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Host Dr. Kevin Barrett
interviews Captain Eric H. May

2st Hour, 3 July 2007

Abstract: How the date of the attack on the U.S.S. Cole coincides with the Bali bombing. The geo-strategic value of the 7-11 Bombay bombing to pin down the flank of Pakistan with an inflamed India. Strange date behind the Golden Mosque bombing in Samarra. 20% of Americans now believe 9-11 was an inside job.

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Capt. Eric H. May

Dr. Kevin Barrett: [End of introductory "Gimme Some Truth" song by John Lennon :43] All right, we are back. This is 9/11 & Empire Radio, and I am Kevin Barrett. Tonight I am talking to Captain Eric May of Ghost Troop, a brave patriot who has been exposing the tissue of lies that descended on this country since 9-11, and he is discussing the work that he and others have been doing as far as raising the awareness of a 9-11 to be, or a second major false flag event. And this is serious stuff folks, because we pretty much nailed them on the first one. They have nowhere to go but to flee forward into wider war and deeper fascism. And hey, even Tommy Franks has said that if there is another 9-11 style attack, that is it, there is no more Constitution. So this is very, very important work that you have been doing, Captain May. You have been telling us that you think this coding, that the the people behind this, are interested in setting up sort of Kabbalistic codes with numerical games. Like I have to admit the date 9-11 was clearly picked in part because it subliminally evokes the number that people call in an emergency to get help from the government. So it subliminally evokes dependence on the government, the idea that the government is your friend, if there is an emergency, you can call them and they will help you. Well that is obviously why they picked 9-11 for the date of their first attack. You have pointed out that there are all sorts of other interesting reasons for the number games that apparently are being played by these Kabbalistic perpetrators.

Capt May: Right. First, lest people think that first we are going off the deep end here, let us admit that everybody uses code. Right now I talk to you, you are the director of mujca (, well mujca is a kind of code. It is an acronym. You know, we use codes in our everyday life. We talk around the bend. We talk around the circle. [2:36]

Dr. Barrett: You are trained in Army intelligence, right? You studied this stuff professionally.

Capt May: Well sure, and that is important that I did study it professionally. As you said earlier, like you I am a linguist who speaks several languages. Code is nothing but a symbolic or numeric language intended to cover up reality from people who aren't supposed to know. People who have a need to know, are informed about the code. People who don't have a need to know, are not informed. So the people who are heading up the 9-11 cabal, and that word cabal is very good, because it implies both conspiracy and occult symbology in their coding. The people who are behind that understood very well that for instance 9-11 itself would evoke our desire to have a Big Brother type figure come and rescue us.

Dr. Barrett: And why would Osama pick that date for that reason?

Capt May: Right, it would be anti-genius for Osama to do that, because he would have picked the perfect day, one out of 365, that did the most to unify America to fight him. [3:38].

Dr. Barrett: Well, yes, with Osama he was a true anti-genius in a lot of ways. Number one, he helped us demolish the World Trade Center, which was the biggest money-losing white elephant in the history of architecture. By demolishing it, it was a huge benefit not only to Zionist multi-billionaire Larry Silverstein, who hyper insured it just right before it happened, but also to the city of New York, who unloaded it and was so grateful to have done so. Those buildings were completely condemned. They had no modern communications equipment, they were full of asbestos, they had problems between the aluminum and the steel infrastructure, and then of course talking about an anti-genius Osama, who but an anti-genius would fly a plane into the recently reinforced, largely empty wing of the Pentagon and kill only a handful of accountants who are trying to come up with that $2.3 trillion that Rumsfeld had announced was missing the day before. So yes, they would have been anti-geniuses in a whole lot of ways if it was Osama and his 19 young Arabs. [4:33]

Capt May: Any time we talk about Osama, we really wind up with the idea that he is astronomically stupid, meaning that everything he does is really working against him and his cause, or he works for Bush, or my preferred [theory], that there is no such thing as Osama Bin Laden. I mean, there might be a guy out sipping martinis in Riyadh getting paid to keep his mouth shut down who used to have connections to the CIA, but as far as the evil master mind of Al Qaeda, you know, I know that one of the delightful phrases we have in the Info War is that we don't call Al Qaeda "Al Qaeda," we call it "Al CIA-duh."

Dr. Barrett: Right, that is another of your wonderful contributions to the English language! (laughter)

Capt May: I popularized it. Like Shakespeare I will plagiarize when I have good cause.

Dr. Barrett: Yes, well you may be remembered for a number of things well on into the future, possibly contributions like Al-CIA-duh and 9-11 2B are going to be actually in the Oxford English dictionary with the first use attributed to Captain Eric May.

Capt May: Well you see I started out life as a literature and poetry guy, so that would do me proud if I wound up being reported for coming up with a phrase or two. But to be more specific about the numeric code, let's take 9-11. 9-11 happened in 2001. Let us suppose that you and I had this secret code that other people don't understand and we use it to coordinate events. We know when we are getting ready for events to come up. 9-11 itself is the end of a cycle of preparation which began when George Bush senior, daddy Bush --implies to Hussein --remember Hussein said, "The Americans gave me the green light and now they are attacking me," after he invaded Kuwait? [6:16]

Dr. Barrett: Right, April Glaspie, the ambassador to Iraq basically told Saddam Hussein that the U.S. takes no interest in inter-Arab disputes which was a green light to go into Kuwait.

