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Excerpt from Jeff and Mike interview


The Jeff &
Mike Show

Jeff Lynch and Mike Howard
interview Captain Eric H. May
and Major William B. Fox

14 Dec 2008


Abstract: The Mumbai "Turkey Day" Nov 2007 bombings as a possible false flag attack, Obama as just another "Bush in Blackface" or "Bush 2.0," deep fundmental economic problems in America that provide an impetus for "false flag" and foreign military adventures as "distractors," how the $700 billion Wall Street bailout revealed America's real masters, and a false flag forecast for the first nine months of the Obama presidency.

Mike Howard: Hello, good evening ladies and gentlemen. Yes indeed Jeff and Mike are back. We are here for real.
Jeff Lynch: Full strength, folks!
Mike: Yes, definitely, because Jeff was under the weather last week, so we hope you enjoy the effort.
Jeff: You have to put the onus on me, hunh? You have to let everybody know, well, details forthcoming about my...[laughter]...being under the weather!
Mike: Yes! But right now it is hot news flashing here on the Jeff and Mike show, we have important news to get out, and the one person we have that has been on the inside that has all this information to divulge to you is none other than our old friend, Capt. Eric H. May.
Jeff: Yes. Former U.S. Army intelligence officer and military-political military editor for the Lone Star Iconoclast and also Major William B. Fox.
Mike: That is right.
Jeff: Former Marine as well. Publisher of America First Books. And we are going to address something I have been chomping at the bit, because ever since it happened, I wanted to talk about this. The attack in India, Mumbai. A hotel. Every terrorist wants to attack a hotel and tourists, right?
Mike: Its trendy!
Jeff: Just didn't sound right. So we have the experts to talk about this. Welcome to the show, guys.
Maj. Fox: It is a pleasure.
Capt May: Thanks a lot fellas.
Jeff: Yes, this terror attack just coming out of nowhere and seemingly--
Capt May: The Turkey Day attack.
Jeff: No reason. I mean people could say "Well, that's terrorism." It just comes out of nowhere and these guys have no particular reason for attacking, but that is not true, is it? Terrorists have reasons--
Mike: Everything is planned out.
Jeff: They have targets and they have reasons for their targets.
Maj. Fox: Right, and of course we had the head of Pakistani intelligence appear on YouTube and also on CNN claiming that he felt that this could be another repeat of an inside job similar to 9-11. And also we had the arrest of a counter insurgency operative, Mukhtar Ahmed, connected with Indian police, the implication being that this could have been a Hindu false flag operation to help bolster the Hindu National Party and furthermore it is longstanding that Indian intelligence has had connections with the CIA and Mossad and so there could be a parallelism of interests involved here. Apparently this operative was accused of selling SIM cards to the terrorists who waged the Mumbai attack. So that has helped diffuse the usual suspicions that this was really out of Pakistan as some kind of anti-Indian hit. We might surmise that really it is more complicated than that. That the powers that be that want to pin down Pakistan's flank and sort of set up Pakistan so that-- for example, to cut to the chase here-- Obama talked about how we may need to have more surgical strikes inside Pakistan. And so obviously this kind of action makes Pakistan look like more of a bad guy to help justify U.S. interventions in Pakistan, which of course holds the Islam atomic bomb, which many Zionist neoconservatives would like to get rid of.
Capt May: Remember that Pakistan is to Afghanistan as Cambodia was to Vietnam. The Afghan rebels retreat to Pakistan, and we want to bomb them just as we wanted to run missions into Cambodia during Vietnam, so the Turkey Day terror attack sets up that scenario. It also came at a time when it knocked out two very bad items of news. The first being that the Iraqi Parliament just passed the status of forces agreement negative to our interests. And the second being that President Karzai of Afghanistan the day after the attack called for a definite date for U.S. withdrawal, so all that may look like our enterprise in the Middle East was falling apart. But the Mumbai Massacre took that out of the news for the entire holiday weekend. Then Monday what do you get? Obama rolls out his national security team. Hillary Clinton, a Democratic hawk, Robert Gates, a Bush leftover, for Secretary of Defense and former CIA Director, Jim Jones, not the cult leader but the Marine general, who is a war hawk. So you might say that Mumbai justified the way Obama has been acting, which is just like Bush.
Jeff: Yes.
Capt May: Global War, Homeland State, more power to the Presidency. They are setting the stage for everything that was going on under Bush.
Jeff: Yes.
Capt May: More troops. Three brigades to Afghanistan. That is the plan. Attack into Pakistan and terror in the U.S. Because remember, any time there is news of terror abroad, the U.S. media starts setting up the idea that there could be terror in the U.S. Indeed, they are already harping on how Al Qaeda likes to strike during the transition.
Maj Fox:
Right. Didn't Senator Chris Dodd suggest that we might see some kind of terrorist activity coming out of Pakistan, specifically? [8:00]
Capt May: The report came out right after Mumbai pointing a finger at Pakistan for a probable U.S. nuclear or bio terror attack.
Jeff: Yep.
Capt May: In the next five years, meaning under Obama. So if you look at it, the big picture it is all development of official U.S. state terror. In other words, a false flag.
Jeff: Yes, because fear is a great motivator, right?
Capt May: Oh, the ultimate.
Jeff: Yes. And people are getting comfortable again, thinking that maybe terror is over, maybe we have a grip on this. We have been fighting there for over five years. Maybe we have finally got a handle on it. But no, now we have a new boogeyman, and it is Pakistan. Our former ally, that we supported a dictator there. And we were told we couldn't set even a pinkie toe over the border because they are an ally and we can't do that discretion towards an ally. Now we are dropping bombs there. Now we are painting them as the biggest evil on the planet.
Mike: That was the point exactly that I was going to bring up, Jeff.
Jeff: Now they have a truly democratic leader as their president instead of a military dictator.
Maj. Fox: Well, the powers that be always have to find a new pig to put on new lipstick.
Jeff: [laughter].
