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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


Dr. James Fetzer
Dynamic Duo Show
with Captain Eric H. May

12 Dec 2007

Abstract: This interview addresses reasons why the Bush Administration came very close to conducting a false flag attack as a pretext to attack Iran and even launch World War III in the summer and early fall of 2007. It also covers extreme bias in national media, and how the National Intelligence Estimate released in Dec 2007 which claimed that Iran was not a threat, had been deliberately kept suppressed by the Bush Administration for over nine months.



Capt. Eric H. May

Dr. James Fetzer: ...Which even as eager a beaver for war as Charles Krauthammer has suggested has taken a nuclear or military option off the table. It may not be that simple. I am very interested in your assessment.
Capt May: Well yes, in fact I think we will look back and call it the watershed moment. You know there has always been the issue whether or not we will get to the next election with or without the war on Iran. Of course you remember that the inside word was that Bush had promised the Israel lobby an attack on Iran. It looks like what has happened now is he has been tripped up by his own bureaucracy. In fact, let's rephrase that. Bush and the neocons, you know, what would you call them --the zealots, the foreign policy zealots, wanted the war at all costs. As soon as possible. They seem to have been handed their comeuppance by what you call the geopolitical resource -- the majority of people who make up foreign policy in intelligence establishments. So this NIE first off has nothing to do with reality. You know, Iran may or may not --I think it is very unlikely that Iran has a nuclear program. I happen to think this NIE is probably the truth. The fact that it is the truth has nothing to do with its publication. I imagine these same truths were known in 2003 and 2005, but they did not make it into the NIE. In fact, you may remember the 2005 NIE, its main thrust was that Iran was attempting to reconstitute its nuclear program. So the 2007 NIE, it pulls Bush's leash, and I think Krauthammer, as much I hate to agree with Krauthammer on anything, if even Krauthammer, the harsh neocon that he is, is saying that this in effect calls the war off, then I am in concurrence with that. It is exactly what it does.
Dr. Fetzer: We do have reports of all the pro-Israeli lobbyists and their news media sources launching one op-ed column or news report after another insisting that this really shows that the threat is greater than we thought before. And even the president of the United States is coming out with Orwellian logic to declare that now we know the threat is real.
Capt. May: Right. Well, since you are a philosopher you remember that the accusation made of the sophists is that they could always make the worser arguments appear the better.
Dr. Fetzer: [laughter] Yes!
Capt May: This is an exercise in political sophistry. You know, strategic sophistry, let's call it. What it does, it is amazing how much this particular issue is exposing the positions of the Israel-first crowd in the United States who under Bush have become the dominant crowd in the United States foreign policy. Maybe they always were, but they always weren't always proactive. They were less influential in where we were going. Now I think that we can say that since 9-11, the Israel first crowd --the Israel lobby-- I think Mearsheimer and Walt have probably concocted the best term to use to refer to it. The Israel lobby, or to use an older term, Zionists, have really pushed the country to the brink. And now the country is trying to back away from the brink. Not because of any inherent morality or particular quality. I am not one of these, being a former Intel officer myself, who is jumping up and saying "Oh, Thank God for such principled men as we have in the Intelligence service, because these are the same guys who gave Bush the green light that fostered the 2002 NIE and have gone along with everything he has done since. But for very practical motives, the bulk, the inertia, of the intelligence and state apparatus has decided that Bush, the neocons, the Zionists, the Israel lobby, you know all of them together, whatever you want to call them, have pushed us over the brink. So now that they are pulling the leash, what do you hear? You know, they could not do a better job identifying themselves as being Israel-first interests. They really couldn't. This whole neo-con thing, it needs to be understood for what it is. It is a fifth column. Their primary interests are not America. Their primary interests are Israel. So the whole 911 global war cabal has always been the globalism and Zionism. The two objectives have always been oil and Israel. And this just makes it so much clearer. So that in the next week, we have the freaky phenomenon of an exchange of chiefs of staff. The Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff is going to be coming out here, to basically beat up on the Bush people about not going far enough to set up the stage for an Iran war, and the U.S. Chief of Staff, is going to be -- I think it is Admiral Mullen, is going to Israel basically to get beat up because the U.S. has not pushed enough on the Iranian war. So it is clear, the tail wagging the dog phenomenon, everyone in the whole world knows where the tail is that wags the American dog, except for America. But now it is coming pretty apparent to Americans even where the tail is.
Dr. Fetzer: Well it really is a shocking scenario where the Israelis are lecturing the Americans about how their own intelligence agencies, all 16, have it wrong.
