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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


Dr. James Fetzer
Captain Eric H. May
Major William B. Fox
and SFC Donald Buswell

The "Dead Monkey" Cartoon & Obama

9 April 2009

Abstract: Capt May thinks it was very strange that President Obama and VP Biden flew separately to Denver on Feb 17th to sign the stimulus bill. Normally this kind of signing is done in the Rose Garden or somewhere else at the White House. Did Obama want to be close to the USNORTHCOM HQ in case it was time for him and Biden to pull another “Cheney in the bunker?” Also, very peculiar, the next day the New York Post ran the “Dead Monkey” cartoon. Did Obama draw ire for failing to give the go ahead to administer a false flag stimulus as expected? Capt. May, Maj. Fox, SFC Buswell, and Dr. Fetzer still think that the Chicago Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) remains in the cross hairs, as reflected in their recent alert.
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Capt. Eric H. May

Dr. James Fetzer: ...This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal, with our special guests, representing the very best interests of the American people. It is a pleasure to welcome you all to my show. Capt. May, let me begin with you, my friend. Please tell us your latest views about this Obama administration.
Capt. May:
Well you know Jim, thanks for having me.
Dr. Fetzer: A great pleasure. Great pleasure.
Capt. May: We were all very optimistic, but so far Obama is not leading us yet to the promise of change. The global war is expanding eastward to Pakistan. The Homeland State is magnified with the new Mexican border alarmism, widespread fear of Second Amendment restrictions, new cyber warfare legislation that will let the President lock down the Internet. Still no answers about Presidential Directive 51. And this last two weeks a great amount of terror chatter generated by the media on cue from Obama, who has now sanctioned the Al Qaeda-Bin Laden 9-11 myth as a reason for a crusade. He dresses up prettier than Bush, but there is no change. The New World Order continues apace.
Dr. Fetzer: You mentioned our increased involvement in Afghanistan and Pakistan. His failure to rollback or have deliberation about the continuity of government National Security Presidential Directive 51, and of course he also hasn't repealed or moved to repeal the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the forms of surveillance on the American people. I find all of these considerations equally disturbing, Capt. May.
Capt. May: Well they just sanctioned Peshawar attacks and shielded them from legal scrutiny. So Obama is actually building upon the Bush legacy. There is no change.
Dr. Fetzer: When he kept on the Secretary of Defense, [Robert] Gates, I thought initially that probably was a very shrewd move because Gates would know of any threats to the United States, not that we take them all to be real rather than imaginary. But that it would make him at least make him invulnerable to the idea that if there were an attack, that Bush could have done more about it than Obama since he preserved the same military defense establishment. But I am very concerned at this point in time that that brings with it a number of latent hazards including the embedment within the defense establishment of individuals and entities that are dedicated or loyal to Cheney and Bush.
Capt. May: Yes, you know Seymour Hersh is one of the better investigative journalists. He has written that Cheney was running black ops, assassinations, using the CIA against domestic enemies and [using] embedded moles in the Defense Department and the Intelligence apparatus. So there is nothing good. There is nothing hopeful. There is no initiative to undo the Bush global war and Homeland. It is all negative. His numbers are going to drop. That means that if they are going to do a false flag, the sooner the better. It is only going to get harder. Remember the last three false flags 9-11, the World Trade Center 1 in '93, and I would argue the assassination attempt by Daddy Bush on Reagan, all occurred within nine months of inauguration. If you are going to do it, do it your first year. That is the historical preference. So we live in very dangerous times.
Dr. Fetzer: Do it your first year so you can acquire the political capital that will enable you to take other measures that the American people otherwise might not support.
Capt. May: Right. Do it between elections. Look at Bush. First year, first date Congress returns from summer break. Lock down Congress. Lock down transportation. And he had them in his hand. Obama has followed him. Got a done deal. In fact, SFC Buswell and Maj. Fox and I believe that he may be behind schedule, but I will let them address that.
Dr. Fetzer: Capt. May, I take it you are very concerned that the most likely target might well be Chicago, which of course, being Obama's home town, would be interpreted by the public as symbolic in a number of different ways, and certainly would be perceived as something with which he could not possibly have had any involvement.
Capt. May: Right. What was that psychological condition where your mothers murder their kids, parents kill their kids, it is called something. But the effect is that the parent murderer is not suspected and instead receives sympathy and support. We know that this whole millennial global war kicked off in New York City where the American establishment, financial and cultural, is headquartered. We also know that under Bush the primary target for another 9-11 was the Houston area. It follows part of the reason Obama was brought up to be president, and remember he was selected by the Skull and Bones slate of 2004, Bush and Kerry. Obama was not brought up to prevent Chicago. He was not allowed up because he did not know about Chicago. Obama's job is to hit Chicago. Now we have Ghost Troop before your 6-6- 2006 conference, remember that one? Remember the 911 Truth conference right before 6-6-'06.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt. May: We were involved in breaking up an effort by Blagojevich, Daley, Chertoff and Mossad to hit the towers on May 3rd, which was the 33rd anniversary of the towers, Sears Tower, and 33 days before 6-6-'06. Now the zip code of Sears Tower, of course, and I know you noted, is 6-6-6. 60606 [Editor's Note: 6-6-6-6 produced after following the numerological practice of ignoring the zeros]. It was only seven weeks after our interdiction that the FBI busted seven black kids in Florida and said they were American Al Qaeda sworn to Bin Laden and determined to bring down Sears Tower. So the FBI is running our scenario. We got it from them, and now they are taking it from us. By the way, the latest trial for those now six blacks accused of plotting to destroy Sears Tower, the third trial started Feb 18, which was a signal because that was the same day The New York Post, the Murdoch paper, ran the dead chimp cartoon.

Dr. Fetzer: Yes, tell us more about that, Capt. May. What is your interpretation of the significance of the dead monkey or the dead chimp cartoon? That is very strange.