Capt May: Right. I mean, you fought Iran for us, and now we are going to pay you off. So Hussein goes in, Bush backstabs him. I don't feel sorry for Hussein, I am merely talking the real history that wasn't published. Then while American forces, while we are lining up this great force of half a million to storm into Kuwait, and establish a geopolitical presence in the Middle East, George Bush senior addresses the American Congress and he gives the same speech which people in the militia and Internet movement will remember, which was the New World Order speech. He said, "This situation gives us the opportunity to institute a New World Order." A New World Order is the catch phrase for what is called Illuminatism, or Freemasonry, which is what most of the people who are in powerful positions in the United States belong to. Some form of secret society that is related to the Illuminatist-Masonic movement. That phrase "New World Order," that speech "New World Order," was given on September 11, 1991. [7:30]

Dr. Barrett: That was exactly ten years ahead--

Capt May: Actually it was 1990. So what happens is, there is an eleven year period. There are exactly eleven years from September 11, 1990, as we were getting ready to invade Kuwait, to September 11, 2001. In other words, looking at it from the big picture perspective, it was an eleven year frame within which they did first the first attack, the announcement that we were going to establish ourselves in the Middle East to set a New World Order, and then 9/11 2001, coming eleven years later to the date, and creating the public resolve to go through with it, to go to World War if need be.

Dr. Barrett: Now these guys really like the number eleven for some reason?

Capt May: Eleven is the dominant motif in all the terror acts. Let us play with it for a minute. You give me a major terror attack, and I will give you the date.[8:23] ,

Dr. Barrett: Well, OK I guess the big one that came after 9-11 was Madrid.

Capt May: 3-11 2004. How about London? 7-7, which is 7 times 11. And then the next year what happens? Bombay, 7-11. How about Jordan? Jordan which just happened to bring in the ambassador to Israel as the new Prime Minister, and just happened to kill off the head of Palestinian security? That was blamed on Al Qaeda, but that happened on 11-9, which is 9-11 backwards.

Dr. Barrett: So how about Bali?

Capt May: Bali? Oh, Bali is one of my favorite ones. First we have to understand that these dates recur. In the same way that Bush's New World Order speech was repeated with another incident which happened with the 9-11 event. I would call them echoes of the same numeric harmony. Bali happens on October 12, 2002. Now that is a beautiful numeric code. Knock out zeroes. Folks, if any of you have pens or pencils, now is a good time to get them because once you start learning the math it is really fun. Bali happens on October 12, 2002. Knock out the zeroes and you get the numeric code 11222.

Dr. Barrett: OK, that seems to have some elevens built in there.

Capt May: Sure, well the eleven and the 222, which is a triple. A triplicate master number, it is a "111" multiple. "111-222-333." So any time you see an "11," "22," or "33" --any of that stuff, it is part of the embedded code. The Illuminatist numerology, it is their occult way of communicating. Now look folks, I don't believe a bit of this stuff. I don't carry a rabbit's foot. I don't read my horoscope. But I am not the one who started using the code. They are. I am just deciphering the code. Now, go back to the last major attack that happened before the election of 2000, which made sure that we knew that terrorism was a big part of the world. The attack on the U.S.S. Cole. The attack on the U.S.S. Cole happened on the exact same date as the attack on Bali, October 12, 2000. Do the numbers on that one, and you get the same 11, October being 10, 12 the first one being a "1," followed by the "2" and the year 2000. Code, 1122. So you have got 1122 code on that one. Remember the day that I said 11222 is the day Bali was hit? Meaning October 12, 2002. Guess what day Congress gave Bush the war powers to declare war unilaterally? The day before, October 11, 2002. So whereas Bali happened the day after, on 11222, Congress gave Bush war powers on 11122.

Dr. Barrett: What do they accomplish by doing this?

Capt May: In other words, the day after Congress gave Bush war powers, the Aussies said, "Well what the hell, they killed some of our people." And they set up exactly the same kind of corporate fascism, totalitarian condition in Australia that we have here. It is identical. They have their same, you know, secret prisons, suspension of habeas corpus, erection of special laws, surveillance state. The whole Anglo world has found pretext to do this.

Dr. Barrett: Well you know some people call the Anglo world the echelon countries because they share intelligence through this echelon network. And I guess there are those who have been in some of the other echelon countries who don't agree that they are getting all the intelligence, but the theory is that all of these Anglo countries are part of the same intelligence network. And they seem to be acting together. [12:11]

Capt May. Of course, of course, of course. I mean that was obvious as far back for us --let us take the Downing Street memorandum. The minutes from that meeting said that Bush and Blair were outright conspiring to commit criminal war according to the Geneva Convention.

Dr. Barrett: They had a lot of Canadians and Australians behind them, apparently too.

Capt May: From the time Harper was put into office in 2004, people in Canada on the Internet were saying "Heil Harper." Because Harper was enacting a kind of --and Canada, by the way, you see this is like a club. A gang, where everybody has to do a little bit of the murder to be part of it. You remember Canada had that big B.S. scare back in the summer. Last summer. In June about the attempt by Al Qaeda to attack Parliament and cut off the Prime Minister's head. Remember that one?

