things, one learns that so many pagan elements were incorporated into the creation and evolution of Christianity that trying to make a sharp distinction between Christianity and paganism is almost silly. Also, in the May/June 2007 issue of The Barnes Review (which I hope to eventually carry here at America First Books), assistant editor John Tiffany did a terrific job with his article titled: "Ancient Israel: Is there any hard scientific evidence to substantiate the ancient Hebrew tales of Israelite supremacy in the Holy Land?
More than a decade after becoming a secular Unitarian, I developed an additional interest in the concept of ancestral religion as a component of a nativistic movement. This took place after I commenced a documentary about Native Hawaiian activists for an MIT film/video course I had cross-registered into my last semester in business school in 1984. (Titled "The People Who Love the Land," I wound up donating the results of my student project to the Molokai Public Library and U of Hawaii at Manoa Library). My access to low cost University of Hawaii video editing equipment from 1985-1986 was sponsored by the late Dr. Abraham Piianaia, a former head of the U of Hawaii Hawaiian Studies Department. I learned quite a lot in my discussions with him and as well as my talks with other experts in Native Hawaiian religion and anthropology, who included the late Dr. Kenneth Emory at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu.
As an interesting aside, while engaged in field work I came across a former Catholic priest as well as a currently practicing priest who both had very tolerant and insightful attitudes towards native Hawaiian religion. This helped defuse in my mind concerns that Christians and natural religion adherents necessarily have to be at each other's throats. In fact, I came across a third Catholic priest in Hawaii with a thick Irish brogue who thought it was a good thing that you can still find people in Ireland who have retained a reverence for their old folklore and even pre-Christian Celtic mythology. He believed this helped them feel more in harmony with nature and loyal to Irish people and Irish ways. Even though I was raised as a Protestant, after my conversations with him, I was left with the feeling that he was a wise and compassionate man genuinely committed to social service, religious ministration, and heritage preservation.
After I became aware of the existence of an old Norse religion (Asatru) revitalization movement, I became particularly interested in how the nativistic movement concept might relate to my own people. (Like most white Americans, I reflect a mixture of many European nationalities, ranging from 50% Norwegian, to less defined admixtures of Scottish, English, Dutch, German, Irish, and other European nationalities.) Last, but not least, I could understand from some business school coursework how the nativistic movement concept is analogous on a broad social level to the McKinsey 7-S framework advocated by Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr. for business success in their classic work In Search of Excellence: Lessons From America's Best-Run Companies. White people, just like people of all other races, require a certain level of social cohesion, racial homogeneity, and cultural coherence in order to survive and function effectively.
Since this awakening, I have supported the adaptation and modernization of indigenous Indo-European religion and ceremonies. In 1996 I filed a law suit in Portland, Oregon Federal Court regarding the Kennewick Man controversy. The main activist effort came from Steve McNallen, leader of the Asatru Folk Assembly, and his lawyer Michael T. Clinton. I happened to be someone in the Portland area who had written about Asatru who was willing to support their activism, however, this did not imply that my political views and Asatru interpretations necessarily agreed with theirs. I myself felt strongly that fellow white Americans who share my indigenous Indo-European religious and cultural concerns were more entitled to gain custody of Kennewick Man's bones than Native American Indians. We certainly wanted to help scientists gain custody to further their studies. In contrast, I believed that certain misguided Indians wanted to immediately bury the bones forever to withhold evidence from scientists.
Certain Indians were apparently afraid of evidence that caucasians preceded their ancestors in North America. They wish to keep quiet certain Indian legends that tall white reddish-haired people were wiped out by Indians ages ago, thereby threatening the "special victimhood" status of Indians as one more "protected minority." This could impact upon the special privileges granted to Indians that has enabled them to expand well beyond bingo games on isolated reservations that were once largely geared towards retired tourists.