Capt May: Well, let's go back to Maj. Fox's article, mid December, when Obama went after Blagojevich. We knew that Blago was involved in the previous Chicago false flag Sears Tower attempt by the first of January. They pulled his clearance, meaning by extension, he was out of the loop. By the end of January, he was removed. Everybody is promising to have Blago gone and the stimulus bill ready by President's Day. That was February 16th. The week before President's Day, it was a very optimistic week, started out with a lady calling for a [911] Truth commission. The next day, the [steel-framed] Mandarin Orange hotel in Beijing burned on but did not fall. [Editor's Note: This raised the question about why the steel-framed WTC towers did not burn on and not fall as well]. The week started out with Obama meeting with victims' families from the U.S.S. Cole and 911. By Thursday the 11th, Huffington Post was demanding a new 911 investigation which would focus on the possibility of a false flag. So this was all very good. Then on the 12th, at 10:10 PM the first commercial airplane fatality in three years, Beverly Eckert, 911 activist and widow, is killed. Half an hour later, a 1,000 page stimulus bill is posted by Congress to be voted on first thing in the morning, the morning of Friday the 13th. So on Friday the 13th, everyone who understands the real power in Washington, wakes up to find out that the nation's foremost 911 critic who shook Obama's hand the week before is dead. And a multi-trillion dollar stimulus package is being force-fed Congress, very much like the Patriot Act isn't it? Congress signs it, approves it, Obama says he will sign it. After a long weekend, he goes to Camp David. That weekend, the Internet went crazy. Maj. Fox and I were a big part of it. Other information and coincidences suggested that Chicago was going to be hit. Everything from phone calls by officials reporting mass grave preparation to power companies running catastrophe exercises. There are a great number of articles. I think that Maj. Fox and I may have written the best of them. An article got endorsed by public radio on the West Coast, Portland, where we have some experience. We think that we may well have been part of another interdiction of a false flag that was supposed to have occurred Tuesday the 17th. Now remember Monday was President's Day, and the networks spent the whole day building up Obama and Lincoln, trying to dovetail them. So they have really been giving him the big build up. Tuesday morning comes, and Obama doesn't sign the bill -- the stimulus-- in the Rose Garden. In a bizarre move, both he and Biden show up in Denver to sign the bill. What we believe is that the stimulus was both code for an economic event and for a false flag event. A false flag is a stimulus too. And they were in Denver because Denver is minutes drive from Northern Command which is where you want to be if you are going to coup the U.S. And both he and Biden were there. Now Obama was quite frustrated for some reason when he was signing the bill and made a bizarre comment. He said we may need another stimulus. Now this is chutzpah, to take the biggest spending bill ever, and while you are signing, say you need another. But we think he was signaling "We need another chance to carry out the false flag." By the end of the evening, Yahoo News Service had run a story about Osama Bin Laden but they misspelled Osama. You want to guess? They wrote Obama bin Laden. That was a strong signal, but not nearly as strong as the next day when Murdoch's Post out of New York ran a picture of a dead chimpanzee, two bullet holes in him, with the cops standing over him saying, "Well, we'll have to get someone else to write the next stimulus bill."
Dr. Fetzer: The way you are explaining it, Capt. May, is very, very unnerving. I think that most Americans would have tremendous trouble appreciating that Obama might be in the mix here, and I myself have just regarded him as a person of great integrity, authority, leadership, and yet it is very difficult to resist the analysis that you and Maj. Fox and SFC Buswell have advanced that he appears to be continuing to promote the Bush-Cheney agenda.
Capt. May: Well if you listen to him and you look at him, you have got to love him. But if you watch what he is doing, you realize -- you know a President is a puppet on the great stage of power -- a swindler. He is a much better puppet than Bush. But you know all the warm feelings of sympathy that we have for Obama are not that different from the warm feeling of sympathy that the Christian Right felt for Bush. We have just been manipulated. Different products, different marketing, the same program.
Dr. Fetzer: Do you believe in trusting Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner who seem to represent policies of the past in these key positions of economic authority on the one hand as well as keeping Robert Gates and the generals that Bush had placed in key positions on the other are both signs of continuity of the policies of the past into the new administration?
Capt. May: That is precisely what I think. I think that he has got the best of Bush, meaning the best bad guys, and the best of Clinton. This is clearly still a neocon cabal. Pick your name, but saying we are getting out of Iraq after genociding it, by false-flagging Mumbai to get us into Pakistan, man that ain't kinder, that ain't gentler, and that ain't change. And the economics, my God I was never particularly astute in economics, so I wrote a bit for the Wall Street Journal in their editorial page. But you don't have to be astute to realize that we are in a global economic tsunami, and Obama has been selected to oversee the most radical shakeup in our economics in our history. So we have got cataclysmic economic depression and expanding global war and intensified Homeland State. I don't think there is the answer except a false flag.
Dr. Fetzer: Capt. May I take it you believe that this month is a period of acute concern in relation to a possible false flag, especially one involving Chicago, and some of the dates that you have identified include the 11th, the 19th, the 22nd, the 24th, and the 29th. Would you care to expand on any of that?
Capt. Fetzer: Sure. Folks who may be listening can see a very good summary of our Chicago findings and analysis under the search phrase "USA 666 WMD."
Dr. Fetzer: Are those grouped in three collections so that you have USA space 666 space WMD.