Maj. Fox: And basically what is going on is Iraq has gotten a bit shopworn, and they have milked that to death, so now we have to move somewhere else in the arc of crisis so that Al-CIA-Mossad-duh and the military-industrial complex can justify their existence combating bad guys somewhere out there in the world who are part of the great evil conspiracy to destroy us all. And of course we know that "War is the health of the State" [Editor's note: famous expression by libertarian Randolph Bourne] and we always need for what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts calls the "neo-Jacobin" federal government --that is probably five times larger and more government than what we really need, I mean --
Jeff: Yes.
Maj Fox: 80% of the government needs to justify its existence by continuing Orwellian global war and the Homeland State. [War] can be a very good thing [for this].
Jeff: Yes, this is a situation that is already priming, as you said. And Obama, who painted himself a bit as a liberal peacenik, which sounded good to a lot of Americans, because they are tired of war, they are tired of spending the money over there, and seeing bloodshed, but now he is just going to say we are shifting focus, and we will get out of Iraq eventually. That is not even locked down, right?
Mike: No.
Capt May: Obama buys with his popularity, he buys the global war more time to do the next 9-11. Remember, the only thing that really keeps this whole scenario going is the next 9-11.
Jeff: Yes.
Capt May: Which is always promised as not a matter of if, but of when. Obama buys time for that.
Maj. Fox: Capt May came up with a great phrase. It is "Bush in Blackface." That is what we have got.
Jeff: [laughter]. Yes! But he painted himself, and he is a supreme politician. You can't take anything away from him with his recent win.
Maj. Fox: Well, he is more dangerous because he is smarter and slicker, right?
Jeff: Yeah. He painted himself as the anti-Bush. But I noticed they were awfully chummy when he went to the White House recently.
Maj Fox: Well, it is the same old cabal. I mean you have the ultra warmonger like "Billary" Clinton as Secretary of State, and then you have got "Rahmbo" Emmanuel [as Chief of Staff]. It is about as hawkish as it can get. And even Justin Raimondo got totally disgusted --he is of He is a former supporter of Obama. He says this is the same old, same old, War Party coming back again. Just new lipstick on the new pig. [12:07]
Mike: And still keeping Robert Gates, to me that was the really the big --
Jeff: He was trying to fulfill a promise, he claims. "I am going to have a Republican on my cabinet," you know, but that is nonsense.
Mike: No.
Maj. Fox: Or a Republicrat or Democan, or whatever we call them.
Jeff: [laughter]
Maj. Fox: It is all just a one party system for the big, what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts calls the neo-Jacobin welfare warfare global super state that wages perpetual war for perpetual peace. I strung that all together from [not only Dr. Paul Craig Robert's phrase "neo-Jacobin state," but also] Dr. Murray Rothbard ["the welfare-warfare state"], and some others -- Harry Elmer Barnes ["perpetual war for perpetual peace"]. That is sort of what we have today, I think.
Mike: It think we should just limit it and call it all crap.
Jeff: Well I think the world kind of celebrated when Barack Obama won, thinking that was the end of the neocons reign in Washington. And to some degree, you know, we said hooray. But on the other hand I was always feeling uneasy he had support of a very powerful person. He got the endorsement of Rockefeller. Senator Rockefeller, and we know where the Rockefeller's power structure is from. And yet now all these appointments of very hawkish folks. And I heard the talking heads on TV say, "Well, you know, he is his own man," and Hillary is going to have to listen and do his bidding when she takes [her new position]. But that is ridiculous, isn't it? Especially for someone like Hillary Clinton.
Mike: Oh yes.
Jeff: She has got her agenda. [13:40]
Maj. Fox: Yes, the beat goes on. I think ultimately, we have to ask ourselves what is happening with Iran? Didn't they have enough with that on their hands, so why are they going after Pakistan at the same time? But what it comes down to, I think we have to relate back to the $700 billion bailout. I think that was ultimately a driving force. If you do not mind me backtracking a little bit, going macro on you folks --.
Jeff. No.
Maj Fox: I remember --I am old enough to know, back in the early 1980's seeing on the cover of Business Week magazine a picture of Uncle Sam holding a monkey wrench, and the caption was "the reindustrialization of America." Over the past few decades America has lost three quarters of its industrial base. If you subscribe to what Eamonn Fingleton said in one of his books In Praise of Hard Industries, you have to maintain heavy industry at about 30% of GDP to have a healthy economy, and what we have done is we have lost about 75% of that so that you can argue --I mean I do not want to go into too much depth on this show-- but we have lost about 75% of our real economy. And part of that is because the people who run Wall Street and our economy are addicted to intrigue and financial manipulation. They are incapable of being like a Henry Ford or an Andrew Carnegie and creating real and useful products. So we have basically these financial speculation addicts who have been outsourcing our industry who have run our country into the ground, and they know it, and they have created a horrible mess with out of control Third World immigration, and they need something to cover their tracks, which means always trying to kick a mess upstairs, and war is a great way to do that. They are trying to distract the people with these wars in the Middle East. And they are hoping that all of this extra spending on the war, for example the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, which [Linda] Bilmes and [Prof. Joseph] Stiglitz claim will total over three trillion overall, they are hoping that the public will say, hey wait a second, with the zooming growth in [unregulated] derivatives [called "weapons of mass financial destruction" by Warren Buffet in 2003], the out of control government debt, the continuing chronic balance of trade deficits, all these horrible problems which would crash the economy anyway, they are hoping the public will say, "Oh, its that darn cowboy --actually he is from Connecticut-- but that darn shoot 'em up cowboy from Texas George Bush or those darn Anglo-Saxons who are greedy corporate types and they screwed it all up," and they just are not going to look at the Zionist neocons whose co-tribesmen on Wall Street and elsewhere have turned us into a casino economy. So I think that is part of the big picture we have to look at. There is always a smoke and mirrors problem they have got to create to deflect attention away from the horrible macro mess that they have created.
