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interviews Captain Eric H. May

1 Nov 2007

Abstract: Why the 2007 Southern California fires were probably deliberately set by high level arsonists. The media big lie about Iranian President Ahmadinejad's alleged threat to "wipe out Israel."



Capt. Eric H. May

Theresa Mitchell: ...The truth of the Texas Iconoclast. Are you there?
Capt May: I am here Theresa. Thank you for having me on.
Mitchell: Wonderful, well, just to start off, I guess we had anti-war protests in eleven American cities over the weekend and didn't get any coverage of that for some reason. It is as if didn't happen. And now that I have you here, I would like to ask you about another story that was in the news, the California fires. It does seem that some are saying that the fires were set, and of course we had Fox News, at least, and CNN mentioning speculation that terrorists of some stripe had set the fires. But what I wanted to ask you was what is your view of the California fires? Do you think they were deliberately set? Who would have a motivation to do so?
Capt. May: Yes, lets take the whole topic of fire in general. Seven of the ten most active fire years in history have been the first seven years of the Bush administration. Now I know there are climatological factors whatnot and we can discuss that for another venue, but the simple fact is that there has been a spate of freaky fires. The percentages are not up slightly. They are up a hundred percent. Two hundred percent. I can remember when brother Jeb used to run Florida --Bush's brother Jeb. Florida was having a hundred or two hundred fires at a time routinely. And no one was saying the word "arson." You know the tricky thing about watching the mainstream media is that you have to listen for what they are not saying. No one mentions arson in that stuff. The same way the Midwest, the program of the winter of 2006, all the farmers were getting burned out. And one has to wonder in the cases of Florida, you know, are these things, as I wrote in my last article, are they fire drills for martial law? Are they getting their system together? Are they practicing it? If so, that would explain why brother Jeb's state of Florida constantly got hit by fires. Of the Midwestern fires, did they eliminate small family farms and work for big agribusiness? I would suspect yes. That is the way disaster tends to go. An attempt by rich folks to shut out poor folks.
Mitchell: You have got a sympathetic audience here for that speculation, because when George Bush came out here, we had a mysterious fire. It was about the biscuit sale, if I remember correctly.
Capt May: Well, you have got to see Bush --and we are going to get to California next-- but you have to see Bush as a neo-Nero. If you don't see him in that light, you don't see him. You know, Cheney will do terror and torture and mass homicide as a matter of policy. But Bush does it as a matter of pleasure. He has a Nero streak or a Caligula streak. You know Nero played lyre while Rome burned. You know he didn't see barbecued babies. He didn't care if he did. What he saw was a sea of fire and an emerging Rome made out of marble. That was his boast, that the fire took Rome from a city of bricks to a city of marble. So you know that is the way that they envision that. It is this Nietzschean "Beyond Good and Evil" stuff that all the bright neo-cons Bush hangs out with talk into his ear. As for the California thing, yes, candidly in a word, I think it is false flag fires. And let us understand -- I think we need to constantly define the term "false flag." False flag means you say someone did it who really didn't do it. And in this case what we are doing, what is routinely done in these disasters is we say, "Oh, it is God's fault," which of course means that 90% of the public accepts that without questioning, because half of them think that, "Oh, God just means `curious coincidence,' there is mother nature," and the other half, my dumb cracker neighbors down here in the South -- and I am one of them by the way-- say, "Oh, you know, it is proof that God is coming back, because the Book of Ezekial and the Revelations talk about how these will be fine. So this works great for the propaganda line. But in California's case, I think that it was deliberate arson. [4:29]
Mitchell: And what makes you say that?
Capt May: Well, the first thing, in fact the premise of everything I am going to say --understand that I was a military intelligence officer-- but about a good half of being an intelligence officer is being able to look at a map, so everybody is using this program --the majority are computer savvy-- go look yourself up "California fire map 2007." You know, whatever you want, which fires. Whatever terms you want to tag on it you are going to find there were emergency services maps being done contemporaneous with the fires themselves. It was instant or proximately instant intelligence.
Mitchell. And the satellite photos show there was an attempt to have a comprehensive coverage of fires, or a comprehensive overlay.