Capt. May: Exactly. There is a space. That was my last article, that article about 3-11 as the beginning date for "Red Zone" extending to 9-9-09. On 3-11, the first day of the "Red Zone," Sears Tower changed its name. Now that is radical. After 36 years, the name they had for that thing changed. We think it is because we got too much material produced about Sears Tower, so they are trying to rename the target. But the odds by any explanation of them picking the period that we have identified for the start of the danger to rename the tower gives a lot of credibility to the work we did. We have found that the false flag New World Order terrorists used date codes. The FBI had been set up. They just saved Chicago. That is why we have the 9-11 for New York, 3-11 for Madrid, 7-11 for Mumbai. That is why we are warning 4-11. There have been two terror attacks. Both in Africa, the Middle East pardon me, on 4-11. [Editor's Note: According to, the following two 4-11 attacks have been attributed to Al Qaeda: "4/11/2002: Explosion at ancient synagogue in Tunisia leaves 17 dead, including 11 German tourists," and "4/11/2007: Some 35 people are killed and hundreds are wounded when suicide bombers attack a government building in the capital, Algiers, and a police station on the outskirts of the capital. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb claims responsibility for the attack."] And they like to use these dates. So 4-11, great danger. 4-19 is the anniversary of Waco where the Feds burned and shot the Branch Davidians and it is the anniversary of Oklahoma City where the Feds killed a couple of hundred people. So that date incidentally, as those who refer to my article alone, was also the date of a likely false flag plot set to bring down Sears Tower on 4-19 2004 which would have been the 9th anniversary of Oklahoma City and the 11th anniversary of Waco. 4-22 is simply 4-11, once you are done with the 11, you get 22. They love 22 as much as 11's. Or 33. To give an example of 22, on 3-22 there was an airplane crash in Montana, Sunday March 22nd. 3-22 is the cult number of the Skull and Bones, criminal secret society. They are a criminal mafia. That plane carried 7 adults, 7 children, forming a 77. Another little bit of gang symbolism. It fell directly into a Holy Cross cemetery. So let us look at how it works. The Skull and Bones, very powerful Ivy League Government Satanic mafia, engineers a Sunday 3-22 stab into the heart of the sacred name, rather Holy Cross, with a sacrifice of 7 and 7, that is how they work. The last day in April is 4-29, the pattern on that one can be revealed by taking the year 2009, omit the zeros, and you get your date code. 4-29-2[00]9. A repetition code. Two "29's." Let me throw out one thing, since I just mentioned date codes, these are part of how all gangs, even street gangs, do business. You can find this stuff underneath any freeway. On the side of any rail car. It is just that we have been programmed to think that gangs are Mexican, or black, or white racist. We have never been taught to understand that there are gangs that run our country or run our world. And they use gang codes. The reason we are not taught that is because these gangs, which are called secret societies, own the newspapers, own the banks, run the FBI. So when we take code dates to the FBI, who arrested seven black kids in June of 2006, they arrested them on June 22, '06, 6-22-'06, code dates, it is all over the place. You know the killing of Pat Tillman, the football player who went into the Rangers?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt. May: April 22, 2004 or 4-22-'04. It is all over the place.
Dr. Fetzer: It looks to me very much as if Tillman was deliberately taken out. Of course it was mis-described from the beginning as having been a firefight. It turned out then to be friendly fire. I think that turns out to be a euphemism for an American soldier assassinating this guy who was disillusioned with the war and might have become an anti-war icon, parallel to Cindy Sheehan if not vastly more influential.
Capt. May: That is why they took him out on a coded day, so that people in the know would know. I taught kids who belong to street gangs and this is how they explain to me, this is how all gangs, all secret societies, call the score. Take the most notorious gang and secret society in American history, the KKK. Take the letters KKK, give the letter K its number value, and you get 11-11-11. K-K-K stands for 11-11-11. It adds up to 33. That's how they work. The first attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan occurred on March 30, 1981, two months into his administration. We know now he was shot by Hinckley. Hinckley was a friend of Bush, the Hinckley family. The same day that Reagan was shot, I think that what we call the 9-11 conspiracy if we take it backward we can take the Oklahoma City, part of the same operation, if we go back still further, we get the first World Trade Center bombing, right?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt. May: From Reagan's assassination attempt, which would have put Bush on the throne, to Feb 26, 1982 is 332 days, which is inverted to 322. On that day, Sears Tower, built its antennae. 11 years later, to the day, World Trade Center is attacked. [Editor's note: This refers to the first Feb 26, 1993 World Trade Center bombing during the Clinton administration]. Not coincidence that between Chicago putting up the antennae and the attack on World Trade Center there are precisely 11 years. Incidentally, the day after Obama was elected, guess what three numbers came up on Chicago's Pick Three lottery. I will give you the first one: 6-6-6.
Dr. Fetzer: Can it be? Can it be!
Capt. May: Those numbers are one in a thousand. They have come up 19 times in the thirty years of the lottery, which is about right. But during the Obama candidacy, the year 2008, they came up 4 times. They were 7 times more likely to happen during the last year. Every day that they came up was a code day. They came up on 3-22, the Skull and Bones number. They came up on 6-11. Take the 6 and turn it over, 611 is 911. They came up on 12-3, which is 1-2-3. It is also the number of the day, May 3rd, the 123rd day, which has been an anniversary for the Sears Tower. [Editor's Note: completed May 1973]. So Jim, the in and out of it is that the codes are flying. We're intelligence professionals. Looking for codes is what we do. When so many codes start pointing the same way towards something that hits a theory, that theory being the necessity of an Obama false flag, then we have no choice but to note it publicly and wish to God that we were wrong, or were crazy, or were lying. But as is often the case, it is the Oedipus dilemma. The worst thing imaginable happens to be the truth. So there we are, my friend.
Dr. Fetzer: Capt May, that is fantastic. I want to give you a chance to get a little rest. I want to take a break and bring in SFC Buswell and Maj. Fox. We will return for any additional comments that you would like to make.
Capt May: Thank you sir.
Dr. Fetzer: This is absolutely wonderful. I am so pleased to have you here. Jim Fetzer your host on the Real Deal. We'll be right back . . . [Music interlude] . . . This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal with my very special guests today, Capt. Eric May, Maj. Bill Fox, and SFC Don Buswell. And I would like to invite Don to say a few words about Capt. May's analysis and anything else that he would like to add. Don, are you there?
SFC Buswell: Yes, I am here. Hi!