Capt May: Yes, like you say, it is both shocking and offensive that a small country which depends on our support --financial, military, political should be telling us how to run our geopolitical affairs and it is deeply shocking that such a large percentage of the neocons should be lining up behind this foreign country's thoughts about how we should run our business. First off, I don't agree with the way we are running our business. But even if I don't, I agree still less with the idea of letting Israel tell us how to run it. It really spells out where the gravity or balance, let us put it that way, points out who controls the center of balance of American foreign policy, and indeed the entire American military industrial apparatus. You know these points, I have made them in the past in articles and on air. They have always landed me in hot water. But right now the point is being made for me, I would say. [8:20]
Dr. Fetzer: Stand by, we will be right back with my special guest Capt. May. This is your Jim Fetzer your host on the Dynamic Duo. [8:40 beginning of the break. 13:42] This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Dynamic Duo with Kevin Barret where you can catch Kevin here on Mondays and Fridays and I am here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Today my special guest is a former Army intelligence officer who is an astute commentator on domestic acitivities in foreign affairs, especially in so far as they relate to covert activities and black ops. His name is Captain Eric May. Eric, I have got a piece here that appeared on the 28th of November. An interview with Scott Ritter who was offering some views about what was going on with the administration. That they are pushing the perception that Iraq is now stable. That there are different ways in which this could still upset the desire to bomb Iran. He says that if you have a situation in Pakistan for example that explodes out of control and suddenly have nuclear weapons at risk of falling in the hands of Islamic fundamentalists, that could stop it. Turkey attacks Kurdistan is out of control and that could put a halt to it. Says we have to hope for disaster to prevent unmitigated disaster. The ideologues here in control in the post Cold War environment needed to fill the gap created by the demise of the Soviet Union so that no nation or group of nations would ever again confront us as equals. In order to do that they were basically dividing the world into spheres of strategic influence. We will impose our will, by force if necessary, in the Middle East as one such area. There is an absolute fear that the Chinese economy is frightening American industrialists and there is a need to dictate the pace of Chinese economic development by controlling their access to energy. Controlling Central Asian and Middle Eastern energy is a key to the strategic thinking of the Bush administration. As Condoleeza Rice has repeatedly said, it is about regional transformation inclusive of regime change. It turns the Middle East into a sphere of influence that we have tremendous control over. That is what is behind all of this. Would you say that is pretty good as a sketch of what is going on? [15:53]
Capt May: I would say that is damn fine analysis. I think that is right on target. You know this NIE can't be unlinked. The undoing of the Iran War project. And let us remember it was not four months ago that those of us who were very active in geostrategic circles talking weekly, daily, about how close we seem to be to a war.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt May: The reversal of that is certainly affected by both the Turkish and the Pakistani political situations where you have east and west destabilization of our central Middle East efforts. And I agree, certainly the concern about a grand entente which I think may be forming between Russia and China --
Dr. Fetzer: Yes
Capt. May: You know, that is a piece of brilliance. Bush is going to take it to the point that now we are going to do something that has not been done since, oh God, since Truman. Which is to bring a Sino-Soviet, you know -- [16:58]
Dr. Fetzer: Collosus.
Capt. May: Collosus. Right. right. And right now Putin is sounding like a confrontational, well, let us put it this way. Offensive-defensive. Bush has always been where the Russians are worst. You when Russians decide that you are going to attack them or you are going to be belligerant, that is when they become their worst. You know they have this historic memory of various powers --Hitler, Napoleon, the Great Khans, you know, any number of northeastern European strongmen, Poland, Saxony, Sweden, who have all attacked Russia. Russia has spent very little time attacking externally. They have grown into a large force. And right now, you know the Iraq --we seem to have gotten a green light for Iraq, has become a red light for Iran. And God knows what Russia has said. Remember, Putin was meeting with Ahmadinejad and the Caspian Alliance about two months ago, and the word that came out of that was no attack on Iran helped by any country, which meant that pulled Azerbaijan, which we were thinking about using as a strategic ally, as a launching point for and Iranian war, pulled out. So there has been a realignment of the global chessboard to borrow from Brezinski's title. Or that's Kissinger. That is all of them. The grand chessboard has realigned, which is something that was inevitable. You know when you have a four or five year quicksand war in Iraq, and you say that is a central front in your war? Well my God, what is the world supposed to do? If you are stuck in quicksand which you have proclaimed on your own, your central area of operations, who is going to sit there and count on your success? So there is one thing, thought, that I think we should go into, you and I particularly, which has not been covered by any of the geostrategic-analytic community. And that is that --remember this NIE was prepared six months to nine months ago. It has been on Cheney's desk for almost a year. It apparently has been all over Washington for six months. In fact, it was a classified NIE for that reason. I guess you are aware of all that.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, and that Cheney has been desperately trying to get it revised or contained so that the administration could begin bombing Iran before it was released.
Capt May: Oh yes, but you see I think that in this case they actually are guilty of a fallacy. I don't think the NIE stopped design for a war in Iraq -excuse me, I mean the war on Iran. I think the war on Iran was stopped, and that released the NIE. In other words, divide the geo-political community community into two parts now. There is the neocons, the global Zionist block on one side. The other side is the realists, which probably you and I would belong to back in the Cold War days. I think what happened is that the neocon initiatives --the neocons have been giving their initiatives since 2001, since 911. Because 911 of course was the beginning of the neocon coup to take over of America. I think that there has always been the dilemna of how to continue the global war through the next presidency. And I think what happened is that the apparatus, the realist apparatus of American intelligence and state policy put out an NIE that was hostile to the Iran project and held it over Bush's head. [Music in the background]. Are we back into a break, Jim? [21:26]
Dr. Fetzer. Yes, we will be back with my special guest Capt. Eric May, and this is Jim Fetzer your host on the Dynamic Duo. [26:25 end of break]. This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Dynamic Duo with Kevin Barret where you can catch the boy wonder here on Mondays and Fridays...Today my special guest today is Capt Eric May, is a former Army intelligence officer and an astute student of domestic and foreign affairs. Especially involving covert operations and special ops. Eric, I have heard multiple reports that one of the reasons the intelligence agencies were willing to be so candid in their assessment and even flaunt in presenting it is that they felt they had been grossly abused in relation to the way the administration had distorted their views about Iraq and did not want to be left holding the bag over Iran as well.
Capt May: Yes. Let us take the second half of that better. Obviously in effect what it came up to was there were only so many lies they would tell. You have got to remember that in 2002 the same intelligence apparatus that is now rebelling enthusiastically lied to get us into Iraq. So saying they found their decency, you know, call it duty, call it decency, call it what you want, it is hard to call these guys heroes because they are suddenly doing their job. Right? It has been five years down the road. But the second point is a little easier to swallow. Which is this whole thing, what is it that they say? Success has a thousand fathers, and failure is a bastard?
Dr. Fetzer: Failure is an orphan.