According to the 14 Jan 2006 editorial "Jews, Injuns, and the Republican Party" by Shaun Walker, "Indian" gambling grew 160 times nationwide from 1988 to 2006. Now slick, high-powered casinos are in our faces well off the old reservations. Reading this article between the lines, I infer that the same types of Jewish supremacist sociopaths described elsewhere on this web page who control organized crime in America and who are trying to revoke the Bill of Rights and turn American into a total police state have also been exploiting American Indians as a front to exacerbate the cancer of gambling addiction across our land.
My resentment is mainly focused upon Jewish supremacist sociopaths (or "evil Jewish leaders" as Rev Ted Pike puts it) and not towards American Indians per se, many of whom I consider fellow indigenous peoples. We are joined in a common struggle against the Zionist-led New World Order which seeks to enslave and obliterate all distinctive folk cultures, native peoples, and nationalities --except that of the exclusively Jewish state of Israel.
Rather than send American troops to fight for Zionist schemes in the Middle East, if anything I think we should be focusing resources upon the creation of Nordic, Celtic, and other white ethnostates here in North America. We should also maintain harmonious relationships with other indigenous peoples within our borders and respect their sovereignty rights as well as white sovereignty rights. While I do not think that Asatru will ever seriously displace Christianity (not everyone has the temperamental traits required for such a free-thinking, decentralized approach to religion), I do think that it will help to significantly increase the number of white people in our society who refuse to serve as perpetual gullible dupes of extreme leftist, race-mixing, anti-nationalist propaganda. For this reason, many Jewish supremacists may be just as apprehensive about Asatru as they are about the brand of Christian conservatism espoused by Rev. Ted Pike. They do not want white Americans to have the same sense of ancestral religious identity that Jews have demanded and received for themselves all along. They do not like competition. These evil Jewish leaders seem to like us much better when we are gullible, ignorant, atomized, and brainwashed. So much the better for us to be duped and pressured into doing their evil bidding.
A write-up in a local newspaper titled "Bones of Contention" insinuated that I might want to promote some kind of "Hippie-Wiccan"-interpretation of Asatru that involves rune-casting, costume parties, and drinking libations. In actuality, my long term goal is to keep social partying behavior separate from religious ceremonies, where my personal approach to religion is more consistent with the very sober, thoughtful, and dignified approach to religion of my Norwegian Lutheran, Scottish Presbyterian, and English Puritan ancestors.
I take the attitude that "The more things change, the more they stay the same." There are forms of religious service that have evolved in Protestant and Catholic churches that have withstood the test of time and have maintained grass roots support. As far as I am concerned, the Catholics and Protestants have to be doing something right. My own personal approach to Asatru is to encourage the conduct of religious services that have a very similar style and approach compared to what has already gained popular acceptance in mainstream churches, albeit with more than just a few tweaks to the underlying theology. (For example swap the cross for Thor's Hammer, and talk about "Wotan" or "Odin" rather than "Yahweh" etc.)
The real objective of Asatru, in my view, is to try to recapture what has been normal, healthy, traditional, and dignified for my own people, rather than try to use it as an excuse to party or act as libertines. Also, I am not comfortable with rune-casting, since it can suggest a superstitious and hence degenerate form of paganism. Many ancient Norse, Roman, and Greek pagan religious leaders agreed with this viewpoint. To them, the ancient mythology was meant to be poetry for the soul. It was always meant to be interpreted wisely and not to be taken literally.
The Willamette Week article "Bones of Contention" quotes leftist smear artist Jonathan Mozzochi. It falsely claims that the works of scientists who have studied racial differences such as Dr. Arthur R. Jensen and Nobel Laureate Dr. William B. Shockley are "discredited," when in actuality they are more validated than ever by advances in DNA-testing, physiological anthropology, psychometric psychology, sociobiology, and other scientific disciplines.
At the web site of the eminent British historian David Irving, one can find some interesting background on the character assassin Mozzochi. He has received substantial money and supervision from radical leftist Jewish-funded organizations.
Mozzochi is being overly simplistic when he paints Asatru (or a political writer such as myself) with a broad brush stroke as some kind of purely rightist phenomenon. According to various sources, Asatru in Iceland today is actually more of a leftist than a rightist movement. However, Iceland is a fairly homogeneous society. Its people have not been deracinated, atomized, marginalized, smeared, and subjected to Jewish supremacist oppression and ADL infiltration and disruption like white people in America.