Dr. Fetzer: A real pleasure to have you with us.
SFC Buswell: Thank you.
Dr. Fetzer: Please go ahead and say what you think. Add what you think about the current situation with Obama.
SFC Buswell: Well first, it is good to hear Capt. May's voice. Capt. May has great analysis. I listen eagerly to everything he said. Makes perfect sense. He did make comments about things that have been bothering me for weeks. I did not know what to think about it. I knew that the editor or the person writing that article in the Post hadn't just put it there on his own without being approved from way up on top. The analysis of Capt. May did fit in with Obama and just makes perfect sense to me and still does, and that's why I am here lending my support to Capt. May as a retired NCO from the United States Army. And just, you know, this is the first time I have gone on a radio show, so I think this is kind of interesting, a different technological means with different phones and stuff so it looks like it is working. [Editor's Note: Dr. Fetzer had technical problems bringing in SFC Buswell as a third guest with his Skype system, and Buswell's voice comes in low]. Capt. May mentioned about Pat Tillman, Cpl Tillman who was murdered doing his duty perhaps acting out of conscience. Obviously he acted out of conscience by quitting a multi-million dollar deal with an NFL Team to enlist in the Army for far less money. He did it out of principle, he did it out of conscience. To the great admiration of you know, of probably hundreds of thousands of Americans, perhaps more across the world, and he did it because of his country. He saw what happened on 911 and he wanted to do something, and Capt. May is doing something, you are doing something. I think we have all --I have done something, and wish to continue to do something. Because the end result is that if you don't do anything, and something were to happen, and you were in a position to do something to prevent it, I don't see how a person could live with himself. I know that applies to me, and Capt. May and my career in the Army, you just have to do the right thing. The principled stand that Capt. May and myself talked about back in 2006, you know everything I do is motivated by conscience, and perhaps hopefully it is the right thing to do. So the immediate result might be pain and a bit of discomfort, going and swimming against the current so to speak when all your friends and colleagues abandon you. So I just want to lend my support to Capt. May and his analysis. The bottom line is I hope President Barack Obama does the right thing for the Republic. I think he is a man of principle. I think he is a very intelligent man, and I think he is able to not compromise on those principles. At least out of my hope and desire for him as the President of the United States.
Dr. Fetzer: Well I certainly share those inclinations to want to believe in Obama. I am unfortunately becoming increasingly disillusioned with this failure to take certain crucial steps such as repealing the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act, on the one hand, and with his commission of other acts such as increasing our forces in Afghanistan on the other and appointing certain persons to key positions who may in fact be not acting in the best interest of the nation. But Don, I want to add how much I admire the work that you and Capt. May and Maj. Fox have been doing here in attempting to keep the country aware of the prospect of potential false flag attacks on this nation. I think it has been an important service, and it may very well have had effects and consequences of which we are unaware because of actions that didn't happen because of these alerts.
SFC Buswell: False flags are --it is a very simple principle but it is very difficult for a person to get their mind around it. I had a great deal of difficulty understanding it, understanding what they do, what they are used for. It is just a great amount of pain, study and evaluation on my part to see how simple it is, yet how effective it is in fooling everybody. People don't have any understanding, they have no clue. Going all the way to the U.S.S. Liberty, a Navy ship bombed, destroyed by Israeli fighters and some blamed it on Egypt. That is way back before I was cognizant of anything, but on 9-11, you know I knew when I saw that happen, the planes hitting the towers I was in Korea, it was 10:30 at night, Korea time. I had just left the Yongsan main gate at around 4:30 in the afternoon, walking home to where my apartment was, up on a hill next to the Pakistani embassy. Been there for a year. Every day in and out of that gate, and I saw as I was leaving September 11, 2001 a bunch of barriers in the corner of the parking lot that weren't there the day before. They were just out there in the corner, and I got out and asked one of the guards what they were there for, and he said a big exercise coming up, and I said "Cool." I went home that night and flipping through the TV stations, and saw the horrible events on 911 and was watching CNBC --and this is horrible. I went to work the next day, and the same barriers are completely encircled around the Yongsan garrison right there at the access control. So, I don't know what it means. I know what it should mean, being an Intel guy. As an intel guy you just add up the pieces, look at the pieces, look at the puzzle, how it all fits together, and tell you what, you can't choose where the information goes. You can't choose where it goes to. You have to follow it. You have to put it together, and if it leads to some very uncomfortable assertions, it is your duty and responsibility to hold those accountable and not shudder and say, "Oh gee, to this person or that organization, while I support them, but I can't follow through with this, so I am going to ignore my conscience, ignore my duty, and I am going to put my head in the sand. My former colleagues at U.S. Army North --I ran into one of them. Ironically, my former boss is now a CW4, Chief Warrant Officer Number 4. One of the top ranks in the warrant officer field. He basically had his head in the sand when I asked him about the incidents surrounding my unceremonious dismissal from U.S. Army North. He had his head in the sand right in front of me. He looked down at the ground and I said, "You have to do your duty, you have to do your mission." He is just one example of a person who is entrenched in the military leadership positions, but they don't want to follow the facts. They don't want to follow where it goes to. They just want to put their head in the sand and perhaps go back and watch Fox News or whatever. So it seems to me that by far they don't do that, and the only ones who do, or have so far have been Capt. May, myself or Maj. Fox. It is a small group, and there are some other guys who are not affiliated with this group, some of your former colleagues Dr. Fetzer and just you know we are all in this together. We are all in a mission of conscience to try to bring these perpetrators of 9-11 and future 9-11 events to justice. Someone put his head up and they blew it off. I stuck my head up, but I suffered the consequences. You can't pick and choose what you want the end result to be.
Dr. Fetzer: Anyone who thinks that what you don't know can't hurt you never had cancer and has never confronted the reality of false flag attacks. And anyone who thinks that possessing more knowledge is going to make you happier, I am sorry to say, doesn't recognize the grim reality of the situation in which we find ourselves. Maj. Fox, I would like to invite you to join the conversation and comment on what you have heard from Capt. May this morning and from SFC Buswell.