Jeff: Right. Right. What you are saying is that people are worried about their pocket book, that is natural, and that is instinctive, but there is something that trumps worrying about their pocketbooks, and that is worrying about the safety of their life. That priority will trump the money concerns. So they have to create fear once again.
Maj Fox: Well I think the ultimate fear is that we are headed towards a hyperinflationary meltdown. We don't have any gold reserves, and the Fed is printing money at double digit rates. It does not even report M3 any more. It stopped that in like March 2006. We are headed towards some very, very serious stuff, and the powers that be are really scared. They are desperate for distracters.
Capt May: You know fellows, I have got to brag on the Marine here. Maj. Fox is a graduate of Harvard Business School.
Jeff: All right.
Capt. May: So he knows his field. I think that it does well to realize that the three businesses that made the biggest killing under Bush were number three, defense industries. Number two, oil. And number one, finance. Now that says it all. You work for your masters. The financiers always call the tune. And the $700 billion certainly shows that. The leadership cadre that Obama brought in, particularly Emmanuel, who is what, an Israeli army vet?
Jeff: Yep.
Mike: Uh-hm.
Capt May: It just shows basically the neocon --the removal of neo-cons-- that was a pipedream. Neocon is just another word for Zionism. And the Zionist influence is still paramount in controlling the national structure. So I think that the folks that have been coming out of Chicago now, tying up [former Illinois Governor Rod] Blagojevich in a conspiracy --
Jeff: Yes.
Capt May: Influence-peddling with Obama's Senate seat. That is mainstream media, another Zionist outfit basically putting the screws to the Obama administration. Kind of a la Monica Lewinsky. They have got a story now through which they can coerce Obama. Obama is both malleable and now blackmailable.
Maj. Fox: In fact there is an argument, and I have it on my web site where I have a whole page dedicated to the Obama phenomenon titled "From Bad to Worse to Disaster?" and arguably Obama is one of the most blackmailable President-elects in American history. There is a real question about whether he may be America's first illegal alien president. Certainly attorney Phil Berg has filed a suit claiming there are documents that show that he was listed as a citizen of Indonesia when he attended school there, which that right there would forfeit any Constitutionally-compatible natural born status. Obama has refused to release records from schools like Columbia and elsewhere --Harvard Law School -- to prove his status. Documents should show that he is a U.S. citizen, but perhaps he does not want to release them, because perhaps they don't show that. Then of course you have the other matter about the [Larry Sinclair] limousine-cocaine affair and the mysterious death of [Donald Young] a gay member of Obama's church that is run by the Reverend [Jeremiah Wright] who said G-D America. I mean, there is all kinds of stuff. What about Obama's real father? Some sources claim actually his real father is this man who was a porno writer and a former Communist. So I mean there is all of kinds of stuff in his background that if it really got out in the media would make all these allegations regarding Blagojevich look like a walk through a daisy field. What hypocrisy that the national media in unison has been going after Blagojevich and simultaneously in unison has continued to cover for Obama and even claim that the strong possibility that Obama is America's first illegal alien president --that this is a non-issue. What an Orwellian world.
Jeff: The Supreme Court has ruled just this week they turned down an emergency appeal from that New Jersey lawyer concerning Obama's eligibility, so here you go. The Supreme Court in Washington D.C. just said "We're not going to hear it." You know, "We are not going to address it." [22:10].
Maj Fox: Capt May was right on in his prediction. He said that national media has decided it will be a non-issue, therefore it is going to be a non-issue. However, anyone who bothers to watch the presentation by attorney Phil Berg on YouTube, I mean to me it is a very strong and convincing case. There are a lot of points you can go after Obama, like where was he really born? There is strong evidence he was really born in Kenya, that the birth certificate from Hawaii has been faked. So that raises big questions. And this may have happened before there were changes in the law about where people have to be born to be natural-born citizens, but the next question is Berg claims that he can produce a document that Obama was listed as an Indonesian citizen when he was attending school in Indonesia.
Jeff: Yes, dual citizenship some people said.
Capt May: The media can push Obama where they want. We have a saying, international financiers and national media controlling the agenda. So the global war is still on. The homeland state is still on. Obama wants a national security force by name. Emmanuel wants a national service academy, which is an expansion of Homeland Security, to have a kind of West Point set up. So all this stuff is made to increase everything that started on Sept. 11th. So we have to surmise that when a Congressional committee, bipartisan, waits till the day that Obama rolls out his national security team, to issue a report saying we are going to be hit by a nuke or bio attack under Obama, I do not know how much more obvious the establishment can make it. That is called telegraphing your punches.
Jeff: Yes.
Capt. May: It is coming.
Jeff: Floating balloons. Preparing the psyche of the American people to accept what is coming.
Capt May: The Left will wake up to Obama, but only slowly. The honeymoon is on, even among 911 Truth, where some of our colleagues have told us to take it easy on Obama because he might be a good guy. That view is precisely what the Establishment is counting on. The watchdogs on the Left are sleeping under the porch, so the sooner the Establishment does the next 911, the better for their purposes, which is why the common wisdom is that the attack will come in the first year.
Jeff: Wow.
Capt. May: That has been put out through Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, CNN, CBS, you name it, that Al Qaeda likes to strike early. Remember, they hit the World Trade Center within a year of Bush.
Jeff: Yes.
Capt May: And in 1993 they hit it within a year of Clinton. Ergo, they are going to hit within a year of Obama.
Jeff: So there is a pattern here Capt. May and what you are saying is that we might have another false flag attack within the U.S. borders in 2009 and that ties in with setting up once again the psyche of the American people to accept that Pakistan is now the bad guy. We went from Afghanistan to Iraq to Iran as the bad guy and now it is Pakistan, and guess what, Pakistan actually has working nukes. So don't be surprised if we got hit because they have them.