Capt. May: Well, no, that is a euphemism. [laughter]. Nobody wants to be called the daddy of this screw-up. So more particularly, I think we need to see that the entire establishment --that term needs to come back in. It is a 60's term. The U.S. establishment realizes that Bush's credibility is gone and Bush's plans are kaput and they need to make a transition to the next administration. I don't think the Iran project is off. I think the Iran project has been punted. This NIE just represents a punt. If they want to come back in two years, which is about the right time sequence, and suddenly say "Iran is reconstituting," and go on another propaganda offensive, lead us to war, they will do it without blushing. There will be full compliance of the media which is nothing but an operational asset of the military-industrial establishment. The intelligence services will fall into line. Anybody who won't fall into line will be removed. You know, career ended, and will do the exact same thing again. But we can't do it now. And I think that is why this NIE was written. I think this position that we are discussing, let us retrofit what happened, because we are both officers. I think going into this year the establishment code was in effect using this NIE as a do or die for Bush, saying you either get it done this year, or we can't take the heat any more, Bush. We are going to have to release a document that absolves us of your failure. You know we have given you the chance to be the hero. We let you dress up and walk on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln like a fighter pilot, let you claim success, we backed up your lies almost without exception, but right now we cannot face the heat. You have until Christmas. And that is the reason, Jim, and here is the point that I think you will appreciate, if you go back to the late spring you get the passing of NSPD-51 --the dictatorship bill --actually it was a Bush executive fiat. Bush's enactment of NSPD-51 the dictatorship act, and then quickly afterwards you start getting things like Chertoff statement that he had a gut feeling that we were going to get hit. Stu Bykofsky, Philadelphia Inquirer [Editor's note: Actually Philadelphia Daily News] columnist neocon, publishing a column in which he says what the United States needs is another 9-11. You know we need it badly. The Republican Chair of Arkansas coming out and saying if we could just have another 9-11 people will follow Bush again. These sentiments; FBI coming out and saying another 9-11 is right around the corner. You remember this summer, the same way now that it is hard to remember, especially for the average person, that there was a drumbeat to war very distinctly in the late summer, early fall.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt May: Well there was a warning of a "9-11 to be" attack. The next 9-11. [We code this as] 911-2B. The next 911-2B was being trumpeted about three months before that. And all the paperwork was being prepared to control the 911 2 B attack so as to establish a domestic dictatorship and lead us into an Iranian war. That, by the way, is Conplan 80-22, which Cheney had enacted two years ago that stipulates any terror act against the United States basically gives us a wolf ticket to start a war against Iran, whether we can prove they did it or not. So really if you look back in time, about the time the NIE was on the scene prepared but not distributed, what you find is a time window of about six months, when it looks like the Bush people wanted the Iran war. But as you and I agree, I think both of us agree with Webster Tarpley on this, you really can't have WWIII without first having 911 2 B. 911 2 B leads to WWIII. I think that this summer the crucial battle that kept us out of World War was fought on the Internet, and I think we were part of it. The attempt of the Bush people to set up the 911 2 B attack this summer --all of us were thinking the same thing at the same time. You know Webster Tarpley came out with his Kennebunkport Warning, and there was a massive PSYOP battle on that front. On my side Ghost Troop, my command, specifically focusing on Noble Resolve and TOPOFF which were nuclear exercises focusing on Portland, Oregon as the target. All points, all the "go" signs were up. And it very much to me looks as if not only was World War III a contingency, but 911 2 B was a prior contingency. I do not think we can go to World War III without a follow up 911. This summer I think was crucial. And I think the Internet never performed better.
Dr. Fetzer: I am inclined to agree with you, and I think it may be getting late in the day for another 911 attack to tell the truth.
Capt May: At least under this administration. Maybe small scale stuff to fine tune their policy. I think that this administration is going to be kept out of impeachment, is going to be allowed to drift through on its illegalisms, and everybody is going to be relieved when Bush is close to getting out of office so that he can issue blanket pardons, because that gives everybody a clean slate. I don't see how anyone can get past this view that somehow there is any difference in the geopolitical goals of the Democrats compared to the Republicans. These are just soft shell and hard shell imperialists., and false flaggers and traitors. So I think that Bush is going to be allowed to continue business as usual with running the ship of state. But he is not going to be allowed to go into World War, therefore it would be excessive and risky to allow him to do a 911 to be attack. Any time you do a 911 2 B attack, you risk much, because the Internet has become so efficient as a collective intelligence entity. You know, everything from what you and I, Webster and Kevin, Morgan Stack, aDr. Griffin, everything from the kind of work that we are doing, there is just a popular 911 Truth movement which is disseminating more and more information about the history of what happened. [music in background 35:18]
Dr. Fetzer: Stand by, we will be right back with my special guest Capt Eric May, this is Jim Fetzer your host on the Dynamic Duo. [40:40 End of music] This is Jim Fetzer, your host...... Eric, Scott Ritter writing before this last National Intelligence Estimate was pointing out that in his view there was a focus towards April of 2008. He was suggesting considerations like this. We take a look at items in the defense budget. The rapid conversion of heavy bombers to carry bunker busting bombs on a specific time frame. The massive purchasing of oil to fill up the strategic oil reserve by April 2008. Everything points April 2008 as being the month of some criticality, it also matches my analysis that the Bush administration will want to carry this out prior to the crazy political season of the summer of 2008. Now as I say, he was writing this before this NIE was made public. He also has a comment I want to toss in here too that I think both you and I find equally disturbing, which is how come there has been a lack of opposition from the Democrats or the public, and he says "Well, it is difficult to explain but from the public's side, very few Americans actually function as citizens anymore. What I mean by that is that people who invest themselves in this country, people who care, who give a damn, Americans are primarily consumers today, and so long as they continue to wrap themselves in the cocoon of comfort, and the system keeps them walking down a road to the perceived path of prosperity, they don't want to rock the boat. If does not have a direct impact on their day to day existence, they simply don't care."