Capt: May: What you are going to see is that you are going to have rings of fire around two metropolitan areas: San Diego, L.A. But what I see as a former military exercise specialist --I was on the general staff of the 75th exercise division -- is I see an operational area. When I see a hundred mile north and south with thirty miles wide zone. What I am seeing is an operational circle. I am seeing a blob on a map. And then I look at the extreme southeast corner --well first we have had several levels right now --when people say Capt. May is going off again saying it is arson, hell, I am late saying it is arson. As you mentioned Teresa, Fox News came out saying that it was arson like Tuesday. The cops shot somebody about the same day. By Thursday the story was that it wasn't little brown Muslims, it was little brown Mexicans, so that story went around. And yesterday the latest permutation of this is that it was kids. I mean everybody was willing to say at this point it is arson. I suspect because it has become so apparent. The fires started simultaneously. We have fire specialists. One of them is Conception, Chris Conception a fire marshall is one that I quoted in my most recent article, who says that there is no doubt the people who set these knew what they were doing. We have reports of multiple fires being set by multiple individuals concurrently. In other words you have to understand that fire is a weapon of war. You have to understand that the people who did this did it methodically according to plan to create effect. [6:54]
Mitchell: So who benefits?
Capt May: Ah, well that brings us to the most interesting point in the fire. Well first off --who benefits -- remember last week we were all having TOPOFF. The week after TOPOFF ends, you know remember the whole national defense was practicing immense emergency --a national fire drill, although it was supposed to be dirty nuke-initiated-- so what I see there is you know everyone lifts and shifts and now you take lessons learned in TOPOFF and just shift them over to California, which is the next state, right? California is between the two states that were being practiced. Portland, Oregon, and Phoenix, Arizona. Split the difference, and what do you have? California. So that is interesting. So the Federal apparatus gets to practice it --I call it a false flag fire drill. It is practicing dictatorship. It is practicing martial law. Practicing emergency. Practicing a contrived emergency. Emergency and terror are the two great things. Catastrophe and terror. The other people who benefit are anybody who knows that a fire is coming. If you knew -- anything that you invest in --you can either invest for it to profit, or for it to decline. Remember anytime there is any kind of false flag business there is always going to be inevitable greed --built by greed. So people who are, let's say, in real estate and whatnot, and obviously they will benefit. In general, the capitalist class, and I think we should use that Marxian term more often, we like to say globalist, but what we are really talking about is capital, capital always profits from disaster, because capital is insured against disaster. You know, it is capital. There is always opportunity in disaster. [America First Books Editor's Note: "Austrian" and other libertarian economists would take strong exception to the assertion that capital always profits from disaster because it is insured, at least in terms of the impact on overall society. See, for example, discussion of the parable "The Fallacy of the Broken Window" by the famous libertarian writer Henry Hazlitt and other economists. It is true that certain criminally-minded people can figure out angles to benefit from disaster, but society as a whole is always impoverished by destructive events, even when the losses are insured by private insurance companies or compensated by government bailouts].
Mitchell: In this case there was extra opportunity because of the dropping values of real estate due to the subprime mortgage crash. I am sure that applied to some or maybe most of the properties.
Capt May: And that story actually found its way into the mainstream in Germany. I think it was Der Speigel. That was being discussed openly in German newspapers. Finally we have people who are proximately effected. The most famous city on the West Coast for the antiwar movement is twenty five miles east from the Pacific ocean, two miles north of Mexico. Just imagine a line dropping from Portland about a thousand miles south and you reach Tijuana, and over to the east of San Diego/Tijuana for you beer drinkers, right above the Mexican city of Tecate, is California's small city Potrero. P-o-t-r-e-r-o. Potrero has become famous because it has stood up to and administratively impeded the plans of Blackwater mercenary corporation which wants to buy a couple of square miles, 824 acres, to set up eleven firing ranges among other things so that they can begin training police auxilliaries and whatnot. Remember, they are a paramilitary mercenary organization, so they will train anything from soldiers to your local constable, God help us, and they want to set up a facility down there. Now between me and thee Theresa, having a facility right there on the Mexican border about 25 miles outside of a main city is also a wonderful way to bring in drugs.