Capt May: Well, as long as it is a Middle Eastern Muslim. Remember, what the Zionists world view is that it is kind of like the old Indians. The only good Indian is the dead Indian back in the Wild West? Well now we have the wild Middle East where the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim. So Pakistan will do nicely as the patsy nation. But so will any other. You know, Saudi Arabia may help out again you know by providing patsies. It could be cooperative. But the big thing is that as long as there is another, what is the word now, Islamist?
Jeff: Yes.
Capt. May: As long as there is an Islamist terrorist attack on the U.S. then everything the globalist/Zionist establishment wants continues. The 911 scenario continues. But only if there is another 911. That is the sine qua non.
Jeff: Could this balloon into something larger though? Facing a nation that has an arsenal. And also an enemy, a neighbor in India who has an arsenal as well.
Capt May: Sure. These people that set this up were thinking on a global scale. Globalism and Zionism are a two-headed beast. It has merged. The finance and the media is Zionist. Globalism is part and parcel. They are synonymous, almost. They think on a global scale. When they did 911 eight years ago, they were already thinking of the next one, and ultimately, when they started the global war on terror, that was their joke. Global war was a way of psychologically preparing the masses for World War.
Jeff: Yeah.
Capt. May: Global War is a synonym for World War. So you are telling me that they may, for instance, pop a nuke at the Sears Tower or the refinery at Texas City and in doing so manipulate dictatorship of the U.S., mobilization of the U.S., dictatorship in Europe, hate laws worldwide protecting Zionists, and nuclear war against Pakistan and/or Iran involving the U.S. and/or Israel and/or India? Well sure! If we can say it, that means it can be planned. If it can be planned, they are planning it as a contingency. You know Maj. Fox and I both had general staff experience. We did all kinds of contingency plans. These guys have got all the brains in the world coming up with ways to take over the world. That is what they do. That is the goal. That is where it is headed.
Maj. Fox: If I might interject.
Jeff: Sure.
Maj. Fox: They already have not been bashful about using nukes. So for example Capt. May has provided strong evidence as well as a former Iraqi general Al-Rawi as well as others like Leuren Meuret who is a DU [Depleted Uranium] expert who has interviewed a lot of individuals about the Battle of Baghdad that a neutron bomb --one or more-- was used when the 3/7 cavalry was thrown off the airport during the Battle of Baghdad. There are other cases, such as we know that over 2,000 tons of depleted uranium have been used in Iraq which when it aerosolizes --about 50% of each warhead becomes aerosolized and can pass through the blood-brain barrier and the skin -- very nasty stuff. And according to expert Doug Rokke, former Army Major, expert in Depleted Uranium, something like over 250,000 servicemen who were in Persian Gulf Wars I and II have filed for permanent disability, probably most of that is related to depleted uranium. [32:40]
Jeff: Yes.
Maj. Fox: There is probably a greater number of Iraqi civilians who are either dead or are going to die early deaths from depleted uranium. Also in regard to 911, there are many experts who believe that controlled demolitions alone were not adequate to bring down those towers. In order to achieve the extreme pulverization there were probably min-nukes used, and some sources claim they detected heightened levels of radiation after the towers came down. So the scenario we painted it is not a question of if they will use or are likely to use nukes because they already have, and they are more than happy to use them again. They could probably care less if there is a nuclear exchange that gets set off between Pakistan and India through some intrigues they set up because they are kind of nuke-happy these days. And incidentally, one other comment, they are irresponsible in other ways. There is strong evidence that the Zionist neocons helped to prod Georgia to attack South Ossetia.
Jeff: Oh yes, most definitely.
Maj. Fox: And how irresponsible is that to bloody the nose of the Russian bear? I mean, that is hardly what I consider prudent policy.
Mike: Yes.
Jeff: Why would the Georgians, who know that if they attacked South Ossetia, they know that Russia is coming in. The only reason they do that is because they had assurance, hey, the U.S. has your back, don't worry about it. And we didn't have their back, that is a nice game we played on them. But yes, we talked to David Bay of the, one of the foremost experts I have run into about the New World Order, and as we discussed similar things, we said, "What is next?" What is next on the agenda? He said there is only one thing left: World War III.
Capt May: Right.
Maj. Fox: Well what we have got is what I call a Masada complex, where Israel cannot sustain itself without massive foreign aid and siphoning off money from intrigues [all of which is self-justified by paranoid self-righteousness]. And you have an elite in America, a Zionist elite, that was for example involved in dragging America -- I mean it goes way back to World War I as one example-- you can argue that in 1916 the best thing for the world was for all the major powers was to call it quits and end the war, but in return for a guarantee that the U.S. [would be] brought into the war by the [American] Zionist influence in [American] media, and that [in return] Britain would basically hand over Palestine to the Zionists --the U.S. was brought into the war. It dragged on for two more years, millions and millions of more men got killed. It so weakened Russia, Italy, and Germany that it set the stage for the rise of Bolshevism, Fascism, and Nazism. And so you can go through this whole long series --we could talk about the creation of the Federal Reserve Banking System which was probably led on by private banking interests like the Rothschilds and their confederates, the Morgans and Rockefellers, that has been nothing but bad for America. They have debauched over 97% of the value of the currency since it was originally created [in 1913].
Mike: Yep.
Maj Fox: It was originally created to stablize the currency. So we can go through a whole list about how these people have taken a country that was once 90% white, had a bigger industrial base than Germany, Britain, and probably France all combined, was the most prosperous and most dynamic country in the world in 1900, and now America is practically bankrupt, it has lost three quarters of its industrial base, is on track towards becoming majority nonwhite and a permanent Third World country. I mean under their management they have created an incredible mess of things, and these people are probably in the middle of the night waking up and sweating and thinking "What if those stupid people out in the heartland finally wake up? They are going to come for us and hang us from the lamp posts! What can we do to distract them?"
Jeff: Yes.
Mike: Yep.
Capt May: Every year, about half of Congress and all the Administration goes and kow tows to the AIPAC conference. And then votes them $700 billion. I mean it is a global war scenario. That is where it is going. Now with Obama he brings up a scary scenario to focus things. For the last three years I have been putting out a well-read document about false flag prospects indicating that the Houston area is the number one false flag target, because that is Bush's adopted home. But where is Obama from?