Capt May: Well, to come to both of them. The first one, which is that April 2008 represents what do you call it, a cycle? You know, a pulse of activity.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt May: That is regular. These are operational cycles --you remember the old saying, "Strategy is for amateurs, and logistics are for professionals." You have to have all your guns ready before you can start your war.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt May: So the high planners, the Chief of Staff level planning, always involve operational cycles for the preparation for operational cycles. So we can see that for instance the uploading of the bunker-busting apparatus on the B-52's?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt May: This was going on in the spring of this year. That is when I started getting my first word on that. So there are pulses of activity that support attack. Not that attack will be used. But there are pulses of activity. Prisms if you will. For instance we know that there have always been usually two, sometimes three carriers in the Persian Gulf in the last year. You know that started pretty quickly after the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt. May: So we have been clearly coming into a window, a large window, but if Scott Ritter has reason to think that legislation, weapons platforms, and whatnot particularly indicate to one month as being a higher degree of likelihood, I am certainly willing to agree, you know, I find no reason to argue against him saying we are in an overall window, but April seems to be the height, you know, the prime spot in that window. If he wants to say that, that is fine. But I think that if you go back and retro-examine this thing, you will find that the summer and fall of 2007 was prime as well.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt. May: Remember, at the same time, most people think of a time line. We are talking about a story that will never be told, and about a history that will be buried. But what happened was --being in order-- Bush has a failing war. He gets a surge. The NIE comes out around the spring and says, "Hey, man, we are going to punch your ticket and call you off. You are not going to finish the war unless you do it within the next six months to nine months. Thereafter Bush proclaims his domestic dictatorship act. They schedule major false flag exercises, Noble Resolve and TOPOFF being the two that we worked, you know to get information out of, that is all set up for the late summer and fall. In the meanwhile Kennebunkport hits, what, Labor Day weekend? The Kennebunkport Warning?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt. May: Then what, two days later we have the loose nukes September 6th? With the Minot to Barksdale loose nukes?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt May: Right. Then one week later, or within the same week, we have the Israeli strike on Syria. You remember the Israelis?
Dr. Fetzer: An awful lot going on there.
Capt May: A whole lot going on. You know to play intel --you know Ritter is a good man, he is a little soft on 9-11. He is a good analyst as long as he stays where he feels safe, but as far as my big picture, I think it was supposed to go up some time between August and October. I think August 20-24th is when they started doing those nuclear exercises in Portland?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt. May: That is my highest likelihood when I think it was likely to go up. Because I think we already demonstrated, or at least I have stated in my view that I have been working for years now, that before there can be a World War III, there has to be a follow up 9-11 attack. What we call the 9-11 2 B attack. I think they were preparing to false flag 911 2 B attack for August, then they ran the Noble Resolve exercises again in October, this time called TOPOFF, that was the largest, coordinated, anti-terror drill held on United States soil since 911. And of course everyone knows that on 911 it was multiple exercises that enabled 911 to occur. So I think that Bush has had the grenade in his hand. I think that the NIE internally told Bush to throw the grenade or put the pin back in. And I think Bush had the pin out of the grenade this summer and fall. I think it all fell apart. You could feel the air go out of the war balloon around November. It was in November, even before the NIE came out, before it was published, you could feel the air go out of the World War move around November. Just think when it is that we stopped talking twice a week. You know, you and I, you know I was on your show about four times in a month.
Dr. Fetzer. Yes.
Capt May: Because you could tell we were red zone critical, man. I think that the Internet is not allowed --it does not think of itself as collective entity for intellligence, but that is what it has become. We are not collectively organized. And that may be our strength. The Internet represents a kind of virus. It is a virus that finds the weak points in the Establishmentarian perspective, in the official lie, and breaks it down. So now we find, what, after all of this happened, now follow my history. They put out the NIE internally, Bush sets up his dictatorship legislation, his cronies start saying we will get hit by Al Qaeda this summer. Bush has terror exercises simulating a nuclear attack on an American city this summer, early fall. In the middle of all that, in September, we have loose nukes, an unheard of story, followed by an Israeli attack on Syria. At the end of October, things are cooling off, and Jane Harman now, Zionist L.A., running Intelligence and Homeland Security subcommittees, brings out the thought crime legislation. H.R. 1955. Basically declaring Internet intelligence terrorist activity. [49:36 start of music].
Dr. Fetzer: That is a black moment in American history. Stand by, we will be right back with my special guest Capt. Eric May. This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Dynamic Duo. [59:38 end of music] This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Dynamic Duo....Eric, you were giving us a sketch of your timeline here involving all of these activities and I think you were just discussing the introduction of this homegrown terrorism bill by a woman who appears to me increasingly to be a central player in the propaganda blitz coming from the neocons and the Zionists.
Capt May: Oh God, I think Jane Harman works for the Mossad. Let us put that out straight, man. I mean recently France elected Sarkozy, and again we had this great dilemna that internationally Jewish publications are jumping up for joy because Sarkozy is a Hungarian Jew immigrant. So that is all cool for them to say, which is fine, great. But then it comes out Le Figaro publishes a story last month, if you remember it. Le Figaro is basically the Washington Post of France. It publishes an article that indicates that Sarkozy was a Mossad recruit and started working for Mossad in 1983.
Dr. Fetzer: Oh God.
Capt May: No, he was. He was a helper.
Dr. Fetzer: The chemicals are everywhere.