Dr. Barrett: Yes. Yes, that was pretty theatrical, wasn't it?

Capt May: They were hyping it real good, and they did not have much more to go on than what we have now which is the current, the evil Muslim doctors in England who were getting ready to blow everybody up.

Dr. Barrett: Oh yes, those people who are trying to like put gasoline in cars. There is a thought! Oooh, let's put some gasoline in a car!!

Capt May: The fact that it is being hyped right now is one of the things that is frightening, particularly since we are coming up on two false numerics. Those being 7-7. 7-7 by the way 2007, so it is a 7-7-7 date. Remember, don't think about it like you think about it, think about it the way they think about it. They get crazy about these things. And the next date would be 7-11-07. Or 7-11-7. And that is coming up next week. Those two dates, incidentally, are both numerologically appealing, and they are both used. 7-7 happened two years ago in London, and 7-11 happened last year in Mumbai. The U.S.S. Cole and Bali--

Dr. Barrett: If they are used, they can't use them again?

Capt May: I don't care if you actually believe Al Qaeda is real. The fact of the matter is that they are using code. In fact, sometimes when I talk with military associates so as not to have to overcome their aversion to considering that this government could be doing this, I simply say "This is the Al Qaeda code." Because it doesn't matter who you think Al Qaeda is, the thing that is apparent is that it is coded, and that 11 is the dominant motif going right around with 3's, 9's, and 7's. [14:31].

Dr. Barrett: And what would be the purpose of this? OK, so you are suggesting that when something like this happens on one of these coded dates, everybody who is in on this kind of recognizes that it is our group that did it? Is that it? Kind of like a signature like gangs?

Capt May: Like gangs. Well they are gangs. You are talking about a worldwide gang. All this thing that we have been talking about, when we talked about worldwide finance, worldwide Illuminatism, you know Anglo-Judean racial prejudices and ambitions, all these things are what make up the cabal that we loosely say the leadership element of the cabal is the neo-cons. But the neo-cons, I mean, call them what you want, John Kerry and George Bush ran for President in 2004 and both of them were Skull and Bones members. As was Daddy Bush. As was, by the way, Negroponte, the Czar --the uber czar in intelligence. In other words, you are getting into very elite, small societies. And you tell me what the difference is between a cult and a gang. I don't know. Because gangs do --they use signs to sign their work. It is called signing the work. And they also use schedules to pull their work off. Like an operation. Think of being on like a football team. If I am a quarterback, I say like, "Dr. Barrett, go run a goal pass pattern on three, ready, break! Ready, hup one, hup two, hup three, boom and you are off! You knew the signal the other team didn't. You always start a play with a signal, right? [16:01]

Dr. Barrett: Well indeed, but the thing is that there are a whole lot of potential dates that would have some kind of way to work eleven into them. And so if I was working for this evil cabal, how would I know which one was the day where I was actually supposed to do something?

Capt May: Well you have to go with the ones that have the most what we call numeric harmonics. The numeric harmonic. So that for instance, let's take a master number. [Music rising in the background]. Do you want to come back to this? [16:31]

Dr. Barrett: We'll have to come back to the master number when we come back after this break. All right, well this is Kevin Barrett right here on 9-11 & Empire Radio and I am talking with Captain Eric May of Ghost Troop, a true patriot who is trying to protect our Constitution from the assault of the crazed neo-con fascist 9-11 perp [perpetrator] cabal. We will be right back.

[Start of break 16:52...voice of George W. Bush fumbling line, "There is an old saying in Tennessee, I know it is in Texas, probably in Tennessee, that says fool me once... (long pause) shame on...(another befuddled pause)....shame on you...fool me, you can't be fooled again.. 20:30].

Dr. Barrett: OK, we are back, right here on 9-11 & Empire Radio. This is your host, Kevin Barrett, and we are not going to get fooled again, we know what they are up to. These crazed 9-11 perps trying to drag us into fascism and burn our Constitution. Well it looks like things are starting to heat up a little bit. The war drums are beating on Iran, the propaganda mighty Wurlitzer of the mainstream media is starting to pound out this God awful din involving things like everybody that we are fighting over in Iraq is being called Al Qaeda, and we have Muslims who are putting gasoline into automobiles creating a flammable mixture. I mean, who would have thunk it. I would imagine Condi Rice, saying who could ever imagined they would put gasoline into automobiles? And things are kind of lining up as the media goes into this hyper-mendacity mode. It is kind of a scary time with Cheney on the ropes, and nowhere to go but another 9-11 to try and save these guys. And so when I look at all these signs, I see this political landscape lining up, making this a very dangerous time. A time we need to raise awareness of the truth of 9-11, and the truth of the people who are ruling this country. And Captain Eric May is chiming in and saying yes, there are some specific dates that we need in particular to be wary of. Do you see the likelihood of another summer war coming the way that we had that Lebanon invasion by Israel last summer and do you see Lebanon and Syria and Iran all being sort of grouped together as a likely target?