Jeff: [singing the 1922 Fred Fisher/1957 Frank Sinatra song] Chi-ca-go!
Capt May: Right. Chicago used to be our number two designated [target]. As of now, we have had to reappraise, we are now announcing that Chicago is the top city in the U.S. They have had one definite attempt to stage everything that makes a false flag. In fact, by the time you post this interview, we will have sent you Major Fox's article. He is writing an article about an Internet coalition that blocked an attempted false flag supervised by Blagojevich and Chertoff in May 2006. Major?
Maj Fox: Yes, as a matter of fact there have been some repeated, what we believe, successful efforts to thwart what we call a false flag attack. There first was we believe in 2004 as part of an international 1-2 punch situation which I would like to try to explain here [Editor's Note: The Feb 22, 2006, al-Askari Golden Mosque bombing in Samarra, Iraq to be followed by an attack on the Sears Tower]. [38:24:04]
Jeff: Can we take a little break guys?
Maj. Fox: All right.
Jeff: Let us take a little break here because I think we are setting a new direction. Let people catch their breath. I think Americans after listening to this are going to have buyer remorse over Barack Obama.
Mike: Yes.
Capt May: They should.
Mike: Well we will let them sink their teeth into what we have been talking about. You are listening to the Jeff and Mike Show. Jeff, our guests this week are:
Jeff: Capt. Eric May and also Maj. William Fox. We are going to talk more about some really shocking news, folks. And here is reality check. It is not the Age of Acquarius yet with Barack Obama. Not yet. We will be back. [39:06 voice over "You are listening to the Jeff and Mike Show"...end of music at: 40:50]
Jeff: How true. It is the puppets that pull the strings [quoting lyrics from the song just played].
Mike: And it only takes a second to say goodbye.
Jeff: Say hello, its the Jeff and Mike Show. I pledge Mike Howard with you every Sunday 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, that's Pacific Time. We're hanging out in sunny, well, its cloudy San Diego. It is winter. It does rain in southern California.
Mike: Yes it does. And we are on,, and Mondays from 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon this show replays on our new affiliate We are thankful to all of you who are tuning in. Just hopping in to the show, shame on you for being late. But we have been talking to Capt Eric May--
Jeff: Yes.
Mike: And Maj. William Fox, and we are talking about, well, everything that is going down lately, false flag attacks in India, Pakistan being villified as the next bogeyman to scare Americans into more war, and all the various connections going on politically including Barack Obama and how Americans might be having buyers remorse. I know a lot of liberals. Now it is going to take a lot of time guys for the liberals to wake up, and maybe they didn't get what they thought they were buying, but a lot are already upset about his cabinet picks and feeling he is not keeping true to his word. Do you think there will be some kind of outcry if he doesn't fulfil at least some of his promises.
Capt May: Well, the simple answer is yes, but, we have got a honeymoon period. We found out fellows, from our circles, and Lord knows our circles are pretty aware, that there is a wishful thinking element where people want to give him a break. They do not want to attack a guy who said he would undo this. So for a while Obama is going to get support. Let's face it, if he sets up a false flag, he is immediately is going to get all the Bush support.
Jeff: Yes.
Capt May: All the neocons are going to back him. And the expectation is probably that the Left which would be the opponant, will be in paralysis.
Jeff: Yeah. You are right.
Capt May: So there is buyer's remorse, but not enough yet. And the people who are planning all of this, playing the scenarios, certainly know that Obama is in a lose-lose situation. Every day he is in office, from the day he was installed, he will continue to drop, because the Right already dislikes him, and the Left will learn to dislike him. So the sooner the better. Whatever they have got planned with Obama, the sooner the better.
Maj. Fox: Which means the sooner the better for us to try to make the public view them as realistically as possible, which means to heighten vigilence and healthy citizen distrust.
Jeff: Could this wake up the American public, though? I mean, we have had it up to here with Bush, who has an extremely low rating, and that is why everyone was celebrating this is the end of the neocon era. But will this --will Americans say, "That is it!" Our leadership, whether it is from the Right or the Left, stinks, and we need to do something new. Or will people just continue to be passive even if things go from bad to worse.
Maj Fox: Well probably until we get the hyperinflationary meltdown where the dollar becomes the value of tissue paper, most Americans who have been led to believe for generations that the Federal government has the ultimate answer to all their problems --which is the total opposite viewpoint of the American revolutionaries, the government is more the problem than the solution--
Jeff: Yes
Maj Fox: But anyway, probably the majority will continue along the path of semi-blind trust. But there is always that 5% in any population who are the usual innovators, and the other 10% who are the early adopters, and there is a certain percentage of free thinkers who can get out there, as we are trying to do right now, and upset the apple cart just enough so that false flag conspirators want to back off. So at the margin, I think we can be successful, but by the same token what the public really needs to understand is that what is really driving this thing are deep fundamentals. We have lost three quarters of our industrial base. We have extremely chronic problems with our whole financial system. These would have taken place any way even if we hadn't gone into Iraq or Afghanistan or had these other adventures in the Middle East, and these people are playing smoke and mirrors games with us. But the deep fundamentals are driving this. And of course didn't Obama's major contributors come from Goldman Sachs? So that, plus all the War Party folks surrounding him, I mean for anybody who is even remotely aware of what is going on, the time to criticize is now, and not give him a honeymoon.
Jeff: Hmmmm.
Mike: No, it is time to hold his feet to the fire immediately.
Jeff: And the economic aspect, that is part of the New World Order goal, to create two classes. The small, elitist controlling classs, and then the majority which is just peasant class. They have no power to revolt or do anything to defend themselves. And to do that you have to pretty much have to wipe out the middle class.