Capt May: Well what we have to understand, to get to it, so we see that France since Sarkozy has been elected has done a 180 change from Mitterand's position that the U.S. was up to its ass in alligators in the Middle East. Now all of a sudden France wants in. And no one brings up the anti-Semtic point. You see if you bring up Jewish ethnicity as a part of the equation, you are immediately castigated as an anti-Semite. But the Le Figaro story makes it clear that it is impossible to understand the geopolitics. The primary factor in the French geopolitical equation right now is Sarkozy's status as an Israel-first Jew in France. I mean for God's sake he is working for the Mossad. Or at least was. And you know once somebody gets on the hook as an intelligence operative, they don't get off. So in the same way you have got Jane Harman. You know, California Jewish Congresswoman who was being investigated by the FBI in 2006 for making deals behind the scenes to try to get this, you know the trials being held against the two AIPAC agents who received secure classified information? Larry Franklin who transferred it over to the Mossad?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt May: OK, Harman was trying to derail all that. That was part of the quid pro quo of her getting put in as head of intelligence. Pelosi was previously head of intelligence. That was until 2006 when she became speaker of the House. Now Harman is head of intelligence. You know, folks have become so skittish of this point that they are incapable of seeing things rationally. You know we are dazed and confused and afraid when it comes to the issue of ethnic loyalty. [1:03:14]
Dr. Fetzer: Well don't you think that is much of the idea of these repeated attacks on anti-Semitism. I mean after all, criticism of Israel, or the government of Israel, or the policies of the government of Israel, or the conduct of the Mossad for God's sake is not anti-semitic. That is perfectly legitimate. Anti-semitism is to discount or diminish somebody because of their ethnic origin or their religious beliefs, on that account alone. In none of the cases that we are discussing is that the case.
Capt. May: Right. Well, for instance, we talked about for the last couple of weeks we have been hearing the media talk about how Kennedy a Catholic had to come out and explain that although he was a Catholic, he would not be run by the Pope.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt. May: Nobody one felt bad about Catholocism or Catholics. Kennedy had to make himself clear to reassure the public. Now we have Romney. People talk about Mormonism, and Romney as a Mormon, and Romney has to come out and explain that although a Mormon, he will not be run by Mormonism. But it is natural for us to wonder. [1:04:21]
Dr. Fetzer: It is not clear that is the case, though, actually Eric. This is a very odd situation. I am starting to get reports about Mormonism and the relationship of the church, and it is very authoritarian and hierarchical. And the sources I am reading are telling me that he would be bound by an absolute allegiance to the leader of the church.
Capt: May: Well, you see, you bring up, OK, your contention is the proof of the point which is that there is a discussion being had, and nobody feels like they are generalizing, and we talk about the Mormon Church, or Mormons, in the context of discussing Romney as a Mormon who is looking to have the most influential position in the Western world. We are not being anti-Mormon. We are simply having a discussion in general terms. It is understood. The reason I bring these two things up, let me throw in Joe Lieberman and Judaism. Now watch, I am going to do the same thing. Catholics have an interest in defending Rome and defending the Catholic Church, and Catholic positions, and all things being equal, they can wind up sticking together. They can conduct conspiracies. We know all that because it has been proved by the pedophilia scandals. Mormons, we can have the same discussion. But if I bring up Lieberman as someone whose preeminent interest seems to be Jewish ethnic concerns, which are what? Israel? The Holocaust? In other words if we discuss Mormon --excuse me, I mean if we discuss Lieberman as a Jew and a Senator, and use that as a prism from which to interpret his geopolitical and domestic policies, and I think we can do that very effectively, then there is an upcry in the masses --well let us say it this way, there is an upcry in the media that we are being anti-Semitic. As you say, remember I used to write for NBC. That is where I got my paycheck for two years. I was an editorial writer. I wrote spot pieces for the Wall Street Journal, the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Post. I was a journeyman journalist. If I say what I know to be the case, which is that the Jews are far and away the most dominant ethnicity in the media, well suddenly I become, what, anti-Semitic for that even though, man, you could figure that out by doing a head count.
Dr. Fetzer: That is right. I mean what could be more objective than actually doing a count.
Capt May: Well, but you see anti-Semitism the word, you know "anti-Semitism" is supposed to be a term that describes people who don't like the Jews. But it is really being used, as it has always been used, as a term by the Jews to talk about people they don't like. It is not who doesn't like them. It is who they don't like.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt May: And they don't like --and I say they --the influential Zionist Jews, the Israel first Jews -- does not like anyone discussing their hold on the media. Man, they run the media like a monopoly. Remember last year when we went into Lebanon? When Israel went into Lebanon? Man, the U.S. public got prepped for that invasion the way we were prepped for Iraqi Freedom. We followed that invasion with exactly the same kind of rah! rah! coverage that we followed in March 2003 invasion of Iraq. Israel was put across as the home team. Israeli soldiers were profiled like "our boy at war." Everything -- it was all about terrorism and kidnapping. The rest of the world saw geopolitical flux in the Middle East called a regional war, but we saw a Holy Cause from kidnapping. [1:08:15]
Dr. Fetzer: Stand by, we will be right back with Capt. Eric May...[1:13:42 end of music]. My guest today is a former military intelligence officer. He is an astute student of domestic affairs and foreign policy, especially involving covert operations and black ops. His name is Captain Eric May and it is always a pleasure to have him on. Eric, I don't know if Joe Lieberman has joint U.S.-Israeli citizenship but of course Dov Zakheim who was a controller of the Pentagon when 2.3 trillion dollars went missing from its accounting and of course Michael Chertoff our head of Homeland Security both have joint U.S.-Israeli citizenship.
Capt May: Don't forget Mukasey, the new Attorney General.
Dr. Fetzer: Mukasey does too. Now this is all stunning, because how could you know in such a blatant case of someone having dual citizenship if their citizenship to the other nation was not greater than their loyalty to the United States. And putting them in such sensitive positions is simply a stunning abrogation of responsibility.
Capt May: Well, no, no, no. It is treason.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, yes, yes!