Capt May: Right, and all that, by the way, simply comes from listening to Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and Israel. Iran two months ago said Israel if you hit Syria this summer, you are going to have a bigger war than you think. Syria was reported in the mainstream media as preparing for war with Israel two weeks ago, which of course the mainstream media didn't mention that Israel put out public information saying it was preparing for war with Syria a month and a half ago. So the word is out that a war this summer is a possibility. The United States has the biggest naval flotilla in the Persian Gulf ever. Three or four aircraft carriers. One or two in the Eastern Mediterranean. Basically we have got about half of our carriers now deployed to CentCom. We put in a Naval Aviator to be in charge of CentCom, that is Admiral Fallon who replaced General Abizaid. So right now, I mean, you don't even have to be real clever to say that this is looking like a flotilla, Naval platform, strategic strike against Iran and Syria coming up. [23:24]

Dr. Barrett: Well you know, Captain May, I couldn't understand exactly how they were going to try and do this. Because it seems to me that there would be no sense in attacking Iran unless you are going to grab that strip of land along the Gulf where all the oil comes from. And of course that was a target of Saddam Hussein. But the thing is to do that you need a whole lot more troops than the U.S. currently has. One way to do that would be to try to bring back the draft, and that could perhaps be done if there was a "9-11 to be." But it looks like Paul Craig Roberts may be on the right track. He is the former Wall Street Journal editor, and he was Reagan's top economic advisor--

Capt May: Good writer.

Dr. Barrett: He is an excellent writer. Another strong Texas analyst like yourself. He actually put out a warning a month or two ago suggesting that actually what these neo-cons are planning is to get into a totally nonviable military situation in a war with Iran, which of course it would be. It would be a disaster, and then the point of this would be to get us into a situation where the only possibility would be to use nuclear weapons against Iran. And their theory here is that by nuking Iran, they can terrify the world's Muslims into falling into line and doing their bidding. Now personally I don't think that is going to work because the typical sort of whacked-out Israeli-Zio-extremist kind of strategy that has been used over the decades --just be nasty enough, and torture them enough, and kill them enough, and despise them enough, and then they will do just whatever we say. It does not work that way. It is the opposite. The Arab and Muslim world is not going to roll over for you because you commit a war crime. It ain't going to happen. But that is what Paul Craig Roberts seems to think is the neo-con strategy.

Capt May: I read his work, and I thought I agree with him in most things. And we have done parallel analyses at the same time. By the way, the fact that he is doing parallel analyses to mine, my most recent analysis of this was my May Day alert, my May 1st interview for the Lone Star Iconoclast that was published, you know it shows that Michel Chossudovsky did some nice work on this about a month ago too. A lot of the geo-strategic thinkers, and I like to think that I am among them, that is my training certainly, are thinking about the prospects of war with Iran and Syria this summer with the United States and Israel going on offense. The point that I differ from Paul Craig Roberts is that he doesn't emphasize the false flags to the extent that I think he should. And he has emphasized the false flag enough last year, last year before the 666 date, he was emphasizing the false flag prospects before the election. I think that the Israeli war plan for instance has always liked to use the false flag. You have to go back to the U.S.S. Liberty incident of what, 1967? Yes, 1967.

Dr. Barrett: Right.

Capt May: --When they tried to scuttle the U.S.S. Liberty in unmarked planes and blame it on Egypt to pull the U.S. in besides them in a regional war against their Arab enemy. If there is going to be a war this summer, which I put it at 50-50, probably more like 60-40, I think they are going to. If there is going to be a war, then I put it at 75% chance that there will be a false flag somewhere. Last year after all the attacks on Lebanon there was a false flag. Do you want to know what it was?

Dr. Barrett: I don't remember that one. Which one?

Capt May: You don't? Because no one puts it together for us. I mean no one is going to tell us.

Dr. Barrett: You mean the murder of Hariri?

Capt May: No, you have got to look at it. The attack on Lebanon started on 7-12-2006, one day after the Bombay bombing.

Dr. Barrett: Ah...OK.

Capt May: When was the Bombay bombing? It was the bombing blamed on Al Qaeda --by the way it was cute, they said that it was 7 bombs in 7 minutes. You don't think someone was playing number games? Seven bombs in seven minutes on 7-11 in Bombay. That is just cute all the way around. And immediately international intelligence started blaming it on Al Qaeda out of Pakistan. Which meant that as Israel prepared to attack Lebanon the next day, the powers that back Israel, which we have been talking about, the Anglo-Judeo alliance already had India with a causus belli against Pakistan if Pakistan got involved in the war. In other words the Bombay bombing put the entire eastern part of the Muslims of the Arabic Middle East on notice that it could get attacked from India for cause. The 7-11 bombing was part of the 7-12 invasion.

Dr. Barrett: It is interesting. I don't know if Pakistan is likely to participate in that.

Capt May: If you put it together you can see it, though.

Dr. Barrett: Yes, it is certainly interesting.

Capt May: Classic military theory --classic military theory. You know, pin down the flank of your enemy. Israel is worried about Pakistan being couped, and Israel is worried about Iran. Well, Israel and the U.S. and whoever else --Al CIA-duh, killed a bunch of Indians in Bombay the day before the Israeli war plan goes into effect. The same day by the way that Ken Lay's funeral was going on down in Houston on 7-11, which just happened to pull together people like James Baker, daddy Bush, Wolfowitz, the whole neo-con cabal.