Maj. Fox: Right, but I think there are long historical and cultural roots to that. I think that if you look at the societies of northern Europe, like in Old Sweden, it was not the case of the kings who killed the people, but rather it was the people who would rise up and kill the bad kings. The same thing for Scotland and Norway. You always had, compared to other societies in history, a huge middle class. For example, [the ancient Roman writer] Tacitus wrote about the ancient Germans [in The Agricola and the Germania] when Germany was mostly a Nordic country. All men would carry swords. That was true in Old Scotland. Being armed meant that you were interchangeable with the "police" and interchangeable with the soldiery. You did not have professional soldiers. Like in the Nordic sagas, it was the free farmers [and free fisherman, etc] who fight the battles. The people are free. The point I want to make is that you have sociological issues about a social structure in America that once existed that has sort of disappeared, and we have people who have a very alien mentality, particularly the Zionists, who come from a part of the world where you have moguls and Asiatic despots, and I think that even on a deep emotional and cultural level, they don't understand a society with a big middle class with free farmers --those types-- what they understand is ruling through fear, through intrigue, through financial manipulation. They can't relate to Henry Ford or an Andrew Carnegie who knew how to build real industry making productive things. So I think a major part of the New World Order is just people who understand a way of life that is similar to what the CIA and Mossad does. They can't understand making a better car. And unfortunately those people have taken over our society and they have set the tone, and until they are ousted, we will continue to have economic problems.
Mike: Well these are the people who were born with the silver spoons in their mouth and they wouldn't have known an honest day's work if it bit them in the behind.
Maj. Fox. That is right. I mean, we are run by criminals, basically.
Mike: Yes.
Maj. Fox. Criminal gangsters, that is what it comes down to.
Mike: From Wall Street -- we might as well hand over control of the government over to the mob or something like that.
Maj. Fox. We already have.
Jeff: It is that mentality, certainly.
Mike: There is a certain sense of organization to it, that is for sure.
Capt May: When people look, to try to think of what is coming, they should look back to the Bolshevik Revolution which was heavily controlled by the Zionists. About 75% of the secret police were ethnic Jewish. Over half the Bolshevik Party was ethnic Jewish. That's fact, man. And if you think, the elimination of the Kulaks, the middle class of Russia, was order of business number one along with suppression of free speech. For instance, doing what I just did, pointing out that over half the communists were Jewish, was a death sentence under the Bolshevik Revolution. Discussing Zionism was a death sentence. You couldn't talk. You might say that we have a prologue to that with our hate laws. The hate speech legislation. You have a prologue to the elimination of the Russian middle class in our current economic situation. And there is one very frightening aspect of the Russian Revolution which was the manufactured famine. The Ukrainean famine. You have heard of it?
Jeff: Yes.
Capt. May: What was it, like 1930 or 1932? Where the Bolsheviks deliberately starved probably about five million Ukraineans. Mass murder on an epic scale. Never discussed in the Zionist media. But the reason I bring it up is because it sounds eerily similar to another thing we are promised, which is an eminent pandemic.
Jeff: Yes.
Capt May. Biowar.
Jeff: Yes.
Mike: Uh-hum.
Capt May: In other words, we are being set up.
Jeff: We are being set up, yep.
Capt May: --To have either natural or terrorist biological catastrophes that could eliminate five million of us.
Jeff: And that is another tenent of the New World Order, right? Control the population. There are too many people currently on the planet and they need to drastically reduce the population so they can actually control the global population.
Mike: Get better control over the global populace.
Maj. Fox: Can you note that the people who run the New World Order are incapable of promoting healthy industry. In other words, the Industrial Revolution is what continually and dramatically increased the carrying capacity within all the Western countries all through the 19th century, yet we see the dismantling of our industry in America because these people like to wheel and deal and they don't understand how to run industry and they like to turn everything into paper profits. So what is happening is they are creating the underlying economic situation where they are taking away our economic base, and at the same time they are promoting kind of a social theory that there are too many useless eaters out there, so they sort of reinforce each other. Of course they never put the blame on themselves for destroying industry, including the preconditions to begin with to create all those so-called "useless eaters."
Capt May: The Major will sound extreme to some, until they reflect that just a month ago, Obama and McCain --both parties, both candidates-- lined up and kicked over $700 billion of our money to support the very people that he is talking about.
Jeff: Yes.
Capt May: The banking houses.
Jeff: Right.
Mike: Yep.
Capt May: The great money changers. This all goes back to things as classic and as invidious as usury in the Middle Ages. Or, money changers in the Temple in the New Testament. Until we are capable of discussing this then we are slaves to convention.
Maj. Fox: Right. If I can interject on the mortgage crisis, having been a stock broker for ten years, I followed a lot of this stuff very closely. The Big Boys always knew the whole system was very reckless and what they were doing was very irresponsible. I mean, for example, back in the 1800's everything was very decentralized, relatively speaking, among small banks, and a lending officer had to make good loans or else his local bank went out of business and he got fired. What they did [recently] is they created a whole structure where the people who originated loans just packaged them and sent them on to higher sources and collected a fee, and it became like the old joke on Wall Street where someone got delivery of some sardines, and they tasted awful, and somebody said, "Well, these are not eating sardines, they are trading sardines!" So the whole mortgage market started to consist of rotten trading sardines where everything was decoupled from reality, from the ability of borrowers to repay and the soundness of their income to cover their house payments, but the guys at the top knew darn well that this was going on, they knew that it was irresponsible, but they figured that they would find a way to get out first, and leave others holding the bag. And guess who ultimately got stuck holding the bag after they created extreme distortion in the American economy and extreme financial distress -- and of course they have been running up debt and derivatives continually anyway-- the taxpayer got caught holding the bag [with the $700 billion bailout].
Jeff: Naturally.
Maj. Fox: In fact, some folks, some observers, called this a financial coup de etat where basically the Big Money Boys went to Congress and said, "Write us a blank check." So guess who is really running America? I might interject there is a Professor [Kevin] Gutzman who wrote The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, and Who Stole the Constitution? or something to that effect in the title, and he observed that in the 20th century that Congress --the government-- ignores the Constitution about 95% of the time. I am great believer in constitutional government and-- .