Maj. Fox: Well I think SFC Buswell is a very encouraging example of what we hope to accomplish when we send out alert emails, and that is here is an individual who was a highly ranked, Staff NCO, had classified material clearances with I believe US Army North, in the G-2 section [Editor's Note: "G-2" is division level staff intelligence], who out of curiosity became aware of the work of Capt. May, and decided to become sort of like the title of that Joseph Conrad story "The Secret Sharer." He alerted Capt. May to a blurb from Homeland Security about a bomb threat at the Exxon Mobil plant back in 2006, I believe, and as a consequence Capt. May of course wondered why it was that this information was not made public since the Department of Homeland Security usually likes to beat its chest along with the FBI every time they uncover a potential terrorist threat, and Capt. May came to the conclusion that there was a strong probability that this involved a potential set up for a false flag operation, particularly since the British Petroleum site and other areas in the greater Houston --what we call the Houston Terror Triangle --within about a thirty or forty mile radius of Houston, that huge petrochemical industry area with all the pipelines --had been known to be the site of suspicious explosions which we suspect could also have been what we call abort codes for possible false flag operations. In any event, SFC Buswell shared this information with Capt. May. He came out of the shadows, in other words. And so, can you imagine the impact on people who run the highest levels of the U.S. military. They think that there are a lot of people in the military at high echelons, just like SFC Buswell, who are reading our alerts, are taking them seriously --because what does this mean? Well obviously, as Capt. May has commented many times in his interviews, if these people try to pull off a false flag attack, and they screw it up or make a misstep, they may trigger a revolt among the military and civilian sectors that will look like a Second American Revolution and put these guys out of business. After all, these false-flaggers are committing the ultimate in criminality and high treason. So I think that SFC Buswell's experience is extremely encouraging for our cause. So that is my first reaction. [laugher]. I am curious about SFC Buswell's reaction to my reaction, and his experience in alerting Capt. May to that Exxon Mobil threat.
Dr. Fetzer: SFC Buswell?
SFC Buswell: Thanks Maj. Fox. I would clarify and correct some of those assumptions on record here right now. I became aware of Capt. May early in '06, in Jan of '06 when I was still at Ft. Hood, through one of Alex Jones web sites. An Army Captain on the beach used to say there was going to be a nuclear attack. Of course I completely focused on that for a while and became convinced that Capt. May was personally concerned with trying to save the Republic, and his self-activation back to active duty as a mission of conscience and notifying the Inspector General of the United States Army of that and receiving no opposition basically. I watched Capt. May for the next couple of months in Ghost Troop and I thought it was kind of cool. Some of the things were passed around. I did not totally agree with it. You don't have to. It was an effective organization. Capt May was analyzing, and I respected his sense of history, with his respect for history unlike the current President George Bush who didn't read a newspaper,Capt. May spoke fluent Russian, had a perspective on events today compared to yesterday, and I just admired Capt. May. I thought why aren't all the officers in the military like this guy? Why aren't they this guy? Why aren't they taking bold risks for the interests of the country. I will just fast forward to May of '06. We were working on a Saturday doing our exercises, I can't remember exactly what it was exactly. My duties were to work security clearances for the whole Directorate. They were way behind, and I was very good, still am very good at doing that, shuffling through all that mess of paperwork. So I turned out some documents for an individual to sign for his security clearance to get updated and I saw the printer stack and I grabbed all and you know, was going to take this stuff where it needs to go to, so I had my stuff, took it off the printer, and brought it to my desk and gave some things to other people and there was a very strange report in there, a police report, from Beaumont, Houston. Live. It seemed odd because it didn't seem to fit in with the scenario of the exercise and I took it into the SCIF, and I asked some of my colleagues, and said, "What is this?" and they said, "Don't worry about that, that is real world stuff." And I said, "What?" And I said, "This is real world?" They said "Don't worry about it." And I said, "This is a bomb that was discovered at the refinery, and this is real explosives?" and they said "Yes. Don't worry about it, it is a couple of hours old." And I said, "what do I do with it?" And they said "We don't care, throw it out." I said, "OK, I will throw it out." So I go back to my desk and I continue with my work and my conscience is weighing on me heavily. I had thought about this as if something blew up and hundreds, if not thousands of people died, where would I be if I was in a position to stop that. How would I feel? I would feel powerless to counter it. I would feel terrible. I did not do my duty. I had went back into the SCIF and I told the same CWO4 and the same other guy -- I said initially, this is a real world thing, and I am concerned this might be used as an event to usher in another terror incident, and they looked at me like I was crazy. They said you don't know what you are talking about. We are tracking the real terrorists and they are Muslims and I said "OK, this has nothing to do with anything," and they said, "No." I sat on it the next couple of hours, and I pulled up the security clearance database and I verified Capt. May, and said to Capt. May I have got something here that you might want to know about, and it was a completely unclassified report, and Capt. May was verified cleared with the databases that I had access to, and I faxed him -- May might be interested, and unclassified, and I was going to throw it into the trash, and he might as well see it. He called me the next day and said, you know, basically that you had pretty much thought or presented another false flag attack in this part of Texas, and I said, "Well, I had no idea, I don't know, I just know that some part could be used like this shoveled under the guise of an exercise and then blame it on somebody else. I was just in the right place at the right time, and I had the right kind of information, and instead of 9-11, the exercise that was allegedly going on that day. You know, with NORAD shutting down, they were running exercises. I will not go into that because --because I know only what I read on the Internet, and that is how little I know about the whole thing -- but I said, "Well, I could not do anything and not act. I had to get it in somebody's hands and try to run it up my chain of command. They told me this was nothing, just throw it in the trash. So I sent it to somebody who I knew who could at least find interest in it and at least find out if there was something going on. I had no idea if the FBI was trying to cover this up. I had no idea they were covering it up. It is all in the historical record that Capt. May recorded in May of '06, and the strange thing is just a day or two after that I was struck down with a pulmonary embolism. I was hit hard and fast. I do not know what happened. I just know that I was settling for a whole day trying to breath and I couldn't lay down, and I so I knew that something was wrong, so I drove myself to the Army hospital and checked myself in, and they did a battery of tests, and then they just wheeled me up stairs immediately, started pumping me full of heparin in my stomach and started feeding me coolatin (spelling ?) pills. I was urinating blood for several days lost about thirty pounds and they said "You had a blood clot in your lung" and they said it could have given you a stroke, and the only reason you survived is because your lung capacity exceeds that of a man your age. And I said, "That is because I run all the time. I have a good heart and have good lungs." They said, "You beat the odds," and they said "90 percent of people who come in here do not come in like you. They are dead." They come into the ER and they are dead. They drop dead. And so I pulled through. I do not know happened. Capt. May has speculated on record, and I don't disagree with him, that this could have been an attempted hit on me. I don't know. I mean, it is beginning to look like that was the case, and as you said at the beginning of your show, Dr. Fetzer, or as Capt. May said that, I think it was Seymour Hersh just two weeks ago ran an article that the former Vice President was running assassination rings. And I was in Iraq in 2004. I was with these guys over there. I saw these guys., They did not speak English. I do not know what they spoke, but it was just a nasty business. I do not know what small part I might have done, but they basically powdered me out of US Army North and I just said I am tired of this and I am going to retire. So that is what I have done.