Mitchell: Drugs!?
Capt May: There is plenty of money to be made out of having a private mercenary camp on the border. And remember, these guys are semi-spooks anyway. They are linked in with CIA, Special Forces, that whole covert apparatus of government. Blackwater was the residence of Potrero and if you look at that same map I referred you to, the firemap, what we will find is the Harris fire --the lowest of the fires --started, the wind was blowing from east to west. Southeast to northwest approximately. So the extreme southeast corner of the fire zone would be the place where the fire started because fires cannot go up wind. They go downwind. The wind blows the flame. We find that the fires, coincidentally, the fires that really afflicted the entire southeast quadrant of San Diego started about half a mile to the southeast of Potrero. Meaning, that when those fires started, let us assume "intelligent design" so we can please the Republican listeners out there --
Mitchell: [laughter]
Capt. May: Let us assume intelligent design here. If the fires were intelligently designed, then the first and inevitable target that they were going to eliminate was going to be the township of Potrero. Now after it was all over, you had this kind of Al Capone act by Blackwater which has one of its vice presidents out there saying "Oh gee, poor Potrero, if only we had finished building that training facility, you know we would have had all kinds of firefighting equipment and reserve water capacity. You know that town probably wouldn't have burned down if we had been there.
Mitchell: Yes. It is the "compassion" of Blackwater.
Capt. May: Yes, yes! And now one has to surmise that the people of Potrero are going to be extremely amenable to Blackwater. I mean, principle is principle, but when your house is burned down, and you need to rebuild your life, you know, what the hell does Blackwater care if they have to come in and pay twice as much to get this thing kicked off as they originally were going to. They could come in like Santa Claus and throw around a few thousand bucks here, there, and everywhere. You know, rebuild the marching band practice hall, a new football field, and a new library. They can buy up all the love. It is very convenient. Extremely convenient for Blackwater. [12:54].
Mitchell: Funny that.
Capt. May: It is just like the point of history. When we talk about all these things, you know, turning America into "Amerika" with a "k." And the emergence of a corporate "S.S." which is the mercenary corporations. You know we are talking about Blackwater is the one that comes to mind first. In fact Theresa the upshot of all of this the private mercenary corporations are now all talking about --get this-- selling specific year by year insurance to interested municipalities. You know, $20-30,000 for a small municipality, where they will guarantee to come help you if your place catches on fire.
Mitchell: You know we have had private fire companies before in American history, and they were, well, infamous for sort of standing by when fires just happened accidentally rather frequently in places that had not paid for that insurance. And you would think that people would learn from that history.
Capt May: Yes. Pay me five dollars a day and you won't get beat up on the way to school. You don't pay me five dollars a day, you get beat up on the way to school. You know, we call that extortion.
Mitchell: Speaking of conflagrations, we have a situation now in which the war drums are being beaten. Sanctions have been imposed on Iran in a very big way, and they seem to be sanctions as provocation. [14:15].
Capt. May: It has been declared a terror nation.
Mitchell: Yes, we have missing nukes. We have a Zogby poll this week listing a small majority of Americans are rooting for an attack on Iran. And so I want to ask you how do you see this situation. How is this segment of the population brought to that position?
Capt May: Well I think the whole question is it is a push poll. You know it is one of these things where "If Iran developes nukes, would you be willing to" --they say the most extreme position is to gain ascent. Then they take the ascent they get, 52 or 53%? And they throw that into the mix to show that the public is going that way. And of course that gets the public going that way. So there is that thing. But all the groundwork is being laid. Clearly there is a continual villification of the Iranians. There is a propaganda line par excellence which is that Ahmadinejad said that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, which has been conflated with "Ahmadinijad wants to destroy Israel." The fact of the matter is Ahmahdinijad said nothing of the sort. [Editor's Note, the controversial statement was made Wed, 26 Oct 2005 before a group of 4,000 students attending a "The World Without Zionism" conference].
Mitchell: It was a mistranslation.