Capt May: We are in a treasonous cycle. 9-11, I imagine if we sat down together and talked specifically 9-11, we would wind up saying CIA-Mossad operation.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt. May: So there it is, man. The real axis is the U.S. and Israel. In fact, you can almost talk about it in ethnic terms. You have this refrain, when you say "the public doesn't understand." That is because the public is not supposed to understand. Media is not there to inform the public. It is to mis- and dis-inform the public.
Dr. Fetzer. Here is a piece Eric that fits right. It is just from two days ago. "Israel and Top Zionist Leaders Attack Intelligence" by James Petras 11 December. He begins with a quote from the Israeli prime minister Ehud Ohlmert of November 29th saying, "The most important thing that should be said about Bush is that had I told him that I was opposed to this move (having the meeting in Annapolis), he would not have embarked on it. I could have blocked the move had I been unwilling to co-operate with him, then Bush wouldn't have cooerced me. I spoke to the President with unparalleled sharpness about these matters (bombing Iran's nuclear facilities) and my comments were extremely well-received -- regarding the freedom (to bomb Iran) we are reserving for ourselves what we will and won't do." [1:16:17]
Capt. May: Right. Israel is a loose cannon in its own mind. And the U.S. is simply -- you know, again, the tail wags the dog. And people say, "Oh my God, you know, boy Capt. May came on and goes off on this issue. And the answer is no, I am not going off on it. It is just that I am an intelligence officer. And if you were my commander, instead of my buddy on the radio, Jim, if I failed to inform you of something as basic as the ethnic distribution of the key positions in this newly contrived Homeland state and global war, you would fire me!
Dr. Fetzer: Yes. Let me draw a parallel for the Star Wars generation. It is as if we were disregarding the existence of the Death Star and trying to assess our prospects for coping with the Empire. If you were to disregard that there was an equally warping influence on American foreign policy, which is the covert role being exercised by Israel. If you are going to come to an objective, rational analysis, you have to take it into account. And as long as you don't take it into account, you cannot come to an objective rational analysis.
Capt May: That is why it goes back to the epistomological argument for philosophers. The function of the media is to create an epistomology that precludes the emergence of those thoughts. That is the Orwellian thing. You know, Orwell writing about epistomology. How do you control the nature of thought itself? And the way you do it is you come up with an all-purpose word: "anti-Semitism." And what that means is that any time someone begins to discuss something things that involve Jewish people, they have been conditioned by the most powerful mass media ever invented to eschew those ideas. To fear expression of those ideas. To attack those who express those ideas. So that if I say, and let us say it, Mukasey is your top cop --Jewish. Chertoff top Homeland Security --Jewish. Lieberman, head of Homeland Security --Jewish. Harman, Senate, former head of Homeland Security -- Jewish. Now we can go to the Defense Establishment. Feith, Wolfowitz, Pearl, David Frum, Josh Bolton, Chief of Staff, you go into all these critical positions, and it is like a line and block chart. We know that if ever there is a dictatorial situation, these people are not going to be --these guys are going to be administrators. Administrators of a dictatorial regime. [1:19:06].
Dr. Fetzer: But commenting on them and their ethnicity really is independent of holding their ethnicity to account. What you are doing is holding to account their political views that are rooted in allegiance to another state that happens to be derivative of their ethnicity. So it is not as though because persons are willy-nilly of that orientation that you would hold them at fault for some of these events, whereas key players who happen to have this predisposition to aid and abet the interests of Israel even if they conflict with and therefore override those of the United States, that that needs to be seen clearly if you want to understand what is going on.
Capt May: You know Jim, when I was in college, I saw a lecture by Ellie Wiesel. A Jewish writer.
Dr. Fetzer: Sure.
Capt May: One of the students said, "Mr. Wiesel, surely all the Germans weren't complicit in all the badness of World War II. What do you think? You know, but they are all blamed for it. Everybody talks about the Germans as a synonym for Nazism. How do you advise the Germans to deal with the fact that because of their conduct, the conduct of a few of them, they are all tarred with this historic brush?" And Ellie Wiesel said, "That is a problem for the Germans." Now the reason I say that, man, is I am not the one who put the banks and the media in the control of the Jews' hands. I am not the one right now who is setting them up in all the executive positions of the creeping dictatorship. I am not the one who makes Dershowitz go out and argue in favor of torture while we are torturing Arabs. I am not the one who did this. It is not my problem that they are Jews. And it is not my problem if I discuss it. Now that attitude will get you branded an anti-Semite in 90% of all academic conversations. But it is not my problem. It is a problem for the Jews. [1:21:10]
Dr. Fetzer: Stand by, we will be right back with my special guest Capt Eric May, this is Jim Fetzer your host on the Dynamic Duo. [1:26:12 end of music]. This is Jim Fetzer...we are talking about the role of the Israeli lobby. I think we could describe it broadly in affecting American politics and its enormous success in both dominating the media, but also in manipulating politicians right up to and including the President of the United States. Here is an interesting piece, a couple of paragraphs I would like to get your comments on Eric. This is from the James Petras article about Israel and the top Zionists leaders attacking the National Intelligence Estimate:

During and immediately after the Annapolis meetings to discuss peace, Israel abducted the student president of Beir Zeit University for dissent, launched over 50 attacks on Gaza killing and wounding over 50 Palestinian civilians, police and militia, set in motion a vast building project of 250 new apartments in Palestinian East Jerusalem, projected permanent Israeli military posts in the West Bank, rejected any time limits or specific goals in their negotiations with the PLO and launched a virulent dismissal of the major US intelligence report (National Intelligence Estimate) on the non-existence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Israel’s presence at Annapolis had absolutely nothing to do with peace or promises to negotiate in good faith: Their purpose was to deflect attention from their meat-grinder style genocidal policies in Gaza and their relentless drive to savagely dispossess all Palestinians of any territory or semblance of autonomy, literally turning off the lights (energy), gas and water to 1.4 million Palestinians residing in Gaza. Since September 11, 2001 the Israeli state, Zionists inside the US government and the entire leadership of the Major American Jewish Organizations have been entirely devoted to pushing the US into Middle East wars on behalf of Israel. In the run-up to the Iraq War, Zionists in top strategic decision-making positions in the Pentagon, the Vice President’s Office, the White House and the National Security Council designed and executed war policy, fabricated evidence, wrote Presidential speeches, organized press conferences and presidential agendas, purged critics in the military and intelligence agencies and altered intelligence reports to suit their purposes.