It is worth noting that even after leftist extremists like Mozzochi are finally discredited, the disinformational poison they spread still lingers. Most European Americans feel intimidated by people like Mozzochi out of openly defending their culture, heritage, and ancestry. Many of them still act paralyzed in the face of massive illegal Third World immigration that is destroying what is left of the white middle class, and is literally driving white communities out of existence. Too many of them lack the guts to stand up to the sinister anti-First Amendment ploys of the evil ADL. They are even scared out of asserting their basic right to know their own souls in the natural way of their ancient ancestors.
In my environmental vs. genetics discussion, I explain the logic of the "natural religion" approach. I am attracted to the natural religion approach because I find it to be more reasonable and common sense than a "revealed" or "messianic" religion. Also, in my mutualism vs. parasitism discussion, I describe how various establishment religions, not the least of which is Judaism (which I explore in some depth in my analysis of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology), can acquire parasite characteristics. Certain indigenous religions such as Asatru have tended to be more decentralized and transparent relative to other religious approaches since ancient times. Hence, I think that it can potentially be more productive and can suffer fewer parasite-related issues than most messianic establishment religions today. However, I am not really "pushing" Asatru, because I think people need to find the indigenous religious approach and spiritual path that is appropriate for their own unique ancestry, cultural history, and temperament. Asatru has historically been a Northern European phenomenon mainly evolved among Nordic and Nordic-Celtic peoples. There are other offshoots from a common, prehistoric Indo-European religious ancestor such as the early Druidic-Celtic religion in western Europe, the Greco-Roman approach in Southern Europe, and the early Hindu religion of the Aryan settlers in various eastern areas such as the Indus valley that are also worthy of study and possible revitalization for various caucasian peoples.
With some selective editing, there are many ways to reconcile important aspects of Asatru with what many people consider to be the noblest and most chivalrous aspects of Christianity. Among other things, an important mission of Jesus (even if only taken allegorically) was to use high moral leadership methods to serve notice to the Jews that if they did not mend their ways, they could evolve into one of the the most corrupt, criminal-parasite phenomena on the planet.
Please recollect the Bible stories about how Jesus confronts evil Jewish leaders point blank. "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which on the outside look beautiful, but inside they are full of the bones of the dead and of all kinds of filth." (Matthew 23: 27). He adds: ""Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?" (Matthew 23:33). Jesus even drives Jewish money-changers out of a temple with a whip.
Similarly in the Norse mythology, the Norse gods, who are generally honest and brave, do battle against the deceitful, perverse forces of corruption embodied in Loki. This degenerate mongrel god of unbounded trickery and malevolence leads the forces of evil in this world. He eventually brings on Ragnarok.
In essence, evil Jewish leaders have become a prime "Loki" among mankind. They court perversion, destructively play off honest and productive groups against each other, and malevolently pursue deception as an end in itself. Their mass media control has mainstreamed anti-white racemixing, pornography, and the pursuit of selfish immediate gratification in America. At the same time they have brainwashed Americans into thinking that Jews are somehow noble "victims" deserving special privileges. In reality, they run organized crime in America and continuously debauch our currency with their fraudulent central bank. They also threaten mankind with nuclear annihilation and mass depleted uranium poisoning.
These evil Jewish leaders, like the mythological Loki character, symbolize the maximization of entropy (chaos, randomness, and disorder) within our universe. They also signify criminal-parasitism, the maximization of moral disorder outside the confines of their ferociously anti-gentile Talmud, a reversal of general human evolution back to a mutated pre-human state, and the natural forces of seemingly unlimited destructiveness (symbolized by a black hole in space or a plague virus).
Conversely, in my view the Norse gods symbolize an upward striving and ennoblement of man, a Faustian search for truth and greater knowledge, the Nietzschean "Yes!" to life, and an intelligence within the universe seeking through the progress of man to better "know itself" (a phrase coined by the cosmotheist church).