Capt May: If I could have one thing remembered in this interview, it would be that I am a linguist and I have an Iranian student who took Latin and Greek and Russian from me. And I sat down and grilled him on what Ahmadinijad said. And I got all the adjectives and the nominatives and the verb tenses and the subjunctives. And what he did was quote a Khomeini quote, which is that Israel should be legally dissolved. It should lose its mandate. It is a reference to the 1948 creation of Israel.
Mitchell: And this had become one of those names that enters into the Big Lie technique. It is repeated so often, everyone thinks they know for certainty.
Capt. May: What percentage, you know, you have got the Christian Zionists who want to do anything that Israel wants. They are more Zionist than the Jewish Zionists. Because as far as the Christian Zionists are concerned, the so-called theo-cons, the theocons want to see Israel get involved in World War III over there because Hosannah banana, Jesus is coming back. And of course the neocons, the Jewish Zionists, have a controlling influence in much of the opinion apparatus. I would say the dominant influence in the opinion apparatus of the American media. And of course there is nothing I am saying here that the Jewish [writer] Seymour Hersch didn't say, where people start calling in and say, "May is saying outrageous things." I have learned now that I don't say anything that I have not seen written by Jews and a Jewish newspaper like Ha'aretz, the Jerusalem Post, or hear from American Jews talking on American media. So these are all things that are pretty well acknowledged although politely, and I think very stupidly, not spoken of. So what we have got primarily is war for Israel. I mean, surprise, surprise, the Iraq War. You know the whole New American Century, Restructuring America's Defenses Document that came out of the project for a New American Century was nothing but a rehashing of a document submitted four years earlier by Wormser, Pearle, and Wolfowitz as "Securing the Realm." An aggressive geopolitical policy sold to the Sharon government in Israel. If one can't understand that we are not going to --we don't want to hit Iran for us. That is just what we are saying. We want to hit Iran for Israel. Ha'aretz had an article on May 18 which was very starkly titled "71% of Israelis want America to attack Iran if talks fail." I mean when you have that kind of extreme pressure coming from an insulated quadrant of your, you know, portion of your power structure, and unspeakable part of your power structure, then anybody who does not take that issue head-on is running around without a head on. And anybody who does take it head on, there is decapitation via charges of anti-Semitism. [18:31]
Mitchell: Yes, it is slick how that works. You would think it would be old hat, but it still works, so I guess for the propagandists if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Capt May: Well, yes, but I think there is a law of entropy on propaganda lines. So that I am starting to hear more and more, and I think it is a good quote. I learned this from one of my Jewish contacts. I have several Jewish contacts. Most of them are considered self-hating Jews because they don't tow the neo-con line. And they dare to question Israeli policy and the influence of the Israel lobby in the United States. But the new line that is going around is that anti-Semitism is supposed to be something that describes people who don't like the Jews. But it is becoming the case that anti-Semitism is describing someone the Jews do not like. [19:20]
Mitchell: Well, we are just about out of time, so real quickly, we have a nuclear sword of Damocles. Is there a nuke missing, or not? What is your opinion? A most interesting story there --of course you are talking about the six nukes, five nukes story. The simple answer to that is we don't know. Now that we have to premise that loose nukes got up in the air, that the total national command structure was abrogated probably on orders from the White House, I cannot see it being done otherwise, the question emerges how many other are there? Now that we had a plane, what was it, Wednesday? A bomb dropped, an inert frame bomb, accidentally dropped off a plane. Hit a factory. Out on the East Coast. In Virginia as a matter of fact. In other words, we have got butter fingers. These are all "whoops it happened!" We have got butterfingers. We still have loose nukes until we know otherwise. And you know the final thing is this is the most interesting story that came out. There was an incident aboard a U.S. Naval ship recently, I think this was Tuesday's story. It caused the reprimand and release of the ship's captain, commander Portland. Did you read that story, by chance? [20:41]
Mitchell: Yes, and unfortunately we don't have time to talk about this. We will just have to have that lingering out there mysteriously
Capt May: It is always a great honor to be on your show.
Mitchell: Thank you Capt. Eric May of the Texas Lone Star Iconoclast. It is 9:30, you are listening to KBOO Portland, stay tuned for more of the incomparable radio zine room. At 11:00 Democracy Now.



. . ..Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.


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