Jeff: Oh, yes.
Maj. Fox: Capt. May and I have an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but things are so totally out of whack. I mean the corruption is so horrible at the highest levels, like I said earlier, it is like we are being run by organized crime.
Jeff: Well as George W. said, the Constitution is just a [G- D- ] piece of paper.
Mike: Yeah.
Capt May: Something like that!
Mike: It doesn't matter to him.
Jeff: Now Capt. May, you mentioned you brought up John McCain's name. We said from the Git-go because we could not understand why he won his party's candidacy to be their standard-bearer. Now he was just a stooge.
Capt May: He was a straight up Zionist puppet, man.
Jeff: But we wouldn't have been any better with him, right?
Capt May: Here is the whole thing about the election. McCain was saying "I am going to end global war." But he couldn't. Obama was saying, "I am going to get us out of global war." But he wouldn't. So it was a race between can't and won't, couldn't and wouldn't. It was six vs. half a dozen. McCain was --look who was up his butt -- Lieberman. Judas Joe.
Jeff: Yep.
Capt May: Everywhere he went. Well come on, man, if that isn't the unseen hand. McCain's daddy, Admiral McCain, was the guy who covered up the only documented, proved false flag attack against U.S. military forces --Israel's attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.
Jeff: Yes, that is right.
Capt May: That is daddy McCain.
Maj. Fox: He had a "wet start" on an aircraft carrier where he caused quite a few deaths and other casualties when flames ripped across the carrier deck -- that was when he was "hot-dogging" on the carrier deck, just for kicks.
Capt May: On the U.S.S. Forrestal.
Maj. Fox: And the worst that happened to him is he just transferred to another ship because his daddy helped covered for him.
Capt. May: McCain was the only guy in the war who could fairly claim to have been an ace. He was an ace for North Vietnam!
Mike: [laugher] That is not saying a whole lot about our air forces.
Jeff: As we have said, he was the real life Beetle Bailey.
Capt May: He got five. Shot down once, crashed three, and blew up one. That's five confirmed. He was a North Vietnamese ace.
Jeff: [laughter, rings a bell]
Capt May: McCain was a manipulateable, blackmailable, psychotic. Another Bush.
Mike: He had that look in his eyes, man.
Jeff: He has no soul, he has no center. He wanted the title, he wanted the job, and he would have done anything. But, yes, he was no better, and he was very floored about we are going to have more war.
Capt May: Now with Obama, we have got to remember that there will be no honest Presidential candidate. If an honest man tried, they would kill him.
Jeff: Just like they did to JFK.
Mike: Yep.
Jeff: He was an anomaly.
Capt May: Well yes, and Obama was a creation. He was born, he sprung forward from the head of the Democratic Party, like Athena in the 2004 Convention.
Mike: That is right. I remember that speech that he gave, and I said, and I told Jeff this, you watch, there is your rising star. That is the new guy.
Jeff: And he had the blessing from the power structure in the Democratic Party, that being the Kennedy clan.
Capt May: Right, and he came from what we are learning this week is the most corrupt political cesspool in the United States. Chicago, Illinois.
Jeff: They are taking some rap this week, hunh?
Mike: Yeah they are.
Capt May: And remember, that 2004 Democratic Party could have nominated [Howard] Dean as an anti-war, get real on Israel, anti- Homeland Security candidate, but instead pulls him down and stuck in Bush's Skull and Bones fraternity brother John Kerry. You got Bush and Bush lite in 2004.
Jeff: Yep.
Capt May: Does anyone, looking at it dispassionately, believe that Obama is anything but a Black Bush?
Jeff: Now you mention folks are telling you maybe some people you know are saying take it easy on him, give him a chance, he seems like a nice guy, and you know he comes off as a nice guy, but you are saying his own home, Chicago, is prime number one target for a false flag attack plus even a nuke. That would be rather cold and callous to allow his own people to be blown off the map, hunh? [1:01:33]
Maj Fox: But that is part of a pattern, and that is, for example, with insurance companies, typically the prime target, when a house burns down and we are talking about an arsonist, is he burns down his own home or his own property, because this is the easiest thing to control. And therefore --let us talk about the Zionist capitol of the world, New York City. Guess what happened in New York City. The World Trade Centers came down. Owned and controlled by whom with the long term leasehold? Larry Silverstein!
Capt May: Guess who bought Chicago Sears Tower?
Maj. Fox: And of course we have got Larry Silverstein who as we mentioned slapped on the 6-6-6 zip code [60606 after you knock out the zeros] and of course we are talking about 110 stories, just like the World Trade Center Towers. "11" is a nice occultic number when you knock off the zero off the 110 stories. So there are a lot of ties. Of course we have been talking about the attempts on Texas City, Texas with the British Petroleum Refinery, and that of course is in George Bush's back yard, having been governor of Texas.
Capt May: It blew up.
Maj. Fox. Right, and with repeated explosions. So once again we have an example of the action taking place in the back yard of somebody who can control the local media, the local police, and the local political establishment to guide the reaction in the right way in a consumated false flag attack.
Capt May: The best place to do murder or mass murder is in your own back yard.
Mike: Because nobody else will suspect you.
Capt May: Turn on TV. If a kid is missing, who did it? The parents.
Jeff: The family members, yes.
Capt May: If a wife is dead, who did it?
Mike: The husband.
Capt May: And most of the time, that is true. Murder or mass murder does not become less likely with the proximity of the murderer or mass murderer to the victim or victims. It becomes more likely. So Obama came from a Chicago area that as Maj. Fox will publish this weekend, and I suppose you fellows will post the article --
Jeff: Oh yes.