Israeli and Zion-Con success in destroying Iraq however was secured at an enormous cost in US military casualties, demoralization and one trillion dollars (and counting) in cost to the US taxpayers. As a result, public opinion dramatically shifted against the war, despite the intervention of the Israeli regime in shaping US public opinion via its army of ‘Israel-First’ academic and journalistic scribes and propagandists with broad access to the US mass media.

And I am so reminded of the Mossad slogan, which is wage war by deception. [1:29:21]
Capt. May: Rigth. well amen to all of that. You know it is the modus operandi. You know, the Yiddish word, chutzpah. The idea is that if you are going to use illegal warfare, to shut off mass electrical and water supplies to inflict untold suffering on your enemy who are living in ghettos called Palestinian refugee camps, then by all means go to a peace conference right before you do it. You know, the definition of chutzpah is you kill your parents and then you have so much cockiness that you plead for mercy at a court because you are an orphan.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt. May: Well that is the M.O., man. And you know I don't fault the Jewish state, which by the way is what Jews call Israel: the Jewish state. I don't fault them for acting totally in their own interests. I fault the rest of the country for succumbing. But if you call Israel --what you just described is the definition of the terrorist state, which of course is what everybody in the Middle East calls them.
Dr. Fetzer: Well it is so stunning Eric that Americans seem to have this incapacity to appreciate the role of the United States in the world where if you simply review recent events of the second half of the twentieth century for example, Chile, Nicaragua, Guatamala, El Salvadore, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and now potentially Iran again? I mean it is just a stunning record. And of course we are getting deeply involved in Africa because we have discovered that Africa is the location of some very important natural resources. This is where there are large sums of money for American corporations.
Capt May: Well this kind of all brings us around to the domestic terror, Internet radicalization act that we were talking about. Everything that we think of that has affected globalism or Zionism today requires the disinformation of the American people. That being the case, the worst enemy for the globalist and Zionist movement, the New World Order, the post-911 cabal, the worst enemy to them is the Internet. What you and I are doing here is the worst enemy to them.
Dr. Fetzer: I think that you are right on multiple accounts. I am reading reports of corporate officials who are acknowledging that it is in the interest of the major media to turn the news reports into a form of entertainment by focusing on the trivial, the shallow, the popular, the insignificant, the unsubstantial. The basically irrelevant for the sake of drawing large audiences and maximizing profits through advertising.
Capt. May: Let me tell you something. You cannot have a major reverse by the Bush administration without having a black athelete or a sports organization in the news for the next week.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt. May: You can't. And one thing that I have found is that the legal process --sentencing and whatnot-- very subjective on timing. They can decide to hand out decisions on what to do with the case at will. Today we had a new report out. Baseball steroid use. Man, that is going to be the news cycle for two days.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt May: Last week it was a black man who fought bull dog, Michael Vick.
Dr. Fetzer: Big deal. I mean that deserves all that attention?
Capt May: Now dig how this works. You have got a black guy who is training bull dogs to kill other bull dogs, and he gets two years in jail. But then you have a white government which is training American young men to kill Iraqi young men, and he gets reelected so that he can give himself medals of freedom. You see, that kind of point is not going to get out. The savage irony of where we are is not allowed to get out. That is why network domination of the entire spectrum is so necessary. Have you noticed that there is no effective anti-war music. There was in Vietnam. There isn't now. There is no effective anti-war comedy show. You see we have the myth, the 9-11 myth upon which all of this is built. And the 9-11 myth, you know the poor people saying they are always bent out of shape, you know, Oh May, get off the Jews, man, does anybody give a damn about what we did to the Muslims by using the biggest blood libel in history against them? We said they were guilty of killing 3,000 Americans. That was a CIA-Mossad operation, man. Does anybody care? In other words, assuming just being equal, has anyone every heard anybody say "Oh my God, that is such an anti-Muslim opinion." I can't believe you did that.
Dr. Fetzer: And yet the evidence is so massive, to take just one striking case of the dancing Israelis on the roof top across the Hudson River who were filming and celebrating as the buildings were being destroyed. They were later, you know, apprehended in a van. And who said we are not your problem, the Palestinians are your problem. They were incarcerated only to be released after several months at the instruction of the assistant to the Attorney General, namely one Michael Chertoff. They returned to Israel. Three went on television and explained that they were there to document the destruction of the World Trade Center. [1:35:00]
Capt May: Yes. Do you know what we would call it, if we pointed out that Michael Chertoff, the Attorney General who let them go, and then Mukasey, the new Attorney General who let them go, you know what we would be called? Anti-Semites, my friend.
Dr. Fetzer: It is truly disgusting. We have got to look at these things straight in the eye and face up to it. We have got to have the courage of our convictions and stand up for our nation and its best interests. Stand by, I will be right back with my special guest Capt. Eric May. [1:35:40 beginning of break, end of break at 1:40:45]. This is Jim Fetzer... Eric, I have got to say, this thing about being handicapped intellectually from analyzing the Israeli influence on American foreign policy when it is exerting a major warping factor and causing most of the other nations of the world to despise us, for example, because of our lopsided support of Israel in relation to the Palestinians, on the one hand, and the other, mainly condemning everyone who talks about conspiracies when it is impossible to understand what goes on in the world if you don't appreciate how often two or more individuals collaborate together to bring about illegal ends, and how 9-11 is a perfect illustration, it seems to me that if you can't think in terms of conspiracies, and understand the Israeli influence on American foreign policy, you really can't understand what is going on in the world today.