Dr. Fetzer: Nasty business indeed. Capt. May, would you like to add a few words here about SFC Buswell's experience?
Capt May: Well both SFC Buswell and Maj. Fox, they reflect the highest credit and respect by their services and they have shown great valor in this shadow war that we are engaged in, with what intelligence has always been. It is what we thought, but it is just in the death phases, as war in the infantry -- you know you have got three guys on the radio, Maj Fox has felt the pressure, was engaged in countering intentions around Portland, moved his house, has gone underground, has had that fear of standing by an open window and being afraid you are going to get shot. SFC Buswell nearly died, at a time he was engaged directly against traitors on behalf of his country. In my case, both of you who knew me, three years ago I was a martial arts experts, Texas weapons champ, and full time instructor, and now I am stricken by Lou Gehrig's disease, a fatal neuromuscular condition and the only reason I am talking at all is because a machine is breathing for me. So those who listen to us need to think whether what we say might happen. It is conceivable in line of what we say has happened, and in light of what has happened to us. If right now we were three millionaires going on the late night shows getting medals and kisses from starlets, we would have no credibility. You have got to ask yourself if this terrible nasty business is for real, is this what would happen? And the answer has always been for me, yes. Candidly, in my case, I never thought for the minute I declared the mission of conscience that I would get out of it alive. I am just shocked that they took so long and let it happen so slow. I intend to make them pay for that. That was a bad mistake. Because it is in breathing -- even if it takes a machine, and as long as we can think, we can defend America. This is a new millennium, and we have this millennial weapon of the Internet, and right now I think that I have become disillusioned in the idea that Obama is going to turn it around for us, but I have become very hopeful that we are about to turn it around for ourselves. This is the second American Revolution.
Dr. Fetzer: Maj. Fox, would you like to add some comments?
Maj Fox: Well yes, there is also another whole other dimension that complements the false flag scenarios we have discussed, and that involves the attacks on the First Amendment. The hate crime laws. I perceive a 1-2-3 punch scenario in progress. That involves [situations] where existing hate crime legislation that has been put before the House Judiciary Committee wants to consolidate prosecution of so-called hate crime enforcement under a centralized Federal entity which can also be run by private groups such as the Zionist ADL, and once they can streamline from the very top, the Federal level down to the local level, then they can go ahead with the second punch --which involves [a situation where] if ever any members of Ghost Troop or the general public question false flag operations, we might be called "terrorist sympathizers" or "disloyal" or "haters" or whatever, and get run through what --experiences similar to what has been going on up in Canada. Canada is about five to ten years ahead of the trend of America, the trend in the wrong direction. Arthur Topham, head of the Radical Press --who incidentally had once offered political asylum to Capt May after Capt. May ran one of his first Ghost Troop missions and was looking for a way to stay alive-- he is being put before a Canadian Human Rights Commission, a Tribunal. Now this tribunal has had almost a complete success rate ever since it was created. It is part of a separate review system apart from the normal Canadian court system, but nevertheless it can fine people and put people in jail. And so basically it is almost a sure thing if people make accusations and somebody says something that is critical that they consider as being hateful, and of course we always say that a hate crime ultimately is anything that false-flaggers and the Zionist lobby which we think has been behind Mossad-CIA behind the false flag operations --anything they hate to hear, that is ultimately a hate crime. They can put people away. So that is the second punch. The third punch I just wanted to bring up very quickly, is when you are walking to a supermarket or you are in your car and get stopped and pulled over, and the next thing you know you are asked to step out of your car, you are put in handcuffs, you are put in the slammer, and the police don't even have to explain to your next of kin why you are there, what the charges are, and/or you could get sent off to Camp FEMA. And if that seems far-fetched, in my own personal life, I recently had an experience where I got involved in a house share situation here in Western Pennsylvania and a friend of mine who offered political asylum to a Finnish activist named Henrik Holappa --had Holappa here for a number of months, he came to America in July of last year --and on March 9th this friend of mine was driving his car with Holappa, and the next thing we know is they were stopped, and the Immigration Customs Enforcement personnel jump out of one car, after a policeman has stopped their car, and Holappa is in handcuffs, he is thrown in a detention center in Pennsylvania, later transferred to New York. I call up ICE, which is the acronym for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, they tell me that they are not going to explain the charges for privacy reasons. Then they claim he had a visa violation. We know that was bogus because he did in fact submit his paperwork for political asylum in a timely manner. So I ended up writing an article that was published in the Lone Star Iconoclast about this Finnish asylum seeker who is jailed in America. It is in my author archive at, just go to William Fox archive. I also archive, incidentally, Capt. May [listed] on the home page, again at, all run together, also I have written an article about Arthur Topham, being run before the Canadian Thought Crime Tribunal. They actually call it the Human Rights Commission tribunal. So that is the 1-2-3 punch. That is what the enemies of America want to do to ultimately try to shut up people like Capt May, SFC Buswell, and myself who want to try to resist false flag operations. So there is a lot at stake here. Now the advantage we have on our side is these people are ultimately bullies, they are in the wrong. They are criminals, so it doesn't take that many people to stand up to them to make them back down. I mean Capt. May has done a brilliant job in putting together alerts in getting high level criminals --I believe there is strong evidence he has caused them to back down over repeated occasions, and we can continue to do that. We just need more people to stand up and make themselves be heard. [Editor's Note: The articles written by Maj. Fox for The Lone Star Iconoclast and The American Press, as well as publicity for Henrik Holappa generated by many other sources, were probably a key factor in persuading a Finnish state prosecutor to drop all charges against Holappa, thereby enabling him to return to Finland without facing a possible 4.5 years in jail for the nature of his speech and other communications].