Dr. Barrett: They all got together in person that day, huh?

Capt May: Right. In other words it is like the Godfather, man. They are going to Ken Lay's funeral at the same time that the bombings are going on in Bombay and you don't think they are talking about the war that Israel is going to start the next day?

Dr. Barrett: Yes, you may have a point there, Captain May when you are talking about the false flag history--

Capt May: So when I talk about the new danger zone --

Dr. Barrett: You brought up the Liberty incident. I don't know if you have read the book Operation Cyanide by Peter Hounam. But he makes the case that the sinking of the Liberty was supposedly Arab. They intended to kill everyone and sink the ship, and it was going to be used as a trigger for massive U.S. involvement in the 1967 war.

Capt May: Sure, it was mind control. Why do you think they chose the ship Liberty?

Dr. Barrett: Right, right.

Capt May: Damned Arabs, they destroyed the Liberty. Remember the Liberty!

Dr. Barrett: Right, right.

Capt May: LBJ dispatched that ship about six days in advance. You don't think he knew Israel was going to be in a war?

Dr. Barrett: Well that kind of backfired, didn't it, because now when people say "Remember the Liberty," they are kind of thinking along the opposite lines than the framers of the false flag attack intended.

Capt May: Serves the rascals right.

Dr. Barrett: That's right. We are coming back here in just a few minutes, so stay tuned. This is Kevin Barrett on 9-11 & Empire Radio with Capt Eric May. I will be right back.

[Start of break 29:55..end 33:27. Music to the satiric song "Ten Second Free Fall" by the Three Shoe Posse in the background has the lyrics, "[Alex Jones imitation voice] We know the official story is impossible, so we set about scientifically to cover the hypothesis, and to test that.. [country music vocalist] All right, we are just searching for the truth because so far we have been truthless, we mean to be ruthless, it was a ten second free fall...].

Dr. Barrett: I am going to be ruthless and cut this off and get right back on to 9-11 & Empire Radio, this is Kevin Barrett, I am talking to Captain Eric May of Ghost Troop, a prolific and eloquent writer and a fine patriot, and we are talking about the "decoding" of the neo-con cabal. Predicting the "9-11 to be" and hopefully be heading it off, and we may have had some success in heading off any "9-11 to be's" that may have been planned here in the U.S.A. in the past five and a half, going on six years. And let us hope and pray that we head off the next one.

Capt May: You know Dr. Barrett, this whole discipline that we are talking about, this whole cryptanalysis is the actual word, from the Greek "crypto" meaning "secret" and "analysis" meaning "to discover" and "to investigate." This discovery or investigation into hidden things, hidden numbers, this "cryptanalysis," in Ghost Troop we commonly refer to it as the embedded code. Because the code is embedded all over the place. It is particularly in newspaper articles, in day groups, you will find it all over. And that is, by the way, one of the Straussian, neo-con idiosyncrasies is that they love to be like a bunch of bullies. They love to know that there is a joke at your expense but you don't know it.

Dr. Barrett: Well that is right. That actually is a very important part of the Straussian philosophy about a secret elite that knows what the general public doesn't know.

Capt May: They get it.

Dr. Barrett. That is right. That is very basic --they go back to Plato and the stories of Socrates, and they claim that actually there was this hidden wisdom that Plato and Socrates taught to their most gifted, or shall we say their most psychopathic students, and those students were taught that in fact that the ordinary teaching that all of us get from reading Plato and Socrates is false.

Capt May: The hoi polloi. The many.

Dr. Barrett: Right, that is just for the masses. And the true teachings is that there is no such thing as good in the world, there is no God, there is no transcendent, and only the really hard, hard core people like themselves, the arch-Machiavellian neo-con types are strong enough to face the unpleasant reality. And thus those people have not only the right, but the duty to assume complete power over everybody else, and to rule through lies, murder, -- whatever it takes. Because there is no rule.

Capt May: Well if you have known Straussians, you will know that they will even talk about Machiavelli's twenty four books. And the first twelve books --they will break them down into numeric codes themselves. Part of the reason for that is that Leo Strauss himself, the father of the Straussian movement, was a Hungarian Jew and a Kabbalistic student. Strauss brought those principles of Kabbalah to political philosophy.

Dr. Barrett: That seems like a bad parody of mysticism. Numerology and mysticism, there is a long and fairly honorable tradition among this sort of thing among people who are trying to get close to God, but here it seems like they are trying to go in the other direction.

Capt May: Well, he writes his classic philosophy and the, what --"Philosophy and Political Persecution," no --Persecution and the Art of Writing, in which he says basically you have to lay it between the lines or the many will gang up and kill you. You can't really tell them the truth. So the whole secrecy motif is inherent even in the proto-neo-cons. The Straussians are all behind it. And let us talk about some of the numerics that --when I said that this would be embedded code, the reason I told you it was kind of a Straussian joke, it was the same way that, remember I said earlier that they had been telling us it is a global war since day one. So that one day we will not be able to bitch when they say, "By the way, global war meant World War, dummy, didn't you know that?"

Dr. Barrett: Well a lot of them are actually calling it World War III, and some are calling it World War IV.