Capt May: Precisely the point. I mean, you could not have defined it better either from the position of an American patriot who wants to change it, or the position of one of the conspirators who wants to continue it. That is precisely the dilemna. And let me go ahead, and if I may, let everyone know where to find my stuff, should people want to look up my --I do a weekly column, my flagship paper is The Lonestar Iconoclast, of which I am proud to write for. It is an independent newspaper compared often to The American Free Press. My home page, if folks just look up Capt. Eric H. May, you'll get my home page. And that connects them to my archive of articles for various newspapers and my interviews. So that is how we look further to what I do. Jim, not only has everything you said been true, but we have to understand that now, with the passing of House Resolution 1955, the so-called Internet Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Bill, which is in the Senate now, still under committee as Senate 1959. With those two bills, and there is a bill contained them both that goes through the legislature, finally is everything we are talking about now going to be still very difficult to envision, but it is going to be illegal.
Dr. Fetzer: It will, depending on what happens. My reading of the bill is that it creates a committee to study the issue and offer recommendations rather than implementing those policies. But it is an ominous sign, even at that.
Capt May: It is the beginning of a process for thought criminallity. And once again we find that the same groups are involved: AIPAC, the American Israel Political Action Committee. Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'rith, you know....
Dr. Fetzer: I have no doubt, Eric, that if this bill were to pass, and if recommendations were to come down, and if its general intent were to be converted into law, you and I would be prosecuted as homegrown terrorists for even having this conversation.
Capt May: Oh, we would be meeting in Gitmo, man.
Dr. Fetzer: [nervous laughter]
Capt May: Live from Gitmo!
Dr. Fetzer: You were mentioning how U.S. foreign policy was bringing together the Soviets and the Chinese, which is absolutely fascinating. Here is an article that attempts to pursue that from yesterday. Sorcha Faal: Putin orders first strike against U.S. forces over Kosovo. She is observing that there are an awful lot of parallels between what is going on in the Balkans now and what was going on in 1914. Here she says:

In response to the latest war provocations by the Western Powers, President Putin today ordered the ‘official’ ending of the arms control treaty with the NATO Nations. Putin has further ordered Russia’s Naval Forces back on World-Wide patrol status, with particular focus being on the Russian Navy’s ability to confront NATO Forces in the Mediterranean Sea, and which controls the sea access to the Balkans.

Particular ominous in these new reports is that Putin has reportedly ordered Russian Military Forces to ‘First Strike’ capability against any NATO force that may seek to block Russia’s sea access to the Balkans and relief to the Serbs upon the outbreak of war.

Though being kept from the American people themselves, and as the former Soviet Leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, has warned, the United States Military Leaders' aggressive moves in the Balkans and the Middle East are designed to confront Russia, and not Iran as these peoples are being led to believe. ..."

Capt May: Well that is certainly true. Bush is basically taking the Warsaw Pact countries and militarizing them to become part of the NATO pact. We have to understand that the heartbeat of this geopolitical movement is coming out of New York and Tel Aviv. That is the axis. It is the U.S. - Israel axis. So it is a worldwide plan. Certainly the central front, as Bush says, is Iraq expanding over towards Iran. That is the jugular vein of the world. The oil pipelines. But it is also going so far that, God knows, we have heard people talking about including Israel in NATO, although Israel has nothing to do with the North Atlantic. Including Australia in NATO? NATO is becoming the all-encompassing league of nations. A league of primarily first world imperial nations. You know if Marxian dialectic had not fallen out of fashion, you could very easily have somebody interpret this as a capitalist-imperialist war cabal where every nation that is not fully developed that can be exploited for forces is exploited. And precisely at the beginning of the point were it begins to resist exploitation, terror or false flag terror are used as a basis to make it an enemy nation.
Dr. Fetzer: There is a brilliant book on this subject, by the way, Eric, which I am sure you are familiar with, which is John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. And now we have a sequel by Naomi Klein titled the shock doctrine. Of course she explains how the contemporary capitalists are finding ways to exploit disasters for the benefits of privatization and profits.
Capt May: Now we go into a whole different can of worms because some of these disasters including natural disasters you know that I think are part of weapons systems that are not discussed.
Dr. Fetzer: Well, I think that there is every reason to believe that.
Capt May: Michel Chossudovsky does some good writing on that, particularly the HAARP program, and whatnot.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Capt May: So what we have is an entire panoply of tools of oppression that are being used undercover and a media that pretends to do its job, but doesn't. Which are allowed to go on by a judiciary that pretends to do its job, but doesn't. Which are occassionally passed into law, you know, in force by a legislature that pretends to do its job, but doesn't. All supervised by an executive branch that does its job and everyone else's too, called dictatorship. None of this can occur if the people have open means of free information. And that is why I think, as we both said, the emergence of the thought crime legislation is most ominous. And the first people who are going to be thrown under the bus on the thought crime stuff are going to be people who talk about the Jewish issue.
Dr. Fetzer: It is as unAmerican and anti-democratic as any possible legislation could be. It is a very frightening prospect, and of course it reflects the fact that as George Bush's remarked once, in their view the Constitution is just a G-d d-am piece of paper.
Capt May: Precisely.
Dr. Fetzer: Eric, I can't thank you enough for coming on this show. I look forward to having you back again, my friend. Keep up your great work.
Capt. May: My pleasure and an honor. Merry Christmas.
Dr. Fetzer: Merry Christmas to you. This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Dynamic Duo. Thank you all for listening. [1:49:44].


. . ..Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.


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