Dr. Fetzer: I think you are absolutely right about the use of potential hate crimes legislation to impose a form of thought policing that is going to not just inhibit free thought and criticism about the reality or not of historical events --where the Holocaust-- the idea of having laws against Holocaust denial are frankly so absurd I cannot believe it. Anyone who wants to research any subject in my opinion ought to be free to do so, presumably if they go far enough, deep enough, they are going to discover the truth about it, and that they should hold unconventional or unpopular opinions is the essence of freedom of thought. If we don't have the opportunity to criticize our government on the most important matters, what is the point, what is the purpose? What has become of America if moves like those you are describing should take place?
Maj. Fox: Exactly. Incidentally one point I want to make in terms of the bomb explosions, I mentioned earlier they might be abort signals in Texas. I just wanted to make an explanation for listeners who are new to everything that we are talking about, that there is considerable evidence that Mossad-CIA, well first off, the Mossad has tremendous influence over the CIA. Not all the CIA, but certainly important compartments. But next, all the above are tied in with organized crime. One of the best books to explain all that is Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper about the JFK assassination, about how Mossad and CIA were in tight with Meyer Lansky who ran organized crime in America. So when Capt. May has predicted a potential second 9-11, which might involve a mini-nuke going off from a Texas refinery -- instead there has been a [conventional] explosion-- we think that what might have happened is Mossad-CIA is always running organized crime operations on a lower level, on a ground floor level. They are doing things like making money off setting off refinery explosions to then put money in Swiss bank accounts based on futures markets when they can obviously predict in advance when gasoline prices are going to spike. So their confederates place bets, and then shift money on those bets like gas futures contracts into their accounts. So we think that kind of skullduggery is ongoing. And then if Mossad-CIA wants to make a mini-nuke false flag operation, what they do is they substitute a conventional explosive for a mini-nuke, the bomb goes off, then they try to bring in people like Iranians or whoever else they want to frame, so then the official cover story is the nuke was set off by Iranians and organized crime, not Mossad-CIA who always stays one step behind the scenes. So at least to kind of wrap it up, I want to make it clear, why a bomb explosion --you see the people at the top, behind the scenes, don't want the little guys, the ordinary gangsters to understand the higher level. They use these guys as patsies. So if they decide to abort, they are not going to stop an attempt to just set off an explosion to hike gasoline futures. They will let that go ahead. They will just decide not to swap a conventional explosive for a mini-nuke. So when SFC Buswell saw the blurb about a bomb at Exxon-Mobil, I wanted to be clear to your listeners why that can be an indication that Mossad-CIA was planning to do a swap deal with a mini-nuke, but then they decided, no, they would back off, partly because I am sure of the publicity Capt. May was putting out. So instead they apparently let a regular conventional explosion go off, I believe it was July 2, 2006 or thereabouts on that date. Again, we can't prove any of this stuff, it is just highly suspicious. There has been a pattern of bomb explosions at these refineries like the British Petroleum refinery and Exxon Mobil in the Greater Houston area in what we call the Texas Terror Triangle that goes way against any odds that would be involved with normal freak accident explosions involving just problems maintaining aged plant and equipment.
Dr. Fetzer: Well I remain unconvinced regarding the involvement of Mossad in relation to the assassination of JFK. I have little doubt that there are many indications of Israeli-Mossad involvement in the events of 9-11, and of course the influence it exerts over American foreign policy is relatively staggering. I would like to invite SFC Buswell if he would like to add a few more comments.
SFC Buswell: Yes I would. Thank you Dr. Fetzer. I just want to --it came to my mind just recently hearing Maj. Fox talking, I would like to remind Capt. May that he and I had a conversation, I know he knows this, but of the many conversations we had back in 2006, we were speaking of the movie called Independence Day, and how that was just filled with symbolism and suggested ideas to promote a New World Order or national ID card and how they were saying it would be up to the Jewish/Zionists to say this, and we talked about it, badgered it around a little bit, and we thought it was kind of cool when we went on the 4th of July weekend and we saw a rather dumb movie in the theater and one of the previews, one of the trailers was for the upcoming Transformers II movie. That is filled entirely with scenarios that Capt. May and Ghost Troop postulated back in 2005 and 2006 about the sinking of an American nuclear aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf and blaming it on Iran. It definitely shows an American aircraft carrier getting destroyed and sinking with F18's, sinking to the bottom. American sailors and cities being destroyed. But, you know, it was a trailer. A movie is not yet rated, but they showed that and it really piqued my interest and I did talk about it with people with emails. You guys might want to examine it more closely, perhaps there is stuff coming up we need to know about.