In regard to general European-American cultural, economic, and political affairs, I think that we should not only be teaching fellow whites about their indigenous religion and culture, but also how to pick up after themselves, reinvest in fellow whites, put honor before immediate personal gain, and sustain perpetual productivity progress through such technological advancement as building advanced robotic systems at home. All of this is far more desirable than jumping in bed with aliens, exploiting illegal immigrant labor, and shipping industries to coolie labor abroad. From the viewpoint of protecting long term white ethnic genetic interests, employers who exploit illegal immigrant labor are almost as short-sighted and selfish as the old Southern plantation slave owners. In the long run, one must practice "charity begins at home" and build sustainable strength from within before one can become a dependable, wise, and benevolent neighbor to outsiders.
We have more than enough moral obligations on our hands just to deal with groups who have been inside our borders since the 19th century. We must focus upon recapturing traditional American conservative values here at home instead of imposing sleazy Jewish neo-con interpretations of "democracy" upon Arabs and Persians. In addition, we must oppose neo-con policies that are replacing American citizens with a "human Katrina" of illegal Mexican immigrants who seek to ultimately hoist the flag of the emergent nation of Azatlan over California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.
I am thankful that Rev Ted Pike allows his articles to be reproduced by web sites run by people with very different religious and political views from his own in the name of making common cause for the First Amendment. I appreciate the fact that the good Reverend is open-minded and generous enough to engage in interfaith dialog with independently-minded folks like myself who are also struggling to gain a voice for sanity in public affairs.
It is interesting how we have some very similar basic values despite our theological differences. Rev Pike looks at the Bible. I combine a reverence for ancient Indo-European mythology with a secular, rationalistic viewpoint. We both tend to agree on who are the real enemies of true progress and humanity.
I feel that on an emotional level, most white Christians are decent people and have identical underlying instincts and primeval values compared to myself. Therefore, I try to work with Christians even though we have theological differences. I think that Idaho attorney Edgar Steele summed it up well in his Nickle Rant "Jesus Had It Coming" when he said:

This is Not a Religious Issue

Now, don't confuse this ranting of mine today with anything resembling a religious diatribe. Or me with a rapture bunny. Why, I don't even go to church - but, then, I doubt that Christ would attend, either, given the state of modern religion (a discussion for another day).
If you are not religious or if you actually dare to admit you are not a Christian, the Jewish assault upon Christianity still is your fight, because Christianity merely is the symbol. You, gentle reader, are the target. You know it is true, too. Admit it.
Do not stand idly by and allow others like myself to carry our standard into battle alone, simply because you pretend not to be at war. You may not be interested in this particular war, but rest assured that this war irretrievably is interested in you.
It may be that I will be among the second or the third wave of casualties (the first wave already has been taken down and killed or imprisoned), but that does not mean that you will escape the onslaught. On the contrary - rest assured that, should you allow the battle line to reach your ranks before bothering to pitch in and help, then you will be praying to God to save you, regardless of your particular religious leaning today

Triangualted somewhere between Odin, Jesus, and scientific skepticism I feel confident that we can eventually find theological solutions to help get things cleaned up, turned around, and sorted out here in America, both on a local and national level. We can also find the moral backbone to finally give back to our shared enemies everything that they so richly deserve.
As a final disclaimer, while I have written articles about ancestral religion that have been published in Asatru periodicals and have participated in the activities of various indigenous religious groups (please see my author archive and the Religious Crisis web page), I am not now, nor have I ever been any kind of official "religious leader" or "spokesperson" for any religious group. I am fallible and do not wish to tie any particular religious groups in with my own political views or theological interpretations, to include any particular Asatru kindreds and Odinist fellowships. Their views do not necessarily agree with my own, and vice versa. I would prefer to be regarded as a completely independent conservative commentator, vaguely analogous to various well-established political writers such as Joseph Sobran, Dr. Thomas Woods, and Pat Buchanan vis a vis Catholics, or Charlie Reese, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and the late Sam Francis compared to Protestants.

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