Capt May: Yes, and in the same way this is the embedded code that we are talking about, but with the advent of the Iraq War, what did they tell you the media was going to be? Embedded media.

Dr. Barrett: Right.

Capt May: In other words the media was not only going to be embedded in the military, it was also going to be compromised. You know, there is a lot of eroticism and cruelty --you are going to embed media, that means media is in bed with government, so there was that part of it, and there is the idea that media is embedded with code. So let us walk through quickly how this works. I will give you little events in the Iraq War since the fall of Baghdad or maybe the fall of Fallujah, which by the way means the Battle of Baghdad and the Battle of Fallujah, they just censored it out so that no one saw how much blood was on the ground.

Dr. Barrett: Well I don't know if Fallujah ever fell. I mean it got largely destroyed, and people were murdered, but I think the resistance is pretty much still standing.

Capt May: Let's take the seminal event in the civil war, which was the bombing of Samarra, right?

Dr. Barrett: OK.

Capt May: The mosque of the golden dome.

Dr. Barrett: Right.

Capt May: Want to guess the day? February 22nd. You give me the numbers.

Dr. Barrett: Well, that sounds like a 2 and a twice 11.

Capt May. No, 222. Yes, the Golden Mosque bombing was on 222. February 22nd.

Dr. Barrett: And indeed there was evidence that was an inside job.

Capt May: The major media reported the death count from the Golden Mosque bombing. Do you know what it was?

Dr. Barrett: No.

Capt May: 111.

Dr. Barrett: Yes, I know you have mentioned that there seems to be some kind of Kabbalistic or numerological manipulation of body counts and statistics.

Capt May: Sure. Take Madrid. Madrid happened on 3-11. The body count was 199. Which is 311-- is of course the square root of 9-11 [if the square roots of 9, 1, and 1 are done individually]. There were 911 days between 9-11 and 3-11 Madrid.

Dr. Barrett: When you pointed that out to me, and pointed out that was exactly the same day that Larry Silverstein bought the Sears Tower, that is when I said "You know, Captain May may be on to something here."

Capt May: Let us go back. You asked earlier an important question. How do you know when the numbers are getting hot? You know, there are a lot of numbers that can work. And we have always said, there is an old saying in scholarship which is, "Text without context is pretext." Anyone can come up with numbers that look good. But the numbers, the things you have to look for, look at them like a mainstream geo-strategic theorist first. For instance right now it is pretty damn clear to anybody that we are lining up to kick ass in Iran when we have all our battleships and aircraft carriers there. The Israeli war plans are already being made. Syria and Iran are already warning against the war, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to say right now that there is a possibility of war this summer. That is the first echelon. The second echelon is knowing that a false flag may be part of it and Al Qaeda is set up as the catalyst. The false flag catalyst to make the American donkey go where the American elite really want it to go.

Dr. Barrett: That is why the fighting in Iraq is suddenly Al Qaeda. There is no more Sunnis, no more Shiites, no more this or that. Everybody is Al Qaeda. The whole country is Al Qaeda.

Capt May: Right. Every Iraqi is Al Qaeda, and now we have a repetition of the Al Qaeda is coming to get us white people with the London situation right now. Al Qaeda has again since 6-29, Al Qaeda has been hammered incessantly. I have even heard Fox news Saturday morning --by the way I always listen to right wing radio and watch right wing TV, you might as well get the propaganda and work with it.

Dr. Barrett: Some people watch that stuff to enjoy it. In fact when I have gone on Fox and talked to people like Hannity and O'Reilly I get all kinds of email from people who are cheering and having a good time. "Oh yes, whew just watched this for fun and you were really entertaining. That was good stuff."

Capt May: Well Fox was actually speculating Saturday about how another 9-11 would be good for the stock market and the republicans. This was a round table discussion going on with their Fox and friends type thing.

Dr. Barrett: Oh boy, so Fox and friends says "Let's do it."

Capt May: Well anybody, I don't care who they are, if they are for Bush they know that the only one who could save Bush is another 9-11.

Dr. Barrett: And some of them are coming right out and saying it. The head of the Arkansas Republican Party was quoted that --

Capt May: Bush will be vindicated when we have another 9-11.

Dr. Barrett: Yes, yes, you will all see, when we get that next 9-11 everything will be perfect.

Capt May: So there is more indications. So the first level is that we have a geo-strategic situation where it is clear that the great power, the United States, is preparing for an invasion of Syria and Iran -- Iran is the lead --in an attack against them. Israel is actually telling its citizens to get ready. We are coming up to the summer period, July 12th last year. Well that means Israel's cycle in the year to wage war. That is when their teachers are out, their schools are closed, their reserves to be mobilized, their war plans are already being drawn up in the form of exercises that can actually be ready for war. Everything in the world screams that that zone is getting hot, and right about at the time that all of that is happening, suddenly the American public is thinking about how Muslims are attacking our English brothers and they are a danger to us again, and coincidentally with that, we are coming up on some heavy numerological dates 7-7-7, the 2007 July 7th date, and then 7-11-7, which is 7-11 backwards and forwards.