Capt May: We documented a false flag set-up by Blagojevich, Obama's buddy, Governor of Illinois, headed up by the Zionist Michael Chertoff, head of Homeland Security, attempted May 2-4, 2006. I ran that mission with a collection of Midwest activists including Dr. Kevin Barrett, a big 9-11 Truth activist, the Lone Lantern society, Midwest emailers, and Sgt First Class Donald Buswell, an intelligence NCO then on active duty. We detected and directly confronted a setup by Illinois National Guard, Indiana National Guard, City of Chicago police, governor's office, and we blew the whistle worldwide all the way to the Pentagon. Now I will let Maj. Fox describe more of what was going on for this set-up, like where was Mayor Daley?
Maj. Fox: Mayor Daley was in Israel for the first time in his whole career, hanging out with the Mossad, while this whole time period, the 2-4 May time frame was taking place. Also I think we were discussing earlier, perhaps during the break, how this whole situation evolved where a member of the Lone Lantern Society, which was a citizen activist cyber vigilence group in Chicago, which was certainly inspired by Capt. May's work, identified the fact that there were these secretive anti-terror drills taking place among the members of the national guard and the police and first responders, and they sent a message to Capt May talking about how this could involve a WMD attack or bioweapons. Capt May got on the phone and actually tricked members of the police and national guard into giving more details. It turned out that part of the scenario was bringing down a tall building with a WMD attack. So Capt. May went out in late April with a red alert--
Capt May: 26th of April.
Maj. Fox: --The 26th of April. The very next day, Governor Blagojevich came out with a press release validating everything that Capt. May had come out with. And we think that he probably lost his nerve at that point. He made this [exercise] thing so wide open that effectively he aborted the [false flag] mission. Because by then the 911 Truth Movement was wise to the fact that the best time to run a false flag exercise is when you have concurrent military exercises.
Jeff: Yes.
Maj. Fox: I mean Webster Tarpley claims that there were something like 25 different military exercises going on during 911, some people say 17 -whatever the number was-- there were quite a few actually simulating a plane going into the building and other things simulating what actually happened. Then when we look for example at the July 7, 2005 London terror episode, bombings, you had quite a few British security forces simulating exactly what ended up happening with the bombings. And so certainly people have gotten pretty wise to this fact when major terror drills are being planned.
Jeff: Yes.
Maj. Fox: Of course the other very disconcerting thing is all of this was taking place, the pre-planning for months, was being withheld from the public. So obviously when this was disclosed only a matter of days from the actual event from 2-4 May, that was a gigantic red flag. Another red flag, incidentally, was the million man Mexican march, to take place on May Day, the first. The reason why that was a red flag is that typically we see that before a false flag event, the power elite likes to figure out a way to bring in major media in the area to set things up.
Capt May: In Chicago.
Maj. Fox: In Chicago, right.
Capt May: Do your remember it?
Jeff: Very much so. That was a hot topic as well. You guys, we only have a minute to go. So our best defense is to use the purity of light to expose their evil deeds before it happens, this way they will back off because they don't want that light hitting their dark deeds and being exposed, and that is what we are trying to do. Now I know it is trying to do analysis on what they might be up to, now you said the attack coming 2009, possibly, target: most likely Chicago, and being more specific, Chicago Sears Tower.
Capt May: Larry Silverstein owns it.
Jeff: They like to do things dramatically, of course. I know Capt. May you are excellent with the numbers, and getting into their head with this. What might be a target date in 2009?
Capt May: It will emerge, but there are so many possibilities.
Maj. Fox: But there is another point to make, and that is once they prep an area, it is highly likely they will opportunistically revisit it as a secondary or tertiary target. So Texas City, Texas and what we call the Houston Texas Triangle is still on the table. We have also issued alerts regarding Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington because they have been major focal areas. And to a lesser extent, Phoenix was clearly in an exercise, but we think Portland and Seattle probably took priority.
Capt May: Let me go ahead and try a number. I will give you a date. You ready?
Jeff: Yes.
Mike: Yes.
Capt. May: For example, this year is the "09" coming up, how about 9-9-9. September 9, 2009. That will be 9-9-9, turned upside down, and what do you get?
Mike: 666.
Jeff: 6-6-6, how about that.
Capt May: What is the zip code on Sears Tower? 60606?
Jeff: Yes, there you go.
Capt May: Now I will give you one more number.
Jeff: OK.
Capt May: Got that Sears Tower? We invite everyone to read Maj. Fox's article about that Chicago mission. I always wondered why they did they choose May 2-4, 2006 to try it. I only found it out about three months ago doing Internet research. May 3, 2006, which would have been 5-3, two negative integers. Nothing in particular there. It happened to be an anniversary of the completion of the Sears Tower. Guess which anniversary? The 33rd? So they picked for their target day, the 33rd anniversary of a building that is 110 stories, which is an "11" [after following the numerological practice of ignoring zeros], owned by Silverstein who set up the towers, which remember the [WTC] towers themselves formed an "11." That is what they looked like. With a zip code for Sears Tower of 60606. All of which says, if I had to throw out an early warning date, just one of many possibilities, I would say look out for Sept. 9, 2009, which is 9-9-9 or 6-6-6 [numbers flipped]. See how it works?
Jeff: Yes.
Jeff: Most definitely.
Capt May: That is how they think.
Mike: Yep.
Jeff: Warped!
Capt May: All right fellows. God bless.
Jeff: All right, thanks again. Thanks for coming on the program tonight.
Capt May: Always an honor.
Maj. Fox: A great honor.
Mike: Keep fighting the good fight, gentlemen.
Jeff: Take care.
Mike: All right, we just heard from Capt. Eric H. May and--
Jeff: -- Maj. William B. Fox, and we will give you time to digest all of that because it is incredible information.
Mike. It is.
Jeff: Actually it is chilling information, but that is what you come to expect on the Jeff and Mike Show.
Mike: The truth.
Jeff: You are going to hear what you are not hearing on mainstream media.
Mike: That's right.
Jeff: We'll be back folks, more coming up. [1:13:13 start of the music break].

Captain Eric H. May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. For his most recent articles and upcoming interviews, refer to his home site at:
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William B. Fox is a former Marine Corps Major with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence. He is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Southern California. He is publisher of America First Books.


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