Dr. Fetzer: Well I think that is rather discerning you can have these subconscious messages transmitted through the mass media in the form of films and pseudo-documentaries and the like. Capt. May I would like to invite you to rejoin the conversation if you are up to it.
Capt May: Well one of the lines of cogent movies is an industry one out now called Knowing. Nicolas Cage thriller. All about how terror events can be known through a numeric code transmitted in the movie from aliens.

That is a thin cover for the way it really works. This code that permeates false flag stuff. We have spent all this time talking about the idea that there might be codes and plots aiming at setting off a U.S. WMD. An exact premise was put out by Hollywood three months after 9-11 in a movie that had been prepared six months before 9-11 called A Beautiful Mind. and the entire premise of the movie was that a brilliant mathematician thought he could detect codes in the mainstream media delineating a pending act of nuclear terror.

Hollywood put a piece of propaganda with that movie intended to make sure that no one would look closely, that no one would note coincidences, symbols or images. They would all be stupid, and then anyone who began to have true insight would be dismissed as having a "Beautiful Mind." That is why you may remember Barbara Bush went around talking on shows about how she wouldn't trouble her beautiful mind about this, that, and the other. This whole class of traitors and conspirators are using every lever available to them to stampede us into a manufactured Armageddon through which we will lose our freedom and sovereignty. And it is up to us to become aware and in touch.
Dr. Fetzer: Capt. May, let me ask you what kind of world do you believe they are trying to design? I know all power concentrated into relatively few hands where the average man is deprived of freedom of speech, and to the extent they can arrange freedom of thought, but what do you believe the world would look like if they were to succeed?
Capt May: Go back to pre-Renaissance. Medieval power structure. Nobles and priests. That means government regnum and intellectuals form the top ten [percent] along with their armed retainers, military and police. A middle class large enough to produce, and a greatly reduced peasantry, which I think is destined for a global kill-off. [Editor's Note: In contrast to Capt. May's prediction of the European feudal model, in their joint interview on the 14 Dec 2004 Jeff and Mike show, Maj. Fox explains why he foresees instead the much worse Asiatic-despotic social model for America if current trends are not reversed]. You know this number that they keep throwing out for the Mayan prophecy. You heard about this?
Dr. Fetzer: Tell us about it.
Capt May: That on December 21, 2012, the great cycle of Mayan cosmology will have run its course and that will be the day of Armageddon. Not for Christian reasons, but because of Mayan scientific and occult lore. I believe that story is pseudo science. Pseudo archeology being punted to the masses. The Christian Zionists already believe that we are in the end times. Now the crystal power crowd, the secularists are being told these are the end times. What no one is pointing out is that this date, Dec 21, 2012 is a date code. It decodes to 12-21-2[0]12. All "1's" and "2's." Remember I told you about A Beautiful Mind?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt May: They released that movie on the same date code 12-21-2001. That is how they do it. So they have got these numbers that represent --you know Jim how we used to look at a map in the military and find coordinates and reference points, phase lines and so on. That is what they do with the code. They don't see time as an unstructured, uncontrolled scene. They see time as an architect sees space. As something with form and dimension and that gives them such a tremendous advantage. It rather reminds me of how an expert, a martial arts master, has a regular body but you have learned to understand the physics of the body so well that he can devastate numerous opponents. Well, their martial art involves time, organization, secrecy, and revenge. It truly is very calculating and very effective until they are exposed.
Dr. Fetzer: It seems to me what you are describing Capt. May is a kind of plan that encourages thinking things through into the distant future rather than the kind of short term thinking that prevails among most Americans, for example.
Capt. May: Right. They think of, well take Bush's New World Order speech. Bush '41. He had set up the war in Kuwait by enticing Saddam. On 9-11 1990 through a joint session of Congress he says, "Desert war would help us set up a New World Order." The first time it had been used. 90 minute speech. They connect them on 9-11, the year 199[0]. 9-1-1 reverse the code, 1-9-9. Perfect occult number. And then 11 years later, to the day, you have 9-11-'01. That is symmetry. That is perfect time. If you are one of those people operating within the parameters, that plan of that conspiracy, and you know the schedule, you have a broad picture. Like another, I will give you one more. George Tenet, CIA director, kind of like the Gates character, brought in under Clinton, stayed in for Bush, brought in on 7-11 '97, stayed until 7-11 '04, exactly seven years. 7-11 to 7-11, seven years between. George Tenet was a pseudonym, which means, in Latin "George controls." And with the Bush installation, a "key peeps.' [Key person]. Try another one, ready? The U.S.S. Cole happened on October 12, 2000. You will love this Jim, and you get Kennedy numbers. 11-22. [Editor's Note: John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov 22, 1963]. Between the U.S.S. Cole and 911 there were exactly 333 days. Between 9-11 and the invasion of Iraq, there are exactly 555 days. Between 9-11 and Madrid, there are exactly 911 days. Between the day Congress gave Bush the War Powers Act, and the London bombing, there were exactly 999 days. None of this is accident. It is like the hand of God. The more naive people are a part of these secret societies. Secret societies think that these numbers happen because of the Supreme Architect, which is what they call God, he is manifesting himself. They don't understand these numbers are put there as temporal coordinates by homicidal maniacs who want to be kings of the world.
Dr. Fetzer: I cannot thank you enough for coming on the program today along with Maj. Fox and SFC Buswell. I admire the three of you beyond words. I believe you have done very important acts on behalf of your nation.

Dr. James H. Fetzer and Major William B. Fox are former U.S. Marine Corps officers. Dr. Fetzer is founder of Scholars of 9/11 Truth. Captain Eric H. May and Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell are former members of Army intelligence. For more articles about false flag terror, refer to the archives of Capt. May and Maj. Fox and the selected articles of Dr. Fetzer at


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