Dr. Barrett: Once we get past those dates, Captain May, are we going to be safe or --

Capt May: Well we are calling those days from 7-7 to 7-11 the red zones for the July period. We think that is the most likely period of this summer for a war to start. Even that is not a great reach, because even if you believe that Al Qaeda is a bunch of guys wearing turbans and getting lucky, the simple fact is, the last two major city attacks have been on 7-7 and 7-11. Somebody is obsessed with these kinds of numbers.

Dr. Barrett: That means they have used them up. They can't --

Capt May: No, no, no. Remember, the [U.S.S.] Cole, which occurred right before the election of 2000, happened on October 12, 2000, which was 1122 . And then Bali happened on October 12th two years later exactly, 2002, 11222.

Dr. Barrett: Well that is frightening because October 12th happens to be my wife's birthday. (Laughter). OK, well we will be back here with Captain May after the break. This is Kevin Barrett right here on 911 & Empire Radio standing up against the fascist neo-con cabal, so stay with us, we will be back for another segment in just a moment.

[Start of break 43:46...47:41 end]

Dr. Barrett: OK, we are right back here on 911 & Empire Radio on We The People Radio Network. This is your host Kevin Barrett. I am talking with Captain Eric May of Ghost Troop, a man who has been fighting to get the truth out and to prevent the next 9-11. You know Captain May, I have all kinds of respect for folks like you who are out there on the frontlines trying to stop the next false flag attack. I try personally to also emphasize a certain positive vision, like other than just focusing on the next one that they are planning. I think that it can be helpful to appeal to people with hope as well as fear. And that hope I think would be if we can't succeed in exposing 9-11, which was so big, and which was so badly botched, and they let so much evidence --you can prove to any rational person fairly quickly it was an inside job-- we can succeed at this. We can actually re-write history and make history turn around into a much better direction. We can scale back some of the military spending for offensive purposes. We can focus on the real problems. We can rebuild our economy. We can take care of our own country instead of messing with everybody else. So there is a positive vision there that I think we need to tack on beside the fear of an upcoming attack, because the fear is what they want, and really hope is what we want.

Capt May: Well yes, offense-defense, I call it. The thing with my analysis, you might call it defensive analysis, and you and I of course agree on it, the next logical step for a failed cabal is a booster shot of the only thing that ever worked for them, which was 9-11. The booster is 9-11 2B. But the offensive view of things, do we have any offensive power? And the answer is yes. Very much so. First off there is the numbers. We have not even seen a new poll in which people discount the story, because last, what was it September the number came in at 36% who believed the government was complicit?

Dr. Barrett: That is right. 36% say active or passive complicity. It seems it is pushing 20% MIHOP [Made It Happen On Purpose]. That is a lot of people.

Capt May: Right. The numbers are going up, and the media doesn't want to do any more surveys. The other thing is that Bush's numbers are going down to 25. Congress is further down. Less than 20% of the public thinks the country is going in the right direction. So the good news is that the cabal is collapsing. And that the efforts of even individuals like you with mujca, my work at the lead of Ghost Troop, who is the fellow who is working with Webster Tarpley? At False Flag News?

Dr. Barrett: Danny Abrahamson at False Flag News, yes Danny is good.

Capt May: We are the revolutionaries of a new revolution. The revolution is largely cyber revolution. This has been the power that no one anticipated. The Internet has given the same kind of power to people like you or me or Webster Tarpley or radio show hosts on Internet radio that the printing press gave to Gutenberg and the Protestants. You can change the world with knowledge unleashed. And the media was prepositioned to keep knowledge bottled up but there was another bottle, and the genie is out. It is the Internet Revolution.

Dr. Barrett: I made this point by looking at history and saying that we have had five hundred years since Gutenberg which enabled mass literacy and mass critical thinking, and then we have had 50 years since television, which Marshall McLuhan told us produces a world of global village idiots. Well, the Internet may be reversing this television revolution of idiocy and bring back a certain amount of infrastructure and a medium that supports critical thinking and literacy. And I like to think that in the long run that is what is going to help us carry the day.

Capt May: Well yes, and I agree, it is the great instrument. And the simple fact of the matter is that we are winning. We are winning because our numbers are growing. Their numbers, or at least their support, is receding, and it is becoming more and more difficult for them to convince the public that their story is legitimate. Now recently Bush gave himself a dictatorial bill with Presidential Directive 51, National Security Presidential Directive 51, NSPD 51 signed on May 9th. Are you familiar with this?

Dr. Barrett: Yes I am. He basically said that in the event of an emergency.

Capt May: A 9-11 to be.

Dr. Barrett: Right. He is the one who decides if it is an emergency, by the way.

Capt May: Right, he gets to declare the catastrophe and take over every echelon of government along with mass communications and much more.

Dr. Barrett: Right, he not only takes over the Federal government and all the state and local governments, but he takes over all the private operations too. He becomes a dictator.

Capt May: Right, right, which is what he always wanted to be. He said that out loud.

Dr. Barrett: Yes, it would be a lot easier that way.

Capt May: Well, the other thing, that is one of the salient points I wanted to make sure we brought up as we were summarizing what we were talking about. That is the loudest signal to me that a false flag may be brewing. The fact that the power--it is like the Nazis, man. The Nazis didn't suddenly emerge in 1933 and do everything they did before 1945 in one fell swoop. They changed one law after another so that the whole Third Reich was a legal entity. It was legally consistent. Everything they did, they did by changing law. They put it all on paper before they did it.

Dr. Barrett: Yes, it is a long term project that has been going on in this country. A lot of people don't realize that. They think that, well, 9-11 was it, and before that these guys were just hiding out in the basement of daddy Bush's White House. They actually --there is Stanley Hilton who is Bob Dole's chief aid, has said that he went to the University of Chicago with these guys, Wolfowitz and the whole neo-con cabal, and that these guys have been plotting the overthrow of democracy in the USA since then with Straus. They were planning on turning the U.S. into a presidential dictatorship through a new Pearl Harbor-style event. And they were planning this since the 1960's and some of them even wrote dissertations on it. Stanley Hilton said that he wrote his MA thesis on it because this was all that these Straussians were talking about then.

Capt May: We were writing and talking about it in military intelligence back in the 80's, when the Cold War, about how the Constitution would not survive a nuclear attack. Tommy Franks when he writes that in his book is being disingenuous. He is pretending like it is sage analysis when it is just telegraphing their punch.

Dr. Barrett: Yes, well there is also that issue of the shadow government that has been set up under "continuity of government" or "COG." Peter Dale Scott did a very interesting presentation on that at the Vancouver 9-11 Truth Conference a couple of weeks ago, and he pointed out that Rumsfeld and Cheney were key players in setting up COG, which set in place an unconstitutional shadow government that would seize power in the event of an emergency. And they set this up under Reagan. But then, though they were officially out of government under Clinton in the 90's, they were still meeting with generally a bunch of right wing, militaristic-type generals and officers in the 90's, and they were still part of this shadow government. Then when 9-11 happened, we actually went into continuity of government and they drafted something --150 to 200 officials and set up this whole parallel shadow government and all these people were whisked into bunkers under ground. And guess what, every single one of them was a Republican.

Capt May: Exactly.

Dr. Barrrett: That makes me think that even when people say there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans, well, it does seem that this current cabal has leaned a little bit towards a certain kind of neo-con Republican.

Capt May: Right, the Democrats are the collaborationists. Clinton was a collaborationist. Look, man, I think the whole Lewinsky thing was a Mossad hit. I mean that never came out that Lewinsky just happened to be this California Jewish girl and that Benjamin Netanyahu happened to be coming out the day that story broke to meet with American evangelical leaders.

Dr. Barrett: Right, well I do remember reading that a major donor to Clinton's campaign fund was a Zionist guy, actually got Monica her job with Clinton.

Capt May: Sure. In other words, I think she was a girl with a mission. She went there saying she had her Presidential kneepads, don't you remember?

Dr. Barrett: Yes, well I don't know if they were issued by Mossad, though.

Capt May: She kept the semen stains. I mean you know --everything has to be looked at. We had this thing in military intelligence: trust no one. And trust nothing. No fact should be independently absorbed as if it were innocuous. The idea that Lewinsky may have been there to force Clinton. The easiest way on earth to force someone to follow a policy is to compromise them sexually. Sex, narcotics, and money, those have always been the big three.

Dr. Barrett: Well Clinton did seem to be bogged down in that just in time to keep him from putting any serious pressure on Israel in his efforts to broker a peace agreement.

Capt May: Sure, and remember that Clinton carried out Oklahoma. Oklahoma City happened under Clinton's watch. I think that was the prototype for New York City.

Dr. Barrett: It looks that way.

Capt May: By the way, look at the parallelism there. You will find Oklahoma City was in Oklahoma, New York City was in New York, and then we found out that the primary target in Texas was Texas City, Texas. That is more of the kind of Straussian, Kabbalistic thinking. Incidentally, you know that Bush's war powers to declare war against Iran, Hillary Clinton made some noise about two months ago about pulling that away from him. The War Powers Act?

Dr. Barrett: Oh yes.

Capt May: That hasn't been done, so that is another thing that suggests there might be a green light this summer.

Dr. Barrett: The War Powers Act--

Capt May: Let me quickly work backwards with four numbers just to open --to keep the eyes and ears of your listeners open, by the same way that I did when you and I first started talking about the embedded code. Let's take the last attempt on a Presidential assassination, which was Reagan. Daddy Bush would have been President if Reagan had been assassinated. Hinckley who tried to assassinate him was a Bush family friend. That occurred on March 30th, which was 3-30. Kennedy was November 22nd, which was 11-22. You know, these things are not coincidental. There is a pattern to things if you just look hard enough.

Dr. Barrett: Well there are a lot of elevens out there, and you know, just like Robert Anton Wilson in his Illuminatist triology, said there are a lot of 23's out there, but he never was really sure if they were there or not. Well, it does look like there are a lot of 11's out there, Captain May, I grant you that, and I salute your patriotism in coming forward and putting yourself on the line for your country.

Capt May: Well good luck with your Philadelphia 4th of July rally tomorrow, that is good work, and Godspeed, and everybody remember that the Red Zone for the Ghost Troop warning is 7-7 through 7-11.

Dr. Barrett: 7-7 through 7-11. You heard it here first, from Captain May, and let's spread the word and hope that it dissuades them. All right, well we will be back next week on 9-11 and Empire Radio. Take care. See you all next time. [58:44].

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